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#rockbox log for 2012-05-27

00:06:52*bertrik gets confused
00:07:37bertrikthe OF only touches the offset register, but RB does that too, so there's no way to set the RTC seconds directly now
00:08:21pamaurythat's why you should avoid touching seconds or roll it back to some reasonable value. Otherwise the OF won't be too happy
00:09:11bertrikthe offset2 register is now at 10 years offset and the RTC seconds registers is now in 1980 epoch
00:09:31pamaurythat's probably ok
00:11:45bertrikit would make sense to me if the offset register was near 0 not near +10 years
00:12:54pamauryyou can do what you want I guess, it doesn't really matter
00:13:34pamauryin the end, the OF probably uses this mechanism to prevent time roll back so it will keep the offset near 0 when you play DRM'd file ?
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00:17:34bertrikOTOH, you said the OF doesn't handle negative offsets, so perhaps its kept at a seriously positive value
00:17:50CIA-79Commit fca9e7b in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: zenxfi3: RTC is used in same was as in fuze+, using seconds-since-1970 plus an offset
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00:20:27CIA-79fca9e7b build result: All green
00:26:19pamaurystill no luck with dri and audio, dma is not starting, I must be missing something
00:26:40bertrikthe stfm1000 driver has some code to setup the dma
00:27:15bertrikperhaps a clock gate somewhere?
00:28:03bluebrotherhmm. genlang writes a subheader for each "user", but where does it write the number of users? We have "core" only right now, but well ...
00:36:08bertrikI must be doing something wrong, it looks like plugins are disabled for the zenxfi3, yet they are built anyway
00:36:46bertrikmaybe "no" is interpreted as "yes" and I should just provide an empty string instead
00:37:22bertrikah, that was it, it appears
00:40:48CIA-79Commit 2fb4fe9 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: zenxfi3: disable building of plugins ("no" means yes, use an empty string instead)
00:43:11CIA-792fb4fe9 build result: All green
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00:58:47bertrikjhMikeS, saratoga, I think one of you talked about the opus codec, I see now that it appears to already have a fixed-point implementation IIUC
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01:26:44bertriksomething's weird about the clip zip cabbie v2 theme, it doesn't show the proper icons until the theme is explicitly loaded
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01:47:13jhMikeSbertrik: I'm pretty sure that must've been saratoga
01:47:53FOADListen y'all 'n' y'all, it's saratoga.
01:50:33FOADBut the wit was all mine, spoilsport.
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01:55:53jhMikeSdim, half, nit <= various fixed-point implementations
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03:52:14rocktriangleHello everyone, I was thinking of buying a fuze + but it seems it's not up to date with rockbox
03:52:59rocktriangleSo I was wondering whether or not I should buy it keeping in mind that I'd ONLY buy it knowing that sooner or later, it'll have rockbox
03:54:46rocktriangleI was also wondering if it's possible to tweak the contrast for my clip+ (same brand) since it's painful to look at it in the dark.
03:58:23Kaiscenefor adjusting the brightness on the clip+ here's the setting: Settings > General Settings > Display > LCD Settings > Contrast.
04:01:27rocktriangleIt exists, I'm aware.
04:01:34rocktriangleHowever I want it to even further down.
04:03:36rocktriangleLike I've written earlier, it's quite problamatic that the minimal light is quite bright, enough to blind me from seeing my natural surroundings in the dark.
04:03:58rocktriangleI'd rather not look at it, only to have my eyes adjust again, hence why I need the contrast to go further then what 0 states.
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04:26:41rocktriangleHow can I fix the problem.
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05:43:41funmanrocktriangle: it already goes at minimum value afaict
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06:07:28rocktriangleSomeone finally replied an hour later.
06:07:51rocktriangleYes it is, but I was wondering if it's possible to somehow tweak it further because it isn't enough during night use.
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06:08:31funmansince we set the register to 0 i doubt it
06:16:07funmansee firmware/target/arm/as3525/lcd-ssd1303.c
06:33:51rocktriangleOkay, thank you.
