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#rockbox log for 2011-12-26

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00:32:12webguest30Question: I am at the point where the Rockbox utility is telling me that I have to provide the path to the .bin firmware for my Sansa Clip+. It says that I have to provide the original firmware. My question is do I need to provide the original firmware or can I provide the very latest Sansa Clip+ firmware that was released by Sandisk?
00:32:48bertrikyou can use the very latest sansa clip+ firmware as far as I know
00:32:54[Saint]That *is* the Original Firmware as we refer to it.
00:33:02gevaertswebguest30: "original firmware" means "firmware as released by the manufacturer". It doesn't have to be the oldest one or anything like that
00:33:29webguest30I humbly suggest that the wording be changed
00:33:48[Saint]It doesn't mean "exactly the same as you had" but rather "came from Sandisk, unmodified"
00:33:49webguest30"the original" means to me "original firmware version"
00:34:10webguest30like the original shipping version
00:34:39[Saint]So you can both upgrade the original firmware, and install Rockbox at the same time.
00:35:28gevaertsWe've used that terminology for nearly a decade now. I don't remember any confusion about it during at least the last few years
00:35:31webguest30i guess by original i was assuming temporarly original, that manufacture specific
00:36:18webguest30i mean "original" temporaly as in time wise, the first to be released not "original" in the sense as manufacture provided
00:36:50webguest30im still not clear let me think about how to word this properly
00:37:54webguest30I was confused by the word "original" which I understood as original in the sense of time, the first shipping firmware version and not "original" in the sense of provided by manufacturer
00:38:22[Saint]For what its worth, this is the first time I've personally seen someone ask that question.
00:38:44webguest30well you answered my question
00:38:50[Saint]But, if you can think of a wording that is more clear, go for it by all means.
00:39:02webguest30let me think
00:39:32webguest30okay I got it
00:40:25webguest30"Bootloader installation requires that you provide a copy of an original Sandisk firmware (.bin file)"
00:40:42webguest30change "the" to "an"
00:41:04Torneit's not really "an", though. it's "the one you want to have on your player"
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00:41:26Torneyou can only use just any random one if you don't ever intend to run it :)
00:41:31[Saint]I was just thinking how to say that..
00:42:03webguest30"Bootloader installation requires that you provide a copy of the latest original Sandisk firmware (.bin file)"
00:42:14TorneThe latest one is also not guaranteed t work :)
00:42:16[Saint]But that's incorrect.
00:42:37TorneThe latest one may be newer than what we've tested, and we only allow install with tested builds to prevent people bricking their devices
00:42:38gevaertsConsidering the *very* low amount of confusion we have with the current wording, I'd be *very* wary of changing it
00:42:54Torneand it doesn't *have* to be the latest one;
00:42:57[Saint]Even if it does, it doesn't need to be the latest :)
00:43:42webguest30"Bootloader installation requires that you provide a copy of a Rockbox supported original Sandisk firmware (.bin file)"
00:45:56webguest30well you answered my question anyway
00:46:09webguest30i wont anymore pedantic about this
00:46:12webguest30merry xmas to all
00:46:22webguest30thank you for your help
00:46:43webguest30great software
00:46:47webguest30put it on your resumes
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00:46:55gevaertsThanks, and merry christmas :)
00:48:46TheSeven"Seems like some drunk developer included the directories "MUSIC" as well as "Playlists" in the tool "diskcleaner" within the latest Rockbox release for iPod classic 6G. Awesome shit, now all my music and playlists have been deleted." - from the freemyipod ML
00:50:33[Saint]"Seems you have a problem working our fine product, if you'll kindly read the..."
00:50:59bertrikIs it true, does disktidy delete those?
00:51:19gevaertssvn blame seems to point at funman
00:51:25[Saint]Is *anything* enabled by default? I thought not.
00:51:56*TheSeven blame seems to point at the user
00:52:02[Saint]You can select groups, if its enabled by default...definite problem.
00:52:38gevaertsI think those sansa directories should only ever be autoremoved if they're empty
00:52:43TheSeventhis guy is definitely not unknown :)
00:53:02TheSevenand the behavior actually smells like a completely trashed filesystem and possibly even broken hdd
00:53:32*gevaerts is in favour of reverting that commit
00:53:49TheSevenfrom what I know, he has rolled over an ipod with a truck at least once in the past (that mainboard looked really nice afterwards)
00:54:41gevaertsTheSeven: maybe, but if you enable all in disktidy these days, it *will* remove MUSIC
00:54:57[Saint]? If its set up correctly, it should allow the user to choose specific groups to be deleted, and I believe, even pick and choose from the directories to remove no?
00:55:03Tornethat does seem like a nasty configuration
00:55:07Tornesure, peple should check
00:55:09Tornebut they won't
00:55:23*TheSeven just tried it, and that UI isn't really intuitive
00:55:36gevaerts[Saint]: it allows specifying groups, yes, but until recently "all" was safe for most people
00:55:50TheSevenit took me a couple of clicks to realize that these folders (which are displayed inline with the other elements) are actually their parent groups
00:55:56TheSevenand that this green thing means that something is selected
00:56:14TheSevenand yeah, "all" is pretty much dangerous now
00:56:35[Saint]If you're not careful.
00:56:52[Saint]So...that's a major part of the users ;)
00:57:08Tornei think we should revert that asap
00:57:16gevaertsDoing this sort of thing every few months will encourage people to have decent backups of course, but we shouldn't leave it in for too long
00:57:17Torneif the disktidy UI made it more clear, it might be ok
00:57:26Tornebut it really doesn't from what i recall :)
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00:57:54TheSevenactually if I enter that menu, everything seems to be pre-selected :/
00:57:54TheSevenMUSIC/Playlists should certainly not be included in ALL, even with a better UI
00:58:26TorneWe should, generally, not encourage deletion of OF-created files in the first place, i think
00:58:29Tornebecause it's a losing battle
00:58:36*gevaerts nods
00:58:40Tornealmost everyone dual boots sometimes, even if only by mistake
00:58:54Tornemaybe we should just make it more obvious that the best thing is to hide them
00:59:12Tornedisktidy for stuff that host PCs create over USB MSC is great
00:59:16gevaertsWe should add "hide" to the context menu in the file browser
00:59:19[Saint]Simple, run disk-tidy with autorock :)
00:59:22Tornebecause we can reliably detect that stuff
00:59:25bertrikwe've had numerous questions about the ##MUSIC# directories on AMS, with some people even thinking it was a rockbox problem
00:59:31Torneand it's virtually guaranteed not to be meaningful
00:59:45Tornebertrik: sure, but we can't just get rid of it; it may contain the users' files
00:59:53Tornefeel free to virtualise the FS to fix it :p
01:00:07bertrikTorne, I agree
01:00:50[Saint]I don't see anything wrong with adding these dies to a new group...but just not it "all".
