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#rockbox log for 2012-03-29

00:00:29gevaertsin tools/, for c200v2, status has to be 3
00:00:56gevaertsWe'll also have to update the website, but I'd say we do that at the same time as the release
00:01:02kugelhnm completely rewritten it seems
00:02:11CIA-44Commit a8b3d50 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Enable tlsf in warble build to fix it.
00:04:21saratogawhats the command in git to check what i'm about to commit (svn diff )
00:05:04CIA-44a8b3d50 build result: All green
00:05:33kugelit seems I'm looking at a different tlsf :\
00:06:05gevaertssaratoga: git diff
00:06:14saratogareturns no answer
00:06:27gevaertsdid you already commit locally?
00:06:30gevaertsIf so, git show
00:06:44gevaertsWell, git show shows the latest commit
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00:07:55saratoga" ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> master (you are not allowed to upload merges) "
00:08:13saratogai assume thats because kugel commited while i was sitting here trying to figure out the git commands
00:08:46gevaertsgit pull −−rebase
00:08:53CIA-44Commit 0e4a298 in rockbox by Michael Giacomelli: Mark the Sansa c200v2 series of players as stable
00:09:04kugel seems to be a different tlsf allocator, while the original(?) is not reachable
00:09:37kugelI'm surprised the c200v2 is stable
00:09:53kugellast thing I heard was frequent crashes
00:10:19CIA-44Commit c7b8ebd in rockbox v3.11 by Frank Gevaerts: (Author: Michael Giacomelli) Mark the Sansa c200v2 series of players as stable
00:11:09*[Saint] wonders how wonders how hard/easy it would be to get to prompt to install missing dependencies as opposed to failing outright.
00:12:07CIA-440e4a298 build result: 0 errors, 5 warnings (Michael Giacomelli committed)
00:12:48saratoganot my bug as far as i can tell
00:13:04[Saint]or at least check known dependencies are present *before* starting to build *?
00:13:24saratogakugel: as far as i know the low memory target problems are fixed, i think as of last year it was possible to run the sim indefinitely with absurdly low buffer sizes
00:13:38saratogaalthough its possible new things have broke since then :)
00:13:49saratogaFWIW my clipv1 still works great with the current build
00:14:11[Saint]getting near the end of building a toolchain, and it failing because it can't find * or an equivalent is quite non-nice...
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00:18:03kugelah. I understand. the readme says the implementation is a complete new tlsf implementation (from scratch) but using the docs/white paper of the originial work
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00:43:29gevaertssaratoga: all done and uploaded
00:47:38saratogaarm released a set of open source primitive vector operations implemented in NEON, c and ASM:
00:48:02saratogaright now its not too useful, but they apparently plan to do DSP operations and such
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01:55:21Elshiftosanyone home?
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01:57:42[Saint]59 seconds...that's got to be a record.
01:58:11[Saint]surely even the webclient shows current away/idle status?
01:58:23[Saint]And I *know* it shows "total connections"...
02:04:38LloreanI think we've seen under 30 seconds from "Anyone here" to gone.
02:04:45LloreanSome people are *really* impatient.
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02:05:37patientpersonanyone here?
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02:07:12*JdGordon guesses froggyman
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05:38:40[Saint]So, what's being done with nano2g wrt: release?
05:39:26[Saint]Reboot on plug and force OF AMSv2 style?
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07:19:05metbsdis there windows binary?
07:22:08JdGordonof what?
07:23:21metbsdrockbox music player
07:25:08metbsdthis is version im using on my android phone
07:25:31metbsdis this good?
07:26:03 Join Rower85 [0] (
07:27:28JdGordonthats a subversion number so its at least 3 months old
07:27:40JdGordonand rockbox isnt avilaable as a app for windows
07:28:20metbsdmy phone is samsung i9003, where to get latest rockbox binary for it?
07:28:36metbsdthank you gordon">
07:31:00metbsdmy download is about 20mb-30mb, but this is small downloads
07:31:41JdGordonwe dont officially provide android builds yet
07:31:56JdGordonif your old one was that big can i guess you're using [Saint]'s build with his theme?
07:32:39[Saint]Mine were never that big, either.
