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#rockbox log for 2012-01-25

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00:13:16daniel___Hello, I'm having some trouble connecting my fuze v2 via usb to my computer. I have the updated build with it enabled but I can't seem to connect with my Ubuntu OS.
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00:28:15daniel___Hello, I'm having some trouble connecting my fuze v2 via usb to my computer. I have the updated build with it enabled but I can't seem to connect with my Ubuntu OS.
00:30:14funmandaniel___: which build? which bootloader?
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00:37:25daniel___Give me a second and I'll give you that info
00:37:57daniel___version r31646-120109
00:38:07daniel___I don't know how to check bootloader
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00:40:51daniel___@funman: Did you get that?
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00:43:35funmanyes, reinstall the bootloader using rockbox utility
00:43:55funmanto get the last version (4.0, which is displayed very briefly on screen when you turn your fuze on)
00:44:14daniel___Okay, I'll probably have to come back in a little while. Have to boot to Windows probably
00:44:50funmanrockbox utility runs on linux, check (menu on the left)
00:46:24daniel___Okay, I'll check. My thought is this problem could interfere. Is the OFW always necessary for updates?
00:48:50funmanfor bootloader updates. not for normal updates (assuming rockbox usb works fine)
00:49:27daniel___I'm going to have to reboot still, into Ubuntu probably though. The glitch made Ubuntu's usb freeze up a bit.
00:49:34daniel___Give me just a few
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00:55:04daniel___I'm back
01:01:47daniel___It's still not working
01:02:45funmanwhat does the fuze screen show?
01:04:48daniel___It connected and I could detect it with the utility but when I used the autodetect the mount point couldn't be found. Also when I tried to access it directly it wouldn't open up and almost nothing was detected
01:04:59daniel___As in size, type and other such stuff
01:06:38funmandid you set it up to MSC and not MTP or auto like the manual says? (installation step)
01:07:29daniel___I believe it was in MSC because I had it set that way previously but I'll have to restart and try it again
01:07:37daniel___I'll be back in another minute
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01:12:20daniel___I'm back and I'll test it again
01:13:17daniel___funman: it's still having troubles
01:13:39funmanset it to msc
01:14:55daniel___It's already set to MSC, I've triple checked that
01:15:53daniel___The fuze says it's connected, ubuntu shows it, but when I check for details it says it can't tell it's size, location, permissions, or anything
01:16:11funmando a manual install then
01:16:30funmanand get mkamsboot from funman/mkamsboot-1.5/">
01:17:04funmanah no the binaries are on the server now
01:18:41daniel___I also can't access any files on it. Ubuntu refuses to mount it
01:19:00funmanverify for errors then
01:19:15funmansudo fsck.vfat -wy /dev/XXX or do it from windows
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01:22:16daniel___I guess I'll be back on Windows
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01:29:35Nerdy3_14159265funman: This is Daniel, I'm booted into windows finally
01:32:14Nerdy3_14159265I've reinstalled the bootloader
01:32:49Nerdy3_14159265Should I also update to the current build?
01:37:04Nerdy3_14159265I'll do that as soon as the disk check is complete
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01:57:00Nerdy3_14159265The disk check is complete and I'm restarting to check it in Ubuntu. Also it's updated to the latest build
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02:19:42JdGordon[Saint]: wouldn't you rather work on 1024*768 cabbie? :)
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02:20:42daniel___Well, I'm back and I have good news
02:20:55[Saint]I've got the <whatever_the_GN's_resolution_is> guys breathing down my neck too :)
02:21:22daniel___funman: I want to thank you. I can finally access all my files and should be able to finally take care of everything
02:21:25JdGordonwho's your favorite dev though? :)
02:21:34[Saint]hahaha :D
02:21:43[Saint]Good call.
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04:09:26daniel___I have another problem with my fuze. It's randomly turning read-only
04:19:54[Saint_]health filesystems or/and fully functional hardware simply shouldn't do that.
04:20:16[Saint_]though, you're probably aware of that. ;)
04:21:06JdGordondaniel___: what makes you think that?
04:21:20JdGordonrockbox says it cant write? or your computer?
04:21:28daniel___my computer
04:21:41daniel___I can be mid transfer and suddenly it goes read-only
04:21:56daniel___Unplugging and replugging fixes it temporarily
04:22:52[Saint_]yeah, that sounds very much like a trashed filesystem.
04:23:23daniel___Weirdest part is it just randomly changed back and let me transfer a bunch of files completely fine.
04:23:32JdGordonlinux or windows?
04:23:51JdGordondo a fsck on the drive
04:23:53daniel___fsck checks and fixes disks right?
04:24:05[Saint_]fsck -a does
04:24:16daniel___fsck just tells you information
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04:27:56[Saint_]"fsck -a /path/to/device/" will do it.
04:27:59daniel___where can I find the path for the fuze
04:29:55[Saint_]does "lsusb" list the mountpoint?
04:30:50[Saint_]I'm hopeless at remembering linux commandline things.
04:32:44daniel___Don't I have to dismount it before running fsck it says that'll cause damage
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04:35:35[Saint_]umount /path/to/device
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04:41:11daniel___okay done. I'll post the output
04:42:10daniel___~/MUSIC/The Beatles/1/Get Back.ogg
04:42:12daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:13daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:15daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:42:17daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/1/Hey Jude.ogg
04:42:18daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:20daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:21daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:42:23daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/2F000000_A Collection of Beatles Oldi/Bad Boy.MP3
04:42:24daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:26daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:27daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:42:29daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Abbey Road (Remastered)/Sun King.ogg
04:42:30daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:32daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:33daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:42:35daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Abbey Road (Remastered)/The End.ogg
04:42:37daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:38daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:38[Saint_] no.
04:42:39daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:42:41daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/87020000_Beatles For Sale (Remastered/No Reply.ogg
04:42:42daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:44daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:45daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:42:47daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Let It Be (Remastered)/Dig It.ogg
04:42:49daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:50daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:52daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:42:54daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Let It Be (Remastered)/Get Back.ogg
04:42:54[Saint_]c'mon floodkick.
04:42:55daniel___ Bad file name.
