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#rockbox log for 2012-07-19

00:00:43CIA-5Commit 323282f in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: (Author: Purdea Andrei) Fixing data abort (pc in strchr). when scrolling a big playlist very fast.
00:03:01CIA-5323282f build result: All green
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00:37:18dabratWhere to get old (2007) Rockbox releases ?
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00:38:52dabratthanks a lot gevaerts!
00:41:52dabrattoo bad no x5 release among these - any1 having another source?
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01:15:41AlexPdabrat: You'll have to build it from source, there were no releases for X5 back then only development builds so they aren't archived
01:16:52AlexPThe earliest release for X5 was 3.0 back in Sept 2008
01:17:01AlexPAvailable here:
01:21:11CIA-5Commit 0823817 in rockbox by Jonathan Gordon: lists: Support '\t' in list item text to indent the line containing it.
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01:23:16CIA-50823817 build result: All green
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01:47:01dabratAlexP - that's great - thanks - 2008 is fine too!
01:47:11AlexPOK, cool
01:47:17AlexPOut of interest, why?
01:48:43dabratbecause my X5 is kinda old - and the newest rockbox version (from now) is draining too much energy - (i know could buy a battery) but that may take a while..
01:48:57AlexPIt shouldn't be any different
01:49:03AlexPIf it is then there is a bug
01:49:22AlexPI'd be interested into battery bench runs between the two
01:50:19dabratallright - I'm gonna try the 3.0 version from 2008 tomorrow - will post the result here - same time
01:50:31AlexPThanks, that'd be interesting
01:50:53AlexPI'm not saying the current release isn't worse, just that if it is it'd be good to know
01:52:11dabrata subjective estimate in comparison with my old (2007) version - is basically 5:1 with the current
01:52:31AlexPWhen was the last time you used the 2007 version?
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01:54:01dabrat2 months ago - than i was willing to upgrade - and pretty much immediately (for listening a few hours) my battery was out - and with my 2007 version i could listen/use it a few days
01:54:10AlexPThat sounds very odd
01:54:24AlexPI'm sure someone else would have mentioned such a massive difference
01:54:38AlexPBut yeah, two battery benches would be good, thanks :)
01:54:51dabratwell - i thought it's because the gui additions and maybe some different sound processing going on..
01:55:00AlexPShouldnt be, no
01:55:13AlexPAnd doesn't on any of the players I've got
01:55:32AlexPWe wouldn't introduce any gui features that cut battery life to 20% :)
01:55:45dabratwell - i choose any of the daily builds (2 months ago) ..
01:56:16AlexPThere was a bug in radio not being turned off around then
01:56:26AlexPWhich might have affected the X5
01:56:29AlexPOne mo
01:56:57AlexPApparently not
01:57:08AlexPAnyway, a definite test would be great
01:57:17dabratok - in between - what you guys do with rockbox is AMAZING - when i got a buck fifty extra i'm definitely gonna donate
01:57:25AlexPheh, cheers :)
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06:31:50seK0Hello all.
06:32:21seK0Does anyone know if there'll ever be software for iPod Nano 5th Gen?
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06:45:23[Saint]seK0: most of us have an inablility, like yourself, to predict the future.
06:45:58[Saint]I can tell you no one is actively working on it to my knowledge, However, if that helps.
06:46:22seK0ffs. Maybe some people in here are developers and would actaully know if new software is being built.
06:46:31seK0Oh, OK.
06:46:51seK0I'd love it, though. I hate Apple's software/
06:47:11seK0It's so.. restricted.
06:47:57[Saint]afaik there's no known exploit for this device.
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06:49:57[Saint]I also apologise if my response sounded standoffish, but "ever" is a long time, I can olny answer for the near future :)
06:57:49seK0Hahah ,okay.
06:58:35seK0Thanks man. I'll be back in here as "sentriz" when I get mIRC back up and running..
06:58:42seK0See you then
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07:58:53davidfg4Can I set up my device(sansa clip) such that the moment I turn it on it goes to the recording screen and starts recording?
08:00:14davidfg4It looks like triggers need to be started first, so that doesn't work.
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08:47:22davidfg4I don't think it is possible to do that with the settings available, so I wrote a patch that always starts a recording when I go to the recording screen, no button press required
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09:32:03kugelgevaerts: can you have another look at g#134?
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09:46:34marcellodsHow do I change the battery level in the simulator (to test different levels in the WPS, charging etc)?
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10:01:26JdGordonmarcellods: the simulator should do it automatically
10:01:30JdGordonor used to...
10:02:39JdGordonkugel: you pinged on g184... i sort of thought we decided it wasnt really needed at all which is why I let it rot
10:02:48JdGordondo we want percentag positioning?
10:12:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #184 at : skin_engine: Support percentages for viewport positioning by Jonathan Gordon (changes/84/184/1)
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10:14:40marcellodsJdGordon: I noticed it does change sometimes. But I don't know when or the criteria. Do I just have to wait and hope for the best ? :) He is showing me 97% for a long time...
10:15:23[Saint]marcellods: it is supposed to cycle from 0~100% continuously
10:15:53[Saint](when "charging" is active)
10:20:57marcellods[Saint]: weird... not happening here.
10:21:41marcellodsalthough I've seen it changing sometimes... now it's stuck at 97%
10:21:51[Saint]marcellods: I believe there is an (undocumented, other than the codebase) key to emulate the insertion of a power source.
10:22:25[Saint]If memory serves, its something obvious like "c"
10:24:28[Saint]JdGordon and myself are both thinking of the charging behaviour itself, which used to always be active in the simulator if memory serves, but if I'm correct now needs to be activated manually (ie. "inserting a virtual charger").
