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#rockbox log for 2012-05-03

00:27:20CIA-79Commit c0208f0 in rockbox by Michael Sevakis: Oops, need to init the voice_buf indexes too. :-)
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00:29:52CIA-79c0208f0 build result: All green
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02:59:05CIA-79Commit e189b33 in rockbox by Michael Sevakis: Clean up peak calculating code.
03:01:40CIA-79e189b33 build result: 230 errors, 2 warnings (Michael Sevakis committed)
03:03:06CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 seconds at the last flood
03:03:06*jhMikeS hates inconsistent includes
03:15:04CIA-79Commit 5f0cb71 in rockbox by Michael Sevakis: Silly includes going haywire. Fix the errors/warnings (hopefully).
03:17:38jhMikeSthe "warble" graphic is cut off in such a way in the browser that I expect it should say "wart(hog)"
03:18:06CIA-795f0cb71 build result: All green
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03:58:37funmannobody converted those pics to 90 degree htnl5 text
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05:29:06jhMikeSJdGordon: many codecs seem to just assume that request_buffer will return valid data and pass it right to functions that don't check their parameters.
05:29:32jhMikeSI tried truncating a flac and that works fine
05:29:46jhMikeSabout this problem with deleting files that aren't fully buffered
05:30:05jhMikeSonly thing flac isn't so graceful about is seeking into an invalid area
05:30:22JdGordontruncating isnt the same as what is ahppening though
05:30:44JdGordonto trigger this you need to tell buffering to return a read error instead of EOF
05:30:57JdGordonerr... when ->remaining > 0
05:31:39jhMikeSEOF does work
05:32:01jhMikeScodecs pay no mind though to the fact the the returned buffer is NULL and the size is 0
05:32:06jhMikeS*many of them
05:32:26JdGordonso thats a major bug
05:32:40jhMikeSprobably the real reason there's such an issue is my guess
05:32:51JdGordonsure, that would make sense
05:33:14JdGordonespecially given the buffering code does the "right thing" when it hits a read error
05:33:27jhMikeSflac did pay attention thus didn't crash and went ahead as expected
05:34:59jhMikeSYes, buffering does, even can delete the file before the first buffering and it stops buffering, truncating the file where it was reading at the time
05:36:42funmanJdGordon: ping about skin_engine (just reminding you, i think you said you would look at it next week)
05:36:52JdGordonits not next week yet :)
05:36:56JdGordonafter tuesday
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06:02:21JdGordonjhMikeS: is warble at a usable state yet? can we run codecs outside of rockbox's playback engine?
06:02:32JdGordonshould be pretty easy to test for this problem if we can
06:07:01 Join Transformer [0] (
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06:07:51funman(gdb) print skin_buffer
06:07:52funman$64 = 0x92d440 "(\003"
06:07:52funman(gdb) print buffer_start
06:07:52DBUGEnqueued KICK funman
06:07:52funman$65 = (unsigned char *) 0x6ed3e4 "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377"
06:08:02 Part Transformer
06:08:03funmanJdGordon: ^ should not they point to the same thing ?
06:08:03JdGordonthat looks correct
06:08:13JdGordonerr... umm
06:08:15funmanskin_)buffer_to_offset uses buffer_start
06:08:23funmanSKINOFFSETTOPTR uses skin_buffer
06:08:33JdGordondepends where you are
06:08:42funmani am in skin_parser.c
06:08:52funmanthere is two skin_parser.c, right
06:08:57funman element->params = skin_buffer_to_offset(params);
06:09:17funmanin skin_parse_tag() (lib/)
06:09:38funmanand char *filename = get_param_text(element, 1);
06:09:49funmanparse_font_load() (apps/gui/skin_engine)
06:12:33funman(gdb) print ((struct skin_tag_parameter*)(&skin_buffer[element->params]))[1]
06:12:33funman$75 = {type = INTEGER, data = {number = 0, text = 7318349394477056, code = 7318349394477056}, type_code = 4 '\004'}
06:12:39funmanlooks wrong (gives invalid access)
06:12:46funman(gdb) print ((struct skin_tag_parameter*)(&buffer_start[element->params]))[1]
06:12:47jhMikeSJdGordon: I tried to decode to disk with one file, that was file. Actually playing to the audio device ended up, well, warbling. :)
06:12:47funman$76 = {type = STRING, data = {number = 1940, text = 1940, code = 1940}, type_code = 70 'F'}
06:12:50funmanlooks OK
06:12:53funman(gdb) print (char*)(&buffer_start[1940])
06:12:53funman$77 = 0x6edb78 "08-Fixed.fnt"
06:12:59funmangives the expected font?
