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#rockbox log for 2012-06-15

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00:22:04AlexPAny idea how to use %T to make it so that if it is pressed once it skips but if it is held it seeks?
00:23:02AlexPI've tried defining the same region twice with two different actions, one with repeat_press but that doesn't seem to do it
00:23:34AlexPAlthough cabbie suggests that should work
00:23:42AlexPMaybe I just got it wrong, I'll check :)
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00:30:22AlexPdo ffwd and rew not work from a sbs?
00:32:43AlexPIt seems not
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01:08:56[Saint]AlexP: two overlapping touch areas, one for FFWD/one for skip, and can't seek in the .sbs, only skip.
01:09:12AlexPyeah, that's the bit that doesn't work
01:09:16AlexPNeeds fixing :)
01:09:16[Saint](weird, annoying limitation)
01:09:30AlexPDon't worry, I've put it on gevaerts' list :P
01:09:55[Saint]until I cried about it, you couldn't skip in the .sbs either ;)
01:10:11AlexPwe'll get them all eventually :)
01:11:36*gevaerts fears these new evolutions
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07:49:24*Dhraakellian vaguely remembers that it's possible to speed up audio without affecting pitch
07:49:32Dhraakellianbut it looks like it's the other way around
07:49:50Dhraakellianchanging pitch without affecting speed
07:53:09*Dhraakellian wants to speed up a news podcast but still wants to be able to recognize voices
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07:59:05Dhraakellian*facepalm* helps to read the screen more closely
07:59:16Dhraakellianand it's too late at night/early in the morning
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09:33:50kugelbertrik: it seems cabbiev2 is not installed properly
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10:57:38CIA-47Commit 3254fb7 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: (Author: Akio Idehara) Bring back iAudio M3 cabbiev2 support
11:00:11CIA-473254fb7 build result: All green
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11:05:06wodzkugel: ping
11:08:58CIA-47Commit ba5802e in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: WPSLIST: Add some more forgotten wps entries.
11:09:04kugelwodz: pong
11:10:59CIA-47ba5802e build result: All green
11:11:08wodzkugel: Something wrong is with fms handling. .fms is copied correctly, there is entry in theme cfg file but it still does not catch up
11:12:14kugelwodz: what do you mean?
11:15:19wodzI try to add cabbiev2-160x128x2.fms to mpio hd300. I added FMS: yes and fms.160x128x2: cabbiev2-160x128x2.fms in WPSLIST. Then I have this in cabbiev2.cfg (which looks ok) but fms does not show
11:15:47wodzkugel: btw you are still missing rwps.128x96x2: cabbiev2.128x96x2.wps (iaudio x5)
11:16:05wodzat least thats what I spotted
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11:19:07wodzIf I select manually cabbie fms under settings->themes->radio screen it pushes fms: /.rockbox/wps/cabbiev2.fms to config.cfg and then fms shows up in radio screen
11:30:52kugelthat's the same line as generated
11:31:02wodzyes but in different file
11:31:33kugelyou mean cabbiev2.cfg vs config.cfg?
11:31:54wodzit looks like cabbiev2.cfg is not scanned for fms entry
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13:03:01CIA-47Commit 2760d57 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: touchscreen: Don't hide selection by default. Fixes FS #12675.
13:04:57CIA-472760d57 build result: All green
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14:00:17stripwaxI just tried out the VM (for the first time) and it doesn't have git :-/
14:01:39Torneyeah, the vm images are not really kept up to date.
14:01:40stripwax(which obviously isn't hard to install, but the dev guide doesn't mention needing to install it after setting up the VM)
14:01:49stripwaxfair enough
14:01:54Torneupdate it, if possible :)
14:01:57Torneor update the docs to mention it
14:02:18stripwaxI'll update the wiki page, yep.
14:03:03stripwaxIf I have time / figure out how, I'll update the VM
14:04:04gevaertsIt's not clear if updating the VM makes sense
14:04:09TorneTHat too
14:04:14gevaertsThat all depends on when Torne finishes those packages :)
14:04:22Torneindeed :)
14:09:50stripwaxI'm (very) out-of-the-loop at the moment; what packages?
