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#rockbox log for 2012-04-24

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04:59:35damaruI can't remember how to install new plugin
04:59:48damaruI want to try the Puredata plugin
05:00:13damaruor use the rockboxutilty to add a plugin
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05:01:04JdGordonplugins dont get installed
05:01:09JdGordonyou compile them with rockbox
05:01:27damaruok so I have to recompile rockbox to get these new plugin ?
05:03:37damaruI am trying to get Pdbox running - it say that it would run on the device i have 1gen ipod nano
05:03:53damarubut it's 'new' icon in that table and not a check
05:04:16damaruwould that mean it's already in rockbox ?
05:04:58saratogalooking at the plugin list doesn't look like its built on the nano
05:05:04saratogawhere did you read that it works?
05:05:34damaruwrong column
05:05:47saratogaoh wait yes it does build
05:06:16damaruI like that
05:06:39damarunow how can i put my hands on such a build ?
05:07:50saratogayou mean rockbox?
05:08:13damarua rackbox build for the nano that would have the Pdbox compiled with it
05:08:19saratogaall of them have it
05:08:57damaruit wasn't in the on installed with the rockbox utility
05:09:07damarudoes this one uses the latest build ?
05:09:22saratogadepends what you told it to install
05:09:31damaru(a bit of a re-noob here I haven;t plaayed with rockbox for 2 years)
05:10:21damaruI simply did the complete installation
05:10:42damarufew themes selected - didn't give me much choice about which build orwhat to put on there
05:11:41damaruI see
05:12:17damaruit's in the viewer
05:13:31damaruand the nano is missing the button to start most of the patches
05:13:42damaruok ok - need to go make some patches then ;)
05:13:46damaruthanks for the help
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05:24:15damaruhum - loading the patches from files I copied to the ipod, it doesn't seem to start (tried a patch that would normally start automatically)
05:24:33damaruanyhow - I am sure it will be hard to get support on that one ;) so I better get hacking away
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07:14:12JdGordonjhMikeS: ping
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07:40:15JdGordonhmm, OK, so I could probabyl scan the list of open buffers when the file is deleted and if it is found set handle->filerem to 0, but that still means it will cut off mid track
07:40:30JdGordonthough perhaps that is actually better than skipping immediatly?
07:41:11jhMikeSit should be doing that already or something like it
07:41:41JdGordonwhiah part of that shold it already be doing?
07:42:27jhMikeSwell, if it can no longer read what it's buffering it should truncate the file
07:43:25jhMikeSunder two conditions: 1) can't open it 2) read returns <= 0
07:44:07jhMikeSsee buffer_handle in apps/buffering.c
07:44:41jhMikeSif read fails to inform of the problem, then I'd say read has a problem
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07:46:33JdGordonwhat does lseek do with an invalid fd?
07:48:04jhMikeSthe fd paramater? it returns EINVAL
07:48:18JdGordonah misread, shouldnt be able to get there if the flie has gone
07:48:52jhMikeSotherwise it relies on fat_seek
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07:53:21jhMikeSdoes anything about this change with or without dircache?
07:56:45jhMikeSI'd also be curious about when behavior depends upon the codec in use
07:57:14 Quit damaru (Quit: Lost terminal)
08:03:59JdGordonjhMikeS: no idea. like I said, I'm only interested in this as an example usage for the events and to make the bahaviour more understandable
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08:25:36dartmouthI know that a couple people were talking about theme-related crashes recently, is there anything known about that? I'm getting reproducible data aborts on clip zip with the dfkt minimal zip 4.0 theme, seems to go away entirely with a settings reset and it doesn't seem like it's been a problem until the last 24 hours or so
08:31:14 Quit RandomTime (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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08:42:49dartmouthAlso seemed like there was some display corruption on the 'repeat mode' icon in the status bar, looked like the bottom was glitched up every time
08:46:32 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:51:45 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:55:55dartmouthIt seems specific to the 4.0 version of the theme, 3.7 seems to be working fine. Also got some different corruption in the 'playback status' last time with 4.0 (it looks like it loads the top and bottom of the icon, but the middle just has a couple random pixels), and the battery icon was still animated. Internal storage didn't show up in linux, and it froze after disconnect; had to hard power off to get it working again. Current builds of rockbox and
08:57:09dartmouthSorry, first message should have read 'reproducible data aborts when connecting to PC'
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11:13:57Dungeon-DaveHi, all
11:14:05Dungeon-DaveJust wanted to report an issue with 3.11.2
11:14:17Dungeon-DaveThe "Download Font Pack" link gives a 404
11:14:40Dungeon-DaveI visited the link manually, and can't find the
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[SystemInfo] GET: "release_font_url" ""
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[Settings] GET U: "cachedisable" "false"
11:14:54DBUGEnqueued KICK Dungeon-Dave
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[ZipInstall] initializing installation
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[ZipInstall] starting installation
11:14:54***Alert Mode level 1
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] GET URI ""
11:14:54***Alert Mode level 2
11:14:54Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] HEAD scheduled: 15
11:14:55***Alert Mode level 3
11:14:55Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] Request started: 14 Header req: 15 Get req: -1
11:14:55***Alert Mode level 4
11:14:55Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] Request finished: 14 Error: false pending requests: true
11:14:56***Alert Mode level 5
11:14:56Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] Request started: 15 Header req: 15 Get req: -1
11:14:56***Alert Mode level 6
11:14:56Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] Request finished: 15 Error: true pending requests: false
11:15:00Dungeon-Dave−−−− log ends −−−−−−−−
11:15:10Dungeon-DaveI visited the link manually, and can't find the actual file
11:15:21Dungeon-Dave <−−
11:15:23gevaertsDungeon-Dave: which version of Rockbox Utility are you using?
