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#rockbox log for 2012-03-28

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00:51:27CIA-44Commit 7ec426e in rockbox by Cástor Muñoz: Classic/6G: hold switch detection using GPIO
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01:15:33JdGordonKiwiCam: grr. i put an example in the commit message.. which is on the rb website right now!
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02:09:07CafofoCan someone give me an help?
02:09:13KiwiCamJdGordon: I appreciate how hard it can be sometimes. I found it. Now, I know how to find out more about these things.;a=commit;h=b2202a3
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02:32:04CafofoCan someone help me with playing file with rockbox? I installed now in my ipod photo4G, and when i play any file it dont play. The player is going through all songs quickly and does not play =\
02:32:54JdGordonhow did oyu do the install?
02:33:01JdGordonit sounds like the codecs arent installed
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02:40:47CafofoI used rockbox utility -> Complete Installation
02:40:54Cafofoonly that
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02:48:50JdGordonCafofo: ok, something is wrong. Open your ipod in a file browser and make sure there is a folder .rockbox/codecs
02:48:56JdGordonyou may need to enable viewing hidden files
02:52:18CafofoThere is the folder and file codecs
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03:14:05CafofoJdGordon and it happens with any files, wav/m4a/mp3 ... i really dont know what to do
03:14:27JdGordonyeah, umm
03:14:44JdGordondoes it show any splash messages when it skips files?
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03:18:14Cafofoit just pass for all music files and back to Database screen
03:18:43JdGordonwhat if you try playign them from the files browser instead of database?
03:19:48Cafofosame thing
03:21:19Cafofo(i dont know what is the diference but.... ) In Database i was trying to play files wich i put in the ipod with itunes ... with Files im trying to play files that i droped at the Ipod. Both have the same bug/problem =\
03:24:47saratogacould be that the codecs are corrupted, try checking the disk for errors then copying a new build over
03:25:19saratogaalso, how did you install
03:28:55Cafofoim trying manual installation , let see what happens
03:34:21Cafofoi think manual installation works !
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03:36:11CafofoIt was the second time that i installed rockbox using rockbox utilty, and it didnt worked last time. Now the same thing...maybe some bug , i dont know with just my ipod model... or something else =\ ... but ok now it seens working =) !! Thank for your help guys !
03:36:20saratogaso you copied the codec files back over and it worked?
03:37:33Cafofonot , i deleted all rockbox stuffs
03:37:49Cafofodonload firmware .zip at website, and bootloader
03:37:53Cafofoinstalled it manually
03:38:07Cafofofirmare and bootloader , and it works
03:52:43JdGordonCafofo: do any of the plugins work?
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04:15:05Unhelpfulthere are polyurethane, which are not stretchy (so loose-fit) and somewhat more fragile, and polyisoprene (the polymer that composes the bulk of latex, but synthetic and so lacking the proteins that cause the allergic reaction)
04:20:20CafofoJdGordon all plugins work
04:21:51JdGordonCafofo: hmm, I have no idea. check the filesystem for corruption?
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04:24:28saratogausually if codecs don't load it means they're either badly corrupted or that you've mixed the codecs from one build with the binary of another build (perhaps by incompletely installing one build over another)
04:25:04saratogathe latter is more likely since a corrupted codec file would likely crash the player
04:27:13JdGordonyeah, thats why I asked him to check plugins... it would be unlikely for one to work but not the other
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08:35:04jhMikeSg200 : saves RAM and makes timestretch behave sanely
08:35:05fs-bluebotGerrit review #200 at,200 : Fundamentally rewrite some aspects of the audio DSP. by Michael Sevakis (changes/00/200/3)
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09:51:05jhMikeSoscilloscope has a funny bug: when scrolling horizontally, the bottom row copies the rightmost pixel across the screen
09:52:29jhMikeSerr, no...ummm, not sure what's going on, maybe the bottom pixel isn't erased correctly
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10:56:14CIA-44Commit 6f62226 in rockbox by Jonathan Gordon: quickscreen: optionally display the shortcuts menu instead of the QS
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10:59:30CIA-446f62226 build result: All green
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17:08:23CIA-44Commit da30008 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: (Author: Marek Salaba) FS #12627 - March update of Czech language
17:10:04CIA-44Commit cbe1b5c in rockbox v3.11 by Frank Gevaerts: (Author: Marek Salaba) FS #12627 - March update of Czech language
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17:14:50CIA-44da30008 build result: 0 errors, 2 warnings (Marek Salaba committed)
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17:33:21kugelpNot many people are keen on a DevCon this year it seems?
