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#rockbox log for 2011-11-26

00:22:15dfktcan the rockbox sdl app be compiled to run on windows?
00:29:13kugeldfkt: dont think anyone has tired
00:29:17kugelbut I doubt
00:29:20dfktor is there a way for any UI simulator with 480x800 resolution on windows?
00:29:56kugelsure, just edit the targets config.h
00:30:34dfkthmm, thanks, i will give it a look
00:39:46dfktkugel, you mean changing it in /firmware/export/config ?
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01:02:16kugeldfkt: yea
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01:11:55dfktkugel, configure breaks during building rockblox, i tried it with two different targets (d2, fuze) - is there a way to do a 'minimal' build, without plugins?
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01:41:10PoodlemastahIs there any reason why my ipod always has the cabbiev2.bmp backdrop in buflib allocs?
01:41:29PoodlemastahIt's a pretty big file, and I like to go as barebones as I can.
01:42:03kugelPoodlemastah: unload the backdrop
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01:43:07PoodlemastahHave tried and just tried again, still loaded.
01:43:38kugelis this the wps backdrop maybe? you need to select a different wps
01:43:50kugelor edit cabbiev2.wps
01:44:32PoodlemastahI am not even using cabbiev2.
01:44:46PoodlemastahTried it with my own skin and failsafe, it's still loaded.
01:45:58kugeldo you *see* the backdrop?
01:46:20PoodlemastahNope, not in any screen.
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01:46:24kugelif it's loaded, but not shown, and there's no way to unload presistently, then there's a bug
01:47:15PoodlemastahGuessed as much, should I report it?
01:52:53kugelluckily buflib allows too see memory leaks .)
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11:28:15*bertrik wonders about the display pixel density of the various devices that run rockbox, like if there is some typical value
11:33:28*amiconn doubts that
11:33:50amiconnJust consider the iaudio M5, iriver H1x0 and ipod 1st...4th Gen
11:34:14amiconnAll these are 160x128 greyscale, but physical lcd size varies
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11:43:10bertrikamiconn, ok, I was wondering about this because I have a clip zip wps I want to integrate which uses 05-Rockfont, yet apps/settings_list.c specifies a default font of 11-Sazanami-Mincho for the clip zip lcd size. The difference in font size seems so huge.
11:44:32amiconn05-Rockfont? Does that even exist?
11:45:09amiconnThere's only 08-Rockfont
11:45:25bertriksorry, that's the one
11:46:50bertrikdon't know why I thought it was 05-Rockfont
11:49:00amiconnThe difference isn't that large, considering the vastly different pixel densities among the rockbox targets
11:49:59amiconnOn the archoses, 08-Rockfont is nicely readable and the preferred font unless you want readability from a larger distance, while e.g. on the Beast it's so tiny that it's nearly unusable
11:50:48*amiconn thinks that our target page should list pixel density in addition to resolution and colour depth
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12:35:10kugelcould define LCD_DPI for the rest of the targets and select the font based on dpi instead
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13:43:37bertrikI read on the SansaAMS page: "We don't yet know how to detect line out dock's on the Fuze V2" <- I thought we did already
13:45:11bertrikoh wait, Fuze*V2*
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14:29:25kugelsomeone with an 480x800 RaaA device want to test a cabbiev2 change I'm working on?
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14:41:10pixelmabertrik: I'd think there is a way to make the ifdefs in a way that the Clip Zip's screen uses 08-Rockfont and keep 11-Sazanami-Mincho for the c200.
14:42:28pixelmaor... would chosing 10-Sazanami-Mincho for the latter help your case too? I mean if a 10 pixels tall font would be a good compromise for a 96x96 cabbie
14:44:07pixelmahmm, I believe that a port to the Iaudio remote (M3's main screen) is still missing which also has an LCD height of 96, width is 128 and depth is 2 though
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15:17:53kugelrasher: ping
15:34:06CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31056): Cabbiev2/RaaA: Add volume slider pop to the WPS. ...
15:36:04CIA-22r31056 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
15:42:15CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31057): Cabbiev2/RaaA: Update progressbar images (using transparency).
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15:44:09CIA-22r31057 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
15:47:37 Join Buschel [0] (
15:47:42CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31058): Cabbiev2/RaaA: Add nice shadow to the icons on the popup in the WPS.
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15:49:25CIA-22r31058 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
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15:56:45JdGordonkugel: why didnt you jusyt take saints cabbie and be done with it?
15:56:49 Quit hilbert (Client Quit)
15:57:39kugelJdGordon: it's not finished
15:58:04 Join hilbert [0] (
15:58:13kugelalso I didn't use his volume icon
15:59:19kugelJdGordon: did read tonights logs already? someone reported backdrop memory leak
16:00:03JdGordonah yes, assuming its the one i found already (and havnt commited) its an easy fix
16:03:58JdGordonbut no, i read the log but must have missed the report?
