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#rockbox log for 2012-05-10

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00:13:25CIA-79Commit 645680d in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: add pinctrl debug code to track pin uses
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00:17:27CIA-79645680d build result: All green
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02:05:31WilliamCIs there any way I can help develop my device's port?
02:05:39WilliamCLike creating run time logs, etc?
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02:27:27saratogaWilliamC: which port? and can you program in c or read assembly?
02:27:58WilliamCSansa Clip Zip
02:28:05WilliamCI knew C++ not C though
02:28:51saratogasince c is basically a subset of c++ you should be good to go
02:29:20saratogai guess the obvious things missing are keymaps for plugins
02:29:21WilliamCI haven't touched it since 03
02:29:42WilliamCSo basically, I need to refresh myself
02:30:37saratogawell the port is basically finished aside from finishing up the default theme and fixing plugins for the new screen resolution, so either work on that or I guess work more generally on adding new stuff to rockbox
02:31:04WilliamCOnly reason I'm asking is because I was using the release build and it suddenly broke my player
02:31:17saratogayou mean the current build?
02:31:42saratogawhat broke?
02:32:00WilliamCThe skins kept getting corrupted
02:32:13WilliamCand the USB mode stopped functioning
02:32:23saratogathe files got corrupted?
02:32:39WilliamCI haven't been using rockbox for a few weeks
02:32:42saratogawell you're welcome to take a look at our file system or usb code if you want
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02:33:04funmanthe problem is in skins
02:33:08funmanskin parser
02:33:13WilliamCExplains it
02:33:26fs-bluebot lebellium Samsung-like theme for Clip Zip: WPS doesn't load properly and USB not working (bugs, unconfirmed)
02:33:30saratogadoes that break USB?
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02:33:45funmanhm it crashes USB on unplug (when reloading the wps)
02:33:53funman(at leqst)
02:34:06funmansince it does unpredictable stuff, it could cause anything
02:34:07WilliamCThat was my favorite skin, explains it
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06:32:49[Saint]JdGordon: can I bug you, for a second? I don't expect you to be able to do anything about it, but can I ask: Is there a way to use "long identifiers" with subimages and bar tags? The syntax to seperate long identifiers subimages (%XXfoo, 2) seems to clash with bar tag params (%xx(0, 0, 0, 0, param, param, param, param, ...).
06:34:05[Saint](PS: Yes I know you're not in "nerd mode" lately, and no, its not urgent :))
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06:38:26JdGordontry again... i dont understand what you're asking
06:38:52JdGordonyou cant use subimages with tags
06:38:58JdGordonwith bar tags
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06:42:20JdGordon[Saint]: I might be able to implemenet it if you can convince me though :p
06:42:35JdGordonbut i tihnk funman will murder me if i do any coding that isnt fixing his skin bug :)
06:42:42[Saint]Why not? one of the param fields is "identifier", shouldn't I be allowed to do Ab for identifier?
06:42:58[Saint]bah! :P
06:43:05JdGordonwhy would you want to use it?
06:43:12JdGordonprogressbar in the title banner?
06:43:23[Saint]Its no biggie...It just means I need to do another %xl instead of using a subimage for this localization stuff.
06:44:04[Saint]as some bitmaps need to be displayed inverted, and to do that I need entirely new bitmaps.
06:44:23[Saint]*cough* flip/rotate tag *cough*...
06:44:28*[Saint] runs :P
06:44:58JdGordonyou might need to annoy kugel_ or jhMikeS or someone who knows about the image drawing to do it
06:45:34[Saint]I thought the magic was already there to do it, but then I noticed it actually wasn't.
06:45:41[Saint]Or at least, nowhere I could find.
06:45:58JdGordonnot that I know of
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10:14:49[Saint]touch areas aren't automagically mirrored if declared in an %ax'ed viewport, are they?
10:15:21[Saint]docs seem to say its only %V and %Cl :-S
10:17:00[Saint]Ahhhhh touch, the neglected control option...if only I could fathom the touch stuff in the skin engine, or most of the skin engine in general, actually :)
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10:18:56[Saint]I have the "control panel" in the .wps working happily with rtl mirroring now, btw :)
10:19:18[Saint]its just a c/p job to get it working in the .sbs also.
10:22:04[Saint]Is "fastforward-rewind" as horrible an identifier name as I think it is? :-S #secondthoughtsbeforepush
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11:31:58wodzhmm, rk27xx do have substantial amount of static ram. It is located in DSP address space but ARM core can access it just fine. If we don't want to support DSP part I think we can hijack this portion of memory.
