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#rockbox log for 2012-08-09

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00:29:12derffunman: Do you need any help from us for the stack size issue?
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01:48:13scorchegevaerts: what exactly did you need it for again?
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02:19:34funmanderf: i didn't work on stack size, i think bertrik is more aware than me
02:19:51funmansaratoga: i don't know where my clip+ is
02:24:38funmanderf: i think we should identify the biggest allocations (made already by greg: and perhaps make them static allocations
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08:10:12gawdspittSo I have been using an older version of rockbox (I don't know which. I just installed it and was glad that it worked), until I got sick of the "Refereshing your media" bullshit that came with the stock sansa rom. So I had to upgrade my rockbox version to enable the USB capability within rockbox. Again, I was glad that it worked out well. But, what made me not too glad is that you guys took
08:10:12gawdspittaway the Sleep/Wakeup function that was previously available in the System/date&time menu!! I love using that function to conserve battery power as I go to sleep, and also as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. Why did you guys remove such awesome functionality? Get it back please!
08:11:51JdGordoncalm down
08:11:55JdGordonit was moved, rtfm
08:11:55gawdspittBtw, the alarm app included under the Plugins/Application menu was not as helpful to me as the one mentioned above.
08:12:30gawdspittto where?
08:13:04JdGordonsettings > general > startup/shutdown
08:13:52gawdspittThanks Gordon!
08:15:09gawdspittBut wait, I only see the sleep timer, wheres the wake up setting?
08:17:20gawdspittNevermind, found it,
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08:40:47*[Saint] wonders about g134
08:41:04[Saint]isn't Picross a trademark?
08:41:24[Saint]...oh, apparently not. Weird.
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10:00:59gevaertsscorche: some things are messed up. e.g. has a post by bryguy (in the "Hardware / Re: using sansa clip+ in car
10:01:32gevaerts" thread, which does not appear in the regular thread display
10:01:44gevaertsI'd like to figure out why, and if possible fix it
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16:11:03TadekMocarzanybody here
16:11:26TadekMocarzi just downloaded Ubuntu VM from
16:11:34TadekMocarzcuz i want to develop/code rockbox
16:11:38TadekMocarzand there is a problem
16:13:18gevaertsYou won't get any help if you don't ask an actual question
16:13:54TadekMocarzthe question is: is there a way to disable that ugly unusable GUI of ubuntu ?
16:13:57TadekMocarzi want normal gui
16:14:08TadekMocarzlike on windows or linux but old linux
16:14:23TadekMocarzthe buttons on this thing are size of half screen
16:14:37TadekMocarzand everything is blurred
16:14:40gevaertsIt's a regular ubuntu setup, so you can configure it like any other ubuntu system
16:14:52TadekMocarzi didnt configured ubuntu before
16:15:33TadekMocarzlol, the font size of text document is 2 times larger that on windows xp
16:15:51TadekMocarzcurious for who they made this OS
16:17:05gevaertsYou can of course use any linux vm (or linux system) and install the tools yourself.
16:17:35TadekMocarzi dunno what would i have to install etc. theres many things to do before id be able to compilke rockbox
16:17:45TadekMocarzso maybe better to stick with that VM
16:20:04TadekMocarzits working very very slow
16:20:27TadekMocarztrying to disable unity
16:22:49 Join saratoga [0] (98032941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:23:18TadekMocarzoh.. just found that ubuntu 11.10 dosent provide classic desktop, they forced to use unity
16:23:49saratogathe dev image doesn't use unity FWIW
16:24:12TadekMocarzi downloaded vm from
16:24:22TadekMocarzand i dont know if thats unity but let me explain:
16:24:41TadekMocarzi have desktop with very big blurred icons, text is big and blurred
16:24:51TadekMocarzeverything is slow like windows on 486
16:25:23TadekMocarzcan show you screenshot
16:25:40 Quit t0rc (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
16:28:46saratogayeah, thats not the dev image
16:28:51saratogawhat was the link you used?
16:29:32TadekMocarzsee this
16:29:38TadekMocarzcompare it to my desktop
16:29:49TadekMocarzhow am i supposed to work on something like this
16:30:06TadekMocarzi downloaded this
16:30:12saratogai don't remember that, let me look up the image on my machine
16:30:53TadekMocarzthere is also similar file that have "2" on end but its years old
16:31:42TadekMocarzthat big icons are maybe good for visiting facebook and watching lady gaga on youtube
16:31:45saratogaoh you're right it did get enabled somehow
16:32:11TadekMocarzthe internet says ubuntu 11.10 dosent have ability to turn it off
16:34:44TadekMocarzwhat now?
