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#rockbox log for 2012-03-25

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00:16:48user890104[7]: any idea what causes the bug (or feature) in nao2g when you hold down the play button and turn on the lock switch, then release the play button?
00:20:01[7]what does happen?
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00:40:22user890104the release of the play button is not detected after the hold switch is enabled
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00:40:30user890104so the ipod is being shut down
00:40:59user890104i though you know about this one, it has been there for ages
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01:16:38funman[7]: error -110
01:17:01[7]on get device descriptor/64?
01:17:05funman[ 5121.964211] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110
01:17:39[7]that means that it just didn't respond at all
01:17:58[7]i.e. physical layer is up and running, but no responses are being sent at all
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05:05:53KiwiCamAlso. I'm getting artefacts left over from the Volume Progress Bar in my theme. It's the bottom part of the Volume Bar Tag that gets occasionally left behind. I've tried a tonne of different ways of doing the conditionals for the Combo progress bars (volume and PB with Ground effect), but I can't stop the artefacts. Altering the existing conditionals for that usually ends up with the Ground effect flashing, which doesn't look good.
05:05:56[Saint]KiwiCam: Because of the fact that you require no icon be displayed in the repeat == off case (no idea why, but, its your theme...), I'm not aware of any way that this could be easily done.
05:07:07[Saint]And if you're getting artifacts left over, re-evaluate your viewports, the likely explanation is they overlap incorrectly.
05:08:32KiwiCamI want the Icons for Charged/Charging/Shuffle & four of the Repeats to cycle based on %t(x.x). The other way, would be just the shuffle and the repeats cycling together and somehow get the Battery Level to show Charging (similar to say the battery charge on an Android phone ie. increasing up to the current charge level and starting again).
05:09:43[Saint]regarding charging/battery display...even cabbie does this.
05:10:22[Saint]Instead of confusing yourself looking at a massive condition you're not fully grasping, look at the individual segments first.
05:10:34KiwiCamI don't think so, in the way I'm thinking of.
05:11:27[Saint]cabbie has a charged/charging indicator, that is also the battery indicator. If you want to add animation to this, fill in the blanks.
05:12:50KiwiCamOK. I'll keep persevering. No, cabbie is very static.
05:13:18[Saint]It should be just: %?bp<%?bc<|>|> which is the same code I gave you last time.
05:13:29[Saint]If you want to add animation to those conditions, do so.
05:14:11KiwiCamYes. I can do that. It's just all the sub-conditionals. I'll keep persevering.
05:14:58[Saint]As I said last time, and this time, don't look at it as one massive condition. Look at the individual states you want, code lines that work, and then combine them when you're happy.
05:15:17KiwiCamIn the mean time, if someone wants to help with solving the volume bitmap artefact issue, that'd be great. Thanks.
05:15:33KiwiCamWill do. Thanks Saint.
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05:19:02[Saint]Do you realize you have the same battery image for 0% as you do for 100%
05:19:41[Saint]and every value in between is one image?
05:19:48KiwiCamFor sure.
05:19:51[Saint]I guess I need to see it in action.
05:20:04[Saint]It sounds pretty bloody unusable to me ;)
05:21:09KiwiCamWell, thanks to the skinning changes, it does. I'm amazed to be honest that the Clip can handle it.
05:22:25KiwiCamAs opposed to Bar Tags?
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05:25:21[Saint]No, I mean (I'm a little tired, so forgive if it sounds like I'm railing on you here), you use several images all %xl'd and %xd'd individually that could easily be part of one bitmapstrip (hence, only one %xl per strip), and you also %xl the same image with a different identifier (in the worst case 9 individual times), and I guess I'm wondering....why?
05:25:58[Saint]Sure, there's bufflib now...but you could easily cut the total footprint of this theme in half by not loading the same image into buffer ~10 times.
05:28:03KiwiCamI'll have to look at that. I'm not sure how to do it the other way I suppose. I know I do need to go through and tidy the code. Which parts would I need to bitmapstrip?
05:29:01KiwiCamUFO01 -06?
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05:29:38KiwiCamalien-signal01-06. Can't do the AlienH's I don't think.
