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#rockbox log for 2012-04-03

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00:33:01pamauryhmm apparently you guys fixed what I broke in the fm tuner handling :)
00:33:32pamaurybertrik: ping
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03:22:04passstabi was just installing latest(unstable) rockbox
03:22:19passstaband i noticed the message
03:22:40passstab"this is the recommended version"
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03:23:04passstabi couldn't install the stable build
03:23:38passstabnot a problem for me
03:23:52passstabas thats what i wanted
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03:29:11JdGordonpassstab: which target?
03:29:32passstabipod g2
03:29:33fs-bluebotNo review with id 2 found
03:32:44JdGordonyeah, it was dropped from stable for 3.11 because of usb issues
03:42:18saratogayou probably want to install 3.10 so that you have working USB, at least until that is fixed
03:42:46passstabwait what?
03:43:13passstabso why was it suggesting i use unstable?
03:48:36JdGordonbecause rbutil is dumb
03:48:48JdGordonit suggests unstable if the target isnt stable
03:50:58passstabstable is greyed out for some reason
03:52:30JdGordonyes, nano2g isnt a stable device anyway, or stable by our definition
03:53:08passstaboh you releaced the new one
03:54:21passstabcongrats i guess
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04:24:34passstabcan anyone help me with that?
04:29:32passstaboops i got it
04:30:01*passstab is a vamp and should be ignored
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08:15:19bluebrotherJdGordon: Rockbox Utility isn't "dumb" and suggests unstable if the target isn't stable. The server isn't telling Rockbox Utility that there's a stable version, so it cannot install a stable version since it doesn't know about it.
08:15:40bluebrotherwe could very well make Rockbox Utility install 3.10 on nano2g without changing a line of code in Rockbox Utility.
08:15:57bluebrotherthe only file that needs to be adjusted is the build information file on the server
08:16:12bluebrotherbut AFAIK doesn't support this case.
08:16:51bluebrotherwhich should be fixable, but well, someone needs to do this.
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08:17:47bluebrotherpersonally I'd prefer keeping to have 3.10 as stable version for nano2g ...
08:17:58bluebrother(from an installation point of view)
08:18:32JdGordonbluebrother: don't take that as an offense...
08:18:45JdGordonI was just syaing rbutil doesnt have the msarts to know any better
08:23:40bluebrotherwell, you said Rockbox Utility is dumb. Which isn't the case :)
08:24:17bluebrotherand no, I don't take that as an offense. But it would be better to tell Rockbox Utility that there is a stable release for the nano2g IMO ...
08:27:32bluebrotherhmm, seems there is a problem with genlang and 3.11 on the server :(
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09:03:42JdGordondoes anyone know what to do to make rockbox sdl-app listen out for the media keys in linux?
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09:28:18azhagon Sansa c200v2 is still listed as unstable
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09:40:32MCraseIts probably something minor like the cabbie theme not being complete or the manual needing some work. According to the wiki it has no major issues.
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09:42:56VeroLomCan you help me? How to remove stock music from hidden partition on Sandisk Sansa Clip+?
09:43:10VeroLomIt's so annoying for me :-E
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10:02:06gevaertsBagder: can you check if index.t is up to date on the website?
10:02:17gevaertshm, wait
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10:02:29gevaertsI swear I changed that!
10:03:58CIA-44Commit 53e0966 in www by Frank Gevaerts: c200v2 is stable now, so move it
10:04:08gevaertsBagder: can you update the web server?
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12:34:24mortaliswodz: what is the problem with buffered write to lcd?
12:35:03wodzmortalis: in short it doesn't work :-)
12:37:18mortalisi succeed in it. I'm not tried dma stuff, but simple write to LCD_BUFF working
12:37:30mortaliswodz: ^
12:38:53wodzmortalis: post some code, I am eager to see it
12:44:07mortaliswodz: The main problem was in VER_BP and HOR_BP regs
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12:47:25wodzwait, but you still transform data
12:47:57wodzjudging from SDK lcdif should take care of this
12:49:20mortaliswodz: i thouhgt we need to turn 16bit mode in LCDC_CTRL, but it not work
12:49:55wodzHave you benched this implementation? Is it really faster than simple writes?
12:50:20mortaliswodz: not yet
12:51:50wodzSDK uses two interfaces to transfer data. One is referred as background and the second as foreground. I don't have sources in front of me but I guess you are using 'background' type. Maybe thats the problem
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12:52:59wodzmortalis: and what was the effect when you turned on 16bit mode?
12:54:14mortaliswodz: it always display previous image i.e. bootloader messages
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12:55:58wodzanyway this is step forward
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18:02:08WunkelDolfHello guys. I recently got a sansa clip zip and installed the current build for it. Now 3.11 is released but still not there listed for manual installation. Still unstable?
18:03:16WunkelDolfAnd I've got an big problem, couldn't find info in the forum: If the song is too loud, or better: plays too loud, at 0db or more (+6 happens almost always all 2 seconds in every song, at +2 probably all 1-2 minutes)
18:03:54WunkelDolfthe player still plays it but skips.. I mean, no sound on the headphones. Happens also on 0 dB and equalizer boost over bass as example.
18:04:39WunkelDolfSo no sound for 1-2 seconds, then it plays again until too loud and no sound again, horrible annoying and yes, I need it that loud. :-)
18:06:03WunkelDolfHappens also for my friend with same high quality headphones and the sansa clip+. Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi Headphones.
18:06:19WunkelDolfTriple.Fi 10*
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18:20:30timotimodoesn't that really, really hurt?
18:20:50timotimooh, are you perhaps deaf and enjoy the vibrations only?
18:21:19WunkelDolfNope, I'm hearing damaged so it sounds actually pretty weak on lower levels.
18:21:32timotimoah. well, close enough
18:21:37gevaertsWunkelDolf: the clip zip is still "unstable", yes
18:21:38WunkelDolfMy friend is not but still listens very loud
18:21:41timotimothat is indeed annoying :\
18:22:12WunkelDolfAh thanks gevaerts, that explains it. :-)
18:23:39WunkelDolfBy the way, I didn't experience any file system problems with the clip zip under windows and the latest build which activates usb in rockbox (loads rockbox) even if it is plugged in off.
18:24:12WunkelDolfStill using the original firmware often, safe is safe. Sometimes I forget it.. hehe
18:25:28 Quit Highlander (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 11.0/20120312181643])
18:25:49WunkelDolfor better the latest manual downloadable bootloader, which does this behaviour (loading rockbox instead of original firmware if plugged in offline/powerless)
18:28:56WunkelDolftimotimo: I actually just use 0dB as volume setting so it almost never "skips", but it sounds still nice, means non-overgoing the physical limit of the Triple.Fi 10's on +2 or +3 dB so it would be nice to increase it without skips.
18:30:02timotimoi have a clip zip, too. the usb support seems flawless, i'm pretty impressed. the clip+ i had before didn't do that (by design/choice of the developers of course)
18:31:54WunkelDolfYes, on my friends Clip Zip+ he told me he boots the Original firmware to transfer data, too, automatically, what wondered me as mine just boots rockbox. But I guess he uses 3.1 while I couldn't find it a week ago (logical, if its still instable).
