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#rockbox log for 2012-04-07

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02:38:43KiwiCamI found a solution to the Bitmap Flashing when using multiple Slider Bar Tag in a conditional. This is the latest version of my ALiEn theme, which I expect to upload sometime today. You can compare that with the one already uploaded. Also, I've converted this theme for the ZIP. Would someone mind testing it on the physical device, as I don't have one.
02:39:30KiwiCamLatest Clip ALiEn ZIP ALiEn
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02:44:51KiwiCamI'd like my Zip theme tested on the physical device for the Lock Screen and the Charging display (when plugged in).
02:45:32KiwiCamI'd also appreciate some advice on the Colour Tags as I'm not familiar with them. I'm trying to do this: %t(0.2)%?if(%pL,<=,92)<%pL(00,0,1,16,image,AlienV16.bmp)|%Vf(901412)%pL(00,0,1,16,image,AlienV16.bmp)%Vf(CECECE)> ie If the peak level exceeds 96 then turn the peak bar red.
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04:53:38KiwiCamFYI. I've uploaded a Clip Zip theme and it's showing in the Zip page, but not in the All Themes page.
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06:54:02NotJimCarreycan someone add me to wiki users?
06:54:30NotJimCarreytrying to make an entry for Mach Trio T4300HD
06:55:23NotJimCarreyit's an RK2728B based PMP
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07:19:35[Saint]NotJimCarrey: What name?
07:27:11[Saint]NotJimCarrey: still want write access to the wiki?
07:28:13NotJimCarreysorry, yeah
07:30:12[Saint]NotJimCarrey: MattFarmer added.
07:30:29[Saint]and, Welcome to Rockbox, Matt.
07:30:38NotJimCarreybeen using it for years
07:30:51NotJimCarreybut got a t4300 and wanted to port to it
07:31:11NotJimCarreylooks fairly open, but this'll be my first port
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07:44:54NotJimCarreyum, how do i add a page for a new device?
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08:04:31[Saint]NotJimCarrey: "" should do it.
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08:20:16NotJimCarrey"Access Denied"
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08:42:07[Saint]NotJimCarrey: Hmmm, that shouldn't...Ah!
08:42:20[Saint]Right, yeah...that'll happen if you're not logged in.
08:43:16[Saint]I have no frickin' idea if there's a better way to do it, but the way I've found is to edit some arbitrary page, and then change the URL as I showed you above.
08:46:13[Saint]So, yeah...go to " " or whatever, click "edit" (bottom left), then change the URL in the edit section to " " and press Enter.
08:47:58[Saint]scorche: are you also a "wiki-guy"? ;)
08:48:39[Saint]I want someone with more privs under their belt than I to take care of the wiki search page for me (should something mess up if I roll it back).
08:49:10scorchei have just as many privs as any other general wiki user
08:49:21scorchethe swedes are the only ones with higher privs
08:49:31[Saint]the search page needs rolling back to r6 to work correctly it seems (broken for ~10 years ;))
08:50:03scorchethe wiki search page is pretty useless - just use google's site: modifier
08:50:44[Saint]well...this is true, but, it'd be nice if our worked without showing you a bunch a garbage :)
08:50:53[Saint]compare r6 with
08:52:12[Saint]I wasn't sure if I should just go ahead and roll it back ( seems like I'm the only one that noticed/cares ;)), or if that'd just break stuff more.
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10:43:15lorenzo92remote: ERROR: In commit 128749ac7902ab8c2ad6312b33876e692efa1799
10:43:17lorenzo92remote: ERROR: author email address XXXXX
10:43:18lorenzo92remote: ERROR: does not match your user account.
10:43:20lorenzo92Quick way to fix that (I mispelled a character pff)?
10:52:53lorenzo92sucefully added YP-R0 radio patch to gerrit :)
10:56:23[Saint]you should add the dependencies for the ypr0 toolchain to the script as well ;)
10:57:14[Saint]its on my ToDo, but, I'll happily cross it I'll likely never even see one of these targets, let alone ever own one.