11:35:01n1swould supporting the dsp be hard?
11:37:07n1sis it running as a separate core?
11:41:28wodzyes it is separate core
11:42:32wodzthe blocking factors are 1) no free tools for ZSP family 2) documentation is available only for ZSP400 (aka G1 ISA) while there are some hints that rk27xx has ZSP500 core
11:42:33fs-bluebotNo review with id 1 found
11:42:53wodzshut up stupid bot :-)
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11:43:08n1sthat's definitely problematic
11:44:08n1sotherwise i think running the dsp stuff in rab on a separate core should be achievable, the time critical parts of the codecs themselves would likely be trickier
11:44:09wodzI am going to look at dsp code which is on my player. Loader and dsp images are trivial. I am writing dead stupid dissasembler and we will see
11:45:45wodzI think running small asm snippets on DSP should be quite possible IF assembler based on ZSP400 datasheet will work
11:47:28wodzWhat is interesting is memory organization - DSP has separate data memory and instruction memory. Both have 0x40000 bytes reserved in address space. Both memories are mapped in both ARM and DSP address sapces so it can be shared
11:51:05wodz0x40000 is kinda strange. PC is 16bit width and each instruction is 16bit so it can address up to 128kB (0x20000) of mem organized in 16bit chunks
11:51:31pixelmawodz: do I remember correctly that you said, flashing experimental firmware to any rk27xx device is now safe as there's a way for recovery?
11:51:42wodzpixelma: yes
11:52:42pixelmathere might be an "Archos 15 Vision" at DevCon - the one ukleinek started with a port and IIRC that one also had a Rockchip CPU
11:53:40pixelmanot sure if I should really tell the owner to give it away for experiments though. If there's a safe way... then maybe
11:53:57wodzpixelma: AFAIK there is not known method to access firmware partition on this one
11:54:34pixelmaah hmm, we'll see. I thought ukleinek got this far
11:55:47wodzpixelma: He wrote some tool which I obviously couldn't test
12:04:50 Join evilnick [0] (519af239@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
12:05:52wodzok, ZSP500 can address 24bit address space - that makes sense.
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14:03:13funmanJdGordon: g#235
14:03:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #235 at,235 : FS #12639: remove skinparser_set_buffer by Rafaël Carré (changes/35/235/1)
14:06:51JdGordonfunman: that wont work
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14:20:30funmancan you explain why %
14:20:38 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
14:20:48funmani dont understand why it is needed and this seems to fix the bug
14:22:35funmanclearly buffer code in skins is full of hacks
14:22:38JdGordonyes but im on the phone
14:22:42funmanremoving them one by one would help IMO
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14:51:05JdGordonfunman: i *think* removing that will cause skin_find_item() to break
14:51:11JdGordonbut im really tired and cant remember properly
14:51:57JdGordonand yes, the buffering code in skins is very much horrible hacks and needs proper rejigging
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16:32:09pamauryis it a known problem that a sansa e200 doesn't power up anymore but works when powered out of usb ?
16:32:40n1spamaury: sounds like a very discharged battery
16:32:55pamaurywhat can you do ? let it charge ?*
16:35:08n1sshould help if this is the case
16:37:05pamauryapparently charging doesn't help
16:37:12pamauryperhaps dead battery ?
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17:29:38pamauryhmm,I got rds working on the fuze+ but the rds engine doesn't seem to gather PS blocks, the debug screens shows that it correctly gather CT however. PI also seems correcs
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17:54:06pamauryhmm, the RDS parser is really strict, it requires all PS message to be in order...
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19:00:50pamauryI have implemented a more robust RDS parser: g#237, I would like to know what people think about it
19:01:05pamauryespecially bertrik which is not online currently
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19:07:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #237 at,237 : rds: implement more robust PS/RT parsing by Amaury Pouly (changes/37/237/1)
19:07:59*[Saint] wonders why fs-bluebot doesn't pick up g#XXX
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19:43:11knobwodz. Tag to open firmware partition for Archos 43 vision is Archos43.Tag, so Archos 15 Vision tag could well be Archos15.Tag, worth a try.;-)
19:43:31 Part knob
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20:49:06n1smeh forgot that usb transfers on the fuze don't work, luckily fs was repairable
20:51:29n1scopying anything larger than a few megs causes it to crash/freeze/panic
20:54:21[Saint]s/the Fuze/your Fuze/?
