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#rockbox log for 2012-01-01

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00:39:44jlbiasinihow does the table of contents get build in manuals?
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00:43:01pamauryjlbiasini: you compile several times normally
00:44:32jlbiasinipamaury: for some reason the tableof content doesn't get build and all the referrence are falling down
00:45:05jlbiasinithis is the problem I try to solve since 2 days: I just find out
00:46:01jlbiasinibut I can't get no file where it is defined how it should build toc
00:46:31bluebrotherjlbiasini: the TOC is done automatically. If not the LaTeX run is failing at some point
00:48:21bluebrotherare there any errors in rockbox-build.log?
00:48:23jlbiasiniA LOT! I v'e made comparation of one good build (gigabeats and my broken fuze+ build I' can post the rockbuild.log, one second
00:48:29TheSevenjlbiasini: usually latex uses data generated by the previous run to build the current run's TOC, so you'll need to run it at least twice until the TOC has contents
00:48:41bluebrothercan you pastebin the output somewhere?
00:49:22bluebrotherthe problem is that if the first LaTeX run fails in some way you might get a (somewhat) usable output file, but make won't do the second run then.
00:49:47bluebrotherwhich means you'll end up with a missing TOC
00:50:36bluebrotherwhy do you get that much LaTeX errors btw?
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00:54:24jlbiasinibluebrother: the 2 output are identical until some point and then it run mad. Mainly toc fail and then i am getting a hell of undefined refenrence
00:54:46TheSevengevaerts: assumption confirmed, the OTG runs out of fifo space
00:54:52bluebrotherundefined references are not a problem. But I guess that the first run causes problems for you
00:55:42jlbiasinibluebrother: good build output
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00:56:17jlbiasinibluebrother: bad one
00:56:29jlbiasiniI've cut the beginning that are exactly identical
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00:57:52bluebrotherjlbiasini: there's your problem: ! LaTeX Error: \begin{enumerate} on input line 61 ended by \end{document}.
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00:58:24bluebrotheras a result the second LaTeX run (that inserts the TOC) won't be done
00:58:41bluebrotherhave you changed contents or is this only adding the Fuze+?
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00:59:53TheSevenfunman: the following code at the beginning of ep_transfer works around the issue:
00:59:59TheSevenwhile (((GNPTXSTS & 0xffff) << 2) < length);
01:01:56TheSeveni still don't get why the OTG fails to manage that properly by itself though
01:01:56bluebrotherhmm, down?
01:01:56bluebrotheror is it only hanging for me?
01:01:56jlbiasiniTheSeven: the toc problem doesn't occurs on another device manual build
01:01:56bluebrotherjlbiasini: did you see my previous messages?
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01:01:56bluebrother00:57 < bluebrother> jlbiasini: there's your problem: ! LaTeX Error: \begin{enumerate} on input line 61 ended by \end{document}.
01:02:12jlbiasiniyes but I don't understand quite good the latex output so where is to find this error
01:02:35bluebrotherthat can be a bit of a problem :)
01:03:10bluebrothersince I can't reach the tracker right now, can you post it somewhere else so I can have a closer look?
01:03:26jlbiasiniIn most of the case I could find it because just before he said he was entering this or this file
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01:07:06jlbiasinibluebrother: is back!!!
01:08:38jlbiasiniwekk not totally...
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01:11:42jlbiasinibluebrother: I thing I've got it
01:12:12jlbiasiniin IMX233_install.tex
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01:14:05*bluebrother would prefer to keep all filenames lower case
01:14:27bluebrothernot that we're consistent on this right now, though ...
01:14:50jlbiasiniwell there were sansaAMS_install
01:15:30jlbiasiniso as imx is not related to some manufacturer I thought it was consistent
01:15:31bluebrotherI'm also not happy with the number of files called main.tex ... it's been this since years and I haven't found enought motivation to fix it :)
01:15:56jlbiasiniI have alot of Idea regarding manual
01:16:14bluebrotherI'd like to get the fuze+ in in separate steps −− as first, add the platform files and front image. Then the manual should build.
