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#rockbox log for 2011-11-17

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00:19:46low_lightpamaury: no luck with 0xffff0000 or 0xc0000000. Reboots on the first read attempt.
00:21:22pamauryhum, I don't know what that mean, either there isn't a rom or it's not at a known address. Btw I've ask freescale if there can provide the datasheet for the stmp3700 and they do not quite agree for now except under nda but I'm still trying
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00:21:53low_lightpamaury: here's my working diff at this stage:
00:23:10pamaurylow_light: just to check, try address 0 and length 1024
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00:26:48low_lightI had tried 1024 with no luck (and many other transfer lengths)
00:26:59pamauryand address 0 ?
00:27:22pamauryif you can't even read address 0 then it means there is problem
00:27:58low_lightGot something from 0
00:28:44pamauryat address 0, it should be code you sent to the device
00:28:56pamaurywait I know
00:29:11pamauryyou know arm assembly ?
00:30:48pamaurythe idea would be to call the code and us the LR register to get the calling address
00:31:00pamauryI guess it's simpler if I do, wait a second
00:31:58low_lightprobably ;)
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00:35:17pamauryok done, let me test it on mine
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00:44:45pamauryload it as usual and read addres 0 (ignored) and length 1024
00:44:54pamauryit will send back 4 bytes
00:45:02pamaury(a 32-bit address)
00:47:24low_light9d 29 ff ff
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00:49:19pamauryok, please try reading address 0xffff2900 then
00:51:20pamaurywait I think I know
00:51:30pamauryor might know
00:52:09pamauryperhaps I shouldn't send back 1024 bytes over the interrupt endpoint, it might use a different packet size
00:56:39pamaurylow_light: if you want to try it, this file only read/sends back 32 bytes at a time
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01:01:31low_lightback. I'll try.
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01:04:49low_lightpamaury: read from which address?
01:05:31pamaury32 bytes (with the new file) (you'll need to change memreader.c to only advance address 32-byte if you plan to read more than 32-bytes)
01:07:35wodzpamaury: it is also possible that rom code do bx instead of blx so return address isn't saved
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01:08:22low_lightkeeps rebooting with 0xffff2900
01:10:23pamaurythat's really strange, did you change the code than splits the address and store it into the setup packet ?
01:11:14low_lightI'll check, but I've got to go. I'll try more tomorrow.
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01:11:46lovasoain apps/plugins/sokoban.c, in the function sokoban_menu, i is an unused variable. If someone wants to correct this...
01:20:33wodzIs it possible to link with rb object file compiled with different compiler?
01:22:04wodzI mean technically (I am aware of possible licensing issues when linking foreign object file)
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01:37:54saratogawodz: yes its technically possible although i can't think of anyone having done it
01:38:28saratogawould probably be quite a lot of work if you wanted to get everything compiling though, particularly given all the hacks and asm we have
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01:55:35funmanwodz: also keep in mind possible ABI conflicts
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04:22:43soapanyone have hard evidence my Nano 1G, if returned, will come back as a Nano 1G?
04:23:16soapI've seen two people say now that a "new", not refurb, 1G will come back. I've seen no evidence of this from Apple.
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04:31:06JdGordonsoap: [saint] said appple were doing a new production run of 1g's to do the return
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04:40:55Tecanrockbox wont work with my new 2011 ford xlt sync
04:45:57saratogawhat device?
04:46:17Tecan2nd gen mini
04:46:20soapipod assumedly
04:47:02saratogaah so you're asking about the ipod accessory protocol
04:47:30saratogaa 2011 device probably uses the usb protocol which we don't support
04:48:12Tecanit can read thumb drives too
04:49:04saratogabut it probably won't mount an ipod as a thumb drive
04:50:07Tecantheres an option in the rockbox to turn off the hid
04:50:15Tecancant it be faked somehow ?
