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#rockbox log for 2012-04-20

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00:33:59saratogaI flat out told Terry Layton to stop reposting the tasks on the tracker without asking about them in IRC
00:34:05saratogawould someone just ban him already
00:34:52saratogahes either trying to be an ass, or just blowing us off, either way we should probably just get rid of his account
00:38:23[Saint]So *that's* what's going on there...
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02:57:39WilliamCI just had an issue with corruption in Rockbox, any clue to the cause?
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03:33:01WilliamCI think my Sansa Clip Zip is hosed
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04:01:39WilliamCIs anyone here?
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04:08:39WilliamCdamn it
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05:33:07WilliamCI think that the latest Rockbox for my eSansa ClipZip is busted
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05:40:56funmanif you dont give details we cant guess
05:41:43WilliamCI had to reform the eSansa using the standard firmware
05:42:10WilliamCNow I reinstalled Rockbox and when I plug in the USB in Rockbox mode it doesn't get recognized
05:42:37funmanyeah it's buggy. just reboot to the OF if you want to use USB
05:42:59WilliamCThe latest firmware completely broke my Rockbox
05:44:34WilliamCI think I'll just put it into the other mode and hope the firmware gets stable again
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05:47:13funman says Rockbox is Unstable on the ClipZip - so no surprise here
05:48:53funmansaratoga: I tried declaring a second 8MB segment of read-only memory at DRAM_ORIG + DRAM_SIZE + IRAM_SIZE (rounded to 1MB), but I m not sure how to link the sections properly.
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05:49:38funmansimplest would be to have them in contigous physical memory, but access RO memory through the RO virtual memory address
05:49:56funmanI think some target (PP?) does that already for uncached (shared between the 2 cores) memory
06:02:26WilliamCfunman, well, it was working previously
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06:15:12funmansaratoga: hmm I think we can't have read-only memory if we always run in privileged mode
06:19:19funmanunless we use a domain with access set as 11b = Manager = Accesses are not checked against the access permission
06:19:22funmanbits so a permission fault cannot be generated.
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06:26:51funmanyeepee it works!
06:32:00funmanwriting to RO memory doesnt crash though
06:32:58funmanTorne: how does look? I am trying to create hard fail when writing to RO memory
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07:09:25Kiwi_CamWilliamC: The issue is probably just because you're connecting to the PC when in Rockbox mode. The USB mode in Rockbox is fairly new, so possibly there's a still a tiny niggle in there. Perhaps in the meantime, whenever you want to connect to the PC, just boot into the OF and then connect.
07:10:04WilliamCKiwi, well, before that it kept booting up, freezing and then finally crashing.
07:10:27WilliamCI think something broke in the recent build.
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10:46:07wodzmortalis: ping
10:46:15mortaliswodz: pong
10:46:40wodzmortalis: you should remove debug use of timer1 from sd driver
10:47:08wodzotherwise it may well interfere with plugins using programable timer
10:59:16mortaliswodz: should I keep it for rk27generic?
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11:01:06mortalisbtw, I guess there is typo in 556 line in sd-rk27xx.c. should be RK27XX_SD_DEBUG
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11:03:45wodzmortalis: just remove it altogether
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11:13:07CIA-44Commit 220f938 in rockbox by Andrew Ryabinin: rk27xx: Remove debug use of timer1 in sd driver.
11:13:08CIA-44Commit fe5f9e0 in rockbox by Andrew Ryabinin: Fix typo.
11:14:29mortaliswodz: how about adding rockchips to autobuilds?
11:15:31CIA-44fe5f9e0 build result: All green
11:17:57wodzmortalis: good idea but I have to admit I have no time to fix usb driver/warnings so either you do the honors or it needs to wait
11:18:34mortaliswodz: I'll fix them now
11:21:01CIA-44Commit f555904 in rockbox by Andrew Ryabinin: rk27xx: Fix warnings.
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11:23:15CIA-44f555904 build result: All green
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13:43:53Thra11Been running iPod Classic w/ rockbox all week without a single crash! (since updating to latest git on sunday) Dare I believe that the problem has been found and fixed!?
13:44:19ZagorThra11: sounds like good news
13:44:30wodzThra11: hold button problem has been fixed not long ago
13:45:29wodzZagor: mortalis fixed warnings in rk27xx so I think at least hifimans could be added to autobuilds
13:48:57Thra11It used to freeze after a random length of time, which isn't really something I can try to reproduce. However, it used to crash after a few songs (between less than one and lots depending how lucky you were), so a whole week's usage (several hours at a time every day) is definitely different.
13:49:31wodzThra11: yes it was caused by hold switch state polling
13:49:57Thra11wodz, awesome! so that's all fixed now?
13:50:02wodzshould be
13:50:25Thra11Cool! Really happy with rockbox now :-)
13:50:29wodzas a bonus I think freq scalling has been commited also so runtime should be comparable to the stock firmware now
13:51:08Thra11Yes I noticed a fe ipod 6g patches had gone in
13:57:16mortaliswodz: Also I think we can move hifimans to unstable.
13:59:03wodzsounds good
14:00:52mortalisDo I need to add targets to And maybe something else?
14:01:20Zagorwhat compiler do you use?
14:02:58Zagorok. and www/buildserver/builds then
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14:26:48mortaliswhat means numbers after in www/buildserver/builds?
14:27:22mortalisZagor: ^
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14:34:21Zagormortalis: that's the weight of the build. how long it takes to build.
14:35:04Zagordo a "time make" without ccache on another build with the same compiler, then compare the time with your build and calculate the weight accordingly.
14:35:38Zagorlater gevaerts runs a benchmark build and corrects the value
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15:12:09CIA-44Commit 6d73d6e in rockbox by Andrew Ryabinin: rk27generic: Disable plugins.
15:12:19 Join RandomTime [0] (~RT@wikia/vstf/Randomtime)
15:14:34CIA-446d73d6e build result: All green
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15:17:50mortalisZagor: g#221, g#222
15:17:52fs-bluebotNo review with id 222 found
15:19:11CIA-44Commit 0e19067 in rockbox by Björn Stenberg: (Author: Andrew Ryabinin) Add rockchip targets to
15:19:29 Join mikroflops [0] (
15:20:32CIA-44Commit 4b9ee15 in www by Björn Stenberg: (Author: Andrew Ryabinin) Add rockchip targets to builds.
15:21:28CIA-440e19067 build result: All green
15:22:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:23:58CIA-44Commit 2315a23 in rockbox by Björn Stenberg: Missed a comma.
15:26:46Zagorwe need player pictures for the hifiman models added to www/playerpics.
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17:37:26CIA-44Commit af49411 in www by Andrew Ryabinin: Add pictures for HiFiMAN players.
17:41:56 Part LinusN
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18:37:13MisanthroposIs Flyspray the platform to supply patches? Or should Gerrit be used for that?
18:38:19gevaertspatches should go to gerrit if at all possible
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19:34:38WilliamCHow do you remove Rockbox completely from a device including the boot loader?
19:35:09freqmodinstalls a stock firmware
19:35:15freqmodand remove the files
19:48:52WilliamCOh good, the latest current release has fixed the issue
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22:51:40WilliamCHow do I make my music folder in Rockbox visible in the default firmware?
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23:36:51*bertrik wonders if anyone noticed the changes in the sansa clip zip clock

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