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#rockbox log for 2011-12-04

00:05:21saratogawhats needed to add a clip zip manual?
00:06:24funmanthe red is fixed by using −−gc-sections; why aren't we using that everywhere?
00:06:38bluebrother^saratoga: does the manual build?
00:06:56saratogano idea, just wondering whats actually different
00:07:03saratogai guess the buttons need changing from the clip+\
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00:07:58bluebrother^ah right, the clip zip is the only one with 96x96px screen, right?
00:08:48bluebrother^though it's not necessary to have screenshots initially. The manual will happily replace missing images with a warning :)
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00:09:48bluebrother^it needs a platform file and a key mapping svg to start with.
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00:13:19CIA-10New commit by b0hoon (r31132): HDD6330: introduce a new button (BUTTON_TAP), based on the hardware support for gestures. From now on some things are accessible by tapping on the ...
00:15:08CIA-10r31132 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (b0hoon committed)
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00:16:28b0hoonyep. i hope that someone understands what i just wrote in the comment
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00:24:20saratogab0hoon: is the HDD63x0 port reasonably stable?
00:24:42funmanwho are our linker experts?
00:25:18b0hoonsaratoga: well yes it is stable but battery readings are not accurate yet.
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00:25:33saratogaperhaps it should be promoted to a stable target?
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00:26:48b0hoonsaratoga: i would like to wait some time yet, i will take care of the power management soon
00:27:13saratogakeep in mind lots of the PP targets were stable long before they had USB or battery charging
00:31:17b0hoonsaratoga: allright, i didn't know that. I'm thinking about the integration of the buzzer with the new code for the ipods...
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00:31:46saratogaits just nice to get them stable so that we start doing releases for them
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00:33:03b0hoonyes, it would be nice to get all these PP targets stable
00:33:59b0hooni'll try to catch some YH targets maybe
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00:34:46saratogai don't know what the status of half of those are, but i thought a lot of them had advanced ports
00:35:05saratogawould be nice to get them sorted out
00:36:01saratogaso basically install directions, official bootloader, manual and reasonable functioning port and it should be marked stable
00:36:26b0hooni think that the only missing thing is the radio for YH-920 and the manual for all of them
00:37:10b0hoonyes and the bootloaders
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00:52:24jhMikeSwhat's really missing on sa9200 for stable?
00:55:27b0hooni don't know, i have this one but in pieces
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01:03:12jhMikeSI finished-off the missing bits 10 months ago, like artwork. A proper cabbie was added, some touchpad details tweaked, enabled plugins, created a PP bootloader USB mode and fixed some bugs.
01:03:14CIA-10New commit by pamaury (r31133): fuze+: fix seeking forward/backward keymap, don't know why it was wrong in the first place
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01:05:01CIA-10r31133 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (pamaury committed)
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01:06:32saratogajhMikeS: no manual though right?
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01:07:45jhMikeSsaratoga: nope. didn't do that. :)
01:07:54saratogaso really its just missing that
01:08:20*jhMikeS isn't the biggest manual guy in the crew
01:08:37saratogaMPIO looks like its pretty close to stable as well
01:08:42saratogaeven has a manual
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01:09:52b0hoonwriting a manual is so tedious, bleh...
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01:11:07saratogai'm not sure whats involved with the manuals to be honest, i've only tweaked them
01:13:19low_lightb0hoon: I have all the yh's and recently got the yh920 radio working reliably. I'll try to commit the work this week.
01:13:59low_lightI also need to get recording working.
01:14:33CIA-10New commit by funman (r31134): Clip Zip manual: add platform file
01:14:39b0hoonlow_light: wow, sounds great :)
01:14:53low_lightThe yh820 needs a Cabbie port
01:15:23funman'make manual' output is a mess
01:15:38funmanit uselessly hides the actual errors
01:15:59CIA-10r31134 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (funman committed)
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01:16:27b0hoonlow_light: isn't it a 160x128x16 lcd?
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01:18:10b0hoonah it's not
01:18:14low_lightb0hoon: don't know off hand without looking at the config file
01:18:50saratogashould probably add that to the theme site as well
01:22:57b0hoonlow_light: i would like to ask you about some disassembly stuff (PP), but now i have to go, will it be ok to send you an email with my questions?
01:23:54low_lightb0hoon, jhMikeS: I think the hdd6330 and the sa9200 have the same/similar versions of the synaptics touchpad. Might be nice to unify features the drivers so they have the same features.
01:24:24low_lighterr, unify the drivers to have the same features
01:24:53jhMikeSI hadn't realized more than one of those existed
01:25:01low_lightb0hoon: fine to email me
01:26:34b0hoonlow_light: yep true but honestly i don't know how to start, synaptics driver is in a big mess
01:26:47b0hoonlow_light: ok, thanks
01:26:58jhMikeSwhere's the hdd6330 driver? the other is in firmware/drivers
01:27:44b0hoonjhMikeS: firmware/drivers/synaptics-mep.c or something
01:28:36jhMikeSlooks like someone did it
01:28:44low_lightjhMikeS: the philips hdd's, sa9200, and mrobe100 all use the synaptics-mep driver. But the touchpads are different versions and support different features (like tap, etc)
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01:28:59b0hoonit's for the hdd6330, hdd1630, mrobe100, vibe500, sa9200 :)
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01:42:34*Strife89 notices that the .voice files have changed. When did that happen?
01:42:44b0hoonjhMikeS: i tried to avoid the ifdefs as much as possible, but the problem is every touchpad is slightly different and the communication layers were mixed already in it.
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02:05:58*lxs-makot0 wonders why the "release" for the sansa fuze has an annoying issue where its always throwing prefetch abouts, yet the current build which is meant to be more unstable, actually works better.
02:06:45gevaertslxs-makot0: I'm not aware of other people having such issues
02:09:58lxs-makot0hmm. it hapened to me about 3 times with the release.
02:10:22lxs-makot0and it was always when making a button input whilst playing music.
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02:12:02lxs-makot0i'll stick the release on it again tomorrow and see if i can reproduce it, but for now im going to have to go to bed as its a bad idea to sysadmin tired.
