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#rockbox log for 2012-09-04

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00:37:31CIA-9Commit a1b101b in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: disable cpu frequency scaling
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00:40:04CIA-9a1b101b build result: All green
00:41:06pamauryyes ?
00:41:39pamauryhello, if you have a question simply ask
00:42:16lyzkovi corious what is a work progress in usb audio?
00:42:58lyzkovit is supposed to work with ipod 6G in near future?
00:44:53pamauryI have some code written but it doesn't work with the current HEAD. I was planning to work on it after the release but we have some problem with the release candidare. Unfortunately the ipod 6G doesn't use a usb driver that I know so I can't even tell you if it's capable of usb audio
00:45:23pamauryif it does, in theory it should be pretty easy, let me check
00:48:29pamaurythe datasheet says it support isochronous transfers so in theory it's capable of usb audio. I'm sorry but I don't have any answer better than "check again in one month".
00:51:07pamaurylyzkov: I guess you can follow the development and when you see something about usb audio, you can pop up to test some code if your are willing to
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05:08:23amayerim trying to do 2 %Sx() statements in 1 line but for some reason it wont work
05:08:25amayer%al%Sx(Track) %pp %Sx(of) %pe
05:08:27amayercan someone help?
05:08:47amayerif i put:
05:08:50amayer%alTrack %pp %Sx(of) %pe
05:08:52amayerit works
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05:36:48JdGordonamayer: is Sx translation or setting?
05:37:37JdGordonah, yes, its because you're trying to translate a string which istn in english.lang
05:37:53JdGordonyou cant arbitrarily translate things (yet)
05:38:03amayeroh, ok
05:38:19amayerso track isnt in the translation yet?
05:38:53amayerI would have thought that would have been in there.
05:38:55amayerJdGordon: thank you
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05:39:55JdGordonamayer: pop open apps/lang/english.lang in a text editor and you can see what can be translated
05:40:21JdGordonI really do want to have a mechnism where any text in any wps is automatically translatable so %St can dissapear
05:40:24JdGordonbut thats not happening
05:41:19amayershould we add track to translation or is there a reason that isnt there?
05:43:32JdGordonWe want to avoid adding generic terms because it makes the voice files bigger
05:43:42JdGordonthough im pretty sure there is will Track: in the lang file
05:44:54JdGordonoh wow, there isnt
05:50:12amayerill just add it to my theme without translation for now.
05:50:36amayeri was just trying to follow the guide lines that say it should have %Sx if your making static text
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06:28:48JdGordonamayer: how are you going with the theme site?
06:30:13amayerJdGordon: still running into some problems.
06:30:16amayerI really want to get your forum posting thing up tho
06:30:19amayeri think that was a briliant idea
06:30:31amayerbut my local version still doesnt work right
06:30:44JdGordonrebuild the site from scratch! :)
06:34:41amayerim not too fond of the smarty engine. i understand what it used for and how its used but i think its just in the way
06:45:30amayerJdGordon: i think its just that i dont have the right file/database data combination to make it work
06:46:43amayerthis one query is supposed to return a multi-dimensional array but it only returns a single dimesion. so the themes populate as "a theme" "i theme" "m theme" which is the first letter of each theme when they are supposed to be the first entry in an array
06:47:15amayeri just need to take time and read all the code so i can see which files/entries im missing
06:47:27amayerthe querys in the code are crazy tho
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07:14:50clipzipqdoes sansa clip zip have support for scrobbling? I've looked around online and can't get a definite answer. I couldn't find it either on rockbox's site.
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07:17:36JdGordonclipzipq: yes, you can upload the scrobble log with various apps and i think there is a site to do it too
07:17:40JdGordonyou need to enable the setting
07:18:01clipzipqoh okay, thanks JdGordon, I just wanted to make 100% sure before buying. thank you
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09:49:12CIA-9Commit 072bade in rockbox by Marcin Bukat: rk27xx: Put some nand handling functions for reference
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09:51:16CIA-9072bade build result: All green
09:52:12wodzpamaury: The proper way to disable frequency scaling is to undefine HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ in config file IMO.
