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#rockbox log for 2012-06-28

00:00:54rocktriangleThe manual doesn't say much about it.
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00:12:07saratogacheck the section on playlists
00:13:41[Saint]...subtle. :)
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00:35:58rocktriangleSo if I were to make a playlist to my liking, that would be a directory type playlist, right?
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00:46:16rocktriangleBy the way, is it okay to delete folders that I find unnecessary in teh Files section? What ways can I get it back if I need to?
00:46:32rocktriangleBesides actually making another folder myself.
00:47:30[Saint]There's really no point. Anything there that you didn't personally create is just goig to get created again eventually.
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00:47:55[Saint]Set them as hidden, and then set the show files type to supported...gone.
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00:49:04rocktriangleOh, as for the playlist thing, I did read through the manual and I'm still having problems.
00:49:40rocktriangleAlso for some reason in the Files section, there are a lot of Music folders, each with their own content.
00:49:44[Saint]Deleting them really is a losing battle, as if its from the OF they'll get created on the next OF boot, and if its from Rockbox the next time you update they'll be back.
00:50:04[Saint]If its folders or files you created, go nuts and delete them ;)
00:50:21rocktriangleI wish I can go nuts, the computer isn't letting me.
00:50:43rocktriangleIt says the files were moved elsewhere and the audio files have become something else.
00:51:16saratogaat this point if the disk check couldn't fix it, you should probably just reformat the file system
00:51:47rocktriangleI checked, it only takes 12kb so I'll leave it be like a fly in a room.
00:51:49[Saint]There's a very high chance that if you search for the exact message you are being given, someone on the wide, wide internets has already figured this out.
00:52:16rocktriangleI do that all the time for any problem.
00:52:40rocktriangleAnd I tried getting programs that delete manually, also no cigar.
00:52:51[Saint]In this case I'd go with saratoga, backup anything you have to, and format the sucker.
00:52:53rocktriangleI'm guessing a reformat will fix the problem.
00:53:05[Saint]Guaranteed they won't live through that.
00:53:40[Saint]I'm generally against formatting as a solution to anything, but sometimes its just plain easier.
00:54:37rocktriangleIt's also tedious.
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00:56:49[Saint]tedious? If you don't have a most of your files backed up to another location anyway, I could see how it might be, but...that's asking for trouble.
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00:59:16rocktriangleBesides knowing the best equilizer settings and knowing the best eye pleasing themes, the most tedious is knowing which music was uploaded.
00:59:32rocktriangletedious task is uploading the music again*
01:00:51[Saint]you can just backup /.rockbox and not have to worry about your themes/fonts/settings/etc. at all...
01:01:45rocktriangleAh, good idea. What about music?
01:02:32rocktriangleIf I spent an hour choosing the music to upload, then I'll have to spend another one finding it again.
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01:15:02rocktriangleBy the way, when making a playlist, how do I know if it's dynamic or a directory one?
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02:18:17JdGordon[Saint]: have you had time to play with the bar region patch?
02:19:06[Saint]Not yet, I've been a little lazy at setting up a development environment again since the other day. But I'm chugging through that now.
02:19:48JdGordonI'm waiting for builds all day again today so i'd like to finish it
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02:43:47Thra11Does anyone know where the plugin lrcplayer expects to find lyrics files? what format? what extension?
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02:59:13[Saint]Thra11: the manual and or wiki does.
03:01:35[Saint]To phrase that as an answer to your question:
03:01:52[Saint]"Yes, Thra11, I the manual or wiki, quite likely both."
03:03:06Thra11Why didn't I think of that....
03:03:16Thra11I went straight for reading the source code
03:05:53Thra11although I can't seem to find any pages referring to lrcplayer on the rockbox site, other than the odd bug report
03:08:30Thra11[Saint]: Aha. It's in the manual. thanks!
03:09:02[Saint]11.4.<something> iirc
03:09:22Thra1111.4.10, yes
03:16:17Thra11One of the supported file formats is .txt . Does that mean it can handle a text file without any timing tags, just the words? (without being able to synchronise with the music obviously)
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04:04:23*Thra11 tries it
04:04:33*Thra11 finds it does work with plain text
04:06:26Thra11Karaoke where only the singer can hear the backing music... what could be better! :p
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04:34:17[Saint]DO I need to do any special fluffery to get RaaA to compile on MIPs, or, should I just not bother (its not auto-built is it?)
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07:03:50kugel[Saint]: update the ndk and run configure
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07:41:33[Saint]kugel: buh..? Sorry, you'll need to be more specific.
07:41:56*[Saint] assumes there's a commit he should look at.
07:43:14kugel[Saint]: you asked how to compile RaaA for mips
07:43:39[Saint]Oh, right. Yes.
07:44:23[Saint]While you're here, which API(s) do I actually need to compile RaaA?