01:01:02*TheSeven just realized that deleting disktidy.config isn't an appropriate way to reset it to its default settings
01:01:48[Saint]The ui for disktidy is *really* bad with icons off though, iirc. That could do with fixing.
01:02:49TheSevenhm, this has been in there for almost 2 weeks now
01:03:16[Saint]There's another plugin that deals with that in a similar way, the shopper plugin. That used to be unusable with no icons but it ignores that setting now I believe.
01:03:18Tornesure, but i don;t think a large proportion of users use disktidy
01:03:30CIA-88New commit by gevaerts (r31434): Revert r31239 and r31250. Selecting ALL in disktidy used to be generally safe for most people, and these changes change that, making it easy to delete ...
01:03:34Torneso the lack of loud shouting is not necessarily an incidation that it's not a problem :)
01:04:38[Saint]Thinking about it...isn't it pretty obvious "all" will delete your shit?
01:04:54[Saint]It seems so to me.
01:05:11Tornei have used it on "all" before many times :)
01:05:12gevaertsDisktidy is about removing unneeded files, not about removing everything
01:05:24Tornebut, yaknow, not recently
01:05:28Torneor i would've yelled by now
01:05:35CIA-88r31434 build result: All green
01:06:16[Saint]I argue the groups are for unneeded files, all is for everything. And people were using "all" in a broken way.
01:06:24gevaertsThey weren't
01:06:40[Saint]Not to be an ass either, I actually believe it too! ;)
01:06:41gevaertsAll is for "all categories of unneeded files"
01:06:43Tornethat seems useless
01:06:55Tornea plugin thta deletes everything is not tidying the disk :)
01:06:59gevaertsDisktidy is *explicitely* *only* for unneeded files
01:07:47[Saint]Which is everything except /.rockbox
01:08:00gevaertsWhy do you need .rockbox?
01:08:20gevaertsIf there's no audio on the thing, surely having the bootloader tell you it can't boot is fine?
01:09:24[Saint]Perhaps if all it did was play audio.
01:09:58gevaertsWhat more *useful* things does it do?
01:10:23[Saint]Duh...a little thing called Doom?
01:11:14[Saint]Its not solely an audio player, is my point. And those things don't care as long as the rockbox folder is intact.
01:11:29gevaertsThe manual says "Disk Tidy deletes junk files commonly left behind by Windows, Linux and OS X after connecting your player over USB"
01:11:39gevaertsI think that's reasonably clear
01:11:52gevaerts"All: selects all Linux, OS X, and Windows files"
01:12:27[Saint]That can include Music and Playlists. Windows media adds these iirc.
01:12:57*gevaerts wonders if [Saint] noticed the fourth word in that description
01:13:22Torneit means files added *as a side effect of connecting them*
01:13:32Tornenot files added by programs which are *explicitly intended to put stuff on the device* :)
01:14:50[Saint]Right, but it may not have any audio or playlists in it. The failure I suppose is to not prompt if this dir is non-empty, not it being in all.
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01:16:58gevaertsI don't object to removing *empty* directories that the OF creates, but removing non-empty directories with user data or removing those same directories on players where the OF *doesn't* create them is wrong
01:19:31TheSevenmaybe there should be two tiers in there, one containing stuff like thumbnail folders that can safely be deleted recursively, and another one that asks for confirmation before deleting folder contents at least
01:22:50[Saint]"Music" and "Playlists" both exist in another group in disktidy, no?
01:23:35[Saint]Hum...I though they were in the Windows group.
01:24:11gevaertsdesktop.ini, Thumbs.db, Recycled/, $RECYCLE.BIN/, System Volume Information/
01:24:15Torneno. only things that are created as a side effect of the normal functioning of the OS are in there
01:24:25gevaertsThat's the lot for windows. The other groups are equivalent
01:24:30Tornenothing that only comes into existence by an explicit action by the user
01:24:36Torneno matter waht program that action is in
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01:30:21pixelmait's also called disktidy bot diskerase
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01:49:28nosa-jgot a latte ipearl for chirstmas :\ now i gota see about runing rockbox on it
01:49:35nosa-jgoing to just have to send it back
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07:12:14themostrandomnamHey guys
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08:53:37zefinally, after many years away, i once again have a rockboxable player (sansa clip+)... now is this the correct place to mention that the rion overlay mentioned on doesn't actually contain an rbutil ebuild? seems to be some .hg/[...]/rbutil/*.i but not the actual files, unless my synch failed?
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09:26:40CIA-88New commit by nick_p (r31435): New General Settings submenu: Startup/Shutdown ...
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09:27:36mystica555_ze: i think you'd find the maintainer of the rion overlay and ask what's wrong with the overlay; i see the file in the mercurial metadata store (.hg/) but not an actual ebuild.
09:27:58zemystica555_: ok, thanks
09:28:16mystica555_i doubt said overlay has a direct connection to the rockboxk project..
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09:29:04CIA-88r31435 build result: All green
09:30:28mystica555_im now curious why theres 5x the files in the .hg/ dir vs the actual overlay tree dir...
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10:06:22CIA-88New commit by bluebrother (r31436): Rockbox Utility: recognize Nano 6th gen as unsupported device.
10:08:57CIA-88r31436 build result: All green
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10:30:26CIA-88New commit by nick_p (r31437): Option to restart running sleep timer on keypress.
10:31:30*[Saint] prods kugel
10:33:06CIA-88r31437 build result: All green
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10:36:41nick_pI've just realised I forgot to put the FS numbers in my last two commits. For the record, they were: FS #12477 & FS #12338
10:36:42fs-bluebot New General Settings submenu: Startup/Shutdown (patches, closed)
10:36:42fs-bluebot Option to restart running sleep timer on keypress (patches, closed)
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10:45:19CIA-88New commit by desowin (r31438): Sansa Connect: Set unknown GIOs to state with lowest power consumption. This slightly improves runtime. ...
10:47:41CIA-88r31438 build result: All green
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10:57:56CIA-88New commit by nick_p (r31439): Moved initial checking of sleeptimer_on_startup from root_menu.c to settings.c
11:00:00CIA-88r31439 build result: All green
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12:09:22fmlnick_p: in what units is user_settings.sleeptimer_duration (in settings.h)? In mnutes?
12:09:45nick_pfml: yes, minutes
12:10:31fmlI'd commend that since the names in settings and in powermgmt are similar, but the values is multiplied by 60.
