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#rockbox log for 2012-08-05

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01:05:26Amquipretty quiet around here
01:05:37Amquiyou know what else is pretty around here.... me :P
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02:41:51amayerwhen i run the configure tool for the uisimulator i get this error:
02:41:53amayerThe compiler you must use (arm-elf-eabi-gcc) is not in your path!
02:41:55amayerthen i get that repeatedly when i use the make file
02:42:00amayerdoes anyone know how to fix it?
02:43:16[Saint_]You need to generate the arm tool chain.
02:43:43gevaertsamayer: you must be doing something wrong
02:43:51gevaerts[Saint_]: not for the sim
02:44:41amayeri did git pull −−rebase(after setting up git and ssh)
02:44:43[Saint_]Oh, whoops. I missed uisimulator
02:44:43amayerthen i followed the directions here: step by step
02:45:07amayerunder Build section(im using linux)
02:45:29gevaertsYou did pick S for simulator?
02:47:13amayer*scratches head*
02:47:15amayeri was entering N for normal
02:47:48amayerwhen i enter s it says:
02:47:50amayer..apps/action.c:26:18: fatal error: lang.h: No such file or directory
02:48:07gevaertsClean your build directory.
02:48:27[Saint_]Well...then you weren't compiling a sim build.
02:48:29gevaertsYou probably have leftovers from the previous failed build getting in the way
02:51:08amayerso when i entered N(normal) i was trying to compile for the target not the simulator?
02:51:47[Saint_]And for that, you need the arm toolchain.
02:52:05amayeris that in git? or something else?
02:52:46[Saint_]sudo ./tools/
02:53:44[Saint_]Then select "a" for arm-eabi
02:54:10gevaertsAh, yes, you need that if you don't set a different path
02:54:20[Saint_]For permission to write to /use
02:54:33CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 40 seconds at the last flood
02:54:33*gevaerts never installs such stuff to /usr/
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02:55:25[Saint_]Nor I, but its the default, and I didn't expect someone asking that question to use anything but defaults.
02:55:39*gevaerts nods
02:56:25amayerso if i want to do any real development for rockbox i need to run the
02:56:27amayeri cant just use the simulator?
02:57:28gevaertsIf you want to run anything on an actual player, you do, yes
03:00:15amayeri would like to make a hibernate feature for rockbox.
03:00:17amayerif i work on that for like 2 weeks(hypothetical) then want to post my code for review
03:00:19amayersome of the files i worked on may be outdated how does git handle that?
03:01:24gevaertsYou rebase or merge and fix up any conflicts
03:02:30amayerwhat is the difference between rebase and merge?
03:02:32amayeri assume merge copys all lines that you didnt update.
03:02:34amayerbut what does rebase do?
03:03:49[Saint_]"man git", "git −−help" and/or would be better at answering these questions.
03:04:13[Saint_]Preferably and, rather than or.
03:04:48amayerthank you
03:05:58[Saint_] is a great resource. It really helped me grasp the git workflow.
03:12:14amayerso i cant put the .rockbox file that was generated on my DAP and use it?
03:12:26amayerif i compile for simulator
03:16:01[Saint]not if you expect it to work correctly.
03:17:50amayerok. another question.
03:17:52amayercan press/hold multiple buttons in the sim?
03:20:10amayerie. how to i test reboot on the simulator?
03:20:37[Saint]you can't.
03:20:53amayerso i just close and ./rockboxui
03:20:56[Saint]reboot on the sim == "close application; relaunch"
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03:22:11[Saint]regarding your question about the buttons, all the players physical buttons should be mapped to the keyboard.
03:22:39[Saint]as well as that, you can also use the simulator ui like a "real" player, and simply click the buttons of the sim ui.
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03:26:41[Saint]I assume you have targets with a spinning platter in mind for your hibernate feature, amayer?
03:27:00amayeryes ipodclassic
03:27:59[Saint]Just checking. It wouldn't really be too much of a benefit for flash based players.
03:28:15[Saint](when boot time is ~2 seconds from a cold boot)
03:30:48[Saint]and my assumption is that when you say hibernate, you're thinking more along the lines of suspend?
03:31:10amayeri never measured my ipod but i think its ~7 - 10 which is just enough to be annoying
03:31:12[Saint]resuming from hibernation would likely take just as long as a full boot.
03:31:18amayeryes suspend to disk
03:31:35[Saint]wouldn't you want to suspend to RAM if possible?
03:32:06[Saint]if you need to read from a slow ass disk to resume, it defeats the purpose somewhat no?
03:32:32amayerwell suspend to ram still uses power... but if we could do that and not affect battery life too much while sleeping that would work.
03:33:04amayersuspend to disk is a little quicker because you dont have to generate all the data to put back in the ram.
03:33:06amayeryou just copy the stuff from a file on the HD
03:33:29[Saint]I'm fairly confident the iPod OF is doing some form of suspend-to-RAM trickery.
03:33:43[Saint]their resume is far too quick to be spinning up/reading from disk.
03:33:44amayerwell then maybe i will look into that
03:34:09amayerdo we have charts of how much power the ram uses?
03:34:29amayeror what the minimum is to keep its state?
03:35:07amayerbecause if we shut down the disk, screen, and processor we could probably last a while on the battery in sleep
03:35:35[Saint]then how would you catch the signal to resume?
03:35:56amayerfair question... idk
03:36:37amayeri read about sleep mode(there is some standard) and it has the cpu powered down.
03:36:39amayerim not sure how they would do it. but its open source so i could look at their code and figure it out
03:36:59amayerthey use computers tho. not DAPs.
