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#rockbox log for 2012-06-20

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00:02:29*[Saint] wonders if whats-his-face got the hint that your attitude defines the attitudes of others towards you.
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00:27:57Zagoryay, foswiki has a new feature that lets us get away from the monster WikiUsersGroup list
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00:28:38Zagorbasically it works in the inverse, adding new registrations to a read-only list from which we remove them to give write access
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00:37:51Zagorhmm. we have ~1080 people in the writers list. we have 1931 accounts in the password list...
00:38:07amayerthats no good
00:38:52Zagoractually some difference is expected since spammers auto-register and then are never added to the writers list.
00:39:24Zagorand I guess some real users do to, because the can't be bothered to ask for write access
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00:44:01*gevaerts is confused by this code
00:48:37gevaertsAlexP: as far as I can figure out, the AA is actually drawn, but it's then cleared again before the lcd is updated
00:48:50AlexPgevaerts: That sounds useful indeed
00:49:47AlexPZagor: I would have thought it would be reasonable to drop the non-activated accounts
00:49:47ej0rge15:18 <@_Derek_> There.
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00:49:57ZagorAlexP: I agree
00:50:04AlexPThey can't be people trying to use them or they would be asking in here
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01:04:33Zagorthere, foswiki updated to 1.1.5 and user registration de-loused. I'm saving the "authorization inversion" for another day
01:05:37AlexPgood work, thanks
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01:08:44*gevaerts doesn't see what's wrong
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01:14:03CIA-47Commit 0c3934f in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Use RGB565 define instead of plain 565.
01:16:29CIA-470c3934f build result: All green
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01:25:56gevaertsAlexP: got it
01:26:12AlexPgevaerts: oooh, awesome :)
01:26:19AlexPWhat was it?
01:26:19gevaertsIt's a bug in your theme :)
01:26:24AlexPhaha :)
01:26:33AlexPI can only apologise!
01:26:55gevaertsThe backdrop is not (necessarily) redrawn in places without a foreground viewport
01:27:07gevaertsAdd "%V(110,255,500,500,-)
01:27:15gevaerts" somewhere and things will work
01:27:36AlexPThat sounds like the sort of thing that ought to be mentioned somewhere
01:27:50AlexPAs I claim it isn't obvious that you should be doing that :)
01:27:59AlexPThanks ever so much for looking into it
01:28:34gevaertsMaybe it should behave differently if some viewport uses %VB
01:28:52gevaertsThe way it is now though, I'd say the skin engine is behaving as designed
01:29:13AlexPQuite possibly, but I'd claim that behaviour isn't obvious to someone writing a theme
01:29:28AlexPAnd thus where %VB is documented, it should say you also need a %V
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01:30:40gevaerts"Then add %V(0,0,-,-,-) and continue with your skin as normal"
01:31:00gevaertsThis is why :)
01:31:03AlexPConsider me shamed
01:31:25gevaertsIn your case the smaller area would be enough, and possibly faster
01:31:38gevaertsBut I'm not sure if it's measurable
01:32:13AlexPWell, I am sorry
01:32:33AlexPBut on the plus side you've got even more aquanited with the skin code :)
01:32:41gevaertsYes, thanks! :)
01:33:36*gevaerts should probably have spotted this sooner
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01:37:44[Saint]gevaerts: it needs to be 0,0 and fullscreen, as...backdrops must be fullscreen.
01:38:37[Saint]which is why it states "Then add %V(0,0,-,-,-) and continue with your skin as normal", I thought AlexP had actually done so...and was still getting the drawing issue though.
01:38:48gevaerts[Saint]: not necessarily
01:38:52[Saint]I probably should've asked to have a looksee.
01:39:16gevaertsThe backdrop is always drawn once
01:39:51gevaertsSo the viewports to force redrawing it properly only really need to cover the bits that actually change
01:41:02gevaertsOf course, if you draw a backdrop bmp using %x()%VB, this is a changing bit :)
01:41:20[Saint]I don't believe you can.
01:41:51gevaertsdon't believe you can what?
01:42:16[Saint]conbine %x and %VB
01:42:58gevaertswavy does that
01:43:54[Saint]Oh...sorry, my mistake.
01:44:08[Saint]You *have to* use %x, its %X that won't work.
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02:00:45[Saint]Ohhhhh...hey, that's an idea.
02:01:38[Saint]I should be able to ditch the bitmap backdrop if the "fill rectangle" tag can draw a pretty enough gradient.
02:03:23[Saint]I haven't tried it yet, but, I'm guessing you probably can't draw to the backdrop buffer if a backdrop isn't actually loaded.
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02:12:08`wtfsckahoy. anyone in here have a sansa clip+? just wondering if there is an easy way to boot original FW by default instead of holding left button
02:13:02`wtfscknot that important really, just prefer to boot into default first. if i let someone else borrow the player and forget to tell them to hold left, they might find navigating all the menus in rockbox to be confusing
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02:29:47`wtfsckeh nevermind. extract, edit, re-compile bootloader and re-install i guess heh. not sure if i want to bother fiddling with that
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08:50:36wodzTorne: -Wl,-z -Wl,-combreloc doesn't change relocations order. I guess this is because this switch is for 'dynamic' sections. If I understand correctly this has something to do with shared libs which is not the case here.
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13:08:25Neelarkhi, was here Monday asking for help with bricked clip+
13:10:04Neelarkhad problems getting linux to recognise internal flash - well, now it appears! Please can someone guide me through the rest?
13:13:10[Saint]The wiki can.
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13:13:26[Saint]It knows as much as anyone else does.
