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#rockbox log for 2012-02-15

00:00:16saratogai think the other digits are the MAC address for your particular chip (could check in the OF)
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00:01:38pamaurynice catch
00:03:00saratogaapparently its based on the Marvell Technology W8686B12
00:06:08pamaurywhere did you find such information ?
00:06:19saratogalots of google :)
00:06:56saratogathe same IC was mentioned by isupply as containing a marvell chip, and the sansa connect wiki mentions that chip as being integrated into a Murata IC
00:07:23saratogawhich started with the same 6 digits, then had 12 variable ones (the mac address)
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00:09:19pamauryomg, someone desoldered such a thing to figure out
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00:10:27saratogathis also says the same:
00:11:28saratoganow all you have to do is add an IP stack to rockbox :D
00:12:38pamauryI have no idea how you use such a chip. And I have little knowledge of how an IP stack really work :)
00:12:47gevaertsYou don't have to
00:12:58gevaertsYou get lwip and plug in the hardware driver :)
00:13:03pamauryif I have to write the driver...
00:14:08saratogaheh that wifi chip is itself an ARMv5E SOC
00:14:51pamauryyou probably don't want to write the code that does the actual stuff :)
00:18:16saratogayeah, looks like its got some internal ROM that handles the actual networking, and then you talk to it over SDIO, SPI, etc to transmit
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00:19:24pamauryit's funny to see how the nand chips are soldered on top of each other
00:20:05pamauryanyway, thanks guys, I'll go to bed now that I know all the secrets of this board
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00:28:23saratogaapparently people use that wifi chipset with various linux devices, so its possible theres some kind of driver floating around
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01:26:01nkorthI'm trying to set up Git with Gerrit - I added my public key (which I already had generated for using Bitbucket), but testing SSH access returns "Permission denied (publickey)." Am I missing something obvious?
01:30:44nkorthI changed the public key comment to my email address instead of user@hostname, but it still doesn't work.
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01:51:58JdGordon_nkorth: are you sure you've got ssh sending the right key?
01:52:48nkorthyeah, I just tried making a new rsa key (the other one's dsa), verbose output shows that both are being tried and both fail
01:53:26JdGordon_have you tried manually cnnecting to grrit over ssh? i.e not through git
01:54:33nkorththat's what I've been trying, the "ssh -p 29418 ssh://" suggested in the wiki
01:55:12JdGordon_triple check you've got the key setup in gerrit correctly then
01:55:28nkorthi've re-entered it several times now
01:55:36nkorthtrying both rsa and dsa
01:55:53nkorthpretty sure it's not a whitespace issue or something
01:56:08JdGordon_you havnt copiecd the private part into gerrit have you?
01:56:41nkorth"cat ~/.ssh/"
01:57:17JdGordon_Torne: you round?, I tried it again and it worked this time
01:59:00nkorthi used a different command this time, "ssh -p 29418"
01:59:49nkorthmaybe the problem was in fact the dsa key, because gnome prompted me to unlock a key this time
02:00:27nkorththe dsa one was already unlocked, so it was definitely using rsa this time
02:00:38JdGordon_dunno.. I've setup the .ssh/config file so it all just magically works, no need to type extra stuff
02:03:15nkorthwell, thanks for the help
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02:22:07dropboxuserif i install rockbox on an ipod, do i still have to use itunes to get the files to the ipod? or can i simply drag and drop the files to the ipod as if it was an external disk drive?
02:22:32JdGordon_no, yes
02:23:00dropboxuserthat is freaking awesome!!!
02:23:26dropboxusercan rockbox play 24/96 flac files
02:24:30JdGordon_check the wiki
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05:38:48JdGordon_[Saint_]: sooooo.... :D
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05:38:53JdGordon_hows.... the.....
05:38:57JdGordon_popup :D
05:39:09JdGordon_(and the cabbie for the GN)
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05:41:50[Saint]Assuming my plans stay in place, I'll have another play tonight. I'm /fairly/ confident I know how to tackle "the dance of the many viewports" now.
05:42:14[Saint]As for GN cabbie, I've really no excuses there :)
05:42:36JdGordon_have you tried the %and() tag?
