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#rockbox log for 2012-08-28

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00:13:56guymanngotta be a professional idler to get a question answered
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00:17:56wodzthe question has to be asked in order to expect answer, no?
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00:21:12kd4wovi have a question about q sansa E280
00:21:47kd4wovseems the battery does mach the acctual level
00:22:01kd4wovis there a way to calibrate battery meter?
00:22:35kd4wovif i boot into the sansa os it seems fine
00:22:51kd4wovbut in rock box it is way off
00:23:35kd4wovi am ruinning the newest version of boot loader and build
00:23:58kd4wovi reinstalled 3 times just to make sure i did not mess it up
00:24:10kd4wovanhy suggestions?
00:24:17kd4wovoops any
00:24:57wodzif the battery *does* match the actual level what is the problem? I don't get it
00:25:28kd4wovwhen in rockbox it only shows 50%
00:25:50kd4wovwhile the sansa os shows 100 and a comolete charge
00:25:57kd4wovoops complete
00:27:13kd4wovshould i go back to the version that i was using before? i think it was 2 years old
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00:27:45kd4wovi dont remember the build number and bootloader but i can find it on my other computer
00:28:07kd4wovif i need it.
00:28:13wodzThe best thing would be to track down which commit broke battery readings for you (aka bisect)
00:29:56kd4wovok so reload an archive going back one untill it works? what about the bootloader
00:30:17kd4wovshould i leave it at the newst?
00:30:35wodzyou can leave it
00:30:49kd4wovok i will give it shot.
00:31:10kd4wovi will let you know what i find.
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00:38:40kd4wovreloading now. ver 3.11.
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01:06:06kd4wovok here is my quick trial of stable, and archive.
01:07:43kd4wov3.11.2 has a battery reporting issue. build 16335da-120826 seems to work.
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01:11:52kd4wovhope that helps
01:12:20kd4wovnow to reload my 3 other e200v2 machines
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02:03:44guymannhmm maybe i'm just too good of an idler. people come and go before i can even give a response
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05:33:21[Saint]ameyer: assuming you read logs at some point; while the idea is fine, syntax highlighting is evil and easy to fool.
05:34:09[Saint]I find it teaches me nasty habits.
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09:33:28wodzmortalis: Could you check if recent changes in HEAD doesn't break hifis?
09:34:55mortaliswodz: yes, but not now
09:37:48wodzno hurry
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11:54:11JdGordonso.... silence in the mailing list, can we fork and forget HWCODEC?
11:54:24JdGordonand by joyous coincidence.... charcell?
11:59:52wodzI think we should schedule proper voting in this case. This is serious decision.
12:00:48gevaertshm, that reminds me
12:00:53gevaertsWe need a new RSB
12:05:15linuxstbBefore or after that decision? ;)
12:05:26gevaertsYes :)
12:06:06gevaertsAnyone willing to run the RSB thing? I'll be mostly offline for about two weeks starting from Saturday morning, so I can't really do it
12:07:03linuxstbwodz: Do you mean a "referendum" amongst committers, as opposed to a decision by the RSB?
12:08:22pamauryperhaps both ? a RSB decision based on a referendum ?
12:09:03linuxstbOr perhaps the decision is simple - is anyone against it?
12:09:22gevaertsI don't think the RSB should be involved here, unless things get stuck
12:09:40wodzthe main question is who will maintain legacy branch
12:10:06linuxstbThat's up to the users of that branch...
12:10:14linuxstbHopefully there will be devs amongst those users...
12:10:43Torneif we're actually going to ahve a branch for it that has kinda larger implications, also
12:10:57Tornehow does that branch get built/released/installed?
12:11:44Torneor does it not and we assume users do it?
12:11:58linuxstbYes, perhaps after the next release, it doesn't...
12:12:40Tornebecause continuing to build/release it in the same way would be additional effort
12:12:56*linuxstb considers himself retired from Rockbox, so should probably stay out of this?
12:12:56Tornesince it would have separate commits, and effectively separate version numbers
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12:13:38Torneso i think the decision is not "do we fork it into a branch" but more "do 'we' (meaning the majority of committers) just stop supporting it and pull the code out of master"
12:14:08Tornewhether we, say, have a separate branch in our git created from some suitable point or not is kinda beside the point, because that costs us nothing
12:14:21Torne(and can be created retroactively, even)
12:15:00Torneunless someone wants to propose that we do actively commit infrastructure to maintaining it on a branch
12:15:30JdGordonthe only person to have any objections for forking in the past hasnt said anything this the build break
12:15:59wodzI think both ways will end up in the same point. IMO we should fork into branch and then remove 'offending' code from master
12:16:54JdGordongevaerts: how about just disabling the build for the time being?
