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#rockbox log for 2012-09-07

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03:57:22[Saint]is there any up-to-date information available re: 'required packages to compile the manual'?
03:57:43[Saint] refers to a few packages that don't exist anymore.
03:59:29[Saint]I'd like to know the required packages, rather than doing what I did last time and blindly pull in pretty much everything related to latex *-dev
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11:20:35rvdkhey guys just installed rock box on my iPod 4th gen. Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the screen after X amount of inactivity even though it is still playing? The screen always stays on and can't seem to find an option to set this somewhere.
11:30:03pamauryrvdk: by default it should do that, there is an option in settings > display most probably, of settings > general settings > display, can't remember
11:31:06pamaurysettings > general settings > display > main lcd > backlight
11:32:26n1sit's not implemented for all targets and might be missing on that one
11:32:37n1sis it the grayscale 4th gen?
11:33:16rvdk@n1s yes it is the grayscale 4th gen
11:33:45rvdkI see the backlight options, but that just sets the backlight and not the 'screen'
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11:36:55n1srvdk: it's not implemented on that player
11:38:15n1sthe actual lcd takes very little power, the baclight is the important thing
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11:40:14rvdkah thanks for clarifying, i will just set the backlight then. There is so much to discover….
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12:49:32wodz,26284.msg203145.html#msg203145 looks interesting. It looks again like some memory corruption. Maybe it has the same origin as usb problems...
12:55:54kugel_seems like there is some nasty memory problem hiding somewhere
12:56:14n1swodz: sounds like it could be some state that the playback engine sets that voice depends on but isn't setting itself
12:57:11n1sIt would be interesting to know what "broken" means in thsi case
13:00:52wodzI guess 'not spoken'
13:02:26wodzkugel_: btw, why memset() on properly acquired pointer from buflib allocation might cause problems? I don't get it.
13:04:50pamaurybecause the pointer is not valid ?
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13:05:10pamaurycould have to do with the usb driver still corrupting the memory before/after, or something like that
13:07:52wodzbut why it is not valid? voice_buf_hid = core_alloc_ex("voice buf", sizeof (*voice_buf), &ops); voice_buf = core_get_data(voice_buf_hid); memset(voice_buf, 0, sizeof (*voice_buf));
13:08:15wodzIt looks pretty reasonable to assume You can memset() the allocation
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13:09:54pamaurybecause usb drivers like ums use the audio buffer to transfer data. if for some reason the usb controller is still active, it can corrupt the memory used by the audio buf (which is allocated by core_*)
13:11:57wodzInteresting theory
13:12:29pamaurythat's just a thought, the usb controller should be disabled at this point, but I can't think of anything else
13:18:46wodzBut in this case memset() should not change anything. It is called only during thread creation
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13:21:50mortaliswodz: you yesterday's patch doesn't help. Maybe compiler calculate values in "right" order and overflow doesn't happened, so that's not an issue.
13:22:21mortalisi think it could be some sort of memory/aligment problem.
13:22:55mortalisfor expample everything works with this patch
13:23:09mortaliswhich actually do nothing
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13:26:03wodzmortalis: thats odd
13:29:56wodzmortalis: you could insert nops to see if this is alignment problem
13:37:33funmanfreqmod: bertrik: with derf's patch and codec stack size hack removed, I can play all the opus samples I have
13:38:25funmansome failure cases play while amithkk
13:38:36*funman erases previous message
13:39:09funmantestvector01.bit.opus doesn't play at all though
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14:15:07derffunman: You're always using the multichannel decoder, right?
14:25:56funman"amithkk" = someone smashed his head on the keyboard
14:26:10funmanI am not sure, the 6 channels samples sound like crap
14:29:11funman6.opus and tron.6ch*.opus don't play at all
14:29:26funmanshinjuku.uncoupled.opus plays like crap
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14:30:18funmanour decoder has no LOGF or DEBUG so I don't know how to have potential error messages from it
14:30:27derffunman: I suspect you're overflowing the global stack buffer for multichannel files.
14:30:39derfI should have a fix shortly.
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19:43:49wodzWhat is holding back FS #12435?
19:43:50fs-bluebot ZX Spectrum .tap codec (patches, unconfirmed)
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20:11:19amiconnwodz: Iirc the problem is to define the proper default action for .tap files
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20:13:05amiconnAtm .tap is handled by zxbox - but if an extension is registered with a plugin, it can't be played by the core (since you can't "Open with..."->core), and making playback the default action ist probably not what an average user expects
20:14:37amiconnbluebrother: (re sapi_voice.vbs) What error do you get?
20:15:48amiconnBtw, if you're on Win64, please note that there are two sapi sub-systems, one 32 bit and one 64 bit (as with most sub-systems on Win64). Each has its own voices and can't use the other ones' voices
20:27:09wodzamiconn: You have reported some voice related problems, am I correct?