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09:24:17CIA-10New commit by desowin (r31135): Sansa Connect: Add TPS65021 (Power Management) driver.
09:26:05CIA-10r31135 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (desowin committed)
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09:42:37wodzdesowin_: ping
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10:24:50desowin_wodz: pong
10:26:44wodzdesowin_: What is the point of implementing driver that do not expose any specialized function actually?
10:27:22desowin_wodz: it's stub
10:27:33wodzdesowin_: I mean TPS65021 driver expose only _init() which is target specific and should be in target tree instead
10:27:53wodzthe way it is now only introduce ifdef hell
10:28:08 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
10:28:40Buschelcurrent svn did not compile for me when building win32 sim (nano2g) with test plugins enabled
10:30:13desowin_wodz: hm, I could move that to target tree, but seriously, I don't know if later there won't be some extra stuff in there
10:31:11Buschelhmm, I cannot create a makefile for win32 anymore... (../tools/configure)
10:31:26wodzdesowin_: What kind of extra stuff? If all it does is wrapping around i2c transfer than it is not worth to do external driver
10:32:31wodzanyway power management is so target specific that I wouldn't expect any other target to reuse the code anyway
10:32:53desowin_wodz: the chip has status monitoring
10:34:58lovasoakugel: Why didn't you add SAMSUNG_YPR0_PAD to firmware/export/config.h? Was it on purpose?
10:35:38wodzdesowin_: what kind of monitoring? Is it again single i2c transfer?
10:36:28desowin_wodz: page 31
10:36:44 Quit Bagder (Read error: Operation timed out)
10:38:25wodzdesowin_: speaking other way round - if this driver would expose some higher level functions easily understandable like tps65021_setup_ldo0(), tps65021_setup_pwm() and you use this in target specific pwmgmt file I wouldn't object
10:38:57wodzcurrently it is UGLY hack IMO not worth polluting our tree
10:41:16wodzAnd looking at datasheet it would be again simple wrapper around i2c read from reg. Interpretation will be target specific, and this data is of little use other then debugging
10:44:41Buschelok, now I can compile sim again. the win32 sim is not building w/ and w/o test plugins
10:44:59Buschelundefined reference to '_lcd_blit_yuv'
10:47:45 Join ender` [0] (
10:48:15CIA-10New commit by desowin (r31136): Power management is to be kept in target tree due to being target specific.
10:50:02kugellovasoa: no. just the previous patch didnt have too
10:50:11CIA-10r31136 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (desowin committed)
10:56:03 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
11:04:23lovasoakugel: Do you know why rockbox refuses to compile with the -O flag on the YPR0?
11:06:33wodzlovasoa: IIRC optimization is needed in some rb kernel functions
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11:39:35bluebrother^Bagder: I've made new Rockbox Utility release builds for Linux. Can you push them to the download server please?
11:39:52bluebrother^those should fix the text appears as boxes issue (related to my Qt build)
11:40:17*bluebrother^ wonders why there is no icon showing up on F16 live 64bit
11:48:43 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
11:53:03bluebrother^hopefully this isn't yet another Qt build related issue :o
12:06:45 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
12:22:09kugellovasoa: no
12:22:27kugeljhMikeS: what do you do against audible clicks before starting playback?
12:43:00kugelah, miscalculated size of silence
12:55:07bluebrother^is the will-become-the-official-one git repository available for cloning yet?
12:57:11 Join pamaury [0] (
12:57:12 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
12:57:12 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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13:24:14kugelhm, something is strange with this alsa pcm backend
13:26:25 Join perfectdrug [0] (
13:26:59kugelperfectdrug: hey :)
13:27:15kugelwe're in need of a few more svgs :)
13:28:16perfectdrughey:) so did someone already do the svg images og the gogear sa 9200 and the sansa clip zip? because at the current build page there are already thumbnails but I can't find the files for it in svn.
13:29:40kugelthose aren't SVGs, but pngs downscaled from press "fotos"
13:30:52perfectdrugah okay don't want to do the work twice in case of pixelma already started or something
13:31:23Bagderbluebrother^: done!
13:31:57gevaertsAny language experts around? I think the Italian translation in the 3.10 branch is out of date, but there have been some changes to languages between branching and the trunk commit and I'm not sure about how to backport this
13:32:41 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
13:32:45perfectdrugdo I see it right that we need clip zip, complete sa 9200, and also sansa connect? something else?
13:32:52 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:33:19perfectdrugsvg images that is
13:33:42gevaertsAlso, can people who happen to have 3.10RC installed try screendumps? I get a stack overflow on x5, but I'd like to know how general the problem is
13:35:00 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
13:37:21pamauryperfectdrug: you have the svg man ?
13:37:29pamaury*you are
13:40:20pamauryI think there was a consensus that we needed a svg image for the fuze+, I don't remember why :)
13:42:25gevaertspamaury: do we have one?
13:43:55 Join bertrik [0] (
13:43:56 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
13:43:56 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
13:45:33bertrikTorne, do you know more about the git mirror ? It appears it stopped getting updates for a few days now
13:47:53 Join Misanthropos [0] (
13:48:08perfectdrugpamaury: ok I try to do it, the player looks nice
13:52:42bertrikcan we just use graphics from sandisk promo material? I'd think we'd need a proper license for that, or do the work ourselves
13:53:05 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
13:53:44 Quit orzo (Remote host closed the connection)
13:53:51gevaertsAs far as I know we're not doing that
13:54:15gevaertsThe images were drawn based on press photos, but they aren't press images
13:54:58bertrikWho made them, and how?
13:55:02jhMikeSkugel: audible clicks?
13:55:37gevaertsbertrik: desowin did the connect. I don't know about the clip zip right now
13:57:00bluebrother^Bagder: thanks!
