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#rockbox log for 2012-06-09

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08:47:21RFroehningthe quickscreen menu calls settings_apply on exit. does this mean it is not using the callback function of the menu entries?
08:48:23RFroehningthe problem is: i am trying to implement a sleeptimer which can be started/stopped from the qs. this works just fine. but if trying to use them in the sleeptimer menu fails...
08:49:11RFroehningso i guess i have to supply a callback for that?
08:49:32RFroehningor should settings_apply be a callback from that menu?
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11:39:37JdGordonRFroehning: hey, you round?
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12:13:35amiconnHumm. rbspeexenc doesn't build on current cygwin as-is. The linker complains about multiple definition of symbols in "distribution" provided libs
12:14:21amiconnMaths stuff colliding between libmsvcrt.a and libm.a
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12:33:17RFroehninggood to see you
12:33:30RFroehninghope you are setting savvy?
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12:59:49bertrikanyone here with a samsung yh-820 ?
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15:57:47*gevaerts reminds bluebrother, LinusN, Zagor, Torne, wodz, bertrik and himself of what they promised during DevCon :)
16:02:57[Saint]"What happens in DevCon stays in DevCon"? ;-)
16:03:13gevaertsNot if it's in the minutes!
16:03:40*gevaerts really hopes someone will read them. They were *work*!
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16:54:16kugelgevaerts: I have fixed to handle fms locally
16:54:31kugelactually I have almost completely rewritten it. I hope to commit tomorrow
16:54:40gevaertsSounds good :)
16:55:17kugel"The backdrop font on cabbiev2 seems to be unknown/missing, which makes new backdrops tricky to make " <- the grey rockbox logo at the bottom right edge?
16:55:24kugelif yes, I also have that handy
16:55:30gevaertsI think so, yes
16:56:01*gevaerts doesn't know much about those bits
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16:57:41kugelanyway, I read it. good work!
16:59:38gevaertsFor details you can always listen to that particular bit of the discussion. Those youtube links should be correct
17:00:58gevaertshm, that particular one doesn't seem to work for me :\
17:03:11gevaertsSeems to depend on local issues
17:17:46bluebrother^gevaerts: I can actually point to several gerrit reviews :)
17:28:25CIA-4Commit c4183e1 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: Move s3c2440 i2c driver in firmware/SOURCES to a more logical place
17:30:33CIA-4c4183e1 build result: All green
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18:12:16gevaertsbluebrother^: I know many of the things on there have been done at least in part. I wanted these to be devcon minutes though, not post-devcon minutes :)
18:12:47gevaertsbluebrother^: this reminds me, it might be useful to have an official rockbox git repository for this testing business
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20:13:35internetHello there, all downloadable themes besides the default and cabbiev2 completely break rockbox on both my Clip Zips. Problems go from glitched display to rockbox crashes or freezes when using USB and/or disk access.
20:13:56internetIs there something in the skin engine that changed in the last months?
20:16:55bertrikcabbiev2 was made the default theme a few weeks ago
20:19:17internetYeah sorry I meant "the default cabbiev2 and failsafe themes"
20:21:40bertrikI still suspect problems in buflib adaptation in the skin engine
20:22:20bertrikAlso I still get weird things after unplugging USB
20:30:13internethmm I must say that many of the rockbox problems on the clip zip smell a lot like random "gardening" in memory
20:31:47internetsome illegal access or flat out crashes + normally, a faulty theme shouldn't be able to access core components like USB
20:32:23internetthough, post-disclaimer: I'm not an expert at all. :P
20:32:26AlexPThere has been some theme engine caused memory corruption recently
20:32:37AlexPI thought that was fixed, but it might not all have been
20:32:45AlexPWhat version of Rockbox?
20:33:03internetlatest dev build, c4183e1
20:33:19AlexPlooks like it might not have been fixed then :)
20:35:53internetAlex I don't know if you're a dev, if not do you know what I should do to make that problem known?
20:36:15AlexPI'm sort of one :)
20:36:27AlexPAs in involved in Rockbox but not in the code bits :)
20:36:51AlexPI'd have a search of the bug tracker to see if there is anything there, and if not open a bug with as much info as possible
20:37:10internetsomehow I missed the bug tracker
20:37:20AlexPno worries
20:38:32internetnow let's find out how to consistently describe those bugs -__-
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21:54:58saratogapamaury: the fuze+ manual refers to a mkimxboot binary on the download server
21:55:07saratogapamaury_: you too
21:55:20saratogadid you intend to upload a binary for that program or is the manual link incorrect?
21:56:07bluebrothernice. Rockbox Utility crashes for Fuze+ even on Linux :(
21:56:59 Join yo [0] (
21:57:07bluebrother(gdb) p opt
21:57:08bluebrother$1 = {debug = false, output = IMX_DUALBOOT, fw_variant = 4140535310}
21:57:19bluebrotherand fw_variant is used to access an array :o
21:57:41 Quit yo (Client Quit)
21:57:43saratogawhen did this start?