06:13:24funmanThat trace is after unplugging USB
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06:13:43jhMikeSs/was file/was fine
06:14:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:14:24*jhMikeS had a weird swi crash screen when transferring a big album onto clip v1
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06:16:17*jhMikeS also wonders if we might not commit the meier crossfeed (it just happens to closely match the params I set with regular crossfeed but actually sounds good)
06:17:03funmanJdGordon: should I add that on FS# or does it help with a quick fix ?
06:18:34funmanah skin_buffer_init might be missing
06:18:55JdGordonsorry, i really cant look at this now
06:19:48 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Vamoose!)
06:23:54funmanskin_buffer is changed in several places
06:25:41funmanskin_find_item changes it
06:27:18JdGordonthat is correct
06:27:31JdGordonskin_buffer is the opinter to the buflib data which can change
06:27:43JdGordonand skin_find_item() is called from outside of skin buffer.c
06:28:06funmanbut allocations are made as a relative to this pointer
06:28:34JdGordonbuffer_start in the bss means its loading the inbuilt skin doesnt it?
06:29:17funmanthe sim segfaults at startup when run in gdb
06:29:41funman#8 0x000000000043f981 in skin_data_load (screen=SCREEN_MAIN, wps_data=0x77f928, buf=0x7fefffb10 "/.rockbox/wps/lebellium Samsung-like.wps", isfile=true) at /home/fun/rockbox/apps/gui/skin_engine/skin_parser.c:2296
06:32:05JdGordonstop doing something obviously wrong! :)
06:32:43funmanreading the skin code? ^_^
06:38:25funmani added a assert(buffer_start == skin_buffer); in apps/g
06:40:04JdGordonbuffer_start is not in my skin_parser.c
06:40:20funmanit s in lib/skin_parser/skin_parser.c
06:40:27funmanvoid *buffer_start = (void*)(uintptr_t)skin_buffer_from_offset(0);
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06:48:27wodzin firmware/include/file.h near the end we declare static inline creat() function which merely wraps file_creat() and throws away mode parameter. Why it is so if in other places we simply overwrite with #define (like open() a few lines later) ?
06:50:39funmanhmm wtf JdGordon dont even look
06:51:35wodzfunman: Maybe you have a clue why creat() is treated differently?
06:51:38funmani can't think, going to bed and postponing that.
06:52:52JdGordonwodz: yeah, thatsucks but leave it please :)
06:53:33funmanwodz: .describe c61e89c0
06:53:33fs-bluebotMake creat() posix compliant API-wise. Shouldn't affect the core as it's wrapped... by Thomas Martitz (from Thu, 6 May 2010 17:35:04 +0000)
06:55:05funmanwodz: like #define creat(f, m) file_creat(f) ?
06:55:42wodzthis would solve the problem with fat test code
06:55:44funmani think it removes unused variable mode warning if you call creat(file, mode)
06:56:45funmanwhat is the problem with fat test?
06:57:12funmanbtw we use creat(xxx, 0666) -> creating world writable files is not really smart
06:57:42funmans/666/644/ would make sense
06:58:31wodzfunman: fat test is ackward as it uses host libraries as well as ours
06:59:16funmanexcept apps/plugin.c : creat_wrapper(), we always call creat() with integers values
06:59:23funmanso it could be changed to a macro
06:59:34JdGordonplease dont do that :)
06:59:41funmanwhy not?
06:59:47JdGordonthe stuff im working on needs real creat() functions
06:59:59funmanwell you can still use it
07:00:21JdGordon g#224
07:00:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #224 at,224 : filesystem events: Add a new event to trigger on file access. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/24/224/4)
07:00:22funmancreat("foo", O_WRONLY)
07:00:39funman-> real_creat("foo") on native rockbox
07:02:25wodzok, I'll put it on gerrit. Lets other review this
07:02:40 Join [Saint_] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
07:02:51funmanJdGordon: file_creat() is not modified in your patch
07:03:15funmani mean the prototype
07:03:26funmanso I think it would not affect g#224
07:03:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #224 at,224 : filesystem events: Add a new event to trigger on file access. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/24/224/4)
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07:14:09wodzso g@228 is waiting for review
07:21:13 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
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07:31:13JdGordonwodz: g#228 # not @ :)
07:31:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #228 at,228 : Fix fat test program not compiling (FS #12646). by Marcin Bukat (changes/28/228/1)
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07:33:56wodzJdGordon: only bot cares so hey :-)
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08:06:10 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:06:18wodzkugel: static inline create() collide with host fcntl.h. I can't exclude host includes in test fat as they are needed by emulation layer
08:07:04wodzanyway I can't see the reason to treat this particular one function differently then other and all others are overwritten with macros
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08:17:20kugelwodz: they shouldnt collide IIUC
08:17:33wodzthey definitely do
08:17:35kugelI cant remember why I made it static inline
08:18:05 Quit n1s (Read error: Operation timed out)
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09:14:36c3ssojust wanted to ask about RaaA Linux/SDL port
09:15:09wodzwhat about exactly?