13:57:14perfectdrugI didn't see any svg for the connect, kugel said that are downscaled press images
13:58:03perfectdrugwe usally draw them as vector in inkscape or pixelma used corel i think
13:58:55kugeljhMikeS: yea. I got it fixed
13:59:13kugeljhMikeS: another thing. pcm_play_lock() seems to be called recursively
13:59:26 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
13:59:44gevaertsah, wait, it wasn't desowin
14:00:26kugelgevaerts: dfkt said he used press material directy
14:00:59gevaertsHow directly?
14:01:15kugelfile->save as :)
14:01:40kugel+ downscaling I guess
14:01:47perfectdrugthe thumbnail was already there from svg for sa 9200 so no need for using press material
14:02:00dfktremoved the backgrounds, resized, sharpened, put the rockbox logo on the screen, saved as png
14:02:59jhMikeSkugel: It calls itself? where?
14:03:23perfectdrug but something doesn't seem to be right with the display if you zoom into it
14:03:40jhMikeSkugel: It is called in a nested way, yes
14:04:00kugeljhMikeS: that sucks
14:04:02gevaertsI'm not sure if that's clean enough, but we want svg anyway so if it's a problem it should be resolved soon
14:04:07jhMikeSkugel: why?
14:04:11kugelhow can I implement locking if the callback is a signal handler?
14:05:09kugelcant use mutex here IIUC
14:06:17jhMikeSseems you can mask them
14:06:18kugeloh wait, mutex should work
14:10:43kugelhm, not sure
14:12:08 Join ukleinek [0] (~ukl@2001:6f8:1178:2:21e:67ff:fe11:9c5c)
14:16:41kugeljhMikeS: I can remove the unregister the callback through alsa
14:17:04kugelyay for undocumented functions
14:18:03jhMikeSwhat happens if audio needs more data while there's a lockout?
14:18:33kugelno that doesnt appear to work
14:18:43kugeljhMikeS: don't know
14:19:09kugelI think I just don't implement locking. SDL also doesnt implement it for their alsa backend
14:19:46jhMikeSafaict sigprocmask is supposed to work much like an interrupt mask and the pending signal is sent after unmasking
14:20:08kugelyes, but it's not documented that it's a signal handler, nor which signal
14:21:03jhMikeSSDL seems to use a thread and mutex unless built without threading
14:21:55kugeli looked at the source, LockAudio isnt implemented for alsa
14:23:15jhMikeSalsa docs mention SIGIO for asynchronous notification
14:25:11kugelah there
14:25:26jhMikeSof course I've not gone deeply into it, I'm just looking for anything that sounds interestingly related
14:29:16pamaurycan we release a fuze+ bootloader ? what is the procedure ?
14:31:19 Join bluebrother [0] (
14:31:20 Quit bluebrother (Changing host)
14:31:20 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
14:31:59 Part lovasoa
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14:35:15 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
14:35:16jhMikeSdoes it get SDL_(Un)LockAudio_Default instead?
14:35:53 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111115183813])
14:41:37kugeljhMikeS: yes, I didnt look proerly
14:41:58kugeljhMikeS: when playing back and entering recording, I get the callback even though sigprocmask
14:43:05 Quit gevaerts (Quit: Reconnecting)
14:43:23 Join gevaerts [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
14:43:31 Quit SynrG (Quit: Changing server)
14:43:36 Join SynrG [0] (
14:43:54jhMikeSrecording uses a different lock
14:44:02 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
14:44:23 Quit SynrG (Changing host)
14:44:23 Join SynrG [0] (~synrg@debian/developer/synrg)
14:45:09bertrikfunman, I suppose you have tried to play back some video files on the clip zip yet?
14:46:12kugeljhMikeS: pcm_play_lock is called
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14:57:39CIA-10r31138 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (bluebrother committed)
14:59:15kugeljhMikeS: mutex works better, although I'm not sure it's supposed to :\
15:01:33 Join wodz [0] (
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15:02:05jhMikeSI'm still curious what you meant about recording. pcm_rec_(un)lock is independent of the play call, unless it masks the same thing
15:02:38 Nick [sanyi] is now known as Guest97684 (
15:03:46 Join Elfish [0] (
15:04:35wodzyay, I've hacked skyeye to simulate basic rk27xx modules (cache, interrupt controller, timers). The simulation is about 120 slower than actual arm on my PC :-)
15:04:44 Quit parafin (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
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15:10:35 Join swilde [0] (~wilde@2001:470:9c7c:abc:6437:66ff:feb5:ef86)
15:14:43*jhMikeS wonders where to start a file to include common inlines like clip_sample_16 that can be cpu optimized and accessed by firmware and apps
15:14:58bluebrotherwhat do people think about compiling empty files? I'm considering to always compile the windows and linux specific files for sansapatcher and making them empty using preprocessor checks
15:15:38bluebrotherthat would make it much easier for a libsansapatcher, since I can then rely on the compiler to do the right thing instead of handing the split myself in the Makefile as well
15:15:50 Quit slooopy (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:16:00bluebrother(especially since I would need to detect cross compiling as well, since I want to be able to do that for Rockbox Utility)
15:16:26 Join slooopy [0] (
15:18:00 Part lovasoa
15:18:03wodzbluebrother: you mean that when compiling for windows linux specific files will result empty after preprocessor?
15:18:23bluebrotherwodz: yes.
15:18:23kugelbluebrother: I think it does hardly matter :)
15:18:37wodzbluebrother: I see no problem
15:24:46 Quit Zambezi (Changing host)
15:24:46 Join Zambezi [0] (Zulu@unaffiliated/zambezi)
15:39:54lebelliumany Samsung R0/Sansa Fuze+/Toshiba Gigabeat owner willing to try and check my theme before I upload it on the website?
15:41:03pamaurylebellium: I can try your theme
15:41:26bluebrotherlebellium: I can try on the beast, but only in an hour or so −− don't have access to the device this moment
15:41:53pamaurylebellium: where can I find it ?
