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#rockbox log for 2012-07-04

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00:01:03saratoga_also, for anyone in the US interested in development, the Zip is on sale at amazon for $35 shipped
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00:15:26pamaurymgottschlag: yes, the recovery mode just uploads code to ram :)
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01:50:09slav3_kittenHello, i have a Sansa Fuze V2 and while out of the house I inserted a 2gb SD card with some new music on it. Went to database, and it appeared to crash and throw up a short message i didn't fully read and shutoff, it's now dead to the world and won't turn on via the power button on the side. anyone know if it just bricked itself or requires some other form of reset?
01:51:11slav3_kittennevermind fourth reset attempt was successful
01:51:13funmanjust press the power button for 30s, if it doesn't work let it discharge for a few days
01:52:40slav3_kittenyea my sister would have murdered me had i broken her mp3 player while awaiting my new one in the mail
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03:06:14saratoga_if I make a new branch, edit it, and then switch back to the master branch without a commit, are my changes retained?
03:16:35JdGordonthey are moved with the branch switch
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03:22:14saratoga_so write in rockbox, its write(fd, buf, number_of_bytes) right?
03:22:25saratoga_trying to figure out why my callback creates a blank file
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03:33:53saratoga_bah stupid mistake
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03:57:52saratoga_how do i post a second patch to gerrit in the same task?
03:59:53JdGordonan update to the patch? or one in a series?
04:00:52saratoga_i fixed a mistake in my gerrit task
04:00:57saratoga_how do i upload the new patch?
04:01:39JdGordondo git commit −−amend, make sure the commit message has the commit-id line then do a git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
04:01:45JdGordonit will push to the same task
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04:03:09saratoga_ah thanks
04:03:17saratoga_bertrik, gevaerts, Torne: see g#288
04:03:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #288 at : Introduce logging to disk feature into rockbox. by Michael Giacomelli (changes/88/288/2)
04:03:39saratoga_i didn't introduce a mechanism for warning levels or anything like that yet
04:03:50saratoga_and i'm just calling it logdiskf for now, probably need a better name
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04:09:27CIA-5Commit 3d0459d in rockbox by Michael Giacomelli: Expand the range of the WPA Pro quant table. Fixes FS #12704.
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04:25:11keenerdSo I've got a few mp3s that I made with Lame that are unplayable. Whole album actually.
04:25:21keenerdI am suspecting it is an id3 tag thing.
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04:25:43keenerd(Running the stable release from April.)
04:25:55keenerdHere is one track
04:25:59saratoga_do they play in other stuff?
04:26:11keenerdYeah. Mplayer has no problem.
04:26:27keenerdAnd the md5sums match what is on my local drive.
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04:30:04saratoga_file has multiple ID3v2 tags
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04:31:25saratoga_fixing the tags fixes in foobar
04:31:35saratoga_fixing the tags in foobar fixes the file
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04:32:07saratoga_someone probably processed them with some broken file tagger and corrupted the files
04:33:53keenerdThanks :-)
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09:01:20CIA-53d0459d build result: All green
09:20:15[Saint]is CIA-5 smoking pot again...?
09:21:10[Saint]or id a build round really take (from my logs, at least) ~50 minutes?
09:21:18[Saint]*or did
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09:32:55JdGordon3d0459d Jul 04 07:01 0 291:50
09:32:58JdGordonbuild took a while :p
09:37:18JdGordonCan we please do something about the default GNU mirror in
09:37:36JdGordonit is better to have none set than the .fi one :/
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09:40:37funmanwhat's wrong with the .fi ?
09:41:55funmani got 125 here
09:42:07JdGordonyou're alot closer :p
09:42:15funman1MB on a faster connection
09:42:36crwlI just downloaded something from and got 10.8 MB/s, as much as my connection can handle
09:42:45crwlit's just fine ;)
09:42:50funmanobviously but there's nothing wrong with the mirror itself
09:43:24funmanif did geolocation mirror selection that'd be nice for everybody
09:43:49funmanJdGordon: just put export GNU_MIRROR=somewhere_near_you in your bashrc
09:53:55user890104bluebrother: venci@ubuntu:~/rockbox/rbutil/rbutilqt/build-mingw32$ i686-pc-mingw32-qmake ..