16:06:15kugelstarting at 1:41
16:07:18JdGordonah, different leak
16:07:48JdGordonnot sure how that is even posible
16:08:01JdGordon*great* repro report :/
16:08:28JdGordonPoodlemastah: can you put your config.cfg somewhere, and which ipod?
16:11:57PoodlemastahIt's an ipod classic.
16:12:18PoodlemastahYes, that is really my config.
16:25:25kugelPoodlemastah: with that config I would expect the backdrop to be loaded and shown
16:25:40kugelfor *no* backdrop you need "backdrop: -" in the cfg
16:25:51kugelhowever, the remove backdrop option should do that
16:28:42 Join audio-i [0] (
16:29:23audio-ianyone knows what could've taken out a few themes from the theme site?
16:30:13kugelaudio-i: what do you mean?
16:30:33kugelI just did some admin work to hide reported themes. the author should be emailed
16:31:41audio-iat least 3 or 4 themes are missing in the theme site 320x240
16:33:09audio-iI see... rayboradio??? what was the problem?
16:33:22audio-iI've had it for ages, must be a mistake
16:33:44audio-iI mean, I uploaded it
16:34:31PoodlemastahSorry guys, had backdrop on. Now I cleared my rockbox config, put on the failsafe theme, cleared backdrop, rebooted and cabbiev2.bmp is still allocated.
16:34:35PoodlemastahMy new config:
16:34:55audio-iit says rayboradio's battery is not displaying well
16:35:12audio-ishould not be a reason to remove it from the themesite
16:35:31kugelaudio-i: I only see one (rayboradio_OB) for this resolution and it says "Theme was replaced by newer version."
16:36:34audio-ithe email I received says something about the battery
16:36:52audio-ibut was it manually removed?
16:37:14kugeldid you just receive a mail?
16:37:29kugelI wonder why it doesnt show up in the admin panel
16:37:59 Join ReimuHak_ [0] (
16:38:12kugelI probably set it to hidden due to some report (the report is in the mail). You're free to re-upload if you made sure it works on the current build or last release
16:38:59audio-iOK, I can do that, but still, I don't think it should have been removed
16:39:20kugelit was reported by someone
16:39:37kugelI can't be bothered to test 30 reported themes on all sorts of targets before removing
16:40:14audio-iI agree, but the reported reason should be considered
16:40:30audio-iperhaps not just remove every reported theme
16:40:45kugeli did consider
16:41:01kugelI ignored the other half of the reports because the reason was bullshit
16:42:09audio-inothing against what you're doing,I just consider that if a theme has a problem, the user could report it
16:42:29audio-ieither to my email, which I include in my themes, or on the forums
16:43:04audio-irigths issues and such are good reason for removing themes
16:44:00audio-iI haven't tested my theme on 3.9, but it could be that someone *thinks* the battery should work different
16:44:02kugelwe have a report button for that
16:44:13kugeloften the author doesnt respond at all
16:44:38audio-iwell, I just don't think my theme should have been removed for that reason
16:44:45 Join ender1 [0] (
16:44:46kugelwhat was the reason again?
16:45:09audio-iemai says: Battery icon is not displaying properly in v. 3.9. Anyone can confirm this?
16:45:25kugelit wasn't removed it was hidden and a mail was sent to you for you to investigate the case. We do also have a delete button
16:45:52audio-iyeah, but its not available in the themesite
16:45:58 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
16:46:04audio-ithe theme is no longer available
16:46:29 Quit ender| (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
16:46:50kugelalright. now if made sure the battery icon works please just re-upload the theme
16:47:02kugelI'm surprised I'm unable to approve it again
16:47:33kugelI see that theme but the removal reason is wrong so I'm unsure if it's the correct version
16:47:39audio-iOK will do... I will lose ratings though... but it's fine
16:47:47 Join ender` [0] (
16:48:05kugelratings shouldnt be lost
16:48:42audio-iwhen a new version is uploaded, ratings are reset
16:48:51audio-iand I agree, it shouldn't be so
16:48:52kugeldownload count and ratings are kept if you update the theme, i.e. use the same name and same author information
16:49:08kugeloh, sorry about that
16:49:12audio-idownload count yes, ratings no
16:49:47audio-iit' ok i will re upload it when I check it
16:50:05 Quit ender1 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:52:41 Quit audio-i (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:52:54kugelwho made the greyscale version of tango? and how?
16:54:51PoodlemastahUhm, I kinda made two mistakes while uploading a theme, how would I correct them?