01:16:29bluebrotherit will have a lot of information missing though
01:16:52bluebrotherthat's the problem I get when applying the platform files to an svn tree
01:17:11bluebrother! Undefined control sequence.
01:17:28bluebrotherwould have been the error message, pointing to ActionStdUsbCharge
01:17:35bluebrotherpasted the wrong line :o
01:18:57jlbiasiniyes I remember having corrected this \usbcharge stuff already but I had to start from a former stage I pehraps did not recorrected it again
01:20:03bluebrotherthere are some more issues like that. ActionKbdPageFlip would be one
01:22:58bluebrotherI'll try to get the basic (i.e. platform and front image) stuff committed tomorrow
01:22:58bluebrotherthat should make it easier to fix the missing parts
01:22:58bluebrotherneed to have a reachable tracker first though.
01:22:58bluebrotheroh, do we have an svg original for the Fuze+ front image?
01:22:58funmanTheSeven: possibly linux driver
01:22:58jlbiasiniyes I made it
01:22:58funmandrivers/usb/gadget/usb-s3csomething in my memory
01:22:58jlbiasiniall other image are derivated from it (exept the one on the themes site
01:23:17jlbiasinidfkt gave me a big version of it and I made the svg from it
01:23:44TheSeven is interesting as well
01:23:44funmanTheSeven: as3525 datasheet is unlikely since it has another usb controller
01:23:44jlbiasiniwell I redrawed it completly in fact
01:23:51funmanthere's no "as3525v2 datasheet"
01:24:01jlbiasinibluebrother: it was in the patch on FS
01:25:13bluebrotherok, I guess I missed that. So let's give the server some hours to get up and working again
01:25:28jlbiasini bluebrother: I corrected the \end{enumerate} but still no TOC
01:26:32jlbiasinithe first real difference is at the beginning of the too output I pastbined and I don't see no reason for this divergence
01:28:10bluebrotherthat "Overfull \hbox"?
01:29:10jlbiasininot just after the version.tex stuff
01:29:29jlbiasinion the good version it seems to define a lot of thing
01:29:43bluebrotherhmm, interesting error: "! LaTeX Error: Too deeply nested."
01:30:27jlbiasinion the bad there are just a few line and then it start quicly to load the text file
01:31:07jlbiasinibluebrother: yeah tell me about it! especially on a file I didn't touch! :/
01:33:17jlbiasiniI get also a strange "! LaTeX Error: There's no line here to end." related to configure_rockbox/system_options.tex l. 717 which is: "}" and I didn't miss those bracet either I checked several time no luck
01:33:47jlbiasinitherefore I think the problem occurs before and those are just consequence
01:34:52bluebrotherthen there are some parentenses that are wrongly balanced.
01:37:31jlbiasiniyeah I also thought so but didn't fiound any mismatch...
01:37:31bluebrothersuch errors can unfortunately be rather hard to find in LaTeX.
01:37:31bluebrotherI'll leave for some sleep now and try to check the full patch tomorrow. It's been pretty late the last couple of days.
01:38:57jlbiasinilol i did get rid of the \end{enumerate} stuff but I did the error twice in the same file! now this error is gone
01:39:46jlbiasinibluebrother: yeah good night, go on fs tomorrow I will post the very last patch before going to bed
01:40:00jlbiasiniwell if fs want to come back...
01:43:55TheSevenfunman: which driver is used by the classic in HEAD?
01:44:00TheSevenwhere did you hide it?
01:44:02jlbiasini\o/ TOC is back !!!!
01:48:16TheSevenah, you renamed yours :)
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02:01:52gevaertsTheSeven: so you have to do some driver work to keep multiple IN endpoints from harming each other? This could explain some HID instabilities...