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13:24:07NeelarkWow! ok, I went ahead and dd the firmware back onto the clip, and after a while it came back on!
13:24:12Neelarkits alive!
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14:44:35*[Saint] is about to find out if a 100MB .fnt file is going to cause a problem.
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15:48:03[Saint_]what's a sane number of glyphs to limit font loading to?
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16:40:13pamaury[Saint_]: look at the current code, I think it already does glyph caching
16:40:31pamauryperhaps it can gives you an idea of what is reasonable
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19:16:03Mirwhy is rockbox "normalising" the volume on one of my albums?
19:16:27Mirit seems to only do it for one album
19:17:40Mirwhat about the tags?
19:18:25Mirhere is what i am noticing
19:18:39Mirthe vu meter isnt capping out on the album
19:18:56Miri just put the same tracks trhough aucaity and they are capping out
19:19:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:47Mirthe major telltail is that i have to crank the volume from -36db on every other album to -20 for the one that seems to be nomalizing the volume
19:20:11Miri know there might not be a fix but it is indeed puzzleing
19:20:40Mirrockbox 3.11 SansaE260
19:20:49bertrikperhaps it has replaygain tags
19:20:51gevaertsCheck for replaygain tags, or disable replaygain
19:24:09bluebrother^ok, so what's the best way to continue with Rockbox Utility?
19:24:28bluebrother^I want to make some bigger changes to the UI and use that to bump it to 1.3.0
19:24:37 Join Thra11_ [0] (~thrall@
19:24:52bluebrother^so, does it make sense to create a new release first?
19:25:15gevaertsWhat's in the current tree compared to the latest version?
19:25:17bluebrother^or should I rather try to get things done soonish instead? ;-)
19:26:28bluebrother^the current tree (a) fixes a crash with mkimxboot (thanks to changes in mkimxboot :(, (b) adds support for voicestrings on target, (c) add support for release candidates, (d) has a somewhat reworked talkfile creation dialog
19:26:36bluebrother^at least that's the important changes :)
19:26:58 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:27:07bluebrother^we currently have a release candidate announced, but afaik that's not really something we want users to install.
19:27:12 Join lebellium_ [0] (
19:27:21bluebrother^so before releasing a new version the server needs to stop announcing that :)
19:27:29gevaertsHm, good idea :)
19:28:16bluebrother^so, is the Fuze+ (aka mkimxboot) issue important enough to make a new release rather soonish or is the number of users low enough (and we can point them to development binaries)?
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19:28:52 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
19:29:48gevaertsWhat sort of timeframes are we talking about?
19:30:10bluebrother^well, that entirely depends on my motivation and free time :)
19:30:27bluebrother^but I kinda want to get that UI thing done rather sooner than later
19:30:30gevaertsIf we stay on a four month schedule, having RC build support in around a month would be very nice to have
19:30:55bluebrother^should be doable. Hopefully :)
19:31:35gevaertsI guess we can always retroactively tag and release today's status
19:32:31 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection timed out)
19:32:34bluebrother^so I guess I'll just go ahead
19:34:41*gevaerts nods
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20:09:47*bluebrother^ doesn't get it
20:10:04bluebrother^I want to include a picture of the player and scale it to some sensible height.
20:10:30bluebrother^but once the device information is updated the widget I'm checking changes its height. Even if its contents don't change at all?
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20:28:46bertriknice to read that Neelark got his clip+ back into working state
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22:23:38[Saint_]the antialiased GNU Unifont font set seems to be going down well.
22:23:48 Nick [Saint_] is now known as [Saint] (~Saint]@unaffiliated/saint/x-8516940)
22:24:33 Join darkham_ [0] (
22:24:49[Saint]not very pretty though.
22:25:20[Saint]compared to, sar, Ubuntu or Robotto
22:27:08 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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23:35:14 Join saratoga [0] (980329b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:35:45saratoga[Saint]: port Robotto
23:36:02[Saint]"port" it?
23:36:16[Saint]I have made some Robotto .fnts
23:39:08bertrikstill no-one with a YH-820 online?
23:41:08lebelliumthe YH-820 is not a popular device at all. I bet you won't find any YH-820 owner here or anywhere until I'm back to Paris end of July ;)
23:42:23 Join eckoit_ [0] (~ryan@
23:44:32bertrikI have a patch I want to get tested, I'm quite sure it will just work, just needs testing first
23:45:20 Quit eckoit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:45:20 Nick eckoit_ is now known as eckoit (~ryan@
23:45:31 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:46:04lebelliumI know that. I'll test it early August as I promised. But the YH-820 is such a bad device. Even rockboxed it's still bad, I easily understand why there isn't any owner around here
23:46:24bertrikwhat's so bad about it?
23:46:28bertrikdoes it have touch controls?
23:47:25lebelliumhardware is bad: screen, buttons, battery, 3.5 output
23:47:51lebelliumslow CPU
23:47:55lebelliumnothing can save it
23:48:10lebelliumnot it has tactile keys
23:48:12saratoga[Saint]: i mean add them to the font pack
23:48:19saratogaif they look good
23:48:40saratogaits a PP CPU right? so same as like half our ARM targets
23:49:10 Join Wardo [0] (
23:49:42 Join mgottschlag [0] (
23:49:45 Quit mgottschlag (Changing host)
23:49:45 Join mgottschlag [0] (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64)
23:51:52lebelliumyep it seems to be a PP5020
23:52:30 Quit mirak (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:52:41lebelliumthe SQ sucks due to the DAC or the 3.5mm output I don't know
23:52:53lebelliumreally not an interested rockboxed device
23:54:11 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:56:42 Quit eckoit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:57:42 Join kevku [0] (

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