09:15:25 Join einhirn [0] (
09:15:26c3ssocan I run rockbox as an application on linux, or is that not possible right now?
09:15:44 Quit factor (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
09:15:54wodzIt surely is
09:16:33c3ssojust the simulator ? could I get sound and such?
09:17:20wodzThat depends whats your goal. You can build simulator or you can build sdl RaaA
09:17:32wodzin both cases sound should just work
09:18:20c3ssowould like to build second, I just cannot find any info about it, it is not on the ports site, the gsoc 2010 page is cryptic for me. do I have to get kugel's git or what?
09:18:41wodzno its in HEAD
09:19:04c3ssolike trunk?
09:19:14wodzwell git doesn't have trunk
09:19:25 Join factor [0] (
09:19:32wodzjust select 200 in configure and feed it with desired resolution
09:20:10c3ssoso I just get the git HEAD and will try.
09:20:35c3ssowhy isn't there an e.g debian package out there?
09:21:05wodznobody care
09:21:42wodzIt is rather 'technical proof' then full blown desktop app. Anyway you will see
09:22:26 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
09:22:35c3ssoso the audio part is working fully at least? And nobody is interested in a full port I guess.
09:23:10Zagorc3sso: if you are interested, we are interested! :-)
09:23:22c3ssooh well.
09:23:28wodzhonestly didn't played much with sdl RaaA
09:23:37 Quit linuxguy3 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
09:23:52c3ssoI think my coding skills are not there
09:23:58 Join LinusN [0] (
09:24:17c3ssoI will try to comiple it now.
09:25:06wodzI don't see how SDL port would attract desktop users. Most people are used to different UI paradigm then rockbox presents.
09:25:44wodzand the lack of net support would be no go for many
09:26:15 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
09:26:17c3ssoWhat I have thought myself that it would be somehow easyier to use when you have it running on a netbook in a car
09:26:44 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
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09:29:11c3ssoI also assume the android port is touch sensitive, so when I have a touch device which runs with linux (maemo ui runs on i386 ubuntu e.g) It could get handy
09:30:08c3ssoCordia project, that is
09:31:01Zagorc3sso: all ports run the same code, so have access to the same features. it's "just" a matter of gluing it all together the proper way.
09:31:12 Quit ruskie (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
09:31:24c3ssook. oh I see there even IS a debian folder
09:33:12 Quit Scromple (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:37:10c3ssoand someone made a package for rockbox utility:
09:41:20n1si think the debian package is for maemo
09:41:31n1sof rockbox
09:43:57c3ssono its from getdeb, its definitely for ubuntu.
09:44:24c3ssobut its the rockbox utility, not RaaA
09:46:35c3ssooh now I know what you mean..
09:47:45 Quit advcomp2019__ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:47:59 Quit nick_p (Quit: Leaving)
09:48:55c3ssoat least sth to start with..
09:52:05n1sJdGordon|: warble works fine here, both for playing and decoding to file
09:52:22n1si've not tested it exhaustively though
09:54:20 Join advcomp2019 [0] (
09:54:21 Quit advcomp2019 (Changing host)
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09:55:21 Join JdGordon1 [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
09:57:04 Join georgeha1k [0] (
09:57:24 Join Sleepy_C1der [0] (
09:57:26 Quit JdGordon| (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
09:57:27 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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09:58:50 Join uwe_mobile [0] (
09:58:57c3ssoI have built normal, and the colour of the directories in the files view is black. when I navigate to a folder with mp3's the folder is empty...
09:59:25 Join wodz [0] (
10:00:21c3ssotrying to build the database, how to stop on linux/sdl? tells me "off"
10:00:54wodzclose the window
10:01:17 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
10:03:04c3ssonow I get SDL_WaitEvent() error on startup
10:04:00c3sso2nd time it works again
10:04:09 Join kadoban [0] (
10:06:12c3ssoso why can't I see mp3's in the file viewer?