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18:02:58gevaertskugelp: they all dislike me :)
18:05:03gevaertsSeriously though, it's only been 10 days, and people might have missed the first request for dates
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20:19:52CIA-44Commit c1fcd69 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Prefix compareversion test files.
20:19:52CIA-44Commit 9f2ee2f in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Fix HTML manual download link (FS #12620).
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20:26:47CIA-449f2ee2f build result: 0 errors, 2 warnings (Dominik Riebeling committed)
20:28:28funmanwho worked on nano2g port except who i am thinking?
20:28:50funmanlinuxstb maybe but he's AWOL
20:30:11gevaertstools/release/ is broken
20:31:30bluebrothergevaerts: you could use utils/common/ :)
20:32:02gevaertsbluebrother: you seem to be the ideal person to help with this :)
20:32:15 Quit enthdegree (Remote host closed the connection)
20:32:21bluebrotherwhat do you want to compress? The complete archive?
20:32:51gevaertsI need to generate a 7zip archive of the release
20:33:19gevaertsSo yes, everything
20:37:00*bluebrother gives it a look
20:45:57bertrikfunman, I did a bit of work on the s5l8700 for the meizu m6
20:52:20bluebrothergevaerts: do we want a 7z only or also a tar.bz2?
20:52:35gevaertsWe only do 7z these days
20:53:04bluebrotherok. Less CPU cycles to compress things then :)
20:55:44kugelgevaerts: "7za release.7z *" from a clean clone?
20:56:16 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
20:56:22bluebrotherbah! Too easy!
20:57:58kugeloh it needs "7za a", adding to/making an archive isnt the default
21:00:24bluebrotherthat will also create a tar.bz2, since gitscraper defaults to that (and I haven't made it possible to skip that)
21:00:43bluebrotherbut that might be a useful change :)
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21:04:16gevaertsbluebrother: which directory does that expect to run from, and where does it put the result?
21:04:37bluebrotherput it in utils/common, and it puts the result in the current working directory
21:05:24 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:05:36bluebrotherit pulls the files from the repository directly, so there is no need for the clone to be clean. It just needs to contain the files :)
21:05:54bluebrother(one of the reasons for gitscraper :)
21:06:18gevaertsAh, it expects to be run from utils/common as well...
21:06:22*gevaerts fixes
21:06:38bluebrotherah, right
21:08:00gevaertsA bit inflexible if I don't have tags yet...
21:08:07 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
21:08:07*gevaerts is trying to get RC builds out
21:09:54bluebrotherwell, you can pass it a hash directly
21:10:17bluebrotherjust set the variable tree to the hash
21:10:30bluebrotherinstead of calling gitscraper.get_refs()
21:11:15gevaertsYes, I'm trying to figure out how to have it use the current hash
21:11:32bluebrotherif we want to use that in the future I can simply add a command line option to pass the version or hash
21:12:47gevaertsDoing the release builds implies having the right things checked out, so I suspect always using whatever revision the current directory is would work 99% of the time
21:12:48bluebrotherreplace the constructed refs/tags/v3.10-final with something like refs/remotes/origin/v3.10
21:13:11gevaertsI'll do that for now
21:13:18gevaertsWell, v3.11 anyway :)
21:13:48bluebrothertrue :)
21:14:17bluebrotherok, so that script could default to the currently checked out hash, or expect either a version number or hash as argument
21:14:49saratogaon gerrit if i hit "publish and submit" that will actually push the commit to the build system right?
21:15:04bluebrotherand you can make the release builds after zipping up the sources in the temporary folder, so you don't need to check it out in your working copy
21:15:12bluebrotherthough that could break ...
