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#rockbox log for 2012-08-11

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00:21:51funmanbertrik: i think brickmania and snake (v2) are broken, i'll try to find some time to test last git again
00:22:18bertrikI already resized brickmania a few weeks ago, I think it should work now
00:22:38bertriksomething else could still be broken of course
00:23:37funmani probably tested an old version then. IIRC in snakev2, the snake can be out of the screen
00:23:37bertrikI do wonder a bit about how "fair" the games is between targets. IIRC the paddle is always on the bottom, so the difficulty depends on the aspect ratio
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00:24:46gevaertsThat's not unique to brickmania. At least chopper has similar issues
00:28:15bertrikfunman, what do *you* think about the font size on the clip zip?
00:28:21bertrik(do you have a clip zip at all?)
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00:52:58funmanhmm if the font changed recently (less than 2 months ago) I didn't look at it
00:55:00funmanbertrik: ping me about it tomorrow
00:55:01bertrikwe use an 8 point font right now, which is indeed a bit small
00:56:37bertrikI'm playing a bit with the fonts now and a 12-pt font would be doable, even though it's 1.5 times larger
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07:00:30felinoelDoes anyone know about the Sansa Clip Zip? I am pretty sure I followed the instructions exactly for manual installations since on the utility the automatic choices are greyed out, which I assume it is greyed out because of the whole unstable version thing...
07:02:06[Saint_]So...what's the actual question?
07:02:44felinoelFirst question is whether or not anyone here is familiar with the Sansa Clip Zip version of RB and installation of it
07:03:36felinoelSecond question is why is the auto installation greyed out, is it because the version is still unstable?
07:06:14[Saint]Yes, and yes.
07:06:28felinoelAh I see, interesting.
07:06:47[Saint]If I'm not mistaken installation of unstable targets needs to be enabled in RbUtil (disabled by default)
07:07:08felinoelI see, so I missed that step then.
07:08:17[Saint]The manual doesn't actually mention this, and (if I'm not mistaken, and this is the case as I believe), it /probably/ should.
07:08:26[Saint]As that is kinda non-obvious.
07:09:12felinoeland this will enable the auto installation?
07:11:28felinoelWait... are you talking about the check box that says, "Show disabled targets"
07:12:29felinoelBecause all unstables aren't removed from this list with that box unchecked, Zip Clip is shown.
07:14:51[Saint]Hum, then I was mistaken. I'm not sure I understand what your issue is then.
07:15:08felinoelThe options under Quick Start are greyed out.
07:15:15felinoelShould they be?
07:16:11[Saint]Have you selected the mount point?
07:17:01felinoelWow, I was installing it to my C drive
07:17:32felinoelStill greyed out for Quick Start, will give Installation tab a try
07:22:36[Saint]Hmmm, yes. Odd. I rarely use RbUtil and I'm not sure why that is.
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07:22:57[Saint]In this case the manual definitely is misleading.
07:23:15felinoelFirmware update in progress.
07:23:20felinoelSounds promising.
07:23:42felinoelHuzzahs are in order.
07:24:04*[Saint] Huzzahs
07:25:22[Saint]I'm not sure if the fault here is with the manual wording, or RbUtil. If its the latter, there's likely a very good reason for it. If the former, its probably a copy/paste oversight.
07:27:43felinoelMeh don't care, now I won't be bored at work anymore!
07:30:03felinoelOh but now I have tons of extra stuff to remove when I was trying to install the RB, what shouldn't I delete?
07:31:04[Saint]errr...what do you mean? Where from?
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07:32:23[Saint]On the player itself, the only folder Rockbox cares about is .rockbox, everything else was either put there by yourself or the original firmware.
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07:33:26felinoelI see, so delete everything but the .rockbox folder, k thanks.
07:34:51[Saint]That will wipe out any media added with the OF. Just so we're clear.
07:35:46felinoelThere wasn't anything good and I stored it somewhere instead of deleting it anyways lol.
07:37:19[Saint]One of the draw cards of Rockbox is that it doesn't care at all where the media you put on it is, or how you put it there. (except, its recommended to not store anything in /.rockbox itself)
07:38:07felinoellol noted.
07:38:36[Saint]And if you deleted any folder structure that the OF deeply cares about, it will just recreate it the next time the OF is booted.
07:39:05felinoelDeeply cares about.
