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#rockbox log for 2012-01-17

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00:23:21funman[Saint]: LambdaCalculus37: any luck with the nano2g ?
00:27:03LambdaCalculus37funman: USB works still.
00:30:24CIA-81Commit by funman (7b28711): usb-s3c6400: store endpoint status per direction
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00:35:55funmanandroid ndk seems to build a working rockbox for Clip Zip
00:36:34funmani had to add a -U__linux__ to avoid raaa code being built, and modify gcc's limits.h to remove an include_next
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00:39:33[Saint]funman: Attempting to transfer to the device hangs it with "undefined instruction at 080B94A4"
00:40:08[Saint]after it hangs, a "found new hardware" window pops up with an unfamiliar string.
00:40:25[Saint]"Found new hardware: BPRPMS"
00:40:45funmani assume USB worked with the previous rev ?
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00:40:58funman... which is unavailable due to the build system being offline
00:41:35funmandoes it work on a 2nd attempt?
00:42:06[Saint]I just reverted and tried USB, transfer works, tried again with your build, same crash, same undefined instruction, same weird "found new hardware" with the odd string.
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00:42:34[Saint]Trying on another Nano2G now.
00:43:18[Saint]Same results.
00:43:36funmanwith my build or rev 7b28711 ?
00:43:50[Saint]With your build.
00:44:26funmanlet me make a build of last rev
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00:46:46funman[Saint]: same URL
00:47:24[Saint]right...gimme a bit longer this time. Just have to do a couple of "real life" things first.
00:48:04funmanno problem, thanks for the testing so far
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00:50:31[Saint]Ah. Its ok...I'm really very sorry its taken me so long. I've either been really busy, or just plain forgotten...I've been slack. You've been very patient and deserve better.
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01:01:45[Saint]funman: Something is wrong with the .zip
01:01:50[Saint]it fails to extract.
01:02:23[Saint]I'll try unpack it by hand.
01:02:54[Saint]...ok, that worked.
01:04:02[Saint]Won't let me transfer it.
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01:04:22[Saint]It'll let me push other files to the device...So, transfer is working.
01:04:33[Saint]It just doesn't like this binary.
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01:06:07funmanlet me re build the zip (i deleted the existing one)
01:07:39[Saint]The USb weirdness has trashed my filesystem.
01:07:45[Saint]yay! :)
01:07:54funmantoo late, uploaded again!
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01:20:11[Saint]funman: This build throws the same undefined instruction if booted with USB plugged.
01:20:18[Saint]testing transfer now...
01:21:14[Saint]transfer crashes the player hard. No error.
01:23:00[Saint]Hmmm...ok. It crashed hard its just failing to transfer.
01:23:53funmanok that's strange
01:24:00funmanLambdaCalculus37: did you test the correct build?
01:24:54LambdaCalculus37I tested the one you gave me.
01:25:38[Saint]Ok...just got a transfer to go through...sortof.
01:25:57[Saint]same undefined instruction error...and my fs is toast again.
01:26:37[Saint]funman: what does 080B94A4 map to?
01:28:28funmanexact address of usb_stack
01:28:58funmangevaerts: it shouldn't execute code inside usb_stack, right ?
01:30:31[Saint]I know its definitely RB at fault transfer is fine using emCORE/disk mode/UMSboot
01:31:05[Saint]but transfer fucks up, at that address each time, on RB...and completely fucks the filesystem when it does.
01:31:49[Saint]Its not the device, either. I've got the same results on three different units now.
01:31:57funman[Saint]: how does reading work?
01:33:40[Saint]Copying files *off* the device appears to work fine.
01:33:50[Saint]Copying to the device: see above.
01:34:31funmani possibly swapped off some boolean
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01:42:40funmanafter re-reading it still seems fine
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08:47:28kugelfunman: the android ndk builds PIC and -shared by default
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10:04:07[7][Saint]: RBPMS is the post-mortem debugger
10:05:18[7]it's interesting that this works for you because it recently didn't work for me
10:06:35[7]so if rockbox panics you can download a memory dump using
10:07:20[7](this is basically a minimal ibugger built into rockbox)
10:07:23[7]funman: you can also read out HW registers that way, this might be helpful here :)
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10:29:17[Saint][7]: Oh...ok. Good to know.