16:35:14 Quit Topy44 (Quit: Leaving (HexChat))
16:38:24saratogai don't know about disabling unity, but you can very easily install gnome
16:38:38saratogaso i would either install gnome, use unity, or setup your own vm image
16:39:11TadekMocarzcan i install other gui easily?
16:39:21TadekMocarzi dont like gnome because its very blurry too
16:39:24TadekMocarzjust the icons are smaller
16:39:32TadekMocarzbut text is blurry
16:39:32saratogasure, but go ask the ubuntu people
16:40:53TadekMocarzhmmm no i better just use windows
16:41:44TadekMocarzshould have do that from the beginning..
16:42:14gevaertsGood. We need someone to use that, so issues there get fixed
16:42:20gevaerts(in other words, good luck!)
16:42:34TadekMocarzu say it dosent work properly ?
16:42:45TadekMocarzor just want to scare me, so i use linux
16:42:59TadekMocarzmake me scared*
16:43:20gevaertscygwin has all sorts of subtle issues, and may or may not work
16:43:32 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
16:43:50TadekMocarzNote: Before you begin, be aware that this process can require a decent amount of time and technical knowledge and should not be attempted by a casual user, but rather by those intending to invest time in development. But, most people (especially those with some familiarity with Unix shells) should be able to learn to apply the patches in no more than 40 minutes.
16:48:50TadekMocarz> No C++isms
16:48:59TadekMocarzinterested what they mean exactly
16:49:10saratogaonly use stock c syntax
16:49:11Tornecode that is only valid in C++
16:49:16Torneeven if C compilers generally accept it
16:49:21Tornee.g. // comments
16:50:20TadekMocarzim actually c++ programmer but my style is more like c, ex. i dont use c++ style casting, templates, exceptions and other trash
16:50:39Torneright, but we also don't generally want very simple C++ things either
16:51:37TadekMocarzi know, will try to use only C
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17:57:50TadekMocarzANYBODY STILL THERE
17:58:00TadekMocarzwhich linux gui i need to install for rockbox
17:58:05TadekMocarzor it dosent matter
17:58:20n1snope, noone here
17:58:33 Quit TadekMocarz (Quit: Page closed)
17:58:54evilnickThat was good timing
17:59:22 Join Tadekmocar [0] (b060a7bb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:59:23Tadekmocari got disconn.
17:59:30Tadekmocarso which gui need to install
17:59:40Tadekmocarto compile rockbox and develop
17:59:56evilnickYou'd compile in terminal
18:00:10Tadekmocarits very hard
18:00:11Tadekmocardam, why it needs to use 15 hours just to compile rockbox
18:00:18Tadekmocarso it doesnt matter?
18:00:26evilnickNot as far as I know
18:00:27bertrikit gets faster after that
18:06:46 Quit Thra11_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:07:56Torne15 hours?
18:07:59Tornethat seems crazy :)
18:09:02bertrikI think it took about 4 or 5 hours on the raspberry pi to compile the arm compiler and do a sansa clip plus build
18:10:45 Quit donsd (Quit: Ex-Chat)
18:11:18n1sbuilding a toolchain took a couple of hours in cygwin on an atom too but building rb should be faster
18:13:53Tornecygwin makes it all much slower, also
18:13:57Tornea VM should be faster
18:14:06Tornenot as fast as a native machine, but hey
18:14:31Torneon native linux on a modern pc it should only take 30-60 mins to build the toolchain, and 10-15 mins to build rockbox :)
18:14:35Tornewell, to build *one* toolchain
18:14:37Tornedepends how many you need :)
18:18:46n1sat least when building newer toolchains cygwin sometimes just kills the build too :)
18:19:12n1ssomething to do with too many processes iirc
18:21:58 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
18:22:32Tornecygwin fork emulation is crap
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18:57:52 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:59:03GodEater10-15 minutes to build rockbox? Does your machine run on molasses?