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06:49:20rocktriangleI can't find the folder, and after I googled it- there is supposed to be a trunk folder before firmware
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08:34:15f2k_wrecks_tagsfor info: Foobar v1.1.12 alters metadata in a non compliant manner, of concern is how f2k writes Replay Gain info in a non standard way. See link for more info
08:35:12f2k_wrecks_tagswill rockbox be able to read the Replay Gain data written with the Latest version of foobar ?
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08:37:38rocktriangleBesides teh forum and here, are there any other places I can go to ask rockbox questions?
08:37:43rocktriangleThat are NOT in the manual.
08:37:55rocktriangleThat can't be answered *
08:40:53 Part rocktriangle
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12:06:49CIA-79Commit 872a3a7 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: clipzip: fix default font and icon set
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12:09:26CIA-79872a3a7 build result: All green
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15:25:18rocktriangleMy DAP won't turn on properly and I don't know how to troubleshoot, who do I go to
15:28:26rocktriangleThis is all rockbox related.
15:28:39rocktriangleOnly the original firmware could be booted.
15:28:42rocktriangleWhat do I do?
15:28:51gevaertsIt can't be. Rockbox doesn't run on unspecified players.
15:29:08rocktriangleHeh, very funny.
15:29:28funmando you see bootloader messages ?
15:29:49rocktriangleI used to get one with numbers and letters but now all I get it "undefined instruction"
15:30:23rocktriangleI can tell you what was different today that I didn't do before .
15:30:52funmando you use current build?
15:30:58rocktriangleI've had some sort of problems adding this one extra microSD card, it often came up with problems.
15:31:03rocktriangleYes I did.
15:31:18funmanwell try booting without the card inserted
15:31:26rocktriangleSame problem.
15:31:31rocktriangleSame result.
15:32:51rocktriangleOh my, without the chip it's a worse result. All I get is a black screen and by pressing any button it reboots itself.
15:34:01rocktriangleI turned it on to the default firmware and back to rockbox and I got an error message.
15:34:11rocktriangleSWI at 34EA0004
15:34:46funmanwhich version is it exactly: 872a3a7 ?
15:35:27funmanwell, we dont use SWI and we also dont use 34ea* addresses so something is seriously fucked up
15:35:30rocktriangleI have no idea what you're talking about but can you tell me how to find out?
15:35:45funmani suggest moving .rockbox to .rockbox-bak and extracting the build again
15:36:11funmanelse like gevaerts we dont know which player it is. i just know you mentioned the clip+ yesterday
15:36:26rocktriangleYup, that's all I have.
15:36:41rocktriangle(that can support rockbox)
15:38:00rocktriangleOnce again I set it to the original firmware and back to rockbox and once again I get "undefined instruction"
15:38:08funmanformat it and reinstall
15:38:21rocktriangleFormat the entire thing?!
15:38:56funmanformat, or delete .rockbox/ directory/folder - whichever is simpler
15:39:10rocktriangleAlong with the music in it?
15:39:58rocktriangleNow here's the problem, it's not being recognize by the computer.
15:40:48funmando it from the OF then
15:41:00rocktriangleThank you, I tried 2 seconds ago, it worked.
15:41:57rocktriangleBelieve it or not, the .rockbox folder is gone
15:43:05rocktriangleMany of the folders that came wit hte OF are also gone
15:43:13rocktriangleWhat do I do?
15:44:07rocktriangleMy guess: reboot it with the clip+'s latest firmware update then install rockbox on it
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15:47:33rocktriangleand possibly format it on the OF to factory settings
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18:07:27pamaurybertrik: I managed to "plug" the dri dma output to the dac one but I don't get anything useless
18:07:30pamauryjust noise
18:07:57pamauryalso I'm pretty sure the dri one has a much higher rate (like ~4Mhz) and the format is unsure
18:08:33bertrikThe radio doesn't seem to be very configurable (at least not in the linux stfm1000) with respect to dri configuration
18:09:20bertrikbut indeed I think I read several config options on the SoC side, for number of bits, alignment, etc.