10:46:53funmankugel: i probably added -static then. does PIC harm ?
10:47:14kugelno but it's slower
10:50:22funmanany plan for a webos raaa ?
10:51:20JdGordonthere is alread a patch
10:52:20kugelI want to look at FS #12496. I think a native port is better but I don't currently have plans to do it
10:52:20fs-bluebot RaaA WebOS (patches, unconfirmed)
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15:07:24jlbiasinibluebrother: Rockbox Utility handle zip correctly for Fuze+. However it gives warnings on compiling: in System::listUsbDevices(void) there two unused variable: count and res. I took them out of the code but it still warm about devs
15:07:51jlbiasinidevs should be initialized according to the compiler
15:08:26jlbiasinithose are just warning
15:11:01Torneinitialising it doesn't count as a use
15:12:04jlbiasinidevs is used in the code
15:12:57Torneevidently not :)
15:13:20Tornepastebin the output? and/or your changed version of the code?
15:15:37jlbiasiniit is plain master tree code. the count and res is obvious to solve, the other is: base/system.cpp:248:21: warning: ‘devs’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wuninitialized]
15:18:18jlbiasiniwait my modif make this devs error
15:18:20 Join simabeis [0] (
15:18:52jlbiasinicount and res isn't that obvious to solve then! ;)
15:22:50 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
15:22:51jlbiasinicount and res are just used to take the return of some fonctions but do not get used later... Why is it so?
15:25:42jlbiasinifollowing diff solve the issue:
15:34:35 Join ved [0] (~ved@2001:41d0:1:5914::2)
15:34:43jlbiasiniTorne: should I post a bug?
15:37:33TorneOKay, wait
15:37:43TorneSo you get warnings about count and res being unused, on the stock unmodified code
15:37:57Tornebut the devs warning was your local change and it doesn't matter. right?
15:39:12jlbiasiniand the count and res just get used to save return values of libusb_init() and libusb_get_device_list but do not get used later...
15:39:25Torneok. in which case, yeah, your patch to fix the warnings looks reasonable
15:39:40Tornei suspect we are ignoring the warnings, currently :p
15:40:14jlbiasinibluebrother made a lot of update recently on rbutil he might have forget to take those out
15:40:34Tornewhat gcc version do you have?
15:40:44Torneiirc from discussions elsewhere there are things in -Wall that didn't used to be, in recent versions
15:40:53Torneso it's possible it doesn't warn on an older toolchain
15:41:03jlbiasinihow can I check that?
15:41:07Tornegcc −−version
15:41:27jlbiasinigcc (Debian 4.6.2-11) 4.6.2
15:41:41Torneyeah, 4.6 is much more aggressive about warnings for things like that
15:41:54Torneother projects i work on have had a bunch of new warnings appear when switching to 4.6
15:42:10Tornejust post a patch to kill the variables
15:43:56jlbiasiniFS #12542
15:43:57fs-bluebot Rockbox Utility warning on compiling (patches, unconfirmed)
15:49:30 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
16:08:44CIA-81Commit by bjorn (cc4a6e3): Add SYSTEM command.
16:08:44CIA-81Commit by bjorn (4e76ff1): Change update url.
16:08:45CIA-81Commit by bjorn (911f00d): Don't ignore subdir html files.
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16:15:46cs96andHi, can someone add me as a wiki user please?
16:16:16cs96andI just tried to add myself as AlanDavies2 (AlanDavies is already used) and got an error
16:16:16cs96andAccess check on Main.AlanDavies2 failed. Action "CHANGE": access not allowed on web.
16:18:38 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:18:54cs96andI'm trying to update this page because the RockScrobbler info is wrong
16:18:56gevaertscs96and: should be ok now
16:19:57cs96andexcellent, thanks
16:23:17cs96andWhat does "Multiple Site Submission" mean on this page?
16:24:31evilnickYou can submit to multiple sites (not just, and there are probably more)
16:24:38cs96andah ok
16:25:25cs96andI have corrected the RockScrobbler entry on that page now
16:25:28cs96andthanks for the help
16:28:27 Part cs96and
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16:44:19bluebrotherjlbiasini: those are warnings that show up only on gcc 4.6
16:44:43bluebrotherthere are some more for the windows version.
