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#rockbox log for 2012-04-18

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00:43:41tower_fellHi! Anyone willing to answer (basic) questions regarding fuze internal storage partition & battery life (in the latter case just some general info on what failed)?
00:44:43tower_fellIf noone, then...I'll return, I swear! ;)
00:45:05rudi_stower_fell: Please just ask your question. If somebody knows the answer, he/she will answer. (And wait a while before you leave; answers take some time in IRC.)
00:46:04tower_fellO.K. Preamble: I have a fuze v1 I want to rockbox (as soon as I know how good the battery still is...)
00:49:44tower_fellQ.1.1: The beast exposes a device directly mapped with a fat partition. Now: can I mess around with that partition (also in bad ways) without the (original, if it's cast useless r.b. won't boot, obviously) firmware repulsing bootup or else? can I safely fsck.vfat it, mkdosfs it, after overwriteing the whole with 0x00/0xff (i.e. before passing the player on...), without having a useless player I'd need to disassemble to get running again?
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00:51:48tower_fellQ.2.1: Battery life. I read, it kind of sucks (12 instead of 22 hours mp3 playback), however the cause is not clear to me: is it probably the cpu running on max speed, because frequency switching caused instabilities, or is it something unknown, or just noone caring about fixing it atm?
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00:54:03tower_fellQ.3.1. I guess everything else I'll be able to figure out myself...somehow ;)
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02:01:43saratogatower_fell: the internal memory doesn't matter much to the OF, but if it can't find a fat partition it'll probably complain
02:01:58tower_fellmsc will still work?
02:02:15saratogai don't think anyone has figured out what is using power, its not the cpu
02:02:34saratogai think it will format itself if theres no partition, but i'm not sure
02:03:29tower_fellcpu scaling is active on v1 fuze?
02:03:56saratogaits not
02:03:58tower_fell(cpu frequency scaling)
02:04:02saratogaenabling it doesn't help much though
02:04:18saratogaadds an hour or two i think
02:04:46tower_fello.k., I think I've seen a patch that could do.
02:05:38tower_fellmaybe some mad freak could disassemble the o.f. and spend weeks on finding the difference between of and rb? ;)
02:05:49tower_fell(power consmpt wise)
02:06:18saratogamore measurements would probably be interesting too, to see if what changes different things have on power use
02:09:08tower_fellthanks for the info! appreciated.
02:11:38tower_fellprobably crashes & such reported on forum (and sometimes bugtracker) are halfways caused by broken devices & cosmic rays from the martians?
02:12:24tower_fellone never knows...
02:13:35saratogai guess if you're bored you could play around with those old patches and see how they work given whats changed since then
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02:14:44tower_fellhmm...fuze v1 out of fashion I guess...I'll be happy to help, anyways (unless it's about testing brick-prone bootloaders and such, I only have 1 device)
02:16:54tower_fellit's kind of hard to estimate userbase (&success rates) of the web, but given I could eat sansa boredom or homegrown sensations with this thing I know what I'd choose
02:23:16saratogathere should be no need to touch the fuze bootloader again, that stuff is long since figured out
02:23:37saratogaprobably just going through and figuring out what clocks and voltages need to be set for best power
02:24:00saratogasomeone doing a lot of battery benches, or else getting a multimeter and measuring current draw from the battery
02:24:57tower_fellI guess noone really has interest, else it'd be already done...
02:26:45tower_fella "stability test" kernel is probably also required for juggling with voltages. and somekind of usb interface for controlling the voltages
02:29:53saratogano we don't have things like that
02:35:48tower_fellgiven bootloader & device initialization it should be possible, I guess. but lots of work, I'm no whizz after all. was just thinking of a (tiny) kernel with usb control & monitor for voltage & freq, and some loop ala cpuburn that stresses the core the most, and checks for inconsistencies in between (i.e. crashing with exception if volts are too low)
02:36:14tower_fellbut maybe looking how sandisk did it would be a better approach
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02:37:46tower_fellbut that's pipedreams after all, excuse my temper.
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02:39:51tower_fellI'm already blissed by the fact I'm given the chance to harvest achievements by other enabling me to "liberate" such a device! Like linux, just for the pocket!
02:40:17saratogausually people just make changes, compile a build, then let it play music
02:40:29saratogacome back after dinner or whatever, and if its still playing music its probably pretty stable
02:44:39tower_fellfair enough. I'm mainly fascinated by the possibility to have a (real small) pocket device run homegrown software! other than the mainstream crap delivered with it...
02:46:08tower_fell...and kudos to the "sudoku" solvers who found out how to make it play music!
02:46:42tower_fellwithout using the O.F. of course
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02:52:35LloreanAnyone with a Clip+ using 3.11.2 or current builds from around this time period?
02:52:47LloreanI'm experiencing random semi-freezes after listening for a while
02:53:09LloreanAudio will stop, but scrolling will often still happen on the WPS. I may be able to get to the menu and then experience a hard freeze.
02:53:42LloreanFrom a few things, I *think* it may be when it tries to rebuffer audio from the SD card, since I've had a few times where it hasn't frozen, but instead just started playing audio from the beginning of the buffer.