12:17:09wodzI think changes in legacy branch will be very rare so manual building and releasing will not be much of the hassle
12:17:09JdGordonand im happy to run the rsb vote again, no danger i'll be appointed (5th year running :p )
12:18:49wodzanyway to explicitly state the name - amiconn should express his thoughts as he is the only more or less active HWCODEC dev
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12:20:15Tornewodz: sure, i'm just pointing out that we kinda need to be explicit about what support the project itself is going to offer to the branch
12:20:43Torneif it's just "host it in our git repo" that's fine
12:21:13wodztrue. But to be honest HWCODEC is just a few targets big. Missing autobuilds is not that big issue IMO
12:21:35wodzjust host it is enough IMO
12:22:42wodzwhen we get test builds infrastructure (if ever :-) ) adding ability to build from branch should be easy
12:31:24GodEaterI agree, host the code, but don't commit to autobuilds / releases
12:31:51GodEater(although as an inactive committer, I should probably do like linuxstb and butt out) :)
12:57:09wodzCan anyone with e200 confirm wrong battery voltage measurements with current HEAD? It was reported yesterday. The problem doesn't exist in 3.11.2
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13:14:43gevaertsI don't see why we wouldn't autobuild if we can
13:16:35Tornegevaerts: we *could*, but we can't currently :)
13:18:12Zagorand it would only make sense if the branch is actively developed
13:18:46gevaertsI might have another go at convincinbg Zagor we need to autobuild the stable branch. Done properly, that might give us autobuilding branches for free :)
13:19:09Torneyah, if we get those abilities we could also do that for this.
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16:35:13saratogai would prefer to keep autobuilding any fork of HWCODEC
16:35:37saratogaand to leave open the option of someone using it for new (very low memory?) targets in the future
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16:47:01spyroboyhow stable is rockbox for the ipod classic?
16:47:18spyroboyI currently don't use my ipod classic much and I wanted to try out rockbox after waiting for years for it to finally get cracked.
16:47:28spyroboyI'm just worried that I might brick it.
16:49:02saratogai don't think theres much risk of bricking it
16:50:59spyroboyis there a recovery guide?
16:51:05spyroboyto put stock firmware again?
16:51:45spyroboylooking at freemyipod wiki and rockbox site. not sure I can find a guide
16:52:39 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
16:52:54wodzusually it is a matter of recovering with itunes
16:53:29wodzbut I don't know the details. Ask [7]
16:55:12[7]yes, boot to DFU using a button combination, and then restore using itunes
16:55:29[7]flashing bad firmware is fully recoverable on the classics
16:55:53spyroboyhm ok
16:55:57spyroboythanks a lot.
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17:54:21saratogaban phomodeli for spam
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18:00:58gevaertssaratoga: done (and the other one)
18:03:12wodzsaratoga: I don't clearly see how lowmem targets would benefit from forking HWCODEC
18:03:37saratogawodz: i mean in the future if someone wanted to run Rockbox on more constrained hardware
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18:04:38 Quit crose (Client Quit)
18:05:03wodzsaratoga: But it is rather unlikely it will be HWCODEC one
18:05:17saratogayeah, probably still SWCODEC
18:05:30saratogabut just because we're forking doesn't mean SWCODEC stops working on
18:05:36 Join megal0maniac [0] (
18:06:05 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
18:06:22saratogai was thinking we'd have the HWCODEC targets and one or two SWCODEC targets in the build system for the branch
18:07:59wodzsaratoga: sure but work on lowmem SWCODEC will be in HEAD as we maintain some of lowmem targets
18:08:43saratogatrue, but our current targets need about 2.5MB to run SWCODEC and I imagine that will slowly creep up over time
18:09:21saratogasomeone might want something lighter going forward, and its not hard to keep the code building
18:09:23 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
18:12:47wodzthe only potential target I am aware of has ~0.5MB of ram and will need nasty tricks anyway. I am speaking of cut down imx version pamaury expressed interest in porting to.
18:14:41pamauryyeah, I'm not even sure I will do it one say given how hard it will be
18:15:02pamaury*one day
18:15:20pamauryand it will probably be virtual memory tricks
18:17:24wodzpamaury: When I remember - there is issue with safe reading routine used by unwinder - if safe read fail the failing address will be inside safe read function and not where original exception occured.