12:10:42 Quit n1s (Quit: Lämnar)
12:11:41nick_pI added the value in the manual under config file options
12:12:28fmlnick_p: I meant in the source code
12:12:59fmlOtherwise I find the two patches excellent!
12:13:12 Join stoffel [0] (
12:13:44nick_pfml: thanks!
12:14:18 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia
12:14:59fmlnick_p: BTW: wouldn't it be a good idea to store the sleep timer in seconds (in apps/settings.h)? The values is formatted with a custom formatter so it should not be a problem.
12:15:03 Quit JdGord (Quit: Bye)
12:15:47nick_pfml: it's a historical value in settings now though...
12:17:30fmlnick_p: yes, that would be the biggest obstacle to changing it. But the code would be simplified at several places
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12:27:29[Saint]Hi, if you have a rockbox related question feel free to ask it.
12:27:47nanxmy sansa 260v2 was dead because the scroll function was broken and it was scrolling songs in a very nasty way
12:28:04nanxbut I installed rockbox and not it works perfectly
12:28:20nanxso I came to say thank you! :)
12:28:25[Saint]Nice. Good to hear.
12:28:49nanxI have just one question
12:29:14nanxI was reading the manual, and it says that 0db is the normal sound level, and any lever other 0db distorts the sound, right?
12:29:15[Saint]Thanks are always appreciated, so much better than "its broken!" ;)
12:29:20CIA-88New commit by alle (r31440): Clarify in what units the settings.sleeptimer_duration is
12:29:56nanxI am listening audiobooks, and 0db sounds a bit low
12:30:09nanxis there any way to make it louder?
12:30:18[Saint]That's correct, it will distort above 0dB. 0dB is line level.
12:31:29CIA-88r31440 build result: All green
12:31:33nanxis there any set of headphones I can buy to make it louder?
12:31:48fmlI wonder how rockbox could repair the scrolling function. If it's a hardware defect, rockbox should be of no help.
12:31:52nanxI mean, above the normal 0db level, but without distortion
12:32:02nanxfmk it's a quite funny thing
12:32:41nanxevery time that I run the official firmware, it scrolls the songs and I cannot even play any, because they scroll very fast, without stop
12:33:10nanxeven if I don't push any button
12:33:21nanxbut this is only in the songs menu
12:33:35nanxeverything is absolutely fine in the other menus
12:34:14[Saint]I was wondering that too fml
12:34:37n1snanx: yes, different headphones have different sensitivity and will produce different sound volumes at the same signal level
12:34:50nanxit cannot be the hardware because then it would do the same in every menu
12:35:05nanxbut it does it only in the "music files" menu
12:35:22n1salso 0dB *might* distort, if the signal isn't reaching close to the ceiling boosting will not distort
12:35:24nanxit's like I am moving the wheel, but automatically
12:35:36nick_pfml: sorry. got someone here at the moment, I'll have a think about it
12:35:42nanxnls thanks :)
12:35:55n1sreplaygain might help with your audio books as it can add a gain to normalize the volume
12:36:49nanxthank you
12:37:04 Quit n1s (Quit: Lämnar)
12:37:26nanxwell, as I was saying, rockbox works perfectly
12:37:59nanxno scroll problems
12:38:06nanxjust perfect
12:38:19fmlnanx: That's correct! :-)
12:41:47nanxwell, I have to go now, I just wanted to say thanks, I will donate some quid to the proyect
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13:48:13 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
13:49:40 Quit parafin (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
13:55:37 Quit anewuser ()
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14:00:42 Part v_2e
14:29:47 Join parafin [0] (
14:46:01 Join mortalis [0] (
15:08:19 Quit WalkGood ()
15:16:20 Quit bluefoxx (Quit: BRB REBOOT)
15:20:36 Join fml [0] (
15:21:37fmlI think that the declaration of the setting "sleeptimer_duration" in apps/settings_list.c is not quite correct. The min values is specified as 5, but it should be 0 IMO.
15:26:22fmlAnd I don't quite understand why it's declared in such a complex way when it's set via custom screen (with custom function).
15:26:31fmlkugel: JdGordon_ ^^
15:27:39 Quit fml (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912])
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16:08:33 Join nosa [0] (
16:10:44 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:10:44 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
16:30:53CIA-88New commit by jethead71 (r31441): i.MX31: Silly little change to enable/disable a SPI ...
16:32:58CIA-88r31441 build result: All green
16:43:13CIA-88New commit by jethead71 (r31442): i.MX31: Rename something ...
16:45:17CIA-88r31442 build result: All green
16:45:50 Quit mortalis (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
16:46:40 Quit Sundiver (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:48:12 Join Sundiver [0] (
17:03:18 Join RoC_MasterMind [0] (
17:16:50 Join batleprogrammer [0] (InuYasha@
17:17:14batleprogrammerwow, that's a whole lot of people here
17:17:21batleprogrammerhello world\n
17:18:28batleprogrammerHave some quesions about RockChip RK2606A,
17:19:07batleprogrammeris the development of rockbox discontinued for those?
17:19:21 Nick batleprogrammer is now known as battleprogrammer (InuYasha@
17:20:11battleprogrammerI ask because I recently came across the SDK and firmware editor:
17:21:22gevaertsI'm not sure if anyone has worked on the rockchip tarets recently
17:21:47 Join jlbiasini [0] (
17:22:27battleprogrammeralthough they are cheap and quite common (IMHO)
17:23:52battleprogrammergevaerts How bout this thread?,10428.45.html
17:24:33 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
17:24:42battleprogrammerlooks like he got RK2705 to work
17:24:45gevaertsAh, yes. Forgot about that one
17:25:03battleprogrammerbut 26xx is a totally different story though
17:25:56battleprogrammeranyway, I just wanted to share those links with you, because I rly love your project.
17:31:26 Quit RoC_MasterMind (Quit: Leaving)
17:32:48 Join ender` [0] (
17:32:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:44:58battleprogrammerthere's even a game disassembler, wow!
17:46:25 Join chkktri_ [0] (
17:50:34 Quit chkktri_ (Client Quit)
17:51:05 Join chkktri_ [0] (
18:09:11CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31443): imx233: implement core_sleep
18:11:14CIA-88r31443 build result: All green
18:13:00 Quit chkktri_ (Quit: Leaving)
18:13:31 Join chkktri_ [0] (
18:13:37 Join tails___ [0] (
18:13:37 Quit tails___ (Client Quit)
18:15:26 Join Xerion [0] (
18:24:02 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:28:01 Quit avacore (Read error: Operation timed out)
18:28:47 Quit bertrik (Read error: Operation timed out)
18:35:16 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
18:37:02 Join Keripo [0] (
18:42:17 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
18:44:09lorenzo92kugel: i just tested the latest revision that adds the possibility to use the battery_bench plugin...seem to work fine ;)
18:44:19lorenzo92kugel: should I do a benchmark?