16:57:17kugelPoodlemastah: upload again with same name and author information. that way you replace the old one
16:59:23 Join ender| [0] (~ender1@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
17:01:18CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31059): lcd_color/cabbiev2: New iconset in multiple sizes ...
17:02:42PoodlemastahLooked kinda strange with a mouse cursor in the screenshot. :)
17:02:45CIA-22r31059 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
17:03:43CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31060): Fix leftovers.
17:04:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:05:36CIA-22r31060 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
17:06:27 Join AlexP_mob [0] (~AlexP@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
17:10:23Buschelkugel: on a nano 2G sim the icons look like the transparency is not working
17:10:29Buschelis this normal?
17:10:58kugelBuschel: no :)
17:11:08Buschelso, how to solve?
17:11:35kugelwait, it looks like the 12x12 is corrupted
17:13:57rasherkugel: pong
17:14:54kugelrasher: how does the admin panel work?
17:15:20kugelif I click hidden themes I see all the themes that have been updated. but I cannot access the actual updated theme?
17:15:39rasherI... am not sure
17:16:26CIA-22New commit by kugel (r31061): The new 12x12 iconset somehow got corrupted. Re-generate.
17:16:27rasherI'm not sure I'm responsible for that feature actually
17:17:07Buschelkugel: perfect now ;)
17:18:08CIA-22r31061 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
17:24:00kugelrasher: hm
17:24:34kugelI'm not sure if obsolete themes should be shown at all, but the current version of a theme definitely needs to be accesible
17:24:45rasherMaybe bluebrother^ knows, I think he's done a bit?
17:25:07kugelperhaps domonoky
17:25:37rasherI really cannot remember
17:31:48dionoeaoops sorry
17:41:28kugelrasher: other issue. it's showing 3.8.1 compat instead of 3.9.x
17:41:54rasherHm, I should be able to fix that... I think
17:41:55rasherhang on
17:43:41rasherif I can remember how
17:44:31 Quit dv_ (Remote host closed the connection)
17:49:07pamaurybertrik: ping
17:50:47kugelrasher: another thing. the linkified author filed does only "mailto:" without the actual email
17:51:00rasherheh, strange
17:51:07rasherI'll see if I can figure that one out
17:58:20 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
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18:36:03 Part lovasoa
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18:56:20kugelit bugs me that the shortcuts menu in the main menu is empty
18:56:20 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
18:56:32kugelit should be hidden or filled with something by default
18:58:43pamauryoops, I may have found why the fuze+ radio doesn't work
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19:23:25 Part lovasoa
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19:57:30bertrikpamaury, hi
19:58:18pamaurybertrik: I one question regarding the si4700 driver: doesn't it assume that tuner_power will preserve the register content ?
19:58:36bertrikI think tuner_power is not used correctly in the si4700 driver
19:58:48 Quit AlexP_mob (Quit: Bye)
19:58:49bertrikfor the beast it just disables the i2c driver to save power
19:59:14bertrikI think there is no target that actually uses tuner_power to stop power to the tuner
19:59:14pamauryI think it would be sensible to introduce a RADIO_POWER option and use tuner_set(RADIO_POWER, x) instead of tuner_power in apps/
19:59:16 Join gbl08ma [0] (~gbl08ma@
19:59:58bertrikif tuner_power actually turns off the tuner, I'd expect the register contents to get lost
20:00:11pamauryyes, the manuel says that
20:00:39pamauryalso I noticed that the manual says the si4703C19 suffers from an errata: you have to set RDSD to 0 before powering up basically
20:00:49bertrikI don't really understand why the beast uses tuner_power, I think it can just enable/disable i2c for each transaction with the si4700
20:01:32bertrikpamaury, yes, I read that in AN230 and AN243. The RDS patch has a workaround for that (as I understand, you can also set RDSD to 0 before powering down)
20:02:09 Quit dionoea (Remote host closed the connection)
20:02:38pamauryyes, I tried to fix lots of potential quirks of the driver but it still doesn't seek, the OF seems to enable some clock but the code is too complicated, I'm not finished with RE it yet (assuming it indeed setup a clock somewhere)
20:05:11bertrikoh maybe, the CPU is supplying the reference clock to the si470x then
20:05:42bertrikwhat I remember as a symptom of not having an RCLK was also that you could access the chip fine, but that tuning would not work
20:06:58pamauryyes, and the problem is that I can't find that **** code, the OF does standard init with one call to a function with 24000 (look like 24Mhz) but then it goes through several layers, and then through a queue, a real nightmare
20:08:03 Join Keripo [0] (
20:09:49pamauryinterestingly enough, I found a queue named "Drm MsgQ" :)
20:13:18 Quit hilbert (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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20:22:55 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: Ex-Chat)
20:25:08 Join dionoea [0] (
20:26:26 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
20:37:11metaphysis there any documentation about mappable action in keypads? I didn't find one and action.h is not that commented... for example what are: ACTION_WPS_ABSETA_PREVDIR , ACTION_WPS_ABSETB_NEXTDIR, ACTION_WPS_ABRESET,ACTION_WPS_HOTKEY
20:38:07metaphysdidn't any state ever considered moving from death penalty to mapping device keys?