02:53:52LloreanAnd when I went to the file browser, the SD card was no longer showing.
02:54:02KiwiCamI've been using current builds for a while now an the Clip+ and Clip V2. I haven't experience any of those issues.
02:54:58LloreanIt typically doesn't happen until I've been listening for a few hours without break.
02:55:15LloreanWell, pauses, but no stops.
02:56:40LloreanIt's a brand new Clip+, and the SD card worked fine in my old Clip+ for ages, but the new hardware could be a little iffy I suppose.
02:59:36KiwiCamI listen to podcasts & audiobooks all day and a lot of the evening. I have had the internal SD go read only recently, but a reformat and OF then Rockbox install quickly sorts that out.
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10:42:49wodzmortalis: Any new findings with lcd_update()?
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10:46:56wodzI am disassembling firmware of some device used for rehabilitation of children with hearing disorder based on rk27xx. The interesting thing is that there is some function which writes something to registers not covered by DS and not present in stock SDK in lcd controller address space
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10:52:13mortalisDid you try this function on your player?
11:04:03wodzno, I just spoted it today morning
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11:09:56mortaliswodz: I whant to add plugins support. Some of them requires TIMWER_FREQ define. What is the timer frequency in rk27xx?
11:11:19wodzmortalis: I don't know to what timer does it refer. sys timer runs with 100Hz as in our other targets
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11:43:53kugelwodz, mortalis: a second, programmable timer
11:45:01wodzok but programmable timers are well programmable so how to choose FREQ?
11:46:14kugeltimers usually have a fixed freq and you can chose (program) the reload value
11:47:39kugeli mean the frequency they count down (or up) with, not the frequency which they reach 0 (or the max)
11:50:10wodzkugel: ok. I had impression that timer_set() used physical time units and not cycles but I was apparently wrong.
11:50:50wodzmortalis: I this case this should be 50MHz so 50000000 most probably
11:52:46kugelno, for some strange and unknown (to me) reason it uses cycles
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11:53:36wodzthats pretty dumb honestly :P
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12:15:58mortalishm, changing TIMER_FREQ doesn't chage beep frequency in metronome plugin. It always 4 times slower than should be.
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12:19:22[Saint]use timestretch to compensate ;)
12:24:39wodzmortalis: it may be that timers-rk27xx.c is buggy
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12:47:09JdGordon[Saint]: hey
12:47:23JdGordondid you try out that skin change on gerrit?
12:50:37[Saint]refresh my memory?
12:50:49JdGordon g#217
12:50:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #217 at,217 : skin_engine: rework the parser to be closer to the langauge grammar. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/17/217/1)
12:51:28[Saint]I think I may have been away? I don't recall this at all.
12:53:07[Saint]I *do* use %if(XX)<> though...
12:53:10JdGordonit was the one KiwiCam was also testing... can you stick it in your build and make sure there is no funny buisness with your skins
12:53:19[Saint]this is broken now? Or, what pitfalls do I look for?
12:53:43JdGordonit changes the parser, only, so shouldnt show any difference, but makes it smarter
12:54:49[Saint]And yeah, I can have a look. So basically the parser assumed that encapsulated in <> (even if those were arguments of other conditions themselves) was a condition?
12:55:06JdGordonditton ()'s
12:55:33[Saint]heh, that's a fun edge case.
12:55:34JdGordonso now it lets you use them without % if it cant possibly be a enum
12:56:12[Saint]ah, right, before that the "fix" was to escape it, I guess?
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14:30:18JdGordondoes anyone have any iea how hard it owuld be to actually catalogue .m3u files in the database?
14:30:34JdGordoni mean, its an obvious thing to do, but is it technically feasable?
14:31:31[Saint]I seem to recall it being discussed as perfectly viable several times.
14:33:45wodzwhat would be the purpose to catalogue .m3u files?
14:34:25JdGordonmakes the playlist catalogue menu item smarter
14:34:32JdGordons/smarter/less sucky/
14:35:18wodzhow would you obtain the criteria to sort I don't quite get
14:35:46JdGordonby the playlists filename is the only way you could do it
14:36:12JdGordonthe point is we are scanning the disk anyway so we could keep track of them and the directory they live in so the paths work
14:36:22 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
14:37:42wodzthe fact is that most people which use m3u don't use database
14:38:47[Saint]*because* the database is eseless to them ;)
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14:54:23Zagordavo: hello
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18:32:28piggzhello....update on my car appears that when working in ipod mode, switching track from the car seems to lock-up says its paused, but wont unpause
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19:11:17LambdaCalculus37kugel: Ping
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21:14:39fmlkugel: is this a typo (in a comment) in your last change to bitmap/list.c: "forcefully reset to 1-"?
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23:58:10davois this an appropriate place to ask for some help?
23:58:19davoif it is i've got an issue with a theme for a sansa clip+
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23:58:55davoi downloaded the mixtape theme and although it says tested on 3.11 on 3.11.2 and today's build the now playing text flashes and disappears

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