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#rockbox log for 2012-04-28

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00:08:05TheLemonManaww i fell into an include dependency loop
00:08:44TheLemonManare the per-target sources compiled before the per-board ones ?
00:22:37pamaury_kylethedarkn: yes I know
00:23:14pamaury_I don't really know why, probably some hardware needs to be properly shutdown. Another option would be to reboot when unplugging, that could avoid the freeze
00:23:52kylethedarknAlrighty. Will do.
00:25:36pamaury_it might have to do with power management too, I should have a serious look at it someday
00:26:16kylethedarknSounds good, if you end up updating or patching anything send me a ping and let me know.
00:26:51pamaury_ok thanks
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00:29:53plushgevaerts: i found the offending commit. 7b1a369.
00:30:00plushsorry, a54c687
00:30:04plushcopy&paste error
00:30:47plushor actually, both of these. they have to be stashed together anyway because the first one had a typo
00:31:08plushthese two commits introduce arm architecture auto-detection
00:31:24plushfor me, no version of the pcm code makes it into the binary in the end
00:32:00plushi see the following warnings during compilation, before the linker fails:
00:32:00plushtrunk/firmware/pcm_mixer.c: In function ‘mixer_buffer_callback’:
00:32:00plushtrunk/firmware/pcm_mixer.c:176: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘write_samples’
00:32:00DBUGEnqueued KICK plush
00:32:00plushtrunk/firmware/pcm_mixer.c:194: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘mix_samples’
00:32:18gevaertsOK, at least it's a build system change. That makes sense :)
00:32:33plushwhat a painful git bisect it was
00:32:42plushi had to let the box cool down soooooooo many times :(
00:33:22gevaertsWhich version of gmake are you using?
00:34:01plushGNU Make 3.82
00:34:42bertrik_did anyone get any further with the no-sound-on-mrobe problem?
00:35:30CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:35:30*gevaerts didn't
00:35:38plushi don't see any header file declaring write_samples. how can pcm_mixer.c ever find it? puzzling
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00:36:20gevaertsplush: #include "asm/pcm-mixer.c"
00:36:43plushright... i didn't quite expect #include .c
00:36:51plushmy eyes are not tuned to look for that :)
00:36:55n1smaybe something in your environment is conflicting with the arch auto detection?
00:38:12plushn1s: it well may. but i have no idea what
00:38:48*gevaerts suspects that it gets to firmware/asm/arm/pcm-mixer.c and then finds no matching ARM_ARCH
00:38:50plushso it must be pcm-mixer.c that decides to not include either file
00:38:55plushyep, exactly
00:38:57plushbut why...
00:39:41n1splush: what are ARCH and ARM_ARCH set to in your gewnerated Makefile?
00:39:54n1sand is either already set in the env?
00:40:17n1sArch and ARCH_VERSION
00:40:17gevaertsand ARCH_VERSION
00:40:24plushenv: nope, no *ARCH* variables
00:40:27plushlooking at makefile now
00:40:46plushexport ARCH=arch_arm
00:40:46plushexport ARCH_VERSION=1
00:41:07plushno ARM_ARCH in Makefile at all
00:41:24n1syeah i meant ARCH_VERSION
00:41:29n1s1 is weird
00:41:34gevaertsARCH_VERSION=1 is definitely wrong
00:42:26plushi see sed is being used
00:42:29plushbsd sed != gnu sed
00:43:11n1splush: if you set ARCH_VERSION=4 in the Makefile, does it work?
00:44:15plushn1s: trying... need to cool the laptop a bit first
00:44:17*gevaerts isn't too fond of using \-escaping in sed expressions when simple quoting would work...
00:44:37plushn1s: no, same failure
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00:49:00n1splush: ah it's also in autoconf.h
00:50:11gevaertsplush: those sed expressions look fairly normal to me, and very similar to others used in the script. The only distinctive things are (a) they use ',' instead of the more common '/', and (b) they have a \n in them. As far as I know (a) shouldn't be a problem but (b) may well be
00:50:58plushn1s: changing the value in autoconf.h made it build. so it is that value. one step further :)
00:51:06gevaertsn1s: could you try ?