18:32:05WunkelDolfno Clip+
18:32:11WunkelDolfconfusing names ahh
18:34:13WunkelDolfand its 3.10, not 3.1 I think.
18:37:11timotimoyeah, clip+ boots the original firmware every time
18:38:19 Join Zeether [0] (
18:42:40Zeetherare there no additional fonts yet for the sansa clip zip firmware? I tried installing them and got an HTTP 404 error :/
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18:49:31WunkelDolfZeether: Oh, wait, that's a logic fault (or I'm too tired, after 20h without sleep. :-) )
18:49:47 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
18:50:42WunkelDolfHow can you try to install them, if there are none yet?
18:50:46ZeetherI just wanted to know if it's something on my end or not, I have several files that use Unicode
18:50:53gevaertsFonts are not device-specific
18:51:38 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
18:51:48WunkelDolfah, now it makes sense.
18:52:32WunkelDolfYes, I installed them from the Clip+ on my Clip Zip, too, if you mean this.
18:52:38WunkelDolfBut manually
18:52:54WunkelDolfWhich error did occur for you?
18:53:32WunkelDolfwait, I'm really sleepy, sorry.
18:53:38WunkelDolfyou wrote it, an 404
18:53:54gevaertsWhere was this 404?
18:55:33ZeetherIt was in the utility
18:56:05ZeetherI'll try again and get a log
18:56:25WunkelDolfah.. But the automatic installation in the utility worked on your sansa clip zip?
18:57:27WunkelDolfAh, I didn't try it because there can't be an 3.10/3.11 for the clip zip yet, if it is still marked as "instable", or am I'm wrong?
18:58:25ZeetherYes, it's still unstable
18:58:50ZeetherNow my computer isn't detecting the player when I plug it in
18:59:22WunkelDolfunder rockbox or the original firmware?
18:59:43ZeetherWith Rockbox
18:59:56 Join enth [0] (~BitchX@unaffiliated/enthdegree)
19:00:39ZeetherI know there was some command to boot back to Sandisk firmware but I forgot how
19:01:07ZeetherWith my Clip+ it would automatically boot to Sandisk when I plugged it in
19:01:07WunkelDolfOn the Clip Zip? Just hold the "left" button and shut it on
19:02:54WunkelDolfWait.. So you installed the Bootloader automatically over the Rockbox Utility.
19:03:08WunkelDolfNot the Rockbox itself?
19:03:16 Quit enthdegree (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:03:20ZeetherI installed the bootloader then Rockbox
19:03:52WunkelDolfThe current build?
19:05:43ZeetherRight now it's refreshing stuff
19:06:31WunkelDolfFor me the computer (under windows.. you are using windows or linux or macos?) recognizes the sansa clip zip under the Rockbox "current build" version as well as under the original firmware
19:06:59ZeetherWindows 7 x64 here
19:07:19ZeetherIt did recognize it as Rockbox at one point
19:08:01WunkelDolf32 bit (x86) here actually as this is just some netbook. Don't have a running x64 here actually, sorry
19:08:55WunkelDolfSo if you shut the player off
19:09:15WunkelDolfor down (not native english here, so sorry for weird descriptions)
19:09:43WunkelDolfand boot it into rockbox by plugging it into usb cable to computer
19:10:23WunkelDolf(while sansa clip+ would boot into the original firmware as you stated automatical if pluggded in power-off)
19:10:56WunkelDolfit shows the connection symbol on the player under rockbox but no drive icon on your PC?
19:11:02ZeetherYeah, it boots into the Rockbox firmware instead of the original when I plug it in
19:11:11ZeetherIt's showing up now as a removable drive
19:11:29 Quit enth (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:11:37WunkelDolfah, you don't have an SDHC card in it?
19:11:50ZeetherThere is a microSD in it that shows up too
19:12:06ZeetherThe player and microSD card show up as separate drives like they should
19:12:07WunkelDolfor did you choose to hide the internal storage under Rockbox on the device? Else it should show 2 drives
19:12:12WunkelDolfah good
19:12:40ZeetherI tried installing fonts again and it gave me "Download error: received HTTP error 404."
19:13:06WunkelDolfYes.. because there is no 3.10 or 3.11 for the ClipZip
19:13:24WunkelDolfthere are no downloadable fonts for it.. as far as my logic brings me
19:13:38WunkelDolfthe 3.10 or 3.11.. wait I'll show you
19:13:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:14:04WunkelDolfopen that link.. there's no ClipZip listed there
19:14:29WunkelDolfas it is still listed as Unstable, so no "stable 3.10/3.11" for it available
19:14:41WunkelDolfonly daily builds /current builds
19:15:15WunkelDolfso I guess the automatic indtaller installed the available manual downloadable firmware bootloader on the ClipZip like a self modded firmware would
19:15:33WunkelDolfbut can't find the fonts as there are none linked yet
19:15:43WunkelDolf(in the folder is nothing basical)
19:15:57WunkelDolfut you can take those here.. *searches*
19:17:03WunkelDolfoh wait there are only the voice files in en listed.. wheres the font link.
19:17:13 Join TomColler [0] (
19:17:55WunkelDolfhm I am not sure if this will work with the latest actual build.. but should.
19:18:06Torneit will.
19:18:09Tornethe fonts are just fonts
19:18:51WunkelDolfI used the 3.10 font file for the sansa clip+ which was linked on one page and copied the content to my internal drive folder (implementing the subfolders correctly)
19:18:58WunkelDolfa week ago
19:19:21WunkelDolftogether with the actual build version that was available for the clipzip that time
19:19:40WunkelDolfand this worked fine at least I got no problems with the player so far
19:19:57ZeetherI'm going to do a fresh install of rockbox just to make sure
19:21:54WunkelDolfhm if you have the actual version or at least the bootloader installed I wouldnt use the tool
19:22:12ZeetherI need to remove the bootloader and rockbox
19:22:14WunkelDolfas the ClipZip still is just running under Unstable builds
19:22:19gevaertsWunkelDolf: why?
19:22:22WunkelDolfnaah dont remove the bootloader
19:22:30WunkelDolfthat can brik your clipzip
19:22:31gevaertsRockbox Utility handles unstable builds just fine
19:22:42 Join Horscht [0] (
19:22:43WunkelDolfand theres no newer one as far as I know, it wouldnt matter at all
19:22:53 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
19:22:53 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:23:10WunkelDolfYea maybe but he could just delete the .rockbox folder on his internal drive
19:23:11gevaertsBut yes, don't touch the bootloader if you don't have to
19:23:25WunkelDolfand replace it with this
19:23:30WunkelDolfextracted for sure
19:23:51WunkelDolfno need to replace the bootloader for an update..