05:29:46[Saint]At the least, the volume images. Just to check, you can see that you're loading AlienH04.bmp into the buffer (with a seperate identifier each time) 9 times, yes?
05:30:14KiwiCamNo, I can't with the those because of the Bar Tags. Doesn't work.
05:30:47KiwiCamOr, at least, never used to.
05:30:48[Saint]If a bar tag can't accept a subimage as an argument, I'd be willing to call that a bug.
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05:31:25KiwiCamI've discussed that before. Perhaps it has been fixed, but I recall that it was a no goer.
05:31:42KiwiCamDon't quote me on that though.
05:32:15[Saint]It seems an odd limitation, and its forcing you into doing some <pretty_weird_stuff>.
05:32:26KiwiCamI have to go. Play the theme. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Back in two hours.
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05:36:38[Saint]Its not often I can't even begin to grasp what a theme is doing from the code alone.
05:36:46[Saint]Well done, really, well done.
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05:37:28[Saint]I can see the issue we're hitting, but, at this stage...not a way to code my way out of it.
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05:40:09qhoringood evening :)
05:42:52diginetI've asked this before, but perhaps since there are different people here, I could get a different perspective: if you were to build a new DAP, what MCU would you use? Or even, what is the best, still produced, SoC that Rockbox supports?
05:42:52qhorin(using latest nightly, clip+, boot 4.0) is it expected behavior that the "sleep timer" menu does not have a context menu (long select press) and therefore cannot be added to the quick menu or the shortcuts? Also is it expected behavior that when leaving the sleep timer menu with cancel (power button) the timer gets set anyway? Just thought I would check in here first, before opening a bug where there is none
05:48:59bitcrafthey, i've got an issue from a friend with an ipod video 5g...he says it just reverted to the apple firmware, is that a normal issue?
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06:31:42[Saint]bitcraft: what you describe simply isn't possible.
06:31:51[Saint]He probably booted with the hold switch on.
06:32:16bitcraftalright, i'll send him that info
06:32:32[Saint]Reboot (reset with menu+select) and I'll pretty much guarantee it'll boot Rockbox.
06:32:34bitcraftit sounded wrong to me as well
06:33:24bitcraftyou're a savior, saint
06:33:32[Saint]If, say, /.rockbox *did* magically disappear from the HDD, the bootloader would display a very obvious error, not happily boot into the Apple firmware.
06:34:14[Saint]So, I'm putting my money on "booted with hold==on" for now. :)
06:34:40bitcraftis that a trick to boot the original firmware?
06:35:06[Saint]Yes. (well, it's not a trick, its clearly described in the manual).
06:39:32[Saint]The way I see this happen most often is: User stops listening to music, puts the hold switch on (or, the reversal), player shuts down due to idle timeout, later the user plugs the device into USB or a "dumb" charger, player reboots in Original Firmware due to hold switch being in the "true" position.
06:40:05[Saint]+User goes "Oh noes! My Rockbox!" :P
06:40:49[Saint] <−− reference
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06:44:44bitcraftlol, yeah!
06:44:49bitcraftthats pretty much it, too
06:45:14bitcraftfrom my friend:
06:45:37bitcraftRockbox has uninstalled itself from my ipod
06:45:38bitcraftWhat in the fuck
06:45:38bitcraftI was just starting to like it
06:45:39DBUGEnqueued KICK bitcraft
06:45:39bitcraftAnd I can't play my flacs now now, i have to set him straight. thanks for the help
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07:24:29KiwiCam"Well done, really, well done." Saint: Thanks. High praise indeed. I've had the idea for a long time, but I wasn't able to achieve it until the Skinning changes. All in less than 14KB. Unbelievable. That's only part of what I have in mind, but I'm going to take a break on that for a while. I just need to get that damned set of conditionals working, so I can publish what I have. I've got time tonight, so hopefully...
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07:45:18qhorinwas there something changed so that these kind of progress bars do not work anymore? (example: %x(p,pb-bg.bmp,0,0) %xd(p) %pb(0,0,-,-,pb-fg.bmp)
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08:10:39KiwiCamghorin: %x, I gather doesn't work any more. You have to use %xl & %xd combo.