20:39:19metaphyswell I guess UN would never allow that!
20:48:33 Join saratoga [0] (9803c31c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:48:45saratogaanything with AB in it is probably related to AB repeat
20:49:45saratogais anyone familiar with how the theme site works? i'd like to get the Clip Zip and Fuze+ added
20:53:41 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:56:55 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
20:59:27 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
21:02:49metaphysyeah that would be nice!
21:03:33metaphysbasicly all gigabeat S are working on the fuze+ So I get we can add them to
21:04:08 Quit hilbert (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
21:04:19metaphyswhat is AB repeat???
21:04:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:05:05metaphysIs there anyway to have volume working outside the wps? Or is it a seetting i'm missing?
21:05:56 Join markun [0] (
21:07:39saratogaAB repeat lets you repeat part of a song
21:07:54saratogaits one of those weird features we have but probably shouldn't
21:21:28 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Reboot)
21:28:46 Join perfectdrug [0] (
21:29:50perfectdrughey:) who did the philips SA9200 port? I prepared the SVG Image and would like to get it reviewed.
21:33:12saratogaI think lowlight and lambda worked on it, either would probably be fine to look at it
21:33:21saratogaalthough what are teh SVG images for? the manual?
21:34:37perfectdrugah ok I'm not sure if the buttons are labeled correctly so here it is
21:37:39perfectdrugthis may be better:
21:40:54perfectdrugit's for the manual and for the thumbnail on the current build page
21:46:36 Quit y4n (Quit: PANTS OFF!)
21:47:23saratogaperfectdrug: those look fine to me, but i don't have access to my normal development machine right now so i can't commit them
21:47:36saratogaunless someone else can commit them now i would put them on the patch tracker
21:48:39funmanBagder: any idea when Zagor gets online ?
21:57:01perfectdrugI open a flyspray task, but I wait with the pdf version until someone confirms the buttonlabels, the thumbnail can probably be commited as is when i have it ready
22:01:20perfectdrughere it is:
22:02:10bluebrother^rasher: I don't have access to the theme site. I had a short look at the code once, but that's about it
22:02:25rasherbluebrother^: I must have misremembered
22:02:32bluebrother^no problem :)
22:03:19*bluebrother^ is restructuring the Makefiles for all thos mk*boot tools. ipodpatcher is a beast :/
22:03:21 Join NoPinky [0] (
22:03:41 Quit NoPinky (Client Quit)
22:03:42bluebrother^since that's a good reason to change ipodpatcher to a lib. I want to get that done since long
22:50:08 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:50:35 Quit Rondom (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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22:58:15 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
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23:21:11 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:22:04gevaertsDoes anyone have ideas on how to best start debugging FS #12400?
23:22:05fs-bluebot Quickscreen freezes iAudio X5V on builds newer than rel 3.9.1 (bugs, unconfirmed)
23:24:58saratogaanyone available who can fix a line in the manaul? (don't have an svn capable machine with me)
23:26:04saratogasection "C.21.1 Limitations" says this about album art: "Rockbox supports embedded album art only for formats that use ID3v2 tags, such as MP3."
23:26:30saratogathis should probably just be replaced with a link to B.2.1 which lists all the embedded album art formats rockbox works with (which includes more then just mp3)
23:28:33 Join dreamlayers [0] (
23:28:33 Quit dreamlayers (Changing host)
23:28:33 Join dreamlayers [0] (~bgjenero@rockbox/developer/dreamlayers)
23:29:43gevaertssaratoga: I'm having a look
23:41:04gevaertshm, I can't get the reference to work :\
23:46:10bertrikgevaerts, I wonder if we could use things like guard values in the buflib system and check them after each task switch for example
23:47:30bertrikodd that it happens with the X5
23:48:56bertrikif it's very reproducible, then bisecting would be the thing to try in absence of other clues
23:49:20gevaertsI should check my h120, but IIRC it didn't happen on pixelma's M5 so it's probably not simply coldfire-related
23:49:43gevaertsIt seems to be reasonably reliably reproducible if playback is active
23:49:51gevaertsSo yes, bisecting is definitely an option
23:51:20CIA-22New commit by gevaerts (r31062): Replace embedded AA limitations by a reference to the "official" list of supported AA tags
23:52:53CIA-22r31062 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (gevaerts committed)
23:53:47 Quit ReimuHak_ (Quit: Leaving...)

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