21:15:22bluebrotherbut that's pretty much what I'm doing for Rockbox Utility builds
21:15:42gevaertsReleases are built with "make VERSION=xxx", so it shouldn't break too much
21:15:49bluebrothermakes it much easier since I am no longer able to mess up by working in a dirty tree :)
21:16:05bluebrotherthen it's no deal at all
21:16:25gevaertsIn the medium to long term, I don't want to be building releases locally at all. We have an entire network of machines for that!
21:16:31gevaertssaratoga: yes
21:16:56saratogai assume the patch has to be merge cleanly or it doesn't trigger a build?
21:17:03 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Heading out)
21:17:04bluebrothertrue, but I don't expect that to happen too soon :)
21:17:32gevaertssaratoga: I have no idea what happens if it doesn't merge cleanly. I'd suspect it will just refuse the entire thing, but I don't know...
21:17:58gevaertsbluebrother: I'm hoping to "force" Zagor to work on that at devcon :)
21:18:11gevaertsIt doesn't need *that* many changes
21:19:34gevaertsbluebrother: I'm going to push that script to the 3.11 branch now. We can see later what happens in master
21:19:39bluebrothergevaerts: Zagor hasn't put himself on the DevCon wiki page ... maybe for a reason? ;-)
21:20:08gevaertsHe said he was going to figure out when he can come tonight :)
21:22:22CIA-44Commit 4ec74ee in rockbox v3.11 by Frank Gevaerts: (Author: Dominik Riebeling) Add a new tarball generation script. The old one depended on svn
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21:37:34funmanbertrik: is the reboot sequence different between nano2g and meizu ?
21:38:10*bluebrother wonders if it's possible to make gitweb syntax hilight displayed blobs
21:40:08 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:40:35bluebrotherany thoughts on a setup / description for a USB pen drive setup for Rockbox development?
21:41:46[Saint]bluebrother: I'm looking at this for a similar task (sheevaplug build client).
21:42:10[Saint]Pendrivelinux has some ideas on tweaking filesystems for speed on flash devices.
21:42:21bluebrotherwell, I've managed to build rpm packages for Fedora a bit back
21:42:45bertrikfunman, sorry don't know
21:43:47bluebrothersince Fedora supports pushing their live CDs to a USB pen drive with persistent storage it should be rather easy to provide instructions on how to extend that for Rockbox development
21:44:36[Saint](or even provide an image/images)
21:45:05 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
21:46:06*[Saint] could provide "build Rockbox on Debian chroot'ed on Android" images :)
21:46:28[Saint]...not terribly fast, but, it works.
21:47:02saratogaregarding the release discussion on the list, perhaps refering to the current build as "3.11-pre-hash#####" would make more sense?
21:47:18saratogamakes it clear that the current build is newer then the release and also still in development
21:47:38saratogaotherwise is less clear if a given release or given build is newer
21:49:07bluebrotherwell, I'd like to avoid distributing images for their size and the matter of keeping them up to date
21:50:05[Saint]size isn't really an issue.
21:50:30[Saint]4GB image compresses to ~200MB
21:54:56[Saint](I'd also like to point out that should I host such I thing, that I'd host it personally, and not expect the wiki/whatever-rockbox-related-service to carry the bandwidth)
21:55:02 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:55:08 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:55:24 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:55:55saratogai'm already hosting ~400MB VB images with the build tools
21:56:18[Saint]having Ubuntu/Debian development images capable of running on Android is fun and all...but little more :)
21:56:36saratogayeah no android stuff with mine, just pure rockbox
21:56:54saratogai suspect someone could just download official android ones somewhere and run though
21:58:15[Saint]toolchains are build, and a current (as of now) Android S/NDK installed.
21:58:32 Quit y4n (Quit: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups)
21:58:47[Saint](and openjdk-7)
22:00:03[Saint]I made it for myself, but it contains everything one needs to build/commit via an Android device.
22:00:28[Saint]+associated magic to get it booting
22:08:54bluebrotherbtw, who's responsible for the themes server?
22:09:33 Join dhrasmus [0] (
22:10:04bluebrotheror rather, who can look into the rbutilqt.php issue on it?
