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#rockbox log for 2011-11-03

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01:34:23wodzIs there something which runs with ~0.66Hz freq in rb? I get audiable pops/clicks with this freq when in buffering thread screen on hd300
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01:39:39jhMikeSthe timeout for screen updates probably
01:40:51wodzin wps I get bursts of pops
01:41:03wodzmore irregular
01:41:52jhMikeSiirc it's on a 1/2 second interval or something of that order
01:45:47wodz1/2 second gives 2Hz
01:45:55wodzthe freq is weird
01:48:40jhMikeSthat's all I could think of that's fairly slow. it might coincide with other things like the the power thread
01:52:27jhMikeSI also don't know of anything explicitly .66HZ
01:53:31wodzthanks anyway
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02:06:54funmanwodz: perhaps thread debugging screen could help
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02:19:15jhMikeSfunman: apparently I was far too unhelpful the first time and he left immediately :)
02:20:22jhMikeSsorry to steal your thunder, sir
02:20:50Unhelpfulperhaps it's something that does not have an explicit timer-controlled frequency?
02:21:14Unhelpfulor where the timer accounts for only part of the delay
02:22:12jhMikeSI thought it could perhaps be "beats" of various threads doing a bunch of stuff in a burst on occasion
02:23:33Unhelpfuli was thinking something like "it *could* be about the display update of that screen, if the weird number comes from it using a fixed delay to wait for next update, plus the delay of whatever work it does"
02:26:33jhMikeSthat would be awfully work-heavy for the buffering screen to slow from 2HZ to 2/3 HZ
02:30:01Unhelpfuland if the update is done by a timer firing that calls the update function, it shouldn't happen like that anyway, should it?
02:31:03jhMikeSit's just on a queue_wait_w_tmo
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08:51:28kugelZagor: ping
08:52:31*JdGordon| rekons branch and unfreeze and then figure out what to do with it
08:53:03kugelwhat's the deal with fs#12279 ? I can provide a fix for the panic (which doesn't happen in svn iiuc) by making sure a minimum buffer is available for audio (patch is ready)
08:53:04fs-bluebot Sansa Clip+: Music playback is returned to the head when wps is changed since r30486 (bugs, new)
08:53:23kugelhowever, as I told, the bug the task is actually about cannot be fixed easily
08:55:02[Saint]"returned to the head"?
08:55:23kugelsong resumes from the beginning
08:55:35kugelinstead of the last-played position
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08:57:50JdGordon|that should be relativly easy to fix i'd have though
08:58:21Zagorkugel: pong
08:59:22kugelZagor: scroll up :)
08:59:33kugelJdGordon|: not according to jhMikeS
08:59:56JdGordon|surely just issue a stop before the buffer is given back?
09:00:09kugelthe resume position is of course saved and it should work. but if you stop/resume too frequently (like when doing multiple allocs in a row) it loses the position
09:00:25kugelJdGordon|: that's what it's doing...
09:00:34JdGordon|then it's broken :)
09:00:59JdGordon|if you only do one alloc does it work?
09:01:30JdGordon|so add a helper which things which are expecting to call mutliple core_alloc()s should call before and after they are doing that
09:01:36kugelIIRC jhMikeS said the codec loses some information if it's restarted too quickly
09:01:59JdGordon|or smartly figure it out if 2 happen in < .5s or something
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09:02:55kugeldelaying the resume, so that other allocs can happen in the meantime could possibly work. but delayign sucks as it makes the gap bigger
09:03:20kugelbut the gap sucks anyway, so perhaps not that bad
09:03:25JdGordon|more motivation to remove the gap completly
09:08:01kugelusing queue_post instead of queue_send in the shrink callback could be sufficient already
09:08:08kugel+to resume
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09:21:58kugelZagor: I was wondering which part you want to see fixed
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09:31:12Zagorkugel: I downgraded the severity after the panic was reported fixed. I don't consider the "track restart" regression release critical.
09:31:38kugelyou mentioned it 2 days ago as "want to see fixed"
09:31:40 Join caramou [0] (
09:32:24Zagorwell I still *want* it fixed :-)
09:32:52[Saint]Hi caramou, no need to "ask to ask". If you have a Rockbox related question, just ask it.
09:33:22kugelZagor: sure, we all want all bugs fixed :) But this was as answer as to which showstoppers there are
09:33:31caramouHi Saint, just would like to remove a bad link in the wiki, can someone add this right to "CaraMou" ?
09:34:20Zagorkugel: yeah, it was a mistake by me.
09:34:28kugelah, alright then
09:34:46kugelonly the usb one on nano2g is "must fix" then?
09:36:01ZagorI would like some details about amiconn's issues. they sounded pretty bad last I heard, but I don't know the status now.
