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#rockbox log for 2012-04-22

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01:22:49CooldudeI have a question, could anyone help me answer it?
01:22:59[Saint]Only if you ask it.
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01:23:19CooldudeI did.
01:23:51CooldudeWell I was wondering, what is the function that I can turn on so I can listen to all the tracks of a single artist or all the tracks in the player?
01:24:01[Saint]No, you asked if you could ask a question, something the channel quidelines specifically say not to do ;)
01:24:18CooldudeMy apologies'.
01:24:58[Saint]And, there isn't one. However, you can easily create a playlist in this fashion by selecting all tracks under a particular artist in the Database.
01:25:24CooldudeThen I'd like to know what is it that I did before that I was able to do that.
01:25:50[Saint]You didn't, as there isn't such a function.
01:26:15CooldudeAt one point before I had a dilemma, the player was capable of playing all the tracks of any artist I choose, in addition to playing all the tracks of the entire database.
01:26:39[Saint]The only way that would he possible is by manually creating a playlist from the Database.
01:27:06[Saint]You can choose to either add all tracks, or all tracks under a given section.
01:27:34[Saint]Or part thereof.
01:27:49funmanwell you can browse the database no?
01:28:11funmanArtist -> Bob Marley -> All tracks or something like this
01:28:11CooldudeYes I can.
01:28:28funmanor Artist -> All artists -> All tracks
01:28:42[Saint]funman: yes, exactly what I'm saying. In a more simplistic dashing.
01:28:54CooldudeHowever I can't find the "All Artists" button.
01:29:54[Saint]Database > artist > all tracks
01:30:04CooldudeAfter Artist> All tracks or Random or any music group in my database
01:31:12[Saint]Long select any particular field to bring up the context menu, and add it to a playlist.
01:31:32[Saint]Its pretty simple, and I'm quite confident the manual covers this.
01:31:38CooldudeIndeed it does.
01:32:06[Saint]So, I guess I'm not understanding the problem then.
01:32:33CooldudeWell originally that initial question is what I wanted to ask of which was not answered in the manuel.
01:33:45[Saint]Database > artist you desire > all tracks (all tracks from a particular artist), Database > track (all tracks, period).
01:34:43[Saint]The original question you asked isn't covered by the manual because its not possible...
01:35:22CooldudeThat may be so, I don't know however I do recall it occurring.
01:35:52CooldudeAlthough, a discussion won't lead us anywhere.
01:36:15[Saint]There's no function one can enable that will allow you to automatically play all tracks from a given artist.
01:37:24CooldudeCan you tell me why such a feature doesn't exist in rockbox?
01:37:45CooldudeAnd how can mainstream firmware in players be capable of doing that?
01:38:01[Saint]You can use the database to create a playlist manually based on the currently playing artist/album, but that's the closest thin I can think of.
01:38:07funmanbecause nobody worked on it
01:39:03CooldudeIn your opinion, do you think its a need or want of the community?
01:39:22funmani can live without it, but feel free to work on it or find someone who wants to
01:39:23CooldudeOr at the very least, the majority of the members.
01:39:28[Saint]Not really, as it would be a double feature.
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01:39:38[Saint]Its already possible to do this.
01:40:09CooldudeJust curious, are the makers of rockbox fluid?
01:40:28CooldudeOr do various random people contribute to it?
01:40:39[Saint]No, we are very much solid. :)
01:40:59CooldudeYou do understand, what I'm trying to communicate, right?
01:41:04funmannot really
01:41:12funmanyou can contribute yourself
01:41:15[Saint]Nor I.
01:41:39CooldudeThere are many people who create extra features or add to it's individuality by making themes or whatnot.
01:41:50[Saint]You can read up on our fine wiki on contribution.
01:42:06CooldudeThey are also stated in the credits.
01:42:39[Saint]Fix a bug, or implement a missimg and wanted feature, and do it well and agree to the real name policy, and it will he included.
01:43:42CooldudeBut I was wondering if all the members know each other or have the official title of being a rock box maker or is there a small committee of people who take in the work of third party members once they agree its rockbox worthy?
01:44:45CooldudeThen if those third party members have their work used, then they're added to the credits.
01:45:03[Saint]There is a select group of committees that earned that title by doing the above stated repeatedly.
01:45:50CooldudeBy the way, why are the players listed so old?
01:45:59CooldudeIs it because rockbox has been around for quite a while?
01:46:25CooldudeOr is it because those are the players the majority of consumers use?
01:46:28funman10 years
01:46:37[Saint]They and they alone can commit to the source directly, but, literally anyone can contribute code to be committed.
01:46:56funmanthey are old because you didn't adapt rockbox to newer players
01:47:11funmanand people who did spent years on it
01:47:21CooldudeWell that explains it.
01:47:23[Saint]Best. Answer. Ever. :)
01:47:45[Saint]We also have some fairly new targets up there too...
01:47:50CooldudeAlthough, to be the devil's advocate- there are a few new players here and there.
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01:48:08CooldudeLike the Sansa line up.
01:48:55CooldudeEvery single model they made recently has had rockbox made for it.
01:49:31funmanyeah because sansa used the same hardware for lots of them, so we only needed days of work to add a new one to the list
01:49:40CooldudeOh okay.
