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#rockbox log for 2012-08-10

00:01:13*[Saint] admires the patience of evilnick, gevaerts, GodEater, saratoga, and Torne
00:01:15[Saint]well done!
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01:53:38*[Saint] wonders about the logging system and RaaR (specifically RaaAoA)
01:54:40[Saint]I'm assuming (possibly dangerous) that RaaAoA is already using logcat. What does the new logging system offer that it doesn't? Or is it just too hard (or not worth it) to split RaaA/RaaAoA?
01:55:49[Saint]...and other "app" targets could (should?) be using the hosts error logging as
01:56:53[Saint]I'm a little confused. I'm not saying it hurts anything, but it seems weird to me to use a whole other logging system for app builds.
01:57:54[Saint](a ML post sparked this thought, until I read it I didn't think this system was being considered for app builds)
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03:40:21JdGordon[Saint]: RaaAoA should have the new logging system dump to logcat
03:40:32JdGordonso ERRORF/WARNF/DEBUGF go straight to logcat
03:40:41saratogaadd a java callback or whatever then
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04:06:21[Saint]JdGordon: ah...yes, right.
04:06:42[Saint]I didn't think of the fact that there's many errors that might arise that the OS isn't going to care a flying fudge about.
04:07:04[Saint]yes, yes that is indeed quite sane.
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07:00:52scorchegevaerts: what would you prefer? - dump, command-line access, or phpmyadmin?
07:11:09scorcheyuriks: right - because there is absolutely no way to lock anything like that down
07:17:57yuriksI'm referring to how often it seems to have security bugs
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07:26:29scorcheyuriks: so does everything else these days, but in the security world, there are what we call "mitigating factors" ;) - anyway, this is all offtopic and is best kept away from this channel
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07:49:35funmansaratoga: I adapted your last tremor patch to git:// funman/0001-imdctv9.patch.patch">
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10:07:01gevaertsscorche: a dump is probably safest. No way of accidentally destroying the forums then :)
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10:11:42gevaertsLater on when I know what's going on, command-line access could be useful to fix it, but hopefully that will only need one or two queries in which case I'd just email you those
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13:20:38evilnickAre there supposed to be images in the manual for the Sansa Clip Zip?
13:21:04funmannobody took screenshots already
13:21:32evilnickOK, was about to point that out as a bug :)
13:21:45funmanit is a bug!
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13:38:39funmansaratoga: (untested on target) applies on top of to build with -mthumb (thumb2 only!)
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13:53:04bertrikI couldn't get the screenshot feature to work on the sim
13:53:18bertriknot even sure if it's possible at all
13:53:23gevaertsIt should be!
13:53:38gevaertspress F5, normally
13:54:08lebelliumit works
13:54:12bertrikdo we have that (and other buttons) documented somewhere?
13:54:27bertriknobody told me when I asked, so I stopped bothering trying
13:54:37gevaertsUiSimulator on the wiki
13:54:51lebelliumF5 in the Zip sim works
13:55:11lebelliumthat's what people use for the preview pics on the theme website
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14:47:41JimmyJI think my Clip+ is bricked, but how can I be sure there's not a safer way to fix it than taking it apart?
14:48:21[Saint_]Waiting for the battery to expire.
14:48:36[Saint_]This may take 2~4 days.
14:48:38gevaertsWhy do you think it's bricked?
14:48:49gevaerts[Saint_]: let's first establish the actual state of the device :)
14:48:54JimmyJEasy, I haven't touched it for a couple months.
14:49:13JimmyJIf I turn it on like normal, it freezes on the Rockbox logo and says Boot 3.0.
14:49:32[Saint_]Yeah, that'd not bricked.
14:49:47JimmyJIf it's off and I boot it into the original firmware though, it freezes on the sansa flower logo.
14:49:50[Saint_]Boot the OF and do a disk check.
14:50:01JimmyJEven if it boots from being plugged into my desktop.
14:50:12[Saint_]Sounds like a hardware failure.
14:50:29JimmyJI thiiiink the storage is corrupted.