02:02:16TheSevengevaerts: apparently the OTG manages to overflow it's internal FIFOs
02:02:27gevaertssounds like fun
02:02:38TheSevenif I poll the fifo state to ensure that there is enough space before setting up DMA everything works fine
02:04:18TheSevenif i don't, it ends up in a state where it claims it has 16 free bytes (out of 2560) in the TX fifo, 8 out of 8 free queued transfers, and it's completely stuck until the next bus reset
02:08:19gevaertsTheSeven: as an answer to your earlier question, we probably don't handle error conditions very well, so I wouldn't be surprised if MSC indeed doesn't properly shutown on bus reset
02:09:01TheSevenwell, it continued to babble for some time even after unplugging and replugging (and even though our stack had realized it was unplugged) :)
02:10:49gevaertsThat does sound a bit weird. It's completely event-driven, so what exactly is driving it?
02:11:09jlbiasiniyouhou!! fuze+ manual compiles!!!
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02:11:45TheSevenleftover transfer completions in the message queue
02:12:34gevaertsThat should be one or two at most I'd think
02:13:30TheSevenyeah, but that can be quite a number of packets if it's attempting to send a 64K data stage and CSW
02:16:38gevaertsDoes the fifo thing look at all related to the bug you're seeing on the classic?
02:17:03jlbiasinipamaury: could you commit my keymap update? the manual commit rely on it to be done (because of the conditionnal compiling in the keymaps files regarding radio and recorder that have to be undef for the fuze+ manual as long as there are not supported
02:18:04jlbiasinihm althought I guess the manual will still wait a little probably
02:18:17jlbiasiniI still have to reread it
02:22:39TheSevengevaerts: hm, i've just updated to funman's reworked driver, and now the fifo hack doesn't seem to be sufficient
02:23:08TheSevena udelay(200) at the same location does fix it though - so it might after all have been once again timing
02:24:07gevaertsLooks like you're not done with that driver yet...
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02:44:30TheSevengevaerts: at the end I'll probably just throw it away anyway
02:44:50TheSeveni'm just trying to understand what the actual cause is so that I can avoid it the next time
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03:59:03jhMikeSusb_plugged is NOT PP Only!
03:59:13jhMikeSthat should be fixed immediately
04:19:55CIA-88New commit by jethead71 (r31510): Gigabeat S: Revert removal of usb_plugged in r31489 ...
04:22:22CIA-88r31510 build result: All green
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10:02:44funman[7]: the classic should use usb-s3c6400x.c, old usb-drv-as3525v2 is ifdefed CONFIG_CPU == AS3525v2
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11:16:35CIA-88New commit by bluebrother (r31511): Manual: add initial Fuze+ files. ...
11:16:49CIA-88New commit by bluebrother (r31512): Manual: make Fuze+ manual build. ...
11:18:43CIA-88r31511 build result: All green
11:20:56CIA-88r31512 build result: All green
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12:34:01CIA-88New commit by jdgordon (r31513): oops, somehow a leading \ went missing making these checks a bit silly!
12:36:06CIA-88r31513 build result: All green
12:36:57[Saint]What's the char after the committer, before the revision number, which my irc refuses to show me?
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12:55:39[7][Saint_]: color codes?
12:56:19[7]in my client it looks like this: New commit by <green>jdgordon</green> (r31513): ...
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12:58:10[Saint_]I strip color codes, they annoy me.
12:58:38*[7] concludes that [Saint_]'s client doesn't do that properly then :)
12:59:48[Saint_]I don't see it anywhere else I know color codes are used.
13:00:13[Saint_]It doesn't appear in the build report, foe example.
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14:49:45[7]gevaerts: hm, ensuring that only one IN xfer is active at once (by blocking the drv_send function until the previous one completes) seems to avoid the deadlock
14:50:30[7]and some more tests show that there are also cases where it deadlocks with an almost empty fifo (apparently if the previous IN request was a CSW, not a data stage)
14:50:50[7]so that filled fifo seems to have been coincidence
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15:15:36jlbiasinibluebrother: so what is there still to do/rearrange to have the fuze+ manual?