18:09:38pamauryI'm trying different dma configuration like looping on a buffer of size X for DRI and the same buffer of size Y on the DAC so that X/Y gives the correct rate ratio
18:10:06pamauryI've sent a mail to creative to ask them the datasheet, we never know
18:15:05pamauryactually, I'm wondering how the linux driver gets RDS. Because the RDS stream is not at the same frequency as the audio signal right ?
18:18:46 Join Totalled [0] (
18:19:30bertrikRDS is locked to 3 times the stereo pilot
18:20:26pamaurywhat the stereo pilot ?
18:20:32pamaury*what is
18:21:37 Join kadoban [0] (
18:28:49pamauryMy fear is that the STFM basically just locks on the FM frequency you select and gives you the raw output and you have to manually decode everything (L+R, L-R, stereo pilot, RDS). Which means that just feeding the dac with the dri output will likely produce noise. But I don't know enough about stereo FM and how this receiver works
18:32:25bertrikthe FM signal (what the ~100 MHz carrier is modulated) with, consists of several "sub-signals". The L+R (mono) component is at 0-15 kHz. To get stereo, there is a pilot at 19 kHz and an L-R signal at 38 kHz. RDS is at 57 kHz (3x pilot freq).
18:32:53bertrikBut yes, it looks like a lot of software intervention is needed to get usable output.
18:34:20pamauryif you "just" want to get L+R, you at least need to implement a low-pass filter
18:39:01bertrikprobably yes...
18:39:55bertrikIt looks like stfm1000_alsa_dma_irq calls stfm1000_decode_block which calls stfm1000_filter_decode which does the actual decoding
18:41:19pamauryyeah, I'm trying to implement something and pastebin it so you can have a try at implementing this filtering
18:41:38bertrikthe raw undecoded data appears to be formatted in frames of 4 16-bit words containing "lpr", "lmr" and "rssi" and some unknown (unused?) quantity
18:42:59pamaurywhat are lpr and lmr ?
18:44:15bertrikI'm trying to figure out :)
18:44:39pamauryok, I let you work on this, I'll try to give you a framework where you "just" need to implement the filter ;)
18:44:41bertrikLeft Plus Right and Left Minus Right, I guess
18:45:22bertrikyep, that must be it
18:46:44 Quit Totalled (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:50:58 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
19:02:05pamauryit's not working, the pcm callback doesn't work apparently, but should be close to something hackable
19:02:53pamauryI must leave now, so good luck
19:16:56bertrikpamaury, the filter can be very basic at first, just doing L = (LPR + LMR) / 2 and R = (LPR - LMR) / 2 to get basic stereo and we can gradually enhance the filter for better performance (like RSSI-dependent stereo blend/low-pass/soft-mute)
19:17:41bertrikno idea yet how they make it run at 44.1 kHz, the i2s clock seems to run at either 24MHz/4 or 24MHz/5
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19:43:01CapacitorHello guys.
19:43:22CapacitorJust tried to svn update in Ubuntu (after not updating for many many months.
19:43:25 Join eyfour [0] (
19:43:32CapacitorI'm getting error: "Can't connect to host '': Connection timed out"
19:45:27Bagderthe svn server is no more
19:45:30Bagderwe use git now
19:45:44CapacitorOh okay −− found this: Rockbox no longer uses SVN for version control. God i hope i don't have run again!!
19:46:02CapacitorThank you
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19:49:57CapacitorOops, maybe it wasn't something about... i think it was something about building a toolchain or something... took hours IIRC.
19:52:19Bagderbut most probably you can still use the set you built before
19:52:35Bagderyou just need to get the sources off a new server to build rockbox
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20:29:49lebelliumbertrik : I just found this thread again
20:29:55lebelliumdo you still have the S3?