18:18:01pamauryhmm, normally it should be handled as a special case of the exception handler
18:19:36wodzpamaury: look at g#286 in comments - 0x709EC is address inside safe read function
18:19:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #286 at : bFLT loader for plugins by Marcin Bukat (changes/86/286/10)
18:22:03pamaurystrange, I'll have a look at it tonight
18:28:00 Quit XavierGr ()
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18:48:50mortaliswodz: HEAD works
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20:15:15saratogawodz: either way, I'd like to keep the branched code in the build system if at all possible
20:15:21saratogais there some reason that would be difficult?
20:16:59 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
20:17:53gevaertssaratoga: the only difficulty is that the build system only builds a single branch
20:18:27saratogahow hard would that be to fix?
20:23:02*gevaerts looks at Zagor
20:23:25gevaertsWe'd need separate builds files per branch
20:23:45gevaertsAnd probably separate instances of dev.cgi
20:23:58 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
20:24:10gevaertsAnd of course a trigger on the other branch, but I suspect that that's the easiest part
20:24:34Zagorperhaps the easiest way is to just run two build servers
20:25:41gevaertsThat has the possible disadvantage of needing a separate set of clients, but that might not be too terrible
20:28:36gevaertsEven if we only have one or two clients, hwcodec wouldn't take long to build
20:31:34 Join Buschel [0] (
20:36:51AlexPZagor: Any luck with removing the extraneous builds from the release candidates?
20:37:10AlexPAnd/or getting rbutil to only offer the stable ones :)
20:37:18Zagoreh, no? :)
20:37:25AlexPsaratoga: Was it you who wanted to promote a clip (zip?)?
20:37:34AlexPZagor: What I was talking about last night
20:37:55AlexPI'd like to offer RC builds, but when I used the new build system magic to do it, it built everything
20:38:10AlexPSo builds for all targets are there, and rbutil offers RCs for all targets
20:38:25AlexPbluebrother^: says rbutil gets its list from the server
20:38:41AlexPSo I'd like to remove builds that shouldn't be there from that directory
20:38:56AlexPand get rbutil to only offer RCs for targets that are going to be released
20:39:04AlexPBefore I send the email asking people to test them
20:39:11AlexPI don't want to confuse everyone
20:40:18Zagorright, I'll do it manually this time
20:45:26pamauryTorne: is the data abort offset between pc and the actual faulty instruction the same on all armv we have ?
20:50:36 Quit [7] (Disconnected by services)
20:50:37 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
20:52:09Zagorehum. sansa connect is not added to
20:52:15ZagorI trust it's not stable then :-)
20:52:24gevaertsIt's not indeed :)
20:53:11AlexPI think there was one that people wanyted to add to stable
20:53:16AlexPAnd I think it was clip zip
20:53:26AlexPBut everytime I mention it here, nobody says anything
20:53:32AlexPSo I'm not sure
20:53:38saratogaAlexP: USB seems rather unstable on the Clip Zip, so I don't know
20:53:56AlexPIt might not have been that one then
20:54:03AlexPI can't rememeber who was talking about it
20:54:14saratogai think technically we did everything we needed to in order to release it
20:54:16gevaertsUSB seems unstable on about all AMSv2 these days...
20:54:26AlexPBut in the absence of them saying anything, nothing is getting promoted :)
20:54:37*gevaerts still doesn't understand how enabling USB on AMSv2 for stable was even an option...
20:54:44saratogaClip+ USB hasn't crashed in ages for me, but apparently its worse on the Zip
20:54:56saratogai think there is some random memory corruption triggered only on certain builds
20:54:59AlexPgevaerts: Lots of things seem unstable these days
20:55:07saratogaas people have reported things like different themes changing how USB works
20:55:22Zagorsaratoga: !
20:56:20AlexPI'm afraid I don't tend to use Rockbox much these days
20:56:41AlexPAs I use my phone most of the time
20:57:19gevaertsAlexP: true, but USB on AMSv2 has *never* been stable
20:57:29AlexPAnd I haven't got round to finishing a theme that I'd like to use, and even with that, the interface just isn't built for touchscreens (IMO)
20:57:36AlexPgevaerts: yes, that's true
20:58:52Zagorrbutil file updated
21:00:59 Quit eckoit (Quit: eckoit)
21:03:50AlexPgreat, thanks
21:03:53 Quit archels (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:04:04AlexPIs the directory cleaned too, so I can offer a link for a manual install?
