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#rockbox log for 2012-08-30

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01:10:44CIA-16Commit 2724888 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: display battery voltage in bootloader (along with percent)
01:10:45CIA-16Commit c9b4b4e in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: fix idle storage notification for sd/mmc driver
01:10:46CIA-16Commit dbe9436 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: zenxfi2: correctly disable plugins in configure script
01:10:47DBUGEnqueued KICK CIA-16
01:10:47CIA-16Commit 51f63f0 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: fix header, add emi function
01:10:47CIA-16Commit 7ee1e30 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: add regulator api
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01:13:24CIA-167ee1e30 build result: 0 errors, 1 warnings (Amaury Pouly committed)
01:17:03CIA-16Commit 417da66 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: fix yellow
01:19:16CIA-16417da66 build result: All green
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03:55:47JdGordonamiconn: if you actually make the bootloader for the AJBR, i can test on my (I think) v2
03:56:07JdGordonand it is probably good enough to assume it works on the fm if it works on all the others
03:56:12JdGordonthough i'd still rather fork
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09:41:19pixelmaJdGordon: v1 or v2 Recorders are easy to tell apart by their looks. You could compare the pictures on our download pages
09:41:58JdGordonah, then its a v1
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10:17:49CapacitorHello. (Sansa AMSv2 related). Long story short: is FuzeV2 USB fixed? Long story: I've been watching Flyspray for months. The FuzeV2 manual doesn't mention any problems with USB transfer, so I'm just wondering if maybe it was fixed maybe by someone who wasn't even aware of the Flyspray page....?
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10:36:57wodzCapacitor: long answer short - no
10:37:43wodzThere are known issues with usb on amsv2 but 1) we have no clue why 2) for some (read many) people it simply works
10:38:13wodzalas there are lots of reports about failing usb transfers/enumerations/others
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10:43:10Capacitorwodz: thank you. If i find a player that it doesn't work on (besides my own), would it be of use to any coders?
10:43:25wodznot much
10:45:10gevaertsI wouldn't be surprised if the issue turns out to be related to the nano2g issue
10:54:36wodzwho knows
10:56:12wodzmaybe I should send my n2g to pamaury - he seem to be our 'usb guy'
10:56:50pamauryI spent much time on the amsv2 and I never found out but why not
10:57:20wodzpamaury: have you looked at rk27xx usb ?
10:57:54pamaurynot yet, this week I'm really really busy (which is a shame because I wanted to finish things before the branch)
10:58:08pamauryunfortunately it's not clear if I will be able to do something before sunday
10:59:07wodzreal life is annoying :-)
11:00:15pamauryyeah :) Anyway I have no hope of fixing rk27xx before the branch
11:06:45TheLemonMandoes the usb stack support async isochronous endpoints ?
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11:14:43pamauryTheLemonMan: no, I mean you can claim an iso endpoint (if implemented by the usb-drv) but you can only interact with it using the usb_send/recv functions which are too slow for iso
11:16:13TheLemonManaww, linux doesn't like enumerating my device
11:16:44TheLemonManerror -110 means timeout but i do provide all the data needed at once :|
11:16:47pamauryI implemented iso support in my usb stack rework attempt for usb audio but that was just a poc, you won't need to deal with such endpoints
11:17:19TheLemonManheh, im implementing usb audio too
11:17:47pamauryif you can't enumerate, just forget about every but EP0
11:17:49gevaertsWe should have implemented usb audio back in 2008
11:18:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:18:15*pamaury will implement usb audio when he has time, the code is mainly written already
11:18:29gevaertsWe only had one driver then, no problems with changing APIs :)
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11:19:27pamauryon second thoughts I think the right way to support iso endpoints is to add a special send/recv function for such endpoints; basically you want to setup N buffers in a loop
11:19:36TheLemonManhah, i'm a bit late to the party then
11:19:56pamauryTheLemonMan: what are you working on ? rockbox ?
11:20:29TheLemonManyou don't really need to use async ep, you can safely use a sync one with proper timing parameters set
11:20:32TheLemonManpamaury: yep
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11:22:10pamauryfor which SoC ? why are you reimplementing this ?
11:23:00TheLemonMandidn't know it was already there, i was bored and wanted something to play with :)
11:23:41pamauryit's not that simple, for example usb audio forces you to use the minimum iso interval (=1), so you must be able to sustain 1024*16 transfers per second at high speed
11:27:28pamaurywhich soc/player are you playing with ?
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11:28:06TheLemonManclip zip
11:30:09pamaurythe clip zip usb is rather unstable iirc
11:32:13TheLemonMani noticed that heh
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13:51:35CIA-16Commit 722e24a in rockbox by Marcin Bukat: rk27xx: implement frequency scalling
13:53:57CIA-16722e24a build result: All green
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17:28:27CIA-16Commit 7ff78c4 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: fix compilation of sdmmc for non-mmc targets
17:30:30CIA-167ff78c4 build result: All green
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19:29:39jpt9Silly question... is there anything in particular I have to do to use eSpeak in Rockbox Utility? It isn't showing up in the TTS engine list (just Flite, SAPI, and Swift). I'm pretty sure one of the previous versions had it listed there, but I'm not sure. (I'm on Windows 7.)
19:35:09jpt9Huh... an older version from late 2011 supports it.
19:35:43jpt9Sorry to bother you. (I am curious if eSpeak support is being dropped, as I rather like it.)