07:39:23[Saint]If that gets annoying, you can set them as "hidden" and set the "show file type" in the File Browser to "Supported".
07:39:50[Saint]Or just not boot the OF again, ever :P
07:43:02felinoelOooh video playing too?
07:43:10felinoelOh, not for Clip Zip
07:43:34[Saint]Its still a fairly young port.
07:43:40felinoelAh I see.
07:43:56[Saint]JdGordon: kugel: Have you guys noticed that the database directory scan UI is really annoying if you don't actually want all the subdirectories of a particular directory to be scanned?
07:44:32felinoelWell, 1:42am is when I am calling it a night, so 'night then, thanks for the help with my apparent blindness.
07:44:59[Saint]felinoel: happy to help./
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07:47:07[Saint]As a really drastic example, say I have a toplevel "Music" dir, and 1K artist subdirectories under that, but I don't want one of them to be scanned, I would then have to select 999 subdirectories manually.
07:49:36[Saint]But I notice that "long select" isn't being used, so I thought perhaps long select could automagically select a directory and every subdir under it recursively. Giving you a chance to deselect the ones you might not want before exiting.
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10:37:24JdGordon[Saint]: hmm, that could work
10:37:33JdGordonthough really if thats your use case you should reorder your dirs
10:38:02[Saint]I set it up to be slightly ridiculous, yes.
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10:40:56[Saint]I just noticed the UI favours either adding one dir, or *everything under that dir*
10:41:05[Saint]its not easy to pick and choose.
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10:46:16JdGordon[Saint]: remind me later in the week, shouldnt be hard to do at all
10:46:21JdGordonbut busy tonight and tomorow
10:46:28JdGordonand probably most of the week :p
10:47:06MrCowHello I was wondering if anyone can help me with my fuze and unbricking it
10:48:06MrCowthe partition table was destroyed i currently was able to get it to be listed in fdisk and i was able to get it to remake the partition but theres no filesystem on it currently as far as i can tell
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11:04:43kugel[Saint]: i havent noticed that, no
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11:05:38[Saint]The situation I described is a ridiculous one, and that was intentional in order to display the "problem" here.
11:05:47[Saint]It was just something I noticed.
11:05:56kugelthe UI wasnt made to support such awkward use cases, re-ordering the folder structure would be one solution
11:06:48kugelfwiw (not that I suggest this as the real solution), putting database.ignore into the subfolders still works
11:06:58[Saint]Realistically it would get annoying if you had any number of folders you didn't want scanned at the same level as directories you do want scanned.
11:07:13kugelbut I'm not against the idea you had
11:07:45[Saint]And yes, reordering the structure is indeed sane. But as we know, some people have some very silly dir structures. :)
11:07:56kugeli have two or three music folders (I think that sounds pretty common) so it's not annoying for me
11:08:36kugelright, and I said the UI wasnt made to support such silly structures :)
11:09:30kugelbut your idea could be implemented without lots of hazzle if it helps
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15:30:32Horrorcatcurrently trying to push to gerrit
15:30:40Horrorcatit worked once, but I'm just getting ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> master (prohibited by Gerrit)
15:30:53Horrorcatwhat should I check to figure out what's going wrong?
15:32:08Horrorcatssh -p ... gives me the nice welcome message too
15:32:12gevaertsLooks like a gerrit policy thing. Torne is the one to talk to, but he seems to be offline right now
15:32:27Horrorcatafaict I didn't do a merge evne ;)
15:32:41Horrorcatgitk says the same
15:33:13gevaertsI'm fairly sure that if you get that far, the basic ssh setup is ok
15:33:20Horrorcatme too actually
15:33:56bluebrotherwrong email address in the commit?
15:33:57gevaertsIs your tree up to date?
15:34:15Horrorcatgevaerts: it diffs only with my commit against my master version, which was pulled a few seconds ago
15:34:19Horrorcatminutes actually
15:34:32Horrorcatemail possibly, gotta check with gerrit
15:34:43gevaertsIs your commit at the top? If not, you probably need to rebase
15:34:52*gevaerts is really just guessing
15:34:54Horrorcatit is
15:35:18Horrorcatin my previous gerrit “thread” the mail adress was the same
15:35:26bluebrotherand be careful that case matters for the mail address (ran into that myself some time :)
15:35:36*Horrorcat uses only lower case
15:36:12Horrorcatno commits on origin in the meantime
15:36:43Horrorcatgit log origin/master..HEAD on my branch shows also only my commit ...