04:42:57daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:42:59daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:43:00daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/LOVE/Get Back.wma
04:43:02daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:04daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:05daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:43:07daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/LOVE/Gnik Nus.wma
04:43:08daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:10daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:12daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:43:14daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/LOVE/Hey Jude.wma
04:43:15daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:17daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:18daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.002
04:43:20daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Past Masters 1/Bad Boy.ogg
04:43:21daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:23daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:25daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:43:26daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Past Masters 1/I'm Down.ogg
04:43:27daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:29daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:30daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:43:32daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Past Masters 1/This Boy.ogg
04:43:33daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:35daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:37daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.002
04:43:38daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Past Masters 2/Get Back.ogg
04:43:40daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:41daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:43daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:43:44daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/Past Masters 2/Hey Jude.ogg
04:43:46daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:47daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:49daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.001
04:43:50daniel___/MUSIC/The Beatles/51030000_The Beatles (The White Album/I Will.ogg
04:43:52daniel___ Bad file name.
04:43:53daniel___ Auto-renaming it.
04:43:55daniel___ Renamed to FSCK0000.000
04:43:56daniel___Performing changes.
04:43:58daniel___/dev/sdb: 1344 files, 136515/241540 clusters
04:44:01curtismcan this guy be put down?
04:44:15[Saint_]thanks for that, daniel___ :)
04:44:31[Saint_] might've been better.
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04:47:58daniel___Sorry about that, I didn't think before I posted. I didn't realize it would separate it into like 100 different messages. How does it look? Should I erase and reload the corrupted files onto it?
04:48:18funmanformat it
04:48:25funmanand reinstall rockbox
04:48:48daniel___I'm guessing the OFW has a format option
04:49:17[Saint]it does, yes.
04:49:28daniel___Welp this sucks
04:49:47daniel___Sorry if I appear like a super newb
04:49:51daniel___Thanks for the help though
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04:53:13daniel___Hey while I'm on here does anyone know how to fix the scroll wheel light. Everytime it turns on the backlight turns off
04:56:37funmanRTFM (Read The Fine Manual)
04:56:51 Quit nosa-j (Excess Flood)
04:58:52funmanthe manual has a lot of answers
04:59:00funmandid you read it already?
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05:03:08daniel___I've read most of it, I fixed this in rockbox by disabling the scroll wheel light. I was wondering if there was a fix that got to the root of the problem though. Also can I format the fuze with something other than it's internal formatter because I'm stuck on the refreshing your media screen
05:05:35 Quit daniel___ (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111221202647])
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05:43:19*[Saint] just had a thought...
05:44:57[Saint]If ffw/rwd was allowed in the .sbs, you could do something like "resume playback only jumps to .wps if *.wps is present, and control playback completely from the .sbs for large screen devices that could easily display the main menu and a decent playback area
05:45:23JdGordonyou sure they don't work in the sbs?
05:46:14[Saint]Oh...shit. sorrt/ its next/prev
05:46:50[Saint]ffw/rwd work, next/prev moves the line selector.
05:47:15[Saint]*wps_next/wps_prev rather
05:49:29[Saint]shit, hahaha...don't shoot me ;)
05:49:51[Saint]I was right the first time. damn you making me question myself :P
05:52:00[Saint]yep yep..definitely positive. fwd/rew moves the line selector. wps_next/prev work as intended.
05:53:31JdGordonso use that?
05:54:52[Saint]"there's no way to fwd/rew in the .sbs, but next/prev works as intended"
05:57:40[Saint]for <some reason> in the .sbs the fwd/rew touch areas move the line selector instead. I'm not sure why next/prev needed seperate touch areas in the .sbs than they do in the .sbs (wps_next/prev vs. next/prev) but perhaps this has something to do with it.
06:01:45 Join Rob2222 [0] (
06:01:55[Saint]you made wps_next and wps_prev so that skipping would be possible from the .sbs (why the same defines as the .wps uses wouldn't work is beyond me but I recall you explaining it), perhaps fwd/rew are doing "weird things" for the same reason?
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06:17:51*[Saint] shits some more cabbie onto the tracker
06:20:35JdGordonuse gerrit
06:26:25*[Saint] didnt think gerrit was for things in a non-comittable state
06:33:08JdGordonneither is flyspray really
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06:39:57saratogafunman: you get anywhere with that clipv3?
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06:45:46funmani have to solder the battery again
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08:47:27thimsdoes anyone happen to know, is there away to run more then one command in in if statement (technically a conditional)?
08:47:35 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
08:48:20thimssay %?XX<%do%this%aswell%as%this%statusbar%show%icon|%default%to%this>
08:50:02thimsmore specifically I am trying to wrap a statusbar with 2 images, and the final image is the only thing that shows up at x position 0. The exact line in the wps/ file is "%?mv(1)<%ac%xd(Sa)%pv(0, 46, 64, 9, volume_statusbar_fill.bmp)%xd(Sb)|%ac%it>"
08:51:14thimsa newline just breaks the parsing engine, a comma is for the subline. I am beginning to think that quite possibly this is a bug or the parsing engine is not capable of this complexity.
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09:07:49[Saint_]thims: the progressbar breaks it.
09:08:00[Saint_]you can't put a bar in a condition.
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09:11:01[Saint_]"%?mv(1)<%ac%xd(Sa)%Vd(viewport_id_for_progress_bar_viewport)%xd(Sb)|%ac%it>" will work.
09:11:10JdGordonhe said statusbar...
09:11:15JdGordonnot progressbar?
09:11:52[Saint_]mixed terms
09:12:13[Saint_]the %pv(foo) is a giveaway
09:17:32 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:18:39CIA-81Commit 36281c4 in rockbox by Marcin Bukat: MPIO HD300: Fix scrollstip issue at driver level.
09:21:03CIA-8136281c4 build result: All green
09:22:36CIA-81Commit c42f19f in rockbox by Jonathan Gordon: Disable the backdrop in the failsafe theme so the colours acually work
09:24:50CIA-81c42f19f build result: All green
09:24:58 Join bully [0] (4aa002d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
09:25:12[Saint_]/me starts looking more deeply at the weird hackery he'll need to do to convert the massive 25 segment bitmapstrip for the titlebar into using translatable lang strings.
09:25:20 Join Rower85 [0] (
09:25:44JdGordonwhy wierd hackery?
09:26:23bullyI followed the hello world rockbox tutorial. im trying to figure out how to change pixel colors on my sansa clip v2 now. i looked at the plugins but they are walls of text to me. can anyone point me to something to look at please?
