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#rockbox log for 2012-09-06

00:00:11Strife89Disabling dircache avoids it, but turning dircache back on with the mSD inserted causes Rockbox to freeze.
00:00:24Strife89[Release 3.11.2]
00:01:53Strife89Corrupt mSD probably.
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00:09:31Strife89... Corrupt NAND, too. Lovely.
00:09:54megal0maniacHow'd you figure that out?
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00:10:33Strife89Some of the error messages were nice clues, too.
00:10:47Strife89Once I started putting two and two together, anyway.
00:11:04Strife89I'll jot them down if I didn't just fix the problem
00:11:38Strife89Right now I'm panicking slightly and just want my Clip to work right.
00:12:12Strife89Still freezes when I try to turn on dircache
00:12:57Strife89Turn on dircache without mSD, shut down.
00:13:02Strife89Insert mSD, boot.
00:13:13Strife89PANIC message:
00:13:24Strife89stkov dircache
00:13:46Strife89bt pc: 0x30051AF4, sp (screen cuts off)
00:14:00Strife89A: 0x30051B4C
00:14:02Strife89bt end
00:14:28Strife89Boots normally without mSD
00:15:41Strife89This still feels like filesystem corruption somewhere, but I just ran fsck.vfat -a on both the Clip+ itself and my microSD and all errors were apparently fixed ...
00:16:41Strife89And I cleared my Clip+'s settings right after that.
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00:20:05Strife89.... guess the errors fsck found weren't fixed at all. The same ones came up in a repeat scan.
00:20:08Strife89What the hell?
00:21:27TorneStrife89: try with -r
00:22:36Strife89Torne: I think that worked. A repeat scan turns up no issues.
00:22:52*Strife89 disconnects both devices and retries.
00:22:53Tornedespite what the manpage says i believe -a doesn't fix all possible errors, only ones that are "easy"
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00:23:16Strife89Yeah, that definitely misled me.
00:23:32Tornethe meanings of these flags are not standard across different fsck's :)
00:23:34Tornewhich is GREAT
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00:24:13Strife89Problem fixed! \o/
00:28:05Strife89Thanks, Torne.
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00:41:15wertyuCould someone update the download link for the clip+ fimware
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08:00:14freqmodfunman: looks good
08:00:41freqmodi can try to merge it to the github repo this evning
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08:36:27wodzmortalis: ping
08:36:37mortaliswodz: pong
08:37:23wodztry this:
08:37:58wodzwhen switching to FREQ_MAX this calc will overflow in current version
08:41:53mortalisindeed, i'll check it later
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12:24:47wodzpamaury: any progress with action tool analysis?
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13:35:55pamaurywodz: I've find some interesting entry points, as well as some header decoding but the scrambling code looks complicated and it seems to use C++ all over the place
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21:44:20saratogaban cuizouzhao for spam
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21:52:40bertrikand SlanoSpeala if he wasn't already
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22:05:14TeybeoHi everyone
22:06:47TeybeoJust passed on the wiki and found dead links about some some Sony pre-development ports
22:07:25TeybeoI found the new working and was thinking they could be updated
22:10:53TeybeoAs I don't have write access to the wiki I came here to inform, maybe someone with edit access would update them or I can be given access and do it myself
22:12:54 Quit y4n (Quit: We're fucking 3LN!)
22:14:47saratogasure, whats your username
22:16:49saratogayou need to use your real name
22:17:30TeybeoYou mean the full last name ?
22:17:49saratoga"If you do not use your real name, your request for an account will be denied."
22:18:08saratogaUse your real name as WikiName in the form FirstnameLastname. I.e., if your first name is "Joe" and your last name is "Doe" then your wiki name has to be "JoeDoe"
22:18:23saratogacheck out the instructions on the registration page
22:18:42TeybeoYeah I've read that but there were examples with just a letter on the registration form so I think I could...
22:18:49 Join alexbobp [0] (
22:21:18TeybeoShould I create another account ? The WikiName doesn't change after I entered my full last name
22:21:42TeybeoAlso sorry if I'm hard to understand, not native english
22:22:37 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
22:28:07 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
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22:40:19funmanbertrik: have you seen the stack patch for opus ?
22:40:49bertrikyes, but I haven't tried it
22:47:26 Join amayer [0] (
22:50:51sakaxhow can you verify if someone's real name will be JoeDoe? just wondering... :D
22:51:21sakaxit's not like all people are using linkedin/facebook and other social media to make their identities public
22:53:01 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:54:29 Join Poodlemastah [0] (
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22:55:46AlexPsakax: We have a link into the security services in most countries to verify people
22:58:05sakaxolalalala :D
22:58:27sakaxi just dont understand this requirement?
22:58:56AlexPThe same reason we require real names for all contributions
22:58:56sakaxwhy forcing someone to disclose his real name if he would prefer not to disclose it?
22:59:02AlexPPart of the community ethos
22:59:22sakaxbut is there some reasoning behind it
22:59:31sakaxwhy is the community opting for this?
22:59:40AlexPThe project is
22:59:47AlexPthe community don't get a say :)
22:59:52sakaxalso agreed
23:00:04Tornewe would rather have contributions from named people
23:00:06sakaxbut why is the project opting for this?
23:00:10sakaxwhat's the added value?
23:00:11Torneamongst other reasons, this has legal relevance for copyright
23:00:51AlexPAnd because we prefer it that way
23:01:16AlexPPlus, we meet in real life and it is awkward to call people by a nick :)
23:01:25sakaxtrue :)
23:02:09sakaxTorne's argument is confusing me - isnt rockbox opensource code - why means copyright free?
23:02:32AlexPnot at all
23:02:38AlexPIt is very much copyrighted
23:02:59AlexPThe licence it is under gives rights as to how it may be used
23:03:18AlexPopen source is not copyright free
23:03:22sakaxi see
23:03:30Tornea license is specifically something tha allows you to use a copyrighted work
23:03:30 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
23:03:39Tornepublic domain works (not copyrighted) do not have, or require, licenses
23:06:43 Quit Totalled (Quit: PETTAN PETTAN, TSURUPETTAN!)
23:25:03 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Heading home)
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23:44:48bluebrotherOk, I have sapi_voice.vbs show the installed voices for this Speech Platform 11 thing when running it from the command line. When running it from Rockbox Utility I get an error. Any idea what's happening here?
23:49:55bluebrotherrebooting didn't help, so it's not related to the fact that I just installed the runtime for that
23:54:59 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 16.0/20120828083259])

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