05:42:43JdGordon_by the sounds of it it might help you here
05:42:57[Saint]Yeah, that's what I'm thinking also.
05:43:27JdGordon_can you resize the 480*800 backdrop images to the GN size and I'll try a striaght upsize port?
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05:44:25JdGordon_that said, the sooner Zagor gets his scaling patch going the better :)
05:44:45[Saint]Sure. I'll give you a buzz when I've finished pissing around with "real life" things at home.
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06:24:28saratogaban natsuto for spam
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09:48:53masterI want to draw a smiley face on my sansa clip v2. I am looking at the lamp plug in to try to figure out how to change pixel colors and stuff. can anyone give me any tips please?
09:53:13 Join jdgord [0] (~jdgord@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
09:53:16masterim a novice progarmmer but completed the hello world tutorial in the wiki. the plugins are a wall of text to me though so please give me advice on where i can start
09:53:33masteron how to change pixel colors and draw a smiley face on the sansa clip v2. anyone please?
09:56:01jdgordHave you looked at the graphics api silk page?
09:57:21jdgord(Which is probably outdated)
09:58:03[Saint]Lamp.rock /probably/ (almost certainly) isn't what you want to be looking at.
09:58:32[Saint]You'd be better off looking at LUA
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10:03:52master[Saint]: i'm a beginner. what is LUA? where do I find it?
10:04:07jdgordIt's a scripting language
10:04:24jdgordMuch better than c for user plugins
10:04:26masterjdgord: I have to learn a whole new language just to change a pixel color?
10:04:29[Saint]And we have an (almost) complete implementation.
10:04:49[Saint]Plenty enough to draw a wee Smiley face.
10:05:00jdgordNo, but depends what used want to do lua is probably a better choice anyway
10:05:52masterjdgord: Well im just looking for somrthing that a lay person can understand right now. can you point me to some web page something that a beginner can understand please that will put me on the path to figuring out how to change a pixel color on my sansa clip v2?
10:06:18jdgordYou've been here before right?
10:06:30[Saint]Many times.
10:06:50[Saint]Thus is a replay of discussions past.
10:06:59masterjdgord: yes a couple of time
10:07:37[Saint]I seem to recall recommending you check out our LUA implementation then too. ;)
10:07:51[Saint]And to avoid lamp.rock
10:08:12master[Saint]: is this the best starting place for that?
10:08:40jdgordMaster: yeah, asking to change a pixel colour isn't really helpful
10:08:56[Saint]I'd opt for the sources, personally.
10:09:13[Saint]There's no better documentation than the source itself.
10:16:23master[Saint]: What do you mean by source? lamp.c ? that is what i was asking about. is looking at a plugin like lamp.c the easiest way for me to figure out how to change pixel colors? have you drawn smiley faces and stuff before?
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10:17:49[Saint]Firstly. Forget about lamp.rock (or by extension lamp.c), its useless to you.
10:18:05 Join dv_ [0] (
10:18:09[Saint]Secondly, try having a look at boomshine.lua
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10:22:23master[Saint]: ok i googled it and found some code but have no idea what to do with that. I can't do much more than follow step by step hello world tutorials. Does anyone know if theres any step by step guides for beginners on rockbox development that are about as easy to follow as the hello world one?
10:25:19[Saint]First thing you should do is checkout the Rockbox sources from the git repo, then have a look at the lua implementation. boomshine.lua is the only full example present, but there's plenty enough there to guide you to draw arbitrary sprites to the screen.
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10:26:14master[Saint]: Thank for the reply. What do you mean by rockbox sources? files like lamp.c?
10:27:11[Saint]Yes. The source files used to compile Rockbox.
10:27:15masterSaint How do i use boomshine? im new to linux too. If start with will it teach me how to use boomshine to draw pixels?
10:27:38master[Saint]: Do i have to install LUA on my virtual machine Ubuntu?
10:28:29[Saint]No. boomshine.lua us just a plugin. But there is plenty enough code there to be able to disassemble the basics.
10:28:38[Saint]And no, you don't.
