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#rockbox log for 2012-02-03

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00:11:09bluebrotherkugel: are you talking about g#77? If so then yes, I got an email from gerrit
00:12:32[Saint]bluebot goes off on imgur urls but not that? weird.
00:12:33BaltowolfOk, so I downloaded the Sansa firmware updater to reinstall the OF to RMA my player, but there's no option to update it. Do I have to reinstall it manually since it technicaly have the latest firmware?
00:14:01bluebrother[Saint]: it shouldn't trigger on imgur anymore. I've made the regexp stricter (but seems too strict)
00:15:47BaltowolfWill the manual firmware update method remove the RB bootloader on my Fuze?
00:16:54Baltowolf[Saint]: was that at me?
00:17:01gevaertsBaltowolf: I believe someone asked about that yesterday or the day before. You might want to check irc logs
00:20:20JdGordon[Saint]: can you tihnk of better syntax?
00:21:49[Saint]Not off the top of my head. I don't really like the way it is now, but I can't say I have a better solution, yeah.
00:22:00Baltowolfgevaerts: Ok, looking at the manual it appears so, double checking, manually reinstalling the OF removes the bootloader, correct?
00:22:35gevaertsBaltowolf: how many more times are you going to ask the same question?
00:22:51Baltowolfsorry, I just want to make sure.
00:22:52JdGordon[Saint]: that will let you have neater viewport lines.. it is very happy with %and(%C, %if(...)) or %vg(foo) or whatever
00:23:17gevaertsOK. I'll give a different answer then. No, it will turn green
00:31:04Baltowolfok, done. :P
00:32:23JdGordon[Saint]: what the flying fuck is ?
00:34:45[Saint]I completely misread the forum thread and thought that all comment lines would add a blank line now, breaking "in viewport" comments.
00:34:54[Saint]Then I kept reading.
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01:41:07dreamlayers Reddit sometimes likes Jesus
01:41:20JdGordonwrong channel dreamlayers :)
01:41:38dreamlayersI'm really sorry about this :|
01:41:49dreamlayersI though I was sending to IM
01:43:33[Saint_]Heh. Awesome.
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02:05:52dreamlayersSo, is there interest in PP502x disk DMA? I'm thinking of compiling test builds for all PP502x players. They could be used to check if the FS #12391 cache bug is present and test the workaround.
02:05:53fs-bluebot PP502x commit_discard_idcache() causes memory corruption (bugs, requires)
02:09:33[Saint_]dreamlayers: I could give it a try on a few targets.
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02:23:30JdGordondreamlayers: if you do a video build i can test it
02:25:29dreamlayers[Saint_], JdGordon: Thanks! I'll make the test builds and announce it in the dev mailing list when I'm done.
02:26:03[Saint_]No worries man.
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02:58:04funmanany plan for branching HWCODEC now that hve git ?
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07:53:13*pixelma hopes not
08:02:19funmanpixelma: why not? did you see the mail thread?
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11:28:43sobersabreIs there a way to run rockbox on zen x-fi device ?
11:33:41bertrikcurrently, no
11:33:58bertrikand no one is working on getting rockbox to work on that device
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13:46:07bertrikI pushed a patch to gerrit, and I want to commit it now, can I commit it from the gerrit ui, or should I just push from my local machine?
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13:46:51gevaerts I'd push it from gerrit
13:47:15gevaertsI don't think it matters though
13:47:54pamaurysobersabre: I have done some work on the zen x-fi 2
13:47:59ZagorI think it becomes a bit confusing if you first push it manually and then rejects the change in gerrit
13:48:07pamauryand I believe the x-fi and the x-fi2 are really close
13:48:12Zagorso I think you should do it via gerrit
13:49:07gevaertsZagor: gerrit could see the change id though
13:49:38Zagorright, maybe it handles it transparently. try it!
13:49:54bertrikIt looks like I first need to review my own patch :)
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13:50:23CIA-10Commit 7d54ff0 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: Add graphics for solitaire/blackjack plugins for the sansa clip zip by Nathan Korth
13:50:43bertrikooh, that was too easy :)
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13:52:43CIA-107d54ff0 build result: All green
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13:58:51TorneZagor: It does handle it transparently
13:59:05Torneif you push a change directly that has a Change-Id it marks the change as merged
13:59:08Tornenot as abandoned
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14:38:50*gevaerts wonders about the plugin thread on the ML. Are there really two options listed in there?