09:28:32[Saint_]because I need the touch area to be larger than the font will be, and there's no way to center the text in the viewport (vertically, it can be done horizontally of course). So I'll need to a: draw the touch area in the default viewport (which seems wrong, but is ok I guess), or b: have two thin blank viewports above and below the viewport containing the text and make one larger touch area out of three.
09:29:45[Saint_]a: is acceptable, but it seems wrong because *everything* else is drawn in its own nice tidy viewport, not in the defalut </pedantic>
09:30:41[Saint_]The propper solution is almost certainly: "stop trying to make your code perfect, and just make it fuckign work".
09:30:55JdGordonyou *can* center the text vertically now
09:31:04JdGordonwell once its is added to the skin engine
09:31:11[Saint_]Hahahah :)
09:31:14[Saint_]Do tell.
09:31:29JdGordonthat horrible line height patch that went in that i was massivly against
09:31:53[Saint_]applies to *all* viewports?
09:32:07JdGordoncan be applied to any viewport
09:32:21CIA-81Commit 0499aff in rockbox by Marcin Bukat: WM8750: Extend recording gain range.
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09:33:03 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
09:34:02thims[Saint_]: isnt %pV boolean though?
09:34:37CIA-810499aff build result: All green
09:34:52[Saint_]I'm not sure what you're asking there...point stands, you can't draw a bar in a condition.
09:35:19[Saint_]not like that, anyway.
09:35:59JdGordonsince when?
09:36:27JdGordonit is for sure better to use viewports though
09:36:30 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
09:36:53[Saint_]so, %?mv(1)<%ac%xd(Sa)%pv(0, 46, 64, 9, volume_statusbar_fill.bmp)%xd(Sb)|%ac%it>" is valid?
09:37:02[Saint_]...shit, I didn't think it could be done.
09:37:20 Quit paisat (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
09:37:33 Quit preglow (Changing host)
09:37:33 Join preglow [0] (thomj@rockbox/developer/preglow)
09:38:09 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
09:39:11JdGordonI cant tihnk of any obvious reason it owuldnt work
09:39:11JdGordonit maybe not update enough though
09:40:01[Saint_]that may be why I have it stuck in my head its "not right(TM)" then.
09:40:15 Join mikroflops [0] (
09:42:09thimsJdGordon: the viewports can be defined in a conditional statement? I am trying to make an active volume bar, so it replaces current song with volume level when the volume is changed.
09:42:36thimsI am in the understanding that viewports, once set are permanent.
09:43:44JdGordonthat nope was to the first message, your second one was correct
09:43:45[Saint_]there's %V (draw always) and %Vl/%Vd (viewport load/viewport draw) viewport types.
09:44:05*JdGordon shuts up
09:44:36thimsI am beginning to think what I want to do is to complex for the parsing engine.
09:45:34thimsthat or it will take a ridiculous static pseudo progress bar
09:46:10[Saint_]what? no...its easily poiisible. but not if you're intent on avoiding viewports.
09:46:13thimsmade in a big bmp to make the transition of the temporary volume bar to be smooth.
09:46:33thimsI guess I am lacking how viewports would solve the problem.
09:46:57thimsthe conditional is in its own specific viewport.
09:47:47JdGordonsetup a viewport whjich draws the 2 images and the progressbar/volumebar... then in the mian viewport do %?mh<%Vd(that other viewport)>
09:47:53thims viewport and conditional
09:48:01JdGordonso when %mh is true it will display what you want
09:48:59thimsgood call
09:49:28JdGordonyou also cant display images like that
09:49:35JdGordonyou need to specify rhe pixel to draw them at
09:49:59[Saint_]Awww...dammit, I was halfway through a nice pastebin for a more convoluted solution :)
09:50:35JdGordonI'm sure you were :)
09:51:15*[Saint_] assumes Sa and Sb are declared elsewhere where we can't see...
09:52:16thimsindeed, in the header of the script. It is basiclly a 2 element BMP with a mute icon and a speaker icon.
09:52:26thims[Saint_]: do finish it.
09:52:33*thims is a nerd for clean concise code
09:55:24JdGordon2 words that arnt in [Saint_]'s skining vocabulary!
09:55:29bullyI followed the hello world rockbox tutorial. im trying to figure out how to change pixel colors on my sansa clip v2 now. i looked at the plugins but they are walls of text to me. can anyone point me to something to look at please?
09:56:19[Saint_]I'd do it with two viewports, personally. Declaring their conditions in the default viewport.
09:56:21JdGordonbully: well, what are you actually trying to do?
09:56:25[Saint_]like so:
09:56:52bullyJdGordon: i just want to do anything at all. change pixel 15,15 or whatever. draw smiley faces
09:57:18JdGordonthen open up plugin.h and look at all the lcd_* functions
09:58:19[Saint_]thims: You follow that paste?
09:58:35[Saint_]I cut the convoluted method right out...kept it simple.
09:58:45bully[Saint_]: who are you taking to?
09:59:17[Saint_]thims, which is why the post starts with his nick.
09:59:50kadobanbully: there's also , but yeah, the plugin.h is where to start, and you'll probably have to keep trying to look at other plugins as you go along
10:00:42[Saint_]the LUA stuff might be worth a look...its *reasonably* complete.
10:00:44thims[Saint_]: that is similar to how I am trying it now, only I declare my viewports before the conditional
10:01:52[Saint_]thims: I'm not sure that will work, as it will try drawing inside the viewport that the conditions are declared under.
10:02:31[Saint_]which is why I declare them topmost, to tell it "we want these drawn in the default viewport (fullscreen)
10:03:30thimsalso are the empty comments after the backgrounded viewports used to finish the decleration of that viewport? This idea of where the backgrounded viewport is ended is where I am a bit confused.
10:04:06wodzI uploaded arm stack unwinder patch to the gerrit,69. Hope this will promote discussion and we get to some consensus about this feature.
10:04:06CIA-81Commit 426b0f1 in www by Björn Stenberg: Update some web scripts to deal with hash revisions.
10:04:26[Saint_]stuff sarts getting drawn in viewports after the first viewport declaration.
10:04:42[Saint_]if a new viewport is declared, it'll get drawn in there.