10:31:29master[Saint]: Ok. so boomshine won't help me draw pixels but it will hlep me disassemble the basics of what? of the LUA language?
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10:36:15mastera LUA file with no comments in it. is this the best help I can get for drawing a smiley face?
10:36:26masterim a noob
10:40:01n17ikhin rockbox-on-android, how do the power management options work? will "idle power off" actually shut down the phone?
10:40:06n17ikhor does it just exit Rockbox?
10:40:51GodEater_definitely won't shut off the phone
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11:25:09TorneJdGordon_: nkorth's problem earlier was that ssh does not accept the ssh:// prefix :)
11:25:43Torneand the wiki page does not include it
11:25:45Torneso, yeah.
11:27:00Torneit's kinda annoying that it doesn't
11:27:17Tornesince basically every other app that uses ssh as a transport uses that prefix
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13:37:09bonjurkhello room, rockbox noob here
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13:53:49JdGordon[Saint]: so, any chance you had time to do the graphics resizing for the GN?
13:54:42JdGordonZagor: ping?
14:01:06 Part TomColler
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14:19:42Guest93289I was wondering, is there a way to have Rockbox ignore the "The" in band names? Like "The Allman Brothers"? I know there was a patch made for it at one point after some Googling but I don't recall seeing a download link.
14:19:46 Nick Guest93289 is now known as Baltowolf (
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14:28:48Tornethe patch did it by just ignoring the fixed string; we aren't interested in committing that (it's around on flyspray somewhere)
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14:28:57 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:29:00Tornethe "right" way is to use the sort versions of the fields in the metadata
14:29:15Tornebut our database doesn't implement that yet ;)
14:29:20Tornea patch to do *that* would be good :)
14:33:19*[Saint] settles for "sane" tagging.
14:33:55[Saint]Beatles, The
14:34:02[Saint]For example.
14:34:30TorneThat's not really "sane", though
14:34:43Tornethe right way is for the sort artist to be "Beatles, The" but the regular artist tag to be "The Beatles"
14:34:49Tornethen it sorts correctly but still displays nicely
14:34:57Tornebut, yeah, the rockbox db doesn't support that yet :)
14:35:14 Quit master (Quit: Page closed)
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14:36:29[Saint]You can also achieve this with some tagnavi.custom fuckery
14:36:59[Saint]Errr, "fluffy kittens"...I mean.
14:37:24 Join mikroflops [0] (
14:37:37Baltowolf[Saint]: lol. Kittnes.
14:38:25BaltowolfTorne: so there's no way to do it then? Reading why the patch was rejected sounds just plain stupid though, English is the most spoken languagei nthe world, so The should be ignored. It's not like it would be too hard to make a list, would it?
14:38:43TorneIt's not possible to make a list that's actually right
14:38:51TorneEven for one language. :)
14:39:00[Saint]The patch was rejected because its a stupid idea.
14:39:13TorneFun cases: Where does "Die Krupps" sort. What about "Die Screaming"?
14:39:17TorneWhat about "The The"
14:39:22Baltowolf[Saint]: how? Plenty of people would like "The"
14:39:30BaltowolfYou could have an ignore list, couldn't you?
14:39:37[Saint]Its not a fix, its an ugly workaround.
14:39:52BaltowolfI think someone should make a patch with a list you can alter, both exceptions and what to ignore.
14:39:58[Saint]Write the patch then, if its so easy.
14:39:58TorneSomeone is welcome to do so
14:40:03TorneWe won't commit it, though
14:40:08Tornebecause it's a stupid idea
14:40:13BaltowolfI'm not a coder, I just doubt it's that hard.
14:40:17TorneIt's not that hard, no
14:40:22BaltowolfAfter all, someone already made a patch to ignore words.
14:40:25[Saint]Learn to code then?
14:40:44TorneYour files quite probably *already have* correct sort tags, btw; lots of tagging programs handle that for you
14:40:47 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Quit)
14:40:54BaltowolfHow is it a stupid idea if it's a useful feature? I find it incredibly annoying that in Rockbox all my "the" bands are in one line, not alphabetically.
