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#rockbox log for 2012-04-05

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00:43:24JdGordonamiconn: see
00:44:28JdGordonah crap, i cant copy+paste from gchat here or it stuff up the order also
00:45:08JdGordonThe left most letter of the hebrew is the first letter and should be on the right most
00:51:11funmanbluebrother: btw did you see my message about sed -i on osx?
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02:39:46Zero_DiamondHey guys, me again. Got a quick question I couldn't find an answer for on the site.
02:40:44Zero_DiamondA friend just sent me an old Sansa e260v2 with Rockbox installed on it. I read some articles and apparently the SD slot can only read a maximum 16gb microSD card, but it also said it was largely limited by the firmware.
02:40:49Zero_DiamondDoes Rockbox do away with that limitation?
02:41:45saratogaZero_Diamond: there is no limitation on SD card size at all on the e200v2 in any firmware
02:42:51Zero_DiamondHuh. Weird. I'm gonna have to recheck that article and see if I misread which Sansa player it was for.
02:43:25Zero_DiamondI'm behind on my SD technology: are SDHC and SDXD compatible with just SD?
02:43:50Zero_DiamondIt looks like most cards bigger than 16gb are either SDHC or SDXD.
02:44:11saratoga4GB and larger are SDHC
02:44:34saratogaSDXC is SDHC with a different file system and starts at 64GB
02:44:51Zero_DiamondWould the file system difference present any problem?
02:45:10saratogaprovided you change it back to fat32, no
02:45:29Zero_DiamondOh, right, that kind of file system. Gotcha.
02:45:51Zero_DiamondOkay, cool. Thanks for the help.
02:47:24Galoisthe problem is that fat32 doesn't easily support filesystems larger than 32GB
02:47:31saratogasure it does
02:47:47GaloisI believe recent versions of windows will refuse to create such a large fat32 filesystem
02:47:57Zero_DiamondThey will, yeah
02:48:01Galoisand in any case you have huge cluster sizes which sucks for small files
02:48:02saratogasure, but that has nothing to do wtih what FAT32 supports
02:48:04Zero_DiamondBut there are programs you can still use to make them
02:48:50GaloisI said it doesn't easily support large filesystems. This claim is correct. fat32 is windows-based and the default tools on windows don't support this usage.
02:50:44saratogafat32 isn't windows based, although MS did invent it
02:51:11Galoissure you can do it with third-party tools, but this is difficult for most people. Maybe it's easy for people here. But you can't force the general population to use third-party tools.
02:51:20Galoisthat's why large sd cards don't use fat32.
02:51:24Galoisand anyway you have the cluster size problem no matter what
02:52:21saratogawhat cluster size problem?
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02:55:04Zero_DiamondOh, incidentally, this is the article I'd read regarding storage on the e260:
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02:56:40Galois (this article describes filesystem limitations)
02:59:26saratogaso basically, nothing we care about
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07:38:27KiwiCamHi. I note that the Sim doesn't change the charging values any more while playing a track. ie It used to just cycle through from 0 to 100 and then cycle back down again. Is there a switch for this? How can I get this feature implemented in the Simulator again?
07:40:55[Saint]I seem to recall this behaviour being changed to more accurately represent on-device behaviour. there should be a keyboard shortcut to "plug the charger" iirc.
07:41:15KiwiCamAh ha. I'll have a look....
07:41:30[Saint]It could of course be that I'm mistaken, and its just broken ;)
07:42:59JdGordonyeah, the sim was changed because sdl-app was made to get the actual charge level which is no good for sims
07:43:09KiwiCamIt's U.
07:43:18*[Saint] knew something!
07:44:52KiwiCamNo. That just shows the USB Bitmap. Power, which is 1 doesn't work either.
07:45:34[Saint]I have it in my head that "C" enables charging, could be wrong.
07:46:00[Saint]The source will know.
07:46:27KiwiCamNot C either.
07:47:31KiwiCamH for Hold. That's supposed to be the Lock Screen (Clip) isn't it?