04:51:47Tecani'll just switch it back to ipod firmware and wait patiently ;)
04:52:05saratogaits up to the stereo to decide what to use
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04:52:24saratogayou could maybe change the usb ids so it doesn't know theres an ipod there, but i don't know if that would work
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04:54:00Tecanchange it in the rockbox config ?
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04:54:55Tecanaha i see why it wont work
04:55:11Tecanit cant read the files off the drive
04:55:44Tecanafter plugging into computer the songs that are uploaded are nowhere to be found
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05:22:26Tecanawe shit how do i put it back to apple firmware ?
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05:26:43Tecanwhats an ipsw ?
05:27:04Tecanand does it work with ipodpatcher
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06:02:34Tecanawe shit
06:02:40Tecani fucked my ipod
06:03:06Tecani uninstalled the firmware and bootloader, then tried to copy files to it
06:03:17Tecanit froze now its bricked
06:03:44Tecangoing to try and wait for the battery to die...
06:05:43soapTecan, "Menu" + "Select" held for ~30 seconds WILL force a reboot.
06:40:46Tecanoh i see, i need to get it to play with aux mode
06:41:12Tecanusb + aux, one for power the other to play... but when i plug it into the usb nothing works on the ipod
06:41:23Tecanjust shows the cable
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06:53:02thals1992hey can someone add me to the "WikiUsersGroup" I'm trying to update the page of the mpegpluginplayer to include more recent stats (mostly the ipod video)
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08:19:00Tecanhmm is there anyway to disable keypad mode ?
08:20:25Tecani want to use my ipod as if its only using the usb for power and the rest goes to headphones
08:20:46Tecanits stuck on usb screen
08:21:03saratogacharge mode
08:21:10saratogahit any button while you plug it into usb
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08:52:14wodzI crafted something like this to add BUTTON_REL event to hd300 scrollstrip driver. The very same approach can be used in scrollwheel drivers (and I think some ipods scrollwheel can be smarter as they can report being touched)
08:52:34wodzthis removes the need for HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL hack in action.c
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08:55:28JdGordonwodz: if it removes the hacks in action.c then go for it!
08:56:21kugelwodz: HZ seems a bit high, but if it works then nice
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08:59:37wodzkugel: it is arbitrary choice - When you use scrollstrip and scrolling long list you have brakes in touching it to move your finger from top to the bottom. I didn't want to emmit REL then.
08:59:46wodzscrollwheel doesn't have this problem
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09:00:23kugelI see
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12:14:10wodzToday I found annoying behavior. When selecting m3u playlist some kind of editor/selector is opened (thats ok I recall discussion about that). The weird thing is that selecting first track in this editor/selector does not move me to WPS. Playback starts as expected though.
12:15:03wodzThat is definitely much more than 'one additional keypress' as the change was advertised
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12:35:36JdGordonwodz: yeah, thats a bug
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12:55:08wodzJdGordon: should I rise a bug on FS?
12:55:21JdGordonno, just fix it :)
12:55:38wodzJdGordon: are you kidding :-P
12:56:40JdGordonwell, it was worth a shot!
12:56:55pamaurywe don't want to mess with the UI !
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13:00:02wodzI am studying now how to add relevant bits to skyeye in order to run rockchip FTL code on this. Dissasm is horrible to read and I hope that with stepping through the code I'll understand what it does
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13:00:22SynrGnew clip+ owner, contemplating rockbox (so i can play oggs, among other things). just thought i'd lurk. hi :)
13:01:00CIA-22New commit by jdgordon (r31003): skin engine: Fix %if() when comparing against a number. ...
13:01:41wodzthe main problems in this approach are 1) lack of documentation for skyeye 2) lack of documentation for nand controller in rk27xx
13:02:00JdGordonis skyeeye better than qemu?
13:03:06wodzJdGordon: looking at both skyeye seems to have simpler architecture
13:03:45CIA-22r31003 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (jdgordon committed)
13:07:04pamaurywodz: do you really think it will help ? the dynamic behaviour will be even harder to study no ?
13:08:34pamauryis there a known emulator for the imx233 ?