09:38:04kugelright. but he doesn't seem willing to talk about it ;)
09:38:28[Saint]caramou: I can do this for you, one moment.
09:40:02Zagoramiconn: please please please pretty please can you write a flyspray bug report about your voice hangs, or tell us they are not happening?
09:41:30 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
09:42:15kugelI fixed one voice bug in the meantime but I don't know if it caused hangs on some targets
09:42:58[Saint]caramou: Added. Welcome.
09:43:12[Saint]Please don't break our wiki :)
09:44:26[Saint]caramou: let me know if you have problems signing in for the first time. And again, welcome aboard.
09:45:33caramouSaint: yes in fact I've created the "CaraMou" login on the wiki, and it says: CHANGE, not allowed or something like that, to prevent spam
09:45:50caramouok thank you
09:45:57caramouno I won't break the wiki :-)
10:01:09pixelmais CaraMou a real name?
10:01:28caramounope. OlivierKaloudoff is my real name. Should I switch ?
10:01:52Zagoryes please
10:04:21Zagor[Saint]: one of amiconn's mentions are at
10:06:26JdGordon|once again call out for anyone with a non-flash target to test out a quick patch?
10:07:11 Part Kuitsi
10:08:52[Saint]caramou: CaraMou rights removed, edit rights added for OlivierKaloudoff
10:09:26kugelJdGordon|: dont have one unfortunately. I don't know where my yh925 is :(
10:10:15caramouHi JdGordon, Is Archos Recoder a non-flash target ? I have one at hand
10:13:03caramoucool :-) warming up the vm
10:13:08JdGordon|caramou: can you test 2 builds and tell me a number they will spit out?
10:13:52JdGordon|ok, gimme a few min :)
10:15:11JdGordon|caramou: can you do a "save config" on the recorder first? The test is to see if a change speeds up cfg loading for not
10:15:52JdGordon|which recorder? "recorder", "fm recorder", "recorder v2"?
10:15:54caramouok. Give me a few minutes, too.. I have to rebuild a working hd first
10:16:21JdGordon|grr I dont have the sh compiler installed :/
10:18:46 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
10:21:26[Saint]I assume dropping a English.voice file in /sdcard/Rockbox/langs isn't sufficient for voice on an application build?
10:21:53[Saint]If it is expected to work, then voice is indeed broken.
10:22:06caramouJdGordon: I have the sh-elf-gcc ..
10:22:35JdGordon|that might be faster... :/
10:22:50 Join nosa [0] (
10:23:24[Saint]Zagor: I'm not getting voice in RaaA.
10:23:34[Saint]No crashes or hangs though.
10:24:11 Quit Bagder (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:24:19Zagorwell, did voice ever work in raaa?
10:24:38JdGordon|caramou: please apply"> On boot it shld splash a number, let me know what it is. Also manually load a full config (config01.cfg probably) and let me know the number again please
10:24:43Zagorin any case raaa is not a release target. we need testing on stable targets.
10:24:46 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
10:24:46 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
10:25:52[Saint]And yes, voice did work in RaaA.
10:26:27[Saint]I used to put out builds with voice included, it worked then.
10:26:51JdGordon|caramou: then do the same with"> applied to a clean svn
10:27:19*[Saint] wonders what JdGordon| is playing with.
10:27:45[Saint]"smart settings"?
10:28:37caramouok I'm digging into the source tree .. please be patient, I've not done this for a while
10:31:51JdGordon|actually, those two tests arnt complaetly fair. caramou get the first link again if you already got it... i changed it a bit
10:32:03JdGordon|[Saint]: hopefully speed up .cfg loading
10:32:06caramouha ok
10:32:12caramoudid a save config.
10:33:43 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
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10:34:17 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
10:36:30caramouI'm setting up the source tree now
10:41:50 Quit niekie (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:42:53caramousaving original source tree .. applying smart1 patch
10:48:38caramoubooting ..
10:48:55caramoudoes it make sense ?
10:50:02JdGordon|that should be 25, but ok
10:50:12JdGordon|and what about after loading a cfg manually?
10:52:01caramou21 Sir :-)
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10:52:26JdGordon|ok, now svn and the 2nd patch :)
10:52:36JdGordon|that -25 is messed up, but whatever :)
10:53:44pixelma[Saint]: is the voice file you are testing with made for RaaA?
10:54:17caramoubuilding smart2
10:54:52 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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10:59:16caramousmart2: −25
10:59:20caramouwhen loading file,
10:59:35caramouno number is printed, but 'Select Bookmark'
10:59:48JdGordon|haha what?! :p
10:59:54caramouappears and everything seems stuck at this point
11:00:21caramouI got the file explorer, choose config02.cfg, and 'Select Bookmark' appeared
11:00:30JdGordon|did you apple smart2 to a clean tree?
