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#rockbox log for 2012-07-31

00:01:05TheDarkPirateSaint: and I want to know is there is a way to have podcasts in my "rockbox ipod" and that they don't mix with the regular music
00:01:17kugelmy fixes break checkwps :\
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00:01:54freqmodis there a way to make rockbox mark the (podcast) files which have been listened to?
00:02:43[Saint]TheDarkPirate: Rockbox doesn't care how the files get on your player, or (with the exception of the /.rockbox directory) where they are placed.
00:03:05[Saint]As for your second question, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
00:03:06freqmodi would think that programs runing on the host computer (which downloads podcasts) is out of scope for rockbox
00:03:31[Saint]freqmod: It is offtopic, yes, you're quite correct.
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00:03:57TheDarkPirateSaint: Mmm, ok. I'm new in all of this, sorry if my question was so basic
00:04:40[Saint]TheDarkPirate: You can use any application you like to sync your music, you can also just "drag & drop" and arrange your music/files manually.
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00:05:30TheDarkPirateSaint: Yes, that's what I've seen, I just thought that it might be some special program to do it better, or something
00:06:24[Saint]And as for "is a way to have podcasts in my "rockbox ipod" and that they don't mix with the regular music?", the only answer I can think of is to simply not include the directory the podcast(s) are in when making a playlist.
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00:08:33[Saint]kugel is working on something that will allow you to easily decide which folders are scanned by the database, and which aren't, but if you went down that road you would need to always play your podcasts from the file browser.
00:09:22TheDarkPirateSaint: That sounds nice! How can I use it?
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00:09:54[Saint]At the moment, you would need to compile your own build with the patch included.
00:10:04[Saint]You can dis-include directories from being scanned by the database already, by using a "database.ignore" file also.
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00:10:39[Saint]The patch I am talking about just simplifies this process with a nice menu.
00:11:24TheDarkPirateis that info in the manual?
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00:11:41[Saint]I believe so.
00:11:47[Saint]If you don't want a particular directory to be scanned by the database, create a blank text file and save it as "database.ignore" and place it in the directory you don't want scanned.
00:12:06TheDarkPiratethanks a lot! that's so helpful!!! :D
00:12:41[Saint]It is recursive, so all directories within a directory that includes a database.ignore file won't be scanned unless they contain a database.unigore file.
00:12:42kugel[Saint]: it's in master since a few hours
00:13:11[Saint]TheDarkPirate: Oh! Apparently the patch I am talking about was just committed.
00:13:28[Saint]So, if you update to a current build, it will be a lot easier to manage.
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00:14:11gevaerts[Saint]: a current dev build!
00:14:29[Saint]kugel: thanks for that...apparently I'm not getting commit tyweets. :-S
00:14:29TheDarkPirateHow can I update? I'm using an iPod Classic 120G, it's working with emCORE, and I made the installation from that site
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00:15:55kugelman, we really need our own bootloader for the classic
00:16:16kugel(or declare emcore the official one, i dont care)
00:16:28[Saint]TheDarkPirate: If you are still using the release build for the Classic, you will see a LOT of improvements.
00:16:31TheDarkPirateyes, that would be useful!
00:16:41TheDarkPirateSaint: Ok
00:16:50TheDarkPiratepeople, I've got to go, see ya!
00:17:02TheDarkPiratethanks a lot for everything!
00:17:03[Saint]kugel: emCORE really isn't suited for installation by RbUtil
00:17:30[Saint]and, its way too powerful for an average user.
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00:18:21[Saint]A very. very, very stripped down emCORE would be nice, perhaps.
00:18:35[Saint]As it is now, I wouldn't recommend it.
00:18:53kugelisnt emcore already a stripped down rockbox? last time i looked it included lots of our code
00:19:00[Saint]Its just a case of having to use it, as there's no other way to boot Rockbox. ;)
00:19:11[Saint]kugel: not really, no.
00:19:40[Saint]Rockbox probably uses more emCORE code now than emCORE uses Rockbox code.
00:21:51[Saint]In the event that a stripped down emCORE is fashioned into a bootloader, it would be nice to use it for Nano2G also.
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00:23:34kugelI will look further into fixing the dbtool later (hint: it's also functionally broken). feel free to revert my stuff in the meantime if it's not acceptable. I'm really tired now.