11:15:45Dungeon-Daveoh.. wait is the file
11:16:30Dungeon-Daveright-click details on the executable gives nothing under the "Details" panel
11:16:34Dungeon-Dave(could do with having that filled in)
11:17:27Dungeon-DaveBuild Mar 6 2012, it says in "About"
11:17:42 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
11:17:45Dungeon-DaveAlso, my "Complete Install" and "Minimal Install" are greyed out
11:17:49Dungeon-Davedo you want my logfile?
11:18:41Dungeon-DaveAlso.. why does the version number on the download differ form the version in the ABOUT panel?
11:18:48Dungeon-Davenot sure which is the "right" version.
11:18:58Dungeon-Davethe one on is marked April 12th
11:19:09gevaertsRockbox Utility has its own versioning
11:19:13Dungeon-Davebut the About page says Mar 6
11:19:19Dungeon-Daveoh.. I got the wrong file?
11:20:01gevaertsrockbox is what runs on your device. The latest release there is 3.11.2. Rockbox Utility is the graphical installer tool
11:20:11Dungeon-Daveahhh.. 1.2.13 is the UTILITY, right?
11:20:18Dungeon-Daveand 3.11.2 is Rockbox. got it
11:20:28Dungeon-Daveso it's not a flaw with rockbox, it's the utility that has wrong paths
11:20:52Dungeon-Daveokay. Got it. You one of the Devs?
11:21:10gevaertsAre you sure you installed 3.11.2? I can reproduce this if I install a current build (where this is a known issue), but not if I install the stable release (3.11.2)
11:21:43gevaertsI am, yes
11:22:49Dungeon-Daveokay.. what I did was the following:
11:23:12Dungeon-Dave1. plug in SANdisk (clipzip), fire up utility, let it detect and see D: or so
11:23:22Dungeon-DaveNoticed the buttons on Quick Start were greyed out
11:23:25Dungeon-Davewent to Installation
11:23:39gevaertsAh, ok
11:23:52Dungeon-Daveclicked install bootloader, browsed to the BIN file that I'd got off sandisk
11:23:55gevaertsRight. There is no stable release yet for the clip zip
11:24:00Dungeon-Daveoh.. I did that wrong?
11:24:13Dungeon-Daveaha. Well, it seems to all work on teh Sandisk
11:24:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:24:34Dungeon-Davehad an issue with it locking up, held down power for 20-30 secs (it mentions on the forums)
11:24:39Dungeon-Davethen redid it.
11:24:47gevaertsFor the clip zip you have no other choice than using the current build (which isn't 3.11.2, but rather the in-development code that will eventually become 3.12).
11:24:52Dungeon-Davenot got headphones to test out, but it seems all working.
11:24:57***Alert Mode OFF
11:25:03Dungeon-Daveokay. So I'll stick to this build for now.
11:25:11Dungeon-DaveI *did* see "unstable", so that explains it
11:25:19Dungeon-Daveor rather, that explains why it ain't 3.11.2, then.
11:25:30Dungeon-Davehow long until a 3.11.2 is out for this lil model, then? Any ETA?
11:25:38Dungeon-Dave(not hassling or hastening, just a ballpark figure)
11:26:23gevaertsFor the font pack you basically have two options: try again tomorrow (the issue only happens with *some* revisions), or download and unzip manually (
11:26:33Dungeon-DaveThat latter I did.