09:53:56user890104Error processing project file: ..
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10:43:41buschhardtHallo, is there a support also for an iriver E300 device?
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10:52:12buschhardtmaybe in the future?
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11:07:52funmanIf someone works on it sure
11:08:58buschhardtcan the device with a wrong firmware bricked or is there a crosscompiler for the chipset?
11:09:35funmanthat's your job to find out :P
11:11:12buschhardtthanx - I will try out :-)
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11:30:38buschhardtI will begin with the pcb-scanns :-) bye
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12:06:23gevaertsJdGordon: if you're bored, skinned lists (at least grid ones) have issues with touch scrolling
12:06:42JdGordon[Saint]: did you test the bar touch regions?
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12:43:14*[Saint] would really prefer the inverse of the current patches behaviour re: activation.
12:43:56[Saint]I'd really like a "touch" param to add to bars to tell the skin engine to handle the touch regions, rather than "notouch" to tell it not to.
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13:15:12kugel[Saint]: wow, we agree! Thats my exact opinion also
13:15:40[Saint]uh ohhh...
13:18:16[Saint]The slight difference is, is that when I say things like this, I say them usually with little to no idea how much more or less difficult/complicated it may make the implementation.
13:18:33kugelit would actually simplify the implementation
13:19:07kugelbecause default=touch requires extra measures to detect non-touch enabled themes
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13:54:50bluebrotheruser890104: qmake should find the project file, but you can.also point itdirectly to it
13:55:03bluebrotheri.e. use ../
13:56:41JdGordon[Saint]: kugel: there is absolutly no time when the automagic behaviour is not better than doing it manually, so if it needs a bit of tweaking to make 100% perfect so be it
13:57:06JdGordonmanually doing it makes it impossible to get right if/when we make RTL support magic
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15:27:39kugelJdGordon: i don't see how rtl is related
15:29:25kugelwhat you call "doing it manually" is merely applying a parameter to a tag, nothing more. and it plays with backward compatibility unnecessarily
15:31:09JdGordonno, rtl should just happen without themer support which right now itdoes. this doesnt affect backwards compatibility at all
15:31:17JdGordonam i right that you havnt actually tried the patch?
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15:33:35kugelyou are right, but I don't need to try it to question the default
15:33:50kugeland rtl is unrelated
15:33:58JdGordonyou're wrong on both counts
15:36:17kugelI don't consider putting the touch param as an explicit action towards rtl enablement
15:37:02kugeland if the param is used rtl could still work
15:37:20JdGordontell me then how to make the current region tag work for inverted bars
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15:41:47JdGordonyour answer has to be "add another option to the region tag and the relevant logic to make that work" which is redundant if the default is on, and then the bar touch region can actually be removed
15:42:28kugelyour patch
15:45:37 Part LinusN
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18:58:02bertrik[Saint], funny about the buildserver, it did seem to finish the build just after I woke my laptop from suspend. This laptop is one of the few that can handle manual builds.
18:59:21bertrik2012-07-04 09:01:16 Completed build iriverh120manual
18:59:21bertrik2012-07-04 09:01:17 Server message: Build round completed after 17510 seconds.
19:16:31bluebrothermaybe it would be a good idea to make the build system simply drop builds if no client with the required toolchain is available?
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19:16:42 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
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19:42:01gevaertsbluebrother: it should already do that
19:58:02 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:59:10bluebrotherhmm, ok. Though the last build taking several hours because no client with manual toolchain being around doesn't look that way :)
19:59:15 Join liar [0] (
19:59:34gevaertsI didn't say there were no bugs :)
20:01:10AlexPWhat should a build client advertise to do manual? latex?
20:01:40gevaertsAlexP: yes. That might change though
20:02:09bluebrotherthe version check also seems a bit too strict to me
20:02:11gevaertsBecause you actually need both latex abd the m68k toolchain
20:02:37bluebrotherit's using the sdl toolchain right now, so no m68k, right?
20:02:48gevaertsah, yes
20:03:16gevaertsbluebrother: tex version numbering is a bit peculiar
20:03:36bluebrotherwell, not really.