07:33:09[Saint]480x800, zipped with my theme will only come to ~10MB
07:33:53metbsdrockbox-s540960.apk 25052kB
07:34:16[Saint]Didn't come from me...
07:34:34metbsdit's chinesed
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07:37:43metbsdyes chinesed menu
07:38:07metbsdwhat is win32 simulator?
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07:38:13[Saint]Rockbox binaries are not language specific.
07:39:02 Join kadoban_ [0] (
07:39:08[Saint]I have no idea whatever unnecessary hacks are in that binary you're using, but, don't expect to find the same features in git HEAD
07:42:52[Saint]And, as I said, Rockbox isn't language specific, if you want a specific language, you simply select it from the available languages in the settings (and select a font that supports your character set).
07:48:42*[Saint] finds several references to rockbox-s540960.apk
07:48:53[Saint]none of which are anywhere close to ~30MB
07:49:18JdGordonpossibly includes a fuller chinese font?
07:49:27[Saint]one site gleefully references it as "most bovine audio player"
07:49:35[Saint]Gotta love Google Translate.
07:50:03[Saint]JdGordon: a font that comes to ~15MB while zipped?
07:50:25[Saint]that's one *biiiiiiiiiig* font. :-S
07:54:57[Saint]Hmmm...ok, I think I found the version in question, but, I'm too lazy to download it. And I'm not sure I care that much.
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08:08:25metbsdok thanks
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08:13:41nick_pI plan to commit (submit?) g201 fairly soon, let me know if you have any obections
08:13:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #201 at,201 : Split sleep timer activation and default duration setting. by Nick Peskett (changes/01/201/1)
08:14:01JdGordonjust push it :)
08:14:29nick_pAh, that was the terminology I was looking for :)
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09:01:37CIA-44Commit 10d8717 in rockbox by Nick Peskett: Split sleep timer activation and default duration setting.
09:04:56CIA-4410d8717 build result: All green
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09:44:29[Saint]About the sleep timer thing, I seem to recall a *very* strong dislike for having to go to two seperate places if one wanted to set an arbitrary time each occasion they launched the
09:44:50[Saint]Will that not be the case with the split now?
09:46:20[Saint]Perhaps I read the ml incorrectly, and reading diffs on my phone is no fun, but I'll see if I can dig up the logs when I get home.
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09:47:08[Saint]My recollection was that splitting the timer functions out to different menu entries was "a bad thing"TM
09:47:22 Join The_prospector [0] (baconmaste@unaffiliated/cornman)
09:49:37*[Saint] rather hopes nick_p is Nick Peckett, and that he remembers.
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09:51:01nick_p[Saint]: No-one complained this time, we'll see how it goes...
09:53:05[Saint]well...I still don't think its a particularly good idea.
09:53:23nick_pSomething had to be done about the "all in one" option it replaced, it was pretty hacky
09:54:08nick_pIt's the best I could come up with, maybe someone will step up with a better one (and a patch)
09:54:12[Saint]It has to be agreed that having to go to two different areas each time if you didn't always want the same sleep timer is also a bit hacky though.
09:54:59nick_pTedious maybe, but I hope not hacky ;)
09:55:55nick_pBesides, do you know anyone who picks lots of different sleep timer durations?
09:56:57[Saint]I just don't recall that particular issue being discussed to much length, apart from the fact that that it was seen as a blocker, so its kinda not nice to see it committed when it was previously seen as a blocker (as I've seen no indication that opinion changed).
09:57:01[Saint]And yes, me.
09:57:14diginetjust out of curiosity, around what percentage of the Rockbox codebase is highly CPU specific?
09:59:13nick_p[Saint]: Would a shortcuts file with the durations you regularly use help?
10:00:49Zagordiginet: 13%, by a quick count
10:01:09Zagor(comparing lines of code in firmware/target with total lines of code)
10:01:23diginetZagor: thanks!
10:01:45[Saint]nick_p: it'd be better than nothing.
10:02:07Zagorthough the definition of "highly cpu specific" can of course be debated
10:09:06 Join LinusN [0] (
10:20:53pixelmanick_p: I also thought it was a bit quick this time and only saw one opinion by a guy who is very open to new options, setting and whatever
10:22:27nick_ppixelma: I did have a couple of positives in the review, maybe I could have waited a bit longer though...