11:27:01Dungeon-DaveSomething on your wiki talks about dumping them in .rockbox/fonts, so I grabbed that file and dumped the extracted files across
11:27:12Dungeon-Davebut the themes seemed to work without them
11:27:24Dungeon-Daveonly annoyance is that the utility has no log of me manually doing it.
11:27:40Dungeon-Davewould it be worthwhjile symlinking the older path to the newer ZIPfile in the meantime?
11:27:54Dungeon-Davejust to maintain backwards compatibility.
11:28:16gevaertsWell, 3.11.2 will never be released for the clip zip. Future versions will. I can't make any predictions, but given that the clip zip works fairly well it's entirely possible it will be included in 3.12 or 3.13 (unless we decide to jump to 4.0...), which we expect in 3 months or 6/7 months
11:28:47Dungeon-Daveokay, so check in 3 then 6 months or so
11:28:56Dungeon-Davedon't expect a new one next week, kind thing!
11:30:06gevaertsWorking around this download issue doesn't make sense. The bug has been fixed in the code, and the fix is just waiting for a new utility release
11:30:32Dungeon-Davesorry, not sure what you mean by that.
11:31:15Dungeon-Daveit was a bug in 3.11.1 also?
11:31:27gevaertsIt's a bug in the *installer*
11:31:49Dungeon-Davebug in 1.2.13, I meant.
11:31:53Dungeon-Davethe utility.
11:32:32Dungeon-DaveOkay. But a suitable workaround in the meantime could be an apache redirect or symlink from the utility's expected target to the newer file location, no?
11:32:33gevaertsAnd it *will* be fixed in 1.2.14. It has already been fixed in the code, but there's some more stuff that needs to be done before 1.2.14 can be released
11:32:55gevaertsNo. That redirect would change every day
11:33:06gevaertsAnd most days there is no problem
11:33:09Dungeon-Daveit would?
11:34:48Dungeon-Daveokay. so if I tried again with the utility on another day, the file would be in that location?
11:35:10gevaertsOn most days the utility will try the correct URL, yes
11:35:28Dungeon-Daveso the utility dynamically generates a different URL?
11:35:53Dungeon-Daveweird. That a load-balancing measure?
11:36:06Dungeon-Daveokay. how many different URLs will it generate?
11:36:21Dungeon-Davejust wonder how many different tries I need to do untiul it hits the right target.
11:37:02Dungeon-DaveI'm guessing there's a list of known different URLs somewhere that the utility generates.
11:37:09gevaertsIt looks at the revision to decide if this is a current build or a release, so there are normally two URLs. With *some* current build revisions this checking is broken so it thinks this is a stable release with a nonexistent version
11:37:38Dungeon-Daveokay, so there's really only 2 URLs.
11:37:52Dungeon-Daveis there a difference in the font package between builds?
11:38:18gevaertsThere could be, but the last update to the fonts was in 2009
11:38:31gevaertsSo right now they're all the same
11:38:40Dungeon-Daveso if the current fonts work, no reason not to have them available off the old URL, is there?
11:39:03gevaertsWhat "old" URL?
11:39:06Dungeon-Davethen put the new fonts at the new URL when they;re availab.e
11:39:13Dungeon-Dave[HTTP] GET URI ""
11:39:15Dungeon-Davethat one.
11:39:29gevaertsThat's neither an old nor a new URL. It's a *wrong* URL
11:39:32Dungeon-Daveas in: alias the download link to the 2009 fonts.
11:40:09Dungeon-Daveokay. but presumably they *were* at that URL at one time, else 1.2.14 (and earlier) would never have had font downloads.
11:41:00gevaertsNo. They never were at that URL, they never will be at that URL, and the utility will only try that URL *today*
11:41:20Dungeon-Daveokay. so tomorrow it'll try then?
11:41:29Dungeon-Daveif I have another go with the utility?
11:41:48Dungeon-Daveand if they were never at that URL .. where did the utility author get that info from?
11:43:46 Join thegeek_ [0] (
11:46:26 Join DDungeon [0] (
11:46:33DDungeondamnit... flaky network here
11:46:47DDungeonSorry about that. Where were we?
11:47:29DDungeonokay.. so I'm on revision 885 or so...?
11:54:04 Quit Dungeon-Dave (*.net *.split)
11:54:04 Quit thegeek (*.net *.split)
11:54:24DDungeonyah, netsplit.