07:48:03[Saint]No, its supposed to be hold, for devices that have it.
07:48:17KiwiCamMaybe not. Any idea how to activate the Lock Screen?
07:48:41KiwiCamH used to work, I recall.
07:48:49[Saint]Isn't the screen locked via a "soft-lock" on this target?
07:50:12KiwiCamI'm not familiar with the term.
07:51:05[Saint]It requires a key combination to lock, no? Or is there a dedicated button on the device.
07:51:58KiwiCamOn the device it's either the slide lock down, for the Clip2 or Home and Select for the Clip+. Home & Select don't work on the Sim though.
07:52:20KiwiCamIt used to. Just goes to the Menu now.
07:53:50[Saint]Seems like the sims don't very accurately represent the targets, as they used to. I'm not /terribly/ surprised.
07:53:53KiwiCamI've got a lock screen for the Clip+ I'd like to test via the Sim and I'm thinking of having a go at a theme for the Zip, but I don't own the physical.
07:54:39KiwiCamAnybody wanna buy me a Zip? ;)
07:56:40KiwiCamI actually worked out the conditionals in the end for that thing I wanted to do. What a nightmare that was for me. Back to basics for that. Pen and Paper. Helped a lot. I ended up doing something else, which worked out better. Remember that charge cycle thing I was talking about?
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08:32:39JdGordonthe clip zip is using the wrong keypad i tihnk
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09:06:31MysterytrainI have a sansa e280 player, running the latest rockbox. how come the "hidden" and "read only" attributes on folders on the player refuse to stay changed? Every time I go into the player it says the folders are empty even though I just filled them.
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09:09:27wodzmortalis: ping
09:09:35mortaliswodz: pong
09:10:09wodzmortalis: I've made moderate progress
09:12:32wodzmortalis: If you look closely at hw_Lcdctrl.h there are two sets of registers defines. The first one conforms to the datasheet and our rk27xx.h the second have HOR_ACT swapped with HOR_BP and VERT_ACT swapped with VERT_BP. OF seems to use the letter.
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09:13:37wodzmortalis: I still get duplicated pixels on lcd though
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09:19:39mortaliswodz: I see only one set of defines in sdk, bit with swapped registers
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09:20:38mortaliswodz: have your tried to set HOR_BP= LCD_WIDTH+3 and VERT_BP=LCD_HEIGHT?
09:21:40 Part Mysterytrain
09:21:42wodzit gives funny pattern
09:22:47 Join jdgord [0] (~jdgord@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
09:24:24wodzmortalis: first you have defines like RegLCDC_horact which are the same as ours and later you have HOR_ACT which is swapped
09:24:54mortaliswodz: ah, yes
09:25:49mortalisand SDK doesn't use RegLCDC*
09:27:35wodzthats what I said
09:33:42wodzmortalis: with HOR_BP=LCD_WIDTH+3, VERT_BP=LCD_HEIGHT it transfers exactly LCD_WIDTH pixels (but there are some duplicates)
09:35:03wodzerr, VERT_BP=1
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09:52:41mortaliswodz: with HOR_BP=LCD_WIDTH+3, VERT_BP=LCD_HEIGHT it writes 4 lines, data for each line is taken from LINE*_YADDR offsets, but those 4 lines duplicates on whole screen
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09:57:30wodzmortalis: thats kinda promising. I recall dma transfers 4 lines in one shot so maybe lcdif signals dmareq after each 4 lines
10:04:44wodzmortalis: for me it doesn't work the way you described
10:06:27mortaliswodz: paste
10:07:40wodz gives 100pix of blue, 100pix of green, 100pix of red, 100 pix of blue, whole line of black and then the pattern repeats
10:08:18wodzIt miss magenta part
10:10:48mortaliswodz: LINEi_YADDR = (i * LCD_WIDTH/2);
10:11:52wodztried this, no change
10:14:03 Quit diginet (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
10:18:35wodzmortalis: the effect is like this
10:19:29wodzhmm, on photo it looks quite different from what I described
10:20:33wodzok, real life calling :/
10:20:57 Join TomColler [0] (
10:26:31mortaliswodz: it doesn't miss magenta part, try to change magenta to white for example. second 100pix of blue - it is your magenta
10:28:47wodzmortalis: huh, true
10:28:50 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
10:29:20mortaliswodz: and black line it's LINE0_YADDR+200 - LINE1_YADDR
10:30:44wodzPlease write down how do you understand how this operate. I look at this later
10:37:35 Quit jdgord (Quit: Bye)
10:50:27mortaliswodz: each transfer writes 4*LCD_WIDTH pixels, first line - it's data between &LCD_BUFF+LINE0_YADDR and &LCD_BUFF+LINE0_YADDR+LCD_WIDTH/2, second line - between &LCD_BUFF+LINE1_YADDR and &LCD_BUFF+LINE1_YADDR+LCD_WIDTH/2 and so on.