18:44:52lorenzo92kugel: and in case, which file type should I use, or there's a case test or such? ;)
18:45:55CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31444): fuze+: remove two_finger pseudo touchpad button because it was unrealiable, update keymap to remove akward mappings
18:46:32pamauryarf, I forgot to mention it's from jlbiasini FS #12405...
18:46:33fs-bluebot Improve touchpad implementation for the fuzeplus's port (patches, unconfirmed)
18:48:04CIA-88r31444 build result: All green
18:52:51 Join kadoban__ [0] (
18:54:55 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
18:54:56 Part jlbiasini
18:56:16 Join jlbiasini [0] (
19:08:34 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:09:23 Join bertrik [0] (
19:09:23 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
19:09:23 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:09:47 Join perrikwp [0] (
19:18:34 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@
19:18:34 Quit anewuser (Changing host)
19:18:34 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
19:29:16lorenzo92kugel: okay I've read the plugin's note, so I answered my question :p
19:32:14battleprogrammerguys, srsly, nobody's interested in rockchips?
19:32:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:34:08 Join bluebrother [0] (
19:34:08 Quit bluebrother (Changing host)
19:34:08 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:37:14 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:37:14 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:38:49 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:42:57jlbiasiniBagder: could you please add this file to the server? It is for Rockbox utility to support Fuze+ the code is ready (FS #12402) and just need to have the bootloader on the server to have work. Do you also need other files?
19:42:58fs-bluebot add mkimxboot as a new method in Rockbox Utility (patches, unconfirmed)
19:43:29gevaertsjlbiasini: has the source been tagged?
19:43:31 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
19:43:47gevaertsin svn
19:44:26funmanjlbiasini: the revision you used for the binary has to be tagged, so we can rebuild the same binary from source
19:44:38jlbiasiniI thought we should first have the bootloader... because else this is not going to work....
19:44:58jlbiasinianyway the patch is ready for being commited
19:45:11gevaertsThe rbutil work is unrelated to this
19:45:53jlbiasinithe bootloader come from a bootloader's build from svn sources
19:45:55 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
19:46:15gevaertsYes, and the exact version used to build it should be tagged
19:46:27 Join Keripo [0] (
19:46:34jlbiasinihow can I do that?
19:46:53gevaertswhich revision did you use to build it?
19:47:18lorenzo92kugel: right now, I was also trying to understand to use the r0Gpio module (useful to know headphone status, or sd inserted or not etc)
19:47:23funmanUsingSVN on the [Dwiki has the details
19:48:43gevaertsok, I get the exact same file, so I could do the tagging I guess
19:49:22gevaertshm, does this bootloader print its version at some point?
19:49:53jlbiasinihum I don't know pamaury?
19:51:05jlbiasiniI don't think so
19:51:28funmanthe rockbox logo?
19:51:55gevaertspamaury: I think it's best if you do the tagging. You're involved in the port :)
19:52:36 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:52:38pamauryI can I do that ?
19:53:20funmanpamaury: check the wiki
19:54:16*funman would like an ipod n ano2g for christmas
19:54:33*funman and a clipv2 which can't support rockbox
19:56:15pamauryok so I just tag a bootloader and with upload the binary for that version right ?
19:57:08pamauryhow do I do that with git svn however ? It doesn't accept the command with just git svn
19:57:32gevaertsYou don't need a local checkout for that command
19:57:49jlbiasinidfkt: you are the one having image file for the fuze+ manual ain't you?
19:58:23CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31445): Tag release v1 of the Sansa Fuze+ bootloader
19:59:04jlbiasini \o/
20:00:09funmanpamaury: also you need to modify to just echo 1.0; exit
20:00:18funmanso the binary dont show the rockbox svn rev
20:00:44pamauryI should have done that before tagging :-/
20:00:52jlbiasinibluebrother: can you please commit my patch for the FS #12402 I guess it is ready now
20:00:54fs-bluebot add mkimxboot as a new method in Rockbox Utility (patches, unconfirmed)
20:00:55gevaertsActually, no
20:01:04gevaertsYou build with "make VERSION=1.0"
20:01:13gevaertsNo need to change the file
20:01:28funmanhm nice
20:01:35gevaertsWell, test it anyway :)
20:02:38gevaertsWell, that changes version.h anyway. but the resulting file doesn't change
20:02:47gevaertsAre you sure it prints the version?
20:03:01pamauryI'm pretty sure
20:03:46pamaurylet me check, that would be pointless if it doesn't
20:03:59gevaertsrather, yes :)
20:05:14 Join Misan [0] (
20:05:15pamauryhum, in fact I think it doesn't :)
20:07:41jlbiasinirockbox utility doens't find the file on the server as a matter of fact...
20:08:00gevaertsjlbiasini: tagging isn't uploading...
20:08:11jlbiasiniok sorry
20:08:35funmanwe could embed gcc in rockbox utility :)
20:09:09pamauryI'll commit a change to print the bootloader version, do I have to commit this both to the trunk and the tagged branch ?
20:09:23funmanno, commit to trunk and move the tag
20:09:43 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
20:09:47pamaurywhat do you mean "move the tag" ?
20:10:26pamaurytag a v1.1 ?
20:10:47funmandelete the tag, make another 1.0; or something
20:11:53battleprogrammer*sigh* whatever
20:11:57battleprogrammergoodluck everyone
20:12:00*battleprogrammer is disconnecting...
20:12:00 Quit battleprogrammer (Quit: server protocol error)
20:12:17lorenzo92kugel: wuoa I discovered some interesting things to start using the r0gpio module. Still need to test, tough. But I guess it uses a struct similar to afe.ko for the requests
20:13:30CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31446): imx233: print rockbox version in bootloader
20:15:33CIA-88r31446 build result: All green
20:15:50pamauryok, so now, I have to delete the tag and recreate it
20:16:58 Join mrrhq [0] (
20:18:09CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31447): Remove tag because it doesn't print the version
20:18:28CIA-88New commit by pamaury (r31448): Tag release v1 of the Sansa Fuze+ bootloader
20:19:01funmangreat job guys
20:19:06pamaurywho should I contact to upload the file, I don't remember
20:20:28funmani'm eagerly waiting for the imx233 clip <something> :)
20:20:28pamaurydo you think they will release a new mp3 player based on the imx233 ?
20:20:28pamaurythe bootloader will probably get an update some time in a near future but we have to release at some point
20:20:28pamauryBagder: how do we proceed to upload a bootloader file ?
