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#rockbox log for 2012-07-18

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02:44:39webguest08so what usually goes on in this chat?
02:47:04webguest08is there anyone on here who can help me with my fuze rockbox?
02:47:28[Saint]Only if you actually ask a question.
02:48:41webguest08Ok, I'm trying to read some manga on the fuze, but it started giving me an unsupported -4 error
02:49:33webguest08it's weird because it works on the first few, but at some point it doesn't, and they're all jpeg files
02:50:57[Saint]Its quite likely that the file(s) are simply too large.
02:51:27webguest08Is there a limit on how big they can be?
02:51:32[Saint]Your target doesn't have a lot of memory, and viewing large resolution jpegs is kinda outside the scope of intended use.
02:52:36webguest08there is a SLIGHT width difference
02:52:55webguest08the ones that work seem to be under 700, and the ones that don't are 720
02:53:48webguest08the only other difference is that the ones working all have a DS_store file on the folder when I look at them in my computer
02:56:41[Saint]Well, I highly doubt that has anything to do with it. Its just an OSX thing to keep track of folder preferences.
02:57:04[Saint]My speculative diagnosis at present is that you're flooding the available buffer.
02:58:38webguest08flooding it?
02:58:53webguest08not sure what that means
02:59:01[Saint]well, there's 8MB RAM on this thing total.
02:59:50[Saint]at any one point in time you've likely got around ~5MB actually available to you.
02:59:55webguest08does it make any difference if they're on a microsdhc card?
03:00:31webguest08So I have too many in there at once?
03:04:12webguest08so is there a fix?
03:07:17webguest08like clearing cache or something?
03:10:24[Saint]Errrr, shit. Sorry, trying to do a million things at once.
03:10:47webguest08XD sorry if I was bothering you
03:11:19[Saint]First things first, something I should have asked earlier but assumed it was too obvious (an often dangerous mistake): "Have you in fact verified the file(s) work as intended on another device?"
03:12:22webguest08Hmm, the only device I own is sansa fuze
03:12:25webguest08and my pc ofc
03:12:33[Saint]the PC counts.
03:12:52webguest08it works perfectly on the pc
03:14:58webguest08when trying to open it it tries loading all the pictures in the folder
03:15:01webguest08and none work
03:15:12webguest08just unsupported -4, then no supported file
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03:23:20webguest08hmm, I'll try resizing I suppose
03:23:21webguest08might work
03:28:54webguest08Just tried some bigger image size, they work so I'm not sure that's the problem
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03:31:48saratogalooking at the code, -4 means its some weird JPEG format
03:32:15webguest08hm, so it's the format
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03:33:54webguest08there doesn't seem to be any difference form the working ones
03:34:54webguest08but the folders containing the non-working ones seem slightly smaller
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03:41:54saratogathey're probably progressive jpeg, or one of the other weirder forms
03:44:33webguest08Yeah mostlikely, at least it's not all of them
03:44:40webguest08I will just read these on my pc
03:45:33[Saint]Its trivial to convert them to a "sane" format.
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03:46:49[Saint]And yes, thanks saratoga. I'm futzing around trying to get out the door, doing a million things, I should've considered that myself but it didn't occur to me.
03:48:20saratogaif someone is on a machine with git, should change ""unsupported %d" to "unsupported JPEG type: %d" in apps/plugins/imageviewer/jpeg/jpeg.c so its more clear
03:48:33webguest08any program I need to download or website ?
03:49:37saratogai would try mspaint first
03:50:05webguest08so I just open it and save it as jpeg?
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03:51:29[Saint]open; "save as"; <foo>.jpeg.
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03:52:29[Saint]I'm a little embarrassed this didn't occur to me. I forgot we have "issues" with the slightly exotic format that is progressive jpeg
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04:28:37webguest08Kinda late
04:28:41webguest08but it worked!
04:28:49webguest08Thanks saint and saratoga :D
04:29:28[Saint_]No problem.
04:29:38[Saint_]Sorry I didn't think of it sooner.
04:30:19[Saint_]'twas saratoga to the rescue really ;)
04:30:49webguest08doesn't matter, it was a team effort
04:31:08[Saint_]Well, glad it worked.