20:54:31[Saint]USB on mine behaves fine.
21:00:34n1sthere's a bug report from july about this appearing between 3.7 and 3.8 perhaps i should try to bisect it, but it's a bit of a pain to corrupt the fs again and again
21:02:19n1sas it is now i use my c200 as an SD reader :)
21:16:25 Quit remlap (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:26:45 Part ZTUoSmFG
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21:27:09 Part LinusN
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22:55:35 Join sdc [0] (
22:58:19sdcI'e bought a 16 GB micro SD card and put it into my sansa e280 v1. The latest rockbox build is installed. The Windows PC tells that the card is not formatted and gives me the option to format, but *only with 30 MB*! How can I format it to 16GB?
23:00:27gevaertssdc: 30MB sounds (more or less) like the size of the firmware partition on the internal flash...
23:01:24 Quit Farthen (Quit: ZNC -
23:02:55 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:03:28gevaertssdc: can you go to System -> Debug Menu -> View disk info in rockbox, then press right so it says "microSD 1" at the top, and see what Blocks: says?
23:05:07sdcHeh! I inserted the 4 GB card that was there before and switched on the player. Shortly (~0.1 sec) after the files are displayed the screen goes white and I see: SWI at 0000002C (0) bt pc: 0x0000002C, sp: 0x0000... (it gets cut), bt end
23:05:38sdcAfter that, only the long Power press switches the device off.
23:06:35sdcWithout a micro SD card inserted, the player works OK.
23:07:05sdcI have the latest build installed, i.e. 645680d
23:07:35gevaertsDoes 3.11.2 work?
23:11:18 Quit Rower85 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:11:56sdcgevaerts: with 3.11.2 and a card inserted, I get: Data abort at 00078250 (0). Without a card everything seems to work.
23:12:23 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:13:46 Quit remlap (Quit: Leaving.)
23:15:37sdcDo the details I provided allow for some investigation?
23:16:05gevaertsThey should, but there's something annoying going on
23:16:44gevaerts00078250 is in UnwStartArm(), which means the bit that's supposed to tell us where in the code things went wrong crashed itself, so we don't see much
23:18:22sdcHa, it's weird! Now the old 4 GB card has been detected and read. I'll try the 16 GB one...
23:21:00sdcgevaerts: the 16 GB one is not reconnized. The debug menu says for microSD 1, Blocks: 0x0000F4E0
23:21:12gevaertsThat's interesting...
23:21:28sdcgevaerts: what does that mean?
23:21:54gevaertsIt means it detects the card as 31MB
23:22:09gevaertsDo you happen to have a separate USB microsd card reader?
23:22:28sdcgevaerts: not at the moment.
23:22:51sdcFor the 4 GB, the value is 0x00797400
23:23:32gevaertsIt's the number of blocks (of 512 bytes each) in hexadecimal.
23:24:32bertriksome kind of overflow somewhere?
23:24:53sdcI did find a card reader, Windows still only allows to format to 30 MB
23:25:00gevaertsbertrik: for 16GB? That sort of size does work for other people
23:25:05gevaertsOK, then I'd say it's the card
23:25:46sdcOk, I'll ask the handler. Thank you for the help and the patience!
23:26:05bertrikor perhaps a counterfeit card
23:27:47 Quit sdc (Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06))
23:28:19gevaertsbertrik: do you remember who worked on that stack unwinder?
23:28:35bertrikI think it was pamaury
23:29:06gevaertsAh, wodz committed
23:29:26*gevaerts isn't too fond of stack unwinders that crash :)
23:30:31 Join enthdegree [0] (~enthdegre@wikimedia/enthdegree)
23:32:46Tornehm, it does?
23:32:51Tornedo you know how?
23:32:59Tornewe protected it from double faulting, i thought
23:34:24gevaertsTorne: all I know is that 00078250 in is in UnwStartArm()
23:34:47gevaertsWere there changes to that code after 3.11?
23:36:24Torneoh, possibly the fault protection was after that
23:36:35*Torne checks
23:38:07gevaertsOK, so probably nothing to worry about, except some bug reports about 3.11 could be a bit less useful than we'd like
23:38:20Torneit happens if the unwinder ends up derefing a bad pointer
23:38:34Tornee.g. because stack is corrupt, or because it unwound it wrong and picked a saved lr that wasn't right
23:39:05Tornenow it stops unwinding if it faults
23:42:16 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
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23:52:51 Join remlap [0] (
23:53:18 Quit enthdegree (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)

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