14:40:57Torneso if someone made the db support that, then it would probably start working for most of your files
14:41:05Torneand for the ones where it didn't, they are tagged wrong :)
14:41:12 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
14:41:13BaltowolfWould the sort tags display the band name with "the" before it?
14:41:21TorneIt doesn't affect how it's displayed
14:41:24TorneJust how it's sorted
14:41:26Tornethat's teh point
14:41:30BaltowolfWhen's it supposed to be implemented?
14:41:38TorneNothing is supposed to be implemented ever
14:41:42Baltowolfwell, if it is
14:41:44TorneWe don't have goals/timelines/schedules/deadlines
14:41:46[Saint]Never, unless someone does the work.
14:41:55TorneIf someone implements it, and the patch is okay, we'll commit it
14:41:56[Saint]You're welcome to do so.
14:42:04Torneif some developer gets around to doing it, they can commit it themselves
14:42:05Torneotehrwise, never
14:42:41[Saint]It should be noted I gave you an alternative solution also.
14:42:57[Saint]The tagnavi file is well documented.
14:44:28Torneanyway. we are not interested in committing a dubious workaround for this that only handles some cases, and handles some cases wrong, when the right way is perfectly possible, just more work.
14:45:25[Saint]Ohhhh....I see why that was funny now ;) I was being serious, though. The wiki documents use of tagnavi.custom well enough to achieve this.
14:45:34Tornedoes it?
14:45:35Baltowolf[Saint]: what's that do?
14:45:44Tornei can't think how you would do this with tavnagi
14:46:00Baltowolfand wahat is "tagnavi"?
14:46:00Torneif it is possible, would you mind putting an example up on the wiki? that might be helpful for folks :)
14:46:14TorneBaltowolf: the config file that determines how the databse is displayed
14:46:22[Saint]I've seen it done before with tagnavi, I believe.
14:47:42[Saint]You can check for the presence of "the" and strip x characters, iirc.
15:30:44 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
15:42:22 Part Baltowolf
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15:57:58pixelmachanging 'colours' on a Clip v2?
15:58:54[Saint]Sure, from yellow/blue to black ;)
16:11:56 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
16:34:53 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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16:54:49 Part Zagor
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17:23:54 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:24:30 Join rboxy [0] (
17:25:27rboxy1st I want to thank and congratulate the Rockbox team for such great piece of software, I use it in my Gigabeat F, my Sansa Fuze and my Android Tablet and in every instance it rocks!
17:26:40rboxyNow I have a question, my Toshiba Gigabeat (that I have since 6 years ago) have started to fall apart (physically and in software)...
17:28:01rboxySo I´m thinking about replacing with an equivalent player. From the currently supported hardware (or soon to be supported), which rockbox device do you recommend me?
17:28:33rboxyIdeally some hardware is relatively recent and especially that has the same sound quality of superior to the Gigabeat?
17:28:35Torneanother gigabeat, or an ipod video
17:28:50Torneor possibly an ipod classic if you are willing ot live with a port hta's not really stable quality yet
17:28:57rboxyWhat nmodel of Gigabeat? I think F is too obsolete
17:29:00Torne(and we can't make any promises about how long it'll take to improve)
17:29:10TorneLess obsolete players are not generally supported
17:29:28Tornethe ipod classic is, i think, the only hard disk based player that's not at least that old that we support
17:29:38Torneyou could go with a flash+sd player
17:29:43Tornethe sansas are okay :)
17:30:49rboxyWell I have Sansa Fuze which is very practical when outside but which is not of the same level of sound quality of the Gigabeat. Also I prefer one with HDisk to try to avoid keeping erasing and copying content
17:31:33Tornehow much space do you actually want, thoguh?
17:31:49rboxyThe idea is that that this new player will be used mainly inside home so the sound quality is essential (teh Fuze is good but not great in that area)
17:31:54Torne32GB uSD cards exist :)
17:32:10Torneand aren't even expesnive.