14:50:48JimmyJWhen it was last working a lot of folders and filenames had garbled text.
14:50:53JimmyJAnd never booted after that.
14:51:16[Saint_]Well...if you can't establish a connection there's approximately nothing you can do about it, really. Not to my knowledge.
14:51:39JimmyJThat'd mean even with the recovery mode on the wiki?
14:52:31JimmyJFrom Google I've found a few people with my exact issue, they never got it fixed.
14:52:44JimmyJI gave up months ago but popped in here to see, just in case anyone had an idea.
14:53:42[Saint_]Well...if you do attempt to recover using the instructions on the wiki, just be sure to remember it's not an exact science.
14:53:49[Saint_]Its mostly guess work.
14:54:06JimmyJI'd probably just make it worse.
14:54:27[Saint_]I'm not sure that's really possible, is it?
14:54:43[Saint_]Its essentially useless in its present state.
14:54:48JimmyJWith my skill level, it'd probably not turn on at all when I'm done with it.
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14:55:21JimmyJI'm not in any rush to do anything, anyway.
14:55:34JimmyJI moved on to a Clip Zip a few months after the plus died.
14:55:41JimmyJWorks excellent.
14:56:23JimmyJThe Plus isn't the only player I've had die like that, I had a cheap old Magnavox thing that did the same basic thing.
14:56:56[Saint__]What you describe is quite clearly disk corruption, but...without a way to establish a connection your options are sorely limited.
14:57:18JimmyJNot really any way to fix it if I can't access it!
14:57:34[Saint__]That's correct.
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14:58:38[Saint__]I'm always wary of people jumping into the ams unbridled instructions. But in this instance it doesn't sound like there's much to lose.
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14:59:14[Saint__]A lot of people find that page when they think their player is bricked but its really just hanging, then proceeded to actually brick it.
14:59:56[Saint__]*unbrick (stupid autocomplete)
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15:02:16[Saint__]The other reason I'm usually wary of suggesting that procedure is because it reads/is written as though its an exact science, but it really, really isn't.
15:02:37JimmyJYeah, I got that impression from it.
15:02:44JimmyJGlad I went here first.
15:02:48JimmyJIt's good that the page suggests that
15:03:05[Saint__]Those of us that have recovers ams devices all seem to have done so in various slightly different ways.
15:06:17[Saint__]The actual "magic recipe" is unknown. Some have recovered by dd'ing a stock firmware to the recovery partition. Some have needed to dd a Rockbox patched OF to recovery partition (myself), others have dd'ed a stock OF to the "weird 30something MB partition that no one knows what it is"
15:13:12JimmyJMy zip had better not brick itself for a good long time.
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16:04:11raoofhello everyone , does anybody have any experience installing linux on cowon s9 ? ( I don't if this is the right place to ask this question )
16:06:16lebelliuminstalling linux on Cowon S9? What a curious idea :)
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16:07:33gevaertsraoof: we install rockbox on stuff, not linux :)
16:08:02 Part LinusN
16:09:09raoofgevaerts: ohh thanks anyway :) :(
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17:45:48bertrikIs there an easy way to tell which image is not found when building the clip zip manual with missing screenshots?
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17:46:15bertrikI mean, now it just says "WARNING! Image not found" but I don't know what image
17:53:24bertrikif we have plans to change the default clip zip font, perhaps we should decide on that *before* making screenshots
17:54:42gevaertsProbably, yes
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22:34:06archelsIs there any development kit (ARM?) that RockBox has been ported to?
22:43:26gevaertsAs in dev boards?
22:43:31gevaertsThe mini2440
22:49:10archelsWow, that one sure is packed with peripherals.
22:49:38archelsDo they all work under RockBox−−camera, ethernet, USB host?
22:51:29gevaertsI don't know what exactly works, but certainly not more than the things that work on "regular" targets
22:52:45gevaerts has some details
22:53:11*gevaerts isn't sure how maintained that port actually is these days
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23:10:03bertriknot even sure if it compiles
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