14:10:11stripwax(feel free to point me to relevant discussions/links, I'm happy to catch up in my own time)
14:10:13Tornewe've been planning on having a process that produces debs and/or rpms containing the current toolchains
14:10:20Torneand probably also depending on the other packages needed to build rockbox
14:10:26Torne(or metapackages that depend on them, or whatever)
14:10:41Tornesuch that people with a vaguely debianlike system, or a vaguely fedoralike system, etc, can just install them
14:10:50Torneinstead of doing and also installing stuff manually.
14:11:01Tornei've more or less volunteered to handle the debian part of this :)
14:11:08Tornebecause i've packaged debs before
14:11:19Tornebut i'm also moving house and stuff so don't hold me to any deadlines :p
14:11:42Tornethe main point here being that we can just point at some externally-maintained ubuntu vm image or whatever
14:11:43stripwaxarchlinux support would be neat too. I'd volunteer for that but I now have a two-week-old son :-)
14:11:51Torneand say "run this and then install this package"
14:12:02Tornerather than maintaining our own vm
14:12:05stripwaxmakes sense
14:12:26Tornewell, anyone who feels like contributing specs for different packaging systems probably could
14:12:35Tornebut it'd be useful, in general, i think, if it was things that a lot of people can easily build/update
14:12:44 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
14:12:49Tornebeacuse if the packages get stale because nobody with arch/whatever has rebuilt them after we changed something then that's back to where we are now
14:12:54gevaertsstripwax: (look for "Toolchains distributed as linux packages")
14:13:12gevaertsYou can watch the five minute discussion about it if you want :)
14:13:12stripwaxgevaerts - cheers (I should read all that I expect)
14:13:12Torne.deb covers a pretty wide range of people (both rockbox devs and users)
14:13:20 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
14:13:45Torneespecially since dependencies tend to be easier to handle there (because every distro is basically debian derived and shares a common set of package names, unlike with rpm-based distros where stuff is annoyingly inconsistent)
14:16:46stripwaxlooks like it's possible to convert .deb to the format required by pacman (programatically), so shouldn't be too hard to support arch that way
14:18:42pixelmaI thought that the toolchain package idea was already mentioned at DevCon2011 ;)
14:18:49gevaertsI'd say it probably depends on how creative you are with debconf usage and pre/postinstt scripts
14:19:04TorneWell, yes
14:19:15Tornethe pacakges i have in mind don't do anything interesting
14:19:19Tornejust files and dependencies
14:19:32Tornecan't think of anything else necessary
14:19:45Torneso to convert to foreign formats with alien/etc it's just a matter of matching up the deps to the right thing in the target distro
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15:45:25AlexPIs it possible to show the android notification bar when Rockbox is running?
15:46:37Tornewell, i mean: yes, it could be coded that way
15:46:44Tornebut then you get to make skins that are X pixels shorter.
15:47:35AlexPBut I'd very much like that
15:47:49AlexPBut what I meant originally is is it possible now
15:47:57AlexPI was assuming it could be made to be so :)
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15:59:18gevaertsAlexP: I won't do that!
15:59:29AlexPgevaerts: damn you!
15:59:41AlexPgevaerts: Is that a moral stand, or is it tricky to do?
16:00:19gevaertsWell, I have no idea how hard it is, really
16:00:48AlexPI'll have to find someone else to bribe then :)
16:03:38Tornei have a suspicion it might be a one line change :)
16:04:05AlexPTorne: That'd be even more greaterer :)
16:04:17AlexPWell, we'd want an option I think
16:04:23 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
16:04:32Tornei'm not sure it can easily be done as an option
16:04:42Torneit probably needs ot be set before setting up the surfaceview
16:04:46AlexPIt would require restarting I assume?
16:04:58AlexPOr not even easily doable like that?
16:05:00Torneyah, but it might also need to be stored somewhere that's radable *before* the native code runs
16:05:07Tornei.e. in an android pref or similar
16:05:24Torneso that the surface can get set up before we init our native code tha texpects to know things like "how big the screen is"
16:05:31Tornei may be wrong though
16:05:41Torneactual rendering stuff on android is not something i know *much* about
16:05:46AlexPFor the time being I'd be happy to just include it for me :)
16:05:51AlexPhint hint :)
16:14:58saratogastripwax: the virtualbox images of mine don't have git?