20:30:16amiconnYes, but bluebrother was unableto reproduce them
20:31:12amiconnI though it's enabing the "voice menus" option from a .cfg, but apparently it isn't (the .cfg in question contains several options)
20:31:42amiconnSo I need to do a coupe of tests (which I probably won't have time for this weekend)
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21:30:55*bluebrother looks around
21:31:16bluebrotherah, could be an 64bit issue −− Rockbox Utility is a 32bit application
21:33:31bluebrotheramiconn: after that Speech Platform 11 mail on the ML I had a short look into it. Figured that replacing SAPI.SpVoice with speech.SpVoice might even be enough to use this Platform 11 thing
21:33:45bluebrotherI get a "could not get SpVoice object
21:33:59bluebrotherand I'm on W7 64bit
21:34:20bluebrotherso maybe the same binary works on a 32bit machine. Guess I'll just have to try :)
21:34:57bluebrotherotoh, Rockbox Utility calls cscript. So even if it is a 32bit application, shouldn't it use the default (i.e. 64bit) cscript thing?
21:39:14bluebrotherhuh? I don't see any output at all on W7 32bit?
21:40:33bluebrotherthough when running sapi_voice.vbs from a cmd prompt I get voices listed. So pretty much the same behaviour as yesterday
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21:51:21*bluebrother slaps forhead
21:53:29bluebrotherit _does_ work on W7 32bit
21:54:07bluebrotherwell, sort of. There is a problem with the separator used since the voices installed from MS also include that. But that should be easily fixable :)
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22:01:32bluebrothernice. It seems to work if I install the 32bit Speech Platform Runtime on 64bit Windows :)
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22:09:41bluebrotherwtf? MS Hazel talks "FM Radio" as "Field Marshall Radio" :o
22:15:09bluebrothernice, it does work \o/
22:15:25*bluebrother is surprised how simple it is to add support for this thingy
22:17:07bluebrotherhmm. But why doesn't it find any german voice? I do have one installed.
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22:19:17bluebrotherworks on 32bit. Maybe I need to reboot after installing the voice?
22:19:35 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:25:04bluebrothertoo bad. Rebooting didn't fix it :(
22:26:25amiconnIf it's a 32 bit voice you need to call 32 bit sapi in order to find and use it
22:26:54bluebrotherthis speech platform thing doesn't have voices assigned to 32bit or 64bit
22:27:23bluebrotherthe only thing that is dependent is the runtime −− I installed the 32bit runtime (on a 64bit machine) earlier and that made it work for the english voices
22:28:23bluebrotherand neither Rockbox Utility nor calling sapi_voice.vbs directly shows me the voice
22:28:36bluebrotherso I think there is another issue here.
22:30:00bluebrotherperhaps the language string differs?
22:30:50bluebrotherotoh that doesn't explain why it works on 32bit W7
22:40:17bluebrotherbut works fine for the french voice I just installed. Looks like an issue with the german voice ...
22:42:33bluebrotherok, got it working. Seems something went wrong when installing the german voice −− didn't show up in control panel either
22:43:15bluebrotherso this means: we can support this Speech Platform 11 with only a few change. On 64bit you need to install the 32bit runtime for it, since Rockbox Utility is a 32bit application.
22:43:19bluebrotherbut I think that's acceptable
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23:44:56RelondoSo I tried installing Rockbox on my Sansa Fuze v2, and every time it prompts me for the necessary firmware file from the SanDisk website, I point it to the file, and am given the error "Cannot Write Firmware"
23:46:46Relondo*"Can't Write Firmware File"
23:50:42wodzdo you have write permissions as well as free space on disk?
23:51:21RelondoShould have write permissions. How much space does Rockbox need?
23:52:54wodzIt is about writing patched original firmware in order to install bootloader
23:53:40RelondoOkay. Well, I only have 2 Gigs on the player itself, but a 16 Gig MicroSD card. I can try moving the music to the card and freeing up the player itself.
23:54:09RelondoBut there is over a gig of space on the player for Rockbox.
23:54:17wodzthats plenty
23:54:48RelondoHm. How can I tell if I have write permissions, then?
23:55:08wodztry saving some file
23:55:28RelondoI'v e already moved plenty of music over. Both to the player and the SD card.
23:55:41RelondoShould I run Rockbox as root?
23:56:07wodzyou mean rockbox utility, right?
23:56:12Relondo(I'm on Linux, by the way. If that makes a difference.)
23:56:17soapapparently my mailing list sort filters are out of date. Was the iRiverH300 thread in -dev or -user?
23:57:20wodzRelondo: you could try - I am not up to date with all install quirks
23:58:21RelondoAlright. Thanks.

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