19:23:52gevaertsSure, you can do a manual install, but that has *zero* advantages over using Rockbox Utility
19:24:25WunkelDolfDepends, gevaerts - if he trys to downloads the font pack with his clip zip and gets an 404
19:24:48WunkelDolfit has the advantage of allowing him to download the fonts on the site and just extract them
19:24:53gevaertsWunkelDolf: then he wouldn't start by removing .rockbox, so that's not what you were talking about
19:25:11WunkelDolfI dont know why he would like to reimstall it.. He is not me ;)
19:25:38WunkelDolfBut he can do it if he wants to.. just don't touch the bootloader as long as its not neccessary
19:26:19WunkelDolfI would just download the font pack and extract it to the internal storage drive folder with the zipped subfolders correctly extracted..
19:26:32*gevaerts nods
19:26:41WunkelDolfshould work just fine if the tool doesn't work for some reason
19:28:29Zeetheralright, I'll get this working then put the fonts in
19:29:48 Quit bitcraft (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:30:04 Join bitcraft [0] (~bitcraft@
19:30:07WunkelDolfyep.. they're just files.. no need to reinstall rockbox for it.. but if you want to do so to ensure its the latest version and the tool doesnt work ojust download the compressed latest build (actual build) and extract it to the drive which resembles the internal storage.
19:32:44WunkelDolfgevaerts: You don't have an idea why the sound shuts off / skips if the volume setting is really high?
19:33:13WunkelDolfI wonder if it is an hardware limitation or a software thing
19:33:23gevaertsWhat sort of file?
19:33:31gevaertsThen no
19:34:29ZeetherI noticed that with the more graphic heavy themes, like ones with background artwork/cover art, it takes a while to load tracks in
19:34:46WunkelDolfhm. I could try a flac or ogg or something like that, didn't try it yet. Happens with the Clip+ and ClipZip around +1 dB and happens more often the higher it gehts or the more the equalizer is set to boost something
19:35:33WunkelDolffor me and a friend with mp3s at least. Could be the decoder as well, will try it with a different file format later
19:35:44Zeetherah, there we go, unicode enabled fonts at last
19:35:54gevaertsWunkelDolf: I don't see a link to volume settings, but the equalizer does take some CPU. Not sure how much margin there is
19:36:40WunkelDolfGeekShadow: Its definitely the volume that makes it skip for 1-2 seconds.. the song playback just goes on, while the headphones put out nothing anymore
19:37:55WunkelDolfand its the loudest positions in the song that trigger it more oftenly (in combination with volume over 0dB or -1 dB, didnt occur on -2 dB if I leave other things as bass or treble settings at normal 9dB)
19:38:03WunkelDolfgevaerts I mean
19:38:12WunkelDolfnick auto complete sorry ;)
19:38:37gevaertsThat sounds strange to me, but then I don't know much about the audio bits of the code
19:38:39WunkelDolfand 0dB not 9dB aahh
19:39:00WunkelDolfIf I set it to around 0dB or 1dB colume and
19:39:09WunkelDolfset bass to lets say + 3dB or 4dB
19:39:32WunkelDolfit happens again, if the volume reaches a bass lasty part
19:40:01WunkelDolfso I basically just set volume to 0dB and bass to +2dB at most and it doesnt occur anymore
19:41:35 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
19:42:26 Join factor [0] (
19:44:16 Join saratoga [0] (980329c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:44:35WunkelDolfI can't type on this dang multitouch virtual keyboard on the libretto netbook with no sleep tonight without errors, sorry. Brings just alot of typos and such. :-(
19:45:11saratogaon the clip+ each EQ band probably uses about 3 MHz, so as long as you have less then 70 or so you should be ok
19:45:12bluebrotheris ther *any* specification that allows cp1252 in ID3v2 tags?
19:45:39saratogadon't people just ignore the ID3v2 spec and put whatever dumb crap they want in the tags
19:45:43gevaertsbluebrother: not as far as I know, but then I don't think there is one for most of the other encodings
19:46:04 Join lebellium [0] (
19:46:13WunkelDolfhi saratoga, what you mean with 70?
19:47:06saratogadon't enable more then 70 or 80 EQ bands or it might slow things down
19:47:10bluebrothergevaerts: I've been looking at FS #12632. Seems the file has those characters encoded as cp1252. Had a short look at the id3v2 specs earlier, and it says that strings are supposed to be ISO-8859-1 unless otherwise stated.
19:47:11fs-bluebot MP3 metadata symbols not appearing correctly on the WPS display screen (bugs, unconfirmed)
19:47:21bluebrotherand some strings are supposed to be unicode.
19:47:34gevaertsbluebrother: yes. My opinion is that it's not a bug
19:47:39bluebrotheralso interestingly WMP seems to use cp1252 for one field, unicode for the other
19:47:46 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:47:56bluebrothergevaerts: I absolutely agree (and IIRC this guy has been whining around about similar issues in the past)
19:48:22bluebrotheraudacious doesn't show the characters either. foobar does.
19:48:29saratogai looked at that issue quickly, hes got some messed up character encodings in his files
19:48:39bluebrotherso I guess on Windows programs assume cp1252 instead of ISO-8859-1
19:48:55gevaertsAlthough since (a) cp1252 is fairly common, and (b) it's a strict superset of iso8859-1 (it only fills in the undefined bits, it doesn't change any characters), and (c) we do have other "unsupported" encodings, we should probably look into supporting it
19:48:59 Join perrikwp [0] (
19:49:05bluebrotherI think having different encodings per tag entry is valid though
19:49:11WunkelDolfah saratoga you don't talk about the volume bug I guess?
19:49:34bluebrothergevaerts: that's what I was thinking about as well. Close the task since it's not a bug and discuss if we want to add cp1252 support
19:49:41saratogaso volume cuts out if you drive it too far above max?
19:49:53saratoganone of my clips do that, but its possible yours is different or just busted
19:49:54WunkelDolfas it also occurs if I don't use the equalizer or bass boost settings at any
19:50:15bluebrotherand the comment on closing needs to have a lot of (c) and tm in it :P
19:50:28gevaertsI think right now we rely on the upper half of latin1 being the same as unicode, which makes merging cp1252 and iso8859-1 awkward so we might want to do cp1252 as a separate codepage
19:50:30*bluebrother goes trying vlc on Windows with said file
19:50:48gevaertsbluebrother yes. Feel free to close it with a three page explanation :)
19:50:52WunkelDolfyep.. with my sansa clip zip and my friends clip+ and mp3s at above 0dB setting and no eq use it skips
19:51:01bluebrotherwell, having cp1252 as separate codepage seems like a sane solution to me
19:51:17*gevaerts nods
19:51:30saratogawhat do you mean by "skips"?
19:51:40saratogai would expect that to give you distorted audio
19:51:41*bluebrother would like some free time to give that a look :o
19:51:59bluebrotherbut I really want to get multithreading for encoders in Rockbox Utility finished.