11:02:34lorenzo92okay, today I git finally worked (well I tried only once hihi), so now I will experiment a little, however time is limited...
11:02:51[Saint]from the top of my head, there's: automake, bison, curl, cvs, flex, gawk, libtool, subversion, libncurses5-dev
11:04:51[Saint]the rest of should make it reasonably obvious...don't feel obligated, I'll still keep it on my ToDo, but, if someone happens to beat me to it I won't complain.
11:13:01lorenzo92exactly, I needed to re-run many times rockboxdev to discover dependencies and that wasn't such pretty hihi
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11:21:29[Saint]*cough* kugel probably should have added them *cough*... :P
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12:10:22lebelliumkugel: :D
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12:36:24pamaurybertrik: do you have time ?
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12:48:09bluebrotherforum admins: esselsmon wants a ban
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13:31:07gevaertsbluebrother: done
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13:58:26tbohello, I get the "no mountpoint given"-message, even if I chose the correct one, Sansa Fuze is set to MSC, mountpoint is /Volumes/SANSA FUZE and Rockbox Utility sees it but doesn't accept it :-(
13:59:41bluebrothertbo: please post the output of the Help / Troubleshoot / System Trace dialog contents somewhere or the like
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14:05:40bluebrotherok, the mountpoint dropdown list also shows /Volumes/SANSA FUZE before you click on Ok in that dialog?
14:06:07tboyes, it is the only listed option
14:06:48tbobluebrother: looks like this:
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14:23:30bluebrothertbo: sorry, had problems connecting to myclient
14:24:00tbobluebrother: did you get the pastebin link?
14:24:08bluebrotherlooks ok so far, maybe it's related to Lion?
14:24:30tboI don't know
14:24:37bluebrotherI've only tried it on SL
14:24:55bluebrothermaybe I should finally update ...
14:25:09tbobefore ML is coming
14:25:36bluebrothersure :)
14:27:54bluebrotherupdating the version of Qt might aldo help, but newer versions had problems with deployment so I didn't do thatyet
14:27:56MCraseDid the usb support on amsv2 change between when it was first enabled a few months ago and recently? Seems like it works perfectly now. I originally had some issues on Lion where it didn't always mount or would freeze upon disconnect (although it did seem to work fine when it did connect, which only took a few tries).
14:28:26bluebrotherbut since 4.8.1 has just been released it might be worth a try
14:38:50bluebrothertbo: you could try to set the mountpoint yiurself in RockboxUtility.ini
14:39:32bluebrothercan't do much apart from tht since I don't habe the Mac around
14:42:34tbobluebrother: that worked
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18:24:45since96thanks to devellopers, it runs great on my Sansa Clip + 8Go :)
18:25:18 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:27:48gevaertssince96: thanks. It's always nice to hear when someone likes rockbox :)
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19:37:28seriousmanMCrase: it didn't change, i think it still has some random behaviour (the tendency seems to be that it works most of the time but sometimes not)
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20:23:51gevaertsAlexP: ping
20:25:25gevaertsYes, that's what I was thinking of
20:25:31AlexPgood idea
20:26:04AlexPShall we do some building?
20:26:38gevaertsThat'd probably be best. Same as last time, binaries and source tarball for you, manuals and voices for me?
20:27:02 Join T44 [0] (
20:27:05AlexPsounds good
20:27:20 Quit Topy44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:27:23gevaertsHm, wait
20:27:31gevaertsWe need to bump version numbers first
20:27:34AlexPneed to update stuff first
20:27:38AlexPheh :)
20:29:03gevaertsWill we have a new release notes page?
