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#rockbox log for 2012-07-14

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06:11:03KiwiCamHey Folks. Has anyone managed to get transparency working for the Clip? Do you have to have a background image for it to work? I've tried utilising the Analog theme bitmaps, but I'm not having any success.
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10:01:46pixelmaKiwiCam: do you really mean the Clip (with a monochrome display) or rather the Clip Zip with a colour display?
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10:39:56lorenzo92is there anywhere a little documentation on how should I pass pcm data from recording to "rockbox" from audio driver?
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10:43:35lorenzo92I'm trying to complete the alsa wrapper to enable recording on YP-R0 target
10:46:42kugellorenzo92: the code is the documentation
10:47:20lorenzo92indeed i'm figuring out how you did alsa wrapper for playback,....
10:48:43kugelfor playback it's simple. the hardware asks for more data when it played its buffer
10:49:04kugelvia some irq/callback or polling
10:49:22kugeli dont know anything about recording though, but it's probably similar in some way
10:51:35lorenzo92well, yes, using alsa the initialization part for the sound card is the same. Instead of using writei we need to use readi, now I still don't understand where is the data address sent...
10:53:29lorenzo92yes..should be :)
10:55:14kugellorenzo92: pcm_rec_dma_start() gives you the buffer and its size
10:55:30lorenzo92yes exactly, thanks for the confirm :)
10:57:06lorenzo92so the logic should be: fill in the given buffer (via dma_start()) until it's full, in a continuous way, maybe it's even easier than playback since with readi you can specify the size!
10:59:19kugelbut I don't think you can specify very large sizes so it might still be needed to read in chunks
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11:11:01bertrikhmm, stack underflow in the sim :)
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11:20:04lorenzo92kugel: could I use the simulator to test and implement recording? I have kubuntu, so alsa is there :)
11:20:51kugellorenzo92: yes, you can compile pcm-alsa.c for the sim
11:21:04kugel(in fact I developed it this way also=
11:21:09lorenzo92good to know :)
11:22:02lorenzo92btw, which configuration do I use?
11:22:04kugelbut I don't think anyone tried recording in the sim this far
11:22:53kugellorenzo92: don't know
11:23:31lorenzo92okay I'll keep stick to player, I have a script that copies the fresh executable directly from SD
11:23:37lorenzo92then it's quite quick to test ;)
11:26:10kugelif you compile it for the sim it should just work i think, the sdl driver has stubs so all the callers of recording are enabled
11:28:19lorenzo92okay, anyway I think I should cleanup and fix other little things before button mappings and so
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16:48:04pamauryhas anyone ever tried to hack the cowon x7 ?
16:48:16pamaurydo we have the datasheet for the tcc7901 ?
17:09:12*bertrik considers making screenshots of the clip zip, for the manual
17:13:06dfktthe x7 is technically pretty much the same as the s9/j3, no?
17:17:25pamauryI don't know, the interesting point are the bluetooth and hdd, I know it's soc is a tcc7901, so the same as the s9 I think, don't know for the j3
17:18:03pamaurythe j3 has bluetooth too ?
17:21:56bertrikdidn't we have a feature to automatically take a screenshot when inserting USB?
17:22:16bertrikI can't find it in the settings and neither in the user manual
17:23:06bertrikoh, it's in the debug menu
17:23:33dfktpamaury, yes, j3 has BT
17:24:20dfktbtw, they just announced the x9, which is a step back in several aspects -
17:24:52pamauryin fact I saw the x9 so had a look at the x7 which seemed better in many ways ^^
17:24:59bertrikmeh, doesn't appear to work, at least not in the sim
17:25:14pamaurybertrik: not sure for the sim but it used to work on real target
17:25:25pamauryI'm trying to find a disassembly of the j3
17:25:31pamauryis it a tcc79 too ?
17:26:15dfktpamaury -
17:26:45dfktyeh, 7901
17:26:45pamauryyou need to have an account to see the pictures :(
17:27:06pamaurydoes anyone here has the j3 ?
17:27:10dfktme :)
17:27:46dfktin case you didn't know, tcctool supports the j3 already
17:28:38pamaurybut we have no code to run on it right ?
17:29:16pamauryis it a good player ?
17:29:50lebelliumbetter than any recent Creative DAP :)
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17:30:10pamaurybut far more expensive
17:31:32lebelliumthat's right
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17:32:48dfktif the j3 had rockbox, i would die happy... it's very good hardware, imo
17:33:05dfktfirmware is good too, but lacks some core features i'd like
17:33:37lebelliumwell maybe the reason why this famous player doesn't run rockbox yet is that it is the only DAP on the market that has a decent OF?
17:34:02pamauryit looks interesting, I still have some work to do on the imx233 targets but then...