16:45:33bluebrotherI'm aware of that, but it's less important than TTS not working on Windows ... and it's been like that since long
16:46:04bluebrotherwhich isn't surprising since it's a gcc 4.6 thing
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16:59:00CIA-81Commit by ryabinin.a.a (978e506): HM-60x: Implement power off.
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17:25:05desowinwhat about network stack for gsoc ideas?
17:25:45GodEater_hahaha - that's a nice light weight project ;)
17:26:56gevaertsGodEater_: if you choose a light weight IP stack, that might actually be the case :)
17:27:03gevaertsWell, for the stack itself anyway
17:27:23GodEater_that's just the IP stack though
17:27:28GodEater_we need the other layers too
17:28:07gevaertsdesowin: feel free to put it on the wiki, but keep in mind that we need both a more detailed description than "How about a network stack?" and a mentor (although the mentor can come later)
17:28:12GodEater_we don't have any hardware interface drivers or what have you either right?
17:28:55gevaertsGodEater_: we *might* have just enough USB serial support for PPP or SLIP
17:30:27bluebrotherwhat's the point of network in Rockbox?
17:31:12desowinbluebrother: internet radio on Sansa Connect, perhaps direct submission
17:31:36gevaertsbookmark synching!
17:31:40bluebrotherI'd rather see USB Audio.
17:31:50desowinlike, plug the player into computer and it'll submit data over usb network
17:32:10bluebrotherand then implement 3G on the player!
17:32:16gevaertsbluebrother: make pamaury finish it :)
17:32:25*evilnick suggests scrobbling from RaaAA and then runs for the hills
17:32:44gevaertsAt this point we need decent ideas, we don't need to pick yet
17:33:39gevaertsThe next stage will then be to match mentors and throw out anything without enough interest (with "enough interest" defined as "someone is prepared to mentor this") and things that aren't clearly desirable
17:33:50gevaertsIf we then still have a nice ideas list, we apply
17:34:12bluebrotherwhat's the deadline for applications?
17:34:35gevaertsWho knows? There hasn't been any communication about gsoc2012 yet
17:35:15gevaertsThe best we can do is assume it will be something like last year, i.e. beginning of March
17:35:51 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:35:57gevaertsOh, and for the record, last year it was announced on January 24, and in 2010 on February 8, so it's not late yet :)
17:36:22 Join [Saint_] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
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18:02:48pamauryyeah, I know it would be cool to finish USB Audio but i don't know what is best way to proceed: either completely change our usb model or just "hack" something given that isochronous transfers are basically always used the same way (have N buffers in a circular way). And it misses some functionality too
18:03:24pamauryand then one need to implement isochronous transfers for others drivers (like the terribly terrible amsv2 one)
18:07:35kugelstrange user names
18:07:45kugelin the commits
18:10:25 Join GNU\colossus [0] (colo@
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18:49:50CIA-81Commit by frank (6e11289): Set HOME_DIR to "/". Should fix FS #12500.
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19:55:37funmankugel: that's not user names
19:55:46funmanthat's what's before the @ in the email
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20:20:49CIA-81Commit by Dominik.Riebeling (633749e): TTS: check if created wav file exists.
20:25:34kugelfunman: i know
20:26:35kugelpeople could use more useful emails ;-)
20:26:59gevaertsI think we want the full email address, the full name, or a nickname (possibly the gerrit username? I don't know what's there typically), or possibly a combination of those
20:33:53bluebrotherwe could keep using the username we had before by some realname -> username mapping via COMMITTERS
20:34:24bluebrotherwhile I'd like to see real names using usernames has the advantage that the build system can hilight the committer (assuming the username is identical to the irc nick)
20:35:32[Saint]map realname -> username (gerrit ID?) -> IRCNicks :)
20:35:57[Saint]we have a nice database of realname -> nick already.
20:36:06*gevaerts thinks that the git way would be to use a hash :)
20:36:42[Saint]So...we just generate a hash of our name, then deed poll? :)
20:37:03[Saint]That'll save some effort.
20:37:43 Nick bluebrother is now known as a80027b (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
20:37:51a80027b[Saint]: yes :)
20:38:12 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
20:38:22[Saint]to be perfectly honest...I was waiting for gevaerts to do it ;)
20:38:36[Saint]I knew *someone* would.