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00:56:04JdGordon+4K for nothing but a fancy GUI?! :/
00:56:20JdGordon</sarcasm> :)
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03:20:02saratogajhMikeS: ping
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04:47:19saratogajhMikeS: i don't understand the DSP_PROC_DB_ENTRY macros, can you explain what those actually do?
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08:43:36Zagoryay, manuals
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09:53:55kugelhm, cabbiev2 fails to parse cabbiev2
09:54:10kugeland there's 0 debug output
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10:06:23CIA-5Commit b358bcf in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: checkwps: Simplify expression.
10:09:31CIA-5b358bcf build result: 6 errors, 0 warnings (Thomas Martitz committed)
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10:37:54CIA-5Commit efe73e1 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: Fix database tool.
10:40:57CIA-5efe73e1 build result: All green
10:42:26kugelwhy does the delta table show n/a for the ipod classic?
10:43:05kugelah wait, it appears twice there and only one column shows n/a
10:43:38gevaertsThat's weird. Zagor?
10:44:48gevaertskugel: I'm not entirely sure about b358bcf, actually. I think you should also check if ext!=0
10:45:55 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
10:45:58gevaertsZagor: I renamed that build a while ago, so this might be related to that
10:46:51kugelgevaerts: right
10:49:58kugelno extension should be invalid
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10:53:15Zagorgevaerts: looks like I'm missing some cleanup. we've got delta logs sinze jan 19 :-)
10:57:39CIA-5Commit 1e7f606 in rockbox by Thomas Martitz: checkwps: harden filename extension checking.
11:00:31CIA-51e7f606 build result: All green
11:04:30kugelso, who's gonna do the manual bits of the new database bits/folder selector?
11:08:07kugelAlexP: ? :)
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12:08:20CIA-5Commit e666ded in www by Björn Stenberg: Include <hash>.sizes when removing old files.
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14:39:25freqmodfreqmod/rockbox-opus/commit/26fe838724a1ec8c750b30f820f912878287f321"> - patch for making opus continue from last position when rebooting etc
14:39:30freqmodbertrik: ^
14:39:48freqmodi don't want to mess upp gerrit so I just leave it at github
14:40:29funmanfreqmod: btw what did you change in your last patchset?
14:40:49freqmodonly opus.c
14:41:10freqmod(i copied the seek functions from speex, and replaced the if test for seeking)
14:42:36freqmodother changes may have slipped in, but i tried not to comit changes to any other files
14:44:12freqmodi tried to distangle all the patches in the change as separate patches
14:44:24freqmodbut I am not good enough in git to manage it :/
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16:46:32NewformzIs anyone available for support please?
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17:30:53bertrikfreqmod (or anyone else with github knowledge), I'd prefer to do all development on some branch with individual commits, do you know how this works with github?
17:31:28kugelbertrik: push the branch
17:31:40kugelgit push <branch> <remote> iirc
17:32:31freqmodbertrik: github supports many forms for collaboration
17:32:38bertrikso anyone can commit to any project?
17:32:45freqmodso if you have a username i can add you as an admin to my project
17:33:16freqmodbertrik: no, they have a system on the web for managing access
17:33:39Tornebertrik: the expectation usually is that you fork the repo and send pull requests
17:33:43Tornerather than having a branch in their repo
17:33:45freqmodbut everybody can for the projects and then submit pull requests
17:34:03freqmodit depends on how often and integrated the development is
17:34:24kugelTorne: but github also supports working together on the same repo
17:34:49bertrikfork, re-fork and ask for a pull sounds like a rather indirect way of cooperation
17:35:12freqmodi have added the "bertrik" user as a colaborator on freqmod/rockbox-opus">
17:35:21freqmodso now you should be able to push
17:35:28Tornekugel: you can, but it does nothing to help that be sensible
17:35:44Torneit's all-or-nothing
17:35:52Tornee.g. now bertrik can delete the whole thing :p
17:36:06freqmodbut i have a local copy :S
17:36:14Tornenot suggesting he would, but it's just not the workflow github encourages in general
17:36:32Torneif you're going to work on a different branch to freqmod anyway there is literally no difference at all
17:36:48Torneforking it on github and working in your own fork is exactly the same as working on a different branch in someone else's repo
17:36:49freqmodi would like to think that the colaborators are the same as giving "commit access" in svn
17:37:04Torneyou only actually need to work in the same fork if you are moving the same branch head
17:37:45*freqmod don't really care how it is done as long as we don't squash all small changes in to a huge patch agains the rockbox-trunk
17:38:11Tornehow are you intending to submit when it's done?