10:04:59wodzI am leaving FS #12302 open though as it contains preliminary work on symbols resolving by pamury
10:04:59fs-bluebot Add backtrace to the panic screen on ARM (patches, new)
10:05:01[Saint_](unless its conditional)
10:06:01[Saint_]But, to keep things simple...and pain free, it pays to keep all conditionals that handle switching viewports above the first viewport declaration (if you have static viewports).
10:08:18[Saint_]the comments I put there just so its not a wall of mneaningless text for you.
10:09:52thims[Saint_]: Thank you, it seems to be working outside of my statusbar, but I think that is something I am doing.
10:10:14thimsI wasnt thinking about fixed viewports that are dynamically changed, quite clever.
10:11:06[Saint_]generally speaking, I find the best flow for a theme to avoid drawing issues is: preload all images, conditions for dynamic viewports, declare viewports
10:12:10*[Saint_] thinks he can spot why its not working inside your statusbar.
10:12:51[Saint_]its out of bounds.
10:15:03thimsout of bounds?
10:16:29[Saint_]there's no way you can draw a 64x9 bar 0,46 when the viewport you're drawing in is only 128,10.
10:16:41[Saint_]*bar at
10:17:32[Saint_]when drawing inside a viewport, x and y are viewport relative, not screen relative.
10:17:56[Saint_]so 0,0 will be top let of the *viewport*, not the dig?
10:18:32thimsI do indeed.
10:18:56[Saint_]whoops, *top left
10:19:07thimsI need more experience with the parsing engine I would say.
10:19:15 Quit bully (Quit: Page closed)
10:19:44[Saint_]viewport/screen relativity gets a lot of people initially.
10:20:00[Saint_]when I started, there was no such thing as a viewport :)
10:20:33thimsthat would be cripalling
10:21:07thimsbut some how people figure out how to do gnarly stuff with fundamental building blocks.
10:21:20[Saint_]the theme engine has come a loooooong way, mostly thanks to my main man Mr JdGordon over there.
10:21:34thimscomplexity with simplicity is beautiful, but simplicity with simplicity is better yet.
10:23:09Zagor[Saint_]: and soon I'll be breaking everything again ;-)
10:24:53[Saint_]What's that Zagor? Oh...for some strange reason I can't hear you with my hands over my ears screaming "La la la la la...I can't hear you!"
10:26:01 Quit nosa-j (Excess Flood)
10:27:11JdGordonZagor: hows your lcd stuff going?
10:27:12thims[Saint_]: Thank you for you're help, very helpful.
10:27:25JdGordonbluebrother: can you add gerrit links to your fsbot?
10:29:17ZagorJdGordon: stalled at the moment. but now that the git migration is pretty much done I can refocusing on lcd.
10:29:43JdGordoncan you push it somewhere? i'm interested in the lcd_* cleanup
10:29:48 Join nosa-j [0] (
10:30:04preglowZagor: are you able to check if my alias is broken in any way?
10:31:26wodzkugel: yes backtrace from panicf() works.
10:33:41 Quit tchan (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:34:28 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
10:34:55ZagorJdGordon: it's in a rather messy state. I suppose I should ask Torne to import the branch to git so everyone can look at it there.
10:35:36 Quit Rower85 (Remote host closed the connection)
10:36:35 Join Rower85 [0] (
10:37:14 Quit mystica555_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
10:38:19Zagoractually the lcd_* rework is not so bad. the mess is mostly in the later relativism effort.
10:38:22 Quit nosa-j (Excess Flood)
10:38:38JdGordonwhats einstein got to do with this? :p
10:40:31GodEater_Zagor's code is now so compact it's on the verge of self collapse and forming a singularity? :)
10:40:52Zagorapproaching the coveted 1-bit universe
10:41:10GodEater_Rockbox - Now with included blackhole!
10:41:32 Join nosa-j [0] (
10:45:18 Join mystica555_ [0] (
10:49:18 Nick Jack87 is now known as Jack87|Away (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
10:59:58[Saint_]thims: you can bug me here, or on G+ or Twitter if you get stuck. Here is better, though, as other (possibly more correct) people can chime in if I'm not around.
11:07:22funmanClipv2 bootloader (not ours) seem to perform checksum checks on the flashed firmware and enter recovery mode if incorrect
11:08:13wodzfunman: you mean on this clips which reject to get flashed, right?
11:08:38funmanyeah in fact they are flashed, but then they are bricked until recovered: neither OF neither rockbox will boot
11:08:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:09:34funmani am using first generation of mkamsboot to keep things simple and easy to understand, it just needs a bit of update to support 'v2 OF format'
11:09:43wodzis this 'checking bootloader' in rom or in nand?
11:11:38*[Saint_] wonders if this was a deliberate anti-rockbox thing, or a "nice" way to handle a damaged binary.
11:12:06funmanwodz: rom because the firmware is written in nand
11:12:44wodzfunman: it still can sit in some special nand place
11:12:54 Join perrikwp [0] (
11:13:18funmanthe OF file is written as-is on the first sectors of the nand but there is some extra room which is used for unknown purposes
11:13:59wodzI guess there is no way to dump rom in current state...
11:15:27 Quit perrikwp_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
11:18:55funmani don't remember coming anywhere close to OF upgrade code in OF
11:19:22funmansimple mkamsboot seems to work
11:22:21funmanhm i always count to 9 seconds before seeing the OF boot.. regardless of the amount of loops the delay does
11:28:50funmannope our code is definitely not run
11:29:04funmanhi dionoea
11:29:18dionoeaI'm trying to use the database (first time) and it gets stuck during db creation on "Building database... 3267 found (PREV to return)"
11:29:23dionoeais that a known bug?
11:29:48funmanyeah parser can fail on a file
11:29:56dionoea(with a build from 2 or 3 days ago on a sansa e260 using music on an microsd card)
11:29:58funmanbisect your music folder to find which file
11:30:09dionoeaand if it fails on a file it doesn't skip it?
11:30:19funmannot if it infinite loops
11:30:28dionoeahum ok.
11:30:35funmanit's probably a bug in one of the parsers
11:30:39dionoeaI'll bissect it when I get back home
11:32:04wodzfunman: how do you jump to custom code?