13:09:00desowinZagor: can I be added to developers group on tracker? (FS #12363 should get closed)
13:09:01fs-bluebot Sandisk Sansa Connect port (patches, unconfirmed)
13:09:44wodzpamaury: Having some experience with BDM+GDB during HD200 port I would say study of dynamic behaviour complements dissasembly
13:10:09Zagordesowin: done
13:10:19pamaurywodz: yes for some things, but for a FTL...
13:10:51pamauryI would like to be able to study the dynamic behaviour of the fuze+ for example, that would help solve my lcd problems for example
13:11:40wodzpamaury: My main problem is that I don't understand remaping scheme used. Undarstanding this will allow to write read only driver which is good start
13:12:15kugelJdGordon: that should be backported to 3.10 shouldnt it?
13:12:27wodzand function that initializes remap tables is extraordinary complicated (mostly by compiler optimizations I guess)
13:12:42pamauryas for skyeye, I find the lack of documentation a real pity
13:13:04JdGordonkugel: if you want to. I'm not doing a svn checkout on my connection (and download quota) for it though
13:13:32kugelbtw, I think we should commit the few translation updates from the tracker and release finally
13:13:50kugelnot the german ones though, they're both not good
13:14:04wodzqemu has some documentation but sources are much harder to follow so I think I stick to skyeye. I don't want to implement whole system simulation - only some relevant bits.
13:14:28pamauryyes, I agree skyeye seems simpler
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13:20:11webguest1234bertrik(for the logs): Clipzip cabbiev2, can you test it and let me know if any changes need made ?
13:21:32 Quit webguest1234 (Client Quit)
13:25:07pamauryis skyeye still developped ?
13:27:03wodzpamaury: dunno
13:29:29pamauryseems like the last commit was in april, I'll have a look at qemu to see if it's really more complicated
13:32:25wodzgood luck
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15:09:35SynrGabsent from is any mention of the Clip+. is that simply because the Clip+ is that good and there are no issues worth mentioning, or is it just a bit stale?
15:10:55SynrGhmm. think i answered my own question reading this: "See the list on This FAQ applies only to models using PortalPlayer SOCs (currently e200 v1 and c200 v1)." so ... not really applicable.
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15:15:54wodzJdGordon: would you care to look at the issue introduced by r30177 I mentioned?
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16:53:58pixelmakugel: I made a German update too, hope I remember it when I get back home today... feel free to remind me
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17:57:41CIA-22New commit by mc2739 (r31004): FS #12383 - slovak language update by Peter Lecky
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17:59:47CIA-22r31004 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (mc2739 committed)
18:00:07CIA-22New commit by mc2739 (r31005): FS #12383 - slovak language update by Peter Lecky
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18:55:04CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31006): Buflib: Make shrinking and buflib_available() smarter. ...
18:57:31CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31007): Buflib: Make shrinking and buflib_available() smarter. ...
18:57:41CIA-22r31006 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
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19:08:22CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31008): skin engine: Fix %if() when comparing against a number. ...
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19:23:40saratogai noticed the R0 port uses "arm-none-linux-gnueabi" as the compiler, i suppose because its the one provided with the samsung source code
19:23:49saratogahow is this different then our arm eabi compiler?
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19:26:19kugelsaratoga: we only have a "stage 1" compiler, without c library support
19:26:38 Join TomColler [0] (
19:26:40saratogaah yes, i suppose as an application it needs the c library stuff
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19:35:01metaphyspamaury: thanks the ams version is much closer from what I have to do!
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19:40:02CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31009): Simulate usb plugging on the sim better using sim_tasks. ...
19:42:24CIA-22r31009 build result: 10 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
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20:13:10CIA-22New commit by pamaury (r31010): fuze+: adjust touchpad sensitivity based on product id like OF, add debug screen to hw info
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20:15:21CIA-22r31010 build result: 10 errors, 0 warnings (pamaury committed)
20:17:13 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
20:17:30 Quit niekie (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:17:52pamaurykugel: did you notice the usb errors ?
