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#rockbox log for 2012-07-15

00:00:28lorenzo92explaination in italian about the method :)
00:01:13kugelthe same xor table
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00:01:45saratogagoogle translate does Italian very well
00:02:00kugelI think lorenzo92 could do better yet :)
00:02:17saratogayes probably
00:02:51lorenzo92kugel: indeed ^^
00:03:31saratogaso its just a straight XOR with that table?
00:04:22lorenzo92but XORing, e.g, "ciao" string what does it mean (I want to say, how does it work the magical table?)
00:04:58kugelperhaps for(i=0;i<end;i++) out[i] = in[i] ^ table[i] ?
00:06:41kugelhow can I view a file with the first X bit stripped away?
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00:10:53kugelboth tools produce similar results, Q2Crypt prepends 56 and the last 22 bytes are different
00:11:33kugelI think the 56 first might be the md5sum
00:11:48lorenzo92yes, maybe stripping them...
00:12:19lorenzo92define MD5_DIGEST_LEN 0x10
00:12:50lorenzo92there is also an "header" in the q2tool
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00:14:29lorenzo92at least the idea is okay!
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00:30:02kugelokay, found the procedure to encrypt the image
00:30:21kugellike I posted above, but using the table from the italian forum post
00:30:49kugeland doing table[i & 0x7f] obviously
00:31:13kugelso MounEncrypt can be trivially implemented now
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00:44:07kugelsaratoga: but cramfs generation is probably linux-only also
00:46:17kugellooks like it
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00:47:40kugelit could work under cygwin but that's about it
00:51:46saratogacould we do the cramfs stuff in advance download it as a patch, like we do with mkamsboot?
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00:55:31kugelthe OF (more accurately the rootfs contained in it) is unpacked, modified and packed back together
00:55:58saratogahmm yeah that sucks then
00:56:40saratogawould need our own tool then
00:59:42kugelfor cramfs?
01:00:07kugelhave fun :) I dont think it's feasible
01:00:08saratogasome windows software can at least unpack it (7zip)
01:01:33kugelcould perhaps ship cygwin1.dll to make it work
01:02:02saratogayeah, i've done that for research stuff where we had windows lab machines but needed a linux utility
01:03:37kugeli don't see how it could work with rbutil though
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01:10:37kugelmkcramfs is already ported to cygwin
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12:26:23[Saint]Hummm...convttf isn't in gitignore
12:27:48bertrikI can reproduce the undefined instruction on the clip zip now
12:28:24bertrikIt happens when the clip zip is connected to my suspended-laptop (turned on) and then the laptop is woken from suspend
12:29:03bertrikI got the 0000003C address a few times and once a backtrace without an address
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12:46:07bertrikmeh, USB is pretty much messed up right now, can't even unpack to do a bisect
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13:49:15bertrikok, bisect failed, can no longer reproduce it. I did have to re-format at some point.
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14:44:08kugelpretty sure the sim/sdlapp cpu load bug is in pulseaudio
14:44:29kugelor sdl
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18:33:51betabeatI seem to have bricked my rockboxed Sansa Clip+ somehow. I was lifting weights when it just suddenly shut off and since then it has not come back on. Have tried the 20-second-power-button reset, but have yet to get a response after trying several times and waiting several days. It doesn't turn on when plugged into my PC via USB, either. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.
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22:02:02lorenzo92kugel, saratoga: I'm editing the wiki right now
22:02:30 Join timberman [0] (57d2f0d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:03:39timbermanI bricked my brand-new fuze-v2, can anybody help please?
22:08:34 Join kevinconnelly123 [0] (
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22:11:37lorenzo92timberman: I don't know anything about the device, but begin to write its state (does it startup a little, i.e. backlight, or nothing at all etc) :)
22:11:52 Join kevinconnellu [0] (
22:11:57lorenzo92...and what you did also
22:12:27 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:12:56timbermanI installed rockbox via the utility, all went well. It booted rockbox well. Then I connected it to my mac and stored some music on the SD card.
22:13:16kevinconnelluhi guys i was thinking makeing a rockbox plugin can anyone help
22:13:21timbermanI unmounted the player, removed the usb. Then there was some error on the screen.
22:14:02AlexP_kevinconnellu: A good start is probably looking at existing ones
22:14:12timbermanAfter that it's completely dead. No lights, no drive when I connect through USB. Absolutely nothing. I tried removery mode, but nothing.
22:14:41AlexP_timberman: It has probably hung with the screen off
22:15:01kevinconnellubut how do i encode them
22:15:03timbermanWhat can I do?
22:15:09AlexP_If holding power for 30 seconds or more then turning it back on doesn't help, you'll have to wait for the battery to run down
22:15:15AlexP_Which may take a few days
22:15:20kugellorenzo92: wecan reimplement MounEncrypt, i found the "algorithm"
22:15:22AlexP_kevinconnellu: You mean compile?
