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#rockbox log for 2012-06-29

00:06:14pamaurywodz (for the logs): this might be related to the use of PHDRS, I don't have time to look at it but mixing LMA + VMA + PHDRS can be tricky if not done correctly
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04:03:04yuriks_I like 08-Rockfont very much but at the same time I need to display japanese kanji characters, which that font lacks. So I thought I'd create a hacked up font that merged glyphs from two fonts (latin from Rockfont, jp from Sazanami)
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04:03:55yuriks_but then I got an idea: Is it feasible to implement glyph fallback (try another font if the current font is missing a glyph) with Rockbox's current architecture?
04:04:14JdGordonwe already do that, but it is very not configurable
04:04:46yuriks_oh. Is that what the "glyph cache" is about?
04:04:47JdGordonyou'll get this behaviour if you use a custom wps
04:04:57JdGordonassuming the japanese glyphs you want are only seen there
04:05:01JdGordonnot quite
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04:05:26yuriks_well, it'd be best if the glyphs would work everywhere, for example, on the menus
04:06:02JdGordonif you set Sazanami as the menu font, and then change the font in the wps to 08-rockbox you'll get what you want (I think)
04:06:22yuriks_hmm, let me test
04:06:31JdGordondo you know how to change the wps font?
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04:06:36JdGordonyou'll need to hack up the .wps
04:07:02yuriks_but still, I'd want Rockfont *specially* on the menu, since it's much more readable per size
04:07:08yuriks_I can figure it out
04:07:36JdGordonhang on a few min, I'll give you a sbs to load
04:08:28JdGordonhm, better yet, can you do your own build?
04:09:03yuriks_well, the WPS font (where set) overrides the menu font, so I still get boxes, heh
04:09:20yuriks_I could, would need to setup/fix my devenv to compile rockbox though (or at least the simulator)
04:10:09JdGordonoh sorry, i misrememebred
04:10:16JdGordonno, we dont do fallback on glyphs at all
04:10:58yuriks_oh. Hrm
04:11:24JdGordondoing per glyph fallback is non trivial
04:11:37yuriks_would it be feasibly implementable with the current architecture? (Something I imagine would be problematic is if there was a limit of only one loaded font file, for example)
04:12:18yuriks_and you can't exactly go around loading lots of fonts because of the memory constraint *shrug*
04:13:12yuriks_hm, but WPSes can use several fonts at once, so that doesn't seem to be the case
04:14:08JdGordonthe issue is more how to figure out sizing
04:14:18JdGordonwhat if the fallback is bigger/smaller than the normal font expects
04:14:52yuriks_there are already per glyph widths, so you must be talking about the heights
04:14:57JdGordonthat may actually not be so difficult to figure out
04:15:06yuriks_can't it just constrain itself to fonts of the same size?
04:15:25JdGordonnot easily, no
04:16:07yuriks_how come?
04:16:56JdGordonbecause I say so :p
04:16:59JdGordonumm... maybe it can
04:18:36JdGordonlooking at the font code, I tihnk there are too many assumptions being made about the glyph dimensions that will probably break quickly
04:19:03JdGordonbut that doesnt mean its not worth playing with if you can
04:20:06yuriks_*nod* Can't exactly now, but I'll see if I can look into it in the coming weeks
04:20:15yuriks_looks like a good opportunity to scratch a itch
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07:29:19yuriks_random hardware question, if anyone knows: you can adjust the OLED brightness in the Clip+. Is that a global screen setting or could it possibly be used to replace/improved the flawed temporal dithering (because OLED doesn't blur)?
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08:26:52kugelyou can just merge data/bss and ncdata/ncbss in the linker script
08:28:05kugelhm, perhaps not. ignore me
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08:59:59wodzTorne, kugel: g#286 needs your help :-)
09:00:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #286 at : bFLT loader for plugins by Marcin Bukat (changes/86/286/6)
09:10:39kugelwodz: what's the current state? all pplugins work but nc{data,bss} not handled yet?