17:38:42Tornebecause if the answer isn't "squash all small changes into a huge patch against the rockbox master branch" you should probably be preparing for it already :p
17:38:49freqmodthe best thing would be to merge the branches :/
17:39:00Tornein my experience that is virtually never the best thing
17:39:15freqmodbut i am not good enough with git to split it up
17:39:29freqmodTorne: isn't it how the linux kernel is developed?
17:40:23Tornethe linux kernel is developed by people posting neat patch serieses to mailing lists/people, which are applied as neat serieses by various maintainers with am
17:40:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:40:43Tornebecause linux is such a large project, ther eare some merges going on at a higher level between subssytem maintainers/linus/etc
17:40:58bertrikthe current way of development can't be much worse: huge patch + small -> new huge patch, so I prefer a separate git repo where people push small changes
17:41:12Tornebut that's just to aggregate sets of neat changes together :)
17:42:08Tornebertrik: i'm not making any specific suggestion about what you do now while you're working on it; that's up to you guys who are working on it
17:42:23Tornei am just saying, that i would very much prefer if, when it's done and it's time to land it, it's neither a merge nor a squashed patch
17:42:27Tornebut rather a tidy series :)
17:43:16 Quit pretty_function (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:43:35 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
17:43:48Tornei don't think you have to be particularly good with git to do this
17:44:09Torneit's "just" a matter of fidning the interesting intermediate states and recording them
17:45:11Torneyes. we are generally not using a model like that at present
17:45:44Tornei have encouraged people toward a model more like the projects i work on that don't drive me crazy
17:45:53Tornerather than the ones that make me want to stab people :p
17:46:15Tornethis is entirely open for discussion, dno't get me wrong
17:46:53bertrikit's a bit too late for small successive changes for the stuff that's already done
17:46:56Tornei'm stating what i'd prefer personally, and it happens to also be what everyone has done up until now (largely beause developers are familiar with svn, or are willing to follow my suggestion, rather than necessarily because they have sat and considered it)
17:47:16Tornebertrik: i don't think that's actually the case, but i haven't looked
17:47:18freqmodI have no problem in squashing all the patches together when it is done TM (and going to be committed to the main tree)
17:47:45freqmodbut it is a real hassle to work, merge and review the huge patches when a feature is under development
17:47:55Tornefreqmod: yes, that's why you don't work like that
17:47:57Torneyou work on a patch series
17:48:16freqmodbut gerrit wouldn't accept my patch series :(
17:48:19Torneif you never have a huge patch to start with, you never have to deal with merging/reviewing a huge patch
17:48:34Tornewhat do you mean?
17:48:45Torneif you had a problem with gerrit the thing to do is to ask someone, surely :)
17:48:51*freqmod tries not to consider creating a patch series of the whole opus project
17:48:55kugelTorne: he did :)
17:49:06Tornewaht was the problem?
17:49:12kugelfor a codec a single large patch is fine IMO
17:49:22Tornekugel: probably, yes, for the codec itself
17:49:31Torneit might be nice to have the unmodified upstream files as a step
17:49:36Tornei.e. a patch that introduces the original files
17:49:48Tornethen a second one that moves it to the final state as a working codec
17:50:04Torneas a base to use to merge upstream changes if we ever need to
17:50:07freqmodwe nearly have that in gerrit
17:50:24freqmodbut all the patches have to be against the upstream trunk
17:50:30freqmodand not based upon eachother
17:50:41freqmodotherwise it won't be accepted by the gerrit system
17:50:45Torneno, you are wrong
17:50:52Tornegerrit absolutely can and does accept patch serieses
17:50:55freqmodok, problably
17:50:59Torneif it wouldn't take your upload you are doing it wrong
17:51:01freqmodbut i was not able to fix it
17:51:07Tornewell, then you should've asked
17:51:08freqmodand asked here for help
17:51:16kugelTorne: he *did*
17:51:18freqmodand was told to squash it
17:51:22Tornethen whoever said that is wrong
17:51:40Torneanyway. you have the files still, no?