22:16:11kugelbluebrother: scorche IIRC
22:16:34 Join diginet_ [0] (
22:16:59 Nick diginet_ is now known as krfkeith (
22:18:23 Nick krfkeith is now known as diginet_ (
22:18:27 Quit diginet (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:18:44 Nick diginet_ is now known as diginet (
22:29:08 Part WalkGood
22:30:53 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:33:54 Join Gyro [0] (
22:34:05 Quit mortalis (Remote host closed the connection)
22:53:27 Join stripwax [0] (
22:57:36 Quit stripwax (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:02:59CIA-44Commit c56950e in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: tlsf: move to /lib (it's also used by plugins).
23:03:00CIA-44Commit 7b1a369 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: build system: completely autodetect target cpu architecture.
23:05:07CIA-447b1a369 build result: 327 errors, 11 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
23:08:58 Join dfkt_ [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:11:51 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:11:51 Quit SynrG (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:15:20CIA-44Commit a54c687 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Apparently make doesn't like inline comments
23:15:32 Join Ray039 [0] (
23:15:39 Quit dfkt_ (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
23:16:23 Part Ray039 ("Leaving")
23:19:27CIA-44a54c687 build result: 24 errors, 9 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
23:21:04 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:23:18 Quit ender` (Quit: We are surprised at our own versatility in being able to fail in so many different ways. -- Samuel McChord Crothers)
23:23:52 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
23:24:51 Quit domonoky (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:27:37kugelhm, what's up with cowond2 (and binsizes)
23:29:00 Quit MethoS- (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:33:48CIA-44Commit 3a3f4d6 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Override manually selected arch/arch_version in simcc().
23:33:49CIA-44Commit f5a3dbc in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Fix ARM version detection (need to pass mcpu/march to cpp).
23:35:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:37:32CIA-44f5a3dbc build result: 4 errors, 9 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
23:39:20kugelhm. do we really want tlsf in warble?
23:39:29kugelor rather the systems malloc()
23:39:42 Quit bitcraft (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:41:00gevaertsMaybe not, but is it worth more ifdefs?
23:41:20gevaertsOr would fixing it to build be about the same?
23:42:21kugelusing tlsf would mean include tlsf.make in warble build (as done previously via codecs.make)
23:42:41kugelusing system malloc would mean providing a fake tlsf.h in the warble directory
23:44:00bluebrotherdoes tlsf not build on hosts? Or is it just some Makefile thing?
23:44:05kugelalternatively, fix the code to not reference tlsf directly but malloc() etc
23:44:57kugelbluebrother: it does build fine. but I'm wondering if it makes sense to use a braindead malloc when a reasonable one is available for free
23:48:10bluebrotherkugel: ok. IMO it makes a lot of sense to use a braindead malloc −− if something is starting to act up there's a better chance to find it if the setup is the same as on target.
23:48:27bluebrotherespecially if there's no penalty in using that on the host :)
23:49:13kugelwe use the sim for that kind of verification
23:50:38kugelwarble is an example problem for using rockbox codecs outside rockbox. I don't think the same limitations need to be imposed on that (and other possible users of librbcodec)
23:51:12kugelit's not a codec debugging tool (correct me if I'm wrong)
23:51:41 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:52:34kugelI would argue RaaA to not use tlsf as well
23:52:38bluebrotherwell, you can see it that way. Though I guess that using it for codec debugging might be useful as well :)
23:52:43gevaertswell, it is in part, but that doesn'
23:52:55gevaertst necessarily mean it has to use tlsf
23:52:56bluebrotherbut since I'm not working on codecs it doesn't matter too much to me :)
23:53:51saratogagevaerts: would you mind adding the c200v2 to the test build list? it seems ready to go
23:54:36saratogawarble is super useful as a codec debug tool, but its more then just that
23:54:45saratogaFWIW the codecs barely use malloc so i don't htink it matters too much
23:54:53 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
23:56:27gevaertssaratoga: it needs to be promoted to stable by changing tools/ I'd rather see that done by someone who has followed the status closely :)
23:57:06saratogagevaerts: we don't have anyone following its status closely, but its nearly identical to the clipv1 aside from one bug that prevented it from being stable ages ago that is long since fixed
23:57:40gevaertsDo we actually know about anyone who's tried it recently?
23:58:01saratogayes i found several users with the device and all reported no recent crashes
23:58:29kugelbtw, tlsf was updated to 2.0
23:58:35gevaertsOK, then you're the one who follows the status ;)

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