15:42:07lebelliumI give a link here in some minutes :)
15:45:52 Quit mshathlonxp ()
15:49:49lebelliumpaumary and bluebrother : lebellium/R0/Rockbox/">
15:49:59lebelliumpamaury *
15:51:05 Join lovasoa [0] (~liveuser@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
15:52:50lebelliumlovasoa : if you have time, please try my theme lebellium/R0/Rockbox/">
15:53:32pamaurylebellium: first impression: loading it is a miserable failure, I had to reboot in order to get something working
15:53:50pamauryI doubt it's related to your theme though
15:54:02lebelliumwhat device? Fuze+ ? Works fine on my R0 and in the Fuze+ UI simulator
15:54:22pamauryon the fuze+ hardware when I loaded it, some parts of the screen stayed black
15:54:48pamauryit's a really nice theme
15:55:01pamauryI like the playing title bar in the main menu
15:55:21pamauryI can't test the radio screen if there is one, radio is not working
15:55:37lebelliumThx. I think your issue either comes from the still unstable RB port or from my complex and ugly theme code^^
15:56:25pamaurydon't think it comes from the fuze+ code, that would be strange. Is that expected that there is no album art ?
15:57:01lebelliumfor the album art on the WPS you may need to initialize the database, I don't know why....
15:57:59pamaurymy mistake, I thought I had it for an album and in fact not; great work :)
15:58:34bluebrotherhmpf, seems I need to handle the included bootloader files for sansapatcher :(
15:58:38lebelliumWhen there is no album art in tags or as cover.jpg/folder/jpg, you should see a vinyle picture
16:00:08pamaurylebellium: I don't know if it's related to your theme but since the main menu takes like one second to load, I have a big black square in the middle of the screen while loading
16:01:11 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
16:01:30lebelliumpamaury: I don't have this issue in the Fuze+ simulator and on my R0 hum
16:01:48pamauryon the simulator that's to be expected, the loading is fast
16:03:09lebelliumindeed you're right. But it's still very fast to load on my R0 hardware. The Fuze+ should have a good enough firmware to load a theme like that. Maybe a lack of optimization in the RB port?
16:03:24lebelliumhardware* not firmware
16:05:14pamauryI haven't profiled the boot to check but either way, loading will never be instant
16:05:41 Quit Pedrital (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:05:57lebelliumand I have the FM screen in the Fuze UI simulator. I assume you could get it on your device. Maybe it's just disabled in the SVN because the radio doesn't work yet
16:06:52pamauryno, I can't make the radio work for now, that's still a mystery
16:07:01SynrGis there any way to make the pitch detector actually useful? :)
16:07:10pamaurywith our current (buggy) driver, it will just hang
16:07:19SynrGusing sansa fuze, i didn't get good results, even with much fiddling with settings
16:07:31SynrG(trying to calibrate against a guitar)
16:08:13lebelliumpamaury: ah ok... anyways, once the radio works, you'll see that : lebellium/R0/Rockbox/dump%20111204-160718.bmp"> :)
16:08:27pamauryok, nice
16:09:34lebelliumI have the FM screen on my R0 but the radio doesn't work either , I can just change the frequency but no sound. That means there is no 240*320 target with working FM radio yet :D
16:10:11pamaurylebellium: apparently, from bootchart, it's settings_apply_skins which is slow
16:10:52pamaurypart of it might be that the fuze+ is not running at top speed currently but even then, it will take some noticable time I think
16:10:55kugellebellium: well, radio doesnt work yet does it?
16:11:53lebelliumkugel: the radio doesn't work yet but the FM screen does thanks to Lorenzo. That means I can change frequency manually but no sound, no signal strengh, no tuned status etc
16:12:39 Quit lovasoa (Quit: lovasoa)
16:16:32lebelliumpamaury: I don't know what "settings_apply_skins" is. I don't have any RB technical skills. I can just make themes :p
16:16:32kugelugh, supporting timer_register etc seems horrible on RaaA
16:16:32 Join Topy [0] (
16:16:51 Join mshathlonxp [0] (msh@
16:17:29mshathlonxpis anyone going to accept my latvian translation upgrade?
16:17:54bertrikI'll have a look at it
16:18:12 Join lovasoa [0] (~liveuser@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
16:20:14 Quit T44 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:21:37bertrikwhat is your real name again?
16:21:59lovasoalebellium: OK, I'll try it this evening. I don't have my cable yet...
16:22:23bertrikmshathlonxp, yes yours
16:22:53mshathlonxpit's written in beginning of that lang file ;)
16:27:08bertrikok, I'll commit it later tonight (don't have my SVN login details with me now)
16:28:29 Join krnlyng [0] (
16:34:00 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:42:49 Join Strife89TX [0] (~upirc@
16:46:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:47:38Strife89TXPossible minor bug in 3.10RC on the Sansa Clip+: The radio keeps playing when shutting down directly from the FMS. It's painful on the ears.
16:47:45 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:48:35Strife89TXAnd that takes forever to type twice.
16:49:43 Quit Strife89TX (Quit: Moving out)
16:54:14 Join Strife89TX [0] (
16:55:25 Nick krnlyng is now known as liar (
16:55:55 Nick liar is now known as Guest4888 (
16:56:23 Join keyb_gr [0] (
16:58:47 Quit Strife89TX (Client Quit)
17:02:32 Quit lovasoa (Quit: lovasoa)
17:05:19 Quit 17SAB4LU1 (Read error: Connection timed out)
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17:09:26 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
17:09:26 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
17:10:03 Quit slooopy (Read error: Connection timed out)
17:21:33 Join Misanthropos [0] (
17:22:22*gevaerts is annoyed
17:23:25gevaertsI get a stack overflow on the usb thread when making a screendump on x5 from the WPS, but not from the main menu
17:24:16*gevaerts doesn't understand how this can happen
17:24:38n1sdoes the screendump code run in the ui thread?
17:24:52gevaertsIt runs from the usb thread
17:25:31jhMikeSgevaerts: There's a FS task for that and I think the USB stack size needs a bit of a bump up
17:26:06gevaertsjhMikeS: yes, but how much?
17:26:08jhMikeSthere were some fat changes that used a bit more stack
17:26:34jhMikeSnot sure. it's close to full on i.MX31 but looks like it just goes over on some others
17:26:34gevaertsAnd why does the WPS make a difference?