21:04:35 Join pacovila [0] (
21:04:45 Join archels [0] (
21:04:59ZagorAlexP: not yet
21:05:16AlexPSorry for piling this on you
21:08:41Tornepamaury: yes
21:11:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:11:22 Join wodz [0] (
21:12:40 Quit pacovila (Quit: pacovila)
21:13:02ZagorAlexP: what did you do about the archos recorder in the rc build?
21:13:40 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
21:14:21Zagorthere, files purged too
21:20:15AlexPZagor: thanks very much
21:20:34AlexPAnd nothing, if it doesn't build and nobody makes it build, then I was going to leave it out
21:22:56gevaertsThe issue is 130 bytes big
21:25:53 Join spyroboy [0] (~spyroboy@tuxhacker/spyroboy)
21:26:07AlexPwell if someone wants to remove 130 bytes then great :)
21:26:26spyroboyhey, I've got a Q for you developers
21:26:27*gevaerts is looking :)
21:26:48spyroboyI have a first gen iPod classic 80GB
21:26:59spyroboyI just tried rockbox on it. works great. crashes sometimes.
21:27:18spyroboyI'm a programmer but I don't know anything about coding rockbox
21:27:32spyroboyhow can I best help you guys debug and improve rockbox
21:27:42AlexPScratch an itch :)
21:27:44gevaertsspyroboy: first of all, make sure you're running the latest revision
21:27:47spyroboy(battery life is kinda really bad)
21:28:03AlexPFix or implement something you want fixing, or look at existing bugs and tackle those :)
21:28:24gevaertsWith the classic, running the build that comes with the emcore installer is the most common cause for issues
21:30:00TheSevenspyroboy: well, if you really want to dig into it, you might want to debug where the latest USB breakage comes from
21:30:13TheSevenbut that isn't really a beginner's task :/
21:30:58spyroboyis there a rockbox github?
21:31:08AlexPthere is a mirror I think
21:31:18gevaertsWhy do you need that?
21:31:21AlexPDon't know how often it is synced
21:31:44spyroboyI don't need it. I don't even use github. it's just an easy way for looking through code. there's usually a github for most modern projects.
21:31:45AlexPI'd stick with the one on it will make it easier to do things like submit patches on gerrit
21:31:58AlexPYou can browse it on
21:32:31spyroboyit's hard to find.
21:32:52amayer_spyroboy: do you have the most recent version or rockbox installed on your ipodclassic?
21:33:13spyroboyone sec, I'll show you which files I used.
21:33:35AlexPIt is also linked from the dev guide (from the front page), or you can click on any of the code changes on the front page to get there
21:33:45spyroboyAlexP, yeah I found that.
21:33:48AlexPBut yeah, we could probaby do with a direct link
21:33:50gevaertsAlexP: disabling HAVE_LCD_FLIP makes the recorder build again. I suspect it will break again on the very next increase though, so maybe we should only do that once we branch
21:34:12spyroboy I used this .ubi file
21:34:13AlexPgevaerts: If we are in freeze it shouldn't make any difference?
21:34:17saratogawe could disable the disk logging feature too
21:34:22spyroboy and I used this rockbox file
21:34:31saratogaits useless at the moment since no logging is committed just yet
21:34:44spyroboyI'm just going to throw it in here. I happen to be a web developer.
21:34:44saratogaspyroboy: thats ancient
21:34:46AlexPTheSeven: Could emcore provide a more recent build, or freemyipod or whatever
21:34:55AlexPAs lots of people seem to have trouble with this
21:34:55amayer_spyroboy: use this
21:35:04spyroboysaratoga, I was aware that it has a datestamp from january, but I figured it was the most recent
21:35:08saratogawhere are people people getting this old builds from?
21:35:19AlexPspyroboy: There are multiple builds per day
21:35:25AlexPfreemyipod isn't us
21:35:32spyroboyI'm aware.
21:35:39spyroboybut they're linking it from their tutorial.
21:35:44amayer_freemyipod is really old(i use a 120GB classic)
21:35:50amayer_and ran into the same problem
21:35:58AlexPYeah, hence me trying to get TheSeven to update it :)
21:36:02amayer_spyroboy: did you get my link?
21:36:06spyroboyyeah I did
21:36:27amayer_that is a link to the current build(seeing as ipodclassic isnt stable)
21:36:30spyroboyamayer_, how do I use that to install rockbox? do I still use the freemyipod .ubi and use that .zip and extract it to the root?