00:51:10gevaertsplush: ^
00:51:55gevaertsJust checking autoconf.h and the makefile should be enough
00:52:34plushgevaerts: yep, that works
00:52:50plushboth the makefile and autoconf.h have version 4 now :)
00:53:20*gevaerts will commit
00:54:09plushexcellent. thanks.
00:55:21CIA-44Commit b794cbb in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Replace a \n-using sed expression with a more compatible tr
00:56:45plushmy rockbox was over a month old. high time to fix that.
00:57:08gevaertsYou could download a build :)
00:57:42n1si don't think any active dev uses bsd so things like this are likely to go unnoticed
00:58:13CIA-44b794cbb build result: All green
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01:16:43plushgevaerts: i'm a bsd user. i build libreoffice, firefox, gcc from source... building rockbox from source is a matter of honor
01:18:37gevaertsAnd you get to build gcc from source again as a bonus :)
01:19:08plushat this point, rebuilding gcc is pretty much impossible. my laptop needs 30s of cooling after 10s of compiling
01:19:20plushbig packages are impossible to compile
01:19:37plushi need a dell tech to look at this (again - they keep fixing the machine every few months)
01:21:56plushi'm signing off. thanks for your help
01:25:20 Part plush
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08:04:20Guest04579what's your main reason for using Rockbox?
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08:28:21n1si started using it on my h300 because it didn't take half a minute to start like the OF
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09:07:43CIA-44Commit fe3d580 in rockbox by Nils Wallménius: (Author: Sean Bartell) rbcodec refactoring: get_audio_base_data_type
09:10:42CIA-44fe3d580 build result: All green
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09:19:29n1sSomeone really should take a look at those IAP patches in gerrit
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09:39:46n1sCould we have line breaks between the Reviewed-on, Reviewed-by, etc lines on the website?
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11:07:05kanerwhen i'm on .rockbox/fonts and try to `rm -f *`, i get: rm: cannot remove `35-Nimbus.fnt': Read-only file system
11:07:09kanerfor all fonts
11:07:27kaneripod is mounted rw, fonts/ is 755 and i'm root
11:07:34kanerany ideas?
11:09:41bluebrotherthen the Ipod isn't mounted rw.
11:10:01bluebrotheryou likely have filesystem errors. Linux usually put the partition in ro mode if it contains errors
11:10:15bluebrother(which is not specific to Ipods / FAT partitions)
11:11:00kanerah. i think i need to umask=000
11:11:19TheLemonMangot the crt0 running but it never gets into main, i suspect its a memory corruption issue
11:11:49TheLemonManany hint on how to troubleshoot this ?
11:12:04kanerno, that wasnt it
11:12:21kanerbluebrother: thanks. thats it :)
11:12:27kaner[ 295.620277] FAT: Filesystem error (dev sdb2)
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11:18:59kanerbluebrother: fsck.vfat helped. thanks again.
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12:09:17CIA-44Commit b4424ca in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add "ipod" mode to bin2c.
12:09:20CIA-44Commit 8a3824f in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: ipodpatcher: replace ipod2c with bin2c.
12:09:21CIA-44Commit 308f099 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Move bin2c handling to libtools.make
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12:11:54CIA-448a3824f build result: All green
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12:17:41brobostigongevaerts: ok, doing as you suggested, leaving it plugged in, for about 16 hours, upto now, and still no reaction, any more suggestions.
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12:54:58*bluebrother looks at FS #12654 and considers dropping binary packages for Linux
12:54:59fs-bluebot rockbox utility has font problems (bugs, unconfirmed)
12:55:31bluebrotherBagder: do we have stats on how many people actually use Rockbox Utility on Linux?
12:56:20bluebrotherhmm, seems the user agent string it sends doesn't include the OS :/
12:57:00bluebrotherok, so do we have download stats for Rockbox Utility?
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12:58:23TheLemonMan i guess that is because of qt being statically linked
12:58:44bluebrotheryes and no
13:00:33TheLemonManlinux users should be able to deal with shared libs, the only problem might be random api breakage
13:00:55bluebrotherwell, yes and no.