01:50:14CooldudeAlthough I think the sansa clip + and rockbox go hand in hand.
01:50:47CooldudeWithout it, it would be a mediocre player.
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01:51:18[Saint]Rockbox goes hand in hand with every media device, they just don't know it yet. :)
01:51:27CooldudeI think you're quite right.
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01:51:39CooldudeI just never had the opportunity to own any other players that use it.
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01:51:58CooldudeAlthough I have lived long enough to witness all those players come out onto the market.
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01:52:35CooldudeWell thank you for your help.
01:52:41CooldudeAnd your answers.
01:52:49CooldudeI hope you two have a great.
01:53:19[Saint]I hope you're able to become more familiar with the Database vs. Playlists.
01:53:42CooldudeWell the best I can do is play around with it if I don't understand.
01:53:54CooldudeIt won't hurt to play with it.
01:54:20CooldudeWorse case scenerio, I uninstall rockbox and the boot loader and install it again.
01:54:46CooldudeOr is there a better way to reset the entire player?
01:54:55CooldudeAlong with rockbox.
01:56:55[Saint]If you manage totally screw the settings, you can reset them on boot or delete the configuration file, if Rockbox as a whole becomes inoperable replacing the .Rockbox folder will suffice.
01:57:15[Saint]One very rarely need replace the bootloader.
01:57:50CooldudeDo I manually delete the config. file or is there an option on the player?
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02:10:47[Saint]There's a boot option (described in the manual) activated byba device specific keypress during boot which will clear the config.
02:10:59[Saint]You can, also, do this manually.
02:11:22[Saint]*activated by a
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02:19:55saratoga_does dircache store a list of all files in the file system or only a subset?
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02:30:32CooldudeWell thank you for your help Saint, I hope you have a great day.
02:30:34 Part Cooldude
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03:13:42dartmouthIs there a preferred way to flatten local commits before pushing one?
03:22:15funmanflatten how?
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03:23:55dartmouthfrom the using git page: "Generally, you will want to flatten your change to a single commit before uploading it". I only have 3 files slightly changed but I have two commits, and I'd like to make it all just one.
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03:25:04funmangit rebase -i HEAD^2 (that page should mention it)
03:31:25dartmouthtyped exactly like that? gets me "fatal: Needed a single revision", "Invalid base". I'm not seeing it on the page, that earlier quote is the only mention I can find of grouping individual commits together, and it doesn't help someone that knows next to nothing about git :)
03:32:33funmansorry, it's HEAD~2 (or equivalent HEAD^^)
03:32:58funmanHEAD^^^^^^^^^^ == HEAD~1
03:33:01funmanHEAD^^^^^^^^^^ == HEAD~10
03:33:34funmani.e. 2 or 10 commits before the current one
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04:47:45dartmouthI just pushed my first commit, if someone that knows what they're doing can take a peek at and let me know if I screwed anything up, O
04:47:52dartmouth-I'd appreciate it.
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05:16:37davoanyone know of a fix for fixing a frozen "scanning disk..." message at boot up? i think it's related to, however my current build doesn't get interrupted when i remove the USB connection. are there other possible methods to fix a corrupt OF?
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05:35:52saratogadavo: isn't the scanning disk message in rockbox, not the sandisk firmware?
05:36:28davoyeah the message is ontop of the rockbox startup screen
05:37:50saratogai would check the disk for errors in the sandisk usb mode
05:38:18davoi think somewhere it was stated that power-on while holding the 'home' key starts the sandisk firmware, but i can't get that either, so i think the sandisk firmware is messed up
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05:39:05davoyeah, i'd like to check anything, but I can't seem to get the device to recognize from a laptop
05:39:59saratogaits left, not home
05:40:31saratogaat least for some of the sandisk players
05:40:50davooh man, if that's the case, i should have gone back to check the manual :D
05:40:59davoi bet you are right
05:41:38davoWOW, that's it
05:42:06davoi tried up, down, and i feel dumb :)
05:51:35[Saint]Step 1: Documentation :)
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06:39:27saratoga_can someone with access to the spam filtering fix r00tb33r's posts?
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07:34:43JdGordonveyr slim chance, but is anyone awake and knows how tagcache works?
07:35:39saratoga_ping Slasheri
07:38:43JdGordontrying to find where the actual file scanning happens
07:38:46 Join shamus [0] (
07:41:04JdGordonah, fonud it
07:45:32saratoga_the playlist idea?
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07:47:25[Saint]I never thought I'd see you deliberately sniffing around tagcache :)
07:48:41JdGordonI'm hoping to add 3 lines to tagcache.c and thas it :)
07:50:24*[Saint] wonders if it'll still he called tagcache.c when it handles tags, it's own rating system, and playlists also...
07:50:43[Saint]"tagcache" doesn't really seem to fit.
07:51:01JdGordoninded, but renaming it is a pain, and mostly wasted effort
07:52:17[Saint]Oh, indeed. I assume there would he a lot of references to take care of.
07:57:40davonot sure if i should mention this or not, but getting Download error: received HTTP error 404, when downloading file using rbutil v1.2.8
07:58:03[Saint]Known error. But thanks.
