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#rockbox log for 2012-06-12

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10:50:48JdGordongevaerts: taking down a theme for not using its own backdrop is a bit harsh!
11:00:13evilnickJdGordon: Kinda true, but it's a bit weird that when installing the theme it (the unzip program) asks if it can overwrite the cabbiev2 background image, so I answered no to that and assumed that the theme had replaced the image
11:00:18evilnickMy fault!
11:00:57JdGordonoh, he put the cabbie bmp in the theme?
11:01:04JdGordonthats not so good :)
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11:58:45wodzTorne: ping
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16:23:52pamauryanyone has the datasheet of the QN8005 tuner chip?
16:32:35pamauryeven linux doesn't have a driver for it...only chumby has one and it doesn't even come in the kernel. What the hell is this chip ^^
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18:18:41Juusuhello, is there a way to unbrick a sansa clip zip?
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18:58:39Juususo when I plugged in my clip zip it was at around 35% battery and the screen showed a flashing error message and turned off. I tried everything on the sandisk website and that I could think of and had lost hope when none of them worked. Went to sleep, woke up again and plugged it in and fingers crossed may be working. Rockbox has booted and the memory is mounted and it can be used fine. Going to let it charge for some time
18:58:39Juusu before I unplug it and see whether it continues to work.
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19:29:28*user890104 wonders if anyone has an idea what's happening in FS #12695
19:29:29fs-bluebot Drawing some of the WPS UI over lists on iPod Classic/CabbieV2 (bugs, unconfirmed)
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20:11:51CIA-47Commit 4ea3f9f in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Move include to proper place and do some code police.
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20:14:10CIA-474ea3f9f build result: All green
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20:29:37farlepetWasn't the iPod Nano 2g a stable build before? Or am i not remembering correctly?
20:32:44evilnickIt was yes
20:33:55farlepetAnd why did it change back to unstable? Did you have to revert back to old code?
20:34:28*evilnick isn't sure of the details but thinks that it was something to do with USB
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21:14:02funmanyeah USB stopped working correctly
21:14:47funmani still plan to work on it at some point
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21:48:47saratogadid we ever agree on letting espeak in under GPLv3 terms in rockbox (presumably with a compile time option for people who want GPLv2)?
21:54:05gevaertssaratoga: I think so
21:57:20saratogai'm going to put a comment to that effect in FS #7660
21:57:21fs-bluebot Plugin espeak TTS engine for rockbox (patches, unconfirmed)
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22:31:05amiconnsaratoga_: Iirc we still need to check whether we have some v2 only code in rockbox, and if so, replace/ rewrite that
22:31:25saratoga_amiconn: I thought we concluded that there was no v2 only code left in rockbox?
22:31:57amiconnNot sure, hence "iirc"
22:39:30saratoga_looking at the mailing list and IRC logs, it appears that we think we've taken care of that issue
22:39:48ZagorI enabled commit mails now
22:39:57saratoga_so i guess as long as the gplv3 only stuff is a compile time option its probably ok, since you could always disable it if some little bit of v2 only code were found
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22:43:33AlexPZagor: great, thanks :)
22:43:42gevaertssaratoga_: I think technically it's even more fun, as in we can distribute a source tree with mixed licenses, which only becomes gplv3 when compiled, so the only people who "suffer" from v3-ness are those who demand source code for a binary
22:44:19saratoga_yes as far as i know that should be fine, so long as we don't produce binaries with mixed licenses
22:44:22gevaertsZagor: nice!
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22:50:54saratoga_so anyone want to look at the sd card playlist patch or should I just commit it?
22:51:14saratoga_worst case is that playlists get a little broken on players with removable storage, but it seems to work for me
22:51:31saratoga_although it would be nice if someone could look over my code, my memory of the c string library was a little hazy
22:51:52saratoga_so no promises i didn't pick a stupidly inefficient way to do it
22:55:23*bluebrother can now create talk files for more than one folder at a time with Rockbox Utility
22:55:38bluebrotherbut the window for that looks cramped and ugly :(
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23:01:11kugelsaratoga_: g#270?
23:01:37saratoga_kugel: yeah
23:01:58bertrik g#270
23:02:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #270 at : Make playlist.c aware of external storage when determining paths by Michael Giacomelli (changes/70/270/1)
23:03:17kugelI'm not sure about the second part of the change
23:06:07saratoga_kugel: as far as I can tell the only reason that function was called was to enable the save as path to be of the forum "../"
23:06:33saratoga_which is kind of point less when the same code defaults the path to "./full/path/to/file"
23:06:52saratoga_no sense erasing an absolute path to put in a relative one given how painful text input is
23:07:09saratoga_hmm don't know why that dot ended up in that path :)
23:07:26kugelno, it pre-fills with the current directory
23:07:55saratoga_thats what i mean
23:08:00kugelgetcwd returns something like /Music, not ".."
23:08:06kugeli think that's a useful feature
23:08:27saratoga_when would it be useful?
23:10:57kugelit should at the very least be prefilled with the playlist catalogue setting
23:11:52kugelanyway, I think you can press long select on any file and choose to safe the current playlist in the folder where the file is
23:11:52saratoga_does that happen now?