12:26:18 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:09:36DDungeonGuys, can I suggest a wiki update?
13:09:53DDungeonoh, wait.
13:09:57DDungeonno, my bad. the link's correct.
13:10:37DDungeonoh.. wait
13:10:40DDungeonno, I was right
13:10:45DDungeonthere's a new firmware out.
13:13:58 Quit mystica555 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:16:03wodzYou know what wiki is for, right? It is handled by interested individuals.
13:16:33DDungeonwiki, yup. But I think this is a manual, not a wiki.
13:16:47 Join mystica555 [0] (
13:16:59DDungeonso - I probably used the wrong term there.
13:19:02gevaertsNew OF versions aren't just a matter of updating the manual
13:20:02DDungeonno? Oh. Should I not use that OF?
13:20:41 Quit mystica555 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:22:02DDungeonGotta be said, I'm pretty impressed at how this lil code works.
13:24:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:28:42DDungeonRighty.. lunchtime here, gotta scoot.
13:28:58DDungeonPlenty of shouts out to the devs on this project - your work is muchly appreciated!
13:29:18 Quit DDungeon (Quit: music whilst I eat!)
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13:49:10 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
13:50:53KylethedarknExcept for whoever made the decision to not have any layering system for the viewports!
13:53:13gevaertsKylethedarkn: some of us want to keep a bit of memory for playing audio
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14:36:18kugeldidnt we have bootloader usb on the e200?
14:36:47 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:46:49 Join Thra11 [0] (
14:50:58kugelhm, it looks like my e200 is effectively bricked
14:54:21kugelah no, now unbricking worked
14:55:57kugeli think i deleted the 20mb partition
14:56:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:56:17*gevaerts should have another look at the sansa unbrick tools
14:56:32gevaertsI did some work on that, but it's not fully done yet
14:57:35kugelsansa.fmt alone didn't help, as didn't the .mi4 alone
14:57:55kugelboth are needed to make the internal memory work again
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17:00:25drezonHi! I'm having a problem with Rockbox on Android: 3.11 and master (yesterday 885db72b) crash when playing ogg vorbis files. The first file plays fine when switching songs (manually or et then end of the song) it crashes with segfault, pc is at 0.
17:01:30drezonHappens on two phones I tried on. 3.9 was the one I used before and that one worked fine.
17:03:14Zagordrezon: does it happen with any files, or one in particular?
17:03:30drezonAny ogg vorbis
17:03:35drezonmp3 e.g. works
17:04:13drezonAfter some struggling I succeeded in attaching gdb to the process and take a backtrace. I don't know if the data is valid (it wasn't easy to get gdb running) but it looked like c_hdr in codecs.c contained the value 2 and the crash is in codec_run_proc where it does the ->run_proc()
17:06:12n1sdrezon: does it happen with all ogg/vorbis files and are only ogg/vorbis files affected?
17:06:29 Join toffe82 [0] (
17:06:46 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
17:06:51drezonCompiled as SDL app this did not happen. I tried to analyze with valgrind whether rockbox does something bad there as well, but running with valgrind didn't work (make_context(): Operation not permitted). I searched and found a discussion on this channel from a year ago about this valgrind problem, but no solution.
17:08:08drezonIt seems to happen with all ogg vorbis (it did heppen with all I tried, although they were all encoded by the exact same encoder version). I will try to find some other vorbis files and check. It did not happen with mp3, I didn't try an other codecs.. will try flac as well.
17:08:38 Part Zagor
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17:15:51dartmouthdfkt: did you see what I mentioned earlier about your clip zip minimal 4.0 theme? It seems to be breaking USB support for me, the way that lebellium thought his was before. Version .37 doesn't have the same issue.
17:17:35 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
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17:48:05drezonOk, I tried with oggs encoded with a different encoder. Same result (first was 1.2.0, now 1.3.3). Also tried different bit rates. Flacs seem to be working fine.
17:48:48gevaertsdrezon: do they have embedded album art?
17:49:46drezonSome do, some don't
17:50:41drezongevaerts: But it doesn't seem to make a difference wrt the crash.
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17:59:43drezonSo I take it that I'm the only one with this problem? I tried different Rockbox versions, different SDK and NDK versions, different phones etc. With my old 3.9 built everything works. With 3.11 or master it doesn't.
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23:08:17CIA-44Commit fa6563b in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Refresh mountpoint from UI before checking for existence.
23:10:37CIA-44fa6563b build result: All green
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23:18:47bluebrothergnah. This voicefile stuff is really messy :(
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