22:15:45kugelhowever installation is still messy due to dependency on cramfstools
22:16:17kevinconnellu what lang is the .rock file
22:16:20AlexP_kevinconnellu: Have a look at apps/plugins, but if it is simple you can add it to SOURCES I believe
22:16:23timbermanAlexP_: The power switch doesn't help.
22:16:40AlexP_kevinconnellu: It is compiled C
22:16:49timbermanCan't I open it and do a reset somehow?
22:16:56lorenzo92kugel: great! i was editing the wiki with rom patching instructions meanwhile as well as updating some bits :)
22:17:14AlexP_timberman: I believe the battery is soldered in, so disconnecting it isn't simple
22:17:33AlexP_kevinconnellu: As I say, have a look at the source to the others in apps/plugins
22:18:01AlexP_kevinconnellu: There is even a helloworld.c there :)
22:18:19kevinconnelluok i will hope to be a app maker for rockbox ;)
22:18:26AlexP_good luck
22:18:31AlexP_Do you know C?
22:19:06 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
22:19:07kevinconnellui know batch html and java S ill learn it in time
22:19:25AlexP_Look at too
22:20:09kevinconnelluthx alex great help!!
22:20:37AlexP_no worries
22:21:32 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:23:21kevinconnellualex it says a quick google search say i can use a standerd txt editor with compiled c
22:24:03kevinconnellui need to speak better..
22:24:23kevinconnelluok ill try again
22:24:45kevinconnellua quick google search say i can use a standerd txt editor with compiled c
22:25:03 Join dartmouth [0] (
22:25:23kevinconnelluSTUPID I TOUCH
22:25:24 Quit timberman (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:26:32AlexP_You can use any editor you want to write the source, yes
22:26:47AlexP_Once you have written the source code you compile it
22:26:53*[Saint] is a little unsure what "with compiled c
22:26:53[Saint]* dartmouth ( has joined #rockbox" means.
22:27:12[Saint]....what happened there? eeek.
22:28:03kugellorenzo92: need to talk with bluebrother about how we can possibly integrate with rbutil
22:29:26 Join saratoga [0] (98032941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:32:16dartmouthdo screen dumps need to be formatted any certain way for the manual, or just as they are right off the device?
22:34:05AlexP_dartmouth: Check the existing ones, I think they are a different format to that the device gives
22:34:12AlexP_png vs bmp IIRC
22:36:36dartmouthi tried checking that, but all the 'online' manuals are offline; i can only get to the PDFs.
22:37:06dartmouthi figured that was just a temporary thing that was being worked on, but they've been offline for a little while now :/
22:37:42lorenzo92kugel: by the way, did you do something on the screen driver side? because now the vu-meter plugin with digital view works perfectly as in the first builds using sdl....
22:37:53AlexP_dartmouth: I meant look in the source
22:37:54saratogaZagor: did you notice the manual links are broken:
22:38:00AlexP_dartmouth: It is in git
22:38:02saratogaseems like on 7 July something changed
22:38:18kugellorenzo92: no, nothing
22:38:37lorenzo92kugel: :O doesn't matter, now it works :D
22:38:45dartmouthAlexP_: gotcha thanks, i have it cloned, i'll take a look
22:38:57kugelI think i changed the pcm driver to do polling, perhaps that changed it. but that was ages ago
22:39:24AlexP_Althought the manuals not being there is an issue
22:39:41AlexP_I wasn't aware of it, I don't know if the people that maintain the server are
22:40:11AlexP_Zagor isn't here atm, so I'll poke Bagder on the off chance :)
22:40:48 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:41:32Bagdersend zagor an email maybe, I'm not as "home" there anymore I rather let him sort it out
22:45:19AlexP_will do
22:46:53lorenzo92kugel: ah okay, indeed don't think it's related..anyways...I will need also to take care of recording hehe
22:50:09 Part b0hoon ("GTG. Bye.")
22:52:03[Saint]it seems people have been "discovering" the manual links are dead on and off for the past week or so.
22:54:45dartmouthonly the PDFs and the folders are still there, all the other individual files are 404'd. maybe separately hosted on a server that's down? i don't know anything about how the website works heh
22:55:04kevinconnelluOK im haveing troble at: Now to include it in the makefile. First save your sourcecode for plugin into the rockbox\apps\plugins folder then add the name of your plugin (ex: helloWorld.c) into the SOURCES textfile which is in the same directory. You also need to add your plugin to the CATEGORIES textfile which is in the same directory as well (e.g.: "testing,apps" will have plugin "testing" show up under the applications category. In case of "helloworl
23:01:06saratogathat got cut off since IRC posts can only be a few lines long
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