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#rockbox log for 2012-08-13

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06:31:23JdGordon[Saint]: how does this sound? (too complicated is a very valid answer)
06:31:38JdGordonlong press on an unopned folder = expand and select all
06:31:48JdGordonlong press on a open one = invert selection in subdirs
06:32:45[Saint]the second one might be a bit confusing, but I could see it being useful to some.
06:33:33[Saint]I suppose that would make it easier to just select what you don't want, and then have it automagically select everything you do...though. Its not a bad idea at all.
06:34:17*JdGordon cant remember how the code works :p
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07:04:49CIA-138Commit bd6e6ed in rockbox by Jonathan Gordon: folder selector: handle long press to invert selection/select all.
07:07:34CIA-138bd6e6ed build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (Jonathan Gordon committed)
07:11:45JdGordonDEATH TO THE AJBR
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13:26:12cs96andCan someone please tell me why I have been banned from the forums?
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13:30:33gevaertscs96and: what's your forum username?
13:31:10cs96andAs far as I can tell I have done nothing wrong, and I received no warning, or email to tell me I have been banned
13:31:29cs96andI just got a message when I tried to log in today saying "You have been banned"
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13:32:21gevaertsLooks like one of your posts was caught by the spam filter, and one of us (possibly me, possibly someone else) didn't check the caught spam carefully enough
13:32:31cs96andwhick post?
13:33:30gevaertsWe delete those posts, so I can't tell you that unfortunately. I've removed the ban now though, so you should be able to post again
13:33:51cs96andok, thanks for the quick response! :)
13:33:56gevaertsSorry for the inconvenience. I wish we could work without a spam filter, but that's just not an option these days :\
13:34:10cs96andBTW, would you like to buy some viagra?
13:34:41cs96andif not, I do have £3million pounds waiting for you here instead
13:34:50gevaertsHm, maybe we need a spam filter here too! :)
13:35:04cs96andanyway thanks for the help
13:35:07 Part cs96and
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13:45:14jbukhey, i'm having a problem with USB on my classic 6g (120gb)
13:46:30jbukit looks like it might be a dupe of FS #12460, but i've never had a kernel panic, and the fallback image in emCORE doesn't exhibit the problem
13:46:31fs-bluebot iPod Classic/6G crashes on USB connect (builds 31006 and above) (bugs, unconfirmed)
13:46:53jbukwhich I think is newer than 31006
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13:47:51jbukI should probably say, the problem is that usb connection either causes a hang, or occasionally it won't hang but will never mount on the computer to which I connect it
13:49:42jbukthe fallback image (in which usb works fine) is r31516-120101 and the non-working build is the most recent from the build server.
13:50:38gevaertsjbuk: I's suggest posting a bug report including all details you can find
13:51:16gevaertsNot too many people work on the classic, so finding someone online who knows about it can be hit and miss
13:51:57jbukany tips on places I should be looking for more info to put in the report? also I presume you mean to put the bug report on flyspray, rather than the forum
13:52:34gevaertsflyspray, yes. At least include things like the OS you're using on the host
13:52:52gevaertsIf you happen to be using linux, also add dmesg output
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13:54:59jbuki'm using OS X, i'll see if it's dmesg is any good
14:02:55*[Saint_] prods [7]
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14:34:55jbukright, i've submitted it as a bug, FS #12728 (posting this for posterity in the logs)
14:34:55fs-bluebot iPod classic/6G: Hangs on USB connection, does not mount as disk (bugs, unconfirmed)
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15:11:00bug2000For the record, is it me or rockbox clip zip got it's USB transfer broken on the recent builds?
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15:54:33[7]probably a lockup in some usb handler
15:54:40[7]target specific in some way though
15:54:50[7]and I haven't touched target code since 8 months now
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18:06:35n1sbertrik: how far is the opus codec from being merged
18:07:14bertrikthe most pressing problem is stack use, which is about 3.5 times higher than we have available by default in the codec thread
18:08:03bertrikthere are a few other not as significant problems too, see g300
18:08:05fs-bluebotGerrit review #300 at : Synchronised with opus repo on github ( by Bertrik Sikken (changes/00/300/9)
18:09:10n1show do you plan to deal with that?