20:20:33funmanpamaury: they reused similar designs several time (tcc for m200, as3525 for everything, PP for e200/c200)
20:20:44funmanpamaury: send him the binary with the desired server url
20:20:49pamauryperhaps a clip zip+ ? :)
20:21:17pamauryjlbiasini: what the url you wrote in the rbutil patch ?
20:21:20funmanwith HD display? not sure what they can add to perfect it
20:21:51pamaurythey might as well continue to use the as3525
20:22:34pamauryin the future we might have some creative, the x-fi2 is imx233 based, and the zen style m100/300 is stmp3770 based
20:23:08funmanah what id like is loud speakers on the clip (no need for headphones)
20:24:38jlbiasinipamaury: you already wrote it
20:24:57jlbiasiniIt should already be in svn
20:25:02jlbiasinihold on
20:25:40jlbiasinipamaury: bootloadername=/sandisk-sansa/fuzeplus/bootloader-fuzeplus.sansa
20:26:21jlbiasinifrom: bootloader_url=
20:26:40mrrhqMy Clip Zip is stuck on a spash screen with the Rockbox icon and verson at the bottom. I also can't make a new bootloader from the manual way at the Wiki. I also fevent learned how to use udev to setup rules to mount my Clip Zip as user for Rockbox Utility. Can anyone else make a bootloader compatible for the current version?
20:27:09funmanmrrhq: there's a bootloader on the server (version 4.0)
20:27:24funmanmrrhq: you need to build mkamsboot or rockboxutility from sourec though
20:27:40mrrhqI mean with mkamsboot utility
20:28:07mrrhqI keep trying, but it outputs some errors. The manual lists no Bootloader.
20:28:22mrrhqI used the one from the wiki.
20:28:26jlbiasinipamaury: anyway with last patch I sometime get a weird bug: on power up screen stay idle with brighness over usual setting
20:28:32funmanmrrhq: what are the errors?
20:28:57mrrhqBrb, I will post them.
20:29:19pamauryjlbiasini: when rbutils tries to download the file, what is the resulting url ? N
20:30:06mrrhq./mkamsboot clpza.bin bootloader-clipzip.sansa output.bin [11-12-26][11:24:51]
20:30:09mrrhqmkamsboot Version 1.4
20:30:11jlbiasiniyes this should be so
20:30:12mrrhqThis is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO
20:30:14mrrhqwarranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
20:30:17mrrhq[ERR] Model name "clzp" unknown. Is this really a rockbox bootloader?
20:30:20mrrhq[ERR] Could not load bootloader-clipzip.sansa
20:30:22mrrhq[1] 26290 exit 1 ./mkamsboot clpza.bin bootloader-clipzip.sansa output.bin
20:31:05 Join Ilsy [0] (
20:31:13IlsyHello, all
20:31:38funmanmrrhq: you need to build mkamsboot fro msource. what's your OS?
20:31:39jlbiasinipamaury: yes this should be so
20:33:05mrrhqfunman: Yes.
20:33:42funmanmrrhq: funman/mkamsboot.x86_64">
20:34:18 Join saratoga [0] (47e22765@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:34:40mrrhqfunman: Is the source also available on Rockbox's website?
20:34:44saratogai would just use rbutility
20:34:48saratogayes the source is in svn
20:34:50 Quit anewuser (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:35:08funmansaratoga: when was it released?
20:35:17IlsyDoes anyone know for sure if rockbox can now be installed on an iPod Classic 6th gen 160gb?
20:35:17saratogadecember sometime
20:35:34saratogaIlsy: yes, see front page
20:35:41Ilsyfront page?
20:35:57 Join Lights [0] (
20:36:02funmansaratoga: then it cant install the bootloader
20:36:09Ilsythank you very much, saratoga
20:36:14saratogafunman: why is that?
20:36:27funmanit was disabled until after i sent the bootloader binary to Bagder
20:36:50saratogafunman: i think you can still use rbutil with disabled targets, at least it shows up for me in rbutil
20:37:05LightsHi all, wondering if anyone can help a noob. I installed latest rockbox on my ipod nano 2g, ever since my display has been fucked, weird lines etc. but computer still recognises it
20:37:56funmansaratoga: hm bootloader was grayed out for me, see r31382
20:38:07mrrhqThe mkamsboot utility is here?
20:38:19funmanmrrhq: rbutil/mkamsboot
20:38:33saratogahmm i was wrong, its novermeber, so maybe too old
20:41:05mrrhqfunman: Thank you. I will try compiling it.
20:41:14n1sLights: your best bet is probbably talking to TheSeven
20:41:41n1she's usually interested in weirdness on nano2g and the best one to fix it i think
20:41:53TheSevenLights: rockbox bootloader, iloader or emcore?
20:42:09Lightsthanks n1s
20:42:25LightsTheSeven: no idea. have not even heard of the others, so rockbox bootloader
20:43:14TheSevenhm, that's very interesting
20:43:21TheSevendoes the apple logo show correctly during boot?
20:43:31LightsI can see that it's there but its flickering like crazy
20:44:11LightsI tried uninstalling rockbox, but it wouldn't let me uninstall the bootloader
20:44:17TheSevenand it was OK before you installed rockbox?
20:44:39Lightsyea. or well I never used it, got it out of some old box of stuff to give it a new go
20:44:46TheSeventhe rockbox bootloader takes over control only after the apple logo has been shown, so that's unlikely to be the culprit here
20:44:55funmanfile properties fail for a file > 2GB
20:44:58Lightsit seemed fine, but I didn't want itunes so I installed rockbox, I think. then the display went funny
20:45:10funmanusing %d instead of %u perhaps
20:45:10LightsI don't know enough of the tech stuff to give u more info :P
20:45:39TheSevenhm, odd
20:45:53mrrhqAlso, just another question, are the music player emulators also compiled for GNU/Linux? E.g: Sance Clip Zip one.
20:46:08n1sfunman: i think our fat code doesn't really deal with files bigger than 2GB well in a number of ways, they tend not to play
20:46:15TheSevenwell, you can try uninstalling the bootloader or restoring using itunes, but I doubt things will get better
20:46:28n1ssomething with offsetts being 32 bit signed i think
20:46:35LightsI couldn't uninstall the bootloader, and restoring using itunes did nada de nada
20:47:05Lights'unknown version in firmware'
20:47:25Ilsyok, saratoga, I have perused the front page, and the pertaining links....but I'm left feeling noobish as I have no clue how to start the installation process without using the rockbox utility.....
20:47:32gevaertsmrrhq: I'm not sure what you're asking there
20:47:38Ilsyis this a common affliction?
20:47:44gevaertsmrrhq: also, they're simulators, not emulators
20:48:00funmann1s: i just want to transport those files, not try to play them or open them
20:48:10n1sIlsy: the installation on ipod classic is a bit involved
20:48:17IlsyI gathered..