15:38:13funmanbertrik: i'm building a recent zip binary
15:39:18bluebrotherI assume you're pushing to the correct remote?
15:40:02Horrorcatbluebrother: me too ;). No, it's the only gerrit remote I know, so if gerrit refuses, it must be the correct one ...
15:40:20Horrorcatssh://$ seems fine
15:41:34bluebrotherrefs/for/master iirc
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15:51:48funmanbertrik: with snake2 fits in the screen, although it only uses one half of the screen vertically
15:53:25funmanbertrik: default font (08-Rockfont?) is ok but personally i prefer 08-Atadore
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15:59:48jonas1ha bluebrother, thanks, that fixed it
15:59:59*jonas1 is Horrorcat, this time via XMPP transport
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16:31:25Gallomimiavery cool. by the way is there any plans to make this run on an actual iphone?
16:32:52bertrikwe have an application for android though
16:32:56gevaertsWe don't make long-term plans, and as far as I know nobody is working on an ios port
16:39:44 Join stoffel [0] (
16:40:03Gallomimiaonly ipod touches are ios right? all the other ipods are something else?
16:40:21 Nick JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ (
16:41:12gevaertsSome of the recent nanos are ios too I believe
16:41:47JimmyJI think maybe the newest ones are? To be honest I don't know much about iPods.
16:49:50Gallomimiawell, i've been an apple fanboi for a long time, but i'm really not digging the closed software playground of ipod/ios and bloatware that is itunes.
16:50:15Gallomimiaso.... props to everything in this project
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19:54:38scorcheforums coming down temporarily...
19:58:21scorchegevaerts: pping
19:58:31gevaertsscorche: ppong
19:59:32scorchegevaerts: i am going to try this "find and repair any errors" link on the maintenance page and see if that does any good - do you have some steps i can take to check whether it has fixed the issue or not?
20:00:02gevaertsThere's this thread from a few days ago that wasn't looking too good
20:00:41gevaertsNot easy to find with the forums down though :)
20:02:09gevaertsThe "using sansa clip+ in car" thread should have a post by bryguy, and IIRC also a test post from me. Those weren't visible yesterday
20:03:49scorcheholy shit..
20:04:02scorchei guess i should do this more often =)
20:06:11scorchei would pastebin the log, but it is apparently too big for any pastebin ;)
20:07:49gevaertsI'm not too surprised, to be honest
20:08:03scorcheme either - it has been ages since i last did this
20:08:11gevaertsThat akismet mod isn't too clean. I'd claim it's better than it was, but still
20:08:12*scorche has been shirking his duties
20:08:33scorcheoh - that sounds better - lets blame it on akismet =)
20:09:05gevaertsOptimising tables is one thing, but actual issues to fix can only be caused by bugs I'd say
20:09:15scorchegevaerts: i see a post by bryguy and your test1 post
20:10:01scorcheforums back open for inspection
20:10:06scorchelet me know of issues...
20:10:48scorcheit may just be observation bias, but the forums seem faster now..
20:11:39gevaertsI've noticed them being a bit slow lately, so that's good
20:12:49*gevaerts deletes that test post :)
20:12:54gevaertsThat was quite fast, yes
20:14:11 Join Guinness` [0] (
20:14:11 Quit Guinness (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:16:47gevaertsI'm fairly sure the issues we saw were all related to wrong post counts in the topic table
20:17:34gevaertsThe easiest solution is probably to just run that "find and repair any errors" regularly
20:20:38 Quit Gallomimia (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:20:56 Join Gallomimia [0] (
20:22:16scorche|shalso, did this fix the recent posts page?
20:22:33scorche|shwasnt it not showing anything beyond a certain page before?
20:23:51gevaertsHard to say. It doesn't go back that far
20:24:06gevaertsI suspect it would have fixed it back then though
20:28:05 Join Guinness [0] (
20:28:05 Quit Guinness` (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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23:22:16bertrikdidn't we have a wiki page somewhere with names of packages (for popular linux distros) to install for building the manual?
23:22:34bertrikI'm looking at ManualHowto but that one doesn't have it
23:24:48bertriklooks like LatexInstallation has it
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