17:27:16n1sdoes it really need to do a full line at a time
17:27:29*jhMikeS 's brain ignored that bit...oops, that is odd
17:27:41gevaertsn1s: probably not, but rewriting that is not an option for 3.10 I think :)
17:28:52jhMikeSperhaps event handlers?
17:28:54gevaerts97% usb stack used after taking a screenshot from the main menu
17:29:17jhMikeSit is a bit too close, yes
17:31:15gevaertsh120 overflows in the main menu
17:36:14gevaertsStack size is 0x400 bytes + the number of bytes needed for a line
17:37:50gevaertsIt used to be that plus one sector (for FAT), but [7] removed that in r29445 while removing sectors on stack in fat.c
17:38:57[7]hm, 1K might just a bit too little for that
17:39:32[7]might be*
17:39:44gevaertsMaybe we should make that 2*DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + DUMP_BMP_LINESIZE?
17:39:56gevaertsThat adds 1K
17:40:03[7]what do you consider better? 2*DEFAULT or DEFAULT+0x400?
17:40:19gevaertsGood question :)
17:40:22[7]we might also want to check where the allocation peak actually is
17:40:52 Join keyb_gr_ [0] (
17:41:20 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
17:41:22 Nick keyb_gr_ is now known as keyb_gr (
17:42:31gevaertsWhere does the ATA driver run the ata idle callbacks from?
17:42:42[7]from the ata thread IIRC
17:42:56[7]at least on the targets that I maintain
17:43:21gevaertsfor ata.c, apparently the ata thread or ata_sleepnow()
17:44:23gevaertsata_sleepnow() isn't called from anywhere interesting
17:45:09gevaertsI think I'll do + 0x400 for 3.10
17:55:24gevaertsh120 uses 68% of a 0x850 byte stack
17:59:28[7]so there was a ~350 byte overflow?
17:59:40*[7] wonders since when this is broken
18:00:24[7]can that really stay unnoticed for more than 1700 revisions?
18:01:43gevaertsStack usage on the x5 is nearly the same on x5 and h120, even though one is colour and the other one isn't (which is a 240 byte difference in bmp line size). That seems to indicate that the overflow is not in the bit that actually makes the bmp
18:02:24gevaertsAnd yes, that really does stay unnoticed. Most people run stable releases these days
18:04:11gevaertsSimilar numbers on gigabeat f
18:04:49 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
18:04:59CIA-10New commit by gevaerts (r31139): Add 1K to the usb stack to prevent overflow in screendump mode
18:05:25 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:06:47gevaertsShould I also do this on trunk, or does anyone feel like finding the actual problem soon?
18:07:27gevaerts[7]: could you check this on nano2g? I'd like to make sure this isn't related to sector size...
18:08:07 Join keyb_gr [0] (
18:08:08[7]trying with r30904
18:08:40[7]95% usage after screendump in main menu
18:09:15*[7] wonders what's the easiest way to get at a memory dump of that
18:10:03gevaertsok, so that looks similar to other targets, i.e. no sector in there
18:10:12 Quit Llorean (Changing host)
18:10:12 Join Llorean [0] (~DarkkOne@rockbox/user/Llorean)
18:10:16[7]yeah, i'm pretty sure I got rid of those :)
18:11:21*[7] guesses the easiest way to catch it is to reduce the stack size by a couple of bytes until it crashes and then take a memory snapshot
18:12:24gevaertsThe problem is that the stack overflow panic isn't synchronous
18:12:38gevaertsBut yes, in this case that probably works
18:12:42[7]but probably close enough to figure out who owns that peak
18:13:09gevaertsNothing else should be happening in that thread around that time, so yes
18:15:07gevaertshm, the remote screendump still allocates too much for the filename
18:17:46CIA-10New commit by gevaerts (r31140): Reduce stack allocation for remote screendump. The screendump filename is generated and known, so we don't need MAX_PATH.
18:18:53CIA-10New commit by gevaerts (r31141): Backport r31140: Reduce stack allocation for remote screendump. The screendump filename is generated and known, so we don't need MAX_PATH.
18:19:23CIA-10r31140 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (gevaerts committed)
18:20:01*[7] wonders if gevaerts wants to silence that build as suggested on the ML
18:20:34*gevaerts remembers that he was going to reply to that
18:22:05gevaerts[7]: I wanted to give people a day or so to reply to that mail
18:23:06 Join stripwax [0] (
18:26:43*[7] wonders if -ffunction-sections and −−gc-sections could possibly fix it, or rather delay it :)
18:27:26gevaertsdreamlayers looked at that
18:27:51gevaertsThey do gain a bit, but not enough to "save" the 8MB recorder
18:28:15wodzhe was looking with newer gcc isn't he?
18:28:59gevaertsI think he tried with a newer gcc and with the current one
18:33:40 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
18:34:01*[7] wonders why the postmortem dumper doesn't work any more
18:35:26 Quit stripwax (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:35:36[7]this isn't particularly helpful...
18:36:53TheLemonManlebellium, ping
18:38:10*[7] wonders why there's a buflib allocation that's called "test"
18:38:47kugelyou can free it to test moving
18:40:30lebelliumTheLemonMan: yes?
18:42:03TheLemonManoh, nothing heh
18:42:21TheLemonMani fucked up my q2 with an handmade kernel but recovered it
18:42:53TheLemonManyou may add in your unbrick guide that uploading the with my tools is enough too
18:43:06TheLemonManand it works on linux/mac and windows too
18:45:29lebelliumTheLemonMan: I'm too lazy to update this tutorial now, I've worked 2 full days on my 240*320 theme for RB. I hope I will see it on the Q2 sooner or later ;)
18:46:16 Quit lxs-makot0 (Quit: leaving)
18:46:36TheLemonManmaybe ill port rockbox as an sdl app here too
18:46:58 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium
18:47:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:49:10lebelliumgreat !