10:25:52marcellods[Saint]: c didn't work(tryied also multiple keys). U inserts USB but then the WPS is gone and I only see the USB connector on the screen
10:27:41[Saint]I'm not 100% about this, but, my instinct wants to tell me that charging needs to be activated via a keypress of some form to simulate the addition of a charger/power source.
10:28:10marcellods[Saint]: werid that I've seen it changing before. No clue why it's stuck now
10:28:41marcellods[Saint]: maybe I've accidentally pressed this "secret" key ?
10:30:18marcellodsoh, he's back... after a couple of restarts he's counting down again. Nice.
10:31:48[Saint]Ah...looking at the code, it seems I'm incorrect (I wonder what made me think a "virtual charger/power source" needed to be "inserted"?)...anyway.
10:32:26[Saint]The current behaviour is to "charge" up to 100%, and then maintain a "trickle charge" state for a while, rinse, repeat.
10:33:15[Saint]Though, I swear there is a way to toggle charging state in the sim...
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10:51:27[Saint]Hummm...I'm driving myself nuts here. I should probably just give up, I'm likely incorrect, but I would've sworn there was a way to emulate charger insertion/removal.
10:52:11[Saint]Otherwise it wouldn't be possible to emulate some edge cases like "charger connected, but not corrently charging", etc.
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11:17:41marcellods[Saint]: anyway... thanks for the effort. It's workable like this anyway. Last resource is to upload to the real device and test :)
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12:39:40kugelpJdGordon: i still want it. i even wanted 0.1% steps. I can't remember having said it wasn't needed anymore
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12:45:06[Saint]kugelp: Ah, glad you mentioned a finer grain.
12:46:09[Saint]I was going to bring that up myself but I forgot, with accuracy to 0.1% it should be possible to be just as precise as with per-pixel x,y coordinates.
12:51:46JdGordonkugelp: do you want to take over the patch? my time is fairly limited atm
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13:12:04kugelpJdGordon: can do
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16:52:13Oliver_Does rockbox use the folder.jpg method when displaying album art, or is it all in the tags?
16:56:02Oliver_What method does it use to display album art?
16:56:19WalkGoodOliver_ i said either
16:56:40Oliver_Haha, sorry I thought you said "neither"
16:57:24WalkGoodi use imbeded because my files already had it and i haven't tried folder.jpg but read it works long ago
16:57:58Oliver_Cool, thanks
16:58:37WalkGoodthere's a few places on the site but a good start is
17:01:37WalkGoodbtw that program they recommend for batch "irfanview" is awsome, i used it to resize a huge batch of files before i imbeded them when i first ripped them
17:02:01Oliver_I think I've heard of it, all good things. Thanks a ton, man.
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19:34:20wodzgevaerts: ping
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19:53:39gevaertswodz: pong
19:54:28wodzgevaerts: how did you test battery_bench quit?
19:54:36 Quit Szatan (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:54:38gevaertsStart another plugin
19:54:49gevaertsI think. Or maybe start battery bench again
19:56:01wodzok, any of this works now
19:56:21wodzyou were right - plugin_get_buffer() was busted
19:56:36wodzdoom still crashes though
19:56:56gevaertsIt's doomed :)
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21:03:33kevinconnelluAlexP a firewall blocked me from cloning git what shd i do
21:04:18Tornethe instructions tell you
21:04:26Torneimmediately under the clone command.
21:04:41kevinconnellui did that but it had a http erro
21:05:19Torneif you are behind a proxy you will need to set tge right environment vars to tell git to use the proxy.
21:05:24kevinconnelluhttp request failed
21:05:26Tornehttp always works. honest.
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21:06:19kevinconnelluhmm il try again
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21:14:40kevinconnellur on what if i downlode gerrit to my pc and put it on git will that work
21:15:12kevinconnelluplease dont read (r on)
21:19:55kevinconnellucan someone help
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21:22:26wodzWhy don't you take the advice Torne gave you?
21:22:26 Quit kevinconnellu (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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21:35:51r4ydoes rockbox support ogg?
21:37:30 Quit Szatan (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:38:04wodzhmm, now doom gives Stkov main reliably on start but all others seem to work correctly
21:42:04 Join Szatan [0] (
21:43:24 Part r4y
21:51:46 Quit Szatan (Changing host)
21:51:46 Join Szatan [0] (principal@unaffiliated/blown-engine)
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22:03:44 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
22:03:48wodzgevaerts: Could you retest plugins on PP if I provide the build?
22:04:58gevaertswodz: sure, if you don't want results tonight :)
22:05:06gevaertsI should be able to test tomorrow though
22:12:55 Quit MethoS- (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:18:07 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (Quit: LambdaCalculus37)
22:21:39wodzgevaerts: e200 build
22:22:59gevaertsOK, got it
22:28:36 Quit Szatan (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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22:33:18 Join mirak [0] (
22:35:17 Join Viperfang [0] (
22:36:06ViperfangHey all, been looking through the source and can't seem to find a way to compile some fonts, only 1 is compiled (Helvetica 16) how do I get the others to build?
22:36:26ViperfangAppologies if this is in the doc... but I just cant seem to see it
22:38:07gevaertsmake fonts, maybe?
22:38:45gevaertsmake fontzip
22:39:27Viperfangno target... ill try fontzip
22:44:52Viperfangfontzip worked, thanks :-)
22:55:22 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:13:19 Quit liar (Remote host closed the connection)
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