17:34:11dfktyeah, it actually has gapless that works, and some of the custom flash UIs are very nice
17:35:30dfktwas the d2 a tcc79xx too? afaik, the internal storage never got write support (but i dunno, sold it a long time ago)
17:36:10pamauryd2 has TCC7801
17:36:39pamaurywe have support for the tcc77xx and tcc80xx
17:36:48pamauryI don't know how different is the tcc79xx
17:38:40dfktpamaury -
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17:51:56*pamaury needs to fix the imx233 dma and it's a pain
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18:21:27pamauryit's a shame that the j3 was discontinued though
18:22:02pamauryit's frightening to think that in the near future, all mp3 players might run android
18:22:29dfktindeed, that would be terrible
18:23:18pamaurymp3 players used to be closed hardware but with android that's even worse actually, you've got the running code but no way to run custom one
18:23:28dfktstill using my x5 for music most of the time, and a sansa clip... while i have 3 android toys, all with rockbox, it's just not right for music
18:25:07pamauryI use the fuze+ usually, the zen x-fi3 is nice but bertrik has it for now
18:26:36 Quit shamus (Quit: chaos reigns within reflect repent and reboot order shall return)
18:27:22pamauryI recently stumbled on the imx51 manual, it's really annoying to see that in the fact sheet, there is a whole page dedicated to "security" advertised as "hackers won't be able to run code on your device"
18:27:54dfktsounds like an incentive :)
18:28:02pamaurywhen you start designing "secured" jtag, you must realized something went terribly wrong
18:30:09pamaury what is funny is that the manual is 4000 pages long and the errata is 200 pages long :)
18:31:23pamaurythe best one is cleary this one: "HS-I2C: issue: High-Speed mode doesn't work"
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22:25:39saratogawhen is 3.12 due out?
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22:27:13bertrikI don't think there's any planning yet
22:27:51saratogaI guess its august or September
22:27:57saratogabased on timing
22:27:57bertrikI'm worried a bit about the continuing USB problems on AMSv1 and AMSv2
22:28:14saratogayes, the v1 issue is particularly annoying
22:28:26saratogasince i've been unable to get a single user with the problem to just test and figure out which build caused it
22:28:36saratogaand my v1 is rockbox solid
22:28:59AlexP_I have a couple of v1 targets I think, what is the issue?
22:29:05saratogai think AMSv2 in general is pretty solid, there is just some kind of memory corruption on the Zip
22:29:12AlexP_I haevn't used them in ages, so I could always check if they see it :)
22:29:20saratogaAlexP_: some V1 players crash if you use USB
22:29:31saratogadue to a bug introduced between 3.8 and 3.9
22:29:44AlexP_I'll update and try them then, I haven't used them in a long time
22:29:52AlexP_Not sure if it is that long, but it might be
22:29:56saratogaFS #12184
22:29:58fs-bluebot Fuze V1 locking when transferring files Rockbox 3.9 (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:30:03bertrikI got a undefined instruction involving address 0000003C on my clip zip (AMSv2) that was also reported in a recent build on an AMSv1 target
22:30:38saratogaperhaps its memory corruption with a common cause
22:31:48 Quit factor (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:33:22bertrikI don't know really, I can't seem to put my finger on it
22:34:37bertrikI've seen a few USB problems occasionally, but it's hard to reproduce
22:35:06bertriknot exactly my favourite kind of problem to investigate
22:36:46AlexP_Clip v1 is AMSv1 isn't it?
22:37:18bertrikCould be a USB driver problem, I also don't really trust buflib (or usage of that)
22:37:32bertrikyes, clip v1 is AMSv1
22:37:39AlexP_I think that's the only one I have - my e200 and c200 are v1 and my fuze is v2
22:37:46bertrikWe should make a list that maps sansa targets to their SoC
22:39:01saratogathe SansaAMS page lists them
22:40:14saratogabut yeah, i think we probably have some problem with buflib, or at least some bad calls to it
22:40:21saratogaalthough our USB issues predate it
22:40:30saratogaso perhaps the logic itself is busted
22:41:10saratogabertrik: would getting the disk logging feature in and then putting some debug stuff around the USB and buflib be likely to turn up clues?
22:41:17saratogai know very little about that part of the code
22:42:36 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:42:41 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:45:33saratogaas far as i'm concerned, its ready to go
22:45:58saratogabut its no use unless people start putting ERRORF logging into code they're working on
22:46:30saratogai guess i need to go through and make sure it doesn't break android builds
22:47:51saratogaright now i've added quite a lot of logging to the codecs, but nothing else
22:48:13 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
22:48:59saratogaif you get bored, you could check out g#288 and start changing LOGF/DEBUGF to ERRORF or WARNF and see what happens
22:49:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #288 at : Introduce logging to disk feature into rockbox. by Michael Giacomelli (changes/88/288/8)
22:50:49 Join factor [0] (
23:16:09AlexP_I can't get my clipv1 to crash on using USB
23:19:11saratogayeah, i've only heard of it on the fuzev1
23:23:00 Join matsl [0] (
23:26:34saratogasince the Samsung R0 port looks nearly complete, we should probably see about getting official install directions
23:28:24lebelliumthere is no "official" bootloader yet
23:29:15 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
23:30:48saratogawhy is that?