11:34:24funmanwe change first word of firmware payload which is reset vector
11:37:18funmandiff between OF and patched OF
11:38:00funmani inverted firmware block size and checksum (2) // the first block is repeated 2 times
11:39:07 Quit n17ikh (Remote host closed the connection)
11:39:21 Join n17ikh [0] (
11:39:30wodzmaybe they changed loader to not trigger reset but simply do something line ldr pc,=main
11:39:31wodzthat would be stupid though
11:41:32funmanworth a try
11:46:32[Saint_]dionoea: there's a tool just for this purpose in debug
11:47:36[Saint_]"metadata log" in degug keepout
11:48:31funmanwodz: or they have a 2 images binary for ram and iram, and they execute from the other one
11:49:26wodzcould be yes
11:52:03wodzbut vector table is easy to spot - does this begining of payload you are patching looks like vector table?
11:52:34funmanyes it's undoubtedly the vector table
11:52:56 Quit GodEater_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
11:55:06wodzmaybe try to track down where original reset vector jumps
11:59:32 Quit [Saint_] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:02:05 Quit kadoban (Read error: Operation timed out)
12:02:27funmanthe OF does patches its software interrupt vector
12:05:30wodzwhat you mean?
12:06:20funmanit loads swi vector (at 0x08) and compare it to a branch instruction
12:06:58funmanhey cool, i can light the led
12:07:06funmani had forgotten to enable the GPIO clock
12:07:32funmanlooks like the CPU is clocked very fast
12:11:32wodzfunman: so actual patching of reset vector works but CPU is so fast you don't see the delay?
12:11:45funmanyeah that's it
12:12:20wodzthat still not bad
12:12:35funmani reverted to original code (path reset vector at 0x0) and increased the delay again but i don't see it being executed
12:13:27funmanthe entry point might very well be elsewhere
12:13:43funmanand depend on the bootloader revision of clipv2
12:14:51funmanseems to be it
12:16:46wodzkugel: I stated this earlier - hybrid compiler added to the has additional dependencies (not needed for other toolchains). flex, bison, libtool, curl, awk which are not installed by build-essential for example. This is annoying. At least you should be warrned about this.
12:18:21funmanwodz: thanks for the hint! :)
12:18:57wodzfunman: so whats the full story, what they changed?
12:20:23funmanlet me check but here's the current status:
12:21:18funman0x0 (vector) does ldr pc=0x138 -> 0x138 does b 0x20c
12:21:28funmanwe used to patch 0x0 and it works for eveyr model and some clipv2
12:21:40funmani patched 0x0 and it didnt work on that one, patched 0x20c and it worked
12:22:04funman0x138 / 0x20c addresses are the same on the 3 clipv2 firmwares i have
12:22:28 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@
12:22:32 Quit anewuser (Changing host)
12:22:32 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
12:23:01wodzthats insane
12:23:31Tornepresumably there is some kind of header
12:23:35funmani need to double check to make sure i'm not dreaming
12:23:44funmanTorne: the usual header of ams OF
12:23:50Torneand their loader has switched from relying on the first word being an instruction, to jumping straight after the header
12:23:56Torneor whstever
12:24:09wodzwell what if you patch 0x138?
12:24:36funmani could try but now i'm trying to boot rockbox directly
12:30:12Tornewho created the rockbox G+ page? :)
12:30:19wodzok If patching 0x138 doesn't work also it means that loader must do ldr pc,=main and main entrypoint is either in some header or is const address
12:31:46funmani wonder how much clipv2 were bricked that way..
12:32:05 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
12:32:08Torneso, i have a question: if that's the problem, why does it cause it to brick?
12:32:13Torneshouldn't it just continue to boot the OF?
12:32:55funmanwe bzero() what we don't use O:
12:33:18funman "fix" for clipv2 breaking some fuzev2
12:37:12 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
12:37:52funmanlooks like the entry point is 0x138
12:39:39funmanwell we could read reset vector and patch target
12:39:50funmanand perhaps remove that bzeroing just in case
12:40:02wodzyep that should be the safest
12:40:43funmanwell it's just that we need 2 works for ldr, and patching the reset vector needed only one (we patched the address loaded, not the instruction)
12:42:18 Quit Rower85 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:42:38funmanah no i'm wrong.
12:44:46Torneit doesn't have to be ldr, though, no?
12:44:52Torneyou can just branch..
12:44:58 Join Rower85 [0] (
12:45:02funmanno we put b 0x200 currently
12:45:17funmanif the OF vector is ldr pc, =XX
12:45:24funmanif will put a mov pc, #0x200 at XX
12:45:27funmansounds sensible ?
12:46:10Tornes'fine if the target fits in a literal
12:47:44funmanthe target is always 0x200
12:48:33Torneah, ok
12:48:42Tornei assumed we would put our code on the end..
12:49:29funmanyes and no
12:50:23funmanucl unpack code and compressed files are at the end of firmware block, dualboot.S at the start (at 0x200)
12:50:52Torneah, ok
12:51:04funmani think it evolved in small steps to make sure we only brick clipv2s
13:05:15 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
13:08:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:22:17funman is not enough (i verified that 0x138 contains mov pc, #0x200)
13:23:00funmanperhaps we ocme from thumb
13:27:48funmanno it doesn't make much sense, and we're not branching to thumb either
13:27:57wodz0x138 have b 0x20c, can't you patch it to b 0x200 ?
13:28:41wodzanyway are you sure that 0x138 is even triggered?
13:29:45funman20c has more references it seems
13:30:25wodzI guess ldr pc,=0x138 and b 0x20c are emmited in pair and true entry point is 0x20c actually
13:31:03wodzso if loader do ldr pc,=main I guess it jumps directly to 0x20c
13:32:20funmanit's weird because my previous fix worked and it overwrites code above 0x200
13:32:36wodzwhat is under 0x200, 0x204, 0x208 before patching?
13:38:41 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:38:41funmannothing interesting
13:39:23funmanah i found other targets
13:40:53funmanthe 5 first vectors (but irq/fiq/reserved) all points to 0x20c
13:42:36wodzso 0x20c is real entrypoint
13:47:39funmanyeah but i want to know how it branches to 0x20c !
13:48:28funmanSWI ?