07:47:24kugel(it _runs_ back downto 2.1, but ics is required for building)
07:48:07[Saint]And of that, I only need the SDK for that API level, correct? Or do we actually use the Google APIs as well?
07:49:19[Saint]I'm just trying to download what I need, and not the rest of the useless cruft if you pull in the entire dir
07:49:26kugeljust the sdk (api version 15)
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08:14:43mshathlonxpnice, the newest rockbox build crashes my 1g nano when I unplug it from PC
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08:37:58mshathlonxpData abort at 00009DB0 (0) bt pc: 00009DB0, sp: 4000A5F0 A: 0004DEE0 bt end
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08:58:20[Saint]at the very least, these need added to the required packages check in curl, wget, subversion
09:00:25[Saint]and the check for "makeinfo" seems to be causing Ubuntu 12.04 to fail on "E: Unable to locate package makeinfo"
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09:14:36kugel[Saint]: these should be there already
09:15:06[Saint]none of them come with a default installation.
09:15:24[Saint](or are pulled as part of build essentials, or as a dep of anything therein)
09:16:16kugelsorry, i was wrong
09:16:34[Saint]its mainly due to the yp-r0 toolchain, that thing has a metric fuck-ton of dependencies.
09:16:39kugelthe svn dep is
09:16:43kugela pity
09:16:59kugelbut eglibc doesnt provide tarballs last time I looked
09:17:22kugelprobably for the same reason we don't do either :p
09:18:25[Saint]I tried to go through the last time I compiled it and write down all dependencies, assuming first run of, and as a result the list that's in there got added...and its nice to check for those.
09:18:32[Saint]But there are still quite a few missing.
09:19:22[Saint]Its fucking annoying getting near the end of that build and it failing, then having to delete and redownload/recompile, and hope you don't hit another missing package.
09:19:52[Saint]The first time I compiled it, that happened about 20 times :-S
09:21:49*[Saint] keeps getting, and fixing, and getting, and fixing: "W: GPG error: precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
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09:29:55kugel[Saint]: the ones you mentioned are only needed for ypr0, though
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09:30:25[Saint]kugel: right, but doesn't care about this.
09:30:46kugeloh right
09:30:59[Saint]It assumes you're going to build all toolchains, it doesn't make them a requirement of the particular toolchain, it makes them a requirement of
09:31:05kugeli once had a small patch then only checked those when building actually for ypr0
09:31:16[Saint]yeah, see above.
09:31:36[Saint]I should probably poke at it to make the check more sane while I'm busy complaining.
09:32:50[Saint]Unless you wanted to beat me to it ;)
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10:16:04SoraAnyone aware the Sansa Fuze bug which makes it freeze until the battery dies, has come back in the current build?
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13:29:32br3wmasterhey all. any suggestions as how to fix the prob where most of the time the classic 7G is recognised by win7 as an unaccesible removable disk... only after a couple hard resets and holding thumbs it normally picks it up?
13:33:42[Saint]I think the "fix" for this is adjusting ones perception to account for the fact that the port is marked "unusable"
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13:43:29br3wmastermight be "unusable" but still light years ahead of apple's firmware...
13:45:30 Join user485763 [0] (~aoeu@
13:48:50[Saint]I'm not sure how that relates at all to the prior statement.
13:49:12pamaurybr3wmaster: the unsuable/unstable/stable part usually applies to the hardware part. It's always rockbox so always great but if it crashes every 5min, it kind of ruins the great part :)
13:51:12 Join kevku [0] (
13:51:48br3wmasterrockbox itself is stable, never had a crash. it's the usb connectivity thats a problem and I would rather battle a bit getting the pc to recognise the drive than to use itunes.
13:56:40[Saint]Rockbox controls the USB, the USB is not stable, So...Rockbox is not stable.
13:57:03[Saint]One of the many reasons why its not even classed as 'unstable" yet.
14:01:40br3wmasteri get what you are saying... rockbox as a whole is unstable because of the usb issues, but if take you take usb out of the equation, the ipod running the rb as standalone unit is rock solid, it has been for me atleast.
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14:05:11gevaerts"unstable" and "unusable" in the rockbox context have technical meanings that don't really have anything to do with how often things crash
14:06:04gevaertsThey include things like "the manual is ready", "can be installed using rockbox utility", or "can be installed without relying on non-rockbox tools"
14:06:25br3wmasteremcore etc...
14:06:29*gevaerts nods
14:06:58gevaertsIIRC that's actually the very thing that keeps the Classic in "unusable" rather than "unstable"
14:16:23pamauryhmm, that is very disturbing: the STP3780/imx233 has chipid=0x3780 whereas the STMP3770 in the Creative ZENStyleM300 has chipid=0x37b0...