09:11:15wodznc{data, bss} is handled now BUT I can't test it due to the lack of PP target
09:11:59wodzplugin IRAMSIZE == 0 should also be covered (also didn't test it)
09:12:35kugelthat would be clipv1
09:12:42kugel(among others)
09:13:00kugelI can't do hardware testing during the weekend, though, sorry
09:13:00wodzon nano2g snake2 and doom crash/hang on boot but everything else work as far as I can tell
09:13:25kugel(I'm on a trip and have only 2 raaa targets with me)
09:13:56wodzI'll be off next week so no problem
09:14:53wodzhmm rk27xx has no iram - maybe I'll port 1 or 2 plugins to test on this
09:14:54 Join user485763 [0] (~aoeu@
09:18:44kugelIRAMSIZE=0 should be easy to emulate
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10:13:13reeCan i use rockbox on a ipod nano 5g?
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10:58:15pamaurywodz: did you see my comment yesterday about your problem ?
11:00:46wodzpamaury: yes - that was it. I removed PHDRS and added some magic and now it compiles and memmap looks correct
11:01:35wodzpamaury: I don't understand why PHDRS was needed (It was added to elf2flt reference linker script to close some bug on coldfires)
11:02:57pamauryno idea, I must admit I find it strange too
11:10:48wodzanyway ld is hard broken when dealing with empty sections. If inside such section is ALIGN ld doesn't garbage collect such section but marks it NOLOAD and assignes it size comming from forced alignment. This leads to situation that elf file have section which is not considered by linker when calculating subsequent addresses
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15:08:02amayerwodz: i have the same problem with doom hanging on my iClassic
15:18:31 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
15:20:58wodzhmm, what about snake2?
15:21:29amayernever tried it. let me check
15:22:20amayeranother thing i found is sometimes when i boot i cant use click wheel until i "hold on" then "hold off" or press a button
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15:24:09amayersnake 2 works fine(its the first time ive played it on rockbox, not sure if that has anything to do with it(old save files or something))
15:24:45wodzI guess there is some bug left in my bflt loader
15:26:26amayerfor doom it hangs on the "starting graphics engine"
15:27:00amayermy dev build is 2 days old tho. not sure about the most recent one
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16:34:29amayeris it possable to change a wps theme background on play and pause?
16:36:28gevaertsTry it
16:40:42 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
16:41:12amayeri dont actually have a theme to try it on(currently at work). it was just a thought that popped into my head. i plan on reading the manual later tonight
16:41:44gevaertsI think it should work, but I'm not sure
16:45:00amayerif i found a broken link in the rockbox wiki who do i talk to?
16:45:05 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:45:39gevaertsWhy don't you just fix it?
16:46:31amayerto be honest im not sure how. ive never submitted to a wiki. i guess i just create a user account and click edit at the bottom?
16:47:39gevaertsMore or less. You also ask for write access here
16:47:50gevaertsThat's our main wiki spam protection
16:49:30amayeroh ok. and i have to use my real name as my wikiname? whats the point of that?
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16:55:00amayergevaerts: do i ask you for write permission after i create an account?
16:57:41gevaertsAnyone who already has write permission can do that (although many people don't know that, or don't know how), so yes, possibly :)
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17:01:42wodzgevaerts: If I prepare build for you could you test bflt plugin loader for me on PP target?
17:04:09 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
17:08:34gevaertswodz: sure. e200 is easiest I think, although ipod video also works
17:10:30wodzoh goodie :-)
17:11:30wodzgevaerts:e200 or e200R?
17:13:29gevaertsI can't test right away, but I should be able to get to it later tonight
17:13:40CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:13:40*gevaerts has to go now
17:15:41wodzok I'll upload builds somewhere. Leave me some comment on gerrit as I'll be off for the whole next week most probably
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17:36:18wodzgevaerts: and
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18:58:29wodzpamaury: I finally got RK27xx dap. When I verify that rb runs on it I'll send it to you.
18:58:38pamauryok, thanks
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19:46:09wodzOk, I could reach system partition with standar 'magic file'.
19:48:01pamauryI can know control the led of the zen x-fi, it uses two pwm ! it's a color led apparently
19:50:20amayerwhat does the 16 in "Platform: iPod Video (320x240x16) - Standard build" mean?