21:57:51saratogaafaik there hasn't been a new fuze+ firmware in ages
21:58:31bluebrotherseems like the structure passed to mkimxboot has a new entry added.
21:58:47bluebrotherwhich when called from Rockbox Utiltiy is uninitialized
21:59:50saratogai'm guessing this commit:;a=blobdiff;f=rbutil/mkimxboot/mkimxboot.c;h=8806167078000bf61cb2b1711ef5fdc65f8183c1;hp=6f90924c9aca5ca1d973cd557e501664a64826e8;hb=e09c1e3d43665d04ae0ce2f288ba695b5abc3622;hpb=b62ec2ba809f093f299111cf263ce51ca4d4a665
22:01:05bluebrotheryes, that looks like the problem to me as well
22:03:06bluebrotherinitializing that makes the crash go away. Unsurprisingly
22:03:15*bluebrother grumbles
22:04:17pamaury_saratoga: I did not write the manual :(
22:04:25saratogaso that text should be removed?
22:05:47bluebrotherpamaury_: not checking the input values in mkimxboot() opt struct might not be the best idea :o
22:06:00pamaury_or a mkimxboot binary should be uploaded
22:06:23pamaury_bluebrother: what is the problem?
22:06:44 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (
22:07:00 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
22:07:00 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:07:56pamauryah, the rbutil specific code that calls mkimxboot was not fixed when I added the fw_variant field
22:08:50pamauryindeed, not checking the value is not the best idea
22:08:57pamauryI'll fix that in a minute
22:09:08pamauryat least for rbutilq
22:09:13CIA-4Commit 1e2c650 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Fix crash in mkimxboot bootloader installation.
22:09:17bluebrotheralready done
22:09:43bluebrotherbut that means that mkimxboot bootloaders are completely broken in Rockbox Utility 1.2.14 :(
22:10:27bluebrothernot only not working but crashing. Which is especially a problem on Windows, since there is no good way to figure what's going on in this case
22:10:49CIA-41e2c650 build result: All green
22:11:15saratogaput up the fixed binary for windows machines at least?
22:12:03pamaurywe should have checked the installer before the release
22:12:15bluebrotherI'll create a new development binary for Windows in a minute
22:12:31bluebrotherwell, checking all functionality in Rockbox Utility is rather hard
22:12:38 Quit Zambezi (Changing host)
22:12:38 Join Zambezi [0] (Zulu@unaffiliated/zambezi)
22:13:09bluebrotherI do want more unit tests ...
22:14:31pamaurytrue. Actually that's my fault, I should have checked all the mkimxboot callers since I changed the binary interface
22:16:51bluebrotherone of the problems with this kind of stuff to test is that it heavily depends on files from "outside"
22:17:10bluebrotherand for others (like ipod) it even requires a disk to operate on ...
22:17:29bluebrotherthough for the patching stuff it should be feasible
22:17:51bluebrothermaybe by using a shell script that downloads the required files first if missing
22:17:58ZagorI've been having fantasies about setting up a target lab for automatic testing
22:18:17bluebrotherbut all this requires time to get done :/
22:18:21AlexPMy fantasies are different
22:18:53ZagorAlexP: :)
22:19:55bluebrotherdidn't you have those fantasies a year ago at devcon as well? ;-)
22:20:19gevaertsSpeaking of testing...
22:20:37gevaertsbluebrother: maybe we should get your prototype website code into a repository
22:20:55ZagorI'm not sure I've ever spoken about this. it's way too unrealistic.
22:20:59gevaertsWhich means we should probably ask Zagor for one
22:21:22gevaertsZagor: we've talked about this at fosdem a few years ago
22:21:23 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:21:50bluebrothergevaerts: I was thinking about setting up a repo and pushing it to github
22:22:00saratogaZagor: are you able to update the website now?
22:22:24gevaertsbluebrother: github works of course, but in the long term I think we want it on
22:22:27bluebrotherZagor: I don't think it's unrealistic from a technology point of view. The problem is the time required to build something up like that
22:22:31saratogacan you change the old releases link to point to here:
22:22:33bluebrothergevaerts: sure
22:22:41bluebrotherspeaking about it:
22:23:02bluebrotherhow about asking the user to upload the installed rockbox-info.txt instead of selecting the player?
22:23:05Zagorbluebrother: yes, it's definitely *possible*. just quite expensive and very much work.