17:32:11rboxyyeah about 32GB minimum
17:32:28Torneyou can easily get a player with 8GB internal storage and a slot for a 32GB uSD card
17:32:32Tornewhich makes 40GB :)
17:32:40Tornefor, probabluy, a lot less than any hard disk player
17:32:41rboxyand which rockboxed player supports this 32GB card and is of great sound quiality?
17:32:48Torneanything with a card slot supports it
17:32:59Torneand prettymuch all modern players have equivalent sound quality
17:33:45rboxyAlso ideally is something that is still in the market so it can be bought as new and not used
17:33:53 Join nosa [0] (
17:33:56Tornei don't have a fuze, but i'm not sure what you think the sound quality problem with it is
17:34:05Torneiirc we have rmaa results for it that look perfectly fine :)
17:34:18 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
17:34:18 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
17:34:58rboxyWell, I have both a Gigabeat and a Fuze and with the same settings and headphones the Gigabeat pretty much beats the Fuze in Sound Quality
17:35:51rboxyis not that it has a particular problem but it certainly sound inferior −−which with all street noises doesn´t seem to matter much
17:35:56Tornebeats how?
17:36:11Tornei have neither of these devices, but we don't have any reports of the fuze not sounding fine :)
17:36:13gevaertsrboxy: to be honest, the only player I'd prefer over a gigabeat F is a gigabeat X, but good luck finding one of those...
17:36:49rboxyMainly transparency, distortion, dynamics (I hear a lot classical music)
17:37:04TorneHve you measured them? :)
17:37:21Tornemost claims about audio quality we get tend to be imaginary :p
17:38:43rboxyMeasured it? NO, I don´t know how and probably don´t have the equipment, but using one immediately after another with same headphones, settings, recordings, etc, the difference can be heard
17:39:24gevaertsAll you need is a PC with a sound card
17:40:01rboxyAlso probably don´t have much patience/interest in doing such analysis
17:40:24gevaertsAh, that's a different issue of course :)
17:40:40rboxyAlthoug great link! for the future maybe I will need it. Thanks!
17:40:49Tornerboxy: i tend to find that almost all differences between two audio sources turn out to actually be that one is louder than the other
17:41:01TorneThis explains ther esults of a large proportion of listening tests.
17:41:22TorneGiven two copies of the same stream through the same hardware a human listener almost always chooses the one that's slightly louder, but identical in every other way, as preferable ;)
17:42:05Tornei find it useful to do this kind of analysis because you can save a lot of money :p
17:42:23rboxyYeah, sometimes that´s the case and given that the amplifiers in each one is different, one should not assume that a value of for example 0dB in one sounds exactly like a 0dB in the other player
17:43:52rboxyYeah although I haven´t been to scientific, I actually have been very carefull in adjusting every posibble perceivable parameter (as loudness) as equal as possible
17:44:12rboxyBut I guess one can never too sure by being only empirical
17:44:39gevaertsHave you done it without knowing which player you were listening to? If not, forget it :)
17:45:44rboxyYou mean a blind test?
17:46:00Torneyeah, unblinded tests are entirely useless :p
17:47:18rboxyWell since I´m alone while doing this, there is no way to be completely blind while doing thes tests
17:47:45gevaertsIn that case I'd recommend the RMAA tests :)
17:53:35 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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18:19:08 Join pitbull [0] (
18:20:11 Quit pitbull (Client Quit)
18:22:35rboxyHi! I´ve got VERY interrupted sorry. Thanks for the answers I Guess I will start using the Fuze at home and maybe the Android alpha
18:31:26 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
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18:36:44funman[Saint_]: still no nano2g :/
18:44:48 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:44:55 Join nosa [0] (
18:45:10 Nick nosa is now known as nosa-j (
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19:47:56 Part jlbiasini
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22:27:17bertrikI think I have the basic driver-side support for RDS clock-time ready now, except it probably suffers from Y2K38 syndrome
22:27:44 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:27:56bertriktuner_get returns an int which turns the time_t into a signed type
22:35:16LalufuHm. How does one add a comment to a gerrit change?