08:17:11 Join factor [0] (~factor@
08:18:35qhorinthank you, KiwiCam :)
08:18:43qhorinmanaged to fix it
08:20:37qhorinI am trying to fix in order to get it to work with the current cvs
08:21:06qhorinprogress bar was easy.. but I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix the "ticker" :/
08:34:05 Join stoffel [0] (
08:38:14qhorinyay! found all the errors it seems :)
08:38:23qhorinany way to share the fixed version with the community?
08:38:48KiwiCamOne of my themes wasn't 100% because of that same issue. I haven't uploaded the fix yet.
08:43:14KiwiCamContact the Creator. That's Clark Locke - soxbox ????
08:44:30KiwiCamSockbox. I'm sure that's him. Put up a Theme Request in the Forum.
08:45:13qhorinthanks a lot for your help, kiwicam :)
08:46:13qhorinmy fix is pretty dirty as I have no clue about theming.. I guess sockbox will come up with a better way of fixing the issues anyway
08:46:50qhorinthe problem with the ticker was, that apparently dates cannot be displayed in scrolling lines anymore
08:47:22qhorinaccording to the wiki: "Scrolling lines can not contain dynamic content such as timers, peak meters or progress bars. "
08:47:39qhorinI guess the date could be considered dynamic as well
08:49:45[Saint]I say, just upload the theme yourself...
08:50:03[Saint]If the original author cared abot the theme, you wouldn't have to fix it now would you? ;)
08:52:10qhorinlooks like sockbox only "adopted" and fixed the skin, too.. the original author seems to be unknown
08:52:10[Saint](I'm also /pretty/ sure that the date is considered static, at worst it will update once per day, when the screen itself will redraw many times per second)
08:52:27qhorinno licensing or similar issues if I re-submit a fixed version of the skin?
08:52:49[Saint]Assuming the original author followed the guidelines, no.
08:53:10qhorinyeah, that's what I thought.. but I could not get the ticker to scroll if it includes the date
08:53:39qhorinso that is either a bug / feature or I am being too noobish :)
08:54:16qhorinlast line of the original code:
08:54:18qhorin%ca%, %cd. %cb %cY
08:54:29qhorincommenting it out and the ticker scrolls again
08:55:07qhorinbut even a simple viewport only displaying %ca would not scroll
08:55:11[Saint]could you pastebin the full section for me please (everything past its viewport declaration).
08:55:24qhorinsure, give me a sec
08:55:30[Saint]but even a simple viewport only displaying %ca would not scroll <−− Hmmm, that seems odd.
08:57:43qhorincommenting out the last line -> scrolling works again
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08:59:21[Saint]Its weirdness due to the fact that its one massive line, as opposed to several alternating sublines.
08:59:35qhorinbut as I said.. I also tried an otherwise working viewport with only %ca and it would not scroll
09:00:03[Saint]a line will only scroll if it *has* to.
09:00:23[Saint]If it doesn't exceed the viewport dimensions, it will remain static.
09:00:33qhorinah.. right.. didn't think of that :)
09:00:41qhoringoing to try with some other random information added into the mix
09:00:54qhorinnot that I particularly care to display the date in the ticker
09:01:13qhorinbut I would want to preserve as much of the original wps functions as possible
09:02:33 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
09:04:37qhorinnope.. no scrolling :/
09:05:11qhorinthat's the code I tried:
09:05:23qhorin%s some random text %ca%, %cd. %cb %cY
09:07:27qhorinonly with random text it scrolls fine
09:08:24[Saint]"%ca%, %cd. %cb %cY" is invalid syntax.
09:08:48[Saint]"%ca, %cd. %cb %cY" isn't, though.
09:10:14qhorinhmm.. that's how it was in the original wps and it displays fine.. just does not scroll
09:10:28qhorinaccording to the wiki:
09:10:32qhorin %, : Display a ','
09:10:47qhorinthe second % is used to escape the ,
09:12:54[Saint]Oooooh, whoops. Heh, need my glasses. the "," escaped my vision.