10:51:18mortaliswodz: - this should give your blue line, green line, red line and white line
10:53:06mortaliswodz: btw, in your example your forgot to use j variable, thats why you get only 1 line
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12:57:41KiwiCamI assume that if I run "git pull −−rebase" that that'll allow me to check this out? - skin refresh rate. Do I run this from the rockbox directory or a build directory?
12:58:01KiwiCamStrike the last part of that.
12:59:02KiwiCamI've already run the git pull. So, if I update the Sim, can I make use of that change? (commit?)
12:59:13Torneyou probably want to cherry-pick, not pull
12:59:51Tornepull −−rebase will rebase all the revisions you have that the author didn't *on top* of the patch
13:00:01Tornewhich means your history now looks different to rockbox's
13:00:32Tornei.e. you are probably now forked as of commit a85780b
13:02:55[Saint]Well...even if he cherrypicked, his history would still look different to that of Rockbox'
13:03:28Torneif you cherrypick it, only the commit on the top will be different
13:03:52 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
13:03:59Torneif you did pull −−rebase on someone's change that was uploaded, say, six months ago, you will end up with *every commit in the last six months* being a different SHA
13:04:10Tornebecause the change you pulled has been inserted back then, not on top
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13:09:41KiwiCamThat mean nothing to me. What's the best thing to do then? Set it all up again?
13:13:08[Saint]"git reset −−hard" is probably easiest at this point, as there's nothing you care to keep. You want the commit ID from the branch with the patch in, easy enough to get, then do "git cherry-pick <enough_commit_ID_to_make_it_unique>"
13:13:57[Saint]there's probably some *way* easier way to do it, which Torne will no doubt make me aware of soon (sooner now I've pinged him)
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13:15:30KiwiCamI'll wait a little longer then :)
13:15:46Torneif you had no local work you cared about before, then git reset −−hard origin/master
13:15:51Tornewill just blow your current branch back to being the same as our master
13:16:06Tornethen copypaste the cherry-pick command gerrit offers you :)
13:16:13KiwiCamI'm not doing ANYTHING with it except using the Sims and making .zips
13:16:22Tornethen it's fine to reset it
13:16:56Tornethe gerrit page for the change has a "download" section that offers you a bunch of choices for how to get the change, one of them is cherry-pick
13:17:18Tornean dit willg ive you the exact commands to copypaste
13:17:32Tornebut yeah, it doesn't actually explain what the difference is between the four(!) ways of getting a change
13:17:51Tornebasically you always want cherry-pick unless you know enough about git to know what you want already :)
13:17:57[Saint]Torne: what's this "use the cherr-pick command gerrit gives you" thing? I had been using git log to tell me the ID and working it out myself :-S
13:18:03Torne[Saint]: it's right there on the page
13:18:05*gevaerts knows that double-clicking on the download command there hides it :)
13:18:27KiwiCamThis I assume: git fetch git:// refs/changes/91/191/2 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
13:18:33Torneno, that's checkout
13:18:38Torneselect cherry-pick
13:18:59Tornethere are four ways to get a change, as i said, and gerrit offers them all
13:19:21Tornethere's even a little button to copy it to your clipboard for you :p
13:19:26Tornethough that requires flash, irritatingly
13:19:36KiwiCamI see. Nice site: git fetch git:// refs/changes/91/191/2 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
13:19:40gevaertsAnd if you don't like any of them,follow the gitweb link and get a unified diff :)
13:19:42Torneyes, that's the one
13:19:51Tornegevaerts: the "patch" command will just give you a diff on stdout :)
13:20:03gevaertsTorne: yes, but you need git for that!