20:48:19n1sfunman: ah
20:48:38mrrhqgevaerts: Are there ones also as GNU/Linux binaries? I didn't see that.
20:48:44LightsTheSeven: I found a thread on forums where the guy has what seems to be a similar problem and eventually says that he found it was a voltage problem
20:48:50funmanhm it should be displayed with human size though (G/K/M suffixes)
20:48:55n1sfunman: that should work as none of rockbox's fat code will be involved then
20:48:58TheSevenLights: how did bootloader uninstallation fail?
20:49:18TheSevendid you install the bootloader using the rockbox utility, ipodpatcher, or something else?
20:49:32Lightsrockbox utility is the only thing I've used for anything
20:49:47gevaertsmrrhq: doesn't distribute *any* simulator binaries. The only semi-official binaries I'm aware of are the windows ones on rasher's website. They're reasonably easy to build though
20:49:50Lights'Unknown version number in firmware (0)' is one
20:54:24Lights'Rockbox Utility cannot uninstall the bootloader on this target. Try a normal firmware update to remove the bootloader'
20:54:24Lightsis the other
20:54:24mrrhqgevaerts: Sorry then. I thought it was on
20:54:24gevaertsThey're linked from the wiki I think
20:54:24n1sIlsy: you need to install emcore to run rockbox on the classic at the moment so start with the install instructions here
20:54:24IlsyThank you, n1s...I will go check it out
20:54:24mrrhqWEll that sucks, I really wanted to try out theme developemnt and a free software simulator would be perfect for that.
20:54:24TheSevenLights: and even an itunes restore fails?
20:54:24gevaertsmrrhq: then build a simulator!
20:54:24funmanmrrhq: you just need libsdl-dev to build one
20:54:24LightsTheSeven: an itunes restore has no effect :)
20:54:24TheSeventhat seems to be pretty robust if the apple bootloader hasn't been removed
20:54:24mrrhqSo is there instructions to build it? Or nobody gas done it yet?
20:54:24DBUGEnqueued KICK mrrhq
20:54:24TheSevenwell, that should remove a rockbox bootloader?
20:54:46funmanmrrhq: check the wiki
20:56:16 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
20:58:15mrrhqSorry then. I was trying to understand why it wasn't on the page. I know many people use different Linux distributitons, so I guess for that reason there are no "official Linux builds". Thank you then.
20:58:48funmanmrrhq: file a package request to your distro ;)
20:58:54 Join fml [0] (
20:58:58gevaertsThere are no official builds, period. The only reason rasher has unofficial windows builds on his website is because building for windows is *not* painless
20:59:36fmlkugel: Hello. Can you comment on this?
21:00:45mrrhqfunman: Okay i just did "make" on mkamsboot. I'll copy it over to my rbinstall folder.
21:00:50 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:02:39mrrhqfunman: And it patched it. GJ!
21:03:51nosa-jcould you guys recomend a good player?
21:04:15fmlnosa-j: any that can run rockbox!
21:04:18 Quit bieber (Remote host closed the connection)
21:04:24 Quit Ilsy (Remote host closed the connection)
21:04:53nosa-jyeah true most manufacturers are terrible with there firmware
21:05:00 Join bieber [0] (
21:05:05nosa-jsense's are decent?
21:05:40mrrhqnosa-j: Except for better build quality. Lol.
21:06:15nosa-jheh yeah it would be best to get a durable quality
21:06:33mrrhqfunman: Sorry I DC'ed. I ran "make" on mkamsboot and copiet over to my rbinstall folder. And it patched it!
21:06:39nosa-jand maybe a changeable battery without any soldering
21:06:57mrrhqfunman: Thank you lots.
21:07:06nosa-jmy nano cronomatic's batter is wareing out and also doesn't run rockbox
21:07:13nosa-jsorry battery*
21:08:47 Quit fml (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912])
21:08:48mrrhqReplacable battery would be a good suggection. I also want more internal space on the Clip line and stainless steel casing. XD
21:09:27n1syeah a serious metal case on a player is nice
21:09:30funmanmrrhq: get someone to create new cases, would be awesome
21:09:50mrrhqStainless steel is near to impossible to forge without a factory.
21:09:51nosa-jmrrhq: yeah me too we should go into busness
21:09:51n1sthat's why i want a port for my nano4g
21:09:56mrrhqI think, lol.
21:10:03n1sthat thing seems very sturdy
21:10:10nosa-jheh one thing the apple's are pretty durable
21:10:15funmann1s: what's missing for nano4g ?
21:10:25mrrhqThat's why people buy them, for the cases.
21:10:27LightsTheSeven: I put an older .rockbox onto it, and now it gets past the apple sign but the display is still a bit wonky
21:10:35n1sfunman: not sure i guess some flash/ftl stuff mostly
21:10:37funmannosa-j: that's all? display etc works?
21:10:37Lightsbut it's basically working now except the display is now just fuzzy
21:10:50funmansend one to TheSeven, problem solved :)
21:10:51nosa-jiirc just check freemyipod's site
21:11:32n1sfunman: i think he already has one as otherwise i would
21:11:37TheSevenwell, I even have one, but I haven't got around to grinding into the FTL
21:11:48TheSevenand that EFI mess doesn't make it any easier
21:11:56n1si have one with a slightly busted hp jack that i can send to anyone who wants to work on it btw
21:14:14 Join jlbiasini [0] (
21:15:28nosa-jhmm i really need to breakdown and start working on the nano4g
21:16:20 Quit mrrhq (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:17:58 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
21:22:28 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 8.0/20111115183813])
21:23:03nosa-jthe batter last about 3 or 4 hours so its not too bad
21:23:22funmanbluebrother: why do we need APPVERSION and not just "VERSION" ?
21:23:56nosa-ji got a new player from my parents, and im thining a bout sending it back, and find something else
21:24:10nosa-jthey are cool with it
21:24:58nosa-jive herd the new sense clips are pretty durable but im not sure heh
21:25:38nosa-jim willing to spend about 60$ on a new one
21:26:36funman% make CROSS=i686-w64-mingw32- CFLAGS=-D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1
21:26:36funmanCC mkamsboot.c
21:26:36funmanmkamsboot.c:100:21: fatal error: ucl/ucl.h: No such file or directory
21:27:01Lightsdoes anyone know where I can get a user called Buschel's LCD voltage supply fix for nano 2g?