20:38:48a80027bthe only problem is that it's a bit harder to recognize people (and hashes are somewhat un-human :)
20:38:53 Nick a80027b is now known as bluebrother (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
20:39:06*bluebrother is feeling better again
20:40:32*[Saint] hates installing the .NET bullcrap...
20:41:10[Saint]It takes forever...can't install this while that is installed. Need foo installed before ber...
20:42:19*bluebrother plans making the encoding in Rockbox Utility multithreaded again ... but with a rather different approach
20:44:58 Join saratoga [0] (980329da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:45:53saratogai think the git solution would be for us to change our usernames to hashes
20:47:08gevaerts60fb256: that gets confusing fast
20:48:57saratogai looked through the GSOC ideas more last night and i think some of them would be very good, self contained projects
20:49:10saratogaadding wma codecs, adding usb things, etc
20:49:15 Join reszerve [0] (
20:49:33saratogawe ought to push students towards those kinds of projects since they seem to be more successful
20:51:12 Join n1s [0] (
20:51:12 Quit n1s (Changing host)
20:51:12 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
20:51:51reszerveHi. Has anyone raised the issue of the daily builds being stuck at 9 Jan - at least the gigabeat S is.
20:52:17gevaertsreszerve: that's expected. We moved to git (from subversion), and the automatic build system hasn't been moved over yet
20:52:59reszerveI thought that might be it.
20:53:27amiconngevaerts: (repeating the question here) So what's missing to get the build system going again?
20:54:18 Quit WalkGood ()
20:54:48*[7] wonders if it's worth to set up a build client again
20:55:34gevaertsamiconn: I'm not entirely sure of the details. There's a script to "convert" the svn checkout to a git checkout (it actually carefully checks if it's a clean trunk checkout, blows it away, and makes a fresh git clone, so "convert" isn't too accurate), Zagor has done some work in preparation for running that automatically
20:55:46funman[7]: why ?
20:56:03funmanamiconn: modifications of the buildserver in www/ repository
20:56:18funmanthere's not much work been done/committed
20:56:21gevaertsAfter that the scripts need to be moved over to use git commands instead of svn commands (which should be rather trivial)
20:56:41[7]funman: because I have a machine with a core2duo 4300 around that could be added to the cluster
20:57:05gevaertsThen I suspect Zagor will have some fun with setting up a trigger that only fires on changes to master
20:57:10[7]I'm not sure whether it would perform reasonably well though
20:57:10[7]seems like that machine is suffering from its btrfs file system
20:57:25 Quit doomtimeusa (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:57:29gevaertsThat should be it, but there will probably be details lurking in the shadows
20:59:46gevaertsI'm pretty sure Zagor is working on at least parts of the svn command conversion
21:00:14*amiconn would have thought that the build system is prepared *before* the switch :\\
21:00:43 Join doomtimeusa [0] (
21:01:35amiconnNow we're without working build system for >1 week
21:02:23gevaertsIn fact, this is the ideal time for a release. People have been holding on to big changes, so we're effectively in a freeze :)
21:03:17gevaertsamiconn: you're right of course, but on the other hand the ever postponed git transition also had its troubles
21:03:17 Part jlbiasini
21:04:39 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
21:04:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:05:09saratogai see that android apparently now has a USB audio interface of some kind, does anyone know how standard that is?
21:05:43saratogai guess if stereos start supporting USB audio (verses just MSC playback like now) it might be pretty useful in rockbox
21:09:01reszerveCan someone please add me to the Wiki Users Group - got a couple of fm preset files to upload.
21:09:35saratogawhats your name?
21:10:14reszerveRichard Schofield
21:12:56 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
21:13:27 Join n1s [0] (
21:13:28 Quit n1s (Changing host)
21:13:28 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
21:14:00 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:14:01 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:15:32 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:17:02 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:18:36 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:22:16*bluebrother^ gets reminded that he wanted to give a fm preset page a shot
21:26:58saratogai'm surprised theres not some standard database of fm channels
21:28:31*amiconn wonders where the font/20-Nimbus.bdf in one of his svn checkouts is coming from
21:28:39 Quit MethoS- (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
21:35:38bluebrother^I was thinking about building some website where people can submit their presets files similar to the themes website, and some way to allow batch downloading them
21:35:49bluebrother^that could then also be integrated with Rockbox Utility.
