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#rockbox log for 2012-08-16

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07:01:11[Saint_]JdGordon: Errr...hey, feel free to stab me in the face if we've done this conversation before, but have we ever discussed actual variables in the skin language before?
07:01:42*JdGordon remembers to pack his stabby-knife in his pack to take to NZ at xmas
07:01:48JdGordonnaaa :)
07:01:58JdGordonwhat do you want them for that the current skin vars doesnt give you?
07:02:57[Saint_]Like, not just 'skin vars' which are awesome in their own right, but actually being able to do "Foo='some long string I'll reuse later'" for example.
07:03:08[Saint_]And not touchscreen specific.
07:03:32JdGordongive me an actual example
07:03:40JdGordonhow is it useful?
07:06:00[Saint_]For aa/no-aa text viewports the content is almost identical, yet I type it out in full in 4 places I think. If you're using the same/similar code often, especially if its a monster string or condition, it'd make it a lot smaller.
07:06:11[Saint_]Quite probably easier to read too.
07:07:05[Saint_]Just a brainfart I had. It currently works fine now, so there's no real gain I guess. Just a code size/cosmetic thing.
07:08:33JdGordonit might be very very hard to implement
07:09:12kugel_lets have %include
07:09:58[Saint_]Right. Probably why it's nit already there I guess :) Don't fret about it, there's no doors it would've opened that are shut presently I don't think.
07:10:00JdGordonlets not :p
07:10:36JdGordonseriously switching to lua would be a far better time investment
07:12:19[Saint_]Then wps related suicide will skyrocket.
07:12:36JdGordonnaaaa :)
07:18:53kugel_make lua run on lowmem first ;)
07:20:53kugel_also I'm not sure actually designing a UI in lua is any better than in the wps language
07:23:26JdGordonwell yeah, perhaps
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07:31:51JdGordonwe could always use flash.... :p
07:40:18kugel_flash is a dead end
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12:14:48[Saint]Is someone able to explain to me the limitation(s) involved that make it so that I have to bake .voice files into the .apk itself by repacking the .zip manually?
12:15:20[Saint]IOW: "Why don't voice files in /mnt/sdcard/rockbox "Just Work(TM)"?"
12:17:50[Saint]I wanted to make an "International" installation, but that meant baking all the .voice files into the .apk itself and when it got past 20MB when packed and I still wasn't covering all the langs we have decent translation support for I gave up.
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12:22:58[Saint]kugel_: perhaps you could enlighten me here?
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12:30:04kugel_[Saint]: nobody worked on it yet
12:30:44kugel_one problem is that if you have a lang folder in /sdcard/rockbox, then it won't see the internal lang folder anymore (and thus no lang files)
12:31:21kugel_i guess we could look for another folder instead of lang for voices
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12:31:35[Saint]why can't it read from both locations? Don't themes do this?
12:34:34kugelno they dont
12:34:56kugelreading both (and displaying both in the filebrowser) is a lot more complicated
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14:36:10amayerwhat does a Data Abort error mean?
14:36:12amayertarget: ipodclassic 120Gb
14:36:49gevaertsUsually an invalid memory access
14:39:26amayeri just randomly got one while connected to USB. I think it was a glitch because its never happened before. but i did just install the new dev build yesterday
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14:55:27amayerwho runs the theme server?
14:55:55gevaertsIt runs on scorche's server, why?
14:56:58amayerwell i did a code commit yesterday and it was approved but never implemented
14:57:38amayerscorche: ping
14:57:55*gevaerts has a look
14:58:03Tornescorche|sh: i committed a change for ameyer to fix a bug in themesite; can you pull it?
14:58:11*Torne promises it is correct :)
14:59:31*gevaerts can do that
14:59:37Torneah ok
14:59:47Torneit's already committed, anyway, so it just needs git pull
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15:00:53gevaertsLooks like a silly mistake
15:01:12gevaertsamayer: do you take feature requests for the theme site? ;)
15:02:32Torneif you want to implement more stuff i'm sure we have a list ;)
15:03:05gevaertsI wouldn't mind getting a http redirect when trying to get the page for a theme that was replaced
15:03:44amayerdepends on how complicated/time consuming they are.
15:03:46amayerphp is my specialty. I would like to work on the rockbox firmware but if you guys need a web developer i can do that.
15:04:21amayergevaerts: if a theme was replaced it uses the same link.(i did it with my theme)
15:05:02amayerTorne: where is the list?
15:05:14gevaertsamayer: the theme id is in the URL
15:05:54Torneyou can work on anythin gyou like
15:06:08amayergevaerts: im not sure what you mean by when the theme was replaced.
15:06:08Tornewe need an infinite number of developers, generally :)
15:06:10amayerif you replace a theme it uses the same themeid
15:09:19gevaertsamayer: I'm confused now. I could swear that if you upload a new theme with the same name and uploader email, it stores it separately and hides the old one.
15:10:34amayerhmm... maybe it does. i thought it used the same id. because the number of downloads was kept when i uploaded a new version of my theme
15:11:19gevaertsIt does, yes. The database agrees with me :)
15:13:01amayerso it hides the old theme?
