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#rockbox log for 2012-05-18

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02:34:02RadicalRHello all.
02:34:25RadicalRI believed I did a dumb thing and somehow managed to brick a Fuze v2.
02:34:42RadicalRWhich is strange, since I used the bootloader.
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02:40:32RadicalRI would like to make sure I have bricked it
02:40:44RadicalRbefore I do something foolish like taking it apart.
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02:44:47JdGordonwell, what did you do?
02:46:25RadicalRI ran the rockbox utility
02:46:35RadicalRinstalled the bootloader, gave it the correct firmware
02:47:03RadicalRinstalled the cutting edge available.
02:47:08RadicalRThis was probably my mistake.
02:47:26RadicalRGot the charging screen, disconnected
02:47:30RadicalRScreen went white.
02:47:53RadicalRI was concerned, so I turned it off
02:47:59RadicalRHasn't come back on
02:48:12RadicalRand if I plug it in, I got a zero byte sized drive...
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03:02:59RadicalRI just pried it open and it looks a lot different from the pictures on the site.
03:13:11RadicalRWell, if anything I just gained a 2 gig flash drive. I guess.
03:13:18RadicalRAnd a SD card reader.
03:13:24RadicalR-micro SD
03:17:48JdGordonif the device is usable as a flash drive then its easily fixable
03:18:51RadicalRAlright, I'm listening?
03:18:57RadicalRSince the screen doesn't even turn on...
03:19:16JdGordonhave you looked at the unbrick wiki page?
03:19:32RadicalRI have, and I confess that it appears to be a bit over my head.
03:19:59RadicalRSince my board and the board on the wiki looks a lot different.
03:22:26JdGordonare you sure you have a fuze v2?
03:23:33RadicalRI'm wondering that myself (I just got it today and it looked like a fuze v2...)
03:23:45RadicalRI probably did a boneheaded thing.
03:23:52JdGordonthere is no way to know the difference between the v1 and v2 by looks
03:23:54RadicalRAnd I'm supposed to be a tech person -_-
03:24:00RadicalRYeah, I'm learning that.
03:24:04JdGordonand if you forced the v2 bootloader who knwos wtf you've done
03:24:12RadicalRWell, at least it didn't cost me anything.
03:25:23RadicalRThat's probably what I did.
03:25:30RadicalROh well, lesson learned.
03:25:47RadicalRI take it even if I uninstalled the bootloader
03:25:57RadicalRand installed the Fuze v1, it's still hosed, eh?
03:28:19JdGordonyou should just nbeed to get the correct bootloader onto it
03:28:28JdGordonwhich may need a full unbrick to do
03:28:35JdGordoni dont remember the fuze unbrick stuff
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03:58:48RadicalRBah, looks like I bricked the player and good.
03:59:05RadicalRAs someone said I'll need to do a full unbrick...
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08:53:20bug2000Rockbox paniced. First time I see that.
08:53:34bug2000Most likely I just overloaded it somehow.
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09:48:34CIA-79Commit 053722a in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Don't trigger a skin refresh from skinlist_draw()
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09:53:22CIA-79053722a build result: All green
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10:32:41jhMikeSmaking viewports dependent on themes make no sense
10:32:51jhMikeSseems like it's just lazy
10:35:58kugelwebsite down?
10:36:09coppernot for me
10:36:55kugelah worked now too
10:37:56kugelgevaerts: heh, LCD_EVENT_ACTIVATION is meant to be sent by the lcd drivers when the display turns on
10:38:01kugelnot at all by apps code
10:38:33jhMikeSwho did the what?
10:39:14kugelI think whoever added that confused it with some other event
10:40:15jhMikeSany idea which? :)
10:40:55kugelGUI_EVENT_ACTIONUPDATE i think
10:40:57jhMikeSIt says "abuse"
10:41:12kugelor GUI_EVENT_NEED_UI_UPDATE
10:44:52*jhMikeS knows who was confused now
10:45:36kugelGUI_EVENT_ACTIONUPDATE also updates the statusbar iirc
10:45:48[Saint]"Making viewports dependent on"...who the what now?
10:46:06[Saint]jhMikeS: what was that comment referring to?