19:52:20bluebrotherand there seems to be something broken with genlang on the server. At least when trying to get the string for 3.11
19:52:57WunkelDolfI mean it don't skips visibly on the playback itself on the player, it just stops producing any sound on the headphones and as they're dumb Ultimate ears Triple.Fi 10 without any loudness limit
19:53:01bluebrotheryeah, vlc dosesn't show those characters either :)
19:53:44WunkelDolfit creates no sound output for 1-2 seconds, I didnt measure the length, so I can just assume the real length
19:54:00bluebrotherok, so I'm *really* confident now this isn't a bug in Rockbox but some stupid behaviour in WMP
19:54:02 Quit WalkGood (Quit: ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪)
19:54:23WunkelDolfand it occurs more often the higher the songs volume is and the more I set it in the high + dB settings
19:54:23saratogaprobably something broken on the player then
19:54:42ZeetherI should try the Doom port on the Clip Zip, on the Clip+ it was almost impossible to see stuff
19:54:42bluebrotherhmm, that file actually also has an id3v1 tag
19:55:22gevaertsbluebrother: yes, but he only added the interesting character to the v2 tag I think, or at least only to one of the fields in v1
19:55:27saratogabluebrother: i looked at the WMA file, it was also in some weird code page
19:55:52saratogathe MS asf parser had trouble with it
19:55:55bluebrotherdidn't he claim the wma file to show the characters correctly?
19:56:17WunkelDolfsaratoga: At both my clip zip and my friends clip + while as long as we leave the volume lower never occurs?
19:56:20saratogamaybe it does in some software, the ASF debug tool interpreted the tags as unicode and got crap
19:56:33saratogaWunkelDolf: sounds like it
19:56:55bluebrotherwell, in Rockbox that is.
19:57:14bluebrotheryeps, those characters *are* cp1252.
19:57:20saratogamaybe WMP is smart enough to guess some other code page
19:57:29bluebrothereven in id3v1
19:57:44bluebrothermy guess is that Windows simply uses cp1252 instead of ISO-8859-1
19:57:49gevaertssaratoga: doesn't ASF always use utf16?
19:57:58bluebrotherwhich is pretty much broken IMO, but well ...
19:58:13WunkelDolfhm that would wonder me. The radio receive function in the radio player unfortunately is pretty low in the volume in comparisation with my mp3 songs (drums and bass, so pretty loud themself) so even at +6 dB it doesnt occur on the radio
19:58:18gevaertsbluebrother: rbutil tries to download for the current build
19:59:12saratogagevaerts: yes as far as I know, although with ASF i'm never sure if i should trust the MS SDK
19:59:14WunkelDolfI'll try if it also happens on wav, flac or other encoding formats later
19:59:30*bluebrother slaps forehead
19:59:31gevaertssaratoga: in a hex dump it looked like 16 bit stuff anyway
19:59:54bluebrotherif the link to genlang is broken on my system it's not to be unexpected for the script not to work as expected
19:59:58gevaertsWunkelDolf: radio is always going to be different. FM audio doesn't go through software
20:00:07saratogaif you want to look at ASF streams, this tool from MS is amazing:
20:00:26saratogai guess since they didn't want to release the specs they made it super easy to reverse engineer
20:00:50bluebrothergevaerts: see .describe 674bbbaf832b83042b906c564b9240cd894c2583
20:00:50fs-bluebotFix false positive in version detection. by Dominik Riebeling (from Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:16:14 +0000)
20:01:53gevaertsbluebrother: ah, ok, so a random commit should work around that for a while? :)
20:01:57WunkelDolfgevaerts: Yes, but if I could get the radio to play louder, to reach the same loudness level as my songs are on +6dB, then I would be able to check if its just a decoder problem (softwareside) or if maybe the dac/sound processor hardware has a max limit which produces a 1-2 sec cut-off or a reboot or something like that in this chip
20:02:04WunkelDolfif it goesmover its limit
20:02:05bluebrothergevaerts: yes.
20:02:30*gevaerts looks for a typo to fix :)
20:02:53bluebrotherin fact the unit test for the initial implementation of the git hash parsing worked fine, until I got notified that there's some values that haven't been in my test vector :P
20:03:05bluebrotherwhy fix a typo?
20:03:14gevaertsThose are easier than actual bugs
20:03:25saratogahmm maybe the tool does parse it right, at least on my Win 7 machine, but i thought it was wrong on winxp before
20:05:05bluebrotherBagder: does the server have the most recent genlang script online? I've fixed it to work with 3.11 a bit ago (after the inital git support) but Rockbox Utility gets an empty page.
20:05:13bluebrothertrying it locally seems to be fine
20:05:23WunkelDolfI must say, its not like it is silent on +1 dB which is enough even for me in most cases, but as I'm pretty deaf on both sides (hearing around 30% of the normal loudness) I am setting every player to its max setting most of the time
20:06:16 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
20:06:16*bluebrother spots gevaerts already added a comment to FS #12632
20:06:17fs-bluebot MP3 metadata symbols not appearing correctly on the WPS display screen (bugs, unconfirmed)
20:07:52WunkelDolfAnyways, will test it more, maybe a different decoder and file format, maybe I can produce a loud enough reception of the radio signal with my radio transmitter for the car to test if its really software based
20:08:33WunkelDolfI guess dumb headphones, no matter how expensive, don't possess a cut-off total silentness feature.. at least not technically explainable for me
20:08:51saratogaWunkelDolf: 30% of normal loudness would mean you need about 5 dB more then everyone else, which would make 0dB on a Clip+ agonizingly loud
20:09:31WunkelDolfSaratoga: Nah.. its just the area of human voice band which is on 30%
20:09:39WunkelDolfMost is even lower
20:10:02WunkelDolfAnd because both ears are different I can't understand shit, if two things overlap
20:10:07WunkelDolfnot even in reallife
20:10:20WunkelDolfreading lips and putting it together with what I hear
20:10:25saratogaWunkelDolf: those headphones are speced to do 125dBA at 0dB on the clip+!
20:10:41WunkelDolfThe Triple.Fi 10?
20:11:01WunkelDolfPossible.. my alarm clock is an self build 130dB Siren right beneath my ear
20:11:07saratogathats well above the threshold for hearing damage just listening to them
20:11:16ZeetherI think my earbuds are giving out on me
20:11:53ZeetherIf I sort of bend them slightly at one point, near the jack, it cuts off the sound a bit
20:12:02WunkelDolfI could describe it best as: If I sleep, even a nuclear explosion wouldnt wake me up
20:12:13*bluebrother wonders if he should classify that mp3 issue as ID10T error :P
20:12:45saratogano some codepage issue on the tracker
20:12:53WunkelDolfah.. ok
20:13:39WunkelDolfNah but serious, I like loud music and better to hear over ridiculous loud in-ear-monitors than putting the sound system to an (for me) chilling ambient level
20:13:48AlexPjust close it if it isn't valid, it'll only linger otherwise :)
20:13:51saratogaanyway my point is that its hard to believe you're actually getting that kind of power and still wanting more
20:13:57WunkelDolfwhich would probably make my neighbours fall out of the bed..