18:49:17lebelliumcould be an easier solution
18:50:23 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
18:51:30kugelTheLemonMan: better without sdl
18:51:31*bluebrother wonders why this malloc fails :/
18:52:07TheLemonManeven better, i just need a skeleton to start from
18:52:32kugelthere will be one once the R0 port is in
18:53:20TheLemonManso, i just need to write the driver backend and thats it, right ?
18:57:13 Join Bagder [0] (
18:57:13 Quit Bagder (Changing host)
18:57:13 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
18:58:58 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
19:02:38TheLemonManalso, i fear there will be some abi incompatibility between the kernel and the compiler used by rockbox
19:04:19*[7] finally managed to capture a dump
19:05:23 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
19:08:34[7]gevaerts: seems like the usage peak is somewhere inside the FTL
19:09:09gevaertsSo by extension probably somewhere in ata.c for the targets I tested on
19:10:08gevaertsWhich seems to imply it's something in fat.c
19:11:11[7]from what i can tell it's inside update_fsinfo()
19:12:07[7]or possibly before that...
19:12:50[7]i would need to catch the very moment where it overflows... hm, this would need instrumentation
19:15:05 Part lovasoa
19:15:22 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:e2b9:a5ff:fe5b:ca7b)
19:16:53bluebrotherhmm. Writing a c200 firmware to a e200 doesn't sound like a good idea, does it?
19:19:44CIA-10New commit by jethead71 (r31142): Collect the 16-bit signed range sample clipping routines scattered about, which can be optimized on armv6 and create firmware/export/dsp-util.h (for ...
19:20:09 Join perrikwp [0] (
19:21:04gevaertsbluebrother: possibly not, no
19:21:08 Join keyb_gr [0] (
19:22:30CIA-10r31142 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (jethead71 committed)
19:23:49 Join stripwax [0] (
19:25:01bluebrothermaybe sansapatcher should check that and error out ...
19:30:56 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
19:30:58[7]dammit. our usb code must be leaving the usb controller in a state during screendump in which the postmortem dumper doesn't work
19:31:02 Quit stripwax (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:31:57lorenzo92I was wondering why virtual keyboard has NO background image here on the R0, while gigabeat fx seem to have it (I've seen that in the manual)
19:35:53 Join alienkid [0] (
19:36:14 Quit alienkid (Client Quit)
19:46:00[7]no matter what i do, the usb dumper won't work if called from that location
19:47:09funmanbertrik: yes, video playback looks correct on my clip zip (wisechip display)
19:52:27 Part lovasoa
19:57:17 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
19:57:46kugelplorenzo92: can get your new firmware from somewhere?
19:58:40lorenzo92do you mean the one with /.rockbox folder at root? otherwise it has no other new things :)
19:58:54lorenzo92okay I'll upload it!
19:59:00lorenzo92by the way
19:59:06lorenzo92your build fixed DOOM
19:59:10lorenzo92now it finds wads
19:59:16lorenzo92but crashes when playing
19:59:20kugelpI'll post a new patch with alas sound soon
20:00:07lorenzo92yeah great
20:00:17Buschelfunman: the latest lcd_yuv_blit changes were submitted by you?
20:00:47funmanBuschel: which ones?
20:01:07Buschelfunman: the introduction of the weak attributes?
20:01:24 Join n1s [0] (
20:01:24 Quit n1s (Changing host)
20:01:24 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
20:01:48Buschelok, then it would be great if you check FS #12427
20:01:48fs-bluebot win32 cc does not compile (undefined reference 'lcd_blit_yuv') (bugs, new)
20:02:09kugelplorenzo92: not all plugins work with my patch. I removed some functionality for user timers (not on purpose) that sdl provided. perhaps doom needs that
20:02:54lorenzo92ah you need also the "new" starter...
20:03:25kugelpI restored that but it doesn't quite work, metronome ticks too slowly
20:03:47funmanBuschel: hm, could you try mingw-w64 (with the -m32 option or by calling i686-mingw-w64-gcc)
20:04:56lorenzo92kugel: just found that there are 2 useless lines in the script, just don't care about them :D
20:05:01lorenzo92kugel: echo "enable_lp_audio" > /sys/devices/platform/mx37_lpmode.0/lp_modes
20:06:21kugelplorenzo92: btw, imo we should have everything needed to install rockbox in svn too
20:06:40lorenzo92yes indeed :)
20:06:46kugelpe.g. the repack tool etc
20:06:54lorenzo92ah for the rom you mean?
20:07:20kugelpideally we should only depend on a stock of you can download from Samsung
20:07:58 Join robin0800 [0] (~robin0800@
20:08:00lorenzo92samsung offers: kernel sources, busybox src, usermsc src + tools to pack new rom (unpack script was written by an user of a forum)
20:09:41lorenzo92kugel: basically a rom stores in "encrypted" format the following: MBoot (that's NOT flashed by an user update, only using samsung tool), ZImage, Cramfs and Sysdata
20:10:14lorenzo92Mboot searches in nand if R0.rom is present, if so flashes (don't know how) the components
20:10:19 Join hilbert [0] (
20:10:25lorenzo92to some internal memories of the IMX37
20:10:56TheLemonManhrm, the makefile keeps searching rockbox/firmware/{crt0.S,i2c.c}
20:11:06TheLemonManand dont seem to be there heh
20:11:56kugelpwe really want that stuff in the wiki
20:12:43lorenzo92okay I will do that sooner or later :)
20:13:52Buschelfunman: I only have i586-mingw32 installed. right now I am checking the build under cygwin
20:14:33funmani'll try here when i can find sdl for win32
20:14:45 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
20:15:11funman has all the steps
20:16:51kugelpfunman: I can send you ask later if you want
20:20:58kugelplorenzo92: any idea what we can do about usb?
20:21:06funmanBuschel: i586-mingw32-gcc is 4.4 on debian sid
20:21:25lorenzo92kugel: well my safe mode uses a script to initialize it!
20:21:49lorenzo92you can find it in /etc/
20:23:25funmanBuschel: btw what prevents us from having an automatic win32 sim build?