14:39:01gevaertsYou *can't* do (2) without (1)!
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15:15:10kugellet's use Kconfig!
15:19:28gevaertsNo, CML2!
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16:48:12Tornekugel: i thougth a bit about how to do it, and i suspect a nice way would be to just replace the current list-of-names-that-gets-preprocessed with a file that's just one line per plugin, listing the features it requires and something like !fuze_v2 or whatever
16:48:25Tornethat coul dbe parsed with a pretty trivial script, based on the same features thingy we use for the manual?
16:48:48Torneif we assume the list of excluded targets is not going to be that big in most cases, that doesn't seem too horrid.
16:48:56Torne(most targets that need to be excluded will be excluded by lacking the features)
16:49:22kugelis that really an improvement over the current solution?
16:49:40Torneit wouldn't depend on the relative positions of lines vs ifdefs
16:49:59pixelmathe feature thingy is actually made for the lang system but was made to be useful for the manual too
16:50:00Tornewhich is the major problem with doing it with ifdefs now
16:50:07Tornepixelma: well, okay. but still.
16:50:21Tornekugel: most plugins could currently be described in just a couple of words
16:50:53Tornei don't think anything is nested inside more than three ifdefs
16:51:06Torne*maybe* four
16:51:12Torneit is a little hard to see, admittedly
16:51:56Torneanother easy alternative would be to just not nest the ifdefs, and instead duplicate the conditions
16:52:10Tornesuch taht each plugin (or set of plugins with identical conditions) have their own #if A && B && C && !D block
16:52:21Torneverbose, but much easier to read than what is in there now
16:52:30pixelmaand then funman restructures ;)
16:52:56Torneyou could #define new symbols within the file to simplify repeated conditions
16:53:04Tornei think that might be reasonable, actually
16:53:35Tornethe nesting is what makes those files hard to contemplate adding *yet anotehr* set of ifdefs to restrict specific targets
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19:51:50funmani see 3 levels of nesting for plugins
19:53:06funmanNATIVE -> BUFFER_SIZE < 0x20000 (for overlays) -> KEYPAD != (ONDIO|M200) (not enough buttons)
19:53:22funmanNATIVE -> HWCODEC -> LCD_BITMAP
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20:04:50CIA-10Commit 1a083cd in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233/fuze+: fix a typo, handle volume differently because of the line1/dac mode difference.
20:06:56CIA-101a083cd build result: All green
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21:06:05SolarNRTHi guys, I've got a 3rd gen ipod nano and I'm trying to hack it with rockbox and it says it isn't supported. HELP
21:06:18SolarNRTIs there another way to hack it so I can get mp3s on it not from itunes?
21:10:23 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
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21:34:04SolarNRTI can see my music on the ipod
21:34:11SolarNRTBut when I disconnect it says no music found
21:34:26SolarNRTIs there an index file that is supposed to be on the ipod that isn't there because I used clementine?
21:45:52kugelJdGordon, funman: what's about FS #11159 ?
21:45:53fs-bluebot FM settings removal patch for funman (patches, new)
21:49:31funmandon't remember
21:49:56funmanah those settings didn't apply to FM when using pass through
21:50:09funmanbut jhMikeS made some changes since i believe, not sure if it still applies
21:53:03 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
21:53:25kugelcan it be closed then?
21:53:46n1sSolarNRT: it's not supported, itunes uses some kind of database but that's not on topic here
21:55:13funmankugel: let me try
22:02:46kugelcan I see who added me for review request?
22:03:09Torneyes, they are shown on your open review page
22:03:14Tornewho added it?
22:03:16Torneno, don't think so
22:03:22Tornenot sure it bothres storing that
22:03:34funmankugel: yes it works now, it can be closed
22:03:58kugelTorne: right, I just saw someone requested me to review for two tasks
22:06:20kugelI wasn't notified by mail, though
22:06:39Torneshould be
22:07:30kugelit doesnt work then :)
22:07:47Torneworks for me
22:08:11kugelI don't have gerrit mails related to that in any of my mail accounts
22:08:27Torneit will go to whatever is the default selected in your gerrit account
22:08:38kugelwas I automatically added because I commented on that tasks?