20:14:04saratogasomething is probably wrong
20:15:03WunkelDolfYou know I could fix it by using ear supporr thingies which make everything louder, but they ain't made for such applications, as well.. they cut it off and reduce it so I nearly have no difference to using none
20:15:08WunkelDolfjust the problem is
20:15:26WunkelDolfnoise aka car noise and sch I hear pretty well so they distract alot..
20:15:31WunkelDolfnot using them hehe
20:15:46saratogaif the amp is cutting out on the player, and its probably not going as loud as it should, i tend to think something is wrong with the player or else maybe the headphones are shorting
20:16:17WunkelDolfhm.. I thought about a limit of the headphones as well but
20:16:32WunkelDolfthe thing is it cuts out on both channels on the same time and keeps silent the same time
20:16:50WunkelDolfwhich wouldnt be possible without a pcb with pretty good analyzing parts.
20:16:53CIA-44Commit 1207c7b in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE for the simulator
20:16:55bluebrotherWunkelDolf: no, definitely not yours :)
20:17:02saratogai don't think headphones have a limit
20:17:14saratogathey'll just gradually distort more until you eventually burn them out
20:17:23WunkelDolfyea thats what I think, too.. How would they limit it.
20:17:42WunkelDolfon +5dB and as long as no bass strikes I begin to hear the distortion
20:17:48WunkelDolfbut +2 or +3 works fine
20:18:04WunkelDolfand is a good bit louder than +0dB
20:18:15WunkelDolfjust the skipping annoys somewhat
20:19:16WunkelDolfMaybe I should buy speakers and build my own headphones.. but those wouldn't sound good, just annoy other people and being loud..
20:19:28WunkelDolfThats not exactly the target, too
20:19:58gevaertsAh, the build system seems to be feeling better already
20:21:12WunkelDolfAnyways, the sansa is at least a good bit louder than my previous Creative MuVo V200 which lasted several years.. and was pretty loud compared to most actual players.
20:21:49WunkelDolfAnd Rockbox allows for a nice amount of customisation, that rocks. :-)
20:23:34WunkelDolfBy the way, I thought about using the Clip Zip while biking and as I'm building basically a Velomobile-Rolling Home
20:23:51WunkelDolfI thought why not using a charger in the VM for charging it while listening
20:24:07WunkelDolfBasically its locked while you put in the usb cable
20:24:32WunkelDolfbut if one starts the debug menus, battery menu as example, he can exit it and use the player while charging
20:24:52WunkelDolfit just doesnt play anything, probably because it is shared as folders on the computer
20:25:11gevaertsWunkelDolf: you can charge while connected, without the debug menu
20:25:22WunkelDolfand listen?
20:25:25WunkelDolfHow so?
20:25:27*AlexP recommends reading the manual :)
20:25:34AlexPIt covers this and other fun things
20:26:04gevaertsOn all players by holding a button while connecting, and on some by plugging it in to a non-host charger
20:26:31WunkelDolfokay thats new to me but cool
20:27:08WunkelDolfMakes the whole thing easier
20:27:36WunkelDolfI was thinking about hiding the internal storage over rockbox and putting the songs there but no idea if it would work
20:28:28AlexPI don't understand that sentence
20:29:13AlexPI don't understand what you said
20:29:39WunkelDolfPut songs to internal storage, configure rockbox as hide internal storage on connect for compatibility reasons whatsoever which is possible
20:29:48AlexPon connect to what?
20:29:51WunkelDolfbut no idea if the internal storage is still mounted
20:29:57WunkelDolfusb cable?
20:30:07AlexPYou mean just don't expose internal storage over USB?
20:30:11gevaertsUSB unmounts all storage
20:30:39gevaertsHiding internal storage is a workaround for broken hosts that can't handle multiple LUNs
20:31:23WunkelDolfIt was an idea to prevent it from not playing anything while charfing but as it was said there is this functionality already build in. I just barely read manuals, try and error ftw
20:31:46AlexPIt would be nice if you would
20:32:18AlexPAs spending huge amounts of time writing them so that people don't read them isn't very lol :)
20:32:27WunkelDolfYea, but its just a music player.. Bought it because it has not too much functions, perfectionism disease
20:32:39AlexPIt didn't come with Rockbox
20:32:55AlexPWhen you chose to install something that has many many functions...
20:33:00WunkelDolfTrue but I like the fading and loudness of rockbox. :-P
20:33:08AlexPGood for you
20:33:13WunkelDolfI don't have to use all of them?
20:33:37AlexPNo, but before asking about ones we already have, we'd appreciate you checking the manual :)
20:33:49AlexPThat's how you find out
20:34:47WunkelDolfYea probably.. Usually the things I buy don't have much technical descriptions so I tend to try & error them.. sorry :P
20:35:29AlexPRockbox is a little different, and no worries :)
20:35:30bluebrotheris the build farm still really few machines?
20:35:46*bluebrother considers running the client for a bit again
20:35:56gevaertsbluebrother: I doubt it. I suspect it's just missing one that can do the ypr0
20:36:10AlexPbuild times are still v. long
20:36:26gevaertsMy client reported one remaining build ages ago
20:37:19 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
20:39:13bluebrothercrap, I don't have the cross compilers on that box anymore
20:42:07ZeetherSeems like putting a lot of tracks on the clip zip makes it take a while to load the next one with rockbox installed
20:43:01gevaertsZeether: are you putting them all in the same directory?
20:43:18gevaertsYou could try enabling the directory cache
20:43:23ZeetherThey're all in the MUSIC folde
20:44:04gevaertsDirectly, or in subdirectories?
20:44:32WunkelDolfhmm, hold the menu key it says. Lets try..
20:44:35 Join wodz [0] (
20:44:47Zeetherdirectly, there are some tracks in subdirectories for artists though
20:45:42gevaertsThat's never going to be very efficient I think. The directory cache might help, but FAT will never be good at very large directories
20:46:34ZeetherDirectory cache is enabled
20:46:45WunkelDolfvery cool, works. Thanks for the hint. ;)
20:47:23ZeetherIt's still slow loading though, on the Clip+ it was able to load tracks up pretty fast when I skipped them
20:47:58ZeetherAlthough I think this is because I'm just playing stuff I recently loaded on there
20:47:59bluebrothergevaerts: closed. I refrained from calling it an ID10T error though :)
20:48:08bluebrotherbut it's been tempting :P
20:48:14WunkelDolfZeether: What means slow loading for you? Multiple seconds?
20:48:26wodzmortalis: Could you explain me 1) why you do transfers modulo 1022? Thats rather strange value. 2) Why do you transfer things twice? 3) How did you figure out HOR_BP and VERT_BP are culprit?
20:48:27Zeether10 seconds or so
20:48:34WunkelDolfFor one song?!
20:49:11ZeetherI think I can get used to it
20:49:24gevaertsThat's definitely not normal
20:49:31WunkelDolfWtf.. On the internal flash it took maybe 2 seconds, on the 32G Samsung class 10 maybe 1,5..