20:26:50 Quit mgue (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
20:28:34 Join mgue [0] (
20:28:39TheLemonManim having such a great fun with compilers, i cant find one that works with rockbox
20:29:58funmanTheLemonMan: use to build all the compilers you need
20:30:19funmanor are you porting to a new target?
20:30:37TheLemonManthe latter, i need a toolchain with the gnu eabi
20:34:23funmanwow win32 sim gives loads of warnings
20:35:29 Join ahtmly2k [0] (~Dadi@
20:35:38funmanBuschel: mingw-w64 gives the same error
20:35:56funmangcc 4.6 an/usr/bin/ccache i686-w64-mingw32-gcc -o /home/fun/sim/rockboxui.exe /home/fun/sim/apps/action.o /home/fun/sim/apps/alarm_menu.o /home/fun/sim/apps/abrepeat.o /home/fun/sim/apps/bookmark.o /home/fun/sim/apps/debug_menu.o /home/fun/sim/apps/filetypes.o /home/fun/sim/apps/language.o /home/fun/sim/apps/main.o /home/fun/sim/apps/menu.o /home/fun/sim/apps/menus/menu_common.o /home/fun/sim/apps/menus/display_menu.o /home/fun/sim/apps/menus/theme_m
20:36:12funman... and binutils 2.21...
20:36:13Buschelbtw, my cygwin build environment compiles sim w/o any issues
20:37:59ahtmly2kHELP: I'm planning to give my iPod Mini 1st Gen 4Gb a CompactFlash mod.. and I was wondering is there a way to install a stand-alone Rockbox system into the fresh empty CompactFlash drive without having to install the original Apple iPod OS?
20:38:54gevaertsahtmly2k: have a look at
20:39:22funmanBuschel: you're running cygwin on windows, right?
20:40:00ahtmly2k<gevaerts> thanks i'll have a look at it..
20:40:10Buschelyes, that was my former build environment (which still works). I migrated to Ubuntu under VMware
20:40:39CIA-10New commit by bluebrother (r31143): sansapatcher: guard platform specific files. ...
20:40:45CIA-10New commit by bluebrother (r31144): sansapatcher: factor out handling of bundled bootloaders. ...
20:40:51gevaertsahtmly2k: make sure you add some cardboard or something like that to make up for the CF card being thinner than the original drive. If you don't you might have button issues
20:42:34 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
20:43:05 Nick Guest4888 is now known as liar (
20:43:15CIA-10r31143 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (bluebrother committed)
20:44:23ahtmly2k<gevaerts> would it be better to use a sheet of cardboard or should i use the rubber/shock-absorber wrapping intended for the original MicroDrive? ..and is it to avoid button issues or to prevent the CF from sliding around the place?
20:45:23CIA-10r31144 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (bluebrother committed)
20:45:31gevaertsahtmly2k: I'd use both. A bit of cardboard to go from 3.5mm to 5mm, and the shock absorber to keep everything in place. The problem is that (for some people) the buttons don't work reliably if there's nothing "pushing them back"
20:45:49gevaertsWell, unless you have a thick CF card, but those arem
20:45:51gevaertst comon
20:46:19 Quit Misanthropos (Remote host closed the connection)
20:46:34TheLemonManthread.h:261: error: field 'context' has incomplete type
20:46:48TheLemonManle-derp, this thing is becoming frustrating
20:47:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:48:16ahtmly2k<gevaerts> got it.. i was just thinking that thanks.. oh by the way.. i read that the modding requires the CF to be "fully ATA compatible".. How does one know for sure the chosen CF is "fully ATA compatible"?
20:48:40ahtmly2kisn't all CF "fully ATA compatible"?
20:50:22gevaertsNot all of them, no. I'd expect modern ones to be though. may be helpful
20:51:26 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@
20:51:39pamauryour code is really not clean w.r.t to sd and mmc
20:52:07pamauryeverywhere I see assumptions about having sd or mmc but not both
20:52:08wodzSpeaking about CFs - unfortunately this is hit&miss.
20:52:33Lalufuahtmly2k: i've put a bog standard kingston 32GB CF card into my mini2g.
20:52:36Lalufuno problems.
20:52:48bluebrotherthinking about the upcoming release, how about changing the logo to something including "10 years" for that release? ;-)
20:53:11Lalufuwell, apart from dropping the thing and ruining the connector cable, but one can hardly blame the CF card for that.
20:53:20funmanBuschel: ah lcd_blit_yuv definition is removed from the .o
20:53:54*bluebrother has a mini2g with a broken connector cable as well
20:54:19Lalufugot a replacement part on ebay for a handful of euros
20:54:35 Quit hilbert (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:54:39Lalufuthinking of it, there's pretty little on that thing I haven't replaced yet.
20:55:23 Quit swilde (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:56:45wodzsomeone should try to solder socket to unpopulated header on mini mainboard and find out if this is jtag by chance. With some luck this would allow to find out whats wrong with our shutdown code
20:56:49ahtmly2koh ok great then.. i've got this choice of a cheap 32gb CF of a local brand.. i just sent a FAQ email to them asking if their CFs are "fully ATA compatible".. hope the answer's positive.. i can't wait to get started on modding my mini..
20:57:01funman code, though it
20:57:01funman can also be used with non-function declarations. Weak symbols are
20:57:01funman supported for ELF targets, and also for a.out targets when using
20:57:01DBUGEnqueued KICK funman
20:57:01funman the GNU assembler and linker.
20:57:33bluebrotherhaven't found that part on ebay yet. Just broken minis which you can't be sure have that part intact
20:57:44 Join hilbert [0] (
20:59:11funman mentions 'weak externals' but i'm not sure how they differ from gcc's "weak"
21:03:46funmanho the function is there, but it's called "_lcd_blit_yuv._lcd_framebuffer"
21:03:49 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:04:15funmanBuschel: can you do i586-mingw32msvc-nm on lcd-16bit.o ?
21:09:34funmannot sure what's the name: _lcd_blit_yuv.something_else
21:10:20Buschelthere's a line "w _lcd_blit_yuv"
21:12:14funmanfor arm i see W lcd_blit_yuv
21:12:19 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:12:29funmanand in info nm: On some systems, uppercase indicates that a default
21:12:29funman value has been specified.