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10:23:37 Join antil33t| [0] (~Ahurhurr@
10:33:20JdGordonnick_p: if you really want to make everyone happy you could change the "enable timer" option back to letting you choose a time value, but i dont tinhk that is a big deal
10:34:48nick_pJdGordon: I did think about that but came to the conclusion it would be a bit confusing having the two selectors.
10:35:21JdGordonwell, hmm, maybe
10:38:03JdGordonthough the whole sleep timer system is kinda yuck anyway, the boot up timer duration should really be seperate from the dynamic one (or whatever you want to call it)
10:49:10 Join einhirn [0] (
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11:35:02*[Saint] wonders what will happen to our naming scheme for Application builds if (when?) Intel chipsets become more commonplace in Android devices.
11:35:59JdGordonwe'll have to really discuss splitting the android port up into a java part which is device agnostic and the librockbox ndk part
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11:36:03[Saint]Rockbox as an Application on Android but only for ARM Chipsets (RaaAoAbufAC)? ;-)
11:36:46JdGordonwe really shold be doing this anyway
11:38:10[Saint]Probably, yes. There already are non-ARM Android devices, and have been for a while...and while some are MIPS, we've gotten away with the minimum API version excluding them.
11:39:12[Saint](most (possibly all) of the MIPS based Android devices I've seen have been weird Chinese tablets running Donut or at best Eclair
11:39:51JdGordonthe device arch is irrelevant to the discussion :)
11:44:48*[Saint] grumbles about the ypr0 toolchain.
11:45:08[Saint]Its dependencies were never added to
11:45:48[Saint]and there's a reasonably long list of them that the other toolchains will build happily without.
11:46:44[Saint]awk, bison, flex, automake, libtool (so far)
11:48:17Zagoryeah the special handling of ypr0 is a bit unelegant.
11:53:47JdGordonTorne: is there any particular android reason against downloading on first boot and extracting it to /data/data/org.rockbox/ so the apk is completly device agnostic?
11:54:12JdGordonof course passing a API version number through to main so we can make sure to not load an incompatible lib
11:54:47JdGordonespecially now that we dont have to deal with the lcd size being static on the java side (or was that never an issue?)
11:57:29[Saint]Zagor: If I were to do so, how do I go about adding these dependencies?
11:57:42[Saint]mimic the way its done for other dependencies present?
11:58:40Zagor[Saint]: yes. make a second reqtools variable and loop over it
11:59:06Zagorthat you check for the ypr0 build only
11:59:38[Saint]I also *hate* the way handles directories that already exist, I've got a patch that just rm -rf's dirs when this happens.
11:59:50[Saint]I'll whack it up on gerrit later, see if its acceptable.
12:00:28[Saint]Ohhhhh...what the shit? this is *horrible*!
12:01:00[Saint]It just bailed out because curl was missing...when rbutil checks right near the start if either curl or wget is present, and uses either.
12:01:50*[Saint] is discovering all these missing deps whilst trying to build an image for "the bare essentials" for a development environment.
12:02:09[Saint]Normally I'd have all these installed, and never have noticed.
12:02:45[Saint], awk, bison, flex, automake, libtool, curl (so far)
12:05:24[Saint]awk, bison, flex, automake, libtool, curl, cvs, ncurses
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12:19:45[Saint]gawk, bison, flex, automake, libtool, curl, cvs, subversion, libncurses5-dev
12:19:53[Saint]seems to be it.
12:28:04 Join TomColler [0] (
12:29:32[Saint]Oh it needs to download linux-
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17:19:16 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
17:20:15kugelp[Saint]: Most of the dependencies are needed for glibc I guess which isn't build for other targets
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19:37:18bertrikI get some weird effects in the database after changing themes
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20:03:34kugelpno Swedes @ DevCon this year? :-[
20:04:14gevaertskugelp: Bagder is away so can't ask his family when he's allowed to get away, and Zagor was going to ask yesterday but possibly forgot
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21:37:45user890104can someone tell me which commit broke nano2g's usb?