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10:37:08bluebrotherBagder: ping
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10:37:38bluebrotherZagor: ping
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12:17:11Zagorbluebrother: pong
12:17:32mortaliswodz: resume playback sometimes lead to data abort on hm-801.
12:19:02mortalisi couldn't reproduce it on 601. that's strange
12:19:27wodzmortalis: thats strange
12:19:47wodzmortalis: you mean with freq scaling or always?
12:26:22mortalisi appeared after scalling and i2c/adc clock patches. I'll check latter what exactly cause this.
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12:35:13bluebrotherZagor: can you move Rockbox Utility 1.3.0 binaries to the download server?
12:36:26Zagorbluebrother: where did you put them?
12:37:13bluebrotherthanks :)
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13:20:01wodzfirmware/export/mipsreg.h definitely comes from linux tree. It does not state under which version of GPL it is distributed.
13:21:55wodzok so it implies GPL v2 only
13:28:37wodzfirmware/export/mips.h comes from uC/OS-II mips port - distribution terms are not not stated
13:29:41wodzwho is our license/legal expert?
13:37:19n1snot sure we have one
13:39:30wodzanyway we shifted to GPLv2+ and so we should get rid of v2 only files
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13:40:49n1sI think Zagor handled c&d letters comming rb's wa su perhaps he's the legal guy
13:41:05n1ss/wa su/way so/
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13:59:24funmani remember i had to rewrite an header coming from linux for this exact problem
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15:08:52kugelwodz, pamaury: I agree with wodz, a1b101b is nasty
15:09:38freqmodcouldn't it just be replaced with something from a suitable BSD derived distro
15:11:51kugelI would ignore this
15:12:39kugela list of register addresses (that's easily autogenerated) shouldnt be copyrightable
15:32:54 Part LinusN
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16:54:52funmanfreqmod: bertrik: I am currently with opus authors and they ask me what is missing for final rockbox integration. Any way they can help?
16:55:25freqmodi have not written very much on it the last month because i started to work
16:55:37freqmodbut i think the biggest issue is the stack size
16:56:01freqmodi.e. that opus only use stack, and we have a big codec buffer of heap, but not enough stack allocated to the codec
16:56:20freqmodso either we have to figure out a way to use the heap as a stack, or they have to minimize stack usage
16:57:49freqmodcurrently i believe bertik found a way to allocate more stack to the codec
16:58:06freqmodbut that change is a bit radical to put in the main svn
16:58:13freqmodand will probably not work on all targets
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18:06:24minustoo bad there's nothing happening with the usb soundcard patch
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18:37:22[Saint]minus: you're free to do something about that if you wish...
18:37:46minuswell i know that ._.
18:37:51[Saint]other than lament, I mean :)
18:39:03 Join eckoit [0] (~ryan@
18:40:03minushaving a clue about rockbox, usb or sound cards would be great. who knows, if i get pissed enough from the crappy volume levels from my onboard card i might do it - or get an amp
18:40:10[Saint]you're right, though. there's a few cool USB related chunks of awesomeness lying around the place.
18:40:48[Saint]mounting a disk image via USB is one I'd ♥ to see finished.
18:40:52 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
18:40:56[Saint]way over my head though.
18:41:46minuslike, making rockbox emulate a (cd) drive?
18:42:01*[Saint] nods
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19:20:39bluebrotherthis is interesting (from that review): Also, this really only works by accident because unmounting a filesystem
19:20:42bluebrotherdoesn't forcibly close file handles.
19:21:09bluebrotherespecially when thinking about the current USB issue
19:22:49*bluebrother prepares for some bisecting fun
19:23:03 Join predelnik [0] (~predelnik@
19:32:07 Quit amayer_ (Quit: going ~/)
19:32:56[Saint]bluebrother: I seem to recall someone else looking into file handles being left open...but, don't quote me on it.
19:34:15 Join amayer_ [0] (
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19:51:00*bluebrother is almost done with bisecting
19:51:11bluebrothernow it gets interesting ...
19:51:57bluebrotherfs-bluebot: .describe 8bbd4d91a0d7a2933b3bec4cb74da50016e8dd1e
19:51:59fs-bluebotZero out voice buffer memory immediately after allocation. by Michael Sevakis (from Thu, 17 May 2012 15:16:20 +0000)
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19:52:02 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:54:10bluebrotherok, let's see if simply reverting that commit fixes things
19:56:09bluebrotherlooks good. Though it doesn't explain if reverting that causes other issues ...