20:29:30gevaertsAh, we had one for 3.9.1
20:30:17AlexPYeah, but just a very short one IIRC
20:30:22AlexPi.e. 3.9 + xxx
20:31:03gevaertsI don't care too much about the contents right now, but needs to know about it
20:31:11CIA-44Commit 7230de1 in rockbox v3.11 by Frank Gevaerts: Bump version numbers for 3.11.1
20:31:25AlexPgive me 5 mins and I'll do one
20:31:58gevaertsutils/common/ uses the branch for picking the right source, so it will make a 3.11 file, which you'll have to rename
20:31:58 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
20:32:21gevaertsLast time it had to be renamed on the server anyway, the name you uploaded was apparently wrong
20:32:38AlexPI just uploaded whatever it output
20:32:46AlexPBut yeah, I'll check this time
20:32:49gevaertsWho'll do the tag?
20:33:01AlexPLet's build firt :)
20:33:06gevaertsOK :)
20:33:11AlexPjust in case :)
20:33:46gevaertsThere's only one change since 3.11, so it should be fine
20:33:53gevaertsBut yes, you never know
20:35:07 Join CrankY [0] (~quassel@
20:35:51AlexPOK to build?
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20:58:34AlexPoh, done
20:58:38AlexPI didn't notice :)
20:59:18gevaertsStill building manuals here :)
20:59:39AlexP14 mins for all the bins isn't bad :)
20:59:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:59:50*gevaerts blames ccache
20:59:58AlexPheh :)
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21:03:12 Part TomColler
21:03:26AlexPThe folder inside these archives is oncorrectly named too
21:03:55gevaertsMaybe repack manually for now
21:03:56AlexPI'll just extract rename and recompress
21:04:14 Quit SeaWeed (Client Quit)
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21:04:57 Part SeaWeed
21:07:28AlexPgevaerts: Do you know how they should be named?
21:07:59gevaerts3.11 is called rockbox-3.11.7z
21:08:09gevaertsSo rockbox- I guess
21:08:26AlexPah, the v is what is extra
21:08:35AlexPIn the filename that it puts out that is
21:09:06AlexPI was looking on the download server and couldn't see the error :)
21:09:07 Quit vsrinivas (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:09:32gevaerts35 builds?
21:09:46AlexPYep, plus one font package plus two source archives
21:09:52AlexP7z and tar.bz2
21:10:02AlexPI'll upload now if you are happy
21:10:13*gevaerts starts uploading manuals and voices
21:12:04 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium
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21:21:49lebelliumhow to find the build or patch with the latest icon sets (for cabbie I guess). I don't find it anymore
21:23:22lebelliumif I remember well it was the new tango in different sizes
21:28:19gevaertsAlexP: manuals and voices uploaded. I'll do the website update and prepare in master. Do we have release notes yet?
21:28:41AlexPBuilds and source uploaded too. I'm just writing the release notes
21:29:03AlexPWas it the e200 and c200 that had broken radio?
21:29:06AlexPv1 or v2?
21:29:25gevaertse200 and c200, both v1
21:29:27gevaertsWill it be ReleaseNotes3111?
21:31:32CIA-44Commit 3e3b2f5 in www by Frank Gevaerts: Announce 3.11.1
21:35:04 Quit Thra11 (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:36:20 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
21:36:33gevaertsAlexP: I pushed the needed changes to master to gerrit (g211). That should be applied when the server moves are done
21:36:51AlexPOK, great
21:37:18gevaertsAre your uploads done?
21:37:27 Join Rower85 [0] (
21:38:07*gevaerts has a quick look at ReleaseChecklist
21:38:15 Quit Rower85 (Client Quit)
21:38:24gevaertsWe should update that :)
21:38:32AlexPyeah, I thought that last time
21:38:46AlexPI didn't do anything obviously
21:38:51AlexPBut I thought it :)
21:39:19gevaertsOK, so just tagging, pushing g211, and the server-side stuff left
21:39:44AlexPWe can tag I think
21:39:50*gevaerts nods
21:39:50AlexPSeeing as the builds are done
21:40:13gevaertsAnd then see if Bagder is awake
21:40:19gevaerts(and has time)
21:40:48AlexPWould you like to do the honours this time? :P
21:41:25gevaertsThe tagging?