07:58:10davomy bad, thanks
07:58:55JdGordonOK... so I have the database printing the m3u filenames as thye are found.. now what the heck do I do with them?
08:01:13[Saint] /Database/Playlists/Playlist_Name/Tracks_listed_in_playlist_order
08:01:18JdGordoni could easily build a in ram list and display them, but then the scan needs to happen every boot (which happens anyway?)
08:04:00JdGordonthat would be cool
08:04:06JdGordondunno how to make that work though
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12:51:42CIA-44Commit 84f7f60 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: (Author: Marty Miller) Fix Rockblox plugin display issues on Clip Zip
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12:53:59CIA-4484f7f60 build result: All green
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13:00:33n1sthe rebase −−onto thing seems to be exactly what i was looking for
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13:39:37TheLemonManpamaury: ping
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13:58:40gevaertsdavo: rbutil v1.2.8 is quite old
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14:01:04bertrikpamaury, can you bring all of the x-fi's you have to devcon? so I'll have something to hack on during devcon :)
14:01:26bertrikgevaerts, I still have your meizu m3 here (somewhere ...)
14:02:24bertrikand I think I still have AlexP's DAB-stick player-thing
14:02:30 Quit antil33t (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
14:06:59*amiconn still has that Tatung Elio :\\
14:07:51 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
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14:13:09bertrikI can also bring my meizu m6 if anyone wants to hack on it, it's a bit similar to a nano 2g. I got stuck on it because of the Whimory FTL used in it.
14:13:57JdGordonAm I correct in thinking that we currently have no mechnism to be notified when a file is added/deleted?
14:15:46gevaertsJdGordon: I suspect we have something. IIRC auto-updating the database uses dircache to help with that
14:16:25*gevaerts thinks we really need to get mtp working
14:19:03JdGordonI have a feeling I need to dig into how dircache actually works :(
14:19:14 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
14:20:19JdGordonpretty much I tihnk we should have the a thread do the scan and use callbacks for each file found instead of database doing a dedicated scan (even if it uses dircache)
14:20:46JdGordonthen add some events for "file added/deleted" and boom much cleaner solutions
14:21:25pamauryTheLemonMan: pong
14:21:29pamaurybertrik: yes
14:22:09JdGordonthen we can trigger partial scans when removable storage is removed/added
14:22:33JdGordonand we can know if the currently playing file is deleted we can skip if it isnt fully buffered, or let it play if it is and close that bug
14:23:03n1ssounds nice, go do it :)
14:25:02pamaurygevaerts: why mtp ?
14:25:28JdGordonno point doing mtp unless linux libmtp is fixed so it is useable :p
14:25:43pamauryisn't libmtp working ?
14:25:55gevaertsJdGordon: no point fixing libmtp unless there's actually a reason to use it :)
14:26:05gevaertspamaury: realtime fine-grained database updates
14:26:11n1spamaury: with mtp you can actualy know what is being transfered and update databases and whatnot on the fly
14:26:16JdGordonpamaury: not in my experience
14:26:23gevaertsYou know exactly which files were modified
14:26:37gevaertsAnd you don't even have to wait for disconnect to update
14:27:41pamauryif someone has enough motivation he/she can try to revive my mtp branch
14:32:43JdGordonrelative to disk access, taking a callback is basically free right?
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14:37:28pamauryJdGordon: yes, notifying file add/delete is basically free, just it needs to be implemented correctly with/without dircache
14:38:03JdGordonwhy is EVENT_CLASS_LCD #defined to 0xf000 when all the others are a single bit?
14:39:08 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
14:40:05pamauryJdGordon: good question
14:40:33*JdGordon changes it
14:43:11pamauryI don't know exactly how events work but I'm not even sure there need to be one bit per event
14:48:16JdGordonthey dont
14:48:22CIA-44Commit 705e7fe in rockbox by Jonathan Gordon: event classes are single bits
14:48:23JdGordonjust looks neater
14:51:01 Join Xerion [0] (
14:51:20CIA-44705e7fe build result: All green
14:54:45 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
14:58:27 Quit ariii ()
15:02:04 Join bertrik [0] (
15:02:05 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
15:02:05 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
15:10:17JdGordonhmm... crud, we dont store the filename in the fd struct
15:10:33JdGordonis there any way to get it back, or would saving it be the only way to do this?
15:10:55JdGordonI want it so I can send an event when it is modified
15:11:08JdGordon(when it is close()'ed after being written to)
15:11:43pamauryJdGordon: I think that was already discussed. If you have the dircache pointer that can be retrieved and for FAT you can also too iirc but it's expensive
15:12:08 Quit Xerion (Quit: )
15:12:22pamauryothoh, do we really open files to delete them ?
15:12:43pamauryah sorry, you want an even when it's modified
15:12:58JdGordonlooks like it is stored in the fd's fat_struct so all good
15:13:50pamauryoh really ?
15:13:55JdGordonoh woops, nope
15:14:01JdGordonwas looking at fat_dir, not fat_file
15:14:22pamauryit's probably the filename, not the file path
15:15:26JdGordon2K to store filenames... or not send an event when it is modified...