22:08:47TorneTHen nobody added you, no
22:08:52Torneyou get added if you interact with it
22:09:01Torneand that doesn't email you, because it assumes you don't ned to read your own interactions
22:09:06kugelalright, I suspect that happened then
22:09:21Torneit adds you if you comment or rate it, on the assumption that you want to see replies
22:10:06kugelTorne: that makes sense. I didn't think "Review Requests for Thomas Martitz" is the same, though
22:10:47TorneThe ones in bold are ones you haven't rated, iirc
22:14:28 Part TomColler
22:21:32SolarNRTWhat do the files on an ipo ._
22:21:32SolarNRT._iPod_Control do?
22:21:44SolarNRTThey are normally hidden
22:22:18Torneit contains the settings for the OF, and synced files (along with the OF's database)
22:22:41SolarNRTWithout the file, can I play my music?
22:22:46SolarNRTIs it an essential file?
22:23:14Tornethe apple firmware will recreate it if you delete it
22:23:22Tornerockbox dosn't care
22:23:35Tornethough if you synced your music iwth itunes and you delete it, your music will be gone. :)
22:24:09SolarNRTBut I can't get rockbox to work on my 3rd gen ipod nano unfortunately, and the ipod nano has files that play in VLC from my laptop in ipodcontrol/F00 and /f01 etc
22:24:16SolarNRTBut the ipod nano can't find any songs
22:24:22SolarNRTAnd I hate itunes
22:24:27SolarNRTI never want to use it ever again
22:24:52SolarNRTIf I build my own ._iPod_Control file can I use that to reference any song I drag drop there?
22:25:48Torneif you're using the original firmware you need to use iTunes or something else that syncs media in the same way
22:25:54SolarNRTAre there any alternatives to rockbox?
22:25:54Torneand, er, asking for help here is not really relevant
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22:26:20SolarNRTCan I install ubuntu onto an ipod?
22:26:24 Quit bertrik (Quit: And That, My Liege, Is How We Know the Earth to Be Banana Shaped)
22:26:52saratogayou can't install anything at all on your ipod
22:27:50 Join perrikwp [0] (
22:28:20 Join Keripo [0] (
22:30:57SolarNRTWhy not?
22:31:41saratoganothing has ever been developed for it
22:32:37SolarNRTDoes this mean the ipon 3rd gen nano is "unhackable" or does it mean I may yet be the first to hack it?
22:32:51SolarNRTIf I have to I'll solder pins into my arduino
22:33:02Tornethe security has been broken, you can run code on it
22:33:09Tornebut nobody has developed any software to run on it
22:33:19saratogagiven the questions you've asked, you're not going to be hacking anything
22:34:37SolarNRTI know linux, couldn't I just install the relevent debian packages to get ubuntu to run on it?
22:35:01Torneinstall.. how? :)
22:35:42saratogathats not how these things work
22:36:07SolarNRTSomeone installed ubuntu on an ipad
22:36:09SolarNRTIt CAN be done
22:36:24SolarNRTI expect Ipad security is wwaay better than an 8gb nano
22:36:52Tornetyhe hardware in the ipad/iphone is totally differnet to the nano 3g, and it boots in a completely different way
22:37:06Torneyes, people can boot linux on the iOS devices.
22:37:16Tornethat has nothing to do with the non-touch iPods.
22:37:42Tornethe security on the nano has already been broken
22:39:17SolarNRTOK can you give me some leads on breaking ipod nano security, I'll handle the rest
22:39:32SolarNRTWhat tools do I need?
22:39:39saratogayou're not handling anything
22:39:52SolarNRTI'll figure it out eventually
22:39:53saratogacheck back in a year and see if anyone has made progress on it
22:40:04SolarNRTThe 3g nano is already obselete
22:40:28SolarNRTWhat tools will work with a 3g nano other than itunes?
22:41:31 Quit anewuser ()
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22:43:04 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
22:43:32SolarNRTCan Banshee, Amarok or gtkpod work with an ipod nano 3g?
22:44:25saratogaSolarNRT: thats off topic here, but theres lots of other sites about apple products
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23:44:20SolarNRTEMcore does not support the ipod 3g nano. Is there anything that does?
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