18:59:59TorneGodEater: from scratch on a mortal computer that seemed like a good guess
19:00:16Tornewith the distrubuted compile cluster it takes like 24 seconds :p
19:02:24*GodEater times it on his laptop
19:06:59*GodEater clearly hasn't built rockbox for a looooooon gtime
19:07:26GodEaterstill, 5m43secs
19:08:36Tadekmocarwe got misinterstood
19:09:27Tadekmocarits not "compiling" but preparing to compiling
19:09:29Tadekmocari didnt even started compiling
19:09:38Tadekmocarim setting up compiling for hours
19:10:54GodEaterno, you were not misunderstood - I was just arguing with torne over how long a real compile of rockbox takes
19:11:07GodEaterturns out he's probably not far wrong
19:11:27GodEatercygwin is a piece of crap
19:11:29Tadekmocarwould like to test how fast it compiles here
19:11:33gevaertsBuilding all toolchains takes 13 minutes on my laptop
19:11:43Tadekmocarso what are you recommending
19:12:26Tadekmocarjust please someone tell me what i have to install - what operating system ? and software ?
19:14:32GodEaterI recommend using the VM you had earlier
19:15:04Tadekmocarok i have it run but i want to make it look normal
19:15:24gevaertsWe're not stopping you
19:15:32Tadekmocarim trying to do it
19:15:36Tadekmocarbut first ill eat a cake
19:35:02Tadekmocari wish they unbanned me from #ubuntu
19:36:03gevaertsPlease stay on topic
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20:23:41 Join ungali [0] (
20:25:23 Quit Tadekmocar (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:25:56ungaliFound this sorta weird: I just had a data abort, but the music kept playing for a few seconds after (the song was about to end anyway.) I've been running rockbox for about a year now, and I've never had the music continue like that before.
20:28:58TadekMocarzzzwhat is data abort
20:29:57ungaliI don't have the specific information written down, sorry.
20:39:57 Join saratoga [0] (98032941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:41:12saratogai think it takes about 45 seconds to compile rockbox using the VM on my machine
20:42:21*GodEater clearly needs a new computer
20:43:27saratogai tried uninstalling unity from the VM image to save space, but i must have done something wrong since it no longer boots :)
20:43:40saratogaubuntu does not make it easy to figure out what you need
20:45:08 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
20:48:41TadekMocarzzzu cant uninstall unity
20:48:48saratogasure you can
20:48:59TadekMocarzzzi mean u can but you end up with Nothing
20:49:09saratogai don't know what you mean
20:49:19TadekMocarzzzim now installing lubuntu on your VM
20:49:22TadekMocarzzzVM image
20:49:28TadekMocarzzzto get normal GUI
20:49:46saratogato be clear, you realize you can just take that image and switch to gnome in like 2 minutes right?
20:49:56TadekMocarzzzyou cant
20:49:59 Quit t0rc (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
20:50:05saratogathe start up screen lets you pick the desktop you want
20:50:09TadekMocarzzzno it isnt
20:50:16TadekMocarzzzthey removed gnome in 11.10
20:50:19saratogadid you see my message when you asked this morning?
20:50:21TadekMocarzzzits only possible in 10.x
20:50:26saratogai already switched it to gnome
20:50:38saratogainstall gnome, choose gnome at boot up
20:50:45saratogacheck google
20:50:47TadekMocarzzzwhere to choose
20:50:53TadekMocarzzzoh.. need to install
20:51:05GodEaterwhen did this become #ubuntu?
20:51:17saratogayeah, like i suggested this morning, go ask them
20:51:24TadekMocarzzzwhen i got banned from #ubuntu
20:51:34saratogalol why am i not surprised
20:51:52TadekMocarzzzim in progress of installing lubuntu, will wait for it
20:52:18TadekMocarzzzsaratoga, they banned mu cuz i was frustated at linux and told them truth about linux, it was not today
20:52:30saratogaanyway, since you won't actually use anything but the command line, is there some reason you care what the GUI you don't need looks like?
20:52:30GodEateroh the "truth"
20:52:49saratogato be honest, i usually just SSH into the VM from windows, and never actually bring up the UI at all
20:54:02TadekMocarzzzwhat,,, did you just said COMMAND LINE 8-0
20:54:36TadekMocarzzzi was thinking somebody will tell what to CLICK and it will be done
20:54:52saratogayou want to point and click code, then get labview
20:54:53GodEateroh this is going to go well
20:54:58*GodEater gets popcorn
20:55:06TadekMocarzzzno i dont mean code
20:55:28TadekMocarzzzu dont code in command line dont you
20:55:40*GodEater does
20:56:27saratogano i use textpad on windows
20:56:30TadekMocarzzz(useless in windows)
20:56:44TadekMocarzzzwhy linux has mouse support if mouse is useless, this one always interested me
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21:15:24TadekMocarzzzWhy offtopic not allowed?