13:01:16bluebrothersince depending on your distro you get different versions of the lib you also run into lots of trouble
13:01:44bluebrotheri.e. if a distro decides to update Qt to 4.8 and we build against 4.7 we have problems
13:02:17bluebrotheror (especially for c++) use a different compiler version that breaks ABI
13:02:41bluebrotherLinux users should be able to build Rockbox Utility for themselves
13:02:48TheLemonManthere arent major changes between versions, at least it shouldnt
13:03:15bluebrotherdropping Linux binaries would also require the arch package to (finally) stop wrapping our binary
13:03:18TheLemonManwell beside gcc theres only clang, and its c++ support isnt ready for production
13:03:43AlexPbluebrother: That package isn't really a package, in that it isn't remotely official
13:03:52TheLemonManohwell, binary packages are the evil
13:04:02AlexPIt is just some user "helping" people who can't figure out how to download from our site
13:04:18TheLemonManjust gave my 2c about the static lib thing
13:04:31bluebrotherAlexP: sure, but that user could simply build Rockbox Utility. Would also reduce the binary size a bit :)
13:05:07AlexPyes indeed - I was just pointing out that calling it an Arch package makes it sound like something official in the repos :)
13:05:39bluebrotherTheLemonMan: there's a reason why f.e. VirtualBox has like 15 different versions for Linux to download
13:05:50bluebrotherversions as in distribution variants that is.
13:06:23bluebrotherAlexP: well, "arch package" means a package for arch to me. I'm not an arch user so I don't have any idea what package is official and which isn't ;-)
13:06:37AlexPanything in AUR isn't :)
13:06:57bluebrotheranyway, it might be interesting (even regardless of this question) to see download stats for Rockbox Utility :)
13:08:20TheLemonManwhatever, im always up for the good old cli :) no libs needed and does its work properly
13:08:45bluebrothertell that a Windows user ;-)
13:09:25bluebrotheror even Mac
13:15:14TheLemonManmac users are silghtly better, they know how to open the terminal at least
13:15:25AlexPI don't think that's true
13:15:34AlexPNot based on the MAc users I know
13:15:42bluebrothersame here :)
13:16:09bluebrotherthough I don't know that much Mac users. And people developing aren't users :)
13:16:46bluebrotherI'm wondering how hard it would be to build a Debian package
13:16:52AlexPI know 5 or 6 Mac users, all of whom are not developers and none of whom ould have any idea what a terminal is :)
13:17:53bluebrotherif we had a Debian and a Fedora package we might get around distributing this kind of binary we have right now
13:23:48 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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13:34:45n1sif we start requiring users to build rbutil themselves most of the easy to use gui aspect goes away
13:36:04TheLemonMandoes it build using clang ?
13:37:32bluebrothern1s: does it? That would only affect Linux, and I'm pretty sure most users are using Windows
13:39:24n1syeah of course only where we wouldn't supply a binary but i mean the target users for rbutil imo are the ones that just want to click some buttons
13:41:19n1si guess an ubuntu package would cover most of them though
13:43:21bluebrotherour binary should run fine on Ubuntu. Well, maybe not on kubuntu, and obviously not on the latest one
13:44:11bluebrotherthe main problem is that distros don't care much about compatibility with other binaries. While Windows does this a lot, which makes handling Windows binaries *much* simpler
13:44:43n1si guess linking qt statically would make the binary 100MB or so
13:44:45bluebrotherso in the end we pretty much always will get the distro updated things - Rockbox Utility breaks - user complain to us.
13:44:54bluebrotherwe already link Qt statically
13:45:12bluebrotherbut linking _all_ libs Qt uses statically ... yes.
13:45:23 Join jdgord [0] (~jdgord@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
13:45:32bluebrotherand I'm not too motivated to find that out :)
13:47:05n1si guess the proper fix would be to get rbutil into the distro repos
13:47:39bluebrotherwhich has the drawback that distro packages are unlikely to be updated once we release a new version
13:47:57bluebrotherand providing those packages ourselves means we would need to build n distro packages
13:48:20bluebrotherso from my point of view all solutions are less than optimal
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13:48:27 Nick dionoea_ is now known as dionoea (~dionoea@videolan/developer/dionoea)
13:49:27n1sbut since rbutil can install the most recent rb version without update, it should only be needed for adding bootloader installation for new targets/new features/bug fixes, right?