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22:14:21funmanuser890104: check irc logs of 4 or 5 days ago
22:14:32funmansaturday or sunday
22:18:53Mouser_XI have a question, and I'm not sure how to word it concisely.... On my Gigabeat S60, I found that throughout the drive, various files no longer match the files on my PC, which they were copied from. So far, I haven't found a pattern as to which files have become corrupted. I didn't discover the problem until early 2011, but in my attempt to repair the data loss, I have been able to discover that the corruption started as far back as 2
22:18:53Mouser_X009. I have 3 copies of the same files. One is from Jan 2009, one from May 2009, and the 3rd is from my Gigabeat S60. The copy from May 2009 matches the data on my GBS60, but the copy from Jan 2009 does not match my GBS60. I therefore assume that, *if* Rockbox is at fault, that something must have been changed between Jan 2009, and May 2009. It could be that my GBS60's HDD is faulty, but I've run numerous tests on my GBS60, and non
22:18:53Mouser_Xe of them say that the drive is bad. So, my next best guess is that Rockbox might be at fault. Any ideas what might have changed? Has anyone else mentioned data corruption on their GBS60? If this problem has already been experienced, does anyone have any idea if it's been fixed, and if yes, when? I'm having difficulty confirming the "corrrectness" of the data on my GBS60, and it'd be nice if it were possible to narrow down where/whe
22:18:58Mouser_Xn the corruption might have taken place....
22:21:29funmanyou should ask jhMikeS i think
22:21:42funmanalso did you try test_disk plugin ?
22:22:46 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:23:20Mouser_XNo I haven't. It doesn't sound familiar, but I don't use the plugins very often anyway, so I could easily have missed it.
22:23:37Mouser_XI haven't updated Rockbox on my GBS60, since I discovered the problem.
22:23:52Mouser_X(aka, sometime after/around Jan 2011)
22:24:48funmanit's not built by default and it's not in our builds
22:25:23Mouser_XOh, well then.... That would explain why I can't find it....
22:26:02Mouser_XI know of "test_codec" and "test_plugin", though I've never used either of them.
22:26:46Mouser_XThe build environment I have setup here is *ages* old, and I'm not even sure it worked when I set it up.
22:27:11Mouser_XAnd, Rockbox recently started using GIT, so I know what I have here won't work.
22:27:23 Quit Topy (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:27:25Mouser_X(Even if I updated it)
22:27:36 Join T44 [0] (
22:29:25 Join enthdegree [0] (~BitchX@unaffiliated/enthdegree)
22:29:59Mouser_XI've been using my Sansa E200 since I discovered my GBS60 was having problems....
22:35:07 Quit Llorean (Quit: Leaving.)
22:38:08 Quit dhrasmus (Quit: Leaving)
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22:46:17Mouser_Xfunman: If you think I should run "test_disk", do you have suggestions on how to do so?
22:48:12funmango to plugins, run test_disk
22:48:23funmanyou need to enable test plugins when building
22:48:52Mouser_XAh.... That's where the problem occurs then....
22:49:08Mouser_XI don't have the means to build Rockbox right now.
22:50:57AlexP_I've not experienced any issues on my S
22:51:04AlexP_Just as a data point
22:51:19AlexP_And not heard about it being a systematic thing either
22:52:37 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
22:53:43 Join bitcraft [0] (~bitcraft@
22:54:55Mouser_XAlexP_: Thanks for that. I only noticed it when I attempted to play a song, and it failed to load. Most of the corrupted files still load/play just fine (though, with barely noticeable "hickups" in the audio), but there's a *few* files which are so bad off, I can't even delete them.
22:55:04Mouser_XThese are the files that fail to load.
22:57:49Mouser_XWhat does "test_disk" do, anyway? I mean, obviously it tests the disk, but what's it actually doing, to test the disk?
22:57:51 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
22:58:21Mouser_XI ran "spinrite" on my GBS60, and spinrite gave it a clean bill of health.
22:58:35 Join bitcraft [0] (~bitcraft@
22:58:36Mouser_XIt took like, a month to run....
22:58:40 Quit curtism (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:00:15Mouser_X(I did it via USB. Spinrite is a DOS program, and I don't have USB drivers for DOS, so I ran it via a virtual PC, which used my GBS60 as an onboard HDD. I don't know how well this actually worked, for Spinrite to do its thing, but it seemed to work, as near as I could tell.)
23:10:51 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
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