04:31:56webguest08Now all I need is to shave my hard cover case and my fuze is complete
04:32:26webguest08the darn case is a wee bit small where I conect it to the pc
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04:51:22webguest08ok, one last quick question
04:51:33webguest08is there a way to save multiple images as jpg?
04:51:43webguest08it will take for ever doing it on paint one by one
04:51:50webguest08and my pc isn't the fastest thing out there
04:53:31[Saint_]Any "sane" editor should be able to process batch jobs.
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04:54:09webguest08"sane" editor?
04:54:56[Saint_]GIMP, Irfanview, ...two examples.
04:55:32webguest08would photoshop work?
04:57:29[Saint_]I would assume so.
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07:07:22kermytok I have an ipod 2g with rockbox on it for about a year
07:07:35kermytI recently "upgraded
07:07:46JdGordonkugel_: gevaerts: can you have a look at g#295 please? I cant figure out the magic to make it copy rblogo.bmp to the /usr/local/... bin directory for make install
07:07:47kermytnow it's barley usefull
07:07:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #295 at : SDL sim/app: Display the rockbox logo in the WM taskbar by Jonathan Gordon (changes/95/295/1)
07:08:01kermytI wan to downgrade to the 3.10
07:08:28kermytbut I am not sure how to find the rin for that
07:09:23kermytthe rockbox utility said it was backing up my old boot... but I cna't seem to find where it put it
07:10:12kermytif I can find the old packup bin I think I can dd the bin straight to the /dev/sdi1
07:10:50[Saint_]Its simply a case of writing the old .rockbox folder from the backup over the one on disk presently.
07:11:34kermyton the sdi2 device?
07:11:58[Saint_]I don't use rbutil myself, but I'd guess it can automate this.
07:13:47kermytwell rbutil just shy of bricked my ipod... I am unimpressed... however I can still access the devices if I boot into ios mode
07:14:25kermytis the backup saved on the 2sn partition on the ipod?
07:14:40kermytor is that actually the boot device as well?
07:14:46[Saint_]It is not possible to brick an iPod.
07:14:51kermytyeah I know
07:14:59kermytbut my usefull ness is limited atm
07:14:59[Saint_]Especially not by rbutil.
07:15:06kermytI said almost
07:15:40kermytif I connect it to a computer it is gorked and needs a hard reset
07:15:52kermytthe only way to connect it is if I boot it into ios mode
07:16:29kermytin fact if it is connected and boots into rockbox it goes into kernel panic
07:16:39[Saint_]Well, I should clarify. It *is* possible, but you need to be specifically trying to do so, or misusing the tools provided.
07:17:10[Saint_]Using the tools as provided is perfectly safe.
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07:17:24kermytI never said it wasn't
07:17:32kermytbut it did make my ipod less useful
07:17:40kermytI am trying to fix it now
07:17:54kermytnow where would rbutil store my backup?
07:19:50[Saint_]You are probably better off to try the current build, as opposed to committing yourself to reverting to an older build.
07:20:39kermytthe current build is broken
07:20:47kermytI found a post on the forums confirming this
07:21:06[Saint_]Have you posted a bug report?
07:21:27kermytno the bug has already been reported
07:22:01kermytthe developers know that the current build freezes on USB connection
07:22:18kermytnow I just want to respore my backup or downgrade to 3.10
07:22:27kermytI don't care wich
07:22:36kermytI know 3.10 works according to the forum post I read
07:26:59kermytthat's not the post I first found but it discusses the same topic
07:27:43kermyt that's the one
07:29:34kermytoh so the bootloader part doesn't change?
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07:31:08saratogasince when does "no USB support" mean "bricked"?
07:32:08kermytI didn't say it was bricked
07:32:40kermytbut crashing on USB connect makes it much less useful
07:32:56kermytI may have just restored my backup
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07:33:45saratogait doesn't make it less useful, just means you have to boot into the apple firmware to send files
07:34:22kermytyeah that's what I ended up doing
07:34:34kermytok it's back to 3.9.1
07:34:52kermytbut it still doens't get puckup up my my machine for some reason
07:35:04kermytbut it doesn't crash anymore
07:36:07kermytthank you [Saint] your advice worked
07:36:30kermytsomthing is still a little wrong but it works alot better now
07:37:06kermytthis new issue could be my computer though
07:39:10kermytah yeah my mac picks it up but not my gentoo PC
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10:28:15CIA-5Commit 15775c8 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: fix erroneous button read in yesno screen and missed buttons in action.c.
