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#rockbox log for 2012-06-24

00:00:22fml[Saint] And what are those? Are sansa e200 v1 affected?
00:02:06[Saint_]I believe so, yes. Not too familiar with ancient sansas.
00:02:18[Saint_]The source will tell you.
00:05:08fmlIf I knew where to look...
00:06:23fmlAha! In firmware/export/config/sansae200.h I see: #define BOOTFILE_EXT "mi4"
00:06:50[Saint_]Looking at the OF could've told you this too.
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00:07:52fmlWait... do I understand it correctly that RB is NOT loaded faster after this commit and only the OF is? So if I don not use the OF the commit will not give me much?
00:08:37[Saint_]Why would "speed up loading of the OF" affect RB?
00:09:07fmlIt would not. I misunderstood the commit message.
00:10:46fmlI'm not sure. Will I be able to use RB faster after this commit? It might be that the OF is loaded internally when the device is powerde on (I don't know how RB works in this regard).
00:12:18[Saint_]With my understanding of the process, this wont make a lick of difference to RB boot time.
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00:14:08fmlOK, then I won't bother to update the bootloader.
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00:16:26[Saint_]There usually isn't any need to do so unless there's an actual problem.
00:17:12[Saint_]s/usually isn't/pretty much never is/
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00:31:16*bertrik wonders what could cause FS #12705
00:31:16fs-bluebot Undefined instru bt pc: 30800000, Clip Zip Drivers Problem (bugs, unconfirmed)
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03:11:28itoikenzahey guys it seems like i can't get the util. to see my fuze+ also why is it listed as unstable when the wiki says everything is "yes"?
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03:40:03PeddyHello, I get the following permission error when trying to compile from source: could someone give me a hand?
03:42:04[Saint]itoikenza: because everything "working" doesn't mean its anywhere enar stable.
03:42:55itoikenzaso should i take the plunge?
03:43:27[Saint]Do what you want. Just remember that no one forced your hand if something goes wrong :)
03:44:38itoikenzanah. i'll wait.. all i really wanted was looped instrumentals flawlessly played. of does this quite nicely already.
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04:40:52PeddyI get 'version unknown-120624' when starting up, is this normal for a custom build of rockbox?
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06:15:59webguest38my sansa e200 has a flaky scroll wheel. i am attempting to work around this by modifying apps/keymaps/keymap-e200.c and replacing references of BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD/BUTTON_SCROLL_BACK with BUTTON_UP/BUTTON_DOWN. I compiled the simulator to test my changes but I am unable to get a button up or down press scroll the display. Any ideas
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06:18:58[Saint]It would probably be easier to just get button_up/_down to accept repeat presses.
06:19:35[Saint]Then you (probably) wont have to move other functions around.
06:21:23webguest38do I need to make changes outside of apps/keymaps/keymap-e200.c to do this?
06:24:30[Saint]Only if you wanted to change the repeat rate.
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06:33:17webguest38in order to just get button_up/_down to accept repeat presses do i comment out the repeat actions or must i replace the button code with button_none
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11:01:17webguest85Hi. I have a sansa fuze+, and occasionally, when I read text and play music at the same time, the player will simply "turn off". I use quotes because the player does not actually turn off, it just becomes completely unresponsive to everything exceptthe power button being pressed for about 30 seconds. Is it a common problem? Is there a way to fix it?
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12:41:32JdGordon[saint]: hit a wall with linking touch regions to the bar tag :/
12:41:41JdGordondunno how to fix this
12:42:56JdGordonunless i make some seriously nasty assumptions/restrictions :/
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13:00:43bertrikWith respect to g#230, can't we just decrypt the OF once offline, instead of doing it every time on boot on the target?
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13:19:38b0hoonbertrik: i suppose we cannot modify OF files officially
13:20:29b0hoonbertrik: beside it is implemented already iirc, i must look on it
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13:22:28b0hoonyeah there's something like load_raw_firmware()
13:24:47b0hoonoooh it's for a format created by tools/scramble
13:26:10b0hoonanyway it's just a simple optimization, only for the OF
13:29:27 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
13:30:30bertrikI think we can modify but not distribute
13:35:25b0hoonSo it could be done theoretically by the bootloader or by Rockbox Utilily, but i don't know if it's worth to do all of this at all
13:35:52b0hoonit's just the OF, who cares ;)
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14:03:06JdGordon[saint] g#284
14:03:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #284 at : skin_engine: Automatically create touch regions for skin bars by Jonathan Gordon (changes/84/284/1)
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14:34:59belushkawhy do some people claim that sansa clip and fuze sound different with rockbox? is that true?