21:27:17funmansomehow CFLAGS isnt correct
21:27:23funmani686-w64-mingw32-gcc -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 -c -o /media/dev/rockbox/rbutil/mkamsboot/build/mkamsboot.o mkamsboot.c
21:27:36funmanthe CFLAGS += -I/foo/ucl isn't executed
21:28:11funmansame for make CFLAGS=-m32 to make linux builds
21:28:29 Join mrrhq [0] (
21:28:50funmanis there some Makefile subtelty that i dont get?
21:30:34Tornefunman: you probably want CFLAGS=whatever make
21:30:42Tornei.e. set it in the environment, not on the command line to make
21:30:56Tornemake defaults everything to the environment values
21:31:05Tornebut things specified on the command line obliterate assignments in the makefile
21:31:21Tornewriting make CFLAGS=-m32 forces CFLAGS to be exactly "-m32" always
21:31:28Torneit ignores attempts to change its value
21:32:14nosa-jwould this chart be a good recommendation for a good player ? :D
21:32:43gevaertsnosa-j: that might be a bit outdated I think
21:32:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:33:32nosa-jah okay heh
21:34:33nosa-jwell whats one with a dcent lcd screen that doesn't look cheep?
21:34:39nosa-jdecent *
21:37:36 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
21:38:14nosa-ji wonder if i should just stick with my nano4g for now
21:39:09nosa-jeveryone says the metal case is great for it
21:39:29lorenzo92kugel: figured out how to use the r0GPIO !! So now I try to implement in RB the headphone sense...
21:44:08TheSevenLights: /firmware/target/arm/s5l8700/ipodnano2g/power-nano2g.c
21:44:31TheSevenremove the "pmu_ldo_set_voltage(2, 0x13); /* LCD = 2.800V */" line
21:44:48TheSevenbut I'm not sure if you'll be able to install the patched bootloader in this situation
21:47:09Lightssay someone used windows explorer to format their ipod. would that potentially delete some hidden partition
21:47:13Lightsand totally fux the ipod thenceforth
21:48:47Tornenot if you just formatted the drive that appears over usb, no
21:48:55Tornealso, nothing permanently stops the ipod working
21:49:12Torneif you format the drive it will delete *rockbox*, but not the bootlooader; just copying the build abck on there will fix it
21:49:41Torneto actually erase the hidden partition you would've had to do something more drastic, like editing the parittion table
21:49:46 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
21:52:26 Join nick_p [0] (
21:53:41 Quit nick_p (Client Quit)
21:53:52 Join nick_p [0] (
21:55:12funmanbluebrother: ping
21:55:12 Quit nick_p (Client Quit)
21:55:25 Join nick_p [0] (
21:55:54TheSevenLights: it shouldn't. and even if it did, this shouldn't prevent an itunes restore (the ipod would actually respond to removing the firmware partition with an "use itunes to restore" screen)
21:56:06TheSevenif the rockbox bootloader still works, the firmware partition is still present
21:57:10funmanbluebrother: libtools.make defaults to using 10.4 sdk ?
21:58:08funmanbluebrother: macosx-min-version ought to be enough
21:58:43 Quit nick_p (Client Quit)
22:00:59 Join nick_p [0] (
22:02:58 Quit nick_p (Client Quit)
22:04:29 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:05:03kugelp[Saint]: pong
22:06:06 Join captainkwel [0] (
22:06:13kugelplorenzo92: verynice
22:06:24lorenzo92kugel: implemented :D :D
22:07:25lorenzo92kugel: now testing if it really works good, since the test before it was inverted :)
22:08:11funmantested on linux and osx, windows is missing
22:08:12lorenzo92kugel: yeah :D
22:08:21lorenzo92we have now headphone sense
22:11:03 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:12:53mrrhqWell, I built the SCZ sim successfully and the bootloader. But it is still stuck on the spash screen with the version name below. I think the settings in the .rockbox folder have caused critical errors when I change the theme settings.
22:12:54lorenzo92kugelp: by the way
22:13:15 Nick eintopf is now known as eintopf|28c3 (
22:13:29 Join tauresule [0] (430563be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:13:37lorenzo92kugelp: well I noticed a fact that we need to take in account...but the patch will explain that to you ;)
22:14:54 Quit ender| (Quit: And I don't offend religious people, they offend themselves. -- Markus Persson (notch))
22:16:29lorenzo92kugelp: anyway, I should have reversed all the ioctl codes, still some doubt one some code (eg: if that's 6 or 7; 4 or 5...)
22:16:47 Quit kadoban__ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:18:02 Join ender| [0] (~ender1@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
22:18:10tauresuleHello. I have Rockbox on my iPod and it's not playing all of my mp3 files, right now I uploaded 4 albums to it only played one of them. I can view them in the Files menu, but not the directory. Any thoughts on how to fix it?
22:20:02 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:21:26mrrhqNvm, forget my last chat message. I will just unzip a new current build and replace the files.
22:21:40lorenzo92kugelp: there should be a gpio also to detect sd insertion/removal, now I discover it :)
22:21:57gevaertstauresule: I don't understand what you mean by "I can view them in the Files menu, but not the directory"
22:23:19tauresuleWhen browsing Rockbox on my device, I can follow the path Files/Music/Artist/Album/track01.mp3 and see that they are on my iPod, but I cannot play the file, nor can I view it in the Database view on my device
22:24:07kugelplorenzo92: awesome
22:24:17 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
22:24:39gevaertstauresule: as a first step, try checking the filesystem
22:25:16tauresuleWhat is the filesystem?
22:25:50tauresuleIf it matters, I'm running Ubuntu 11.10
22:27:14 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:27:51gevaertsRun fsck.vfat on it
22:28:56tauresuleI'm not sure what that is either I'm afraid. I'm new to OSS stuff
22:31:46 Quit captainkwel (Read error: No route to host)
22:32:20froggymantauresule: he wants you to run a filesystem check on the device's storage. Similar to running a "disk check" on windows
22:34:11tauresuleI just entered, and received: $ sudo fsck.vfat -t -a /dev/sdb [line break] dosfsck 3.0.9, 31 Jan 2010, FAT32, LFN
22:35:43tauresuleAlso got: There is no backup boot sector. And there is no space for creating one!
22:35:52tauresulealmost missed that
22:36:05gevaertsThat almost certainly has to be sdb2, not sdb
22:37:06tauresuleWhen I run df in terminal it says /dev/sdb is mounted on /media/iPodClassic
22:37:23gevaertsAh, right. a classic might be different
22:37:33CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:37:33*gevaerts leaves issues with the classic to TheSeven
22:38:05TheSevengevaerts: superfloppy is correct for emcore'd classics
22:38:57dfktjlbiasini, yes, i have the fuze+ image
22:39:04TheSeventauresule: in other words, the results you have pasted so far sound good
22:39:05lorenzo92kugelp: got it ;) I know the gpio for the sd "sense" least it should be hehe
22:39:31jlbiasinidfkt: could you upload them on the svn?