20:30:02lebelliumI just found the recovery tool on a Russian forum
20:32:04 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
20:38:00bertrikyes, I still have it, but no longer interested in making it work
20:38:48lebelliumdo you want to look at the recovery tool and service manual anyway or not interested either?
20:39:45lebelliumyou really don't like it :D
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21:25:57CapacitorJust switched to Git. Last time i built was 2011-08-06. USB is now enabled by default on my FuzeV2. Just tested a 200MB file transfer (PC to Fuze) with RB and the OF. OF=48 seconds. RB=39 seconds. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! Great job! Thank you!
21:27:32funmanthanks, perhaps it's because we have awesome users :P
21:30:42CapacitorBTW that was onto the mIcroSD card (not internal flash). Okay. Thanks again guys have a good day. See ya.
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22:55:13CIA-79Commit ad3ecfc in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Add missing USB ID for H10 5GB MTP.
22:57:36CIA-79ad3ecfc build result: All green
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22:58:58CIA-79Commit 112b80b in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: VoiceCreator: Factor out creation to separate function.
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23:01:09CIA-79112b80b build result: All green
23:13:54 Part Farthen ("Be back later")
23:17:55rocktriangleI have a question about contrast that I had difficulty understanding last time I asked.
23:18:13rocktriangleIs it possible to set the contrast to have it go lower than 0?
23:18:57rocktriangleAt night when I use the player, it's quite blinding at the minimal amount so I need it lower however 0 is as low as it could go.
23:21:57pamaurybertrik: did you try my patch ? did you fix it ? ;p)
23:23:53 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:25:00 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:27:20gevaertsrocktriangle: I'd expect 0 to mean "as low as the hardware allows"
23:28:08rocktriangleAre you sure it's the hardware?
23:28:15rocktriangleOr a limitation by the firmware?
23:28:21gevaertsCheck the source code
23:28:35rocktriangleSince I'm a amature, could you tell me how?
23:30:15rocktriangleI don't understand how it's a limitation of the hardware, surely it can go as low as possible. It's not like I'm asking the hardware to have more rom than it has. If it can change the brightness to a certain range then surely it can go lower.
23:31:08Tornerocktriangle: what player is it?
23:31:11Torneis it an OLED screen?
23:31:27Tornebecause those may well not go lower; the driver circuit for them is complicated and probably only operates within a given range
23:31:28rocktriangleclip +
23:31:37gevaertsOf course the hardware can go as low as possible. That's the definition of "as low as possible"
23:31:38Torneit might be possibel to drive it lower, i dunno, btu i would be surprised
23:31:56 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
23:31:59TorneLEDs are not like incandescent lamps, you can't just dim them
23:32:06 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:32:13TorneIf you supply them with too little power they don't semiconduct and it doesnt' glow :p
23:32:29TorneOLEDs have really weird and complicated power driver circuits, also
23:32:41Torneso it's fiddlier than a regular LED
23:32:43rocktriangleWell wouldn't that also be the case of incadesent lightbulbs too?
23:33:03rocktriangleDon't give enough power and the filament won't turn red hot and glow.
23:33:10Tornewell okay, true :)
23:33:16Tornebut the threshold is very low
23:33:33rocktriangleSo basically...
23:33:35rocktriangledon't bother
23:35:16rocktriangleOh, I also have a big problem.
23:35:34rocktriangleI get the message Undefined instruction
23:35:46rocktriangleWhich ever button I press, it restarts and I get that message again.
23:36:17rocktriangleThis morning I noticed the .rockbox folder was gone in it
23:36:51rocktriangleso just now I put in the most recent firmware of the player and used Rockbox Utillity to install .rockbox with everything else in it
23:37:06rocktriangleNow I'm back to square 1.
23:37:13rocktriangleWhat do I do?
23:39:03rocktriangleOnce again, I boot it with the OF and .rockbox is missing.
23:40:01gevaerts(a) is .rockbox missing or just hidden, and (b) did you unmount properly every time?
23:40:51 Quit eyfour (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:43:30 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
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