13:50:00n1sso users not having the latest version wouldn' t be that bad i think
13:52:08 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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13:52:33AlexPbluebrother: What is the minimum checkout to be able to build rbutil?
13:53:09 Quit [Saint] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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13:56:14bluebrotherAlexP: the source package :)
13:56:28AlexPOK, ta
13:56:53bluebrotherthe problem is that you need to clone the whole git repo, which would end up with something like 120MiB. Or use the source package we have for releases, which is <1MiB
13:57:44bluebrotherand I'd really like people to only use the most recent version. We had quite a bunch of bugs lately :(
14:00:01 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
14:03:01AlexPbluebrother: Can errors like "RCC: Error in 'rbutilqt-lang.qrc': Cannot find file 'lang/rbutil_cs.qm'" be ignored?
14:04:25 Quit jdgord (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
14:07:04bluebrotherAlexP: yes.
14:07:42bluebrotherthose files will get created during the build, but rcc checks for them when creating the Makefiles
14:09:53*bluebrother just successfully build Rockbox Utility using llvm
14:11:11bluebrothershows a few additional warnings. Nice.
14:12:17bertrik_the sims build with clang too, if you disable a few things
14:12:58bertrik_doesn't give that many useful warnings though
14:13:00bluebrothermaybe the Makefile should be able to deal with that?
14:13:20AlexPbluebrother: Is libusb a compile time dependency?
14:14:14bertrik_I found some dubious memsets last week with clang
14:15:54bluebrotherAlexP: yes.
14:16:09bluebrotherlibusb1, or if you use -config libusb0 it's libusb0 :)
14:16:21AlexPbluebrother: Oh, there is already an aur build from source
14:16:26AlexPThat is up-to-date
14:16:32bluebrotheroh, nice.
14:16:32AlexPSo no point me writing one :)
14:16:37 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:16:46*bluebrother could give a Fedora rpm a go
14:17:34AlexPSadly there is still the binary one (which is also outdated), but if you dropped the binaries then thta would go away and there is a nice replacement
14:20:40bluebrotherdropping the binaries would also mean that the update check should check against the source package. Hmm.
14:21:04bluebrotherThat means that an updated binary will no longer be recognized, if we re-release a broken binary for one platform only
14:21:28bluebrotherof course the linux version could look after the sources, and all others still check for binary releases
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14:56:31brobostigonsuggestions, if "toggle-hold + menu + selct" doesnt recover an ipod.
15:00:23 Quit roflmaus ()
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15:03:02brobostigoni shutdown my nano yesterday, and it simply hasnt started since, showe full battery before i shut it down.
15:06:06 Join jdgord [0] (~jdgord@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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15:56:19bertrikany yh-820 experts around?
15:57:52lebelliumnope I have a YH-820 but I let in Paris and I'm not an expert :)
16:00:54bertrikthere is someone on the forum saying that battery readout does not work, I wonder if it's perhaps on a different adc channel, we might be able to see that in the debug menu
16:04:02bluebrotherbrobostigon: if that doesn't work you either have a hardware problem or you're doing it wrong.
16:04:13bluebrotherand from your description I suspect the latter.
16:04:17bluebrother1. enable hold.
16:04:20bluebrother2. disable hold.
16:05:09bluebrother3. press *and hold* both Menu + Select until the Ipod reboots. This can take quite a while, 30 seconds and up is possible.
16:05:30bluebrotherthis will reboot the Ipod. If it doesn't boot properly anymore set it into emergency disk mode by
16:05:49bluebrother4. press *and hold* Select + Play *the moment the Ipod reboots*
16:05:56brobostigonbluebrother: so hold it down, as long as it takes, could it take upto minutes, and more ?
16:06:25bluebrotherit's also possible that it doesn't work the first time (the 1 - 3 part) and you need to try again.
16:06:38brobostigonok, let me try again.
16:06:39bluebrotherplus, it's also possible that the Ipod has simply no power :)
16:06:53bluebrotheri.e. plug it into power, preferrably a wall charger
16:07:00brobostigonbluebrother: it has been connected to a powered usb port, basically the last 24 hours.