21:35:50bertriksaratoga, have you seen (select "continue as guest") to get to the list of fm transmitters
21:36:08amiconnHmm, is there a way to make git set the file modification date to the date of last mdification in repository, like svn does?
21:36:27*amiconn dislikes that every files now has the checkout date as its last modification date
21:36:39bluebrother^shouldn't be too hard since it would need to only store some text for each preset
21:37:15bluebrother^amiconn: svn does that as well ...
21:37:32bluebrother^which is sensible, as otherwise make wouldn't be able to detect changes in the checkout
21:37:56*funman dislikes that git has a 3-letters name, svn was better
21:40:37amiconnbluebrother^: Hmm, I wonder why I thought it does it different then...
21:41:06bluebrother^amiconn: you can configure at least TortoiseSVN to do otherwise. Not sure about command line svn.
21:41:33bluebrother^But I quickly changed that back when trying it some time in the past :)
21:42:03 Quit reszerve (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:42:45 Join jlbiasini [0] (
21:43:59 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:57:08Torneamiconn: it sets the checkout time as the mtime because otherwise checking out different branches doesn't cause rebuilds
21:58:05Torneit's reasonably rare for the files in a git workdir to *never* be replaced with older copies :)
21:58:20Torne(or svn, for that matter: svn revert)
21:58:34amiconnNot only revert, but also svn up -rXXXX
21:59:17amiconnI understand why it's necessary, but I'm still wondering why I was thinking that svn does it different
21:59:44amiconnBtw, how does one bisect with git?
21:59:49Tornegit bisect
22:00:01amiconnI know that there's some support by git, but how do you select the starting point?
22:00:02Torneit tells you what to do when you run it
22:00:15amiconnWith svn I usually did something like go 1024 revisions back
22:00:23amiconn...then bisect from there
22:00:49amiconnOr if I had a "last working" date, selcted a revision from that date or shortly before
22:00:50Torneyou can tell it any versions you like which you know to be good or bad
22:01:16amiconnYeah, but if I don't have an *exact* version, I'm lost (I think...)
22:01:18Torneyou can also specify a set of files, and it will only consider commits that touch those files
22:01:37Torneyou need to specify an exact version with svn as well :)
22:01:41Tornepick something out of the log
22:02:00Tornei think it will actually jus tuse the start of history as "good" if you don't tell it, also :)
22:02:02amiconnYes, but if I remembered only some r31xyz I'd start at r31000
22:02:19bluebrother^you can do that with git bisect the same way :)
22:02:32amiconnDoes git have a way to show the revision at a certain date+time?
22:02:57Tornecheck out git log −−since and −−until
22:04:03funmanamiconn: you can use HEAD~1024
22:04:09funmani.e. 1024 revisions before HEAD
22:05:05Torneor any revisionspec, in fact
22:05:08CIA-81Commit by Dominik.Riebeling (b18bbab): Fix unused-but-set warnings in helper functions.
22:06:28bluebrother^jlbiasini: I've decided that it would be better to actually check the return value of those calls instead of ignoring them
22:06:37bluebrother^(that's FS #12542 I'm talking about)
22:06:38fs-bluebot Rockbox Utility warning on compiling (patches, closed)
22:07:03bluebrother^and I've addressed the warnings with MinGW gcc 4.6 as well
22:07:12bluebrother^anyway, thanks for reminding me :)
22:12:03jlbiasinibluebrother^: ok noo problem
22:12:25CIA-81Commit by Dominik.Riebeling (61047e1): Fix a typo.
22:20:41marazquick question: how's the battery life on clip+ compared to OF?
22:21:14 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:22:08 Join curtism [0] (
22:26:58saratogamaraz: somewhat to a whole lot better depending on the format
22:27:23marazsaratoga: how about for mp3s?
22:27:43saratogasomewhat better
22:28:47saratogahmm accordidng to the wiki when i tested i got an extra 6 hours in rockbox
22:31:00saratogasomeone should test runtime on the zip
22:39:34*bluebrother^ just updated GraphicalInstall
22:40:00bluebrother^is there a sensible way to announce that page further? The download links from the menu directly link to the Rockbox Utiltiy downloads
22:45:52 Nick Amqui1 is now known as Amqui (
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