10:47:02jhMikeS[Saint]: the viewport magager
10:47:43[Saint]Right...but, the theme defines the viewports, why doesn't this make sense?
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10:48:31jhMikeSbecause at it's lowest level, which really it gives the impression it is, it should be nothing more than a basic lcd interface.
10:49:21jhMikeSI want area clipped drawing in a plugin, nothing more
10:49:52jhMikeSso basic init and such, like initializing it with defaults shouldn't collide with themes
10:50:48[Saint]If I'm following, you'd still have to know the position of each and every element to prevent overlapping.
10:51:01jhMikeSI managed to avoid it and make it work but I was a bit surprised that there wouldn't be a higher level "skinned_viewports" or some such
10:51:35jhMikeSThat's my problem I guess
10:52:22jhMikeSI didn't expect nothing more involved than a basic screen rectangle that gets clipped and translated
10:53:12jhMikeSbecause I need a framebuffer that's not required to be as big as the screen, which I got, but in a sinister way
10:53:44[Saint]There's some hilariously simple, and overwhelmingly complex things happening with skin parsing and display.
10:54:18[Saint]jhMikeS: what it sounds like you need, is relocatable plugins.
10:54:28jhMikeSeh? not really
10:54:47jhMikeSthis is just to produce a graphical overlay element
10:55:39[Saint]For what, exactly? I thought you were talking about a plugin, I seem to have jumped a step.
10:55:49jhMikeStreating the screen and the viewport as native format bitmaps
10:56:13jhMikeSyeah, a popup screen for plugins that doesn't affect the underlying graphics
10:56:48jhMikeSit works, but I was seeing things that were raising eyebrows
10:56:52[Saint]I....I don't think....hmmm.
10:58:41[Saint]"Doesn't affect the underlying graphics" is going to be, interesting.
10:59:13jhMikeSit needs the clipping because the buffer isn't actually screen size but sets the buffer pointer as if it were, so no actual pixels can safely be written outside the boundaries
11:00:44jhMikeSit's in a particular plugin for now but could be a small library object with some adjustments and a couple screen update considerations
11:01:51[Saint]I just mean that you've got scrolling text, and the backdrop (which can now be drawn into directly, conditionally), and (potentially conditional) other screen items, and possibly scrolling text to worry about. And no real concept of front and back.
11:02:14[Saint]So "not affecting the underlying graphics" will be interesting.
11:02:34jhMikeSit does, but it doesn't because it stores the underlying graphics
11:03:12jhMikeSit just erases itself before you draw and restores itself when you lcd_update_(rect)
11:03:12[Saint]Right, so nothing updates while the popular is in place?
11:04:41jhMikeSit is for a plugin so scrollers aren't a concern. what needs to be done isn't exactly super efficient either but is ok for bulk drawing with updates
11:07:39jhMikeSit uses the remaining plugin buffer for the back buffer in which to store the framebuffer section that's being overwritten
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12:02:10*jhMikeS checks something about alpha bitmap and crosses fingers
12:05:17jhMikeSdidn't think so
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17:36:39*bluebrother waves from DevCon \o/
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17:38:02saratogahave we ever considered making LOGF a runtime, rather then compile time option?
17:38:24saratogait seems like having an option to log errors could be useful for people trying to figure out why a file doesn't play, album art doesn't load, etc
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17:56:39saratogamaybe something like ERRORF() that works analogously to LOGF but is always enabled and writes its messages at shutdown
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17:58:33dartmouthI don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think the sansa usb issue might be fixed; I haven't been able to reproduce the data aborts or freezes with the handful of tries I've had today. Thanks guys! \o/
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20:09:25amiconnHmm, something is wrong with buffering
20:09:40amiconnIt's *way* too slow on my Player.
20:10:49*amiconn needs to check which targets are affected
20:12:12amiconnIt basically never stops buffering
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20:16:35gevaertsDoes anyone want to have a go at figuring out the mr100 issue?