22:23:33bluebrothershould make it less prone to errors (and maybe provide a fallback selection as well)
22:23:37gevaertsbluebrother: I'd say we allow both ways
22:23:40bluebrotherZagor: yeps :)
22:23:59saratogabasically, someone wanting an old release probably wants one that runs on more then just archos :)
22:24:12bluebrothergevaerts: pretty much what I was thinking about. I just had the idea to ask users to upload rockbox-info.txt, to make things easier :)
22:24:24bluebrother(for both sides)
22:24:30*gevaerts agrees
22:24:34gevaertsNo mistakes that way
22:24:36bluebrotheroh, and my idea was to have something like for that :)
22:27:12bluebrotherZagor: any idea on what file extension to use in g#246 ? I'd like to get that finished (and work on the next things :)
22:27:21CIA-4Commit d878244 in www by Björn Stenberg: Change link to old releases.
22:27:37AlexPbluebrother: where be thy bot?
22:27:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #246 at : Create binary voice string archive on target. by Dominik Riebeling (changes/46/246/1)
22:27:45AlexPaha :)
22:27:49bluebrotherAlexP: here :)
22:27:56AlexPjust snoozing :)
22:28:07bluebrotherlike that
22:28:16saratogaZagor: its actually "" rather then "" (need to drop the 's')
22:29:36CIA-4Commit 30ac46e in www by Björn Stenberg: Change wrong link to right.
22:32:45AlexPbluebrother: Is there anything stopping the latex clean up going in?
22:32:46 Join kadoban [0] (
22:33:00saratogawhich clean up is this?
22:33:11AlexPsaratoga: Clean up of the manual building output
22:33:19saratogayeah that would be nice
22:33:20AlexPSo you can actually see if there was a problem
22:33:24bluebrotherAlexP: I was waiting for pixelma's comments
22:34:08saratogaso do we want to tag an mkimxboot binary, or should i just remove the mention of it from the manual
22:34:16bluebrotherthough I wouldn't mind submitting it to avoid that waiting for too long −− she seems to be busy with other stuff lately
22:34:27saratogamight not be bad to have, although i admit once rbutil is working its fairly useless
22:34:30Zagorbluebrother: .vstrings ?
22:34:57bluebrotherZagor: fine with me.
22:35:44AlexPbluebrother: I'm in favour of it going in, but it depends on how long
22:35:48 Join adamslovacek [0] (
22:36:35bluebrotherAlexP: well, it's sitting in gerrit since 1 1/2 weeks now
22:38:14bluebrotherand while I don't see a need to hurry I'd like to keep the number of topics I'm working on low :)
22:38:26AlexPI do the same :P
22:40:38bluebrotherthat testing website is currently waiting for me to finish the other stuff first. Just as an example :)
22:42:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:48:28CIA-4Commit d6ef5a0 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Create binary voice string archive on target.
22:48:59bluebrotherah, gerrit notices that I pushed that change directly. Good.
22:49:06 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:49:10 Join RFroehning [0] (
22:50:11CIA-4d6ef5a0 build result: All green
22:51:09bluebrotherhmm. Why is the build table showing such a big binsize increase?
22:51:22bluebrotherthat change only increases, not the binary
22:51:53 Quit Zagor (Quit: Leaving)
22:53:17bluebrotherand the table shows an increase in RAM?
23:00:04gevaertsbluebrother: max_language_size.h has a much bigger MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE now
23:02:10bluebrotherurgh. Why that?
23:03:11gevaertsThat ls -l needs something better than * :)
23:03:13bluebrotherthat ls call also lists the zip
23:03:29bluebrother*.lng should do :)
23:06:11CIA-4Commit 4e41c6d in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Only check lng files for MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE.
23:07:44CIA-44e41c6d build result: All green
23:08:06bluebrothermuch better now :)
23:12:25 Part adamslovacek
23:23:46 Join adamslovacek [0] (
23:25:46adamslovacekHello guys. I would like to add ate stopwatch on WPS. Is it possible somehow (like change wps file...)
23:29:29bluebrotherRockbox has a stopwatch plugin
23:29:37bluebrotherbut you can't add its output to the wps
23:31:29bluebrotheroh, nice.
23:31:30adamslovacekWell answers all my questions:-). Thanks again.
23:31:54bluebrotherthere's a voice string "-inf", which, when passing it to espeak, will get interpreted as command line option :o
23:32:22adamslovacek(I's runner and was wondering if i can leave my stopwatch at home and grab only my clip+)
23:33:11AlexPYou should be able to set music going then enter the stopwatch plugin and use it
23:34:27gevaertsbluebrother: does espeak have the usual −− option separator?
23:34:31adamslovacekYes it is possible, but it's not like you just check your time in 1 second:-)
23:37:51bluebrothergevaerts: yes. Just added that and it works
23:40:05 Quit KiwiCam (Quit: Leaving)
23:40:16 Part adamslovacek
23:40:53CIA-4Commit 551ea5e in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: espeak: indicate end of options.
23:40:54CIA-4Commit 900cf6d in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Rockbox Utility: support reading voice strings from target.
23:42:53CIA-4900cf6d build result: All green
23:57:50 Quit Wardo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

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