11:01:02caramouhad saved the clean tree with cp -r before
11:01:23JdGordon|"svn revert -R ." is the proper way to do it :)
11:01:24caramoupushed the zip to the player after rm -rf (but overwrote some dot files)
11:01:39caramouha ! ok thank you I've learned something today :-)
11:02:15JdGordon|you did make clean?
11:02:19JdGordon|that shouldnt matter though
11:02:44caramouno, as the smart2 patch was applied to a clean tree
11:02:59caramou(I've rebuild the whole)
11:05:47caramouI have to leave in about a quarter . Let me know if you need more. I'll come back in less than 3 hours
11:06:13JdGordon|thanks for trying it out
11:06:33JdGordon|shame the second patch didnt show anything though
11:07:51caramou:-) very pleased to help
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11:09:35 Part caramou
11:10:41[Saint]pixelma: Yep.
11:17:04amiconnZagor: I need to analyze the buggy behaviour. It seems to have changed with newer revisions
11:17:42amiconnHard freeze on shutdown and unsaved resume position seem to be gone
11:18:37amiconnThere still are serious problems though. Voice from voice file doesn't work at all (talk clips do work), but exact behaviour is target dependent
11:19:31amiconnOn coldfire (tested: H1x0) it hard freezes in the menu, and it also hard freezes when trying to play a track from a folder without a .talk clip (so that it tries to spell the folder name)
11:19:57amiconnOn PP (tested: mini2g) it doesn't freeze or crash, just voice doesn't work
11:20:17amiconnHwcodec is still to be tested
11:20:38Zagorsounds like a major voice regression
11:21:07 Quit mortalis (Read error: Operation timed out)
11:21:57 Join keyb_gr [0] (
11:22:45kugelamiconn: how recent is your build?
11:23:15kugelvoice is working perfectly fine on my e200 (build is very recent, I tested my voice fix commit on it)
11:23:42 Join pamaury [0] (
11:23:42 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
11:23:42 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:24:48kugelI didn't try .talk though I think
11:26:11 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
11:26:24kugelsince r30840 voice should work, and definitely does on my e200
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12:36:45 Join keyb_gr [0] (
12:37:30kugeljust tried again with very latest svn. voice doesnt work
12:39:54kugelvery strange
12:42:46kugelI'll have another look later
12:44:41 Join hilbert [0] (
12:51:12 Quit ReimuHak_ (Quit: Leaving...)
12:52:50 Join AlexP_mob [0] (~AlexP@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
12:53:04CIA-22New commit by mortalis (r30891): Added HiFiMAN HM-801 target. FS #12355. This also renames tda1543.{ch} used by HM-60x to dummy_codec.{ch} as it works for PCM1704 used by HM-801.
12:54:01 Quit hilbert (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
12:55:43 Join hilbert [0] (
12:56:17CIA-22r30891 build result: All green
13:00:28mortalisCould someone give me premissions on FlySpray? FS #12355 should be closed now.
13:00:29fs-bluebot First patch for HiFiMAN HM-801 target (patches, unconfirmed)
13:01:46AlexP_mobmortalis: Zagor or bagder
13:01:57AlexP_mobI can close that one now though
13:02:12Zagormortalis: done
13:02:18Zagor(access, that is)
13:02:29AlexP_mobAh, cool :)
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13:11:58 Join wodz [0] (
13:12:11 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
13:14:48mortaliswodz: I have some problems with making bootrom dump
13:15:48mortaliswodz: take a look
13:22:07wodzmortalis: I may look for 'firmware' I crafted to dump rom but it will require rom dfu mode to work
13:23:25wodzmortalis: your code looks ok for me
13:23:25mortaliswodz: i can shortcut pins to run in rom dfu
13:24:23wodzmortalis: and what is wrong with this code? How do you run it?
13:26:52 Join nosa [0] (
13:27:34mortaliswodz: i put into dbg_ports function and entered view i/o ports in menu. After that device hangs.
13:29:41 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
13:29:41 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
13:30:50wodzIt would be interesting to know where it hangs
13:43:39 Join ntrly_owl [0] (
13:44:52ntrly_owldoes the sansa clip+ port have a sleep mode so i dont have to wait for it to boot every time?
13:45:42 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (~reimu@
13:46:17ntrly_owlwhats the rockbox boot time like then?
13:46:42Zagormaybe five seconds
13:47:10ntrly_owloh thats ok then ^^
13:47:18mortaliswodz: it hangs on write at least. I can create file, but i can't write to it.
13:47:25kugelless on the clip+ probably
13:48:32ntrly_owli did say clip+
13:48:42ntrly_owlclip+ has a faster cpu?