13:49:55wodzwhy? loader code can jump directly
13:50:30funmanyep but at 0x200 we put our own code already
13:50:41funmanso it loader branches at 0x20c immediately i couldn't have booted rockbox
13:51:28funmani'm trying to modify vectors only
13:53:09funmanyep that works
13:53:39funman- memcpy(buf + 0x400 + 4*i, b_1b, sizeof(b_1b));
13:53:39funman+ put_uint32le(buf + 0x400 + 4*i, 0xe3a0fc02);
13:53:46funmanwhich is mov pc, #0x200
13:53:56funmanno fucking clue what is going on
13:56:08funmanand now the more important stuff: finding what will be the first song played on brickable clipv2 ;)
13:56:17 Join factor [0] (~factor@
14:04:34funmannot all the buttons seem to work. i need to solder the battery back before going further
14:14:27funmanpressing home button works in bootloader (i see the verbose boot) - but doesn't prevent USB mass storage connection
14:17:39 Join Thra11 [0] (
14:21:11 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
14:22:02 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
14:34:47 Quit n17ikh (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:41:53 Join n17ikh [0] (
14:48:09 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
14:58:05 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
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15:10:59 Join GodEater_ [0] (93722cc8@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
15:26:38 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.6)
15:40:01 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
15:44:57 Part Zagor
16:09:21 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:10:07 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
16:10:39 Join skamster [0] (
16:14:53skamsterhello all.. i think, i've got a archos av100 (just written with jukebox multimedia, 20gb).. i know that rockbox isn't installable on that device (or is it? if yes, please help).. i've tried to install archosopen, downloaded the build for av100 and put the files into the root-folder of my device - no effect
16:15:12skamsterwiki and files are broken/spamed
16:15:45skamsteri think, you peoples could have more ideas, how i could flash it.. don't like the standart-os..
16:19:59skamsterok, i found the right channel of archopen (searched before for #medios), but it's quite empty there.. so if someone got a clue, it would be cool to recive help.. :)
16:26:32 Quit GodEater_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:27:01 Quit dv_ (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
16:27:28 Join _dv_ [0] (
16:28:20 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Quit)
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17:24:50 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:25:11n1shmm, battery charge level is displayed as "n/a" in the info screen and "?" in the statusbar on my beastsim, this is a recent thing. is it intentional?
17:29:01 Join skamster [0] (
17:30:21skamster hello all.. i think, i've got a archos av100 (just written with jukebox multimedia, 20gb).. i know that rockbox isn't installable on that device (or is it? if yes, please help).. i've tried to install archosopen, downloaded the build for av100 and put the files into the root-folder of my device - no effect.. wiki and files on archosopen are broken or spammed, so i have no clue.. but maybe you people have clue about that? thanks for e
17:30:21skamstervery help!
17:31:41jhMikeSn1s: it's acting like the batt switch is turned off :\
17:32:18n1sjhMikeS: that's mighty weird, no
17:32:51jhMikeSyes :)
17:33:28jhMikeSis there a stub somewhere that returns the switch as being off instead of on?
17:34:35 Quit Guest56797 (Quit: Quit)
17:35:18n1sthe last change in;a=commitdiff;h=8fdef40#patch1 looks a bit suspicious
17:35:21 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
17:37:09n1sor perhaps not, i don't think i fully understand that stuff
17:42:25jhMikeSin firmware/powermgmt-sim.c I think is the problem
17:42:43[Saint]skamster: afaik, Rockbox only runs on the Ondio(FM), Player, Recorder(FM/V1/V2) for the Archos'
17:43:44[Saint]skamster: Oh...and later Archos IT devices will run Rockbox as an Application with Android as the host OS
17:44:16[Saint]to the best of my knowledge, that's the Archos lineup as far as Rockbox support is concerned
17:47:41jhMikeSoops uisimulator/common/powermgmt-sim.c
17:51:52 Join dreamlayers [0] (~dreamlaye@rockbox/developer/dreamlayers)
17:54:42jhMikeSn1s: does this help?
17:57:59 Nick TBFOOL is now known as TBCOOL (
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18:04:15 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
18:04:15 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:10:29jhMikeSaright, wtf happened to my commit?
18:11:32jhMikeSI committed from a personal branch, but I'm guess I missed a step
18:11:59*jhMikeS thinks some sort of merge has to happen
18:12:14 Join bertrik [0] (
18:12:15 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
18:12:15 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:14:15 Quit WalkGood ()
18:19:51CIA-81Commit 7ccd2c9 in rockbox by Michael Sevakis: Fix power_input_status in sim where target has a battery switch.
18:21:41 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:22:18CIA-817ccd2c9 build result: All green
18:27:04 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
18:32:56 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
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18:58:15 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:58:20 Join Zambezi [0] (
19:01:01dreamlayersShould it be possible to build the sim in OS X?
19:01:33 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
19:04:50n1sjhMikeS: yeah, it says 100% now
19:05:15n1siirc the sim used to cycle the battery charge level but it doesn't seem to anymore
19:12:07 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
19:17:27 Join lebellium [0] (
19:27:46*bertrik realises that the charge current settings are different for AMSv1 vs AMSv2
19:28:14bertrikAMSv1 appears to use 50 mA step, AMSv2 appears to use 70 mA steps, at least according to documentation
19:28:39bertriknot really that different, so probably not harmful, but different anyway
19:37:40 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
19:37:45bluebrotherJdGordon: how do you suggest gerrit links should look like? Search for complete links and try to retrieve the review title? Or search for something like G#123 and interpret it as gerrit review ID?
19:38:54gevaertsWe don't have a tradition for something like the latter yet
19:39:11bluebrotheryes, that't the reason I'm asking :)
19:39:18gevaertsMaybe having a bot recognise that would help establish it :)
19:39:34bluebrotherunfortunately gerrit hands out a pretty much empty page and generates the content using javascript
19:39:44bluebrotherwhich is a bit of a problem
19:40:01bluebrotherwe could also recognize Gerrit#123 or Review#123 :)
19:40:17bluebrotheras long as I can catch it using a regexp things are fine
19:41:44gevaertsMaybe use git to get at it?
19:42:30bluebrotherhmm, might work. Need to give that some more thinking I guess
19:44:12bluebrotherreminds me that I wanted to rework the bot to be able of adding some more unit tests
19:45:01gevaertsMaybe there's a magic way to get gitweb to show the commit based on something like refs/changes/69?