13:20:09Tornebut a git extended diff, which "patch" can apply but also has additional metadata that `git apply` can use
13:21:51KiwiCamgevaerts: Sorry, but what do you mean "If I don't like any of them"?
13:22:17gevaertsKiwiCam: any of the four directly supported methods
13:22:52KiwiCamOK. I'm sure I'll like them all :)
13:23:47[Saint]Hmmm...the little "copy to clipboard" button isn't working in Chrome beta on Ubuntu 12.04
13:24:05[Saint]and there's a nice little pattern og garbage pixels next to it.
13:25:44KiwiCamSo I have "10 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)" and some talk about Identity.
13:27:28Torne[Saint]: it's a wonky flash applet, i wouldn't be surprised.
13:27:33Torneyou can turn it off in your prefs :)
13:28:14CIA-44Commit f458888 in rockbox by Michael Sevakis: Build libspc with -03 on m68k (Coldfire).
13:28:31TorneKiwiCam: if you look at `git log` now you should have the patch you just cherrypicked on top, followed by all the rest of history up to the last point you synced to
13:30:42CIA-44f458888 build result: All green
13:31:47KiwiCamTorne: That's under .git/logs?
13:33:08 Quit TomColler (Quit: TomColler)
13:33:58Tornei mean, run git log
13:35:05KiwiCamI see. I quit out from there like Vim?
13:35:55Tornejust press q
13:36:07Tornegit runs less, or some other pager, for you, if the output is longer than a screenful
13:36:21Tornei.e. it's just git log | less
13:36:36Tornebut without having to remember to pipe it through less
13:39:04KiwiCamI'm sure I've been told, but do I now just run a tools configure to make use of this in the Sim?
13:42:41[Saint]the configure /probably/ isn't needed in this case.
13:42:59KiwiCamVery good. Thanks everyone. Thanks Torne.
13:45:29[Saint]you'd only want to use "make reconf" probably anyway I think, as opposed to running a full configure again.
13:46:56 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
13:50:09KiwiCamI jumped the gun. I did a Make. Got lots of warnings about "ARCH" is not defined. Then I tried the make reconf. Same warnings. OK to ignore?
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14:03:14wodzmortalis: your code was not correct it should write to *(&LCD_BUFF + j*200 + i). Other than this it is working as expected
14:03:42mortaliswodz: true
14:04:34wodzmortalis: now its time to look at this scary dwdma engine setup :-)
14:14:08 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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15:02:25CIA-44Commit bb0e4cc in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: touchscreen: Fix kinetic scrolling when the statusbar is off.
15:05:03CIA-44bb0e4cc build result: All green
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15:50:28pamauryfunny, the zen x-fi3 OF doesn't care about the button light brightness whereras the hardware can do it
15:50:58 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
15:52:49wodzpamaury: who cares :P
15:54:07pamauryI do ! First I like to have every hardware capability in the software and second it's useful at night
16:00:55 Join enthdegree [0] (~BitchX@unaffiliated/enthdegree)
16:13:08 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:17:43 Join RansomTime [0] (~RT@wikia/vstf/Randomtime)
16:18:05RansomTimeHi - is there any way to get rid of USB mode on the sansa Clip+ version of rockbox?
16:18:48pixelma"get rid of" what exactly and why?