20:18:46 Join wodz [0] (
20:18:47 Join rasher [0] (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
20:20:02 Join ruskie [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
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20:47:09 Join Guinness [0] (
20:53:00CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31011): Remove sim_tasks from the sdl application build. ...
20:53:45 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
20:55:32CIA-22r31011 build result: 2 errors, 1 warnings (kugel committed)
20:56:09CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31012): Updated Russian translation ...
20:57:31 Join TBCOOL [0] (
20:58:26CIA-22r31012 build result: 2 errors, 1 warnings (kugel committed)
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21:02:38 Join zchs [0] (
21:03:36CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31013): Fix yellow.
21:05:52CIA-22r31013 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
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21:55:31 Part metaphys
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22:06:14 Part TomColler
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22:10:25CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31014): Updated Russian translation ...
22:12:18 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
22:14:26 Join Keripo [0] (
22:16:01 Join stripwax [0] (
22:16:27CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31015): Bulgarian translation update ...
22:16:28 Part zaytsev
22:16:44CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31016): Bulgarian translation update ...
22:18:28CIA-22r31015 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
22:19:04 Quit thomasjfox (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:21:31 Quit CaptainKewler (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
22:21:39CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31017): French translation update ...
22:22:03CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31018): French translation update ...
22:24:01CIA-22r31018 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
22:25:05pamaurywhy does the website skip r31016/7 ?
22:26:05CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31019): Brazilian Portuguese translation update ...
22:26:22CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31020): Brazilian Portuguese translation update ...
22:26:27pamauryhum, French sentences are not supposed to have words starting with upper case in the middle of the sentence !
22:26:44kugelpamaury: website shows only commits to trunk
22:26:54kugelpamaury: feel free to fix french :)
22:27:09pamauryyeah, I'm thinking about it, I don't like that commit
22:28:10CIA-22r31019 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
22:30:40CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31021): Croatian translation update ...
22:30:57CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31022): Croatian translation update ...
22:32:28CIA-22r31021 build result: 2 errors, 101 warnings (kugel committed)
22:33:58 Quit Urne ()
22:35:29 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:35:57bertrikI think we should be a bit careful about committing language patches without checking the quality first
22:36:28*bertrik remembers people submitting google translations
22:36:58kugelbertrik: how to do that?
22:37:46kugelI think the croation one removed some translations which shouldnt have been removed
22:38:08 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (
22:38:32bertrikby letting a native speaker look at the patch first
22:39:07kugelwe don't have native speakers for most langs
22:39:33bertriklike the person who did the most contributions to a specific language already
22:40:27kugelhow do you know who that is?
22:40:41bertrikand at the very least verify that the submitter is actually a native speaker
22:40:42kugeland how to contact? and what to do if he doesnt answer?
22:40:59 Quit matsl (Quit: Riece/3.1.2 XEmacs/21.5-b31 (ginger, linux))
22:41:09kugelI went by the name, which seemed plausible
22:41:09bertriksvn log on the language file
22:41:35kugelthat tells me the real name, nothing more
22:42:18kugeland finding the top contributor to make him verify another translation seems like a lot effort for a small update
22:43:08bertrikhuh, svn log tells you who did what contribution (if committers did proper commit comments)
22:43:19kugeland the crotation one shows that even that is rather useless
22:43:35kugelAnte Maretic was the only contributor to croatic
22:44:11kugelffs, croatian*
22:45:03 Quit stripwax (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:45:28 Join hilbert [0] (
22:46:51bertrikwell, the french translation looks like an obvious counter-example
22:47:32 Join Thra11 [0] (
22:47:52kugelit appears the theme site has problems with translations that contain " characters
22:48:13 Quit hilbert (Client Quit)
22:48:29kugelbertrik: I agree I should have been more careful with that one as we have french people here
22:48:55kugels/theme site/translation site/
22:48:58kugelrasher: ^ ?