16:07:11brobostigonbluebrother: that i am going to try next.
16:07:15bluebrotherok, then that shouldn't be the case.
16:07:19brobostigonbluebrother: my mum has a dock.
16:07:29bluebrotherunplug the Ipod before trying to reset it
16:08:03bluebrothernot sure if it works otherwise, can't remember if I ever tried that with power :)
16:09:14bluebrotherok, having it powered shouldn't be the problem. Worked for the nano2g I just tried, but I'd still disconnect first.
16:09:41 Quit jdgord (Quit: Bye)
16:10:55brobostigonbluebrother: ok, i will try those things again, and report back.
16:18:37brobostigonbluebrother: ok, i have tried that three time, of two mintue period each time, nothing, wont turn on, nothing at all.
16:20:03 Quit Scromple (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:27:09brobostigonbluebrother: any other options? or is it basic hw failiure? and i doubt, it would fail, from workng, to this, simply for the fact i turned it off.
16:30:47 Join ender` [0] (
16:33:24 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
16:34:03bluebrotherwell, you can keep the Ipod running until the battery is drained, then connect it to a charger and see what happens.
16:34:39bluebrotherthe reset sequence is wired in the hardware so it will always work. If not the only (known) reason is a hardware failure.
16:34:48brobostigonkeep it running? it wont even start, to run it. i dont understand.
16:35:01bluebrotherit is turned on, is it?
16:35:07bluebrotherbut stuck?
16:35:10brobostigonno, it wont even start.
16:35:23brobostigonblack screen, nothing, zero zulch.
16:35:33brobostigonscreen ownt even light up.
16:35:44bluebrotherit should come up when powered.
16:35:50bluebrotherif not it's broken.
16:35:55bluebrothermaybe the battery died.
16:35:58brobostigonbluebrother: i connect it to usb, still nothing.
16:36:27brobostigonnot even charge indicator.
16:36:27bluebrotherhmm, thinking about it, if the battery is completely dead it still should power up when connected to a suppl
16:36:51brobostigonbluebrother: which it isnt, when conencted to usb.
16:36:57bluebrotherwell, I'm out of ideas then, and the only explanation I have for this behaviour is broken hardware.
16:37:07bluebrothermaybe someone else has another idea
16:37:31bluebrotherthe Ipods can't charge when turned off so they power on when you connect them to power
16:37:33brobostigonso shutting it down, has broken it, very imporbable.
16:38:32brobostigonalso weird.
16:39:38bluebrotherbut not impossible, unfortunately
16:40:01brobostigonwhy would that happen?
16:41:28 Join cc [0] (~user@
16:44:02 Quit cc (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:46:23brobostigonbluebrother: ok, i will try and connect it to the mains, via a dock, and see if that works, to rule out the usb cable being faulty, otherwise, hw, it has bricked itself.
16:49:29CIA-44Commit 8bdecac in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Don't assume the compiler to be gcc / g++.
16:49:30CIA-44Commit bdb00fa in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Remove useless operation.
16:52:21CIA-448bdecac build result: All green
16:54:42 Join Phosphenes [0] (
17:00:14 Join Topy44 [0] (
17:03:37*[Saint] missed what type of iPod this is.
17:04:32brobostigonipod nano, 1g, "2gb"
17:05:06 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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17:33:47bertrikwasn't there some issue with ipods with a broken chip (4066) or something
17:33:49bluebrotherRockbox Utiltiy rpm package for Fedora is 1.1MiB ...
17:34:17bertrikbluebrother, is that good or bad?
17:34:21 Join Horschti [0] (
17:34:21 Quit Horschti (Changing host)
17:34:21 Join Horschti [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
17:34:41bluebrotherbertrik: I consider it good :)
17:35:14bluebrotherthat's around 25% of the static binary bz2, and the package will pull in the required dependencies automatically.
17:36:24bertrikindeed, many basic android apps are way bigger than that (to use a weird comparison)
17:36:38bluebrotherhehe :)
17:36:50bluebrothereven Rockbox on Android is bigger!