21:36:40saratogajust unzip it
21:36:52AlexPYou only need to install the bootloader once
21:36:54spyroboythe 64MB partition?
21:37:09amayer_use the freemyipod .ubi(boot loader)
21:37:11amayer_all you need to do is put the .rockbox file on your root
21:37:36CIA-16Commit e6fd7d2 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Make the recorder build with HAVE_LCD_FLIP disabled.
21:37:43AlexPWe could really do with our own bootloader, or getting emcore more integrated with us
21:38:13saratogaor at least someone to update teh freemyipod links to point to the current build
21:38:24AlexPyes, just direct at ours
21:38:28saratogadoes anyone have access tot hat wiki? [7] ?
21:38:31amayer_if they could link to the most recent build(i know i know, what if it has bugs?)
21:38:33amayer_the recent builds have been really stable for me... i update like once a week
21:38:35spyroboyI don't know how coordinated with freemyipod you guys are
21:38:45spyroboybut I think it'd help a lot if the rockbox website was more informative
21:38:45AlexPnot very
21:38:56spyroboyI'm not saying that empty handed either
21:38:59AlexPsure, patched welcome :)
21:39:09AlexPthe website is in git too
21:39:15spyroboywould you guys be interested in some web help too?
21:39:20saratogaour website actually links to the correct build
21:39:28 Join Thra11_ [0] (~thrall@
21:39:29saratogabut i guess most people won't read it
21:39:34AlexPspyroboy: but be ready for arguments :)
21:39:45spyroboyI'm up for discussion
21:39:52saratogayeah sure updating our website to be more web 2.0ish would be nice
21:40:01gevaertsPlease, no...
21:40:02AlexPspyroboy: I said argument for a reason :)
21:40:06amayer_saratoga: agreed
21:40:22gevaertsMaybe some tweaking is ok, but don't change it too much...
21:40:34spyroboyAlexP, I work as a professional web developer. I realize how difficult it is to work with some people. :)
21:40:38CIA-16e6fd7d2 build result: 2 errors, 0 warnings (Frank Gevaerts committed)
21:40:38saratogai still want something like xbmc has where you can post news updates
21:40:42AlexPspyroboy: It isn't that
21:40:51AlexPspyroboy: It is just everyone wants a different thing
21:40:52spyroboythe style doesn't even have to change.
21:40:57AlexPNot that they are awkward
21:41:13gevaertsAll rockbox developers are reasonable :)
21:41:47spyroboyhold the phone for a sec
21:41:55spyroboyI held the menu button + select button for 12 seconds
21:42:01spyroboynow it's off and it won't turn on
21:42:05spyroboydid I break it?
21:42:11amayer_check hold button
21:42:19spyroboythe hold button is off
21:42:35amayer_did you hold play?
21:42:39AlexPit is next to impossible to break an ipod
21:42:48AlexPtry menu+select again
21:43:14TheSevenAlexP: problem is that USB is broken on newer builds so people have to resort to that old one to transfer files
21:43:20spyroboyI tried holding play and I tried menu + select
21:43:21 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:43:23spyroboyneither worked
21:43:24amayer_AlexP: without a sledge hammer it _is_ imposable to brick an ipod
21:43:37AlexPTheSeven: It could mention to then install a newer one that doesn't crash all the time
21:44:05AlexPThe majority of problems we get are from people using that build
21:44:24TheSevenyeah, and those who use the current build complain about broken USB
21:44:37AlexPOK, but the guide could mention this
21:44:39amayer_spyroboy: are you sure it has battery left?
21:44:41amayer_try connecting it to usb
21:44:43AlexPAnd give people the choice
21:44:50saratogais there some intermediate build with non-broken USB and all the stability fixes in?
21:44:57spyroboyamayer_, it's connected to usb
21:45:02saratogaactually, what broke USB?
21:45:08TheSevensaratoga: don't think so
21:45:19TheSevenand no idea what exactly broke it, some rework in that area
21:45:40TheSevennobody knows for sure and we can't really bisect because too many things have changed at once
21:45:59TheSevenAlexP: our guide is a wiki, too!
21:46:10amayer_spyroboy: disconnect usb, hold menu + select
21:46:11AlexPTheSeven: I didn't want to but in
21:46:13amayer_if its connected to usb and you hold menu + select you go into recovery mode(you dont want this)
21:46:23saratogaahh FS #12460
21:46:24fs-bluebot iPod Classic/6G crashes on USB connect (builds 31006 and above) (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:46:24AlexPIf I had, I would have just changed it to be current
21:46:26spyroboyhow lomg?