20:49:39WunkelDolfper Song, on skipping around
20:50:19ZeetherI have a pretty large amount of songs loaded on here though, it almost tops off internal memory
20:50:32Zeetherthat and I have ones on the SD card
20:50:53 Quit sinthetek (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:50:58WunkelDolfI have 4 folders actually, each sorted for a special mood and each with shuffle all / random
20:51:14 Quit TomColler (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:51:19WunkelDolftotal around 24 GB from the 29/30 effectively usable
20:51:29WunkelDolfstill works pretty wuick
20:51:54WunkelDolfnot as quick as the original firmware if they have covers, too.. because the original seems to load the cover after the song
20:52:06 Join TomColler [0] (~thomas@
20:52:16WunkelDolfi skip, the song plays and it loads the cover 2-3 sec laters
20:52:30WunkelDolfunder rockbox almost simultaneous I would say
20:52:53saratogain rockbox the song and album art are loaded into memory while the previous track is still playing
20:53:05saratogasince most of our targets have hard disks, we can't spin up the disk just to change tracks
20:53:29WunkelDolfYea, but I was talking about random/shuffle and multiple quick changes
20:53:36WunkelDolfso forced load basical
20:53:39saratogayeah that happens even on random
20:53:55saratogaalthough if you do several track changes you'll quickly exhaust the tiny RAM on the clip
20:54:10saratogatheres only about 6 MB of buffer available
20:54:10ZeetherOh, that explains the loading then
20:54:41WunkelDolfthats what I meant.. I skip sometimes 10+ songs directly after I see the file name
20:54:53WunkelDolfso I dont think it can buffer the whole song that quick
20:54:56kugelgevaerts: wasn't the fwrite() warning in sim-specific code only?
20:55:02WunkelDolfbut still loads quick
20:55:16WunkelDolfmore than 3 seconds I have almost never waited hm
20:55:19saratogayeah the flash itself is quick enough that buffering isn't really needed, and the sandisk firmware doesn't bother with it
20:55:29gevaertskugel: uh, yes...
20:55:37saratogawe had a patch to not do it, but it actually hurt battery life a little and was more complicated then it was worth
20:55:43gevaertskugel: I guess I'd better start over :)
20:55:43saratogaso we do hard diska nd flash players the same
20:56:16WunkelDolfsaratoga: I think its cool to buffer it.
20:56:43WunkelDolfBut if I listen to a mix which goes 2 hours it will probably only buffer some minutes at all
20:56:47saratogayes it works very well
20:57:22ZeetherThe Clip+ loads up songs pretty quick when I quickly skip them, probably because it doesn't process album art like the Zip
20:57:23WunkelDolfBut I don't use mp3 tags at all, I remove every file info stored by anyone except the logo if teres one
20:57:35WunkelDolfand use the file name which I rename after my system directly
20:57:43WunkelDolfmaybe that speeds it up a bit, dunno
20:58:05mortaliswodz: 1) it writes 1022 pixels from buffer, dunno why it 1022, and dunno how to change it. 2) since it always writes 1022, last write will overrite first pixels. Seccond write is simply puts first (LCD_HEIGHT*LCD_WIDTH)%1022 to the end of buffer. 3) I experimented with different settings, and find out that problem in thoose regs
20:58:13 Join curtism [0] (~curtis@unaffiliated/programble)
20:59:05WunkelDolfZeether: Hmm that could be a reason too
20:59:14WunkelDolfmaybe 6%mof my files have a album cover
20:59:15mortaliswodz: wodz: When i tried 16bit mode, i forgot to remove data_transform, so display was configured incorrectly. Now its almost working, but picture is fuzzy.
20:59:36wodzmortalis: regarding 3) it is kinda strange. OF doesn't touch this registers when lcd type is mcu
20:59:41ZeetherWell, the Clip Zip does have a better battery life than the + so it's a tradeoff
20:59:51mortaliswodz: i know
21:00:20WunkelDolfI would say, the important thing about the music is the music, so as long as its nice, they can leave the cover away. :-)
21:00:22MCraseWunkleDolf: I use full album art with embedded artwork and don't have any long loading times. Although I do resize my album art though to the optimum resolution of the screen.
21:00:25saratogaZeether: does it?
21:00:34MCraseFull tags I mean.
21:00:42Zeether15 hours apparently
21:00:51saratogai get more then that on my Clip+
21:01:18WunkelDolfMCrase: Hmm, yea thats a problem on most songs as well, the covers ain't nearly fitting the optimal resolution
21:01:58mortaliswodz: in 16bit mode: LCD_BUFF = 0x1f<<11; gives first to pixels red, LCD_BUFF = 0x1f<<11; *(&LCD_BUFF+!) =0x1f; gives first to pixels blue
21:02:18saratogatheres no Zip benchmarks on the wiki, so i'm not sure how long it lasts, but probably similar to the clip+ given that the hardware and battery are similar
21:02:25WunkelDolfI got pixelized ones, good quality ones.. but I just don't care.. Its not like DnB covers are very interesting or so..
21:02:28MCraseWunkleDolf: I just resize them all to 96px.
21:02:45WunkelDolfOh, alot of work hm?
21:03:01WunkelDolfOr is there a tool for rescaling them?
21:03:12MCraseNot if you automate the process :)
21:03:15WunkelDolfOnly mp3 tag tool I use is a tag killer :P
21:03:17saratogathe WPS can actually rescale them at load time
21:04:15WunkelDolfHm, yea if one manages his collection this way and uses a media player which has advantages with those data
21:04:20WunkelDolfsure, thats not bad..
21:04:27WunkelDolfcan sort after year as example
21:04:55wodzmortalis: I don't understand what you mean
21:05:07WunkelDolfbut I sort the files, never albums, just into one folder which i like to hear at sport activity #1 as example
21:05:16WunkelDolfand set it to random.. shuffle
21:05:31WunkelDolfso the tags wouldnt help.. so I remove them
21:06:08WunkelDolfbut the clipzip loads even tagged files which barely swim between the others if I forgot them very quick in my opinion
21:06:22 Join cela [0] (~cela@
21:06:48gevaertsRemoving tags saves you a few hundred bytes per file, which is likely less than 0.01%. I don't really see the point of that
21:07:11WunkelDolfGot multiple 100-200 MB Livestream records, even those play after 2-3 seconds (not that theyre buffered at that time to the full extend but they play)
21:07:48WunkelDolfgevaerts: Its more of an aesthetical thing..
21:08:03WunkelDolfand I guess its not just the filesize, the data hs to be displayed, too
21:08:06 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
21:08:18gevaertsIt doesn't have to be displayed. You can use a theme that doesn't show them
21:08:34gevaertsAnd seriously, displaying them is basically free anyway
21:08:50 Quit GeekShadow (Quit: leaving)
21:08:59WunkelDolfYea, but what does it help me if everyone tags his files different and with uncomplete data
21:09:08WunkelDolfI just rename the file after a scheme
21:09:14*bluebrother doesn't have a problem with that
21:09:34bluebrotherrenaming the files after your scheme isn't much different than tagging files after your scheme
21:09:36gevaertsActually, removing all tags may cause more IO, which would cause a shorter battery life
21:09:56bluebrotherplus, doing tags properly when ripping isn't too hard :)
21:10:27gevaerts(assuming mp3)
21:10:30saratogai just tag everything properly, don't worry about naming, since i can use the tags to rename stuff
21:10:31WunkelDolfbluebrother: True, but it prevents unneeded information and fulfills the task of displaying every file exactly like I want it, no matter which player ..