16:15:06saratogacan't remember if i added that or not
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17:02:32bertrikI'm trying to fix the playlist splash thing. What's a thread supposed to do when receiving a SYS_USB_CONNECTED?
17:03:07bertrikTo close all file descriptors, right? Any other stuff it should do too?
17:06:47bertrikplaylist.c just seems to ack the event and then wait for the disconnect, it seems the file descriptor cleanup is handled indirectly through apps/misc.c
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17:25:15idakI found that auto-generated URL link in IRC Web log was broken if URL included comma(,).
17:26:10idakI wonder if someone could fix this issue.
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18:35:26 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
18:36:19kugelpAlexP: check out (pun intended) my dynamic_lcd branch
18:36:42AlexPkugelp: For having the notification bar?
18:37:03AlexPgreat, will do, thanks
18:38:01 Quit jfc (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
18:38:42kugelpdid anyone find out what's wrong with roolku's servers? to me it looks like git is blocked in his environment?
18:42:44 Join jfc [0] (
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18:44:30stripwaxsaratoga - the one linked from the main "dev guide" link does not have git. I don't know if that's "your image" or not though .. ?
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18:52:00pamaury\o/ rockbox running on the insignia infocast! Chumby is too easy ;)
18:58:24 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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20:42:27kugelhm, the language is not saved properly (on RaaA)
20:49:16[Saint]That must be fairly recent.
20:49:42[Saint]I was playing with localization the other day, and it was setting properly.
20:50:13kugeli think settings are only saved on shutdown
20:59:25AlexPkugel: Maybe as a result of fixing the bug that was causing settings to save on every change e.g. volume on other targets, thus slowing them down
21:01:29kugelactually, 6b8330d was an incorrect fix. the issue I wanted to fix appears to be actually in my dynamic_lcd branch. apparently my testing was wrong so I thought it happens on master also
21:01:44kugel_i think_, anyway
21:02:00CIA-47Commit 2345e0c in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: hosted: disable USING_STORAGE_CALLBACK again
21:02:55bertrikI think we're not saving settings when rolo-ing either
21:03:09 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
21:03:58CIA-472345e0c build result: All green
21:05:51kugelbut my branch definitely behaves differently (and wrongly)
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21:22:05WilliamCThe ClipZip is problematic isn't it?
21:23:14 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:23:30[Saint]Is the rest of that sentence hiding around elsewhere? ;)
21:23:50[Saint]Or, was it simply a general statement?
21:24:01WilliamCWill I ever be able to trust Rockbox on my clipzip?
21:24:19[Saint]You can now.
21:24:28WilliamCI've had to deal with file corruption, non-booting, file system corruption
21:25:22[Saint]Depending on your usage, you may still have to deal with those things on a "stable" target also.
21:25:45WilliamCI don't do anything exotic with it, I just listen to music
21:26:06[Saint]If you regularly have FS corruption, it suggests to me that you may not be safely disconnecting the hardware properly.
21:26:22WilliamCOnly once
21:26:34 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:26:53AlexPRockbox does seem to be more unstable lately
21:27:21WilliamCI just don't trust to install it right now
21:27:31funmanWilliamC: don't install it then
21:27:48WilliamCI don't know what happened last week but I'm wary.
21:28:00WilliamCSpent 1 hour reformatting the internal memory
21:28:05[Saint]Well, that pretty much is a recipe for FS corruption. But, yeah...unless a target is marked as stable, and even then bugs pop happens, you should expect any amount of weird and wonderful things to happen.
21:28:09evilnickWilliamC: No-one (here) is going to convince you to run Rockbox
21:28:17funmanthere will be an announcement on when rockbox is deemed bug-free on Clip Zip
21:28:20[Saint]This is why there's no guarantee given anywhere.
21:28:55evilnickAlthough there is a no-quibble money-back offer
21:32:46[Saint]Oh yes! Rockbox is happy to refund in full the cost of our services.
21:33:25AlexPI'm bloody not
21:33:30AlexPYou lot owe me :)
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23:01:09CIA-47Commit c224690 in rockbox by Dominik Riebeling: Clarify Quick Start tab descriptions.
23:03:10CIA-47c224690 build result: All green
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