21:42:57CIA-44Commit d5859c6 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Bump version numbers for 3.11.1
21:43:10gevaertsoops, that wasn't meant to go through yet...
21:43:39AlexPheh, sorry :)
21:44:01AlexPIt won't affect rbutil until 3am anyway though will it?
21:44:15gevaertsI think so
21:44:23 Quit froggyman (Quit: People who think they know everything are really annoying to those of us who actually do.)
21:44:47 Join froggyman [0] (~froggyman@unaffiliated/froggyman)
21:45:01gevaertsDo I need to do something special to push the tag?
21:45:25 Join Rower85 [0] (
21:45:28AlexPI don't think so
21:45:32AlexPtag -a
21:45:40AlexPone mo
21:45:46gevaertsYes, that's what I did
21:45:55CIA-44d5859c6 build result: All green
21:46:17 Quit Rower85 (Client Quit)
21:47:35AlexPyeah, then just push iirc
21:48:19AlexPgevaerts: ah, push −−tags
21:48:30AlexPI knew there was something slightly different :)
21:48:37gevaertsOK, that's better
21:48:38AlexPBut my memory is lagging
21:49:24 Join Rower85 [0] ( knows about it now
21:50:02gevaertsSo if we catch a Swede before 3AM everything's fine. If not, we should roll back d5859c6
21:50:23 Quit Rower85 (Client Quit)
21:56:47 Join Rower85 [0] (
22:00:43 Join saratoga [0] (98032941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:01:49 Quit perrikwp (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:02:46saratogado we support embedded jpeg in flac?
22:04:18lebelliumI guess not. I embedded a JPG in a FLAC file with mp3tag today and Rockbox doesn't display the cover art
22:08:44saratogai suppose this goes back to the complexity of the Ogg tagging format
22:33:46 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
22:35:20 Quit Thra11 (Client Quit)
22:46:31 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
22:49:56 Join Rower85 [0] (
23:04:11lebelliumdo many people like virtual led with flash mp3 players? actually I added the icon to my theme for Clip Zip but I don't know if I enable or disable it by default
23:15:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:07 Join AlexP_ [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
23:17:39 Quit AlexP (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:20:48 Join perrikwp [0] (
23:32:27WalkGood<lebellium> I guess not. I embedded a JPG in a FLAC file with mp3tag today and Rockbox doesn't display the cover art >> from what i've read the manual is not clear on this topic and neither was FS #12218, i trust is doesn't work but was the file size below 62kb?
23:32:28fs-bluebot embedded album art for ASF (patches, closed)
23:34:05lebelliumthe JPG?
23:34:09lebelliumnot it's 80KB
23:34:31WalkGoodfile size is supposed to be under 64
23:34:47lebelliumonly for FLAC or for any format?
23:34:50WalkGoodbut like i said, i trust when you say it doesn't work
23:34:58WalkGoodafaik for all formats
23:35:32lebelliumI'm sure I have bigger album arts that display with my mp3 files
23:35:35WalkGoodi only use mp3 on my player but didn't work till i resized
23:37:14 Quit CrankY (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:37:25lebelliumI don't remember having any issue due to file size. Album arts just won't display sometimes because of progressive jpg files
23:37:27saratogaWalkGood: ASF is the container for WMA, not flac
23:39:27saratogaall the plugin keymap stuff should probably go in the changelog and 3.11 release notes too
23:43:10saratogaJdGordon: did the WPS syntax get improved in 3.11, if so maybe you could add it to the change log?
23:43:25saratogai think we actually did a lot more then we claim to have improved in the change log for 3.11 :)
23:55:43 Quit WalkGood (Quit: ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪)

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