19:56:49 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:59:50bluebrotherhmm, at least mp3 still plays. The mod files on the player don't though I don't know if they played before
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20:01:45bluebrotherAlexP: check FS #12743 :)
20:01:46fs-bluebot 'Data Abort' on USB connection (bugs, unconfirmed)
20:01:50 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
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20:03:00bluebrotherI guess we definitely need another RC ...
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20:25:57CIA-16Commit 49cded1 in rockbox by Amaury Pouly: imx233: properly disable frequency scaling for now
20:28:05CIA-1649cded1 build result: All green
20:40:56 Join Thra11_ [0] (~thrall@
20:43:01AlexPbluebrother: wow, great work
20:43:04AlexPalso, wtf?
20:43:38 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:44:32AlexPIs logbot right, is it really a couple of months since jhMikeS was last about?
20:45:06 Join kevku [0] (
20:45:34bluebrotherno idea if logbot is right but I was also a bit surprised by the number :)
20:46:38bluebrotherAlexP: well, without knowing any details I would speculate that zeroing the buffer interferes with some buffer move and (partially) overwrites settings
20:47:05bluebrotherwhich when getting read again make some code that's not too robust against wrong input choke
20:47:25bluebrothergetting read as in applied again after USB disconnect
20:47:36bluebrotherbut that's just me guessing :)
20:50:07 Quit Thra11_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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20:51:39pixelmaIIRC, I read in the the last weeks- logs that amiconn also reported a hang of rb with enabling/disabling voice (on H1x0 or so)
20:51:49pixelmamaybe related?
20:53:21bluebrotherI guess I should try on h100 then as well ...
20:54:34bluebrotheroh nice. Came up with "no .rockbox directory". Reboot, works.
20:54:47bluebrotherso either the filesystem is broken or the hard disk dying :(
21:03:08bluebrotheroh, btw. I've managed to build Rockbox Utility with Qt5. Wasn't too much work actually, but we need to get rid of the QHttp usage
21:06:17 Quit Thra11_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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21:11:10minusis there some kind of overview of rockbox?
21:12:29amiconnpixelma, bluebrother: For me it hangs consistently when trying to enable voice from a .cfg. Disabling works
21:13:08amiconnI'm not sure whether I tried enabling it from the menu. I ended up editing config.cfg through usb...
21:14:15 Join Thra11 [0] (
21:15:23bluebrotherminus: something like ?
21:15:38bluebrotheror rather ?
21:15:45minuseh, i meant over the code
21:15:56bluebrotherwell, yes. The code :)
21:17:07minussomething like a dependency/structure graph to get a grasp of what's happening where more easily
21:17:37 Quit Thra11 (Client Quit)
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22:13:12bluebrotheramiconn: I couldn't reproduce a hang (created a configuration file that simple enables / disabled the "talk menu" option) neither with HEAD nor with the commit in question reverted
22:13:28 Quit ender1 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:13:50bluebrothermaybe it's related to your voice file? I'm using a simple espeak english one right now
22:16:20 Join ender` [0] (
22:19:42 Join megal0maniac [0] (
22:29:27bluebrotherhmm, my mr100 still forgets any updated Rockbox binary. And it still shows the USB screen corruption :/
22:29:41 Quit ender| (Quit: War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. -- George Orwell: 1984)
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23:23:49predelnikHello. Can someone here review my changes plz?
23:25:21AlexPWhich ones?
23:25:41AlexPThe three latest gerrit ones?
23:31:17AlexPI think lorenzo92 and kugel have been involved in the ypr0 stuff
23:31:34AlexPThey would seem to be good people to badger :)
23:32:20AlexPHang around here and see if they appear, the other option is to send a mail to the -dev list
23:33:04AlexPNot sure who is best for the scrobbler one
23:33:16AlexPdouble scrobbling I mean
23:33:48predelnikyeah that bug appears on all players I guess
23:34:00AlexPIt sounds like it
23:38:04predelnikThank you very much anyway, I wrote to kugel privately for now)
23:38:18AlexPno worries
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