10:06:16n1sit works fine here, there seems to be a bug with clicking outside a list which segfaults it though
10:06:38n1sc3sso: check your File View setting
10:07:10n1swell, file view->show files
10:09:13c3ssois there a quick way of changing the font color ? I get black on black...
10:09:45n1sc3sso: you did make install, right?
10:10:28c3ssono, make and the make fullzip
10:11:05n1sit sounds to me like it can't find the theme
10:12:16c3ssocommandline does not shout that to me..
10:12:55n1sit doesn't
10:13:22n1swell it might if you enable debug messages in configure
10:13:28 Join Zambezi_ [0] (
10:13:35c3ssook, trying make install first
10:13:50c3ssowhen it starts up, I get the rockbox logo
10:14:13c3ssoand the bar which shows which position in the filesystem is yellow
10:14:25 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
10:14:40 Quit Rondom (Disconnected by services)
10:14:58 Join bieber_ [0] (~quassel@
10:15:04 Join Rondom [0] (~rondom@2a01:488:66:1000:b24d:4f2f:0:1)
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10:16:45 Join ArneB [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
10:16:52 Join georgehank [0] (
10:17:15 Join bzed_ [0] (
10:17:17 Join scorche|1h [0] (
10:17:18c3ssook make install works better.
10:17:29 Join n17ikh_ [0] (
10:19:00c3ssoand I have sound
10:19:23c3ssobut get lots of these: ALSA lib pcm.c:7316:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred
10:20:23 Join user890104_ [0] (
10:20:24 Join Farthen_ [0] (~Farthen@2a01:4f8:101:2a4:0:bc28:b2e1:9)
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10:21:27 Join quannum [0] (~qnm@2001:44b8:3110:f300:208:9bff:fec0:179a)
10:21:28c3ssocan I tweak this somehow? is there a .rockbox config file or sth like this?
10:21:32 Quit georgeha1k (*.net *.split)
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10:21:34 Nick quannum is now known as qnm (~qnm@2001:44b8:3110:f300:208:9bff:fec0:179a)
10:21:34 Nick user890104_ is now known as user890104 (
10:22:21 Join Jack87 [0] (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
10:22:33c3ssoanyways I guess no, so installing in readonly /usr/local is not the preferred way...
10:22:51 Join ranmachan [0] (ranma@2a01:4f8:130:9321::2)
10:23:13n1sc3sso: the configure script lets you set the install path
10:23:15Zagorc3sso: as you notice, not many people are running/maintaining that port
10:23:28n1sthere is that too
10:23:52c3ssoI am happy that it works.
10:25:07c3ssoIs there a list of some standard keyboard shortcuts? or are there special shortcuts for the sdl version?
10:27:35c3ssoe.g I am now in the equalizer, how to get back out?
10:28:13n1syou'll have to look at the code for that
10:29:31 Join mikroflops [0] (
10:30:28c3ssoany hint where to start looking?
10:34:34n1sthere's firmware/target/hosted/sdl/app/button-application.c that might be it
10:34:57n1snot quite sure how the touchscreen stuff is really supposed to work
10:39:25c3ssohmm not getting a clue from that...
10:42:02 Join ruskie [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
10:43:44c3ssohow do I normally get out of equalizer?
10:44:30n1snumpad 7 seems to do it
10:46:36c3ssois that comparable with any keyboard shortcuts mentioned here: ?
10:47:44n1sthe mappings differ between targets and none of thoes listed are touchscreen
10:50:09c3sso comes in handy...
11:06:07c3ssook, seems quite easy now. strange that escape is not mapped right but uses same #if (CONFIG_PLATFORM macro,,,
11:06:24c3ssoas enter, return
11:07:23n1sthe crash comes from setting MAX_PATH to PATH_MAX which is apparently 4096 on my system, while rb has MAX_PATH 260
11:08:40c3ssoso it crashed for you when?
11:15:04n1sthe warble test app
11:15:58c3ssonow I thinks one thing which would be nice would be to kill the buffer underruns...
11:16:36c3ssoseems like just making the buffer bigger would be first try? I am not into sdl audio though
11:17:33c3ssoactually when I grab and move a window (not the rockbox window), then x cpu useage peaks a bit and it instanely crackles...
11:17:59gevaertsBigger buffers mean higher latency, which means lower UI responsivity. Probably not the right answer
11:18:27 Quit ehntoo (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
11:18:43c3ssomaybe it just needs a bit of tweaking
11:18:56n1si guess a couple ms of buffer would be fine
11:19:14n1sno idea how big it is currently
11:20:08c3ssoso also no idea where to start searching for it?