21:11:09bluebrotherWunkelDolf: well, obviously it's up to you how to do this. I can't see any benefit from it though, so I won't argue about it anymore :)
21:11:20 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:11:22mortaliswodz: i mean that something wrond when i turn on 16bit mode. - this should display 1 red pixel, but it displays 2 red pixels instead
21:11:28WunkelDolfsaratoga: Yes, true, but there it begins: I've got several songs whch were tagged vice versa
21:11:31WunkelDolfsongname as artist
21:11:33WunkelDolfand so on
21:11:37bluebrother(and I do see a benefit from having proper tags: if your filenames corrupt you can restore them easily ;-)
21:11:42WunkelDolfresult: I have to look into all of them
21:12:08bluebrotherfoobar2000 has some freedb tagger that's supposed to also work with non-CDs
21:12:13bluebrothernever tried that though
21:12:32 Join perrikwp [0] (
21:12:33ZeetherConsidering how the Clip Zip firmware isn't stable I should probably expect the whole loading issue with skipping around to just be an effect of that
21:12:47WunkelDolfYea, if the filenames are corrupt.. uh
21:13:04bluebrotherhmm, should my old svn based build client be able to update itself to git automatically?
21:13:21WunkelDolfthen theres a high possibility that ntfs killed unfortunately also parts of the file by wrong allocation
21:13:31mortaliswodz: and this should display red pixel, and blue pixel after it, but it displays 2 blue pixels
21:13:39bluebrotherit does some git stuff. Nice.
21:13:43WunkelDolfthats why I prefer to use a vm with zfs or raidz on the data grave
21:13:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:14:13*gevaerts would like to point out that this is a channel about rockbox, not other stuff
21:14:20WunkelDolfGives more peace to ones soul.. Only thing stressing me actually are hdd pricws
21:14:29 Join GeekShadow [0] (
21:14:32bluebrothergevaerts: I just closed a task about mp3 tags!
21:15:25WunkelDolfgevaerts: Yea, but music tags are pretty related. ;) ANyways I don't have a problem with rockbox and tags or non-tags, it displays it nicely
21:15:32saratogathe only thing unstable at the Zip port is that no one has gotten around to comitting the default theme for its screen size yet
21:15:38WunkelDolfand as long as it loads the songs quickly all is fine
21:15:51gevaertsWunkelDolf: disks and filesystems aren't
21:16:35celaPlease can we have the option to upload 400x240 screen size rockbox themes. I have made a couple.
21:16:36bluebrothergevaerts: you don't by chance have access to the machine executing the genlang script for Rockbox Utility?
21:16:38WunkelDolfDepends.. I'm actually searching the web for information about what filesystems rockbox supports aside from fat32
21:16:50bluebrotherWunkelDolf: FAT32.
21:17:09ZeetherSo it's probably the sheer amount of music it's loading
21:17:11gevaertsbluebrother: no, sorry. I have access to the theme site, but that's basically it
21:17:29bluebrothertoo bad.
21:17:30WunkelDolfbluebrother: Hmm, no alternatives? :-(
21:17:46bluebrotherÃthough it reminds me that I should look into the voicestrings-on-device idea
21:17:59bluebrotherWunkelDolf: no. No alternatives necessary or useful.
21:18:22bluebrotherhmm. Current build round running since 45+ minutes? :o
21:18:32gevaertsbluebrother: yes, but it will be finished soon
21:18:51gevaertsIt was missing a client that could do the ypr0, so I built that toolchain and restarted my client
21:19:00*bluebrother waits for his client to finish converting
21:20:59CIA-441207c7b build result: All green
21:21:33WunkelDolfDoes the rockbox plugin and process system allow it to let a plugin run on the background active?
21:21:45 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
21:21:48WunkelDolfWithout disturbing the players use
21:22:28gevaertsWunkelDolf: yes and no. you can have a TSR plugin (battery_bench is one), but then you can't load any other plugin without stopping it
21:22:55CIA-44Commit 9ca9b65 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Revert 1207c7b and fix the actual warnings.
21:23:02WunkelDolfhmm.. dang. Thought about encryption possibilities in reallife on more powerful players
21:23:24WunkelDolfeven as a music player barely has important data on it.. still would be nice
21:23:45gevaertsIf you want something like full disk encryption, a plugin wouldn't be the right place to do that
21:24:02bluebrother64 minutes? Sounds like a record :o
21:24:18WunkelDolfyea but nobody would embed it in the rockbox itself as not even a hand full of people would use it
21:24:44gevaertsbluebrother: I suspect it's also the first build where someone started building a toolchain to allow the build to complete
21:25:43bluebrothermight be a good reason to try building that toolchain on OS X.
21:25:51bluebrotheror better, figure if it's actually building
21:26:28ZeetherOh wait, I think I solved my problem
21:26:33ZeetherLoading the database to RAM
21:26:55WunkelDolfwas that off?
21:26:58ZeetherIt was off
21:27:04gevaertsZeether: oh, I missed that you were using the database... That would help, yes
21:27:08ZeetherI turned it on, and it seems like tracks load faster
21:28:21WunkelDolfShould be faster than the said 10 seconds, really.. I had maybe 2 tracks which loaded 5 seconds, most 2-3 seconds at most..
21:28:57gevaertsThere's clearly a build system bug somewhere. My client was idle (even though it has *all* toolchains and there was one build left to go), I killed it and restarted it, and it's now building ypr0
21:29:14CIA-449ca9b65 build result: All green
21:30:43 Part cela
21:30:48WunkelDolfBy the way, the only hanger I had with rockbox was while charging once
21:30:56WunkelDolfif charged and charged
21:31:05 Join cela [0] (~cela@
21:31:15WunkelDolfand after 2hours I unplugged it and noticed it was freezed lol
21:31:44WunkelDolfElse than that rockstable, really nice
21:32:13 Quit ender` (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:32:47 Join ender` [0] (
21:34:15 Join kadoban_ [0] (
21:34:32 Part cela
21:34:41WunkelDolfI wondered if the keylock combo which works in the music player should work in the other menus like radio, too
21:35:02 Join bertrik [0] (
21:35:02 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
21:35:02 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:37:33 Join lasser [0] (
21:38:14 Join lovasoa [0] (~olojkine@
21:38:29 Part lovasoa
21:39:40lasserHi! I have two questions about a strange behaviour of an e200v2 running Rockbox r31646
21:40:47 Quit perrikwp (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:41:57 Join perrikwp [0] (
21:42:54lasserFirst the clock shows strange and wrong times every second: 06:28, 13:33, 21:44, 03:33 etc. Adjusting the time does not changing anything.