23:31:27lebelliumI don't know now, ask kugel :P Kugel uses his self built bootloader and all R0 users use Lorenzo's modded firmware
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23:32:00saratogais there a tool for modding the firmware?
23:32:47lebelliumI ask lorenzo to come here, he'll better answer your questions
23:32:52 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
23:33:19lorenzo92saratoga: hey ;)
23:33:22saratogalorenzo92: hey
23:33:29lorenzo92so a little explaination
23:33:38saratogado you have a way to install on the R0 that doesn't involve distributing any code we don't have permission to distribute?
23:33:42lorenzo92(btw, I'm using the kugel's firmware too :p, official one)
23:33:58lorenzo92well did you look at our tools?
23:34:04saratogano :)
23:34:05 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote host closed the connection)
23:34:09saratogaeasier to just ask you
23:34:19lorenzo92indeed we have one: the ecnrypter/decrypter
23:34:39lorenzo92aka: MuonEncrypt
23:34:43saratogadoes a user need to patch the official firmware ?
23:35:35lorenzo92well yes. without patching, it's not possible to boot rockbox. And since it's not really easy to do for a user, my idea is to do the trick automatically OR using prebuilt rom files...
23:36:11lorenzo92we need to place both safe mode + rockbox start point + radio kernel module into our patched firm
23:36:27saratogaoften what we do is have the user give a firmware file, and have rbutility patch it
23:37:39 Join nosa-j [0] (
23:37:49saratogaalthough since this firmware is itself linux based, perhaps you can legally distribute the file you need?
23:40:27lorenzo92well it's all "legal" apart MuonEncrypt (no sources for it)
23:40:35lorenzo92I don't see the problem...
23:40:58saratogaif there is any proprietary stuff in the patched firmware files that could be a problem
23:41:08saratogado they include things like decoders? or just the open source bits?
23:41:19lorenzo92ah! nono nothing more than the firmware + our stuff
23:41:51saratogadoes the firmware contain any non-free bits?
23:42:34lorenzo92ah the firmware? well yes it does...but these files are uncompressed on the fly, no non-free on the repositiry!
23:43:36saratogano i mean, right now you have to download a patched firmware file ("modded firmware 2.30")
23:43:54saratogadoes that contain anything that is not open source like audio decoders or proprietary kernel modules
23:44:06 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:45:39 Join nosa-j [0] (
23:46:50lorenzo92ah !! nonono!
23:47:20lorenzo92the official patcher (utils/ypr0tools) needs the ORIGINAL firmware only ;)
23:47:42saratogai'm looking at the instructions on the ABI thread, is there other instructions ?
23:47:47lorenzo92(of course on ABI we will release also our modded firmware...but this is "unfficial")
23:48:11kugelwe don't have the source for MuonEncrypt do we?
23:48:21lorenzo92no we don't
23:49:40saratogaMuonEncrypt is from samsung right?
23:49:57saratogawe could just link to their website i guess, although that would mean no rbutil
23:50:26kugellast time I disassembled it it did only some basic XORing so we could/should simply re-implement it
23:50:42saratogaright now i just wanted to get install directions on the rockbox wiki
23:50:53saratogawe have a link on the front page but it has no directions for users who want to install
23:51:25KiwiCampixelma: Both Actually. At first I tried the Clip+ and then the Zip (sim only for the Zip). I use the "needles.bmp" in the Analog theme and used the colour picker to choose the Magenta colour used. I then used that colour in a few bitmaps. Here is my test file: I'm using the latest build version of the Sim.
23:51:27saratogadirections for a simple install of rockbox without downloading a modded firmware would be nice too, since it would help get rbutil working i think
23:51:41lorenzo92yes scripts are all ready
23:51:58lorenzo92it's just a matter of typing a command on a original R0.ROM file
23:51:59saratogacool, seems like we could pretty much make the target stable once the install is sorted out
23:52:08saratogainstall directions I mean
23:52:16kugelwe currently have a mix of a to-be-patched OF, a proprietary encrypter and shell script to make rootfs. not ideal for installation
23:52:33saratogaif you can download the encrypter that should be fine
23:52:45saratogabut yes not ideal but that can be fixed
23:52:51kugelthe encrypter is a binary, linux only
23:53:29kugelthe whole thing is just 11K though, it's not a lot of logic in it
23:53:33saratogaah, that is annoying
23:53:52lorenzo92maybe I have an idea....
23:54:42lorenzo92thelemonman did some reverse for another ROM format of the YP-Q2..could be that the same=
23:55:12 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:55:26lorenzo92100% sure it's xored data
23:55:46saratogahuh are the manual builds broken? i can't view them online
23:56:09kugellorenzo92: possibly
23:57:22kugelno, it uses md5, MuonEncrypt doesnt

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