15:23:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:25:23bertrikis it expected that HAVE_HOTSWAP is different in the sim than for the real target?
15:28:39bertrikhm, ok, apparently it is ...
15:31:33*pamaury is implementing a boot menu for the imx233 based targets
15:32:20bertrikhah, it looks like clang may have found a bug in apps/codecs/libcook/cook.c : 575
15:32:36bertrikthe code says memset(decode_buffer, 0, sizeof(decode_buffer)); but decode_buffer is a pointer
15:34:11bertriktherefore sizeof(decode_buffer) returns the size of the pointer, not the size of the buffer, which is likely wrong
15:34:26 Join Misanthropos [0] (
15:34:30pamaurylooks wrong indeed
15:38:59 Join antil33t [0] (~Ahurhurr@
15:39:43 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
15:39:49 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
15:40:48bertrikpamaury, still looks unfixed in a couple of repositories I could find for libavcodec
15:41:14bertriknot sure where the official repo is though
15:42:06 Quit antil33t| (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
15:42:59 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:44:13 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
15:45:54 Quit factor (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
15:48:50kugelJdGordon: we have filename(int fd) IIRC
15:50:11kugelremember that the fat code isnt used on hosted targets
15:51:07JdGordonI know, need to implement all this 3 times :/
15:51:13JdGordontarget, app, sim :(
15:51:18bertrikit appears current libavcodec fixed it already, along with a lot of other fixes
15:51:31 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
15:52:31JdGordonno filename() in my firmware/
15:54:22kugelsorry, i confused it with filesize()
16:01:47 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:02:13 Join antil33t [0] (~Ahurhurr@
16:04:21*bertrik wonders what language asap.c is written in
16:05:32 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
16:06:31 Join Torne [0] (~torne@rockbox/developer/Torne)
16:07:54n1sbertrik: looks like some serious marco infection
16:08:56 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
16:09:41 Join CaptainKewl [0] (
16:10:47bertrikn1s, yes, I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole
16:12:45JdGordonwho knows playback.c nowdays?
16:14:06jhMikeSno idea
16:14:09 Quit Cthulhux (Changing host)
16:14:09 Join Cthulhux [0] (cthulhux@piratenpartei/ni/tux)
16:14:25JdGordonI want to know if a filename is the currently playing file (easy) and if it is finished buffering or not
16:15:19jhMikeSyou'll have to ask buffering
16:16:48jhMikeSbuf_handle_remaining. There's no id3 => handle lookup though
16:17:33jhMikeSor do you want to know if ALL handle are done?
16:18:06jhMikeSfor a particular track?
16:19:26JdGordonI want to remove the file from the playlist if it is deleted and not yet fully buffered
16:23:04jhMikeShook BUFFER_EVENT_FINISHED and see if it's an audio handle, then you know it just completed
16:23:53jhMikeSeven playback has no strict ordering and really doesn't have a clear idea of what load in what order
16:24:14jhMikeSjust the order it adds handles into the track list
16:24:24 Quit gevaerts (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:25:02JdGordonhmm, nuts
16:26:53jhMikeScodec has the currently decoding file, but what's buffering isn't necessarily current
16:26:54 Join gevaerts [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
16:27:32CIA-44Commit 7901aa6 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: Simplify warning suppression for unused argument
16:27:33CIA-44Commit f3211e6 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: libgme: fix incorrect memset size argument
16:27:34CIA-44Commit 0ca7b83 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: cook: fix incorrect memset size argument
16:28:08jhMikeSI guess you'd have to scan the buffer and see if anything not finished is deleted
16:29:15 Join remlap [0] (
16:29:48JdGordonso unconditionally deleteing is probably safest?
16:30:06CIA-440ca7b83 build result: All green
16:30:29 Join markun [0] (~markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
16:31:45jhMikeSJdGordon: from where, disk or playlist?
16:33:23jhMikeSif it fails for metadata or audio, playback should just skip it, for other missing stuff it tries to keep going
16:33:57JdGordonjhMikeS: from disk
16:34:06JdGordonsorry, from the playlist
16:34:24 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
16:34:31JdGordonwhat i meant to say is, "unconditionally skipping tracks if the current track has ben rmeoved from disk is easiest"
16:34:55jhMikeSplayback needs to know or else its playlist offset will be wrong
16:35:47JdGordon g#224
16:35:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #224 at,224 : filesystem events: Add a new event to trigger on file access. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/24/224/1)
16:36:01JdGordonI just do audio_next() or audio_stop() if the current track is the deleted one
16:36:23JdGordonit will break if it is the next track and partially buffered though so not quite finished yet
16:36:38JdGordonbut this is an example of what I want to add
16:37:07 Join bertrik [0] (
16:37:08 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
16:37:08 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
16:37:48jhMikeSaudio_flush_and_reload tracks is needed
16:39:19JdGordonDo we really want to do that unconditionally thoguh?