21:43:51lasserSecondly the player turns itself on time by time.
21:44:06lasserAny hints what I can do about these things?
21:44:36bluebrotherlasser: update to a more recent version. That one is almost three months old
21:45:18gevaertsThat would be a good start. I haven't ever heard about anyone seeing that sort of thing though
21:45:57lasserOh holy shi.... I did update my svn... But you're using git...
21:45:57 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
21:46:04WunkelDolfAh, about the time, thanks for the reminder, lasser.. is it normal that the ClipZip has totally different times in the original firmware and the Rockbox fw?
21:46:36WunkelDolfThey differ by even.. several hours and half an hour at the end. Makes me wonder if thats normal.
21:47:05lasserOk, I have to change my scripts... Any quick link how to check out from git?
21:48:05lassergevaerts: Thank you!
21:49:38bertrikWunkelDolf, yes that's normal
21:49:58bertrikif you first set the time in rockbox, then in the OF, they will be in sync
21:50:19bertrikyou might lose DRM'ed tracks on your player though
21:51:16WunkelDolfah okay thanks. I set the of before the update of the bootloader and booted straight in the rockbox afterwards, noticing after another boot in the of that they differ alot
21:51:36WunkelDolfdidnt set the of time then, thought tey might be linked and I have to set the rockbox again
21:51:46WunkelDolfwill try it now :)
21:53:27 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
21:53:48bertrikas far as I understand, rockbox adjusts the internal RTC chip, the OF leaves the RTC alone and just adjusts the offset to the RTC
21:54:21bertrikso changing the time in the OF has no effect on the time shown in rockbox, but changing time in rockbox *does* change the time shown in the OF
21:54:34Tornethat's quite common on devices that have some kind of drm
21:54:34WunkelDolfah, that explains it.. cool cool, then its possible to sync them, thats nice
21:54:56WunkelDolfDRM ain't an problem
21:55:15WunkelDolfI prefer buying real cds or vinyls instead of protected digital songs
21:55:33Torneyah, i mean the clock working that wau is because it supports a drm scheme
21:55:39Torneeven if you dont use it.
21:55:41WunkelDolfand alot of DnB Artists deliver live mixes freely
21:56:56WunkelDolfyea, but it's no problem if drm protected music won't play.. A CD stays with me until UV rays destroy it totally over the years.. digital DRM protected music is just annoying for the customer
21:57:25WunkelDolfVinyls rock even more :)
21:57:57 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:58:05 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:58:59 Join perrikwp_ [0] (
21:59:13Tornegevaerts: we might want to shut off the svn server at some point :)
21:59:27Tornegevaerts: i think it's been long enough now for people to bring their dev trees up to date
21:59:29gevaertsTorne: didn't Bagder shut it down yesterday?
21:59:33Torneer, possibly :)
21:59:40 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:59:46gevaertsOr am I having ghost memories?
21:59:55bertriknope, still works :)
22:00:11gevaerts2012-04-02:11:17 <Zagor> FYI: is now closed
22:00:27Tornepresumably he shut down viewvc
22:00:28gevaertshm, that's not the svn server
22:00:30lasserIf he shut it down yesterday I must have been one of the last ones who did 'successfully' used it ;-)
22:00:47 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:00:47*bertrik just updated to 31646
22:00:48Tornesvn is still up.
22:00:50gevaertsSo it's still running, which may not be that good :)
22:00:56Tornebut yeha, we can probably shut it down now
22:01:12bluebrotherseems viewvc is the thing that's down :)
22:01:18Tornei only had him leave it so people with work on svn could `svn up` to the last version to get as close as possible before moving changes to git
22:01:24Tornebut now the latest svn is not particularly close
22:01:25gevaertsOr at least remove the rockbox bits. For all I know there could be some unrelated repositories there :)
22:01:27Torneso it's of limited use.
22:01:39 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:01:44Torneif it goes away people trying to svn up will at least get an error :)
22:04:08 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium
22:10:33kugeldidn't zagor say he shut down svn?
22:10:53gevaertskugel: no, he only shut down the web bits
22:10:53saratogajust the web interface, not the repo
22:13:18 Part Zeether
22:18:54*Bagder looks into the depths of the svn server
22:19:27BagderI'll switch if off now
22:25:14 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
22:26:26bluebrotherBagder: can you check the genlang script on the server?
22:27:15BagderI'll give it a look in a bit
22:29:51lasserOk, I updated the player to the latest git. The time issue remains...
22:30:19bluebrotherwow, ctng doesn't even configure on OS X due to sed :(
22:31:00bluebrotheryes, at least on 10.6
22:31:56bertriklasser, I think there's a problem with your hardware then, how does it behave with the original firmware?
22:32:18kugelwhat's wrong with OSX' sed?
22:32:19lasserbertrik: wait a moment, I'll give it a try...
22:33:26bluebrotherthe configure script doesn't like it.
22:33:36bluebrotherseems to be related to -i and / or -e options
22:33:53kugelthose are pretty standard i would think
22:34:04kugelwe use them too
22:34:07kugelin our configure
22:34:14kugel(-e at least)
22:34:32Torne-i is a gnu extension, i think
22:35:02Torneyeah. SUSv2 only has -efn, no other options
22:35:44bluebrotherok, replacing OS X sed with the one from MacPorts makes it go a bit further. Now gawk is missing
22:35:52bluebrotherlooks like this is going to be fun :/
22:36:58 Quit bitcraft (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:37:04 Join bitcraft [0] (~bitcraft@
22:39:52lasserberttrik: Ok, it seems that the rtc is messed up. neither the OF nor Rockbox shows the correct time.
22:44:25 Join Keripo [0] (
22:58:28WunkelDolfgood night guys and thanks for the help ;) See you
22:58:34 Quit WunkelDolf (Quit: A day without sunshine is like .... night)
22:58:46 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:59:24 Join wodz [0] (
22:59:31 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
22:59:43 Quit wodz (Client Quit)
23:06:40 Join dhrasmus [0] (
23:09:29Bagdersorry, but I've added my name in the wiki as someone who will not attend devcon this year
23:09:31 Join pamaury [0] (
23:09:31 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
23:09:31 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:09:56kugelBagder: ? :'(
23:10:08BagderI blame lack of time, other travels and a lack of motivation
23:10:50FOADLack of time travel.
23:11:19pamaurybertrik: ping
23:13:10 Quit lasser ()
23:13:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:02 Join perrikwp [0] (
23:19:14 Quit perrikwp_ (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:22:49 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
23:28:57CIA-44Commit 905f920 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Shorten voicefont progress output a bit.
23:32:06CIA-44905f920 build result: All green
23:37:19gevaertsBagder: sorry to hear that. We'll have to work on motivatin you again!
23:40:45bluebrothercan we actually have a proper DevCon without swedes being around?
23:43:43kugelnot sure
23:45:46 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)

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