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15:45:46bluebrotherjlbiasini: well, with the commits I made earlier the manual builds. It needs fixing all wrong / missing stuff though. You did some of that in the task already
15:46:03bluebrotherbut I left that out intentionally, so it's easier to work on it
15:48:03jlbiasinibluebrother: ok I will prepare a new patch that build on what you already commited... there are afew stuff to fix and then I will reread all
15:51:26jlbiasinibluebrother: I have also question regarding keymaps, because some stuff will probably never get implemented: the ab repeat for example could theoricacly work but we don't have key left for that. So I guess it would be better to cut those out of the mannual for fuze+, isn't it? I mean it is not a tobe done problem
15:53:15bluebrotherhmm. Yes. I'm wondering if there is some kind of elegant way to do that −− i.e. to minimize the \opt{someplayer} stuff in the manual itself
15:53:42jlbiasini bluebrother: same stuff for radio and recording: there not fonctionnal and actually even the fact to have menu for them in rockbox is a problem for radio menu will hang the device if selected
15:54:45bluebrotherwell, the Fuze+ is currently not even unstable, so I don't consider that too much of a problem right now
15:54:55bluebrotherof course eventually this needs fixing
15:55:00jlbiasinireason why I thought It would be better to have code for keymaps and manual ready but to cut them out from export/config file until it gets implemented
15:55:59jlbiasinibluebrother: well the idea now would be to push it to unstable asap possible: we have rockbox utility and manual
15:56:00bluebrotherIMO the way to go is to (1) make the manual build (2) add installation instructions (3) add it to the nightly manuals
15:56:45bluebrotheryes, but even with unstable minor problems in the manual are acceptable imo
15:57:14jlbiasinibluebrother: I can deal with (1) and (2) today
15:57:33bluebrotheroptimally Mr Someone would go through all manuals and clean them up :)
15:57:40bluebrotherjlbiasini: well, (1) is already done :)
15:58:03bluebrotherand AFAIS (2) is contained in your FS patch
15:58:29bluebrotherso that need to get finished and committed.
15:58:36jlbiasiniyes and I will reread everything with someone that contacted me
15:59:11jlbiasiniwhat aboot this IMX233_intsall.tex?
15:59:26jlbiasiniwhat name are you suggesting?
16:00:50 Quit liar (Read error: No route to host)
16:02:18bluebrothergiven the AMS file I'd just keep it for now
16:02:26bluebrotherand clean up everything in one go later
16:10:36 Part plush
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18:39:31CIA-88New commit by dreamlayers (r31514): Fix FS #12243 : On 20GB H10, restore correct upside down state when waking LCD. ...
18:41:47CIA-88r31514 build result: All green
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19:32:41Claudiholaa como estan..?
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19:34:56lebelliumkugel: are you waiting for sth particular before including the R0 into the build system? nobody seems to understand why there is still no official build to download ;)
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19:41:13jlbiasiniI see that some device have a combo on boot to reset all setting to default. Is ist device related or is there a keymap for that?
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19:46:04funmanjhMikeS: sorry I have missed that
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19:51:50kugellebellium: it needs an admin I think
19:52:02kugelalso there are still warnings that want to be fixed
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19:52:30 Join Sleepy_Coder [0] (majic@unaffiliated/sleepycoder/x-938672)
19:58:12jlbiasiniI'm not sure about it but extract of the manual: "like a USB Drive" should read "like an USB Drive" isn't it?
19:58:49dfkt"a USB" is correct
19:59:10jlbiasiniok thx
20:05:05 Part Claudi
20:08:20 Nick Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
20:14:22funman[7]: all the HWCFG registers are present on nano2g ?