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19:53:04AlexPjpt9: I don't know, bluebrother probably does
19:53:17AlexPSo hang around, so body will know eventually
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20:58:14CIA-16Commit 6c2190e in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: fuze+: battery calibration
20:58:14CIA-16Commit c9ad868 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: implement basic frequency scaling and enable auto-slow
20:58:14CIA-16Commit 13912fa in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: fix clktrl auto slow function
21:00:38CIA-1613912fa build result: 6 errors, 0 warnings (Amaury Pouly committed)
21:05:11 Quit n1s_web (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:14:46CIA-16Commit 16dc22f in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: fix red
21:16:59CIA-1616dc22f build result: 6 errors, 1 warnings (Amaury Pouly committed)
21:17:48CIA-16Commit 8723132 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: fix red
21:18:26AlexPI trust these are all not touching release target code :)
21:18:37 Quit y4n (Quit: We're fucking 3LN!)
21:19:05gevaertsAlexP: I read words like "fix" there :)
21:19:20AlexPgevaerts: for some :)
21:19:38gevaertsAh, yes. The others have "break" :)
21:19:47CIA-168723132 build result: All green
21:19:52pamaury_\o /
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21:20:38AlexPbut no, I was joking - I trust our committers to not commit features (for release targets) during the freeze
21:20:42wodzpamaury: you have error in comment about voltages set in freq scaling code
21:22:10wodzpamaury: /* set VDDD to 1.550 mV (brownout at 1.275 mV) */ should be VDDD to 1.275, brownout at 1.175
21:23:35wodzand you set extremely low battery limit - this will reduce battery life in longer run
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22:29:48Strife89 Bug hunting from last night.
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23:07:17AlexPStrife89: Sodding unstable USB
23:07:37AlexPOn a target that I thought had pretty stable USB too
23:07:47Strife89So did I.
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23:08:08AlexPStrife89: Could you post that on flyspray (assuming there isn't a similar one you can add to)?
23:08:41Strife89I'll check.
23:11:26AlexPlooks similar
23:11:31Strife89I'll just leave a comment on that one.
23:11:42AlexPdata abort on ipod 5g and sansa c200 USB :/
23:11:58[Saint]lol...speaking of unstable USB, guess who managed three consecutive successful mounts on Linux with a git HEAD Nano2G last night?
23:12:15AlexPMr Miagi?
23:12:17[Saint]I'll give 'ya a clue, me.
23:12:25AlexPI was close
23:12:41AlexPEven though I can't spell Miyagi
23:12:58pamauryAlexP: some of my commits are touching release targets but this is not a new feature, this is a fix for a broken feature :)
23:13:00[Saint]I feel privileged
23:13:11AlexPpamaury: good work :)
23:13:47[Saint][7]: I should probably point that out to you. ↑
23:13:53CIA-16Commit d6732a1 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: fix comment
23:14:00[Saint]Any info I can dump for you?
23:15:37bluebrotherAlexP: since jpt9 already left ... espeak support was removed on Windows. espeak installs a SAPI voice, so there is no need to use it via its command line executable
23:15:53bluebrotheranyone else having problems with USB on Ipods?
23:15:57CIA-16d6732a1 build result: All green
23:16:09AlexPbluebrother: FS #12743
23:16:10fs-bluebot 'Data Abort' on USB connection (bugs, unconfirmed)
23:16:11bluebrotherspecifically mini2g. Disconnected from PC, got panic :o
23:17:22*bluebrother adds a comment
23:17:35Strife89bluebrother: That happened with my Clip+ a while ago, too!
23:17:46Strife89Didn't catch the error message, though.
23:17:58bluebrothersounds a bit like some breakage in software usb? :(
23:18:10[Saint]bluebrother: yep.
23:18:11AlexPWhich is handy just before release
23:18:14bluebrotherand that just shortly before a new release
23:18:16[Saint]iPod color.
23:18:36AlexPthe nano 2g has been for a while, and sansa ams is flaky anyway, but if software usb is broken generally
23:18:42bluebrother[Saint]: mini2g in my case (and nano2g, but that's been broken anyway)
23:18:47AlexPthen I smell a delay until it is fixed
23:19:11bluebrotherI smell a lot of fun for someone to figure what's happening :/
23:19:24[Saint]if you need info, bluebrother, just tell me whatvyou need and where to dump it.
23:19:30TheSevenData abort at 000092C4
23:19:30TheSevenbt pc: 000092C4, sp: 0
23:19:30TheSevenA: 0004CA8C
23:19:32AlexPbluebrother: shame this isn't devcon or we could give it to you :)
23:19:55TheSevenbut this one:
23:19:55TheSevenData abort at 00009E34 (0)
23:19:55TheSevenbt pc: 00009E34, sp: 000D6980
23:19:55DBUGEnqueued KICK TheSeven
23:19:55TheSevenA: 0004F3F0
23:20:02 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
23:20:05bluebrotherAlexP: well, that wouldn't make it happen faster. Or at all :)
23:20:05TheSevensuggests A is a valid ram address, if SP is valid
23:20:12Strife89On my c250, the sp message was cut off after the 0
23:20:12TheSevenso why on earth would that data abort?
23:20:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:20:18*bluebrother still has the testing website to work on
23:20:19TheSevenmaybe the abort handler was jumped into spuriously?
23:20:23Strife89So I suspect it was just a lack of screen estate.
23:20:34AlexPbluebrother: Maybe we can persuade someone who knows about USB to change their name to Dominic/k?
23:21:32bluebrotherAlexP: if you want to :)
23:22:07TheSevenif this has been introduced recently... wild guess: disk logging not honoring exclusive access by usb storage?
23:22:41bluebrotherI think to remember something like this happening a while ago. Though I can't remember how long that's been ago ...
23:22:44TheSevenbut I kinda doubt it's that simple
23:34:52 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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