11:21:30n1sok, so different files picked up different MAX_PATH values which makes the struct definition differ which is indeed a Bad Thing
11:22:24n1salso explains the confusing gdb output
11:22:54c3ssosounds logical...
11:23:20c3ssohow do I normally activate wps context menu?
11:24:52Zagorc3sso: with a button :-)
11:25:06 Join pamaury [0] (
11:25:06 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
11:25:06 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:25:14n1snow where is it comming from
11:25:15 Join adnap [0] (
11:26:29c3ssoso far tried all defined ones....
11:27:03n1sit's usually a long press on the select button
11:28:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:41:52 Join ehntoo [0] (ehntoo@gateway/shell/mtu-lug/x-cahsflzvzyptarrq)
11:44:49c3sso#define AUDIO_REBUFFER_GUESS_SIZE (1024*32) would be the one I assume
11:45:06c3ssocould that be right?
11:45:32c3ssoAmount of guess-space to allow for codecs that must hunt and peck
11:45:33c3sso * for their correct seek target,
11:46:16gevaertsNo. That sounds like something quite different
11:46:27n1sthat sounds like the buffer of uncompressed data
11:47:03n1si'd guess you're looking for something named something with "pcm"
11:47:53n1shmm, weeding out this max path mess isn't such a small task, i'll leave that for later to try to get this set in first
11:51:46wodzn1s: it comes from mixing our and host headers right?
11:51:55n1swodz: yep
11:52:29n1sand a nice maze of definitions and redefinitions
11:54:55wodzI just went through similar problem with test fat :-)
11:56:22n1swodz: yeah, i'm looking at rbcodec and this patch is just a beginning to properly separating it from the core, several files still include headers from the core which in turn include headers that sometimes conflict with system headers
11:57:06wodzit this is the first patch in series I would go on and clean the mess at the end
11:57:26n1sfixing it all in one go is a bit much so i'm just trying to keep everything working and this chunk of work manageable
11:58:13n1syeah but this broke the warble tool but i've worked around that for now
12:01:11c3ssostatic snd_pcm_sframes_t buffer_size = MIX_FRAME_SAMPLES * 64 in pcm-alsa.c did the trick I assume
12:01:42c3ssoI still get underrruns, but way less
12:02:16wodzI recall something related to mixer buffer was changed in maemo to prevent skipping/high load
12:03:35c3ssook, I tried to change the playback speed, then it creckels again...
12:06:12c3ssohmm no luck till now, searched the source for mixer buffer...
12:07:41wodzc3sso: ...or just wait for jhMikeS to ask where to poke
12:11:34 Join Galois [0] (
12:15:39gevaertsc3sso: you need pcm-sdl.c, not pcm-alsa.c
12:15:58gevaertsAlthough you might prefer pcm-alsa.c in the long run, but that's more work :)
12:16:30c3ssodefinitely get improvement when using pcm-alsa.c buffer_size = MIX_FRAME_SAMPLES
12:16:55gevaertsfor the sdl app?
12:17:08gevaertsAs far as I can see pcm-alsa.c isn't even compiled for that
12:19:12c3ssohmm maybe I am wrong.
12:19:52 Join cribre82 [0] (~chatzilla@
12:19:55c3ssotrying to set wanted_spec.samples = 4096; now in -sdl.c
12:23:19c3ssohmm still getting underrruns..
12:35:47c3ssoso I will wait
12:35:48 Join stripwax [0] (
12:38:08*n1s uploads a new patch to g#143
12:48:28 Quit cribre82 (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 11.0/20120312181643])
12:48:53 Join Desaster77 [0] (~chatzilla@
13:13:47 Quit Desaster77 (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 11.0/20120312181643])
13:17:47 Part Zagor
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13:38:51 Quit anewuser (Changing host)
13:38:51 Join anewuser [0] (~anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
13:40:49 Join Sundiver_ [0] (~angel@
13:43:49 Quit Sundiver (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:52:10 Quit stripwax (Quit:
14:03:18 Join Rower85 [0] (
14:03:53 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
14:04:45 Join [Sinner] [0] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
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14:23:29 Part [Saint] ("Leaving")
14:39:50 Nick [Sinner] is now known as [Saint] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
14:49:38CIA-79Commit cadb362 in rockbox by Nils Wallménius: (Author: Sean Bartell) Add rbcodecplatform.h and rbcodecconfig.h.