20:17:35 Quit stoffel (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:19:51amiconnHmm, more breakage. Ondio MMC driver this time (but apparently only for the external card, not internal flash)
20:20:58amiconnActually, internal flash also breaks after a while if an MMC is plugged. So this might be a problem with the enables
20:22:15saratoga_hmm weird i can't reproduce the flac skipping problem reported on the clipzip on my clip+
20:22:26saratoga_hard to imagine theres much difference between buffering on those devices
20:25:02amiconnHmm, not only MMC but also internal flash (just less likely)
20:27:28bluebrotherI have an mrobe100 that seems to not like updating :o
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20:29:40bertrikwhat does an mr100 look like?
20:30:05saratoga_big red screen i think
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22:11:42amiconnDoes anyone know how the 'toolset' variable in configure is supposed to work?
22:11:56amiconnIt's still set but doesn't seem to be used (anymore?)
22:13:39bertrikdid anyone plan any kind of accomplishment for this devcon?
22:14:26gevaertsbertrik: yes. My goal is to make Zagor implement release and RC build support in the build system :)
22:15:31Zagori like the compilers-as-apt idea
22:16:35Zagor"Toolchains distributed as linux packages (.deb, .rpm, etc.)"
22:16:52gevaertsThere's also the "drop SWCODEC" topic of course :)
22:16:53bluebrotherZagor: I have Fedora packages :)
22:17:02bluebrother(working on my box :)
22:17:18Zagorbluebrother: nice! we should put them on
22:17:22bertrikgevaerts, and the upgrade git to svn plan?
22:17:23bluebrotherthe only thing I'm missing is some meta package that pulls in all dependencies
22:17:39gevaertsbertrik: I was considering RCS :)
22:17:49bluebrotherbut my idea was to have such a thing and then setup a yum repo
22:18:19Zagorbluebrother: can you even do that without putting the package in a yum repo?
22:18:21bluebrother(that actually is a yum repo:
22:18:41bluebrotheryou need to have that repodata folder, which you can easily create using a yum script
22:18:56Zagorright, but can repos cross-reference to other repos? we don't want to host all dependencies.
22:19:21bluebrotherit's not the repo, it's the package that has the dependency
22:19:31Zagorright, it's all just package names?
22:19:40bluebrotherso the system needs to have some repo configured that can satisfy the dependency
22:19:45pixelmabtw. is it right that the Utility download is only linked from its wiki page or did I overlook something?
22:19:49bluebrotherpretty much, yes. (plus version number, if necessar)
22:20:06bluebrotherpixelma: yes, the download page links the RockboxUtility wiki page :)
22:20:21Zagoryeah, we should host repos for the most common flavors
22:20:53pixelmabluebrother: for the release only?
22:21:14bluebrotheralso, I think we should have the compiler patches in the repo if we do that
22:21:21bluebrothercurrently they are only on the webserver
22:21:28 Quit guymann (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:23:16Zagorpatches in the repo?
22:23:29 Join guymann [0] (
22:23:38Zagorisn't the whole point of a repo to not have to bother about patches?
22:24:51bertrikdo we still need the patches, can we try to push them upstream?
22:24:54 Join bitcraft [0] (~bitcraft@
22:26:05Zagorbertrik: they are patches for very old versions. upstream is most likely not interested.
22:29:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:30:39 Join wodz [0] (
22:31:37bluebrotherZagor: if we have rpm spec files in git we should have anything in git required to build them (except the upstream sources)
22:43:32bertrikI had some idea to use a bus pirate on a sansa fuze+, not exactly sure what for though
22:45:45bertrikseems to work actually
22:58:59 Quit ender| (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:04:05amiconnIt looks like 'toolset' is *only* used in configure? grep does not return any hits elsewhere
23:11:32 Join ender| [0] (~ender1@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
23:18:02 Quit y4n (Quit: We're fucking 3LN!)
23:18:53 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
23:22:57 Join theg [0] (57664892@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:23:52thegHi, I installed Rockbox on my second gen iPod Nano and it's showing me an image of a USB cable that won't go away. What do I do?
23:30:54 Quit MethoS- (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:31:28CIA-79Commit 266dc52 in rockbox by Jens Arnold: Make the player_unifont tool build again
23:32:54wodztheg: which version have you installed?
23:39:13CIA-79266dc52 build result: All green
23:39:29 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
23:39:51 Quit theg (Quit: Page closed)
23:43:02 Quit TheLemonMan (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:55:45 Quit ack (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
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