13:48:54funmanon clip+ its 1-2 second
13:49:03ntrly_owl\o/ yay
13:49:14wodzmortalis: does normal writes to SD work? Maybe I screwed up sd write routine in driver.
13:51:40wodzmortalis: How does the latest pastbin compile at all? You memset buf2 which is not defined
13:51:48 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
13:52:51mortaliswodz: in code it's fine. I've done small refactoring when pasted it.
13:53:45wodzmortalis: does rockbox save resume position or config file on quite correctly? It smells like bug in sd driver.
13:54:06mortalisyes, settings saved correctly
14:15:08wodzI recall there was some define to suppress lcd updates on hold. What was this?
14:15:24 Quit AlexP_mob (Quit: Bye)
14:19:40kugelwodz: HAVE_LCD_ENABLE
14:19:51kugelthis is when backlight is off, not hold, though
14:20:20wodzah ok, but I guess I can configure backlight off on hold
14:20:29kugelyes you can
14:21:19kugelif re-enabling takes a long time you can use HAVE_LCD_SLEEP. that creates a setting to delay or disable lcd deactivation
14:21:21wodzif the interference on hd300 comes from lcd updates this should be simple proof
14:21:56wodzI am only interested in disabling lcd updates for test purposes
14:22:33 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
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14:43:27 Join GodEater_ [0] (93722cd0@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
14:49:35 Quit WalkGood_ (Read error: No route to host)
14:51:12kugelwodz: you can go screens where almost no display updates happen
14:51:32kugeli believe the filebrowser only updates once per second
14:53:48wodzkugel: I see difference in poping between wps, main menu and buffering thread debug screen but I want to disable lcd updates once for all to see if this is really the origin of the problems
14:55:08wodzwps produce irregular quite massive bursts of pops while buff thread dbg screen gives almost stable 0.66Hz rate
14:55:35kugeldoes the buffering screen popping change if you hold a button?
14:55:48kugelit updates vastly more often with button presses
14:55:59 Join WalkGood [0] (
14:56:01wodzhmm I'll check
14:56:18kugelwell, any screen does that i suppuse
15:01:47 Quit WalkGood (Changing host)
15:01:47 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
15:05:31jhMikeSamiconn: I forgot to mention it but I turned on voice on the beast and menus were silent. I didn't try clips.
15:06:39 Quit MethoS- (Remote host closed the connection)
15:08:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:12:54 Quit ReimuHak_ (Quit: Leaving...)
15:19:08 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:22:57amiconnjhMikeS: Yes, menus are silent on PP too, as well as spelling or numeric announcement of files/ dirs (i.e. everything that uses the voice file)
15:23:26amiconnOn coldfire triggering any any of these may even cause a hard freeze
15:31:44 Join chkktri [0] (chikakitaa@unaffiliated/chkktri)
15:43:03jhMikeSDoes the music volume go down as usual when its playing or is there no change?
15:43:56 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
15:53:16 Join Steviec [0] (~androirc@
15:54:00 Quit Steviec (Client Quit)
15:57:57pamauryZoiah: here ?
16:05:25kugeljhMikeS: volume doesnt change
16:09:52mc2739r30839 is the last build where voice works
16:12:22jhMikeSso, temp could be uninitialized?
16:12:32jhMikeSis that important?
16:12:41 Quit nosa-j (Quit: lol)
16:14:23 Join nosa-j [0] (
16:17:00 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium
16:20:08 Join ChickeNES-laptop [0] (~ChickeNES@
16:22:58 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
16:30:48kugeljhMikeS: i think so
16:31:01kugelsomeone try initializing it with voicefile_size please
16:40:30 Quit WalkGood (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:40:55*jhMikeS is trying
16:40:55 Quit funman (Quit: leaving)
16:41:08 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
16:42:04 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
16:43:17jhMikeSit seems to make it work
16:45:45 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
16:46:35 Quit ps-auxw (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:47:44 Join cpu98 [0] (de6c420d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:48:38cpu98hi pals, is there any good reason that channel balance should be set as percent(linear)?
16:50:24 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
16:56:59 Quit ps-auxw (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:58:39[Saint]cpu98: As opposed to...?
16:59:01 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
17:00:55cpu98dB i think
17:01:23jhMikeSIt's not linear anyways since it uses the codec's volume controls. :)
17:01:32 Join keyb_gr [0] (
17:01:45[Saint]I think representing channel balance in decibels is an easy way to confuse the hell out of most people ;)
17:01:58 Part Zagor
17:02:19jhMikeSunless the hardware has explicit balance apparently
17:02:44cpu98oh really? I felt that percent setting is not consistent with different volume setting
17:03:23cpu982% @ 0dB is quite different from 2% @ -30dB
17:04:16cpu98at -30dB i felt 6~7% sounds like 2% @ 0dB
17:04:23jhMikeSit converts the percentage to a decibel cut based on the volume range
17:07:25cpu98hmm 50% setting would mean 0dBFS left channel -10dBFS right channel?