16:40:21JdGordonmaybe the callback should be in playback.c instead so we can know how far into the playlist we need to check the deleted file
16:40:45jhMikeSall indexes need to be updated so that offset 1 is the next track
16:41:13JdGordonthe indexes are safe because the file is still in the playlist
16:41:16jhMikeSif you remove the next track, now what was at offset 2 is offset 1
16:41:35jhMikeSyou could mark it as bad without touching the playlist
16:42:26JdGordonit will do that automatically if it tries to buffer it and the file has dissapeared
16:42:32JdGordonthe issue is if it has started to buffer it
16:43:05JdGordonpresumably playback knows how far into the playlist it has buffered?
16:44:29jhMikeSit does, whatever it opened handles to has started buffering, which would be at the track list write possition
16:47:42jhMikeSthe last slot is current until the audio handle has begun since it's the last one that is started, then it advances it to the next free one. buffering handles actually filling it whenever it gets around to it or a codec needs it immediately
16:47:57 Join remlap1 [0] (
16:50:01 Quit remlap (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:50:48JdGordonsleep time, I'll give it a go during the week (unless you want to take over that part of the patch? :)
16:51:28jhMikeSToo busy on DSP renovation right this sec :)
16:54:46jhMikeSthe synchonization between playlist changes and what playback is doing is quite poor
16:55:37jhMikeSreally, it should create another playlist and swap it in one shot
16:58:30jhMikeSor tell playback directly that it needs to reevaluate things. it only asks playlists for a track filename name and after than it runs on its own to get the other info
17:01:35*jhMikeS is still half-asleep and is probably talking all over the place
17:02:45 Quit remlap1 (Quit: Leaving.)
17:06:17 Join kadoban [0] (
17:23:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:33:05 Quit gevaerts (Disconnected by services)
17:33:07 Join gevaerts_ [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
17:52:38 Join blackmatrix_ny [0] (
17:55:05n1scould someone test if builds on android/other hosted as i can't test them myself
17:56:13 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:56:35 Join antil33t [0] (~Ahurhurr@
18:00:05 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
18:21:57 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
18:26:56 Join remlap [0] (
18:28:07 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
18:29:27 Nick gevaerts_ is now known as gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
18:37:06 Join lebellium [0] (
18:38:46 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:39:10 Join antil33t [0] (~Ahurhurr@
18:39:27 Quit leavittx (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:41:11 Join Cooldude [0] (
18:41:25 Nick Cooldude is now known as Audiophile (
18:41:35 Nick Audiophile is now known as Sirwankalot (
18:42:23 Quit stoffel_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
18:42:24 Nick Sirwankalot is now known as Cooldude (
18:43:07CooldudeAnyways, in regards to what people here told me yesterday
18:43:17CooldudeIt is possible to play all the tracks of any given artist
18:43:41CooldudeIn fact, my player is capable of doing it
18:43:48CooldudeYou do agree?
18:44:22CooldudeTwo individuals yesterday told me otherwise. That it was impossible for it to happen.
18:44:35CooldudeThat rockbox doesn't support such a function.
18:45:11evilnickThat sounds wrong to me
18:45:15CooldudeWhat does?
18:45:32evilnickThat Rockbox would not allow the user to play all the tracks from one artist
18:45:35n1swhy would rockbox care what artisc performs in a track?
18:45:39evilnickIt does
18:46:11CooldudeIt's not about that n1s
18:46:51CooldudeEarlier, we were talking about how rockbox can only play a single track of any given artist. In order to play another, you have to manually go to the database and choose another one.
18:47:26n1sthat sounds wrong
18:47:42gevaertsThat *is* wronf
18:47:54CooldudeBy the way, I was wondering
18:48:07CooldudeMy favourite earbuds have once again failed me after using them for 2 years.
18:48:25CooldudeThe left driver is quieter than the right.
18:48:37CooldudeShould changing the balance fix the problem?
18:49:21evilnickCooldude: You're selecting the music in the wrong way if you're only getting a playlist of one song
18:50:02CooldudeWell I have no idea what I did yesterday.
18:50:37CooldudeBut I amongst all the playing around with the functions, I pressed any or some other function other than repeat. So now it plays all the songs.
18:50:41amiconnJdGordon: Afaik playback already does skip nonexisting files, so no need to add a check for this
18:50:59amiconnI don't know exactly what you're trying to do though
18:51:15CooldudeEven if I made a playlist of 234 songs
18:51:22CooldudeIt will always be at 1/234
18:51:42CooldudeIf I press the right button to change the track, it'll repeat the entire song.
18:51:44amiconnIt even tells the playlist code when it failed to load (gets marked in the playlist viewer)
18:51:49evilnickYou had Repeat set to On or A-B
18:51:55CooldudeOh okay
18:52:45CooldudeThere are a few things I'd like to find out about the apps
18:52:54Cooldudesince the manual barely says anything
18:53:06Cooldudeother than the instructions of how to use the current ones
18:53:24CooldudeI have a clip+ and Iwas wondering where can I find the gameboy emulator?
18:54:30n1scopy a rom to the player and select (play) it in the filebrowser
18:55:29CooldudeSo the emulator already exists in the player?
18:55:54CooldudeSince I don't see it in the plugins list. Nor is it shown or explained in the manual.
18:55:59n1sall the plugins are nstalled with rockbox (however some require extra resources)
18:56:07evilnickIt may not work on the clip+ then
18:56:21CooldudeSo what players do you two own?