18:09:56bertrikno idea yet, perhaps try to use the existing "pseudo stack" mechanism in the parts of the codec with high stack use
18:10:07bertrikI haven't actively worked on it in the past week
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18:17:04n1sare the stack allocation statically sized?
18:17:38bertrikI don't know
18:18:03bertrikwe currently build without alloca, at the least
18:18:13 Join pedro_angelo [0] (
18:20:24n1sbertrik: not using any VLA's either?
18:20:43bertrikI don't know what a VLA is yet
18:20:53n1svariable length array
18:21:08n1si think it's c99 and pretty much the same as alloca
18:22:24n1sso just not using alloca explicitely doesn't mean there aren't dynamically sized stack allocs :)
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20:46:00Esmilbertrik: Hi, I read on the mailing list that you've tried out your opus-branch on a Sansa Zip. Any chance I could get a compiled version to try out on my Sansa Zip? :)
20:54:45 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
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21:03:20bertrikEsmil: ok, I'll build one
21:08:44bertrikEsmil: try
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21:40:11amayerhas anyone ever seen the "remaining playback" time go negative?
21:40:14amayerif im playing a 2:00 min song. sometimes my iPodClassic will say "current time: 2:15" "Time remaining: -15"
21:40:16amayeri searched the bug reports but couldnt find anything(not sure if im using the right keywords).
21:40:34 Join japc [0] (
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21:49:20linuxstbamayer: So what's the problem? Is the song really 2:00, or is that wrong?
21:51:15jbukit sounds a bit like what my sony NW-A1200 did when you played a VBR file, insomuch that it didn't read the duration from the header but attempted to calculate it using the amount of data remaining and the current bit rate, which was quite entertaining.
21:51:25amayerthat was an example. the audio was 15:46 long(track 4).
21:51:28amayerIt went past 15:46, was playing the next track(track 5), but still displayed the info for track 4
21:52:23amayerand said -0:22(and up? down?) kept going negative
21:53:24amayerwhen i pressed track forward then track back. it reset to 0:00 and worked.
21:53:26amayerbut it happens every once in a while. I cant figure out how to recreate it. but i took some screen shots
21:56:13 Quit einhirn (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:08:05amayeris there a list of all the commit messages for the dev build?
22:08:07amayerlike all the messages that come through when CIA bot says there was a commit?
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22:29:14AlexPamayer: See it is right there
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22:37:17Esmilbertrik: Awesome! It works
22:37:23EsmilThank you very much
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22:56:04r0b-anyone around running rockbox on older ipods?
22:56:51amayerAlexP: wow ive been to the site hundreds of times and ive never scrolled down that far. thank you very much.
22:59:22 Part amayer
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23:12:03r0b-or can anyone tell me what an Ipod A1059 is
23:12:53BagderiPod 4th Gen?
23:13:13Bagderthat's that google says
23:13:21r0b-will rockboc run on it?
23:13:31r0b-the site is unclear
23:14:10AlexPIs it?
23:14:14AlexP"Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g"
23:14:20AlexP4g comes in that list
23:14:31AlexPAlthough I don't like "through" used like that :)
23:15:05AlexPIs yours greyscale?
23:15:09r0b-because that also makes you think Touch and such
23:15:17r0b-i havent bought it yet...
23:15:19 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
23:15:25r0b-Ipod 1g-5.5g
23:15:34AlexPno touch mentioned
23:15:50r0b-i wont buy it if i cannot run rockbox
23:16:12AlexPIf it is a 4th gen ipod then it will
23:16:28r0b-i guess if it cant i mean 20GB is plenty
23:21:34r0b-just curious
23:22:39r0b-guy wants 45$ for it
23:23:24 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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