10:30:38CIA-515775c8 build result: All green
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10:34:54CIA-5Commit a76de79 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Call call_storage_idle_notifys() to make storage idle callbacks work in
10:37:17CIA-5a76de79 build result: 16 errors, 44 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
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10:48:11kugel[Saint]: I updated FS #12474. please have a play
10:48:12fs-bluebot [PATCH] Database: Support for multiple search roots. (patches, new)
10:48:16kugelanyone else too
10:49:30[Saint]That's non-shit.
10:50:57gevaertsJdGordon: I've never worked with and I don't speak perl fluently
10:51:19gevaertsReimplement it in make and I'm your man :)
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11:00:46kugel[Saint]: there's a nice UI (courtesy of JdGordon) to select dirs to scan
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11:10:46kugelif this is nice enough the UI should probably be re-used for autoresume
11:11:48[Saint]its infinitely better than manual f**kery with database.un/ignore files
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11:36:59JdGordonkugel: what was the extra config file you mention was removed?
11:37:03JdGordonI don't remmeber the old patch :p
11:37:48JdGordonand... who knows
11:44:39kugelJdGordon: .txt file with one folder per line
11:59:41pixelmakugel: any plans to do something about those warnings and errors?
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12:07:44*pamaury is trying to trigger a dma+cache+alignment bug to prove that there is a problem but cannot succeed
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12:55:55CIA-5Commit c8ba628 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Fix warnings and errors in sdl builds.
12:58:10CIA-5c8ba628 build result: 8 errors, 0 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
13:00:00[Saint] got helf of them! :)
13:00:08[Saint]*half, even.
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13:32:25kugelwill fix the db tool later
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15:18:04CIA-5Commit f0430e2 in rockbox by Bertrik Sikken: (Author: James Hunt) FS #12716 - Updated Russian translation
15:20:16CIA-5f0430e2 build result: 8 errors, 0 warnings (James Hunt committed)
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16:23:16CIA-5Commit b7937a7 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: fix database tool
16:25:13CIA-5b7937a7 build result: All green
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17:03:58freddyb_How do I submit 2nd version of a patch on gerrit?
17:08:23kugelfreddyb_: the same way as you submit the first version
17:08:48kugelgerrit recognizes the Change-Id: line in the ci message
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20:51:29amayercharging the battery is controlled completely by hardware for the ipodclassic right?
20:58:15 Join dabrat [0] (
20:59:46dabratHi there - I would like to get my hands on an X5 2007 build - pls - could you send me one (any build from that time will do) - pls :)
20:59:49 Join mgottschlag [0] (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64)
21:00:17lebelliumwould it be possible to extend the H3x0 fw support to the latest v1.31? I'd like to try the games in the OF without losing the RB dualboot
21:09:29 Join einhirn [0] (
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21:31:10kugel[Saint]: played
21:31:37kugelwith the patch yet
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21:45:22Horschtheya there. I'v got a question about the behaviour of insterting or queueing directories.
21:47:37HorschtI noticed that when playing songs and inserting/queuing a whole directory using the "insert/queue next" menu and instantly insert/queue a second diretory using the "insert/queue" command, it will play the first song of the first directory next
21:48:08HorschtIt will then continue to play the second directory until rockbox "resumes" playback of the first queued folder
21:48:24Horschtis this intended behaviour?
21:48:27 Join hype [0] (~hype@
21:49:26HorschtI would expect rockbox to first play all songs of directory1 then go on to directory2
21:49:51 Join n1s [0] (
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21:51:55gevaertsSounds like the cursor might not be positioned in the best possible way
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23:46:02kugelI pushed #g296 through #g299. please have a look
23:46:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #296 at : lists: Support '\t' in list item text to indent the line containing it. by Jonathan Gordon (changes/96/296/1)
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