18:56:28gevaertsCooldude: I'd say the manual is rather clear about this
18:56:29CooldudePMPs or whatever.
18:56:32n1sit's a viewer and therefore not int he list as you launch it by selecting an appropriate file
18:56:52gevaerts"To start a game, open a ROM file saved as .gb or .gbc in the file browser"
18:58:45 Join Topy44 [0] (
18:58:48 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
18:59:51CooldudeDarn it.
18:59:57CooldudeYou're right, it does explain it.
19:00:37CooldudeI was confused since I never saw Rockboy in the Demos section.
19:01:08CooldudeI was wondering, whats the purpose of all those screen savers?
19:01:22gevaertsThey're demos, not screensavers
19:01:32CooldudeWhat is their purpose?
19:01:37n1sand they don't have a purpose a ssuch :)
19:01:50CooldudeThey seem gimicky since they're so far away from the music files.
19:02:01gevaertsThey have the same purpose as demos on other platforms: show off
19:02:51CooldudeI love the one that is called Osciloscope.
19:03:01[Saint]I read the log...and you seem to have a really warped idea of what you were told yesterday.
19:03:14CooldudeOh, its you!
19:03:17CooldudeHello Saint.
19:03:22[Saint]I said multiple times it was possible to play all tracks of a given artist.
19:03:40[Saint]I even demonstrated how.
19:03:48CooldudeYou told me to make a playlist.
19:04:02CooldudeAnd only playlists are the only to to do it.
19:04:12CooldudeThats the way you demonstrated it how.
19:04:17[Saint]I said use the database, which involves a playlist, yes.
19:04:24CooldudeIndeed, you did.
19:04:33[Saint]All playback is playlist based in Rockbox.
19:04:51CooldudeGo into the database, and through the context menu make a playlist.
19:05:05gevaertsGo into the database, select your artist, go to "all tracks", and press select
19:05:21gevaertsThat will make a playlist with all tracks in the current list
19:05:43[Saint]I was possibly a little non-descript there.
19:05:43CooldudeI asked you clearly whether or not its possible to play all the tracks of any given artist, and you told me no even after I asked for clarification if you understood my question.
19:05:44bertrikselecting database/artist/<artist>/<all tracks> creates a playlist with all tracks from that artist
19:06:08[Saint]I said YES multiple times!
19:07:00[Saint]Whatvtou read from what I said, and what I said and meant by it, seem to he polar opposites.
19:07:09[Saint]*what you
19:07:45CooldudeWhy can't I find what I wrote in the logs?
19:08:01CooldudeDidn't I communicate with you on the 21st?
19:08:38[Saint]It possibly has something to do with why you completely misunderstood me...I'm nor sure why you can't find it in the logs.
19:09:38[Saint]You asked "is there a function that allows playback of all tracks of the current artist"
19:09:38CooldudeMaybe I have.
19:09:48CooldudeYes I did, and you answered that question.
19:09:58[Saint]I responded "no". I then outlined how it is possible.
19:10:03[Saint]Multiple times.
19:10:29CooldudeAnd you said to make a playlist?
19:10:45Cooldudevia the context menu
19:10:52 Quit evilnick (Remote host closed the connection)
19:11:47CooldudeSo does that mean I have to make a playlist for every artist that has more than one track?
19:11:56 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
19:12:13[Saint]You're idea of "make a playlist" is confusing you.
19:12:19CooldudeIt might be.
19:12:34[Saint]Every time you play *anything* in Rockbox, it is a playlist.
19:12:35CooldudeCan you tell me how you came to that conclusion?
19:12:50[Saint]It doesn't mean you need a thousand playlists sitting around.
19:13:04[Saint]Its just playback is playlist based.
19:13:14CooldudeOh okay.
19:13:37CooldudeWell that clears it up.
19:13:39CooldudeThank you.
19:14:28CooldudeBy the way, I was wondering, whats the purpose of the 0 in the LCD contrast menu?
19:16:05CooldudeHow can one use the player if the screen is turned off?
19:16:46soapwe have voiced menus
19:17:01CooldudeOh, okay.
19:17:23[Saint]That's a valid point, I guess, if O == "no visible ui" in any given situation on a device.
19:17:52CooldudeThank you.
19:17:53 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
19:17:57soapand any given variant of the screen. I don't know if there are multiple screens for your player.
19:18:13CooldudeIts a clip +
19:18:19CooldudeIt has one tiny screen.
19:19:22CooldudeI was wondering, what should I do if all the text is replaced with boxes?
19:19:22[Saint]Its possible to restore a botched configuration at boot time so at worst its a hilarious lesson for the sighted I suppose :)
19:20:19[Saint]Change your font to a font, usually.
19:20:23CooldudeI pressed on shortcuts but for some reason the language switched from English to another one that was replaced with boxes since the player can't support it.
19:20:32[Saint]That doesn't work. Week.
19:20:43[Saint]Ah, type fail!
19:20:48CooldudeMind you, the menus are still there but it is impossible to know what is what.
19:20:55CooldudeIts all boxes.
19:21:01[Saint]Change your font to a font which supports those characters, usually.
19:21:23CooldudeHow if its impossible to look at look through the menu?
