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#rockbox log for 2012-06-02

00:02:23 Part lovasoa
00:03:04CIA-4Commit 87bb747 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Use server timestamp for development build fonts.
00:05:35CIA-487bb747 build result: All green
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00:21:10CIA-4Commit 96e7cc9 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Only support pregenerated voice file for releases.
00:23:23CIA-496e7cc9 build result: All green
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00:40:34bluebrotherBagder / Zagor: can I get the RC build information as section in instead of a separate file? Looking at the build server hooks make me think it's separate, and having all information in a single file would be nicer for Rockbox Utility :)
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01:56:41notlisteningHi all, any know of any large themes for my phone? It is running at 1280x720 ?
01:58:11leavittxTo site maintainers: the "SRC/apps/plugin.h" links is broken on (need to change svn->git)
01:58:22leavittx*link :)
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02:14:08funmanthe wiki is editable by everyone
02:20:19leavittxfunman: wiki says I have to be added to WikiUsersGroup
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02:32:31hillshumleavittx: Span prevention measure
02:32:40leavittxsomebody add user LevPanov to WikiUsersGroup plz
02:35:04leavittxso i guess i'm not a spammer
02:36:06hillshumYeah, all you have to do is ask to be added here. I'd do it, but I need to reset my password/remember it (it's been a while), and that's taking a few minutes
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02:47:27gevaertsleavittx: done
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03:31:30saratogais there some reason we don't automatically handle playlists on the microsd card correctly?
03:37:01saratogalooking at playlist.c, the code that handles the '../' case knows the path to the playlist file
03:37:43saratogaseems like it should be trivial to just check if that path is on the sd card, if it is, fix the path to have '/<microSD1>' instead of '/'
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04:28:51saratogais there a ready made c function for prepending a string?
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05:20:25saratogahuh is there no simple define for the <sd/mmc/whatever> partition?
05:20:47saratogajust the one i have to process with snprintf
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05:34:22saratogawait why does format_track_path pass in a directory even when you're saving a dynamic playlist?
05:34:38saratogadoes a dynamic playlist even have a directory until you've saved it to a file?
05:34:58saratogaor is it just the directory you were in when you hit save?
05:36:23saratogaugh it is the last directory open in the file browser isn't it, not the directory the playlist is in
05:59:28saratogaso the problem is that save_playlist and playlist_insert_playlist both call format_track_path, but save calls it on the CWD, while format calls it on the directory containing the playlist
06:00:13saratogawhich means that if you correct the path to be aware of the SD card, insert works, but save will put things on the sd card that shouldn't be, if you don't correct it, save works but insert breaks
06:01:59saratogai guess the intent is that someone should be able to save to "../folder/file.m3u"
06:03:26saratogaactually, do we really want to be able to do that?
06:04:11saratogatyping "../file.m3u" into our virtual keyboard is actually more difficult then giving the absolute path given that by default the keyboard starts with the absolute path
06:04:21saratogaunless i'm missing something that parsing is basically pointless
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06:19:34saratoga g#270 could use feedback
06:19:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #270 at,270 : Make playlist.c aware of external storage when determining paths by Michael Giacomelli (changes/70/270/1)
06:19:44saratogai'm not sure if the logic is right, but it seems to work in my limited testing
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08:54:24amiconnWhy does not check for all dependencies before reporting them? Right now it reports the first missing one and bails out. Then you install that one and rerun, only to be notified that something else is missing too :/
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09:01:46amiconnHmm, doesn't make use of multiple cores either
09:13:40bertrikoh, I thought there was some setting you could do (perhaps not totally obvious).
09:13:59bertrikdownloading and configuring uses a single core though
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09:17:43amiconnActually iirc there was a problem with at least some gcc or binutils version and make -jN with N > 1
09:18:28amiconnI could run several copies of in parallel (building one crosscompiler in each) - if the dl and build directories weren't hardcoded (and checked)
09:20:18amiconnAh no, I can change them using env vars
09:25:30amiconnBuilding 4 toolchains in parallel now
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12:26:48megal0maniac[Saint]: ping
12:28:40[Saint]added MichaelRodger to wikiusersgroup
12:28:58megal0maniacty :)
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12:45:19megal0maniacBagder: ping
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22:17:42serhi guys, sansa fuze v1, rockbox 3.11.2 - and files *.aac (HE-AAC, 64bit) are not visible on the device - any hints?