22:35:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:07gevaertsLalufu: click on review
22:39:26trusttwhere would i find the default settings values? particularly for line padding in menus for touchscreen devices
22:39:32 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:39:34CIA-44Commit b193b75 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: zxbox: make source files include their header file and make function static where possible
22:42:01CIA-44b193b75 build result: All green
22:55:34 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
23:00:36 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.6)
23:02:14trusttnevermind, found it
23:08:37 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:08:37 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
23:08:37 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:09:43pixelmatrustt: may I ask why you would want to change the default value?
23:13:30 Quit ender` (Quit: If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution. -- Robert Sewell)
23:17:02 Join stripwax [0] (
23:17:12 Join kj5 [0] (
23:17:19kj5hello there
23:17:30kj5anyone here?
23:17:40n1snope, noone here
23:17:43hillshumYeah, what?
23:17:49 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:17:58kj5i have some questions about sansa clip +?
23:18:04kj5also would like some help
23:18:08hillshumJust ask
23:18:18kj5today my sansa just froze
23:18:27kj5after soft reset, i got black screen
23:18:30 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
23:18:31kj5usb charging dont work
23:18:44kj5windows couldnt recognize it
23:18:51kj5i forced MSC mode, then formatted it
23:18:59kj5still black screen, cant turn it on
23:19:07kj5sansa firmware updater dont work, don't know wh
23:19:19hillshumDid you have Rockbox installed?
23:19:19kj5tried to install rockbox, still wont turn on
23:19:52kj5installed, uninstalled, installed again, uninstalled again
23:20:01 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
23:20:05kj5formatted without quick format option
23:20:21kj5i think i tried everyhing i read while searching googles.
23:21:25kj5i had recently some problems with this freezing thing, i thought its because of my micro sd but i see thats not the problem.
23:21:57hillshumwhat version of windows?
23:22:19kj5yep, now when i plugged it in, windows cant recognize
23:22:28kj5now i have to do soft reset, then force msc mode.
23:23:10 Quit mystica555_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:23:42kj5also tried putting new OF on memory, didnt work.
23:23:56kj5is this a problem with bootloader or what?
23:25:03kj5should i try to install RB again or try this sansa firmware updater on diffrent system/computer?
23:25:05 Join T44 [0] (
23:25:48gevaertskj5: I can't say I heard about this sort of issue before
23:26:06gevaertsIf I were you, I'd wait around a bit to see if anyone recognises it
23:26:16bertrikkj5, what do you see now if you switch on the clip+?
23:26:17kj5where should i write about it?
23:26:26stripwaxwas rockbox running *when* your sansa originally froze?
23:26:26kj5nothing happens.
23:26:32kj5no, it was OF.
23:26:44hillshumYeah. I personally haven't used my Clip+ in months
23:26:47kj5on RB it wasnt frozing at all.
23:26:59hillshumWas it freezing?
23:27:04stripwaxok so you're saying the original firmware froze. maybe it's not a rockbox problem
23:27:28kj5stripwax i dont think it is, but i cant find help anywhere so came here.
23:27:32gevaertsIt sounds like a hardware issue to me
23:27:42stripwaxkj5 - try #rockbox-community
23:27:51kj5So, why it wasnt freezing on RB at all?
23:27:58stripwax#rockbox is for discussing rockbox ONLY
23:28:05kj5sorry then :(
23:28:05hillshumBecause the bug doesn't exist in RB?
23:28:16kj5hmm, thats clever actually
23:28:18kj5last question
23:28:26kj5would it be good to just send it to sandisk?
23:28:50gevaertsThat's what I would do
23:29:19kj5so i will try to leave it plugged in for day or two, maybe it will cure itself.
23:29:29 Quit Topy44 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:29:43stripwaxkj5 - maybe but sorry that is offtopic here :-(
23:29:44kj5its second thing i bought this year and secend thing thats somehow broken, my lack of luck :(
23:29:51kj5okay thats all
23:30:08kj5bye then
23:30:30 Part kj5
23:43:47 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:44:55trusttpixelma: because the default line padding for menu items is pretty awful for the D2
23:48:53 Quit stripwax (Quit:
23:55:57 Join Rower85 [0] (
23:58:00 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)

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