19:21:25evilnickYou could connect it to a computer and change the font/language that way
19:21:29CooldudeOh okay.
19:21:39evilnickThere's a config file on the root of the player
19:21:55CooldudeAlright then, I never knew I was user friendly.
19:22:03Cooldudeit was*
19:22:04[Saint]Its highly possible that whatever font you're using has non of the chars used if they're particularly exotic.
19:22:15bertrikLanguage settings from the main menu is 4th / 3rd / 9th
19:22:40evilnickCooldude: Because Rockbox has been around for so long, most use-cases have been dealt with quite efficiently :)
19:22:42[Saint]16 Unifont has the best char support of any given font.
19:23:06CooldudeOh okay, thanks evilnick.
19:23:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:23:34CooldudeI think most of my questions have been answered.
19:23:55CooldudeThank you very much evilnick, Sanit and soap for your help. I appreciate it.
19:24:04Cooldude :D
19:25:30 Part Cooldude
19:35:16 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
19:41:23 Join stoffel [0] (
19:48:48 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:03:57 Join factor [0] (
20:06:09 Join Cooldude [0] (
20:06:13CooldudeHello again
20:06:53CooldudeI was wondering, are there any patches to have the PMP turned off when charging with the use of an adapter?
20:08:26 Quit lebellium (Remote host closed the connection)
20:09:15 Join lebellium [0] (
20:10:04evilnickCooldude: How would that work?
20:11:05CooldudeWell, have it in a hibernation mode of sorts.
20:11:12CooldudeJust like a laptop.
20:11:12 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:11:21evilnickI mean, how would the DAP/PMP know that your intention was to charge it quickly, rather than just keeping it plugged in and playing music like at a party?
20:11:33 Join antil33t [0] (~Ahurhurr@
20:11:38gevaertsMost audio players can't charge while switched off. This is a hardware limitation
20:11:51CooldudeYou've got a good point.
20:12:08CooldudeI know!
20:12:23CooldudeWell, say you were to plug in the player and turn it off.
20:12:47CooldudeThen it would know its charging because its plugged in while receiving electricity.
20:12:59CooldudeDoes that sound right?
20:13:34CooldudeIf electrical charge is going through the USB port without any data thus its being charged.
20:13:40evilnickIf it's turned off then you don't need a patch
20:14:19CooldudeI do because its impossible to turn it off when plugged in.
20:14:54gevaertsAs I said, the hardware doesn't support this. There's *nothing* we can do about that
20:15:24CooldudeI turned it off.
20:15:35CooldudeNow its a question of whether or not its charging.
20:16:43CooldudeI wonder, is rockbox an on going project? Or will it end at one point or another?
20:17:47*evilnick agrees with gevaerts on this one
20:18:59CooldudeSorry but I don't understand which question you're replying to.
20:19:36evilnickIt is either a project that is ongoing OR it will end at one point or another.
20:19:41gevaertsIt's an ongoing project that will end at one point or another
20:19:41evilnickIt's a perfectly clear reply
20:20:39CooldudeThank you.
20:20:46CooldudeNow it is.
20:22:35CooldudeBy the way, gevaerts and evilnick , can you tell me what your favourite patches are?
20:22:53gevaertsWhy would I have favourite patches?
20:23:55CooldudeI don't know, if you don't its perfectly fine with me.
20:24:11evilnickThere's a cabbage patch near where my parents live that's rather entrancing but I'm not sure how that's ontopic
20:24:56CooldudeI was referring to rockbox patches though I find that very funny.
20:25:01Cooldudealthough *
20:28:14CooldudeBy the way, if you don't mind me asking if this is too personal, what plays do you guys own that support rockbox?
20:29:04 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
20:30:36gevaertsSansa c250, iriver h320, gigabeat f20, gigabeat f60, iriver h120 (2x), cowon d2, gigabeat s30, archos jukebox, ipod mini 2g, iriver h10, mrobe 100, sansa e280, sansa clip, mrobe 500, sansa fuzev2, samsung yh925
20:30:45gevaertsOh, and iaudio x5l
20:30:56gevaertsand ipod video
20:31:50 Join FOAD_ [0] (~foad@
20:31:53 Join Kohlio [0] (
20:32:36CooldudeThat's quite the huge collection you've got there.
20:33:10 Join n17ikh_ [0] (
20:33:25 Join lebellium_ [0] (
20:33:27MCraseThe sansa line are the only ones still available for sale (barring ebay and what have you) though right?
20:34:10 Join nhOmega [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
20:34:16*bertrik has a sansa c240, sansa e260, ipod nano 1g, sansa clip, sansa clip+, sansa clip zip and a couple of ones that are not supported yet
20:34:41 Join alexbobp_ [0] (
20:34:52 Quit Kohlrabi (Disconnected by services)
20:34:58 Nick Kohlio is now known as Kohlrabi (
20:35:00CooldudeErr, you could still buy anything on ebay.
20:35:29CooldudeHowever its teh clip zip and hte clip + that are still on sale in stores.
20:35:38CooldudeHowever they're going off the market really soon.
20:36:07MCraseBuying an older mp3 player though you might have to replace the battery. Li-ion batteries don't exactly last that long.