17:07:52cpu98oh -10dB left 0dB right
17:08:21cpu98then right channel would be heart 2x louder than left
17:08:30cpu98* heard
17:09:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:10:05cpu98or if it is just linear reference it would be -6dB left 0dB right?
17:10:37jhMikeSpositive moves to right, negative to left. it ought to mantain apparent offset, yes.
17:11:19cpu98hmm i got to check it right now
17:18:41 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
17:18:45cpu98hell yeah it is consistent. what i heard seems related to rounding or codec volume table? 1% @ 0dBFS > 1dB difference / 1% @ -45dBFS > 0.7dB difference
17:19:11cpu98but that means i heard 0.3dB difference -_-
17:21:10 Join cpu98_ [0] (de6c420d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:22:44 Nick rjg_ is now known as rjg (
17:23:52 Quit cpu98 (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:24:19jhMikeSwhat 1% is depends on the volume range of the hardware, which varies quite a bit
17:29:37cpu98_ok that make sense
17:34:17jhMikeSThe code for it sound.c seems bit more elaborate than it should be. Maintaining balance throughout the volume range is just a linear (in dB) difference between channel gains throughout the volume range.
17:39:31 Join WalkGood [0] (
17:40:51 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:41:45 Join keyb_gr [0] (
17:42:04 Join webguest48 [0] (
17:42:11 Quit webguest48 (Client Quit)
17:45:06 Quit WalkGood (Changing host)
17:45:06 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
17:45:42 Quit WalkGood ()
17:52:34 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
17:52:46 Quit ChickeNES-laptop (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:54:19 Quit GodEater_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:56:38 Part LinusN
18:02:35 Quit MethoS- (Remote host closed the connection)
18:22:01[Saint]"iLike Nano Downloaded 15703 times"
18:31:54cpu98_ilike look like lifelike ipod nano i like and they like it
18:35:11*[Saint] isn't certain cpu98_ said "like" enough times in that sentence ;)
18:35:50cpu98_it seems *like* i did that
18:36:05 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (~reimu@
18:36:32 Join Keripo [0] (
18:36:59cpu98_[Saint], with ipod wizard you could have extracted images from firmware
18:39:44 Quit ReimuHak_ (Remote host closed the connection)
18:43:16gevaertscpu98_: he presumably wanted to be allowed to actually distribute the thing
18:45:54cpu98_oh i forgot that 'apple the charger'... that theme really looks like geniune theme... with aa'ed font it would be perfect
18:49:50 Join webguest60 [0] (
18:50:00 Quit webguest60 (Client Quit)
18:55:38 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (~reimu@
18:57:13 Quit ReimuHak_ (Client Quit)
18:57:35 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (~reimu@
18:58:34 Quit ReimuHak_ (Client Quit)
19:04:53 Quit cpu98_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:09:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:09:12 Quit ps-auxw (Remote host closed the connection)
19:09:24 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
19:11:06 Join GeekShadow [0] (
19:15:26 Join Stummi [0] (
19:15:31 Quit Stummi (Changing host)
19:15:31 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
19:18:54 Join lebellium [0] (
19:25:42[Saint]cpu98_> [Saint], with ipod wizard you could have extracted images from firmware <−− But, then I couldn't distribute it ;)
19:26:03[Saint]It was also made prior to AA fonts, I just haven't updated it.
19:26:23[Saint]I have an AA font version, that is pixel-identical to the Apple OF
19:27:05chkktrioh gawd, i don't know what did you done to rockbox but it finally boot correcly from first time :')
19:27:59chkktriPS charger detection patch seems to be pretty usable
19:28:11chkktri(for cowon D2+)
19:29:24[Saint]the D2 is one of the "quirkier" targets...
19:30:04chkktriwell yeah, but that's the only device i have
19:30:26chkktrioh, sudden freeze :|
19:31:29 Join liar [0] (
19:31:41chkktri...and another one
19:32:29chkktriuh, pretty unusable
19:32:48[Saint]Actually, I forget...does Rockbox has write access to the internal storage on the D2+?
19:32:50 Quit kugel (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:33:03[Saint]Or is it the same as the D2 with only write access to sdcard?
19:33:16chkktrisame here
19:33:24chkktri+touchscreen problems
19:33:49[Saint]You can attempt to calibrate the touchscreen, and se if it makes a difference.