17:51:48Torneit should take all of five seconds to reconstruct what i just suggested
17:51:55freqmodwell all are squashed together
17:51:57kugelgerrit asked to squash
17:52:11kugelI assume since 300 already existed when the second commit was added
17:52:23Tornekugel: that doesn't sound like a thing it does
17:52:42Torneit's perfectly possible to upload changes that depend on other unmerged changes
17:52:48Torneat the same time, or later
17:52:52Tornemakes no difference
17:53:12Torneeach commit in your branch becomes a change on gerrit, with the dependencies recorded between them
17:53:24freqmod - from the irc channek
17:53:51Tornefreqmod: that doesn't include what you actually tried to do, or the message, so it's not very useful
17:54:00Torneuploading "to 300" is not a thing
17:54:01freqmodTorne: :(
17:54:04Torneyou don't upload to a particular change
17:54:07Torneyou upload to refs/for/master
17:54:15 Join Kumul [0] (
17:54:24Torneso i'm not sure what you were doing, but it doesn't sound like it was right :)
17:54:25freqmodi wanted everything to be in the same changeset for it to be easy to track
17:54:32Tornethat's not how it works
17:54:35Tornea change is a patch
17:54:38Tornea patch series is a change series
17:54:41Tornei.e. more than one change
17:54:57Torneit's trivial to track: they are linked by dependencies, and you can give the series a name to be able to list them all as well
17:55:06Torneby pushing to refs/for/master/sometopic
17:55:18Tornewhich will set the "topic" field on the change, which youc an click on to see the whole series
17:55:31Torneif you were trying to upload multiple commits to one change, that's why it didn't work
17:55:48Torneyou don't ever need to push to a specific change; you just push to somewhere under the magic refs/for and it figures it out for you based on change-id
17:56:16freqmodi did that at last, by copying the change id
17:56:34Torneyou shouldn't have to copy the change id either; you should be amending your previous commits, which will keep the change id the same
17:56:35freqmodbut clearly we have misunderstood how gerrit should be used
17:56:55Tornethe point of the change id is it gets created per new commit
17:57:02Torneand you rewrite old commits to produce new versions
17:57:10freqmodbut amending the previous commits results in one big patch?
17:57:31Torneno, you have one commit for each thing that will be in your final patch series
17:57:43Tornewhen you change something, you amend the *appropriate* commit to include the change
17:57:58bertrikfreqmod, how up-to-date is your fork on github now? compared to the patch on gerrit?
17:58:24Tornefreqmod: the idea is that throughout development you have one commit per patch-that-you-will-ultimately-submit
17:58:56freqmodbertrik: it should be the same as patch 8
17:58:57Torneif your change is small then that probably will be just one, but if it's something bigger, then more than one. but the commits should be split up based on logical incremental steps, in the right order
17:59:09Tornenot be the individual things you did during development in the order you did them
17:59:15freqmod+ my initial offset fix
17:59:34Tornebecause nobody wants to see, say, a commit that introduces some new code that has a bug, then a fix for that bug, merged in one go; the intermediate state is useless
18:00:02kugelthat's why i said gerrit is for code review, not collaboration
18:00:42Torneit's perfectly possible to collaborate using this approach
18:00:44Tornei do it all the time
18:00:54Torneit's no more work than any other way
18:01:21freqmodprobably not
18:01:23Torneyou can modify other people's changes, you realise
18:01:32Torneyou don't have to be the original author to push a new version of a change
18:01:33freqmodbut i couldn't find a proper guide for doing it
18:01:44Tornefreqmod: that's because we don't have one
18:01:50Tornebecause nobody has taken the time to write one
18:01:51freqmod(on the gerrit pages)
18:01:53Tornefeel free to do so :)
18:02:12freqmoda blind man leading the blind :P
18:02:49Tornei have been asking for a while for people to ask questions so we can add more stuff to the docs to cover common workflows
18:02:53Torneand people largely haven't asked :)
18:03:10Tornemeeting, bbiab.
18:05:54bertrikI think we can have a workable workflow by doing the development and bugfixing on github then push it as a single commit to rockbox
18:08:44bertrikfurther performance tuning can be done in the rockbox repo IMO
18:09:00 Quit mgottschlag2 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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19:01:59Tornefreqmod: i had a look at the change, and i'd suggest that wants to be probably two or three commits: one adding the original version of the libopus files (without your changes), one modifying anything that needs modifying, and one modifying the stuff in core (filetypes/etc) to actually get the codec to be used
19:02:10 Part Kumul ("gone")
19:02:24Tornefreqmod: that should be quite easy to do without any special git knowledge
19:02:31 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:02:42Tornei do think it's important to commit the unmodified files for reference
19:03:48 Join dys [0] (~user@2a01:1e8:e100:8296:21a:4dff:fe4e:273a)
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