22:39:46TheSeventauresule: what exactly do you mean with "I can view them in the Files menu, but not the directory"
22:40:21tauresuleTheSeven: When browsing Rockbox on my device, I can follow the path Files/Music/Artist/Album/track01.mp3 and see that they are on my iPod, but I cannot play the file, nor can I view it in the Database view on my device
22:40:24 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:40:42 Quit Misan (Remote host closed the connection)
22:41:11dfktjlbiasini, it's already up, from the themes site -
22:41:37TheSeventauresule: what exactly happens when you try to play one of those files?
22:41:56TheSevendid I understand correctly that this only happens for some, but not all of the albums?
22:42:15jlbiasinidfkt: for what I eard we also need svg picture
22:42:35tauresuleTheSeven: Yes. Currently I only have several albums by four bands and only one artist's music works.
22:42:43dfktjlbiasini, sorry, no vector format, it was made from the freely available press shot from sandisk's website
22:43:05tauresuleTheSeven: And when I select the files to play them, nothing happens at all
22:43:09lorenzo92kugelp: my idea is to write the gpio code in gpio_ypr0.c/h. This must: open the device ONLY at startup, close it at shutdown and control it throug the header contains some useful GPIO pins defines ;)
22:43:22jlbiasinidfkt: I suppose I could find a way to convert it
22:43:46lorenzo92kugelp: for now are: headphone sense, sd sense and the external power sense (but we do it already with minivet)
22:43:51dfktjlbiasini, i can upload the high res version then
22:43:52tauresuleThey are also white, and lacking the music notes next to them that my playable files have
22:45:15kugelpsure do it :-)
22:46:00jlbiasinidfkt: yes that is what I was checking in rockbox/manual/rockbox_interface/images: image are more like >400px high
22:46:07 Part tauresule
22:46:44kugelpI think open/close at init or before each ioctl doesn't matter too much. It's not actual storage but virtual files
22:47:15 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:47:24lorenzo92kugel: uhm well it seems it does matter in fact!
22:47:30lorenzo92I wrote a note for that
22:47:31jlbiasinidfkt: yeah so upload the big one: I will find my way to convert it and make a version with button detail
22:47:52lorenzo92kugel: cause opening always the r0gpio when needed cause rockbox to behave very very strangely lol
22:48:03lorenzo92not exaggerating....
22:48:22kugelreally? hm
22:49:22dfktjlbiasini -
22:49:46lorenzo92yeah that was really strange, at first I also wondered if I was messing too much with the cpu haha
22:50:15lorenzo92for example at some point file browser didn't work, or CPU debug screen was displayed partially
22:50:24jlbiasinidfkt: thanks!! Now I can go on
22:51:04dfktjlbiasini, good luck with the manual chore ;)
22:53:00lorenzo92kugel: where could I call the gpio_init function on rb startup?
23:00:40lorenzo92kugel: okay found where, near the ascodec initialization :)
23:01:02Lightshi again guys. my ipod nano 2g seems to be working but has a flickering screen
23:01:11Lightswhat diagnostics can I run to figure out what's causing that?!
23:03:30 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:03:36 Quit TheSeven (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:04:40jlbiasinidfkt: well at least I don't know latex for now so I might find it fun to do! :D Anyway with inkskape converting to svg is trivial!
23:06:04dfktnice - good to know. usually converting to vector is quite a chore, with lots to clean up
23:06:47 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:07:12 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:08:08jlbiasinidfkt: well actually the white gets a little yellow
23:09:02gevaertsjlbiasini: we don't really want an svg file with embedded bitmap
23:09:48jlbiasiniI'm vectorising the bitmap is that not it?
23:10:01lorenzo92kugel: I get an undefined reference, also if I include the gpio_ypr0.h ...uhm...I regenerated make.dep of course!
23:10:34gevaertsjlbiasini: depends. I don't know what you're doing exactly :)
23:11:38jlbiasinidfkt gave my png and I'm converting it to svg by using inskape tools: vectorising the bipmap
23:12:38gevaertsThat should work for a start I guess, but it probably won't be as clean as it could be
23:12:49*gevaerts isn't a specialist on this, really
23:13:38lorenzo92kugel: ah probably I need to place the gpio_ypr0.c to SOURCES file lol
23:13:52jlbiasiniI guess the point of svg is : smaller image and scalable. So if I get something nearly the other image for that it will be ok i suppose
23:14:50gevaertsThe main point is scalable, yes
23:15:11jlbiasiniwhat I don't get is why there are duplicate of image in png pdf and svg in the manual's folder???
23:15:24lorenzo92kugel: indeed, my fault as always :D
23:15:44*gevaerts has a look
23:16:06 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:16:58 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:17:01jlbiasiniohoh it also seems that I have to do the button version before the svg's one
23:18:07 Quit Lights ()
23:18:47lorenzo92kugelp: okay it works nicely :)
23:18:50gevaertsjlbiasini: has some information
23:19:23gevaertsAlthough that seems outdated. I believe inkscape can export straight to pdf these days, can't it?
23:19:37gevaertsThe point is to keep the dependencies for building the manual down I think
23:20:20jlbiasinihey nice catch! I supposed I could actually read that BEFORE building the manual!!! And update it after then :D
23:21:08gevaertshm, this needs some work, really. You can do all that in inkscape from the command line, which means it could be a makefile target
23:23:00kugelplorenzo92: BTW, a battery bench would be sure nice.
23:23:30lorenzo92kugelp: okay I could do it, just need to wait for the battery to full charge :)
23:24:04lorenzo92kugelp: in some minutes I'll send you the patch to see it a bit :(
23:24:12kugelpwe also want o.e for charging I think
23:24:33 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:24:51gevaertsjlbiasini: it's been a while, but I believe the button text and arrows are on a separate layer
23:26:13jlbiasiniah yeah this makes sense
23:26:17lorenzo92kugelp: but it's finished in some mins hehe
23:26:51lorenzo92kugel: ouch I used the patched svn (battery things...) bah I need to manually edit the patch :)
23:27:15gevaertsThis allows us to export the images without those labels, for e.g. the theme site or the build page
23:29:05lorenzo92kugel: is it a problem for you if I mixed the two patches? :(
23:30:30 Quit ender` (Quit: True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.)
23:32:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:34:05 Quit mrrhq (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
23:35:51 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:37:46lorenzo92kugel: well I need still to check something a clean some names, so I will prepare it later or tomorrow for you ;)
23:55:45 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 8.0/20111115183813])
23:57:10 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
23:58:41 Join bluefoxx [0] (

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