19:33:54[Saint]*see if
19:34:13 Join ChickeNES-laptop [0] (~ChickeNES@
19:34:22chkktrino it does not
19:34:25 Join TomColler [0] (
19:34:34chkktrithere's just to much false touches
19:34:39chkktrior how to cll it
19:35:00chkktrithough in 9x9 grid mode it's pretty usable
19:36:22[Saint]Grid-mode and usable DO NOT go in the same sentence! :P
19:37:18chkktriyou just don't know how it fills then using absolute mode
19:37:29mystica555oh piffle, an h320 is usable just as well and has just as many distinct buttons in nearly the same patterns
19:37:29 Quit ChickeNES-laptop (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:37:33 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
19:37:33 Quit kugel (Changing host)
19:37:33 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
19:37:35 Join ChickeNES-laptop [0] (~ChickeNES@
19:37:56chkktrii even use grid mode on maemo, but that's because of small fants and no idea on how to build newer versions
19:38:33chkktrii asked for build\instructions here but got nothing ;_;
19:38:44*[Saint] needs to dig the n98 out of the box and poke at the maemo port one day.
19:39:00chkktrin98 using maemo?
19:40:06[Saint]Not yet. Its not running anything presently, its never been switched on.
19:40:16chkktrioh :O
19:40:46[Saint]when I said "out of the box", I meant "the box it came in"...I've still not even opened it.
19:41:07 Join bertrik [0] (
19:41:07 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
19:41:07 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:42:01chkktrihm, maybe guys on will be more communicative :P
19:42:39bertrikUnhelpful, you are a guru on jpeg and on gamma correction, right?
19:42:40[Saint]Almost certainly, but, I'm not sure any of them will have the faintest idea how to build Rockbox for Maemo.
19:43:06[Saint]That port is pretty much entirely one man's domain.
19:43:10chkktriwell maybe maintainer for maemo port has
19:43:11[Saint]And he's not here often.
19:43:12bertrikI see in the clip zip driver that there are three essentially linear curves written to the oled controller at initialisation
19:43:22 Quit Thra11 (Quit: kthxbai)
19:43:32chkktrihm, can you poke me then he comes here?
19:43:57[Saint]chkktri: I would imagine your best bet is to scour the sources for comments.
19:44:16[Saint]If I see him, and you're in here...I'll give you and he a nudge, sure.
19:44:31chkktriwell basicly i need some instructions on using scratchbox
19:44:43Tornechkktri: if you want help with it, your best bet is to post to the forums/list where someone who might know how to do it can see it any time
19:44:59chkktriyou mean rockbox forums?
19:45:10Torneif you don't know how to use scratchbox then that's not really naythng to do with rockbox
19:45:16Tornerad one of hte maemo developer guides
19:46:17[Saint] is probably the obvious start.
19:47:54chkktrilooks like i will need to build all libraries
19:48:06chkktriok, challenge accepted
19:50:09*bertrik spots tabs in the rk27xx tree
19:51:43bertrikwe're on a roll w.r.t. new targets, BTW :)
19:52:12[Saint]We are indeed.
19:52:37funmanrockbox seems to run on 78 targets (incl unstable/unusable)
19:52:50[Saint]Connect, Zip, Fuze+, various HIFIMan's...
19:53:06[Saint]Did I miss a recent one?
19:53:27[Saint]Hummm...I suppose the Connect doesn't really count yet.
19:57:46 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
19:59:41chkktrithere is sepparated git repository for maemo port
19:59:58chkktrii wonder if it's marged with main one
20:09:42bluebrotherok, another try: anyone interested / motivated / can be motivated to update a Rockbox Utility translation?
20:10:34 Join Horscht [0] (
20:10:35 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
20:10:35 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
20:10:39*[Saint] can do the English translation ;)
20:10:51*chkktri can work with russian one
20:10:51[Saint]And the American English one too.
20:12:38chkktrijust gimme texts :|
20:13:54[Saint]In Russia, Rockbox translates you!"
20:14:16chkktrihaha, noway this could happen
20:15:33 Quit ChickeNES-laptop (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:22:23bluebrothertranslators: (the "translation revision" column is wrong but that doesn't matter)
20:24:07chkktriit ot just me or page doesn't loads?
20:24:59chkktrioh, it loaded
20:35:01chkktribluebrother, one question here
20:35:29chkktrishould be abberation translated or leaved as is?
20:36:38funmanwhat kind of abbreviation ?
20:37:07chkktriMTP MSC TTS
20:37:24chkktrii remember fitst two is connection modes
20:37:33chkktribut dunno what TTS means
20:37:37[Saint]TTS == Text To Speech
20:38:00[Saint]Its a common abbreviation, common enough to not need translating, IMO.
20:38:09chkktriok, i'll leave it
20:38:45chkktristring QObject
20:38:48gevaertsIf there is a common translation, use it. If you're not aware of any, leave it
20:39:11chkktriuh didn't noticed dtring itself
20:40:52chkktriis it latest translation for sansa clip? where can i look for older translations?