23:12:18saratoga_i think now you get the CWD, or a relative path (from the CWD)
23:12:45kugelCWD is the current dir of the file browser
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23:13:35 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@
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23:13:45 Join FOAD [0] (~foad@unaffiliated/foad)
23:15:06kugeljust tried, it seems you can only save playlist from the wps in which case the folder of the current song is used
23:15:40saratoga_ah so its not cwd
23:15:46kugelI don't think that's very useful. but / isn't either
23:16:09kugelglobal_settings.playlist_catalog_dir or so should be best
23:16:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:16:53saratoga_can that folder be on the sd card?
23:17:06kugelyes. it's user configurable
23:17:15kugeldefault is /Playlists
23:18:26saratoga_that will break the logic in that patch if the catalog dir is on the sd card i think
23:18:32CIA-47f9dce96 build result: 242 errors, 120 warnings (Jonathan Gordon committed)
23:18:41saratoga_since then it will prepend a <microsd1>/ to paths when it shouldn't
23:21:48kugeli dont understand
23:22:39saratoga_the playlist dir contains the string "<microsd1>", the code will prepend the absolute path with "/<microsd1>"
23:23:04saratoga_which would be wrong if you tried to save the playlist to the main memory even though the playlist dir was on the sd card
23:24:34saratoga_basically what that patch does is look for playlists that are saved to the sd card, and then make them relative to the root of the sd card, unfortunately rockbox uses the same logic to decide where relative paths point
23:25:10kugelwhat have relative paths to do with it?
23:25:37saratoga_the save dialog always processes paths with that logic even if they're absolute paths
23:25:55amiconnZagor: -> 404. Similar effect for the build logs (no 404, but empty log)
23:26:57saratoga_basically, format_track_path does two related by not quite the same things, hunts for files in playlists with abiguous paths, and detects (and expands) relative paths into absolute paths
23:27:17kugelthe path that's inserted into the "enter filename dialog" isnt the path that comes from format_track_path()?
23:27:38saratoga_thats determined earlier up
23:27:41kugelthen I dont know
23:27:46saratoga_yeah its confusing
23:28:00saratoga_the path you get in that dialog is determined by the GUI code IIRC
23:28:05kugelbut your patch removes the ability to use .. ?
23:28:16Zagorbluebrother: the unified build-info now contains [release-candidate]
23:28:21kugelI didn't even know that would work
23:28:29saratoga_me neither actually
23:28:40saratoga_but thats what that CWD does
23:28:45bluebrotherZagor: nice, thanks :)
23:29:13saratoga_it feeds in the CWD of the file browser and then kind of hacks that into this existing function in order to expand relative paths
23:29:32kugeli have no opinion then :)
23:29:35saratoga_ah ok
23:29:52saratoga_well i'm ok with dropping relative paths in save dialog boxes since i think no one uses them :)
23:29:53*bluebrother will work on RC support in Rockbox Utility the next couple of days
23:30:04bluebrotherat least that's the current plan :)
23:31:23gevaertsSo my idea of a possible workflow for the RC build system is that we do RC builds, they get stored on the download server. When we want to do the final release we do the tagging and stuff, and ask for another "RC" build (which would be stable), that gets moved manually to the stable download location
23:31:32Zagorbluebrother: how hard would it be to support multiple rc builds at once?
23:31:55bluebrotherdepends on how we indicate RC builds
23:32:05gevaertsAnd then, so we have RC builds available for those targets that were left out due to e.g. lack of testing, we immediately do another RC build for the next point release
23:32:05Zagorno I mean in rbutil
23:32:06bluebrotherright now you use target=hash,url
23:32:18Zagoroh, "indicate". I read "initiate" :-)
23:32:23bluebrotherso we could use target=hash1,hash2,...
23:32:31bluebrotherand have the URL part hard coded in Rockbox Utility
23:32:39bluebrotherthough I quite like the URL not being hard coded :)
23:32:56bluebrotherapart from that it's just a bit of work :)
23:33:01gevaertsSo we do e.g. 3.12RC1, 3.12RC2, ..., then 3.12, someone moves that to releases/, and then we do 3.12.1RC right away
23:33:21bluebrotherwill the real RC builds have something like 3.12RC1 instead of a hash?
23:33:38Zagorgevaerts: why do we want 3.12.1rc1 immediately after 3.12 release?
23:33:59gevaertsZagor: so people who want to test 3.12 on one of those missing targets can actually get a build to test
23:34:30Zagorbut the dev build will still be there?
23:34:54gevaertsYes, but that's branched away, so it doesn't tell us if we can re-include the target
23:36:26gevaertsWe don't need this right now, since we don't have the test system in place yet, but if we do, and we go for the "nobody said it works, leave it out' option, and then someone tests it (and it works), we want to add that target back to the release
23:37:44CIA-47Commit 47ea5b6 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Remove encoder display from voice / talk dialogs.
23:40:08CIA-4747ea5b6 build result: 0 errors, 9 warnings (Dominik Riebeling committed)
23:42:41 Quit Wardo (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:45:14 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:57:20bertrikgevaerts, can you perhaps explain what should happen during USB plug and unplug? I think the basic idea is that every subsystem gets a SYS_USB_CONNECT (or somethng like that) to back off from the file system, right?
23:58:36bertrikI'm tracing a bug between playlist stuff getting shut down by the USB connect event and later starting up again in a half-deinitialised state

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