22:49:13bertrikok, and I agree that the other ones you committed look OK :)
22:50:15kugelshould I fix croatian with or without the problematic " ?
22:53:00*kugel re-adds the " in the hope the site will be fixed, except for BUTTON names
22:53:21pixelmabtw. I believe we also have a semi-Russian committer - fml. At least he did some translations there and his real name sounds Russian (although he lives in Germany AFAIK and speaks German too)
22:57:52CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31023): Undo some of r31021. The translation site seems to have problems with double quotes in translations. ...
22:58:11CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31024): Undo some of r31021. The translation site seems to have problems with double quotes in translations. ...
22:59:31pixelmamaybe not only the translation site
22:59:45CIA-22r31023 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
23:00:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:01:51 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
23:02:28pixelmawouldn't the first double quotes be interpreted as end-of-phrase by our language system?
23:02:39pixelmaor the second rather
23:02:58kugelI hope not :)
23:06:04kugelpixelma: may I remind you of the german update? :)
23:06:53 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@
23:07:32lovasoaJust to say that r31009 broke things
23:07:58marazyou broke things?!
23:08:38lovasoaI'm building rockbox on a hosted target (YPR0, not yet inscluded in svn), and usb functions are defined twice
23:09:27lovasoain uisimulator/common/sim_tasks.c and in firmware/usb.c
23:11:49kugellovasoa: make a clean recompile. sim_tasks.c should be excluded from the build
23:12:16lovasoaI did a make clean && make. Isn't it enough?
23:12:46kugel_should be_, but sometimes problems only disappear after deleting the build dir entirely
23:13:08kugelunless you define SIMULATOR?
23:13:27lovasoaWhere may SIMULATOR be defined?
23:13:34 Join low_light [0] (
23:13:49kugelin the generated Makefile
23:13:55 Join stripwax [0] (
23:15:13 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
23:15:15lovasoaIn the makefile, I have export APP_TYPE=sdl-app
23:15:17lovasoaexport APPLICATION=yes
23:15:19lovasoaexport SIMDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/uisimulator/sdl
23:16:19 Join stripwax [0] (
23:16:41kugellovasoa: in EXTRA_DEFINES?
23:17:57kugelwell, sim_tasks.c is clearly inside #ifdef SIMULATOR :)
23:18:36lovasoaSo I'm going to wipe the build dir and create it again
23:19:04CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31025): stubs.c is only needed on SIMULATOR builds.
23:20:04low_lightpamaury: got the rom dump:
23:20:16pamaurylow_light: what did you change ?
23:20:34pamaurynice anyway
23:20:55CIA-22r31025 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
23:21:14low_lightpamaury: needed an strtoll instead of strol to read the addr from the command line
23:21:49pamauryah right
23:22:18pamauryI thought about it but didn't change it since it worked on my computer
23:22:32pamauryperhaps because of 64-bit, nice catch
23:25:28pamauryI'll try to analyze it to see how similar it is to the stmp3780 one
23:27:50pamaurylow_light: do you plan to port rockbox ?
23:28:13low_lightof course :)
23:28:34low_lightI've done several ports already
23:29:16pamauryYou might already know it but the best and only reference for the stmp3700 is the set of linux patches
23:29:47pamauryI'm not sure of how much can be reused in imx233/
23:31:07 Quit ChickeNES-laptop (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:31:29low_lightI'll have a look. Being able to sign & run code is a good first step.
23:32:10pamauryyes, at least that part is the same
23:32:25pamauryI fear the most challenging part will be the memory size
23:32:32 Join Scromple [0] (
23:34:48 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:36:05pamauryDamn, I had fmradio_i2c working previously on the fuze+ and now it doesn't work !
23:36:33pixelmahrnpf, something went wrong with the character encoding of my translation update :\
23:37:57 Quit ender` (Quit: Anyone with a bit of common sense should see through the ploy. Unfortunately, this is testimony before Congress. -- Mike Masnick (TechDirt))
23:51:39 Join mystica555_ [0] (

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