14:16:34pamaurysomething doesn't here :-/
14:16:38pamaury*doesn't match
14:17:58pamauryand this STMP3770 has revision TA3 whereas the STMP3780 has revision TA5 already
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17:32:07pamauryhmm, this is strange. firmware_extract does not extract my Zen X-Fi archive correct anymore
17:33:45 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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18:53:04zombifiedviinam I welcome here?
18:54:10 Join GermanMushroom [0] (
18:54:42wodzIf you want to talk about rockbox - sure
18:54:59 Part zombifiedviin
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19:19:39pamauryhaha !! I've successfully manage to upgrade the firmware of the Creative ZEN X-Fi \o/ My code doesn't work but at least I can send it through MTP
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19:25:35wodzis this the one where you need to implement 'code swap' ?
19:25:40 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:26:20pamaurywodz: no, this one has 32 or 64 MB of memory iirc
19:26:54 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:26:59pamaurybut it's stmp 3770 and it has no usb recovery mode. The "recovery" mode is from Creative and uses MTP !! It's closer to the old ZVM series
19:27:00 Join kevku [0] (
19:27:14wodzpamaury: crappy
19:27:33wodz3770 or 37b0 ;-)
19:28:09pamauryyeah, and the bootloader (which implements recovery) is encrypted, we don't have the key. So I only rewrite the firmware (actually trashing the bootloader would probably brick it but knowing the key would be useful)
19:28:13pamaury37b0 ;)
19:38:45wodzI see no particular reason why snake2 hangs on load (bflt). Mem dump looks correct.
19:43:56pamauryhmm, always the same problem, how do you debug come when you don't have a screen/jtag/dbguart/usb working :)
19:44:55wodzdo you have any means of output (like forced reset or something)?
19:45:24pamauryI know the code is running, more or less but I don't have anything currently. There is a led, I need to do some more RE to find the GPIO
19:45:45 Quit evilnick (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
19:46:27pamaurythe code point is that the lcd is already intialized, so it will be easy to make it work
19:46:48wodzyou mean by bootloader?
19:47:18 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
19:47:53pamaurywodz: yeah, it shows a logo
19:47:59pamaurystupid creative logo ;)
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20:35:18wodzcan someone once more explain me the meaning of .ncdata and .ncbss - how this are placed in memory?
20:43:45pamaurywodz: .ncdata is non-cached data, same thing for .ncbss
20:45:26wodzyeah, but how it is layout in memory
20:45:39wodzI mean what is lma and vma
20:46:36pamauryncbsss is just after bss in lma but has different vma
20:47:19pamauryand I guess it's the same for ncdata
20:47:44wodzok so vma should be some platform specific offset + lma ?
20:48:25pamauryso for example, you can have this layout:
20:48:26pamauryLMA: 0 -> 1000 (code), 1001 -> 1200 (data), 1201 -> 1300 (ncdata), 1301 -> 1400 (bss), 1401 -> 1500 (ncbss)
20:48:26pamauryVMA: 0 -> 1000 (code), 1001 -> 1200 (data), 40001201 -> 40001300 (ncdata), 1301 -> 1400 (bss), 40001401 -> 40001500 (ncbss)
20:49:36pamauryI don't think you real have to worry about the vma actually, you can simply load at lma, flush all caches and run
20:49:55pamaurythat's kind of the point of lma :)
20:50:23wodzit is used on pp I guess because of dualcore nature of the SoC
20:51:11wodzelf2flt choke on such construct :/
20:51:34pamaurycan't you just rewrite that tool from scratch ?
20:52:03 Join Beta2K [0] (
20:52:29wodzsure I can :-) but realy don't want to
20:53:07 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
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20:58:20 Join Neelark [0] (5af64085@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:00:46wodzpamaury: <- this should make it VMA != LMA or I messed the syntax?
21:01:34 Nick Cthulhux is now known as ForzaAzzurri (cthulhux@piratenpartei/ni/tux)
21:04:07pamaurywodz: yeah, that's the typical way of making vma != lma
21:05:11pamaurybut what is so difficult about this tool, can you simply convert an elf to another format and compile with the good options so that only a few relocations type are done ?
21:09:31 Join TomColler [0] (
21:10:17 Part TomColler
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21:15:41pamaurywodz: why do you need to use this tool-which-seems-outdated
21:19:46wodzwell it is known to work and be widely tested
21:23:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:25:25 Quit Neelark (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:38:23wodz <- I don't get it why LMA = VMA and why VMA of all subsequent sections is shifted by NOCACHE_BASE
21:38:49CIA-5Commit e8d1583 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: (Author: Mārtiņš Šimis) FS #12710 - Latvian translation update
21:45:03bertrikHMM, DID I break the build again?
21:46:06gevaertsOnly the reporting apparently
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