20:41:41*bertrik considers doing the dutch translation, but is probably not very good at it
20:43:06 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Quit...)
20:43:18 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
20:43:29bluebrotherchkktri: that's for Rockbox Utility, not Rockbox, so the translation is not clip specific :)
20:43:41chkktriah, just new version?
20:43:49 Quit [Saint] (Client Quit)
20:44:10 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
20:44:25bluebrotheras for translating, IMO it's up to the translator if (s)he wants to change abbreviations. If it's common to not abbreviate it it's ok to do so, otherwise I'd keep it as abbreviation.
20:44:57bluebrotherI want to release a new version of Rockbox Utiltiy soonish. Preferably before the transition to git breaks my scripts :)
20:44:59 Join [Saint_] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
20:45:02chkktriwell i decided to keep abberations as is
20:45:51 Join wodz [0] (
20:46:10ukleinekwodz: hi, would it help you to get a complete dump of my flash?
20:46:19bluebrotheralso, you can also use Qt Linguist for translating. That website is a script I wrote some time ago to allow people to translate even if they don't have Qt around. Linguist has a couple of nice features that makes translating easier.
20:46:26*bluebrother goes updating the german translation
20:46:44ukleinekwodz: then I'd add the last missing pieces to my script and give it to you.
20:46:48 Quit ender` (Quit: Java is, in many ways, C++--. -- Michael Feldman)
20:46:52chkktrino, too lazy to install aditional software
20:47:40wodzukleinek: I am most interested of first 66kB (ID block + nand bootloader)
20:48:26ukleinekwodz: ok
20:48:32 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:48:33wodzukleinek: but full dump may be useful later when I will test FTL implementation (if this ever happens)
20:49:24 Join ender` [0] (
20:50:44ukleinekwodz: I keep my music files on the player, as additional incentive and test for you :-)
20:50:45chkktriString:Error during Zip operation
20:50:57chkktrithis means error while creating zip archive?
20:51:02chkktrior what :/
20:51:11*chkktri Slaps bluebrother around a bit with a large trout
20:52:33*ukleinek thought flying fish only existed in #linux-rt
20:53:14bluebrotherchkktri: while doing something related to a zip file.
20:53:20*chkktri Understoods that he never user rockbox utility
20:53:23bluebrothercould be extracting or creating
20:53:30ukleinekwodz: my player might be a bit harder as it has two flash chips
20:53:54bluebrothersome wording could definitely get improved. I won't mind patches :)
20:54:06wodzukleinek: ftl apparently handles this
20:54:23chkktriare there some unacceptable symbols?
20:54:32chkktrilike slashes
20:57:25bluebrothershould work. Maybe there is a problem with the translatoin website
20:57:30chkktrihere we go
20:57:41bluebrotherthanks :)
20:57:51chkktriyou're welcome
20:58:25bluebrotherwhat's your realname (for the credits)?
20:58:36chkktriin latin?
20:59:13bluebrotherpreferably, since my irc client doesn't like utf-8 (haven't fixed that yet)
20:59:37chkktrihm, i'm looking into ts file now and see that me and other translator using different terms in some places
20:59:37bluebrotherI can get other characters from the log files though
20:59:43chkktrishould i fix that?
20:59:45ukleinekbluebrother: my irssi can
20:59:57chkktriМаксим Постолати
21:00:09ukleinekchkktri: looks good here
21:00:34chkktriwait, first name should go first?
21:00:35bluebrotherukleinek: irssi on my working machine can as well, but the one running on my router has problems with it. It's not irssi per se
21:00:44[Saint_]Here too...and my phone has crap Unicode support in irc.
21:00:47bluebrotherchkktri: usually, yes.
21:01:09chkktrithen change order
21:01:19chkktriand what should i do with translation?
21:02:01bluebrotherabout the different terms issue?
21:03:25bluebrotherwell, changing it to have consistent terms is always nice.
21:04:12bluebrotherbut since I don't speak russian I can't tell anything about that anyway −− I have to trust that there aren't any changes that shouldn't be in :D
21:04:20chkktriwell both terms are correct but jumping frome one to one is pretty wierd ☺
21:04:36chkktriok, i'll do that
21:08:29 Join Horschti [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:09:07 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
21:09:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:09:44 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
21:11:30 Quit Horscht (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:11:52 Quit [Saint_] (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:12:46chkktrium, may ask: what is scramble?
21:13:06chkktrisomething simmilair to assemble?
21:13:21Torneit's just the process of making our final images
21:13:24chkktrimy dictionary oesn't says anything useful here =\
21:13:35Torneit's called that because old targets needed the image scrambled in a weird way
21:13:43TorneFor most platforms it's just prepending a small header to the binary
21:13:50Tornewith a checksum and model type
21:14:07chkktriso i can call it assembling?