09:12:58[Saint]Quite correct.
09:14:37qhorinno worries.. getting pretty late, too :)
09:15:35qhoringuess I will call it a night and try to contact sockbox tomorrow.. maybe he or someone else with actual theming knowledge is able to properly fix the wps
09:15:54qhorinif not I will upload my version
09:16:05 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:16:09[Saint]Its not a theme issue, per se.
09:17:02qhorinunderstood, just not sure if the other changes I applied to the wps butchered it or if the code could be considered clean
09:17:17 Join perrikwp [0] (
09:18:39[Saint]Unfortunately its not the right time of day for our resident skin engine guru to be around, else he'd be able to tell us why the date info is considered dynamic.
09:18:50[Saint]I expect this is a relatively simple issue to fix.
09:20:51[Saint]I guess, the info technically *is* dynamic, but the update (under normal circumstances) is infrequent enough that I really doubt that it matters. Though there may be some <weirdness> if the date changes during the time the theme is displayed.
09:21:29qhorinyeah, makes sense
09:22:38 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
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09:25:38[Saint]If the original author included it, one assumes it worked at some point (I was reasonably certain you could scroll the date at <some_point> myself). However, the skin engine has been re-written almost completely in the past ~24 months, and turned upside down and back again several times since the massive re-write.
09:26:12[Saint]So, its likely it broke (intentionally or otherwise) some point during one of these redical changes and was overlooked.
09:26:24qhorinyep, it worked fine on my last build
09:26:32[Saint]Which was?
09:26:43qhorinbeen using the same wps for around 2 years.. last build was sometime in 2010 :D
09:26:50qhorinlet me check
09:26:53[Saint]Oh... ;)
09:27:22qhorinnever change a running system ;)
09:28:04qhorinonly now made a new custom build because of the sansaams usb support
09:28:27 Join Keripo [0] (
09:28:40[Saint]No need to make a custom build for this, the code has been in git HEAD for some time now.
09:29:15[Saint]Installing a current build will suffice.
09:29:35qhorinyeah, I know. I guess I was not clear enough.. I only do custom builds to add a couple of patches, which are not included in the rep :)
09:30:07qhorine.g. bertrik's meier crossfeed
09:30:39qhorintoo bad it was never committed :/
09:32:57qhorinhmm.. just noticed that the code to display replay gain information in the wps seems to be broken, too :\
09:33:24KiwiCamClarke has been porting his old Clip themes to the Zip. I should do that too.
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09:34:47qhorinhmm.. I bought a spare clip+ (just in case mine dies) after reading all the bad feedback about the zip
09:34:58qhorinseems the battery life is a joke compared to the clip+
09:37:02[Saint]Its a very young port...
09:37:22KiwiCamNo idea. I really like the Clip old. I'll be looking for a backup or three soon.
09:38:20qhorinafaik the bad battery life is not limited to rockbox, but also applies to the OF
09:38:57KiwiCamHaving said that, I might just try a Zip next time. I'm curious. Should we move this to community?
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10:50:19pamaurybah, I'm struggling with the zen xfi2
11:00:46 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
11:04:43azhagis releasing 3.11 today possible?
11:04:51 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:11:49diginetwould and 80mhz ARM be fast enough to run rockbox?
11:12:39[Saint]azhag: judging by the lack of anything even remotely release related for the past ~18 hours or so, and the same blocker(s?) still being in place as they were when further delaying the release was discussed...I'd say "/probably/ not".
11:12:51 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
11:13:17azhag[Saint]: oh, thanks
11:13:32[Saint]Stay tuned for possible surprises, but, I doubt its happening today.
11:13:53 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Operation timed out)
11:14:44 Quit qhorin (Quit: Page closed)
11:14:58[Saint]diginet: looking solely at the CPU makes that rather hard to answer.
11:15:22[Saint]Does it have any other hardware to play with, or will the CPU be handling *everything*?
11:16:33diginetit would be handling everything
11:16:46[Saint]It might pay to take a look at the specs of the hardware already running Rockbox, and also the codec comparison page on the wiki.