22:32:00AlexPIt seems that .aac isn't included for them
22:32:18AlexPAlthough that might be out of date of course :)
22:33:01AlexPAnyway, you could try renaming one and see if that "fixes" it
22:33:19serthanks :-( can i find anywhere an aplha build which is able to support it?
22:33:33AlexPNo, that is the manual for the dev build
22:33:35amiconnAfaik rockbox doesn't support raw aac (.aac), just aac in an mpeg container (.m4a)
22:34:02AlexPAh, well that would explain it
22:34:02ser claims they are checked into git
22:34:17AlexPThey are
22:34:22AlexPAnd also the latest release
22:34:29AlexPBut what is your point there?
22:34:44seri have loads of .aac files :(
22:34:56AlexPRight, so see what I and then amiconn said
22:35:24 Join saratoga_ [0] (62659e41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:35:41AlexPIf they are raw aac not in a container then they aren't supported (IHRC), if they are in a container but misnamed, then you could try renaming just one to see if it works
22:35:42serCodec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
22:35:46saratoga_yeah .aac files aren't really standardized, so pretty much nothing supports them
22:35:48servlc gives sucha n info
22:35:56AlexPSo try renaming one
22:36:02serto .mp4?
22:36:14AlexPThat'd probably do
22:36:21saratoga_could be almost anything in a .aac file from an mpeg4 stream to a raw transport stream
22:36:23sertrying, two minutes...
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22:42:14seryes, the file stays visible, but not playable
22:42:39saratoga_then its probably not a misnamed AAC file
22:42:58saratoga_how did you find this thing?
22:44:56serthese are rips made by myself using streamripper, AAC-HE
22:45:26servlc plays them without a fuss
22:45:46saratoga_you'll have to look into how that software works, but my guess is that it just gave you a raw transport stream or something similar
22:46:20bluebrotherok, I'm planning to push a new Rockbox Utility release tomorrow. Anything that's left?
22:46:43bluebrother(I've got one change pending to update it to the new build-info on the webserver)
22:47:16bluebrotherI also expect a new release following in the not too distant future to add RC build support
22:47:24bluebrotherand probably some voicefile stuff
22:47:40sersaratoga_: yes, faad claims it is a raw file
22:47:54saratoga_ser: maybe mp4 box can fix it
22:47:59bluebrotheroh, and while talking about voicefiles: any comments on g#269 ?
22:48:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #269 at,269 : Add voicefile version to rockbox-info.txt. by Dominik Riebeling (changes/69/269/1)
22:48:53 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:49:06saratoga_or g#270 if someone who knows the playlist code is around
22:49:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #270 at,270 : Make playlist.c aware of external storage when determining paths by Michael Giacomelli (changes/70/270/1)
22:50:38saratoga_i guess that might be kugel, jdGordon or jhMikeS?
22:52:07sersaratoga_: mp4box is a windows app? any similar for linux?
22:52:20seri see it works on linux, thanks
22:52:59saratoga_mp4box is actually a linux command line tool
22:53:57seryes, it is inside gpac package, thanks
22:55:37saratoga_i think its assumed that if you find a raw aac file you're probably a linux user with some broken software
22:56:11seri am not sure if is broken, as vlc plays it :) it is just a stream rip
22:56:42saratoga_its nonstandard, so the software that gave it to you is broken
22:57:15seri think AAC-HE stream is not very standardized at the moment
22:57:21saratoga_sure it is
22:58:22seri was able to find only one free encoder for it, max 64kbit
22:58:40n1sraw streams stored in files are weird though
22:59:40serit may be weird, but it works and gives 50% less disk usage then mp3
23:00:36 Quit advcomp2019__ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:00:44n1spopping it in a container will work in more places and take perhaps 1% more space
23:00:45saratoga_that stream probably isn't a raw file
23:01:02saratoga_just the software you used to record it didn't handle it correctly
23:01:21serit may be, as streamripper was not designed for aac-ha
23:02:14saratoga_also, there are basically no open source AAC-He encoders worth using (e.g. better then lame at a given bitrate)
23:02:36saratoga_so if you care about that sort of thing, do not use aac-he
23:05:15 Join guymann [0] (
23:12:49serhaha - MP4Box -info gives ...
23:13:01serFile has 1 tracks
23:13:01serTrack 1 type: Audio (....)
23:13:09serthat's it :)
23:20:55saratoga_yeah a raw stream has basically no info since that would have been stored in the container
23:23:29funmanthere are a few low-level aac containers (different from mp4) but i am not sure which info they store
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