21:46:30AlexPNot knowing about USB
21:46:46spyroboy15:46:15 amayer_ >> if its connected to usb and you hold menu + select you go into recovery mode(you dont want this)
21:46:53TheSevenspyroboy: 5-10 seconds or >15 seconds should both make it boot normally
21:47:00spyroboyI held menu + select with it plugged into USB before
21:47:07spyroboymaybe it's stuck in recoevry mode?
21:47:34TheSevenmenu+select should make it break out of anything (also dfu mode) after about 5 seconds
21:47:36spyroboylemme try rebooting my computer
21:47:41saratogaunplug USB and try it
21:47:54spyroboyI'll try again
21:47:54saratogalots of devices don't reboot if you've got them hooked into USB
21:47:55TheSevenspyroboy: unplug your ipod, lock hold switch, unlock it again, hold menu+select
21:47:56amayer_saratoga: thats what i said
21:48:00TheSevenif that doesn't work I'm clueless
21:48:06spyroboyhey what the
21:48:09spyroboyit worked this time
21:48:10TheSevensaratoga: these do
21:48:19amayer_*face palm*
21:48:23spyroboymaybe it was because I fiddled with the hold button
21:48:48TheSevenspyroboy: locking and unlocking the hold switch basically reboots the clickwheel controller
21:49:00TheSevenso that can fix some odd situations where that is locked up
21:49:13amayer_spyroboy: menu + select(while not connected to usb) will always reboot the device
21:49:22TheSevenit will do that, even when connected
21:49:58spyroboythere we go. lemme drop that .ubi in
21:50:02amayer_TheSeven: it will but if you hold it too long the screen goes black(recovery mode) and will convuse people
21:50:21TheSevenyes, but you will see the display come on before that
21:50:31amayer_TheSeven: true
21:51:01TheSevenwhich usb driver is it even using these days? mine or funman's?
21:51:16amayer_i was going by the programmin 101 book:
21:51:18amayer_Rule 1: all users are dumb
21:51:52spyroboyI agree with that even if I am the dumb person in this situation.
21:52:08spyroboyI'm also a programmer. it's all relative.
21:52:17CIA-16Commit 9e61976 in rockbox by Frank Gevaerts: Only build LOGFDISK for SWCODEC.
21:52:19amayer_very true
21:52:44amayer_spyroboy: besides the reboot trouble i had alot of the same questions as you
21:52:48spyroboyok. dropping .rockbox from rockbox-ipod6g
21:53:12amayer_you will notice a HUGE difference in preformance and battery life
21:53:31spyroboyis battery life somewhat comparable to stock firmware?
21:53:54spyroboybecause by my estimates the last firmware was giving me maybe 12 hours
21:53:59amayer_close. i havent bench marked it but i get 2 or 3 days use on 1 charge
21:54:08spyroboythat's decent.
21:54:09amayer_(i only use it at work on and off tho)
21:54:20CIA-169e61976 build result: All green
21:54:23spyroboyseems a lot better than the last firmware, no doubt.
21:55:06spyroboyalthough rockbox is telling me I have 99% battery even though it was 67% an hour or so ago?
21:55:12spyroboydo ipods charge that fast?
21:55:30spyroboyah, it's dropping to 94%.
21:55:35spyroboyprobably calibrating or something.
21:55:48AlexPnothing that fancy
21:55:57AlexPProbably stabilising readings or something
21:56:06AlexPI don't know much about the classic port
21:57:59spyroboyhere's a quick question and I don't really expect a resolution.
21:58:09spyroboyI copied the original iPod_Control folder over
21:58:13spyroboyI used to use gtkpod
21:58:38spyroboyis there an easy way to recover music from that obfuscated structure?
21:58:59spyroboyI'm actually pretty well versed in how it's layed out. just wondering if anyone's made a tool to automate it.
21:59:01gevaertsA tool that can rename based on tags might help
21:59:12spyroboyI figured.
21:59:35amayer_what operating system are you using?
21:59:36spyroboymaybe I'll leave that for a weekend project.
21:59:45spyroboyI'm on windows at work, unfortunately. I use linux at home.
21:59:47amayer_i used a tool for linux to do my bothers ipod
22:00:07amayer_magic something(uses brainz database)
22:00:09amayer_*forgets exact names*
22:00:27amayer_its in the debian repo tho
22:00:33spyroboywell, all the metadata is stored in the music database in the ipod's structure anyway
22:00:39spyroboyI could probably just parse it out.