19:45:38bluebrotherhaving a way to retrieve arbitrary stuff via gitweb would be quite useful for fixing as well
19:46:29Torneno magic required; you can browse to any ref you like
19:47:28Torneer, by entering the url, i mean
19:47:28Torneit only lists heads and tags
19:47:29Tornealso gerrit has a real api you cna ask for info over, ou shouldn't need to scrape the html
19:47:30gevaertsI know everything is there, I just don't know how to build the URL
19:47:46Torneall refs ar ethe same
19:47:50Tornepick one that is listed, edit the path to say something else
19:47:55bluebrotherhmm, I guess I have to give gerrit a closer look
19:48:25Tornethere may not be any obvious docs for the json api
19:48:49Tornecheck the gerrit project on google code and the mailing list there
19:50:21bluebrotherhmm, do I really need to use ssh to query gerrit?
19:50:42Torneyou should be able to talk to the json interface the web interface uses
19:51:02Tornethe ssh query interface is meant for things like continuous builders or automatic code review
19:51:17Tornewhere they want asynchronous notifications of new changes and so on
19:53:09Torneit might need t be ssh, actually
19:54:38Tornelook on the mailing list, other people have done various stuff
19:54:56bluebrotherhmm. Maybe it would be useful if the bot would recognize commit sha1's and print the first line of the commit message?
19:55:33Tornegevaerts:;a=commit;h=refs/changes/69/69/1 probably more appropriate
19:55:41*gevaerts nods
19:55:46Tornegevaerts: i'm not sure where the second 69 comes from though
19:55:49Tornei suspect it's hashing
19:56:00Tornei.e. the first one is a prefix/suffix/modulus/something
19:56:08Tornethat links to a particular patchset, though
19:56:13Tornei.e. not the latest version, a specific version
19:56:13bluebrotherhmm, scraping that URL might be a simple solution
19:56:16gevaertsYes, I'm wondering about that too. Also the /1. Might that be a revision number?
19:56:45gevaertsSo you'd have to be careful there
19:56:46TorneThere is no ref that refers to the latest version of the change, that i know of
19:57:02bluebrotherso if there is an update of the review it will become /2?
19:57:17Tornebluebrother: yes
19:57:23TorneAll versions of the patchset hang around forever
19:57:29Torneso, they have to have unique refnames
19:58:09Tornethe easiest way is almost certainly working out how to query gerrit over http and get the json output back
19:58:29Torneyou'll have to go look for how to make that query, but once you know that it's basically done
19:58:33Tornethe json format is documented
19:58:40Torne(since it's the same thing that gerrit query returns)
19:58:49Tornei can take a look sometime, but atm i'm on a train :)
20:02:04Tornei expect that gerrit in future will have a way to get more of this data via git, since they are moving away from using the database
20:13:56CIA-81Commit f1d3ff4 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Remove ata_removable() and ata_present() from multidriver code.
20:15:59CIA-81f1d3ff4 build result: All green
20:18:17 Join Urne [0] (~Urne@
20:21:45amiconnTorne: What do I need to do that git knows me as a commiter? Is that status transferred from svn?
20:25:47 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:25:54 Quit PaulJam (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:27:47 Join cliptester [0] (
20:30:41dreamlayersamiconn: one of the administrators needs to add you to the Rockbox Committers group
20:52:29Torneamiconn: i'll do it, one moment
20:52:47Tornewe can't transfer it from svn automatically because there's no sane way to relate who is who
20:53:33Tornebtw, you RSB-type people may want to talk to the swedes about maybe if some other people should be in the admin group
20:53:35*amiconn still needs to create ssh keys
20:53:37Tornecurrently it's them and me
20:54:11pixelmaTorne: do I have to ask too?
20:54:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:54:33 Join curtism [0] (
20:55:24Tornepixelma: done now :)
20:55:41pixelmathanks :)
20:58:22AlexPTorne: I don't think that's very different from SVN (in fact there is now an extra person too)
20:59:17TorneRight, but with svn it's because ou need to edit files on the server
20:59:51Torneanyway, i'm not saying we need more people
20:59:54AlexPWell, I don't mind either way :)
20:59:58Tornei'm just saying the people in charge may want to discuss it :))
21:00:29AlexPIs it just for adding committers, or is there other stuff?
21:00:50Torneadministrators can change who is in any group, can change the permissions on projects, and can run a few things like sql queries over ssh
21:01:13 Quit fs-bluebot (Quit: So long, and thanks for all the fish.)
21:01:14Tornewe could add a new group that had the power to modify who was in the committers group
21:01:18Torneand use that, actually
21:01:25Tornethen it wouldn't open them up to the other bits
21:01:28Torneit's all flexible
21:01:45AlexPMy view would be to maybe wait and see if we need it
21:01:48Tornenotably, being in the admin group *doesn't* give you any permissions on actual projects
21:01:54Tornei.e. it doesn't enable you to do anything extra through git
21:02:02Torneso it doesn't leave you open to mistaks there :)
21:02:07AlexPgood :)
21:03:35 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:04:33bluebrotherok, so let's see if this works.
21:04:51bluebrother.describe c42f19f89
21:04:52fs-bluebotDisable the backdrop in the failsafe theme so the colours acually work by Jonathan Gordon (from Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:22:07 +0000)
21:05:10bluebrotherI'm not referring to Gerrit #123.
21:05:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at,123
21:05:16bluebrotheror rather G#2
21:05:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #2 at,2
21:05:23bluebrotheror review 5
21:05:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #5 at,5
21:05:27bluebrotherlooks fine :)
21:05:44bluebrothergetting information about the review itself will come later.
21:05:48 Join Horscht [0] (
21:05:49 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
21:05:49 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:06:58bluebrotherany other ideas?
21:11:18funmanautomated bug fixing :)
21:11:30 Quit cliptester (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912])
21:14:45bluebrotherfunman: provide me with the algorithm :)
21:17:48 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:17:49 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:18:55 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:21:35 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:22:06 Quit fs-bluebot (Client Quit)
21:22:30 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:22:31 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:23:02amiconnHmm, does the rockbox git server not listen on ipv6?
21:23:41 Quit skamster (Remote host closed the connection)
21:31:03 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
21:50:14 Quit curtism (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:57:51alexbobpRockbox for android crashes reliably when it stops playing certain files
21:57:56alexbobpeither at the end, or if you skip track
21:58:06alexbobpis this a known issue? and would it be helpful to provide example files where this happens?
22:03:25 Join curtism [0] (
22:04:02kugelI don't think gerrit is made for,70
22:05:40gevaertskugel: in what way?