20:15:53funmanwe should move them to usb-s3c6400x.h
20:17:37funmanGHWCFG1-4 = 0x00002664 0x228DD850 0x053500E8 0x0FF08030 on clip zip
20:21:50CIA-88New commit by funman (r31515): GHWCFG* are not as3525v2 specific
20:23:51CIA-88r31515 build result: All green
20:25:16 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
20:25:51lebelliumkugel: hum ok... I hope that won't take too long
20:26:19 Quit Sleepy_Coder (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:28:51 Join webguest597 [0] (
20:29:42jlbiasinibluebrother: I think that I will have to update the image files...
20:31:11jlbiasinithe Play/Pause button is not really nice well dealing with table with several button like Volume up/Volume down
20:31:40jlbiasiniI think I will move Play/Pause to Play-Pause
20:31:44[7]funman: did you have trouble with rapid sequences of IN transactions on amsv2 as well?
20:31:58funmanno clue
20:32:12[7]it seems like something dislikes another IN request being set up while one is still in flight
20:32:24funmani didn't do low level debugging
20:32:31[7]"being set up" == enable + clearnak
20:32:44[7]if I wait with one of those until the old request has completed everything is fine
20:33:05[7]any clue what might be the cause of that? (you seem to have read datasheets more recently than me :P)
20:36:15funmani didn't read datasheets either, i only looked at the samsung one to see if the list of registers matched between nano2g and amsv2 :/
20:36:39funmanyou've read s3c-hsotg.c
20:37:01[7]no, what is that? linux kernel=
20:37:18funmanin linux drivers/usb/gadget/ , and the header in arch/arm/plat-samsung/include/plat
20:40:26funmanwhere did you find GHWCFG bits definitions? your analysis looked much more complete than what i see in the header
20:40:35kugellebellium: there's no hurry :)
20:40:48funmanendpoints: 0 bidir, 1 3 5 in, 2 4 6 out (so there's one more endpoint than we thought?!)
20:41:09[7]funman: that driver is not dma-capable, so it might not help much here
20:41:26[7]funman: i used the header that i linked yesterday
20:41:35funmanyes though there's some dma code
20:42:26lebelliumkugel: for you maybe not, but most users including me can't compile anything and are totally dependant of the builds that Lorenzo compile ;)
20:48:39funman[7]: hm there are 8 endpoints ?? but we have a panic to check that it was 6
20:49:17funmanah no i cant count
20:49:20[7]note that "0" in the EP direction register can mean both "nonpresent" and "bidirectional", depending on the endpoint count value
20:49:57funmanyeah we have 6 endpoints
20:50:02funman+ ep0
20:51:24[7]783 /* Note, trying to clear the NAK here causes problems with transmit
20:51:25[7]784 * on the S3C6400 ending up with the TXFIFO becoming full. */
20:51:27[7]in the linux driver
20:52:11[7]so this seems to be a somewhat known bug
20:54:37 Join thegeek [0] (
20:55:26 Quit dreamlayers (Quit: dreamlayers)
20:57:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:13funmanminimum AHB frequency less than 60MHz= NO
20:57:24funmanoops, it's YES
20:58:33jlbiasiniextract of the manual latex file: "When the cursor is on the input line, \ActionKbdSelect{} deletes the preceding character" this should be \ActionKbdBackSpace isn't it?
21:00:26[7]optional feature = 0 (possibly not availabe)
21:00:35[7]that bit means "optional features stripped" IIRC
21:01:06[7]and the fifo size is a bit weird
21:05:23 Quit webguest597 (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:13:08 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:21:35funmanit's 4000/3
21:32:47 Join Osix [0] (
21:53:14 Part jlbiasini
21:55:05 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
22:06:39kugelthomaasjfox (logs): Can you test FS #12502 ?
22:06:40fs-bluebot Rework powermgmnt for RaaA/Sim (patches, new)
22:06:46 Quit ze (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:07:21 Join ze [0] (
22:27:37 Quit Torne (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:28:05CIA-88New commit by theseven (r31516): Make USB work again on iPod Nano 2G and iPod Classic. Still not 100% stable on Nano 2G, and HID is still broken.