14:43:50 Quit factor (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:45:35bertrikprobably not true
14:46:04bertrikI think there are RMAA measurements that show they're basically the same
14:47:11bertrikhave a look at dfkt's collection of RMAA measurements:
14:47:20 Quit anewuser ()
14:49:14belushkathank you, looks the same
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16:34:42belushkaso after the version 3.7 the RB fixed pitch error on sansa fuze and clip+ . Does anyone know how much was the pitch on OF, and how much is it on RB ? in %
16:35:46belushka0.19 before and 0.04 now? is this true?
16:36:13belushkaI mean 0.19 on OF and 0.04 RB
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17:00 acting up?
17:04:42gevaertsYes. It's fallen off the net
17:04:50gevaertsSee also scorche|sh's disappearance
17:07:09bluebrotherthat explains why I can't install themes using Rockbox Utility :)
17:10:17 Quit guymann (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:10:31*bluebrother starts to like the new UI :)
17:11:51 Join guymann [0] (
17:12:05bluebrotherhmm. I'm wondering how often that "backup before installing" feature was used at all
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18:10:17br3wmasterhey all
18:12:32br3wmasteranyone who could offer RB version advice for the 6G classic?
18:18:19 Quit br3wmaster (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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18:27:24br3wmasterI'm running r31516-120101 on my 6g classic at the moment, tried the rc off haxx.rockbox but can't access the disc drive. Is there a newer build than 120101 unofficially considered stable
18:28:24 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
18:30:57gevaertsUpdate to a current development build. The build you have now is *old*...
18:32:29br3wmastergevaerts, just wondered if there is a dev build that everyone considers "stable"?
18:32:54[Saint]If it was stable, there'd be a stable build.
18:33:08[Saint]Seems almost sane, no? :)
18:33:11br3wmasterlol, true saint
18:35:19[Saint]gevaerts: is right, though. Stable or no, you should update. That build is ancient.
18:35:55 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
18:36:37br3wmasterthought the best bet would be the RC from june but lost usb disk access
18:36:53gevaertsThere is no RC build for the classic
18:37:19br3wmasterthere's one in there...
18:37:26gevaertsAh, yes. Those aren't real :)
18:37:37br3wmasterlol, great :-p
18:37:38gevaertsThat's a build we did to test the RC build system
18:37:46gevaertsSo it's really a random build
18:37:53[Saint]Hahahaha....nice. you found the irrelevant RC tests.
18:39:06br3wmastergonna give the latest daily a go then, thanks for help guys
18:39:19[Saint]How did you find this? Do we point to it somewhere we shouldn't? Or did a nasty web spider trick you?
18:41:27br3wmastergoogled and did a bit of browsing :-p
18:41:48br3wmasterwas no direct link from google
18:42:09user890104br3wmaster: you can find some more builds here:
18:42:36user890104they are built by some kind guy from
18:42:48[Saint]user890104: here at least...can you point to the build system please?
18:43:04[Saint]Random builds offered here are no solution.
18:43:19br3wmasterthanks user, had a look at those. don't like the idea of the batteryboost patch. prefer to have the cpu run at normal voltages
18:44:03gevaertsbr3wmaster: is always the latest build from the dev tree, built by the official build network
18:44:31[Saint]br3wmaster: if you ever want support (from here), you should use the link gevaerts gave you.
18:44:49br3wmasterawesome, thanks gevaerts
18:46:12user890104[Saint]: i linked to these builds, because almost all of them have been tested by various people at those forums
18:46:43user890104but if one wants support from the people here, he should be using an official build of course
18:46:58[Saint]That's fine, but, its a but of a kick in the face. For us, and the user.
18:47:22[Saint]He gets no support, and we get no testing.
18:47:46user890104ah, makes sense, sorry
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18:56:46br3wmasterso far so good with 120623 :-) takes a bit longer for the pc to recognise the drive but software seems alot quicker and responsive
18:57:48 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
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20:11:08bluebrotherhmm. This build doesn't seem to offer the source code.
20:13:54bluebrotherat least I haven't found anything browsing the forums and that dropbox folder
20:14:49bluebrotheroh, something different: any thoughts on moving the backup functionality of Rockbox Utility (which right now is part of the "Install Rockbox" dialog) to a separate tab? IMO that would make more sense, especially since it's clearer that such a functionality exists :)
20:15:14 Quit guymann (Read error: Operation timed out)
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20:20:44[Saint]bluebrother: hehehe...snap. I was thinking about poking him to meet his GPL requirements also.
20:23:01 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
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20:28:26gevaerts[Saint]: if you have an account there and know which thread this is, please do
20:29:12[Saint]I don't have an account, but, GPL deniers piss me off just as much as evolution, I may make one soon :)
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