21:16:28scorche|shbecause this is a channel dedicated to the development and support of rockbox - there are other channels for social conversations
21:17:01TadekMocarzzzbut nobodys talking about rockbox
21:17:18scorche|shthat doesnt change what i said above
21:18:02scorche|shthis channel is logged - people often go back and read the logs - stuffing the logs with social chatter is not ideal
21:18:46TadekMocarzzzwhere i can talk about naked women
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21:19:36Kick(#rockbox TadekMocarzzz :TadekMocarzzz) by gevaerts!~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
21:19:44scorche|shTadekMocarzzz: somewhere else - are you planning on....bah
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22:00:39 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
22:04:41saratogaas far as I'm concerned, the application targets should use the debug system as much as possible, but i don't know enough about them to intelligently implement that
22:05:10saratogabut from what i gather android should use its own logcat (so map ERRORF, etc, to some logcat call?)
22:05:34saratogaand I guess the R0 should probably just use the same system as device targets
22:05:43saratogano idea about maemo or any of those weirder targets
22:06:14saratogai'll leave figuring that out as an exercise to the respective device maintainers :)
22:06:20funmansyslog maybe ?
22:06:36saratogaon the R0?
22:06:47gevaertsmaemo, I assume
22:07:00gevaertsAlthough I can't remember if maemo has syslog
22:08:58funmananyway i would say let the developers working on these decide how they want to report the log
22:09:21bertrikfunman, in other words, do nothing? :P
22:09:39funmanyeah, no risks of error :)
22:14:11 Join stoffel [0] (
22:18:26saratogaif we do nothing then debug messages are ignored, just like now!
22:19:36 Join z180 [0] (
22:35:22 Join TadekMocarzzz_ [0] (94e120b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:35:30TadekMocarzzz_hi its me
22:35:37TadekMocarzzz_there is problem with rockbox git
22:35:55evilnickIt's a lot more likely to be a problem with the command you typed in
22:36:04TadekMocarzzz_i intalled lubuntu on that VM, and disabled blur (antialiasing). it looks great
22:36:09TadekMocarzzz_i opened rockbox.txt
22:36:29TadekMocarzzz_ubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox:~$ git clone git://
22:36:37TadekMocarzzz_i used that
22:36:46TadekMocarzzz_fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /rockbox./Desktop/rockbox
22:37:07evilnickAre you sure it should have the . in it?
22:37:27TadekMocarzzz_i just copy&paste from rockbox.txt
22:37:30gevaertsTadekMocarzzz_: there's no repository named git://
22:37:31TadekMocarzzz_in that file there is dot
22:37:51TadekMocarzzz_seems that file is incorrect
22:38:09TadekMocarzzz_fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /rockbox/Desktop/rockbox
22:38:39TadekMocarzzz_gevaerts so what is rockbox repository ?
22:38:43TadekMocarzzz_seems the file is incorrect
22:39:03evilnickThere needs to be a space between the remote dir and the local dir
22:39:10saratogacheck the development guide
22:39:13saratogatheres instructions there for using git
22:41:02TadekMocarzzz_ok somethin is going on
22:45:28 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:47:49TadekMocarzzz_why's repository so big ?
22:47:52saratogathe command in the file is actually "git clone git:// ./Desktop/rockbox"
22:47:57saratogawhich does work for me
22:48:13TadekMocarzzz_damn. u right
22:48:41TadekMocarzzz_is there hidden pr0n in repository?
22:48:45TadekMocarzzz_just joking, dont ban
22:48:57Mode"#rockbox +o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:49:05saratogawhat is the command to ban people anyway
22:49:07Mode"#rockbox +b *!*94e120b7@*." by gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:49:07Kick(#rockbox TadekMocarzzz_ :TadekMocarzzz_) by gevaerts!~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
22:49:17evilnicksaratoga: That ^
22:49:45ender`/mode #rockbox +b nick!ident@host
22:49:48saratogamake it forever this time
22:50:15Mode"#rockbox +b *TadekMocar*!*@*" by gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:50:26gevaertsI think that should do it
22:50:39scorche|shwell, unless he changes his nick..
22:51:03ender|freenode has a command that /parts the user from channel - it's usually very effective, as many IRC clients will also close the window/tab when you do that
22:52:23scorche|shmeh - only when you are dealing with someone rejoining after a kick- which is not what is happening here
22:58:43 Join Tomthetom [0] (
22:58:57Tomthetomhello ?
22:59:09 Join liar [0] (
23:00:52 Quit Tomthetom (Client Quit)
23:05:20 Part ungali
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