22:06:44kugelI don't know the purpose of the ticket, but inclusion to git doesn't seem to be it (considering the ci message)
22:07:46kugelnot in that form anyway
22:07:53gevaertsRight. I'd have phrased that as "Not entirely ready yet" I guess
22:08:08kugelif it's still WIP it shouldn't be on gerrit, no?
22:08:21bluebrother^why not?
22:08:39bluebrother^having it on gerrit makes it possible for others to comment on it.
22:08:48gevaertsTechnically anything that needs review is a work in progress, unless you know the review won't find any issues
22:09:19 Join LinusN [0] (
22:09:34Tornekugel: It's absolutelfy for stuff that's WIP, yes
22:09:53 Part LinusN
22:10:06TorneThe idea is that if you think it's done and want it reviewed, you ask someone to review it
22:10:19Tornethe existence of a review is not supposed to be a signal that this patch wants committing right now
22:10:37gevaertsyou could of course set your own -2 to mark it as not ready
22:10:56kugelright, "if you think it's done"
22:11:00TorneOr -1 if you are not a committer, which while it doesn't technically forbid it being committed, if the author has -1'ed it, that's a pretty strong signal
22:11:21Tornei wouldn't generally bother, though
22:11:45Tornethe expectation should be that it's your change and if you want something done with it, it's up to you to make that happen
22:12:19kugelif the uploader even thinks "it's not yet done" then it shouldnt be on gerrit
22:12:57kugelwe end up with the same mess of half-done patches as with flyspray
22:13:33kugelI generally don't bother with a code review if the patch is incomplete
22:13:44gevaertsThen don't review it
22:15:31 Quit Thra11 (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:15:38bluebrother^it might make a lot of sense to review an early patch if you want to figure if the approach taken is feasible / wanted / etc. even if the patch itself isn't intended to get committed.
22:15:54bluebrother^and having such stuff in the same place is a good thing. So put it in Gerrit.
22:16:06gevaertsExactly. Wanting review isn't too related with being ready for commit
22:16:46Tornekugel: The intention is that, in general, *nobody* will ever browse the list of open reviews
22:16:48bluebrother^there's a reason one can abandon patches in Gerrit :)
22:16:54Tornekugel: they don't on other projects that use code review.
22:17:04Tornethere are tens of thousands of open reviews on rietveld :)
22:17:22TorneGerrit is a tool for you to use to store youru change, whatever state it's in
22:17:33TorneIf you want other people to see or do anything with it, *you drive this*
22:17:36Torneby talking to people
22:17:44Tornenot by just assuming that because it's on some list it will be dealt with
22:18:15Tornethis is exactly what we discussed at devcon
22:19:07Torneanyway, dinner
22:19:34 Join othniel [0] (~othniel@
22:28:35kugel[Saint]: does your new cabbie version fix the touch region stuff?
22:29:59kugel[Saint]: imo the volume pop up in svn is superior to yours
22:30:09[Saint]"the touch region stuff"?
22:30:34[Saint]and, we've already differed on opinions about "better" :)
22:31:11kugeldid you look at it? svn actually uses the volume bar in the pop, not the progress bar
22:33:22kugelin the 320x480 version the popup is sometimes stuck (i.e. doesn't show up) and is generally a bit flaky
22:35:10 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:35:35[Saint]when was the last time you tested that, a user reported that on svn and mine.
22:35:41[Saint]but its since fixed.
22:35:44kugelI know you've pretty much given up on svn cabbie (and haven't had time lately) so I'm in doubt you've actually seen it
22:35:51 Quit dreamlayers (Quit: dreamlayers)
22:35:59[Saint]Who says I've given up on it?
22:36:03kugelthe last version i tested was r7
22:36:18[Saint]Haven't. Had. TIme. ...that's all.
22:37:57[Saint]I think whatever issue caused this volume thing affected both cabbies, and, is since gone. The one report I got of it, the user updated his build...and it fixed itself automagically.
22:38:31[Saint]I never build(s) caused it.ed to whatevr saw it, probably because I never update
22:38:41[Saint]wow...that messed up.
22:39:10 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.6)
22:39:16[Saint]I never saw it, probably because I never updated to whatever build(s) caused it.
22:40:40kugelI tried various svn version, and there was no major change in the meantime
22:40:47kugelI can try again, though
22:40:53[Saint]I pretty much don't pay attention to "weird issues" like that, especially when there's been no change from me to cause it.
22:41:27kugelyour skin code having bugs is not possible? :)
22:41:28[Saint]I had the same thing with a report your alised bitmaps patch fucked font rendering...that "apparently I caused".
22:42:24[Saint]generally, themes don't cause issues. Not when they've been working fine for months prior, and not updated during the "breakage" period, no. :)
22:42:49kugelIIRC the menu pop didn't show up anymore if you came back from the playlist viewer
22:43:10kugelyour 320x480 never worked properly for me in that regard
22:43:15[Saint]I'll try it here when I've restored my phone.
22:44:06[Saint]the code for all three is identical save the viewport/image x/y declarations, so, if one's broken...they all are.
22:45:55[Saint]there's a situation caused by the timeouts and a fullscreen redraw (exiting/re-entering the wps for example) where if you're *really* can stop a condition from going true.
22:46:15[Saint]that's the "ugliest" thing I've seen possible so far.
22:46:56 Quit n1s (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:47:04 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
22:47:10[Saint]and, that sounds like exactly what you're hitting.
22:47:47[Saint]I can /probably/ lower the timeout to 1 second...
22:49:00CIA-81Commit 63ddd15 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Fix win32 simulator build (FS #12564).
22:49:06[Saint]I'll pull from git and check your cabbie out to see what it is/isn't doing.
22:49:43[Saint]"your cabbie", I don't think it belongs to anyone anymore. Its got a fair few peoples stink on it :P
22:50:01CIA-81Commit 9a4656b in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Include stdlib.h for atexit().
22:51:17CIA-8163ddd15 build result: All green
22:51:22[Saint]and, regarding the volume slider...I used a bar because "its more android-ish"
22:51:40[Saint]I've been meaning to make it more obvious what that popup does.
22:52:21[Saint]individual +/- and mute icons will go there, probably with a "volume" heading of some form.
22:53:09CIA-819a4656b build result: All green
22:54:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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23:02:17CIA-81Commit feef422 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Improve/unify German translation.
23:04:13CIA-81feef422 build result: All green
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