15:13:16amayerbut uses the same id number
15:17:56gevaertsAs far as I know, unless you actually show me otherwise, it's a new id
15:18:57amayerhmm... ill have to look over the code more.
15:19:00amayergevaerts: so your saying if you open an old theme you would like to be redirected to the new theme.(so you want to really hide the old theme)
15:21:24gevaertsThe old one *is* really hidden. You can get at it from the admin side if you follow the right links, possibly, but normally you get a 404
15:28:38 Join nosa [0] (
15:29:20amayerim not familiar with the admin
15:29:49amayerbrb reboot(new grapics drivers *crosses fingers*)
15:29:53 Part amayer
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15:34:56amayergevaerts: do you have example links for the old/new theme scenerio?
15:35:38 Join nosa-j [0] (
15:46:16gevaertsamayer: I can't find a good set now. I suspect what we *really* need is some documentation on how to run a local copy
15:46:24amayergevaerts: i just looked up my old theme. they do use different id's
15:48:23 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
15:48:36amayeri think there are programs on the server that are in /usr/share/... which arent in git so i think you might need to install the programs/update the links
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15:55:07amayerthis is my old theme:
15:55:11amayerthis is my new(updated) theme:
15:55:15amayeris this what you are talking about?
15:56:16amayerwhat is the reason for having a new id number and not using the old one?
15:57:17gevaertsMaybe old irc logs know this... I wasn't involved back then, but I imagine the main reasons are about being able to roll back
16:10:30amayergevaerts: do you have database access?
16:10:45gevaertsI do, yes
16:11:18gevaertsI'm not sure if I'm supposed to be allowed to give you the entire file, but I can check things out
16:11:56amayerthats what i was going to say. is there an active field? or some way to tell if there is a new version of the theme?
16:12:18amayer(im guessing you know sql)
16:16:25gevaertsThere's the "approved" field that I think is used for that
16:16:51gevaertsCREATE TABLE themes(themeid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT ,approved INTEGER ,shortname TEXT ,author TEXT ,email TEXT ,mainlcd TEXT ,remotelcd TEXT ,description TEXT ,zipfile TEXT ,sshot_wps TEXT ,sshot_menu TEXT ,sshot_1 TEXT ,sshot_2 TEXT ,sshot_3 TEXT ,emailverification TEXT ,reason TEXT ,timestamp FLOAT ,downloadcnt INTEGER ,ratings INTEGER ,numratings INTEGER ,filesize INTEGER); is the themes table
16:19:45gevaerts is what's ion there for your 1668 and 1669 themes (with name and email address censored, and description shortened to keep things readable)
16:21:51gevaertsSo I *think* if no active theme is found, the code could look for the most recent theme with same email, mainlcd (and possibly remotelcd) that is approved. It could check for the "Theme was replaced by newer version." text in "reason", but I'm not sure if that's really needed
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17:34:48amayergevaerts: does anyone have a theme site test server set up?
17:37:24 Quit mirak (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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18:06:00amayergevaerts: the patch i did to the theme site will fix future problems with the images. but the past images are still in the database.
18:06:02amayercan you query and delete all the images where sshot_1="1-" or sshot_2="2-" or sshot_3="3-"
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18:52:06wodzpamaury: ping
18:52:17pamaurywodz: pong, I'll be back in 15 minutes
18:52:55pamaurybut you can write your request :)
18:54:50wodzheh, AFAIK You had some rk27xx hw question :-)
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19:21:33pamaurywodz: not really know, I didn't have the time to play with your rk27xx device
19:22:40wodzok, ping me when you find time/interest
19:25:30 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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19:37:13pamauryI would like to dump the content of the sony mp3 flash before, that's tricky but when it's done I won't need to tweak the hardware for some time
19:43:15 Join factor [0] (
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20:10:34amayergevaerts: ping
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23:47:13 Join Topy [0] (
23:47:13 Quit T44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:47:44gevaertsamayer: pong
23:48:16amayerdid you see my message about deleting the errors in the database?
23:48:23gevaertsamayer: I'll try to remember to do that database fix tomorrow. I'm a bit too tired right now to trust myself with that sort of thing :)
23:49:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:49:04amayergevaerts: cool cool. im going to try and set up my server at home to run a version of the theme site so i can work on it better
23:49:48gevaertsThat would be good. Maybe you could document the steps needed to do that as well...
23:50:11gevaertsMore people being able to run the thing can't hurt
23:50:24 Quit eliasp (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:52:37 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:52:48amayerits all in the readme file
23:53:28gevaertsah, right
23:53:35*gevaerts has a quick look
23:54:39gevaertsOh, one thing: I renamed public/ to www/ a while ago to make running a straight checkout on the official site easier.
23:54:56gevaertsI'll fix that in the readme file tomorrow as well
23:55:15amayerit doesnt say whether to use smarty 2 or 3. do you know which is on the server?
23:55:45amayerdebian software center says smarty2 will throw a "depreciated" notice
23:56:06amayerbut a live web server usually has display_errors = no
23:56:42gevaertsIt seems a 2.6.26 deb is installed. I suspect that's the one then
23:57:27*gevaerts doesn't have access to more than the theme site and the translation site on that machine, so no installing packages or things like that
23:58:49amayerthats the most recent version 2

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