03:37:01amayer(not sure if it makes a diff)
03:38:59amayerim just trying to create any solution for a quick boot/suspend/sleep
03:39:57[Saint]Can the Classic sleep the LCD at this stage?
03:40:17amayerim pretty sure
03:40:28[Saint]It shouldn't use /too/ much power when idle with the screen sleeping now CPU scaling is in git head.
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03:42:09amayerso you think we can just shut off the LCD and hard drive, then scale the cpu back and it should work like the apple OF
03:42:46[Saint]well...what I'm thinking is the settings we have available now offer a pretty cheap form of "sleep".
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03:43:26[Saint]Just set sane idle timeout shutdown, lcd timeout/backlight timeout, and HDD spindown times.
03:44:20[Saint]if its just sitting there idle, with the screen off, with no playback, it shouldn't use too much power.
03:45:14[Saint]the only thing you might need to do is some slight hackery to the settings if you want an idle timeout value higher than 60 minutes.
03:46:57[Saint]note: read "sane" as "suitable for your use case"
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03:49:11amayerwell i want it to go into that state when i hold play(shutdown command)
03:49:57[Saint]...yeah, that's gonna complicate things.
03:50:26[Saint]Its not impossible, but it definitely means there's no quick fix available from the current feature set.
03:51:24amayerthats why i want to check out the code before i start working.
03:51:26amayerto make sure im not messing it up for everyone else.
03:52:04[Saint]I don't think that should stop you from working, but, expect this to be a contentious addition.
03:54:14[Saint]It pretty much needs to: run on all the targets it can (within reason); be justifiable; not break anything existing, and stay within the preferred style guidelines.
03:56:50[Saint]fwiw, even though this would add yet another menu option, I do quite like the idea.
03:58:26[Saint]long_play immediately stopping playback, spinning down the disk, and sleeping the LCD would be useful for some people's use cases, I imagine.
03:59:38[Saint]it would be interesting to see stats on how long you could "sleep" in this state for compared to the power consumed by a full shutdown/startup.
04:02:01amayerright now im working on making some themes. but after i finish that(not today) i will start looking into how it all will work out
04:03:30[Saint]anything interesting you're playing with in theme land?
04:03:54*[Saint] needs to get back to his RaaA cabbie/cabbieV2localization stuff.
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04:07:26amayerwell i just downloaded the new RockboxPlay Theme
04:07:29amayerand im adding a play/pause/seek indicator to the status bar. so far its my favorite theme(besides cabbieV3)
04:07:49amayerbut the theme im working on creating is pretty cool too(in my opinion)
04:09:04*[Saint] only seems to enjoy working with themes when it involves some outlandish abuse of the skin engine.
04:09:37amayeranother thing i would like to fix is the progress bar with a slider
04:10:15amayerthe way it works is understandable but i think there has to be a better way
04:10:44[Saint]what's "wrong" with it?
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04:12:35amayerif i have a background image with a PB background drawn on it and make a PB the same width it works perfect.
04:12:37amayerbut if all i do is add a slider(knob) to it its all jacked up and i have to resize the PB image and the layer(forget what its called) were the PB is displayed
04:13:01amayerit shrinks the PB so the slider can fit(at the end) of the same space
04:13:35[Saint]yes, it adds half the width of the slider image to the end of the progress bar.
04:14:00amayerwhat is the purpose of that?
04:14:02[Saint]its the middle of the slider image that represents the current position, not the left/right-most edge.
04:14:37[Saint]some careful trickery with the background image and transparency in the bar can achieve the right effect.
04:15:30amayerthats what im saying. you shouldnt have to use trickery. you should just put the slider image in and it just works(not shrink the image)
04:16:21[Saint]patches welcome I'm sure.
04:20:06amayeri will.
04:20:08amayeras far as i could see there is only 1 theme that actually uses the slider with a pb
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06:46:51amayerdoes the simulator use the current stable build or the newest dev build?
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07:54:30[Saint_]amayer: assuming you checked out master, current development build.
07:56:59[Saint_]If you want to build a specific release you'll need to switch to said releases branch.
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08:36:31amayer[Saint_]: thanks
08:36:34amayeris there a way to overwrite a theme that you post?
08:36:36amayer(ie. i post a theme then update something, can i upload the changes over the old theme?)
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09:17:42[Saint]amayer: upload it with the same details as the original
09:19:01amayer[Saint]: does it verify the email address of the owner or something?
09:19:04amayeror can anyone upload over any theme?
09:19:48[Saint]the same details as the original, yes.
09:20:08[Saint]name, author, email.
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09:31:18amayer[Saint]: Thank you very much
09:31:21amayerthats a really neat system
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10:04:15amayer[Saint]: do you have a simulator for the ipodclassic made?
10:04:29amayerwith the daily build
10:09:11 Part amayer
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14:33:35amayer[Saint]: ping
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15:15:23[Saint]amayer: ...hmmm?
15:19:07[Saint]I don't, no. But I could build one in a trivial amount of time.
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16:32:05archelsalright, whom do I slide some cash to get this iPod Nano 6G show on the road?
16:39:52gevaertsarchels: I'd say talk to the #freemyipod people, but I'd say cash isn't the main issue here
16:40:13archelsyah, I gather it's info about the architecture that's the issue?
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19:36:17Amquigood morning
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21:54:48DrTeethI have a bug to report and the bug report page does not list my player. can I report here?
21:54:50 Join Totalled [0] (~Totalled@
21:55:45bertrikno, please do report on flyspray, just pick a different player if necessary
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