21:13:57lovasoakugelp: Did you remarj=
21:14:17lovasoakugelp: Did you remark that rebv
21:14:38lovasoaSorry, I have problems with my keyboard
21:15:03lovasoaDid you remark that the reversi plugin makes the R0 crash?
21:15:31pamauryaaarrrgggg, I hate having to work with this SD/MMC crazyness, how the hell did we end up in this situation
21:16:51wodzpamaury: take a deep breath and ... fix it :-)
21:17:08pamauryyeah, I'm thinking about how to do this
21:18:37 Quit Xerion (Read error: No route to host)
21:18:49Buschelgotta go now, see you later
21:18:52 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
21:19:06 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
21:24:55pamaurywhy is sd.c in drivers/ ??
21:25:18 Join bertrik [0] (
21:25:18 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
21:25:18 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:28:41 Quit Thra11 (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:30:33 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
21:30:43 Join jlbiasini [0] (
21:31:00 Join niekie [0] (quasselcor@CAcert/Assurer/niekie)
21:34:00 Join factor [0] (~factor@
21:34:14[7]because lots of things are in drivers/ for no apparent reason
21:35:08 Quit factor (Client Quit)
21:36:04 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:36:06 Join factor [0] (~factor@
21:39:57 Quit robin0800 (Read error: Connection timed out)
21:40:45 Join robin0800 [0] (~robin0800@
21:41:53CIA-10New commit by bertrik (r31145): FS #12424 - latvian translation update by Mārtiņš Šimis
21:43:58CIA-10r31145 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (bertrik committed)
21:44:38 Quit hilbert (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:45:27 Join Xerion [0] (
21:46:20 Join hilbert [0] (
21:47:23funmanpamaury: where should it be ?
21:48:47pamauryin firmware/ because i'ts a driver at all, it's related our own rockbox messy storage architecture
21:48:57pamaury*it's not
21:50:12 Quit thegeek (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:50:20gevaertsbertrik: should that translation go to 3.10?
21:50:36funmanbertrik: did you have problems with video playback on your zip?
21:50:44bertrikI have no idea
21:50:49bertrikfunman, no
21:55:55n1sthis branch period is becomming painful
21:56:11gevaertsAre there ways to automatically pick relevant bits from a translation? There was a recent commit for italian, but only to trunk
21:58:17 Join TheLemonMan_ [0] (
21:58:46n1si think extra phrases are ignored
21:58:49 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: Screw you, im going home)
22:00:46bertrikphrases LANG_LIST_LINE_PADDING and the SLEEP_TIME_* need to be backported to the 3.10 branch for this language
22:01:55funmanBuschel: ping
22:02:08CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:02:08*gevaerts tries
22:02:31bertrikfunman, I played the 128x128 version of elephants dream, which ran fine (image is cropped). Which made me think about newer open movies we could post on the wiki as sample videos
22:03:43bertrikgevaerts, what are you trying? a) port only the relevant bits to 3.10? or b) port the entire diff to 3.10?
22:03:55CIA-10New commit by gevaerts (r31146): Merge Italian and Latvian from trunk
22:04:25gevaertsbertrik: I ended up applying the patch and then running genlang -u for the relevant languages
22:04:31gevaertsThat seems to have done what I want
22:04:36gevaertsI hope :)
22:07:10CIA-10New commit by funman (r31147): Compile fix for mingw-w64 ...
22:07:14CIA-10New commit by funman (r31148): Don't define str(n,i)cmp(i): we don't use those
22:09:22CIA-10r31147 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (funman committed)
22:11:34CIA-10r31148 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (funman committed)
22:11:35 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
22:11:42 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:13:09 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:13:24funmanbertrik: yeah, perhaps not only blender videos
22:13:59 Quit TheLemonMan_ (Quit: Screw you, im going home)
22:14:55gevaertsIs there a way to get statistics about language completeness?
22:16:01gevaertsfunman: that tells me about trunk
22:18:20funman is mpeg2 (silent)
22:19:39saratogaffmpeg has a lot of test samples on their server as well
22:20:22funmanare they fun to watch though ? :)
22:31:51 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:31:51 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:32:11 Part lovasoa
22:34:09 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:38:05jlbiasinihello :) I'm trying to use backtrace and I need now to use utils/analysis/ but it seems that I miss a library : Can't locate String/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.14.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.14 /usr/share/perl/5.14 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at ./ line 20. Does anybody know which one?
22:39:21funmanjlbiasini: distro?
22:39:53funmanuse to search for that file
22:40:08jlbiasiniok thks
22:42:39 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111115183813])
22:46:34lebelliumfunman: sorry I did not follow the whole discussion. Is the Alice in Wonderland movie supposed to work on Zip with r31148.
22:47:02 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
22:47:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:48:35funmanlebellium: no clue, it's a mpeg2 movie so it should work on mpegplayer
22:48:51jlbiasinilol the only that apt-file could find is in dvdrip!!! :D
22:50:14lebelliumfunman: when I start the playback the screen turns off and nothing seems to react. I have to reset it. But well that's not a big deal, I was just trying it by curiosity, I won't watch a movie on that poor screen^^
22:54:22jlbiasinino no in debian pehraps because i'm on 64 bits?
22:55:01jlbiasinithen I'll go for dvdrip!
22:58:19funmanlebellium: try a smaller version perhaps
23:04:13lebelliumfunman: yeah with the 128*128 sample from the RB website, it works fine :)
23:13:09 Part domonoky
23:16:29 Part jlbiasini
23:30:29 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@
23:35:37 Join dreamlayers [0] (
23:35:37 Quit dreamlayers (Changing host)
23:35:37 Join dreamlayers [0] (~bgjenero@rockbox/developer/dreamlayers)
23:40:46 Join Scromple [0] (
23:47:11 Part lovasoa
23:49:11 Quit Horschti (Quit: Verlassend)
23:56:26 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)

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