14:53:07CIA-79cadb362 build result: 90 errors, 0 warnings (Sean Bartell committed)
14:54:09 Part LinusN
14:54:17 Join LinusN [0] (
14:58:48CIA-79Commit 00cf2ce in rockbox by Nils Wallménius: Add include path to checkwps.make to fix build.
15:03:06n1sCIA doesn't seem to announce green build rounds anymore
15:03:09*Zagor pokes CIA-79
15:04:19Zagorit did 03:18 today
15:06:54n1sah it worked alright tonight. i got this yesterday too so of my last three commits it didn't announce the result for the two green ones, only the red
15:17:51 Join The_prospector [0] (baconmaste@unaffiliated/cornman)
15:21:31 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
15:26:32 Join kevku [0] (
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15:38:05 Quit TBCOOL (Quit: (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻)
15:42:19 Nick JdGordon1 is now known as JdGordon (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
15:51:37c3ssoseems to work fine as long as no swapping happens...
15:57:06 Join enthdegree [0] (~enthdegre@wikimedia/enthdegree)
15:57:21pamaurydo we have a xml parser in our codebase or use one somewhere ?
15:58:07n1sdon't think so, at least not in rockbox, it's possible some util or tool does
15:59:35 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:59:51 Quit enthdegree (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:00:40 Join TBCOOL [0] (
16:01:12c3ssois it normal that sth happens when I click into the black part of rockbox underneeth the menu? I can get into playlist etc there, but there are no controls... clicked there and also produced a segfault
16:01:14n1sjhMikeS: does g#229 look ok?
16:01:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #229 at,229 : rbcodec: Add hooks for target specific functions to the dsp_process loop. by Michael Sevakis (changes/29/229/1)
16:01:32 Join enthdegree [0] (~enthdegre@wikimedia/enthdegree)
16:02:03n1sc3sso: no, it's buggy, i got crashes like that when testing it this morning too
16:04:52c3ssooh well
16:05:22c3ssoas I said before, I am happy with what works
16:11:57 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
16:18:06 Quit enthdegree (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
16:19:32 Nick [Saint] is now known as [Sinner] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
16:20:24 Join enthdegree [0] (~enthdegre@wikimedia/enthdegree)
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16:22:15 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
16:24:51 Join kevku [0] (
16:36:13wodzpamaury: most xml parsers heavily depends on malloc() so it is unlikely to find one in our codebase
16:36:29pamauryit's for a tool, not for rockbox itself
16:37:52wodzlibxml2 is kind of standard
16:38:30 Join WalkGood [0] (~4@unaffiliated/walkgood)
16:39:25wodzah and expat
16:42:09 Quit Synergist (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
17:01:53n1scan a patch in gerrit be rejected?
17:02:21n1salso could the text in the box you type comments in be larger, it's way smaller than other text
17:10:01 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:18:37 Part Zagor
17:28:11pixelman1s: IIUC, downvoting it with -2 or something serves as a reject
17:28:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:29:22n1spixelma: they still remain with status "open" though, some tasks have status abandoned but i don't know how to set that
17:29:36n1sor perhaps that only for the owner?
17:29:53n1sit seems weird to keep an ever growing list of open tasks
17:31:04n1ssometimes you might want to make a distinction beween a bad patch and a bad idea altogether
17:32:19 Join jlbiasini [0] (
17:32:24 Part jlbiasini
17:33:42wodzpatch can be abandoned by the author IIRC
17:34:22wodzand growing list is not a big problem as 'active' patches you have always on top
17:35:20pixelmathe tracker list was actually also ever growing (you had a hint though)
17:35:21n1si disagree, i don't like keeping changesets that will never get pushed as open
17:36:08n1spixelma: yeah but in this list it doesn't matter if you do anything because everything stays
17:36:30n1si guess i should just stop looking at the list
17:37:23pixelmamaybe you can filter the list somehow (that was actually the only thing "closed" or "open" did in the tracker)
17:37:37Torneyou can search for things that don't have a -2 vote, yes
17:37:56Tornesee the "seaching" page in the gerrit docs ad fiddle with the operators.