17:37:03 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:37:11 Quit Horscht (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:37:14bluebrotheranyway, providing an rpm package instead of those statically linked binaries on Linux might be a good thing
17:38:01bluebrotherand since I did rpm packages of the cross compilers a while ago this might be a good idea
17:38:36 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:38:39 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:40:50brobostigonbertrik: so does that imply a new theory, as to why my nano has failed?
17:47:35 Join bitcraft [0] (
17:51:03 Join stoffel [0] (
18:00:45 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:04:11 Join kadoban [0] (
18:04:17brobostigonok, i tried it in my mum dock, the dock can tell it is there, but it wont charge from it, nor will it start in any way.
18:04:26brobostigonmum's dock.
18:15:14 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:18:59 Join stoffel [0] (
18:22:09 Quit XavierGr (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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21:47:33CIA-44Commit c1a71ab in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Fix a typo and remove line splicing.
21:50:45CIA-44c1a71ab build result: All green
22:02:30pamauryyay! Bootloader successfully installed on my creative zen x-fi3!
22:02:32 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
22:02:55funmanTheSeven: i found why nano2g didnt work
22:03:01funmanand also i finally merged the 2 drivers
22:04:49funmaninstead of a left shift (<<) we have a inferior (<)
22:05:19funmantoo much operations in a single line
22:05:24TheSeventhat was a really nasty one
22:05:24funmanso it went unnoticed
22:05:35funmanwith that fixed it still behaved weirdly
22:05:43funmanso 'im gonna commit my changes which make it behave weirdly
22:06:10TheSeventhat line doesn't explain the whole bug
22:06:17funmanbtw could the 64 bytes padded structure be too small ?
22:06:22funmane.g. receive a 1024 bytes transfer
22:06:46TheSevenwhich one?
22:06:50TheSeventhe ep0 control request?
22:06:59TheSevenshouldn't ever exceed 64 bytes
22:07:12 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:07:32TheSevenand even if it did, the USB core would just NAK it instead of corrupting stuff
22:09:14CIA-44Commit c9c1349 in rockbox by Rafaël Carré: usb-s3c6400: merge the 2 drivers
22:09:16TheSevenfunman: a closer looks suggests that this < bug only caused usb_core_transfer_complete to always get passed the requested maximum transfer size instead of the actual one
22:09:41TheSevenwhich shouldn't hurt all that much
22:10:14funmananyway i got a nano to mount at one point
22:10:20funmani didnt think to try on the second i have
22:10:24TheSeven(DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits < DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp) is always 0
22:10:32 Quit bitcraft (Remote host closed the connection)
22:10:42TheSevenwhich makes (DEPTSIZ(ep, out) & (DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits < DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp)) always zero as well
22:10:59TheSevenso usb_core_transfer_complete gets passed endpoints[ep][out ? DIR_OUT : DIR_IN].size
22:11:07 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
22:14:47 Join bitcraft [0] (
22:15:10 Quit KiwiCam (Quit: Leaving)
22:15:29 Join KiwiCam [0] (~KiwiCAM@
22:15:33 Quit Galois (Quit: Leaving)
22:16:19pamauryTheSeven: my memory is not great but would this always be 0 ?
22:16:25pamaury*why would
22:16:54 Join Galois [0] (
22:17:59TheSevenDEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits is something like 0xfff and DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp is 0
22:18:25pamauryah you mean the buggy version
22:18:45TheSevenactually it seems to me like not even << would be right
22:19:00TheSeveneven though it probably wouldn't hurt due to the fact that DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp is 0
22:19:18TheSevendepending on what DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits is, this should be either:
22:19:39TheSeven((DEPTSIZ(ep, out) & DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits) >> DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp)
22:19:56TheSeven((DEPTSIZ(ep, out) >> DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bitp) & DEPTSIZ_xfersize_bits)
22:21:05pamauryindeeds, if it's supposed to be a way of getting the values, it's wrong
22:27:22 Join kadoban [0] (
22:40:36 Join dhrasmus [0] (
22:58:16 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:59:15 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:12:17 Join The_prospector [0] (baconmaste@unaffiliated/cornman)
23:16:42 Quit y4n (Quit: 6,000,000 ways to die — choose one.)
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