20:37:27CooldudeDo most mp3 players have Li-ion batteries?
20:37:37 Join enthdegree [0] (~enthdegre@wikimedia/enthdegree)
20:37:51 Quit lebellium (*.net *.split)
20:37:52 Quit n17ikh (*.net *.split)
20:37:52 Quit alexbobp (*.net *.split)
20:37:52 Quit FOAD (*.net *.split)
20:37:52 Quit ruskie (*.net *.split)
20:37:52 Quit ThomasAH (*.net *.split)
20:37:53 Nick nhOmega is now known as ruskie (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
20:37:55 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (~foad@
20:38:05 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
20:38:09CooldudeOr is li-ion the only chargable battery?
20:38:52CooldudeOh okay.
20:39:40MCraseI don't think I've seen anything but li-ion's in consumer electronics. They don't usually use Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries in anything but tools and toys.
20:39:40CooldudeIn other news I'd like to report
20:39:55CooldudeIts possible to charge your DAP when its off
20:39:57Cooldudewith rockbox
20:40:23gevaertsCooldude: are you trolling?
20:40:33CooldudeNo, I'm completely serious.
20:41:00gevaertsYou asked that half an hour ago
20:41:14CooldudeIf you don't remember, earlier in this conversation I wrote that we'll have to see what happens.
20:41:24CooldudeThats when I turned it off.
20:41:40CooldudeI also wrote earlier that it is possible to turn it off when its charging.
20:41:40gevaerts*I* remember
20:42:02gevaertsYou however clearly didn't read what anyone else said
20:42:31CooldudeI thought I did.
20:42:43gevaertsSo I don't see why anyone should answer again
20:42:48 Quit CaptainKewl (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:49:24 Join ThomasAH [0] (
20:51:42 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
20:52:44 Join Rower85 [0] (
20:58:12 Quit user890104 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:03:10CooldudeGevaerts, you clearly told me that it doesn't have that function
21:03:30 Join user890104 [0] (
21:03:30CooldudeI'll test it once more
21:03:38CooldudeAt the moment its at 46 and I'll turn it off
21:03:55CooldudeIts off.
21:04:01CooldudeAnd plugged in.
21:04:21CooldudeMind you, it does takes 13 seconds to turn it off when plugged in instead of the usual 2 when its not.
21:14:03CooldudeOkay, I'll document my experience here seeing as how its logged.
21:14:12CooldudeI would think that 15-20 minutes have passed.
21:14:23CooldudeNow I will turn on the player while its plugged in.
21:14:36CooldudeIts not at 43.
21:15:39CooldudeNow its back at the original charge level, for some odd reason it plummeted while it was off.
21:15:55CooldudeThe charge is rapidly increasing, its now at 47.
21:16:53CooldudeWell it didn't go any higher than 48.
21:17:34CooldudeNow its at 49 however the interval of time between 48 and 49 is the same as if its on.
21:18:09evilnickCooldude: It was 10 minutes that you left it plugged in and off for
21:18:33*bluebrother prepares to extend the ignore list
21:18:57CooldudeActually 14 minutes
21:19:20CooldudeEither way, in conclusion, its best to leave it on and turning it off doesn't make a significant differance.
21:19:28evilnick20:03 to 20:14
21:20:03CooldudeKeep in mind that we're in different time zones.
21:20:20CooldudeBut yes, you're right- 10 minutes.
21:20:48Cooldude11 actually but whatever.
21:22:43CooldudeHave a good day.
21:22:46 Part Cooldude
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21:30:17 Nick alexbobp_ is now known as alexbobp (
21:34:48CIA-44Commit 885db72 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: gitscraper: support Python3.
21:35:22bluebrotherAlexP: in case you're doing the next release this should make things easier for you :)
21:37:08AlexPbluebrother: ooh, ta :)
21:37:24CIA-44885db72 build result: All green
21:38:07bluebrotherI've decided to finally bite the bullet and see what's needed to make scripts work with Python3
21:38:18AlexPgood luck :)
21:38:52bluebrotheractually wasn't that hard
21:39:06bluebrotherjust (as usual) work that required time to do it :)
21:45:33 Quit Thra11 (Remote host closed the connection)
21:46:14 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
22:02:50 Join Cadaver1 [0] (
22:10:42 Part Cadaver1
22:12:40bluebrotherAlexP: are you maintaining the Google Calendar for Rockbox?
22:12:51AlexPbluebrother: Yes, sort of
22:13:01bluebrothercan you add DevCon? It seems to be missing :)
22:13:14 Join Thra11_ [0] (
22:13:16AlexPI can also give you the password if you would like :)
22:13:28bluebrotherI don't think there's much for me to contribute
22:13:39bluebrotherjust noticed that DevCon was missing ;-)
22:15:54 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:16:07 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
22:16:29AlexPbluebrother: Can you see it now?
22:19:44gevaertsAlexP: I can see it now (twice... It's also in my work calendar :)
22:20:06AlexPcool :)
22:29:53 Join nortega [0] (
22:30:29nortegadoes anyone here know a linux operating system I can use for my iPod classic?
22:32:54nortegaif you do please send the e-mail to
22:33:07 Quit nortega (Client Quit)
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