17:38:19Tornethe "open" list is just a search that happens ot be the default
17:42:02 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
17:44:40 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
17:56:34 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
17:57:17 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
18:10:32 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:18:47 Part LinusN
18:19:34 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
18:29:18 Quit TheSphinX^ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:29:35 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
18:33:10 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
18:34:33 Quit TheSphinX^ (Quit: XChat)
18:43:59 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
18:53:32 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
18:56:19 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
19:00:31 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
19:03:29 Join AlexP_ [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
19:03:46 Quit AlexP (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:19:11 Quit Zambezi_ (Changing host)
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19:30:12 Join stoffel [0] (
19:31:39 Quit enthdegree (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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19:55:12 Join Horscht [0] (
19:55:12 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
19:55:12 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:56:19 Join lebellium [0] (
19:57:23 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
20:01:23 Join saratoga [0] (980329b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:01:47 Join kadoban [0] (
20:02:00saratogaanyone have a theory what it would mean if a file sits at 0:00 without producing audio but not crashing rockbox either?
20:02:18saratogaa deadlock in the decoder maybe?
20:02:37bertrikPCM interrupt not firing?
20:03:32saratogaugh no
20:03:34saratogai had repeat one on
20:03:37saratogaand it was trying to skip
20:03:40saratogaand just looping...
20:04:26saratogahuh, decodes just fine in the sim, but skips on clip+
20:04:51 Join wodz [0] (
20:05:46saratogaoh its a 3.5 hour long AAC-HE file
20:05:52saratogai doubt we have enough ram for that
20:06:01saratogaalthough strange that the sim would?
20:06:14wodzsaratoga: I experienced this a few times on n2g (hang at 0:0 and not crashing)
20:06:16n1scodec buffer is bigger in the sim
20:06:16 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:06:22saratogahow big is it?
20:06:26n1sas the actual codec isn't in it
20:06:37saratogawait what?
20:06:51saratogadon't both have 1MB for code + data?
20:07:18n1safair codecs aren't loaded into the codec buffer on the sim so they have the whole buffer for allocs
20:07:29saratogai never realized that
20:07:45wodzha, I made test fat working on 64bit. It was easier that I thought
20:07:58saratogais the warble test program in git fully working? should be easy to test on that
20:08:13n1ssaratoga: it's working fine
20:08:35n1sat least for the few files i tried
20:08:39saratogado i make it from its directory or from the configure script?
20:08:53n1sconfigure, select target 200 and then W
20:09:39wodzheh, rather awkward way to choose :-)
20:09:49saratogayes, it asks for a resolution :)
20:10:24n1syeah i dunno why it doesn't have its own target
20:11:28 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:11:50 Join kadoban [0] (
20:12:08wodzI wonder why do we have *a lot of* long and unsigned long in fat.c. On our targets it is the same as int and unsigned int.
20:12:26wodzOn 64bit system it produces fancy effects though
20:12:51bertrikwodz, I wonder about that a lot too
20:13:35n1swodz: it was like that in a lot of rb code but most of that has been fixed where it broke the sims on 64 bits
20:14:32n1si guess it's partially because of a halfcompleted port to a 16 bit target that had 16 bit int but 32 bit long and for some reason people weren't using the explicit types
20:14:55 Join bertrik_ [0] (
20:14:55 Quit bertrik_ (Changing host)
20:14:55 Join bertrik_ [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
20:15:04wodzfixed how? long -> int or long -> int32_t? What is preferred method? Personally I like int32_t as it is immediately visible what type it is
20:15:28n1si was fairly early building sims on 64 bit so i fixed anumber of these bugs
20:16:58wodzn1s: ah true in fat.c there is some comment above weird double casting pointing to CalmRISC16 port
20:18:00saratogadoes DEBUGF not work in warble? its compiled in but i'm not getting any output
20:18:59saratogahuh no it works i'm just not getting where i think i should
20:21:35n1swodz: i'd say it depends on the situation, i prefer the explicit types when you really need that size but if you need "at least 32 bits" i think long is fine
20:21:39saratogaok so this file tries to malloc a 900KB struct
20:21:44saratogaprobably not going to work so well
20:23:11n1swodz: also using intptr_t when a pointer-sized int is needed (there were places that assumed pointers were as big as ints
20:23:15 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
20:28:08 Join factor [0] (
20:29:09saratogafunman: I just noticed FS #12601
20:29:09fs-bluebot somethings wrong with usb on clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
20:29:28saratogathat sounds like it is probably the same memory corruption problem you were looking at
20:36:17funmani investigated a bit more yesterday and found a part of the problem
20:36:49funmanwe make dynamic allocation relative to skin_buffer (i.e. store the relative offset between the real buffer and skin_buffer)
20:36:53funmanthen skin_buffer moves
20:37:09funmanthen we access the buffer as a relative offset to skin_buffer again, so the result is obviously wrong
20:39:07wodzisn't it supposed to be handled by the shrink callback?