16:20:27RansomTimeBefore the latest release, I could plug my player in by USB, and charge it whilst playing though speakers, if I wanted to add music, I'd boot into the OF. Now whenever I plug it in, it acts like a USB device, and so I can't play music whilst charging
16:20:49 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
16:22:11pixelmahold any button while plugging in, should be covered in our fine manual (maybe it has some outdated info though from a time when it was only one button to do this, but that's not wrong completely)
16:23:28RansomTimeThanks, that works
16:29:04mortaliswodz: How do you suppose to solve problem with duplication?
16:31:40wodzmortalis: my wild guess is that lcdif sends dmareq after every line
16:56:29MCraseAre there any known issues that would cause duplicate song entries in the database? I'm hoping its something in the tags but so far I have now been able to figure out what is wrong. I've done a scan via disk utility(OS X) and it found nothing wrong with files. Replacing the files hasn't and deleting the database and rerunning yields no change.
16:57:34gevaertsMCrase: are they really duplicate entries? If you ask for properties from the context menu it should show the file path, which you can use to verify they're not really separate files with one of them being in some sort of trash directory
16:57:39 Quit stoffel (Read error: Operation timed out)
17:06:48MCraseUghh, now I feel dumb. I should have checked the properties first thing. I never thought about the .Trash folder having the files because the trash can was showing empty. Had to go in with the terminal to kill that folder. Finder wouldn't let me touch it.
17:07:18gevaertsYou can set rockbox to show all files (including hidden), and then delete from there
17:12:31MCraseThanks for the help. I'm gonna go read through the manual again. Its been years (like 5)since I have read it all the way through. It seems like when I have an issues its always something simple while I'm off over complicating a solution.
17:13:50 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
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17:18:23 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
17:21:15bluebrotherfunman: I've seen that. The problem isn't that sed on OS X doesn't support -i, the problem is that the configure script doesn't like it.
17:21:35bluebrotherwhich means I need to look closer what exactly the problem is −− maybe it's a combination of switches
17:22:16*bluebrother slaps forehead hard
17:22:38bluebrotherBagder: the problem with the genlang script is that I changed it, committed it but forgot to push the change :(
17:22:56CIA-44Commit d1ebb38 in www by Dominik Riebeling: genlang: use git for release string retrieval.
17:23:17bluebrothera fix that's done over 4 weeks ago :(
17:23:26bluebrotheris there anything that needs to be done to make that go live?
17:24:21Bagderit'll go up automatically
17:24:32*gevaerts gives bluebrother a subscription to a coffee home delivery service :)
17:24:44Bagderthe web site symlinks to the source repo, which is updated automatically
17:24:52bluebrothergevaerts: thanks :)
17:26:08bluebrotheryay, builds voice file for 3.11 now.
17:45:16 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:02:27 Quit GodEater_ (Quit: Page closed)
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19:29:12AlexPgevaerts: 3.1.11
19:29:15AlexPer, 3.11.1
19:29:27AlexPthis weekend/tomorrow?
19:29:58gevaertsFine with me. I have can do any time
19:30:07*gevaerts removes some verbs
19:30:52gevaertsIt will depend on Bagder I guess
19:31:05AlexPWell Easter = Friday and Monday off so I have the time :)
19:31:16AlexPAlthough all the prep stuff can be done
19:31:21AlexPand building etc
19:32:21gevaertsOh, indeed. Just about everything can be done in advance
19:33:16 Quit MethoS- (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:34:23 Quit enthdegree (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:35:29*kugel has found a work-around for his pulseaudio problem
19:38:03 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:42:19 Quit Xerion (Quit: )
19:44:28 Join lebellium [0] (
19:52:19kugelbluebrother: ping
19:52:51bluebrotherkugel: pong
19:53:40*bluebrother has to leave in like 1 minute :o
19:55:49*bluebrother out. bbl.
19:57:27kugelbluebrother (logs): just saw it in #pulseaudio and I thought we could steal the idea: a bot posts links to their wiki when someone says "wiki:Foo", similarly to the g#NN links
20:04:59 Join enthdegree [0] (~BitchX@unaffiliated/enthdegree)
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22:55:59pamaurybertrik: ping
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