22:30:12CIA-88r31516 build result: All green
22:30:22funman[7]: when did it break ?
22:31:09[7]well, the classic has never really worked before, and the nano seems to be unreliable in terms of sometimes failing to enumerate and sometimes locking up when leaving USB mode
22:31:25[7]and as soon as HID comes into play everything breaks
22:31:35funman[7]: not sure about this DEPDMA change
22:31:43[7]which one?
22:32:12[7]oops, that one sneaked in
22:32:27[7]but I haven't had trouble with that recently and have been using NULL successfully in emcore
22:32:29funmaniirc we use valid physical memory but pointing to nothing useful
22:32:44funman0 points to the vectors. is ther a risk of overwriting them?
22:33:03[7]no, we used invalid addresses to make it not corrupt anything if it should try to write some crap
22:33:18funmanlet me try on clip zip
22:33:23[7]yeah, but as I haven't seen vector corruption recently I think it's safe
22:33:40funmanis 'inflight = false' atomic?
22:33:57[7]it's in an IRQ handler, so it must be
22:34:23funmanalso what you describe is what i see on clip zip so it's good sign :)
22:34:51[7]and the one in the EP reset code is just an additional safeguard which will usually be called from IRQ context or when the driver is initializing
22:35:36[7]this whole inflight thing is just there to prevent a race condition or whatever this is, so it's at least better than nothing
22:36:10[7]i'd really like to know what's going on there
22:36:21[7]seems like the linux driver gets around this by not using DMA
22:36:42funmandid you see pamaury's PIO driver?
22:36:49funmanFS #11664 iirc
22:36:50fs-bluebot Workaround for usb random failures on amsv2. (patches, closed)
22:37:05 Join pamaury [0] (
22:37:05 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
22:37:05 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:37:38 Join Sleepy_Coder [0] (majic@unaffiliated/sleepycoder/x-938672)
22:37:57funman[7]: r31516 works on clip zip
22:40:41 Join liar [0] (
22:49:52*bluebrother^ stumbles across http://
22:57:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:11:30 Nick Jack87|Away is now known as Jack87 (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
23:23:28 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
23:23:29 Join webguest20 [0] (
23:28:22webguest20I just put Rockbox 3.10 on my Sansa Clip+ and I can't get viewers working. If I try to open a file using the Open With option, it gives me a list of mojibake options that don't work. If I try to open a viewer plugin from the file view, it either gives me a plugin error or the player crashes. Any ideas?
23:29:03 Join perrikwp [0] (
23:40:29 Quit ender` (Quit: I sometimes wish lipstick really would.)
23:44:17gevaertswebguest20: could you try checking the filesystem? This sounds like something is seriously messed up
23:45:39webguest20Sure, what should I look for?
23:46:43gevaertsWell, run a filesystem checking tool, like chkdsk on windows or fsck.vfat on linux
23:48:47dfktif you're on windows, just right click the clip+ in explorer > properties > tools > error checking
23:49:13 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
23:49:32 Quit domonoky (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:50:34webguest20Ok, chkdsk found no problems.
23:51:01 Quit perrikwp_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:51:48 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:52:20 Join perrikwp [0] (
23:53:17gevaertshm, I can't really think of anything then. Maybe try resetting the settings? This definitely isn't normal, 3.10 works for many people on the clip+...
23:54:17dfktadditionally, maybe just extracting a fresh 3.10 over the old one?
23:56:29webguest20I think I'll try cleaning it up, formatting, and reinstalling Rockbox. I had other problems earlier with it crashing when I changed themes too.
23:56:38dfktthat's the best
23:57:01dfktwhile you're at it, you might want to use the official SD formatter for both, internal and external memory
23:58:25 Join Torne [0] (~torne@rockbox/developer/Torne)
23:58:48webguest20Would doing a manual install make any difference?

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