20:39:52wodzee or it was compaction
20:40:52 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:48:51 Quit stoffel (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:50:25 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:51:15 Quit saratoga_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:53:47 Join Thra11 [0] (
20:59:41 Join factor [0] (
21:06:31funmanafaict we store the relative offset and increase the base address, but there is no memmove or like involved
21:16:06 Join liar [0] (
21:19:34 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:20:15 Quit WalkGood (Quit: ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪)
21:23:23 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
21:23:35 Join saratoga [0] (980329b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:23:40saratogahow serious of a change would fixing this be?
21:23:52saratogais it something that could be easily back ported for a 3.11.3 release?
21:24:05funmanskin engine is spaghetti code for me so far
21:24:20funmanonly jd knows how allocs work i think
21:26:51 Join domonoky1 [0] (
21:27:16 Quit Unhelpful (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:27:25bertrikfunman, good to hear you found a cause at least
21:27:30 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:28:48 Quit domonoky (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:29:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:30:29 Join Unhelpful [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/Unhelpful)
21:30:43 Join nosa-j [0] (
21:36:37 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:42:38 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:55:26 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:56:17 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
21:58:36 Quit liar (Remote host closed the connection)
21:59:20 Join krnlyng [0] (
22:01:59 Quit y4n (Quit: 6,000,000 ways to die — choose one.)
22:05:59 Join kadoban [0] (
22:16:29 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
22:20:14 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
22:24:49 Quit bertrik_ (Remote host closed the connection)
22:24:49 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
22:26:24 Quit The_prospector (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:27:11 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
22:28:32 Join bertrik [0] (
22:28:32 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
22:28:32 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:41:03funmanyes, valgrind is very helpful
22:41:26funmanit doesnt report any warning on normal startup, however running the sim in gdb crashes at startup
22:42:53 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:42:57 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:44:32n1sfunman: i tried it some time too but never got anything usefull when running a sim in it, i think it's mainly for memory errors using malloc and friends, though
22:44:41 Join bertrik [0] (
22:44:41 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
22:44:41 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:45:02funmann1s: perhaps the code was perfect then :)
22:45:37n1si used it on another program and got good results (as in, it found my bugs)
22:46:14n1si think it has trouble with our homegrown memory allocations
22:46:54funmanah indeed it cant follow buflib
22:47:26funmani found that in some case buflib use system's malloc though but obviously lesss code is being tested in this case
22:51:12 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
22:54:27funmanif the sim could be remote controller, we could have some valgrind tests in the build table
22:55:01n1sand other types of tests too
22:55:16n1sand automatic screenshots for the manual
22:58:10copperHi. How much power does a rockboxed iPod consume when idle? Should I always turn it off completely when not using it?
22:58:32 Join davidmogar [0] (5d9c93f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:58:38wodzwhich ipod
22:58:51copperiPod Classic 2009. It seems to me that the original firmware didn't really turn it off?
22:59:10coppereither that or it booted really fast
22:59:20wodzapple firmware uses deep sleep mode
22:59:22n1syeah it uses a sleep mode
22:59:41copperrockbox doesn't have such a mode?
22:59:46davidmogarhello. I'm trying rockbox in a new clip+ but I have a problem. After apply the firm the screen has a vertical bright line that never dissapears. What can I do? I tried to uninstall rockbox but is still there
23:01:13funmanis it here in the original firmware &
23:02:41wodzcopper: looks like nobody measured idle current on classic. The comment in the code says " 21 /* playback @48MHz clock, backlight off */" but I don't know if it is copy&paste or actual measured value
23:02:53 Join pamaury [0] (
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23:04:06wodznano2g takes 17mA according to the code so 21 for classic looks reasonable
23:04:30 Join Zambezi_ [0] (
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23:06:03copperwodz: thank you. What's the system "running time" indicating really? It doesn't seem to be reset when powering off.
23:06:21copperI'm counting 10+ hours, yet I turned it off a couple hours ago
23:06:58wodzcopper: dunno to be honest
23:08:03copperI'm guessing it resets when the device gets charged
23:08:24 Join bertrik [0] (
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23:41:40n1sjhMikeS: do you mean the extra semicolon on the var declaration in DSP_PROCESS_START ?
23:41:56n1sit doesn't like removing that
23:42:16 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 13.0/20120425123149])
23:44:16n1sdoh, removed the wrong one
23:47:48CIA-79Commit dbe5e5f in rockbox by Nils Wallménius: (Author: Michael Sevakis) rbcodec: Hooks for target specific functions in dsp_process loop
23:51:01CIA-79dbe5e5f build result: All green

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