20:03:44gevaertsMy installation is actually "pdfTeX 3.1415926-2.4-1.40.13"
20:03:45bluebrotherthe version number is reaching pi
20:04:00gevaertsYes, so it will always match 3.1415926
20:04:59bluebrotherwell, no :)
20:05:13bluebrothermy version is 3.141592-1.40.3-2.2, so it's an earlier version
20:05:23bluebrothersince it has one digit less :)
20:05:28gevaertsOK, well...
20:05:46gevaertsI wasn't going to promise an older version than what I could test would work :)
20:05:47bluebrotherhmm, texlive 2007 says my machine
20:05:50AlexPI appear to have 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12
20:06:14bluebrotherwhy on earth does Fedora 16 still use texlive 2007? That's ... oooold
20:06:24bluebrotheranyway, no big deal :)
20:07:09gevaertsAnyway, something also went wrong with my client last night. It said "Fatal build error: Command not found. You have been temporarily disabled" while trying to build sansam200v4sim
20:07:31gevaertsNot sure why. I do have sdl on there
20:07:55bluebrotherthe slow machines would be good for the manual I guess :)
20:08:14megal0maniacIs being a build client bandwidth intensive?
20:08:28AlexPI've restarted mine now with latex
20:08:29gevaertsActually, that might be a response to a manual build earlier
20:08:41AlexPI don't bother normally as it doesn't get much :)
20:10:24gevaertsright. Incomplete latex...
20:10:26bluebrothermegal0maniac: not really
20:11:49megal0maniacAre build clients in need?
20:12:47bluebrotheronly clients with the latex toolchain it seems
20:13:04bluebrotherbut I'd guess people will update their configuration eventually
20:15:59gevaertsok, lmodern installed, so this client should now work properly
20:16:02megal0maniacJust wondering whether or not it's worth setting one up :)
20:20:49gevaertsmegal0maniac: depends
20:21:21gevaertsfor the "common" targets things are OK, and an extra client won't make any difference 95% of the time
20:21:45gevaertsAndroid and ypr0 do suffer from a lack of clients every now and then
20:21:58gevaertsLatex may do that too now it's also built, we'll see
20:22:46gevaertsAnd then there are the times when the big machines are switched off. That doesn't happen often, but when it does *any* client helps
20:23:15bertrikmegal0maniac, we're pretty fast already, but you're welcome to contribute. There's hardly any strings attached, you can leave the build farm whenever you want.
20:23:50gevaertsIf you look at e.g. you'll notice some patterns. When roolku's machines aren't there, build times really go up
20:23:54bertrikFor each build, it does a git pull and uploads a couple of zip files
20:25:23bertrikdepending on how fast your machine can build them
20:25:49bertrikand some builds don't send any zip any all, but you have very little control over what build you get
20:26:14gevaertsWell, you do up to a point. You can do just sdl
20:26:34megal0maniacMy desktop machine is pretty quick (i5 2400) but bandwidth is my biggest constraint. 384kbps with 10gb cap
20:26:48megal0maniacCap shouldn't be an issue, but the speed...
20:27:58gevaertsmegal0maniac: do you have android and/or YPR0 toolchains installed?
20:28:25gevaertsI'd say those are the most critical ones, and android doesn't upload anyway
20:28:33megal0maniacI can install anything that would be required, would probably be running in a VM anyway
20:40:56bertrikgevaerts, are you working currently at the rbutil dutch translation? I think I could work on it
20:41:03megal0maniacWill keep my ears open. For now, I'm off. Cheers all
20:41:08 Quit megal0maniac (Quit: megal0maniac)
20:41:30gevaertsbertrik: no. I just went through the list to see if the "in doubt" things made some sort of sense
20:41:54gevaertsI'm definitely not going to work on it today, and probably not the rest of the week either
20:42:13gevaertsFor later than that, I refuse to predict anything :)
20:42:38 Quit mgottschlag (Disconnected by services)
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20:48:20biptondoes anyone have the hm-601 slim?
20:48:39biptonv2 bootloader w/new lcd working?
20:48:48nathrisso i put rockbox on my d2+ and now i can't get the bootloader to boot into the stock cowon firmware, it just shows the rockbox screen and "boot ver. unknown"
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