19:50:54amayeri know 320 and 240 are width and height
19:51:12wodzamayer: more context pease
19:52:21amayerit goes in a theme config file
19:52:26wodzpamaury: rk27generic build runs on this dap unmodified :-)
19:52:36wodzthe battery is flat though
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20:00:21bertrikamayer, the thing with the wheel not working sometimes is a kind of known bug
20:00:47bertrikit happens when switching button contexts (like from a plugin to the menu)
20:01:20bertrikwodz, nice
20:01:30amayerbertrik: I think i read something about that. i get it on boot tho. not what switching from app to main menu
20:02:04amayeri also read about rockbox eating the first button click sometimes(is this related to that)?
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21:09:05amayeri dont mean to repeat questions but i googled my question and keeps coming up but i cant figure out what the 16 is in "(320x240x16)" on does it mean a 16 bit bitmap, 16 colors, or something else?
21:09:58amayeri keep seeing it in relation to themes. i dont want to design a theme that wont work. and this is the only thing(currently) that i cant figure out
21:20:59 Quit mgottschlag (Disconnected by services)
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21:25:40gevaertsamayer: 16 bit
21:26:30amayeris that a requirement or just to keep the theme light?
21:26:32amayerfor some reason 16bit bitmaps dont work in my GIMP
21:27:02gevaerts24 bit should wortk
21:31:48amayerim not posative but i think the one i made the other week was 32bit
21:32:11gevaertsTry it :)
21:33:35amayerI run linux so i only have access to GIMP but i work at an advertising agency so i could get access to photoshop if the theme had to be in 16 bit for some technical reason
21:37:15gevaertsI only ever used the gimp or imagemagick for theme bmps
21:38:32gevaertsAFAIU the "16" mainly means it's meant for 16 bit displays
21:39:25gevaertsWe only have one bmp loader, so if it works in the sim for one target, it will work for all targets (possibly excluding monochrome and greyscale)
21:39:45 Join Neelark [0] (5af61078@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:40:33 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
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21:43:31amayergevaerts: thank you very much for your help
21:48:45 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
21:50:30 Quit mystica555 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:58:47 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
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22:24:46 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
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22:32:38*pamaury or how to loose 3h for stupid mistake in crt0.S
22:35:33 Quit XavierGr ()
22:38:11 Join thegeek [0] (
22:39:32 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
22:43:57pamauryusb working on the zen x-fi \o/
22:44:14 Quit TheLemonMan (Client Quit)
22:44:32 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
22:46:20pamaurynow this is really really disturbing: STMP3760 => chipid=0x3700, rev=7. STMP3770 => chipid=0x3b00, rev=3, STMP3780 => chipid=0x3780, rev=5
22:50:03 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
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22:59:22 Part amayer
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23:10:07 Quit hype (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client:"])
23:13:07pamauryany gcc/arm inline asm expert ? I have a asm volatile("b %0\n" : : "r"(addr) : "memory"); but get a "undefined reference to r3" at compile time :-o
23:19:52 Join user485763 [0] (~aoeu@
23:24:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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23:38:55 Quit hype (Client Quit)
23:43:19bertrikpamaury, how is that disturbing?
23:44:10pamaurybecause STMP3770 was released before sthe STMP3780 and 0x3770<>0x3b00
23:51:19amiconnpamaury: This is neither a gcc nor an inline specific problem
23:51:41amiconnARM 'b' and 'bl' always take a label (signed 24 bit immediate), never a register
23:52:30pamauryhuh ? what about "bx lr" for example ?
23:52:37amiconnIf you want to jump to a register address, you need either mov pc,rX or preferably bx rX
23:52:48amiconnbx is not b or bl
23:52:48pamauryah right, I forgot the x
23:52:59pamaurystupid of em
23:53:20amiconn(bx only for thumb capable implementations, which afaik all rckbox targets are)
23:54:41 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
23:56:06 Join amayer [0] (~amayer@
23:56:15pamauryanyway, now I can run arbitrary code on the zen x-fi :)

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