22:02:22spyroboyapparently the freemyipod site is really out of date so it brings me to a question
22:02:29spyroboycan the ipod classic dual boot?
22:04:13amayer_i havent found a way to get the info out of the database.
22:04:15amayer_the program i was talking about went by ID3 tags
22:05:06amayer_if your on windows try sharepod
22:05:08amayer_that works very well if you are backing up your whole ipod
22:05:30amayer_i just remembered that from my windows&ipod days
22:06:07spyroboyI bet I could make a vfat image, attach it to a loop device and open it with gtkpod
22:06:11spyroboyif I was on linux
22:06:29spyroboythe wonders of linux
22:10:01 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
22:10:31amayer_join #rockbox-community
22:10:44amayer_its all good
22:10:52 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:25:10 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:26:35 Join lebellium__ [0] (
22:28:02 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:28:15 Nick lebellium__ is now known as lebellium (
22:29:48 Quit lebellium_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:51:36 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:51:46 Quit sinthetek (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:53:48 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:53:55 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
22:54:00 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
22:55:19 Quit megal0maniac (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:55:47 Quit ender` (Quit: The greatest trick god ever pulled was building the universe to look exactly like he didn't exist.)
22:57:27pamaurywodz: I just tested the safe_read function on the zenxfi2 without any problem
22:57:51pamauryI can't see understand under which circumstance a data abort address could be in safe_read
22:58:58*Torne has a look :)
22:59:14 Part amayer_
22:59:26 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
23:01:34Tornedo you know what offset into the function the fault is?
23:05:41pamaury[18:19:38] <wodz> pamaury: look at g#286 in comments - 0x709EC is address inside safe read function
23:05:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #286 at : bFLT loader for plugins by Marcin Bukat (changes/86/286/10)
23:06:02wodzthe fault was at ldr
23:06:09pamaurywhich ldr ?
23:06:25wodzthe one poking suspected address
23:06:47pamauryit will be catched by the data_abort_handler
23:06:53 Quit thomasjfox (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:07:08 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
23:07:23wodzI thought so too, but reality is different
23:07:32Tornethere doesn't appear to be any way for that to fail *sometimes*
23:07:34Torneonly always.
23:07:53pamaurywhat do you mean ?
23:08:05Tornei mean, it will either work always or never
23:08:46pamaurythat's what I would think but wodz says he got a fault in safe_read :-/
23:08:52Tornehm this is in the bFLT patch?
23:09:08wodzit was gevaerts actually as I don't have pp target
23:09:09pamauryperhaps something got overwritten ?
23:09:38pamauryor the data_abort_handler is not used for some mysterious reason
23:10:11Torneor relocated incorrectly :)
23:11:05wodzTorne: most probably, but still I would expect to get offending address not the safe_read() address
23:11:05pamauryhmm, that's a interested remark, could something bad happen here ?
23:11:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:11:37pamaurywodz: are you sure it's the offending ldr in safe_read and not the other one ?
23:11:39Tornewodz: no, i mean, the data_abort_handler may have the wrong idea of what safe_read*_faulty_addr is
23:11:53Torneif it's not relocated right
23:12:09pamaurythe compiler should generate proper relocation for the label right ?
23:12:18wodzbut it is in core not in plugin
23:13:16wodzhow data_abort_handler may get this wrong?
23:13:23Torneoh, yes. uhm.
23:13:25Tornesorry :)
23:13:34Tornei forgot what we are doing :)
23:13:56pamauryperhaps you could logf the safe_read_* addresses just to check ?
23:14:04pamaury(if the data abort is deterministic)
23:14:17Torneyeah i dunno
23:14:22Tornememory corruption?
23:14:28Torneit really does look reasoanable :)
23:14:41Torneif that code works at all on anything it should work all the time on everything
23:14:47Torneit's pretty simple
23:16:20pamaurywodz: on another subject, what is the state of the rk27 usb code in the svn ?
23:19:12wodzpamaury: It doesn't work. I can't remember the details but it passes a few steps in enumeration and then fails
23:19:26spyroboythis isn't necessarily critical but on the playing screen the gradiant background is just a solid dark colour
23:19:33spyroboyis this a known bug?
23:19:45TheSevenspyroboy: battery level isn't all that accurate
23:19:51TheSevenespecially while/shortly after charging
23:20:15spyroboyI'm aware.