11:16:55diginetgood idea, thanks
11:17:32diginetI have this open source DAP project I'm working on, but finding a suitable chip to use has proved rather difficult :(
11:17:57[Saint]You're aware of the Lyre Project?
11:18:03diginetfinding a fast enough chip with I2S that isn't BGA is really hard
11:18:28[Saint](a failed-revived-failed-revived-failed Open Source DAP project)
11:18:31diginetwhat did it use? i.MX233? the problem is, that doesn't have I2S in the QFP version, BGA only
11:19:07[Saint]The specifics will be buried in the wiki...somewhere.
11:19:42diginetyep, the i.MX233
11:19:43[Saint]The real problem is expense, iirc. It works out to be rather foolishly expensive to build these things.
11:20:38diginetwell, if you can't DIY it, then yes it does. I'm trying to design mine such that it can be soldered at home (well, provided you can do SMD) and simple enough to use a home-etched circuit board (i.e. toner transfer)
11:21:53diginetugh, Freescale just makes me so mad, WHY did they not have to include I2S on the QFP version!?!?!
11:26:47 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
11:30:42bertrikdiginet, a DIY player will probably both be more expensive and bulkier than a ready-made mp3 player
11:32:54[Saint]Rasberry Pi's price makes it a reasonably attractive choice for a "kitset DAP".
11:33:24[Saint]add a custom printed case, and BAM!
11:33:52diginetmaybe one solution would be to use some sort of dedicated MCU to stream I2S
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11:44:53pamaurydamn, how do you debug a stack overflow at boot time !! :(
11:47:07 Join ender` [0] (
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11:53:57[Saint]If a stack overflows at boot time, and no developer is there to debug it, does it really overflow its buffer at all?
11:54:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:54:10*[Saint] fails "If a tree falls..." type questions.
11:55:31bertrikpamaury, you increase the stack :)
11:56:05pamaurybertrik: I don't think it will work, it's nearly the same hardware as the fuze+ and I don't even know which stack overflows
11:59:40pamauryoops, wakeup_thread->block invalid
11:59:46pamaurythat can't be good :-/
12:10:24pamauryhaha, I possibly find out
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14:36:36gevaertsAlexP_: ping
14:38:22 Quit jdgord (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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14:58:42AlexP_gevaerts: Hi
14:58:50AlexP_Sorry, I've been away for the weekend
14:59:01AlexP_Where are we on nano2G?
14:59:52[Saint]Same story, afaik.
15:00:00gevaertsfunman now has two of them, so he should be able to fix issues twice as fast
15:00:22[Saint]If its a blocker for release, then the release is still blocked, basically.
15:00:24AlexP_So I guess if he has them and is hopeful of being able to fix it soonish, we hold on for a little longer
15:00:38gevaertsApart from that, there's talk about possibly being able to revert the driver to a good state, but as far as I know that's not been successfully done yet
15:00:38AlexP_[Saint]: That depends how long it will take
15:00:47[Saint]I'm fairly sure both funman and TheSeven are in the dark as to what's going on as of yet.
15:00:58gevaertsThe alternative would be to go for the old-fashioned reboot-to-EDM solution
15:01:38AlexP_funman: Do you have a) time to look and b) any sort of feeling about this?
15:01:39gevaertsBut that too hasn't been tested to still work yet as far as I've seen. It's just been claimed that it should work
15:02:01gevaertsGiven the time, I'd say releasing *today* is unrealistic either way
15:03:07gevaertsI'd like to see the reboot-to-EDM tested *soon* though. Postponing one more week is OK I think, but that should really be it
15:03:12[Saint]Well...if you go by my time, you're already late. :P
15:03:20*[Saint] cracks a whip!
15:05:46 Join {phoenix} [0] (
15:12:48lebelliumhey guys, I don't use much the FM radio so I don't know what's the best for my theme, can you tell me what do u think please: display the preset name even in scan mode or only in preset mode?
15:19:30[Saint]I prefer the "even if" approach, personally.
15:20:02[Saint]So, regardless what mode its in, if a preset has a name, display it.