21:14:58Tornethat seems kinda ambiguous :)
21:15:01Torneit's just image building
21:15:32chkktriok i'll name it building since no other acceptable translations found
21:16:11LloreanWouldn't something like "encrypt" or "encode" be a bit closer than "build"?
21:16:37chkktriyeah encode may be better
21:18:50 Quit balintx (Remote host closed the connection)
21:18:53wodzok pops and clicks on hd300 comes from lcd updates now I have to figure out what is wrong
21:19:08 Join Keripo [0] (
21:19:11chkktrihd300? new port?
21:19:23 Quit ps-auxw (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:19:24wodzit is not so new
21:20:36 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
21:22:35 Join balintx [0] (
21:23:52 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
21:28:42 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:31:23 Quit Keripo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:32:46*chkktri Slaps bluebrother around a bit with a large trout
21:32:56Torneyeah, stop doing that
21:33:01chkktrii can see doubled strings here
21:33:07chkktriis that fine?
21:33:20chkktristop doing what?
21:34:14 Join Keripo [0] (
21:35:02 Quit Keripo (Client Quit)
21:37:07 Join Keripo [0] (
21:46:37chkktribluebrother, updated translation file
21:46:49chkktristill not perfect though
21:52:06*bertrik updated dutch, now compiling
21:53:19 Join Lear [0] (
22:04:27bertrikbluebrother, how do I do an apostrophe in the language file?
22:05:04LearTorne: Can you add me to the proper group on Gerrit?
22:05:19Tornewhat's your name?
22:05:34LearReal name or username on Gerrit?
22:06:42wodzTorne: add me too
22:06:55Tornethe real name you set in gerrit
22:07:11wodzTorne: Marcin Bukat
22:07:18LearTorne: Magnus Holmgren
22:10:39wodzso when we do next step towards git?
22:10:46LearInteresting. Git on Cygwin has dependencies to cvs... :)
22:11:08Tornewodz: i'm working on docs and stuff over the next couple days hopefully :)
22:11:46 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (~reimu@
22:11:50 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:25:52 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.6)
22:26:46bertrikbluebrother, I guess I can just commit my RockboxUtility language changes?
22:29:19bluebrotherbertrik: yes, of course.
22:29:38bluebrotherand thanks for taking the time :)
22:30:08chkktrii bet you redownloaded translation?
22:30:27lebelliumin the RB fonts pack there is nimbus 14 and 19. Is it possible to get Nimbus 15, 16, 17 and 18?
22:30:57bertrikI see of line number changes
22:31:05bertrik+"a lot"
22:33:40CIA-22New commit by bertrik (r30892): RockboxUtility: update dutch translation
22:34:11 Quit parafin (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:34:23 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:36:06 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
22:36:10CIA-22r30892 build result: All green
22:41:19 Join saratoga [0] (9803c31c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:41:36saratogabertrik: do you know how to change the cpu voltage on AMSv2?
22:43:18bertrikwe can change the CVDD1 voltage through the analog codec
22:43:33bertrikI think
22:45:07bertrikhm, now not so sure if it's CVDD1
22:48:15 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
22:50:10 Quit Lear (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 9.0a2/20111103042029])
22:51:48CIA-22New commit by kugel (r30893): In the playback buflib shrink callback, ensure a minimum buffer remains for ...
22:52:28bertriksaratoga, sorry, I thought I saw in the AMSv2 OF that it's set to 1.1V, but probably mixed it up with AMSv1
22:53:03saratogabertrik: so we don't actually know what the official voltages are for AMSv2?
22:53:55CIA-22r30893 build result: All green
22:54:27CIA-22New commit by kugel (r30894): Properly initialize variable to get voice going again. GCC didn't catch this one introduced r30840.
22:56:39CIA-22r30894 build result: All green
22:57:26CIA-22New commit by bluebrother (r30895): Rockbox Utility: update russian translation by Постолати Максим.
22:57:39bertriksaratoga, the I/O ports debug screen on my clip doesn't show CVDD1 and CVDD2, so no
22:59:47CIA-22r30895 build result: All green
22:59:54 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
22:59:58CIA-22New commit by bluebrother (r30896): Rockbox Utility: update german translation.
23:02:06CIA-22r30896 build result: All green
23:02:22kugelamiconn: please test with latest svn
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23:08:26bertrikoh cool, someone has a clip zip with a different display, and the alternative (untested) driver apparently works! :)
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23:10:13bluebrotheris there something like "svn export <url>" in git? Especially with <url> being a part of a repository, not the complete?
23:12:25Bagderbluebrother: use 'git ls-files' perhaps and copy/tar/script it somehow
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