23:20:33TheSevenespecially on the classic where we don't have battery current measurements
23:20:48TheSevenso it'll drop massively while the hdd is spinning etc.
23:21:07pamaurywodz: it is sufficient to build the rk27generic target for the mp3 you sent me ? I'll have a try at fix usb now, I'm waiting for my fuze+ to discharge ^^
23:21:12TheSevenon the nano2g (with a current sensor) at least the discharging estimates are much better
23:21:40spyroboyis this related to my question regarding the gradient background, TheSeven?
23:21:44spyroboyI'm just a little confused.
23:21:57TheSevenno, that was just some clarification regarding something you said an hour ago in the background
23:22:02spyroboyah ok
23:22:13wodzpamaury: rk27generic build will work out of the box
23:24:04pamauryfortunately I have the usb analyzer, that should help
23:24:10wodzUnfortunately I don't have the .map file for the build gevaerts tested.
23:24:26TheSevenpamaury: ah, wanna fix ipod classic usb while you're at it? :P
23:24:49wodzpamaury: I may dig up OF code for usb handling if you are interested
23:25:28pamauryTheSeven: provide me with the ipod thing and I might do that
23:25:43pamaury(if I manage not to burn it ^^)
23:26:14pamaurywodz: let me try before, learning something from the OF will probably be difficult
23:27:25wodz - back then I had .map handy for that build
23:27:38spyroboyis there a way to make the menu items larger in rockbox
23:27:43spyroboylike, taller
23:28:01spyroboydo I just need to drop in a larger font?
23:28:15wodz1) change font or 2) turn on additional vertical spacing
23:30:02spyroboyis this something I can find in the wiki? I'm having trouble finding vertical spacing
23:30:27wodzTheSeven: funman narrowed down n2g usb problem to some general jhMikes usb rework.
23:30:54 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
23:30:58wodzhmm, maybe it is only on touch targets? Can't remember - ask kugel he implemented this vertical spacing
23:31:22TheSevenhm, maybe reintroducing some of the good old race conditions that I requested gevaerts to fix when I first wrote the n2g driver?
23:31:45pamauryrace condition in the driver itself or usb code in general ?
23:31:50TheSeventhe latter
23:32:18*gevaerts wants people to fix usb on the new ipods so the new ipods can be switched to the new model that supports better charger detection
23:32:27TheSevenyou have to start expecting a response before sending the request (or expecting an ack before sending a response)
23:32:56TheSevenotherwise you end up with spurious STALLs
23:34:02gevaertsWell, you're the device side. You have to deal with what the host side does...
23:34:11 Join amayer [0] (
23:34:26pamaurythe problem is that the usb controllers are very different
23:34:57pamaurysome do some auto-ack, some don't, so have timing issues, ... that's difficult to deal with
23:35:06TheSevenproblem is that if the ACK hits your before you've set up the receiving endpoint properly it'll respond with a STALL
23:35:14TheSevenwhich, IIUC, is correct behavior
23:35:56*gevaerts doesn't remember the details of the issue back then
23:36:16*TheSeven remembers that only the n2g was actually affected by that bug, so it could be a reason why only that one got broken again
23:37:50pamauryon my side I've always wanted to start recveiving the ack before sending the answer but iirc it would break another target...
23:37:50gevaertswodz: do you remember if funman had a revision for that?
23:38:38wodzgevaerts: Yes he found offending commit
23:39:41*gevaerts tries to find this in the logs
23:40:29 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:40:56spyroboydoes rockbox support unicode?
23:45:11gevaertsthe latest I can find about nano2g is
23:45:18gevaertsTheSeven: do you remember more?
23:45:58pamaurywodz: the bootloader is not happy: "can't load BASE.rkw"
23:46:07pamauryapparently it is named rockbox.rkw ...
23:46:52wodzpamaury: BASE.rkw is OF. Botloader tries to load it when usb cable is detected
23:47:13pamauryah ok
23:47:25pamaurydoes it recharge when in rockchip usb mode ?
23:47:55wodzit should
23:48:12wodzcharging is purely hardware based
23:48:43 Quit perrikwp_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:49:56 Join perrikwp [0] (
23:50:02wodzgevaerts: I think it was 47bade1437d5281a5aca0ec8b2b9a3956f88f685
23:53:48gevaertswodz: right, could be. I don't really see how that can break things, but as with all weird issues that probably just proves it does...
23:54:19amayerJdGordon: ping

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