15:20:19gevaertsI don't use FM either, but I agree. Scanning through the range and seeing you're on a frequency you already know about seems useful
15:20:20[Saint](purely personal preference)
15:21:06lebelliumthanks for giving your opinion
15:21:09lebelliumsounds good
15:21:15lebelliumI guess I'll do that
15:23:26 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
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16:17:31 Join phixxor [0] (
16:19:02phixxorHello, I'm having this problem installing themes −− is there a workaround?
16:22:57 Quit phixxor (Quit: Leaving)
16:23:17 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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17:37:21 Join factor [0] (~factor@
17:45:56CIA-44Commit ced3b17 in rockbox by Rafaël Carré: ignore ipodpatcher binary
17:59:23funmansettings_menu.c:(.text+0x220): undefined reference to `usb_charging_enable'
17:59:44funmanit seems to be implemented only for iriver
18:00:19funmanall ipods define it in config file though
18:01:52funmanTheSeven: emCORE installer is stuck at 'Repartitioning', can it take a long time ?
18:02:14TheSevendepends on how many files are on the flash
18:02:54funmani'll let it run then, iirc saratoga had a couple of music files there
18:04:08funman -> no reboot to disk mode
18:04:41funmanand battery debug menu says DIScharging
18:04:47 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
18:07:17funmanah i need to define USBSTACK
18:07:30funmanbut then the same deadlock happens
18:09:32lebelliumdéjà 18h oui -_-
18:10:38lebelliumoops wrong tab sorry
18:13:20funman : no reboot and no charging - but no deadlock
18:13:51 Quit curtism (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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18:29:26 Quit curtism (Changing host)
18:29:26 Join curtism [0] (~curtis@unaffiliated/programble)
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18:46:47 Quit dhrasmus (Quit: Leaving)
18:55:44 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
19:01:03 Join zchs [0] (
19:06:17funmanTheSeven: it's still stuck apparently on the same spot, should I reset it ?
19:06:32funman(it's a 8gb nano)
19:07:10TheSevengo ahead
19:07:24TheSevenfs will probably be fucked up though
19:13:37funmani need to restore it with itunes
19:13:39 Join bitcraft [0] (
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21:14:38KiwiCamMy Sansa Clip plus folder have turned read only. At first I thought it was just the .rconbox folder, but now it seems to be all folders. Using Mint 10. I've run a checkdisk, no errors. Tried to change permissions using Admin. Tried reinstalling rockbox as admin. The bootloader reinstalled fine and rock installed, but the permissions haven't changed. What's next?
21:15:11KiwiCamI mount it by just plugging it in. I unmount by clicking the unmount icon. Always.
21:15:25 Quit domonoky (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:20:43AlexP_KiwiCam: What does dmesg say?
21:26:41KiwiCamThis must be it:
21:29:39 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:34:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:38:26KiwiCamThanks for the dmesg suggestion. I'll come back if I need to. There appear to be quite a few launchpad bug reports about this. I'll go through those.
21:42:14AlexP_KiwiCam: Yeah, linux will mount read only if there are any filesystem errors detected. The next question is what are those errors it is finding :)
21:51:29 Join bitcraft [0] (
21:58:10KiwiCam Not sue it that's the perfect command. Still read only.
22:04:08AlexP_KiwiCam: -n means don't change anything, you want -r or -a to actually write the fixes to disk
22:04:18 Quit Rower85 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:09:36 Quit y4n (Quit: We're fucking 3LN!)
22:15:36 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:19:36 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
22:28:40CIA-44Commit 82337dd in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: buflib/shrink_callback: Resume playback only if it was playing (not paused).
22:28:41CIA-44Commit c8317eb in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: android: clean-up and some refactoring in java code.
22:31:21CIA-44c8317eb build result: 0 errors, 2 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
22:38:59 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
23:07:58 Join Transformer [0] (
23:09:25 Quit Transformer (Excess Flood)
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23:26:24 Quit amithkk (Max SendQ exceeded)
23:27:18CIA-44Commit 76664d2 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: android: only output unzip log message when performing the unzip.
23:29:53CIA-4476664d2 build result: All green
23:31:49 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:51:47 Part drass

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